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15 temporarily free and 28 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday

It's another Wednesday, which means it's time for the mid-week Android Police app sales! Today's list is longer than Monday's, though it has less of note. Still, there's always something — I'm a big fan of the 80's-inspired icon packs from Drumdestroyer myself.

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ZeptoLab's newest game is Om Nom: Merge, an adorable take on 2048

ZeptoLab is a famous mobile game development studio thanks to its casual arcade series Cut the Rope and its many spinoffs. The last monumental release from the company was CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, though it would appear that the developer is going back to its roots with a new testing release titled Om Nom: Merge, though we're not too sure exactly where it's being tested other than in Brazil. This means the majority of Android users will not be able to play just yet. The game appears to offer a twist on the classic 2048 formula, where you'll combine Om Noms to create new characters for the purpose of eating fruit so that you can earn in-game currency.

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Stadia Founder's Edition sells out everywhere, some pre-orders may be delayed

Though it sold out in Europe earlier, the Stadia Founder's Edition has now sold out everywhere, with Google now pushing folks to the alternative Premiere Edition kit instead. This new set doesn't come with the same perks, though, and according to a statement from Google secured by The Verge, some Founder's Edition and Premiere Edition pre-orders may not get their orders in time for the November 19th launch date.

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Pokémon Go will expand online PvP battles with a new ranked league in 2020

Pokémon GO got a little closer to its established universe when Pokémon trading was added to the game, which was soon followed by player versus player (PvP) Trainer Battles. Players are required to be within close physical proximity — or have a certain friendship level for battle — to use either feature. Niantic plans to get rid of this limit, at least for trainer fights, with the upcoming GO Battle League that will pair you with an opponent, regardless of their location

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NBA Now is Gamevil's answer to 2K's and EA's professional basketball games

It would appear that Gamevil has centered its sights on American sports, what with the release of MLB Perfect Inning 2019 earlier this year, and today's launch of NBA Now, a free-to-play professional basketball game. Gamevil has indeed secured an official NBA licensed for this release, which means all of your favorite NBA teams and players are available. So if you'd like to build a championship team from the comfort of your phone, NBA Now is here to stir up some competition in the mobile sports gaming world.

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[Update: Out now] Netmarble will globally launch The King of Fighters Allstar later this year

The King of Fighters All Star has been available in Japan since July of 2018, and today Netmarble has officially announced that the action-RPG is finally coming to the West. It will be released in North America, Europe, and Latin America sometime later this year on the Google Play Store.

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6 temporarily free and 19 on-sale apps and games to start the week

Welcome to the start of a new week. I have a very small, but still fresh, round of app sales for you all. It even features something in bold. Otherwise, you can pop back to Saturday's if you're still looking for more. Otherwise, I'll see you on Wednesday.

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[Update: Out now] American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a corny Fallout Shelter clone cashing in soon

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a freshly announced strategy game from B.V. that's coming to Android this fall. The game suspiciously looks a lot like Fallout Shelter, but instead of searching out new survivors, you'll have to clone Rodger in an effort to form an army large enough to manage your household and save the world. Apocalypse Soon is already available on the Play Store for pre-registration, and if enough people pre-register, they may unlock a few rewards.

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25 new Android games from the week of October 14, 2019: Bad North: Jotunn Edition, Headed South, and Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry

Welcome to the roundup of the latest Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Today I have the release of a premium RTS roguelike that sports gorgeous graphics, a new game from Ustwo that takes advantage of Google's new Quick Gestures on the Pixel 4, and the latest Leisure Suit Larry point and click adventure game. So without further ado, here are the more notable Android games released during the week of October 14th, 2019.

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15 temporarily free and 64 on-sale apps and games for the weekend

What, an app sales roundup on a Saturday morning? Not like that's never happened before. Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week's final list of app sales. Yes, it's late — my internet was down yesterday and Matt was unavailable to help me out. So here you go, and it's a big 'un. Enjoy.

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