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Cody makes software, writes words, photographs things, slings bottles, and does some odd assortment of other unrelated things. If he’s away from the computer for any length of time, he might be talking movies, concocting drink recipes, delivering unprepared speeches at weddings, or just doing something small for the world.
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[Update: OnePlus 6 too] ARCore v1.3 appears to add support for OnePlus 5T, Android One, several Sony Xperia and Huawei phones, and more [APK Teardown]


Google app v8.8 beta prepares to arm your security system with a routine, mentions 'Dreamliner' codename [APK Teardown]


Gmail v8.6 adds unsubscribe tips, prepares priority-based notifications and email bundling [APK Teardown]


Google Maps v9.79 gives scores to restaurants based on your personal tastes, prepares Waze-like incident reporting and much more [APK Teardown]


Android Messages v3.3 prepares GIF search and favorited stickers, search filters for attachments, and possibly gearing up to fight text spammers [APK Teardown]


Gboard v7.3 hints at OCR capabilities, custom text and new effects for GIFs, and Battery Saver mode support with automatic dark theme [APK Teardown]


Google+ v10.7 prepares to add dedicated post titles and Drive attachments with automatic previews [APK Teardown]


Google app v8.6 beta prepares to add useful details to friends and members of your household, hints at something called Dragon Glass [APK Teardown]


Google app v8.5 beta prepares to enable Continued Conversation mode, but possibly just for Google Home [APK Teardown]


Find My Device v2.2 adds IMEI numbers to simplify reporting of lost or stolen phones [APK Download]


Google Opinion Rewards now allows you to delete and recreate your account [APK Download]


Update Notes for YouTube, YouTube Music, Play Store, Play Books, and Google Earth (May 19, 2018)


Google Duo v34 brings the official rollout of screen sharing, except it's totally broken [APK Download]


Google app v8.4 beta reveals more details about Read Later feature [APK Teardown]


Google+ v10.6 may finally bring customizable fonts, colors, lists, and more [APK Teardown]