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YouTube Music app crosses 50 million downloads on the Play Store

Of all the streaming music services, I find YouTube Music the most puzzling. This is undoubtedly because I am not a millennial, and by that I mean I am old and irrelevant. YouTube Music clearly doesn't need me to understand its appeal, because its Android app just passed the 50,000,000 installs threshold on the Play Store.

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OnePlus releases 'Switch' app for migrating to a new device

Google has offered its own basic device backup/restore tool as part of Google Play Services for years, and an actual migration tool is present on Pixel devices (which allows for USB transfer from iPhones, among other improvements). OnePlus has now released its own migration tool, simply titled 'OnePlus Switch.'

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Best Android apps of 2017 for your new phone, tablet, or Chromebook

With the new year only two days away, I thought it would be nice to compile the best apps of the year (much like I did with the best games of the year) in one of our app roundups so that everyone can find some quality releases to utilize on their recently received phone, tablet, or Chromebook. I have personally hand picked every single one of these apps, so there may be some included in this list that you may have never heard of, but rest assured every app is a high-quality release. As a matter of fact, as I was putting this list of 30 apps together I came across quite a few releases that would be a shame to not mention.

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Amazon's Alexa Android app just reached 10 million installs on the Play Store

There is no denying that Amazon's Echo devices and Alexa voice assistant are a huge success at this point. What started out as a weird little cylinder you can command to play music and ask a few questions has now become an entire line-up of devices, an ecosystem that has engendered many integrations from thousands of companies worldwide, and has kickstarted an entire product category and tech section that was nearly non-existent before it.

But since Amazon doesn't divulge any sales numbers for Echo devices, all we've had to go with are estimates from statistics companies or vague numbers from Amazon itself.

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Commander One review: A superior alternative to Android File Transfer on Mac

As a Mac user, I've felt like a pariah over the past years that I've also been using Android as my go-to mobile platform. Mac works fantastically with iOS, but Android doesn't have any powerful integration with any desktop environment. That's been the status-quo of things for as long as I remember. Android does work well enough with Windows when you're just trying to transfer some files though. But if you're on a Mac, simply plugging in the phone with a USB cable and choosing the MTP mode (File Transfer) wouldn't do the trick, you'd need a separate app called Android File Transfer (ATP) from Google to make it work.

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[Bonus Round] Abi: A Robot's Tale, Vignettes, Lotus Digital, Fit, Shurado, Guardians: A Torchlight Game

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a beautiful point and click adventure, a quirky exploration-based puzzle game, a serene flower-based board game, a casual "fit the block in the hole" arcade game, an action-based samurai fighting game, and a free-to-play dungeon crawler with a Torchlight skin.

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Magisk v15.1 released to stable, fixes v15 bootloop for some devices

Most of us that have been using Magisk for our root needs have probably been installing the latest beta builds. Through them, we've seen incremental improvements and additions to the stability and functionality of the root tool. And now Magisk developer topjohnwu has decided that all these recent additions are stable enough for everyone to enjoy, as a new update to Magisk has been released to stable. 

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LastPass' 2FA Authenticator app found to be partially insecure, fix incoming

A few days back it was revealed by a security researcher in a post on Medium that the LastPass Authenticator app for 2FA key generation wasn't entirely secure. Access to the keys was ostensibly secured by a PIN/fingerprint, but a workaround was found that allows anyone with the ability to launch an activity on the device, including other installed applications, to access those codes. LastPass has fixed this problem in an update today.

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Here are 59 temporarily free and 143 on-sale apps for your Thursday, including games from Devolver and Square Enix

Hello, there. I bet you didn't expect me to show up on a Thursday for some app sales. I missed yesterday due to some failure in planning, but I'm making up for it today. We have quite a list to get through that includes some goodies from Devolver Digital and Square Enix. I might be back again tomorrow, or Saturday, to wrap up app sales for 2017. For now, enjoy.

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Edward Snowden wants you to protect what's precious with Haven

As a tech enthusiast with the brains and taste to prefer Android over the other options, you're probably someone who also appreciates the need for privacy and security. You may even keep a spare "burner" phone for when you travel to some less-than-confidence-inspiring situations like hacker conferences or the Winter Olympics. But what if you needed something even more powerful to protect data and even physical objects of monumental importance?

A new open source project from the Guardian Project and the Freedom of the Press Foundation may be what you're looking for, an app that turns your smartphone into a security system, known as Haven.

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