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Updated January Android 8.1 OTA files and factory images for Verizon Pixel 2, Softbank and Telstra Nexus 5X and 6P are live

A few days ago, some users started receiving update notifications on their Pixel 2 and were wondering what was happening since, according to the official documentation, they were seemingly on the latest build number. Now Google's official pages have been updated to include these new factory images and OTA files for specific devices on certain carrier versions.

First, the Pixel 2 on Verizon is getting a bump to build number OPM2.171019.016. Then the Nexus 5X on Telstra and Softbank is getting an update to build OPM5.171019.014. And finally, the Nexus 6P on Softbank only (no Telstra) is getting the same build number as its smaller sibling: OPM5.171019.014.

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Qualcomm says it made a device with its partners that reaches gigabit LTE speeds, also a 5G modem

Together with Australian network Telstra, Ericsson, and Netgear, Qualcomm announced today at the 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong that it has developed the first device that can reach gigabit LTE speeds. The resulting product, the NETGEAR Mobile Router MR1100, is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16, the first modem with gigabit LTE class speeds, which was announced back in February. As a bonus, Qualcomm has also announced the first modem that can reach 5G speeds, the X50.

The network which will use the device, Telstra, will now conduct "comprehensive device, network and user testing," preparing for a commercial launch in the coming months on its gigabit network, which is developed by Ericsson.

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Australian carrier Telstra accidentally ships Pixel pre-orders a week early

Living in Australia seems rough. Not only does every animal on the continent want to kill you, but you usually have to wait longer to get your hands on new electronics gadgets than folks in other regions. Google's Pixel launch is an exception, though. Pre-orders are live via the Google Store and on carrier Telstra, and the carrier managed to screw that up in the best way possible by sending out pre-orders a week early.

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Pixel available from Project Fi, plus a range of other international partners

As expected, both the 5-inch Pixel and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL are compatible out of the box with Project Fi, Google's MVNO (it would be news if they weren't). Google also announced just over a dozen of other international partners around the world.

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[OTA Download] Nexus 6Ps On Telstra Are Getting An OTA To Fix LTE Connectivity Issues

If you're in Australia, a Telstra customer, and own a Nexus 6P, today is a good day for you. As we reported earlier, the Nexus 6P has been suffering from widespread issues connecting to Telstra's LTE network. It would appear that the OTA to fix this is now rolling out.

mmb29n_1 mmb29n_2

The OTA weighs in at 71 MB and will update you to build MMB29N. There's no indication whether or not there are additional bugfixes included in this build, but we'll probably find out soon enough once the changes get pushed to AOSP. If you're the impatient type, you can download the ZIP file below and flash it manually in stock recovery.

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