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All of the Google Stadia Pro subscription discounts (Update: NBA 2K20 added)

Google Stadia's pricing model is better than a lot of people expected. There's no required monthly fee for streaming games you already purchased (up to 1080p/60FPS), but there will also be a Stadia Pro membership with better quality and free/discounted games. Now the last piece of the pricing puzzle has been revealed: how much the games will cost.

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Android Auto app hits 100 million downloads in the Play Store

The first Android Auto-equipped head units and vehicles started rolling out almost five years ago, but the Play Store client has just now hit 100 million downloads. It joins the likes of Google Home, Files, and others that have recently reached nine digits. While the app's future might be uncertain, it's still chugging along.

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18 new Android games from the last two weeks: The White Door, 60 Parsecs!, and Table Top Racing: World Tour

Welcome to the roundup of the new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous couple of weeks or so. Today I have an interesting point-and-click adventure game that's played entirely in split-screen, a racer that's gone through many iterations throughout many ports that has returned to Android as a premium release, and en enjoyable outer-space-themed adventure game that plays out a lot like the classroom classic The Oregon Trail. So without further ado, here are the newest Android games released in the last two weeks.

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AllCast by Koush can now stream torrents directly to your TV

AllCast was originally released in 2013 as a way to stream photos, videos, and other content to Chromecasts, Apple TV devices, DLNA clients, and more. Developed by Koushik Dutta (koush), likely best known for his work on ClockworkMod and Vysor, the app just received its first feature update in a while.

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Play Store rolls out dedicated reviews section, tests in-app review dialogs (Updated)

For the longest time now, you've been able to leave reviews on apps and games' listings on the Play Store. Whether you want to complain about a bug or a recent update, give feedback to the developer, praise them for their work, it's a great way to voice your opinion and help others get a clear image of the app's experience. However, leaving reviews is a disruptive process, and finding or editing your existing reviews is still very difficult as there's no centralized place for them. Google is testing solutions for these problems.

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Concept Android Auto app alerts you of pedestrians before you see them

CES 2020 is just about over, but a few interesting details are still trickling out from the event, including this: An Android Auto-based system that uses pedestrian's phones (plus a bit of predictive AI) to warn you when someone's about to leap out in front of your car. As always with these sort of early tech demos, there are a lot of catches.

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16 temporarily free and 23 on-sale apps and games for Friday

Welcome to Friday, everyone. The end of the week is here, finally, and so it's time to check out the latest Play Store sales. Clearly, things have slowed down a bit now that we are almost midway through January, but that doesn't mean I don't have a few noteworthy sales to share today. As always, I've highlighted the more interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier. So without further ado, here are 16 temporarily free and 23 on-sale apps and games for the end of the week.

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Google Pay vs. Samsung Pay: Which mobile payment provider should you use?

In years past, forgetting your wallet meant you had no hope of exchanging money for goods and services—a true crime against capitalism. Today, you've got options as long as you've got a phone in your pocket. The ever-expanding availability of NFC has made it easier than ever before to pay with mobile devices, but Samsung Pay aims to support almost all payment terminals. Neither experience is perfect, though. So, which one should you use?

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Doom and Doom II for Android get WAD support, 60FPS mode, and more

Bethesda ported the first two Doom games to Android (and consoles, and PCs) late last year, as part of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The re-release had a rocky start, especially with a required online login, but that and other bugs have been ironed out. Now the ports are getting feature updates on all platforms, including Android.

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