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Razer reveals new universal, low-latency game controller for phones

Razer has announced today that it will bring an all-new mobile-focused gaming controller to Android in partnership with Gamevice, a well-known mobile controller manufacturer. This upcoming device is known as the Razer Kishi, and Razer is boasting that it will support low-latency on Android through a hidden USB-C port. It's styled after the Razer Junglecat (released last year), which clearly borrows much of its design from Gamevice's controllers. It would also appear that Razer is positioning the Kishi as a low-latency device perfect for playing cloud-based games, which ties into a Razer collaboration with Nvidia's GeForce NOW game streaming service.

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ToTok messaging app quietly returns to Play Store after spying accusations

TikTok has been in the news recently over security concerns, and the similarly named 'ToTok' has been in the same boat. ToTok is a messaging application that was removed from Apple and Google's app stores after allegations that it was used as a spying tool, and now it has quietly returned to the Play Store.

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Signal introduces ephemeral media messages in its beta app

Our one-to-one digital conversations are supposed to be intimate, and systems like end-to-end encryption are in place to keep them that way. Still, all our messages and media files remain on at least two devices unless manually deleted, and their unencrypted backups on apps like WhatsApp are simply a giant loophole asking to be exploited. Ephemeral messaging is often touted as a quick fix to this menace, and Signal is toying with the idea in its beta app that now lets you send single-view media files.

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Simple Bank beta picks up support for Pixel 4 face unlock

Pixel 4 owners using Simple for their banking needs will soon have a much more convenient time checking their balance or transferring cash into savings "Goals." The latest beta release of the Simple app now supports the Android 10 biometrics API, signing you in with just a glance and a tap — almost as convenient as your fingerprint.

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42 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps and games for Monday

Welcome to Monday, everyone. I know it can be tough to return to work after the holidays, so why not take a gander at the latest sales available on the Google Play Store to start your first full week back at work on a positive note. It would seem the mass-release of sales we saw over the holidays are indeed starting to die down, but that doesn't mean I still don't have a few quality apps and games to point out today, which I've highlighted in bold in order to make discovery easier. So without further ado, here are 42 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps and games for the start of the week.

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Looking for pics taken at work or a friend's house? Google Photos can now search for your custom Maps labels

Google Maps makes it easy to search for and navigate to our frequently visited places by letting us assign custom labels for them. "Home," "work," and anything from "school" to "gym" or "Jim's house" can be applied to locations so we never have to remember exact and complicated addresses again. These labels work well enough in Maps and Assistant, but they aren't integrated in many other Google services. Now, they're being added to Photos so you can easily search for pics taken at different places.

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12 new and notable Android apps from the last three weeks including Typewise Keyboard, FairEmail, and Knobby volume control (12/14/19 - 1/4/20)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous three weeks or so. Today I have a soft-keyboard that brings an all-new layout for speed-based typing, an excellent open-source email client, and a couple of premium volume control apps that are indeed worth a look. So without further ado, here are the most notable Android apps released in the last three weeks.

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24 temporarily free and 57 on-sale apps and games for Friday

Welcome to Friday, everyone. Now that the work-week is almost over, it's time once again to check out the latest app and game sales currently available on the Google Play Store. As always, I've highlighted the more interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier, and thanks to Team 17 putting many of its games on sale, there are more than a few standouts this week. So without further ado, here are 24 temporarily free and 57 on-sale apps and games for the weekend.

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Triniti Interactive brings its most popular games back to the Play Store, minus all in-app purchases

Triniti Interactive Studios is celebrating its 10th anniversary by re-releasing a handful of its older titles sans any in-app purchases. The studio has also removed any costs to its IAPs from many of its existing titles as well, though fans have pointed out that players can no longer go online in these games since all multiplayer aspects have been removed, most likely to keep costs down. Still, it's nice to see a mobile studio giving back for once by re-releasing a handful of older titles for free.

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Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo collaborate on unified file sharing solution (Update: Now available on select phones)

Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have announced that they're joining forces to create a new file transfer solution that will work seamlessly across devices made by each of them. The peer-to-peer protocol will be able to transfer files at a speed of up to 20MB/s, likely using Bluetooth for pairing and then WiFi for transfer.

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