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Today only, save $100 on a Dell 2-in-1 11.6" Chromebook ($169) at Best Buy


Snag a Samsung Chromebook 4 15" for $232 ($88 off) at Amazon


Ad-free news subscription Scroll now hides unsightly toolbar by default (Update: Dark mode too)Android Police just keeps getting better


Google Translate is adding five new languages, including Uyghur and TurkmenGoogle can now translate 108 languages across the web


Prepare for warmer weather with the 2nd gen 16-zone Rachio smart sprinkler controller for just $120 ($110 off)Spring and summer are on the way


Google Translate history will soon be saved to your Google accountNow you can keep a record of all the languages you don't know


TouchStadia hack brings Stadia the touchscreen controls you never wantedThere just aren't enough thumbs in the world to make touchscreen controls a good idea for Stadia


Monday deals: Snag 20% off S20 cases, plus discounts on Nest Thermostat E, chargers, and more


Sphero RVR, the programmable all-terrain robot, is $172 ($78 off) at Amazon (Update: Even cheaper)


Hidden Android 11 feature adds double-tap gesture to the back of Pixel phonesSo cool, it'll make you want to slap your phone


Pixel 4 car-crash detection can now be sideloaded onto older Pixels thanks to Android 11 PreviewWe did everything but wreck the company car, and it works


Asus announces next-gen ROG phone will come with Stadia preinstalled


Hidden Android 11 feature splits notifications from Quick SettingsAndroid takes another touch gesture from Apple's iOS playbook


Bubble notifications are no longer hidden in Android 11Thanks, I hate it


Five-piece Arlo Pro 2 security camera bundle hits all-time-low price of $570 at Amazon (Updated)