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Manuel is a tech enthusiast and Android fan based in Berlin. When he's not writing articles for Android Police, he's either out and about as a videographer or working on a script.

Xiaomi's bargain Mi Box S running Android TV is down to all-time low of $30 ($30 off MSRP) (Update: Deal's back)


Tip: You can opt out your Wi-Fi network from Google's location services with an SSID tweakJust add "_nomap" to your network's name


Wi-Fi vulnerability affecting WPA2 encryption makes older Android phones insecureMost currently supported devices have likely already been updated


Google boots popular anti-spam call service YouMail off the Play Store (Update: It's back)Google really needs to fix its automated app review process


Google has removed almost all Cheetah Mobile apps from the Play StoreThey won’t be missed


Google seeks trade ban exemption from US government to continue working with HuaweiGoogle isn't ready to give up on one of its biggest partners just yet


Kami launches battery-powered outdoor security camera for $90You'll need to subscribe to get full access to saved videos in the cloud


Gmail got slightly better at blocking malicious Office documentsGoogle's new machine-learning algorithm detects 10% more malware


OnePlus 6 and 6T are receiving OxygenOS Open Beta 5Bug fixes, improvements to the phone app's one-handed mode, and an update to ZenMode


How to turn your old, slow laptop into a sleek ChromebookYou don’t have to buy a new PC when you just want to browse the web faster


Netflix starts showing top 10 charts of its most popular contentThe streaming service is being more transparent about its most viewed movies and series


Sony unveils 5G flagship Xperia 1 II and mid-range Xperia 10 II (Update: Xperia Pro with HDMI input)The company’s flagship has a headphone jack again


Samsung Galaxy S9 update with One UI 2 and Android 10 starts rolling out (Update: T-Mobile)


Essential will let you flash Android 11 on the PH-1 thanks to generic system imagesThe dead don't die?


First Pixel phones on Android 10 get Google Pay access in power menuThe instantly accessible wallet will make shopping easier