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Galaxy Z Flip 5G now available from Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Best Buy

Samsung released its first clamshell-style folding phone earlier this year, the Galaxy Z Flip. Although still a niche device, it seemed to capture the attention of buyers more than the original Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced last month that a slightly-upgraded 5G version was on the way, and now you can buy one from select carriers and retailers.

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The OnePlus 7T is on sale for just $400, but only the T-Mobile version

OnePlus is pretty much the king of the hill when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. Last year's OnePlus 7T was "almost the perfect budget flagship." Now you can get your hands on the phone for a mere $399 — as long as you're comfortable using T-Mobile's network (at least until T-Mobile lets you unlock it).

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T-Mobile starts deploying standalone 5G network with expanded coverage

The rollout of 5G networks across the United States has been complicated and somewhat underwhelming. Most 5G-capable phones are still expensive, and the mmWave-based networks carriers like AT&T and Verizon are building have limited coverage (read: a few city blocks). The situation is starting to look a little better, as T-Mobile today began deploying the world's first standalone 5G network.

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Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy A20 units finally receive Android 10 along with One UI 2.0

The Galaxy A20 launched in April last year for only $120, providing a compelling little package. You'd be forgiven for assuming that Samsung would forget about its existence when it came to software support, given the track record for all non-Android One budget devices. Although several months late, Samsung did update this little guy to Android 10 and said update is now coming to Sprint models.

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If your T-Mobile phone doesn't have VoLTE, you could get kicked off the network soon

According to internal T-Mobile documents obtained by Android Police, the carrier plans to fast track the shutdown of its 3G voice network, forcing some customers to buy new phones or leave the network in a matter months. Most carriers have already shut down their legacy 2G networks, so the frequencies can be re-used for LTE and 5G, and 3G's expiration date is now quickly approaching. AT&T started warning customers this week that phones without 4G voice calling would no longer work starting in 2022, and it now appears T-Mobile will be following suit with an even more aggressive timeline.

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T-Mobile's Scam Shield app now available for download

T-Mobile is bundling a number of a scam protection measures — some of them have been active for years while a couple are new — and is distributing them to every customer under its own and the Sprint banners in an Un-carrier move called Scam Shield. The news belies a key integration for the company that's coming in a couple of weeks.

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How to find out if your T-Mobile phone has VoLTE support

T-Mobile will stop activating phones on its network that don't support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) starting on August 4th of this year, and existing phones that aren't compatible will completely stop working on T-Mobile sometime in January 2021. The move doesn't give customers much time to replace their devices, especially if they're using a flagship phone and don't want to use something slower.

Thankfully, it's very easy to find out if the phone you have supports T-Mobile's implementation of VoLTE. We'll show you how.

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LG Velvet arrives in the US with AT&T selling it for $600

We're deep into summer and almost due for a couple of new phones from Samsung and Apple. Perfect time, then, for LG to finally bring around its new Velvet smartphone from overseas to the U.S. market, coming to AT&T tomorrow, then T-Mobile and Verizon later. In making the jump here, the device loses out on a spec line to gain a lower price tag.

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T-Mobile steps up to the plate with free passes for subscribers

T-Mobile may have lost its endearing CEO, but the company is still offering up perks to its subscribers every Tuesday. Last year, customers were treated to an annual pass, and T-Mobile is doing the same in 2020. It was supposed to roll out earlier this year, but the pandemic put the offer on pause. However, the company is now stepping up to the plate and announcing that subscribers can start redeeming the free annual promo this Tuesday.

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Every 5G city and region for every major carrier in the US (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint)

As we settle into mid-2020, 5G has soundly made its presence felt in markets stretching all across the US. What started off as extremely patchy deployment has been getting better, fast, as carriers both bring 5G support to new regions and switch on new frequencies to improve the quality of coverage. But the rapidly changing shape of the 5G landscape has also made it really annoying to keep of what kind of connectivity you can expect from what carriers, where. That's why we're taking a look at the availability of 5G in the US: where it is now, where it's coming next, and how to get it.

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