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14 temporarily free and 19 on-sale apps and games to start the week

Welcome to the first full of November. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and Daylight Savings — I spent the entire time working on my NaNoWriMo project. But y'all didn't come here to read me talk about that; no, you're here for some fresh app sales! Yes, today's list is small for a Monday, but it includes the Android port for Neverwinter Nights.

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(Update: S10 series support) Samsung's PlayGalaxy Link game streaming app is now available on Android and Windows

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note10, it also introduced a new game streaming platform called PlayGalaxy Link albeit with very little by way of concrete information. We learned soon after that it would be launching in September, and so it's come to pass. The site is now live and the Android app is available for download.

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NBA 2K Playgrounds beta available in select regions

NBA 2K Playgrounds started as a 2K NBA series for consoles, but it would appear that the brand is coming to Android. The new NBA 2K Playgrounds listing on the Play Store recently arrived for beta testing in select regions. More or less, it would appear that 2K has given the series the free-to-play treatment for mobile play since this beta version already contains in-app purchases that range up to $99.99 per item. The game has been designed to offer fast-paced 2v2 matches for an arcade feel, and of course, you'll have to collect NBA players to pad out your roster.

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Monopoly for Android now available for pre-registration on the Play Store

Electronic Arts released an adaption of the classic board game Monopoly for Android back in 2011, but that version was de-listed years ago, presumably due to expiring licenses. A new version of Monopoly for Android and iOS was announced last month, and now you can pre-register for it on the Play Store.

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Mario Kart Tour online multiplayer beta coming next month for Gold Pass subscribers

The much-anticipated release of Mario Kart Tour this September (after an extended period of testing) was a bit of a letdown. The game was riddled with excessive in-app-purchases, had a questionable loot box mechanism, and lacked a multiplayer component — arguably the selling point of the entire Mario Kart series. At the time, the in-game-menu said that multiplayer was "inbound", and we now know more details.

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12 temporarily free and 37 on-sale apps and games to start November, including Majesty

Welcome to November. Fall is in full swing (and it sure feels like it here in DC) and I've got a fresh list of app sales for everyone. Today's list features Majesty and the Northern Expansion, two of my favorite games on Android. You'll find them in bold below, of course.

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ASUS shares list of 120fps games for the ROG Phone II (Update: New games)

ASUS announced the ROG Phone II earlier this year, and it is truly a beast of a smartphone, featuring up to 1TB of storage, a Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB of RAM, and a 120Hz display. With the September launch date inching closer, the company is sharing which games will support the high-refresh-rate screen, plus a couple more that barely surpass 60fps.

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13 temporarily free and 32 on-sale apps and games for the end of October

Halloween is tomorrow, so I hope everyone is ready for the spooks and the kids dressed up and so on. Here at AP, well, we don't do much for Halloween, but I do have app sales to help you get it started. Have at it.

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Razer's Junglecat is a versatile $100 Bluetooth gaming controller for Android

Today Razer announced a two-piece gaming controller called the Junglecat that sticks on to the left and right sides of your phone, making the finished setup looking like a Nintendo Switch. The Junglecat offers gamers a distraction-free gaming experience by eliminating the need to use fingers to control the on-screen action. When utilized as intended, however, it is only limited to four smartphone models as it requires giving up your personal phone case for its own.

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Xbox Console Streaming lets you play any Xbox One game on your Android device

If you're an Xbox Insider in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings in the US and UK, you can now start testing out Microsoft's Xbox Console Streaming service, which streams any Xbox One game to an Android device. The prerequisites for the service are a bit restrictive, but going through the steps will let you put in some Gear 5 gameplay during your work or school commute.

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