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IFTTT lets you create custom rich notifications on Android

IFTTT, the service that connects all of your smart gadgets, services, websites, and various other sources with each other in an automated "if this happens here do that there," has made one neat improvement to its Notifications channel on Android. Previously, when you created an applet that triggered a notification on your phone, you could only personalize the message it displayed and it always opened the IFTTT app when tapped. Now you can also change its name, add a custom URL to be opened when you tap it, and append a custom image.

That not only lets you customize what you see in your notification shade, but it also lets you get more info from it.

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YouTube offline video downloads are supported in 125 countries

About a month ago, we noticed that the ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing had rolled out to more countries. At the time, we were able to confirm Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, Azerbaijan, and UAE had it based on our devices and reports from our comment section, but we knew there must have been more. And more there is, in fact many many more.

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Google Express now lets you add NFC-enabled cards with a tap

A new feature has cropped up in the Google Express app: the ability to tap NFC-enabled credit cards to phones to add them as payment methods. Doing so will automatically populate the card number and expiration date fields, but you’ll still have to add the security code manually.

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The strategy board game 'Onitama' gets an Asmodee Digital release

Asmodee has been consistently sucking up a lot of properties in the board gaming world, and that has a few people worried since a single company owns so many great games. It most definitely has caused issues for smaller gaming shops that have trouble ordering their wares. But in the Android world, I have found little to be worried about as all of their digital translations have been fantastic. Not only are all of their games fairly monetized, but they also have a high level of polish that is difficult to match. Onitama is their latest game to be released on the Play Store, and it definitely holds to Asmodee's standards.

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Twitter officially launches Bookmarks, a place to save tweets for later viewing

As a fairly regular Twitter user, I often find myself scrolling through my timeline during brief moments of inactivity (sometimes out of compulsive habit). Oftentimes, something will catch my eye, but I do not have time to follow through on it. If it's a link to an article, adding the webpage to Pocket is a quick enough process, but I'd like to go back to look at specific tweets sometimes, too. Thankfully, Twitter has implemented such a feature.

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Chrono Trigger has been updated with new features to bring it up to date with the PC release

Chrono Trigger has had quite the checkered past on Android. It originally released on the Play Store back in 2012. Later that year Android version 4.3 was released which broke the game. Square Enix left it broken until it was finally updated with a fix sometime in 2014. It has had a few updates since then, but none of them were of substance. The good news is that it appears Square Enix is finally showing some love to this classic JRPG since it was just updated with some new and useful features in order to bring it in line with their freshly released PC port.

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Hangouts Chat, Google's messaging service for teams, is finally available [APK Download]

Almost a full year ago, Google decided to split Hangouts into two entities: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The former became available pretty quickly, but the latter took its sweet time to arrive. Hangouts Chat is a messaging service for teams, much like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and it's free for current G Suite users.

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Cortana adds floating launch button in latest update [APK Download]

Even though Cortana can't match most of Google Assistant's functionality, it's still very handy if you have a Windows 10 PC. The app can mirror notifications to your PC, sync reminders, and provide contextual information based on your email and calendar. About a year ago, the Cortana app added an optional launcher to the lock screen, and now there's another way to open the assistant.

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OneDrive 5.4 adds new tools to Scan, photo library fast scroller, and in-app camera [APK Download]

Microsoft's OneDrive app for Android received a bump to v5.4, which focuses on things related to photos. Users can expect a new Scan tool complete with basic editing tools and a faster way to scroll through their libraries, plus the ability to take photos directly within OneDrive and save them to the cloud.

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