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The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature is a beautiful adventure game coming to Android in November

The indie studio La Belle Games has revealed today that its gorgeous adventure game The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature is coming to Android this November. The title offers handcrafted watercolor environments themed around the story of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. This is a narrative-based adventure game where player decisions will evolve the landscape and soundtrack throughout the title, so essentially plays like an ever-evolving painting inspired by the Romantic era.

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Your sketchy Instagram habits are private now that the Following tab is gone

A few days ago, BuzzFeed reported that Instagram was removing one of the most berated features of its app, the Following tab. That has indeed been the case, with the app first showing a blank tab with a disclaimer that it's going away, then completely removing it in the most recent update.

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You can now see which of your contacts are often on Duo before calling them

Hot on the heels of implementing a dark mode with v63, a new version of Google Duo is rolling out now with a few minor changes. Chief among them is the ability to see which contacts are most active on the platform before calling them or sending them a message.

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IFTTT gets 19 new services but loses 33 others

IFTTT helps you automate many repetitive tasks in your life by connecting online services and smart home devices. This allows you to easily create powerful tasks after you've taken the time to familiarize yourself with the process. As such, IFTTT lives and dies by the number of applets it supports, and we can report both the addition and removal of a vast amount of services since our last roundup in May.

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The Google app's built-in screenshot editing feature just received an upgraded UI

All screenshots aren't created equal, specifically if you snap images directly within the Google application. In February 2018, we discovered that an in-app photo editor had been included in a beta build of the Google search app. After a year and a half of silence regarding its development, this built-in editing feature is showing new signs of life with a revamped UI, rolling out now to the stable version of the Google app.

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11 temporarily free and 41 on-sale apps and games, including Monument Valley, Dandara, and Whispers of a Machine

Welcome, one and all, to another round of Wednesday app sales! Today's list is actually pretty exciting. Raw Fury has put up all of its premium games for sale, including the excellent Dandara and Whispers of a Machine. The titles you see in bold below come with my highest personal recommendation, especially the aforementioned Whispers of a Machine.

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Microsoft's Your Phone gains voice call support in latest Insider build

It's been about a week since the last release and another new build of Windows 10 Insider has surfaced, bringing along more goodies for Android and Windows PC users. The newest build — version 18999 — updates the Your Phone desktop app with a new "Calls" feature that allows Android users to make and receive phone calls right from the PC.

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[Update: Google teaser] Dark mode signs show up in Google Maps

Over the past months, we've seen most of Google's prominent — and not-so-prominent — apps get updated with dark mode support. One holdout has stuck to its guns though: Maps. The app already has a user-configurable dark theme while navigating, but the rest of the interface remains white. Now, glimpses of a dark mode have popped up in Maps, hopefully hinting at a close release of the theme.

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[Update: New Join beta APK] Latest Tasker and Join betas include workaround to bring back clipboard syncing from Android 10 devices

Google has made the clipboard manager app an untenable proposition in Android 10 with the reclassification of a system permission vital to how it works. But João Dias is persisting: the maker of Tasker and many other automation apps has updated the beta version of his clipboard manager called Join and you'll be able to cheat your way back to making it work from your Android 10 device again.

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[Update: New privacy features] Samsung Internet 10.2 beta adds toolbar customization and mobile tab bar, reinstates video assistant

The beta channel of Samsung’s third party browser, aptly named Samsung Internet Browser Beta, has been chugging along on its 10th major iteration since August, and last week, the bar was raised again. 

Beta version 10.2 comes packed with a generous helping of new features:

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