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Pre-order HBO Max ahead of its May 27 launch and save $3 a month

HBO Max is set for a May 27 debut and the rush is on for WarnerMedia to get as many people on board as possible. With AT&T as its owner, that means giving away free access and extended free trials for its wireless, broadband, and TV customers. For the outsiders, though, they can get an introductory rate for their first year.

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US carriers forgiving late payments, continue to bolster benefits during coronavirus fallout

Cellular carriers have earned many negative impressions over the years for poor billing practices, unfair contracts, and some dubious attempts to insert themselves where they might not belong; but there's no denying that they have a good track record for giving a little back in times of crisis. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, carriers in the U.S. have committed to not terminate customers' lines and provide more data and cheaper plans to those who need them.

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Samsung's new XCover FieldPro rugged phone comes with Android Oreo and costs $1,100

Rugged phones remain a niche product market, and as a result, there doesn't seem to be much of an incentive for competition. Samsung has a new durable device for first responders and construction workers, but despite the $1,105 price tag, it's running software from 2017.

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AT&T, Cricket offer stupid cheap $15 2GB plans, bonus data for customers (Updated)

AT&T's prepaid wireless operations are the latest carriers to dole out extra high-speed data to existing customers and introduce cut-price wireless plans in response to the economic impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic. AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless will launch these efforts tomorrow, March 27.

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T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T open sales of the LG V60 ThinQ 5G (Updated)

LG's latest stab at making dual-screen smartphones a thing is the V60 ThinQ 5G, and you'll be able to pick on up starting this week. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all announced preliminary launch details. T-Mobile and AT&T will be first out of the gate with Verizon bringing up the rear next week.

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AT&T employees report customers coughing in stores, fear over coronavirus as retail is deemed 'essential business' (Update: AT&T statement)

According to documents obtained by Android Police, AT&T is seeking to have its stores classified as an "essential business" during the coronavirus pandemic, as many states like California, New York, and Texas continue to close all "nonessential businesses" during mandatory shelter and social distancing orders. But according to dozens of messages posted by AT&T retail employees on the company's internal message board, the atmosphere in stores is not one of pride in providing communities an essential service, but rather of fear, anxiety, and real concerns over exposure to the virus.

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US carrier policies about coronavirus and late fees are much too vague right now

All four of America's big carriers have announced that they'll be waiving late payment fees and won't cut service off for anyone unable to pay their bills because of the coronavirus pandemic. This policy will be in effect for the next 60 days and is, of course, a good thing, and one that is both kind and sensitive to the plight many people in this country will soon face: mass temporary (and probably many permanent) layoffs and huge economic uncertainty.

But, as you might expect, these policies are still being defined, and it remains deeply unclear how carriers will implement these fee and cancellation waivers.

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US carriers announce store closures as coronavirus lockdowns commence

The United States is in lockdown for the foreseeable future as officials and health experts hope to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus as much as possible. Landline and wireless service providers have pledged to keep service on for all customers over the next 2 months as employment becomes a tenuous proposition for many in this period of isolation. But for those who drop off their payments at a store or for anyone with an immediate need to purchase a phone at this time, you should know that Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon either have or are going to temporarily close a number of their stores.

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Galaxy S20 sales are here: Here are the best release-day deals from carriers, retailers, and Samsung

Samsung put out its phones. We've put out our review. You've yet to make a purchase decision. It's okay. If you didn't pre-order a Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra, don't worry: depending on which retailer your prefer, you may have greater incentive to buy a shiny new 5G phone today. We've got the details on all the sweeteners these brands are offering to get a shiny new slab in your hands.

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Google has pulled the March update for the Pixel 4 on AT&T (Update: Available)

When the March update landed with the second Pixel Feature Drop, Google originally pushed out two separate images for the Pixel 4 series of phones: An AT&T-specific version, and another for everyone else. Apparently, the AT&T version didn't pass muster, as Google has pulled the update.

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