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Anki Cozmo app update expands programming functionality

Back in September, Anki released a special Collectors Edition of its Cozmo toy robot, alongside a major app update for both the original and new models. One of its Cozmo's many features is the ability to program basic tasks through the mobile app. While a full Python-based SDK is available for those wanting to use real programming languages, the drag-and-drop Code Lab had most of the essentials.

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Your 2017 Wrapped by Spotify is a musical year in review with a new custom playlist

One of the best things about the music streaming service Spotify is the platform's incredible ability to customize itself to the listener. Its automatically generated playlists are second to none, making it easy to find new music you like. The holidays are also a special time for Spotify listeners, as we get to look back at the last year's listening habits in the form of customized playlists, and this year Spotify has turned it into an interactive experience: Your 2017 Wrapped

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Chrome 63 adds new flags page, prepares Chrome Home UI for wide rollout, and more [APK Download]

It's that time of the month again - Google has released a brand new version of Chrome for Android. We're now up to version 63, which brings a few useful improvements and further changes to the in-development 'Chrome Home' interface.

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Pokémon GO is getting dynamic weather and gen 3 Pokémon [APK Download]

Pokémon GO was almost impossibly popular when it launched in summer 2016, but interest has waned since then. Some players came back when the game added gen 2 Pokémon to the mix, and now there will probably be another bump in the number of players. Niantic is rolling out an update today that adds gen 3 Pokémon to the game, as well as dynamic weather conditions that can affect gameplay.

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Crows Crows Crows disrupts the means of food production in its debut game 'Eat: The Revolution'

You may not have heard of the developer Crows Crows Crows before, but that's alright, because before their release of Eat: The Revolution I too had no idea who they were. Apparently, this development company is headed by The Stanley Parable co-creator William Pugh. If you have ever played through The Stanley Parable, you should be quite familiar with the high-concept game design of William Pugh. Eat: The Revolution is no different in this regard as it offers something very distinctive when compared to the average game on the Play Store.

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Navigate royal politics and intrigue with a swipe in Reigns: Her Majesty from DevolverDigital

Running a kingdom is probably a lot of work, but it's a breeze in Reigns. Actually, it's a swipe. The original Reigns put you in the role of king, but Reigns: Her Majesty places you in the (presumably luxurious) shoes of the queen. Can you keep the king from screwing the kingdom up or will you find yourself at the end of a pitchfork?

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PPSSPP picks up Vulkan graphics support and more in latest update

So, you've got some PSP games that you totally backed up from your own legally purchased UMDs? You probably want PPSSPP to play them on Android. This emulator has more than 10 million downloads, and development is very active. In the latest v1.5.4 update, PPSSPP gains support for the Vulkan API. That means a big performance boost on supported devices.

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Pocket for Android introduces highlighting feature in latest update [APK Download]

Okay so this isn't the most mind-blowing news story you'll read today, but it's a useful new Pocket feature that's long been requested by users. To someone who hasn't used the app for a while, I must say I'm surprised to learn that highlighting wasn't already a feature. Not that it matters, now, as the latest update includes the ability to make passages of text a little bit yellow.

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Classic brawler Streets of Rage is the latest Sega Forever game

Sega Forever has given us a chance to relive some classic gaming experiences on Android, and they just keep coming. Past titles have included Golden Axe, Virtua Tennis Challenge, and Beyond Oasis. The latest release is the beat 'em up classic Streets of Rage. You can start playing it right now, and it'll cost you nothing if you don't mind some ads.

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HBO GO and NOW apps updated with suggested content in search, Android TV improvements, and more

I know it's not Game of Thrones season, but some people are still watching HBO. It has some other stuff worth watching, I'm told. HBO's Android apps are getting some significant updates today with suggested series in search, as well as a ton of Android TV improvements. However, HBO's selection of apps is a little convoluted.

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