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Cody makes software, writes words, photographs things, slings bottles, and does some odd assortment of other unrelated things. If he’s away from the computer for any length of time, he might be talking movies, concocting drink recipes, delivering unprepared speeches at weddings, or just doing something small for the world.
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Second "Master Key" Style APK Exploit Is Revealed Just Two Days After Original Goes Public, Already Patched By Google


Infamous "Master Key" Exploit Was Quietly Patched By Google In February, CyanogenMod Following Suit Today, OEMs... At Some Point


Falcon Pro Updates To v2.0.4 Outside Of The Play Store, Now Supports A Way To Blatantly Skirt Twitter's Token Limit


PowerLine Is The OSD For People With OCD, But It Will Probably Make Matias Duarte Cry


Havok Releases Project Anarchy, A Free Mobile 3D Game Engine And Unity Competitor


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[New App] XPrivacy Gives You Massive Control Over What Your Installed Apps Are Allowed To Do