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Wi-Fi Assistant is now available in 11 more countries for Fi users, adds ability to secure open networks saved on your device

Project Fi's Wi-Fi Assistant has been in the news more than usual lately, due to its addition to all Nexus devices and its new ability to secure networks that users manually connect to. Now, the team behind Wi-Fi Assistant has added eleven new European countries for Fi users and a new feature that aims to make existing, saved open networks on your device more secure.

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Project Fi is improving tracking for international data usage

Google Fi is one of the best carriers, especially in the United States, when it comes to international roaming. International data costs the same as domestic rates, cellular calls are $0.20 per minute, and there's even free texting. Google Fi also gives you alerts when you're reaching your data cap. Well, except for international data usage.

But all that is changing, and starting now you will receive alerts for international data usage like you would domestically. This is the first phase of improvements to Google Fi's international tracking, according to Reddit user /u/ProjectFiCM (who has been verified to actually be from Google). Phase two, for which a date has not been formally announced, includes adding international data usage to Google Fi's in-app data usage graph.

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Project Fi ups international data to 3G speeds, offers $150 off Nexus 6P for new signups

Google announced today on the official Android blog that Project Fi's international data roaming speeds will be up to 10-20x faster than before. "Before" was previously advertised as around 256kbps, so this brings speeds up to or around 2560-5120kbps (2.5-5Mbps, basically), which is pretty much in line with what you can expect on 3G in most countries. This should take Fi's international data from "usable in a pinch" to "usable."

The same pricing applies as always: you pay for the data you use abroad at the same rate you'd pay for that data in the US. The new data speeds come courtesy of the addition of Three to the Fi network.

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US Cellular Now A Part Of Project Fi's Network

U.S. Cellular is the largest regional wireless provider in the United States, servicing 23 states, and today Google announced its network is now part of the Project Fi super-MVNO. Google says that U.S. Cellular coverage will be rolling out to "all users" in the coming weeks. USC's network utilizes LTE bands 5 and 12, the latter a band common to T-Mobile devices. Band 5 and 12 are, of course, both supported by the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P.

This announcement brings Project Fi up to three carrier partners: T-Mobile, Sprint, and now U.S. Cellular. If you're curious whether you live in a U.S.

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Project Fi Goes Invite-Free, And New Subscribers Can Get The Nexus 5X For Only $199.99

Android is killing it, so last year, Google expanded into the mobile space in a bigger way. The company introduced Project Fi and became a smartphone carrier. Okay, technically it's a mobile virtual network operator like Ting and Republic Wireless, but instead of being limited to Sprint's towers, Google has kicked off a way to hop back and forth between both Sprint and T-Mobile.

For the past ten months, Project Fi has been invite-only. That's now changing. Google is making the service available to anyone in the US who wants in.

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[Update: All Current Fi Customers Eligible] Device Protection Is Now Available With Phones Ordered From Project Fi

It seemed a little odd that Google's first-party extended warranty program, Nexus Protect, didn't work with Google's own MVNO effort, Project Fi, when it was announced. New buyers of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P could apply the Nexus Protect warranty to their phones if they bought them from the Google Store, but not through the Project Fi site. Now it looks like that lack of synergy has been rectified: Nexus Protect, or at least something very much like it, is available with new phone purchases from Fi.

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Project Fi Now Supports Tablets And Internet-Only Devices, Won't Charge A Bogus Per-Month "Device Fee"

A Project Fi support page for tablets and "other compatible devices" has just gone live, and it spills all the juicy details of the very-soon-to-launch (we assume) feature on Google's MVNO. The best part? The money: it costs nothing to add a tablet to your Project Fi plan. There is no monthly device fee, and it doesn't even appear that Google is charging for SIMs, though we've yet to verify that.

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Google's Project Fi Sending Out Awesome Lego Kits To Some Subscribers

I'm already a fan (and subscriber) of Project Fi, Google's experiment in being a wireless carrier, but photos popping up across Google+ suggest that the service just got a little more awesome.

Evidently, some Fi subscribers are receiving a holiday gift from Fi - a Lego kit that, when assembled, forms a charging stand for your phone.

A number of Google+ users have posted images of the Lego kit, showing the kit and its packaging - Fi's signature white box with bright Fi-colored materials inside. A green label on the outside wishes recipients "Happy Holidays," while an instructional booklet thanks subscribers for their support so far.

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