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Google Fi to offer 5G thanks to Sprint, provided you have a compatible handset

Joining in on the 5G buzzword of the year is going to be inevitable for most carriers around the world, and Google is no different. Today and in partnership with Sprint, the company announced that its Google Fi MVNO network will support 5G on compatible devices.

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The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are $150 off right now from Google Fi

The Pixel 3 is a great smartphone, especially now that most of the annoying bugs present at launch have been fixed. Both the small Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL are now $150 off from Google Fi, reducing the starting price of the former to $649, and the latter to $749.

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Google Fi confirms it will sell the Moto G7


Google Fi is offering the Moto X4 plus $50 in service credit for $149 with activation

The Moto X4 launched in late 2017 for $400. That was too much money. Now, though, Google Fi is offering the device for next to nothing with activation — $149, or $6.20 a month — and throwing in 50 bucks of Fi service credit along with it. It's hard to argue with that.

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Google Fi announces RCS support, rolls out faster 4G LTE coverage in 33 more countries

Google has been the driving force behind RCS adoption for the past two years, so it has always been confusing that the company's own MVNO network didn't support the technology. That has finally changed, as Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) is now rolling out RCS, along with improved international coverage.

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The ludicrous Google Pay 'death sentence' can lock your Fi account and phone number

Google has gone from a plucky search engine startup to a sprawling international corporation with its tendrils reaching into many aspects of our lives. Sometimes, that provides unique advantages. However, it can also be immensely frustrating when you run into Google's famously lacking customer support. As travel blog One Mile at a Time points out, that's a particularly big problem when it comes to Google Pay and Fi.

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New Google Fi customers can get $100 of free service credit

Now that Project Fi is called 'Google Fi' and works with all phones, the promotions are ramping up. As announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (of all places), new customers who sign up for Fi can get $100 in service credit. Assuming you use around 2GB of data per month, that's roughly three months of free service.

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Google Fi subscribers can snag a free Google Photos photo book

A handy thing about being a giant corporation is that you're able to use one of your services to promote another. Google's been known to do this from time to time, and it's at it again: right now, Google Fi subscribers can snag a free Google Photos photo book.

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Google Fi offers new customers a free month of service for bringing a number and device over

Yesterday, Google's Project Fi wireless service dropped the Project from its name. Google Fi had a banger of a deal in honor of its new nomenclature, offering up to $1,000 in travel gift cards with the purchase and activation of a new device. That offer expired earlier than expected, but there are still deals to be had. Now, if you port your number and bring your own device to the service, you get a month of service for free.

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[Update: Promo pulled early] Google Fi's travel deal could get you $1000 in Airbnb,, or Southwest gift cards - but it's today only

When Google revealed Project Fi had become Google Fi (and added support for a whole lot of new devices) this morning, it also launched a tempting one-day deal. Today, November 28th, anyone who purchases a phone through Google Fi before 11:59 PM PT can get up to a $1,000 credit from Airbnb,, Southwest Airlines, or Delta Air Lines.

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