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Tom and Jerry: Chase looks like an excellent homage to the classic cartoon, out now in select territories

Tom and Jerry: Chase has existed in China for over two years and proved to be an exceptionally popular title with over 100 million registered users, and so NetEase has finally released the game in more territories. Specifically, this 1v4 asymmetric mobile game is now available in Southeast Asia, which could be a sign the game will eventually make its way West. While there's no word from NetEase or Warner Brothers that Tom and Jerry: Chase will see a wider release outside of SEA, the fact the title has finally left China is a good sign both companies are interested in a broader market.

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Pokémon Masters EX is available two days early, but the Champion Stadium won't go live until August 27

Pokémon Masters landed on the Play Store in a rough spot last year (August 2019), thanks to an awful grind, horrible monetization, and a drought of content. Seriously, one of the producers even apologized publicly for releasing such a boring game. While the monetization in the title hasn't changed in the last year, it would seem the gameplay has received frequent improvements, and now that we are on the precipice of the game's first anniversary, DeNA has announced that Pokémon Masters will soon evolve into Pokémon Masters EX.

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25 temporarily free and 62 on-sale apps and games for Monday

Welcome to Monday, everyone. After a slow start to the weekend it would seem sales picked up exponentially over the last two days, and so I have a large list of sales to share with everyone today. If you're a fan of peculiar puzzle games, Zenge is currently on sale for half off. If you prefer your puzzlers to offer a bit more depth, then Bridge Constructor Portal is definitely a worthwhile pickup. Last but not least I'd like to highlight Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, which is placed on sale often, but is still a fantastic CRPG. As always, I've highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier.

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15 new Android games from the week of August 17, 2020

Welcome to the roundup of the new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Today I have the second title in the Danganronpa visual novel series, the spiritual successor to Soul Knight, and a delightful indie puzzler called The Machine's Garden. So without further ado, here are the new and notable Android games released during the week of August 17, 2020.

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Civilization VI is my new favorite Android game, despite its flaws

Not long ago, 2K Games and Aspyr Media released a full port of Civilization VI for Android. While it took over two years longer to arrive than the iOS port, it was definitely worth the wait. Not only is Civ VI for Android fully functional, it's a rare PC to smartphone port that really, really works. And it's now one of my favorite smartphone games.

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Spiritfarer joins Stadia, and PGA Tour 2K21 is available again after a buggy launch

Back in March, DOOM 2016 was one of AP's most-wanted games for Stadia, and surprise surprise, Google has released the shooter on Stadia as of this morning (8/18/20) along with Superhot: Mind Control Delete, the sequel to Superhot. You can snag DOOM 2016 for $19.99, which is the same price as the Steam version, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete is currently available at a discount at $17.49 (or $14.99 if you're a Pro subscriber).

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25 temporarily free and 44 on-sale apps and games for Friday

Welcome to Friday, everyone. Since it's almost the weekend, I have a full list of sales to share with everyone today, including the first title in the Danganronpa visual novel series, which is on sale in celebration of the second title's launch on the Play Store. There are also a bunch of Team 17 titles on sale today, including The Escapists 2, which is a fantastic strategy game. And if you're a fan of Souls-like titles, Animus - Harbinger Unpacked is a solid mobile offering in the genre. As always, I've highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier.

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Otherworld Legends is the followup roguelike from the dev behind Soul Knight

There's no denying that ChillyRoom's roguelike twin-stick shooter Soul Knight has found tons of success, what with its 10-million installs currently listed on the Play Store. But now there's a new contender in the mix, and it's called Otherworld Legends. This is a game that plays much like Soul Knight but offers flashier graphics, improved controls, not to mention a bunch of new enemies to fight and plenty of new items to collect.

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How to play GeForce Now in your Chrome browser without installing anything on your PC or Linux machine

While Google Stadia needs nothing but your browser to work, the story is different for GeForce Now. Nvidia would like you to install its dedicated application for its game streaming service on Windows and Mac. But ever since GeForce Now is available on Chromebooks, we know that it's capable of running inside Chrome, and where there's a will, there's a way. By spoofing your browser user agent with an official Google tool, you can use GeForce Now right in Chrome on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine — nothing but an extension required.

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Feral Interactive bringing Company of Heroes to Android on September 10

Feral Interactive has announced that it will bring the World War II real-time strategy game Company of Heroes to Android this year. The game was recently ported by Feral to the iPad, and so it makes sense that this mobile port will be tweaked to support phones, and luckily Android phones are part of this equation. So while we don't yet know when to expect the arrival of Company of Heroes on Android, at the very least, we now know the strategy game is coming sometime this year.

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