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Google Play Services 4.0 Rolling Out To Gingerbread And Above, Includes New Ads SDK, Updates To Geofencing, Maps, And Wallet APIs


[For Developers] Samsung Releases A Batch Of New And Updated SDKs At Developer Conference


Code Commits In AOSP Indicate Android Will Be Updated To The v3.10 Linux Kernel


KitKat To Complete SMS API, Require Default Texting App And Limit All Others


Adobe Updates AIR To v3.9, Introduces Support For Multi-Threading, XXHDPI Icons, And Background Tasks For Apps Running In Direct Render Mode


DashNotifier For DashClock Reaches The Play Store, Uses Android 4.3 NotificationListener Service To Show Notifications From Any Application


[Security] Vulnerability In Firefox For Android Discovered That Allows Hackers To Steal Files From The SD Card And Firefox's Privately Stored Data [Update]


SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive And Flash Drive Review: Solving The Right Problem In The Wrong Way


Focal Camera App Removed From CyanogenMod As Its Developer Xplodwild Leaves The Team - First Fallout From Incorporating


PwnMyMoto Roots And Bypasses Write Protection On Moto X, Droid Ultra, Mini, And Maxx, Makes Flashing Custom ROMs A Reality


How To Root Moto X, Droid Ultra, Mini, And Maxx


[Security] Firefox For Android Can Be Tricked Into Automatically Downloading And Executing Malicious Code


Samsung Announces Improved Multi-Processing Technology For Exynos 5 Octa, Can Run Up To 8 Cores Like A Boss


Galaxy Note 3 Will Debut New Radio Power Management System, Uses 20% Less Power And 30% Less Heat Than Existing Tech


SuperSU Updated To v1.60, Compatible With Samsung's Latest Galaxy S 4 Firmwares With KNOX