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Spotify working on Karaoke Mode, Group Sessions, offline playback for free users, and more

Spotify is one of the most popular ways to stream music these days, and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down. From making podcasts a priority to adding standalone Chromecast support to the desktop app, the company continues to improve the audio experience. Now we're learning about a number of features that appear to be in the works, including karaoke capabilities and Group Sessions to make jamming out with friends easier.

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44 temporarily free and 53 on-sale apps and games for Labor Day

Welcome to our Labor Day sales roundup, everyone. It's the beginning of the week, and since it's a holiday in the US, we have more than a few sales to share with everyone. Rainbow Train has listed the entirety of its catalog for free, such as Hook and Push, which are some of my favorite minimal puzzlers on the platform. We also have solid discounts on OK Golf and Unbroken Soul. As always, I've highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier. So without further ado, here are 44 temporarily free and 53 on-sale apps and games for Labor Day.

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Google Contacts passes 500 million installs on Play Store

Google added its Contact and Phones apps to the Play Store in December 2015, so they could receive updates outside of full system upgrades. That allows the Contacts app to be installed on devices that shipped with a different contact picker, helping push it over the 500 million installs mark to join YouTube GO, Android Auto, and Google Files.

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11 new and notable Android apps from the last week including BraveDNS, Bazaart, and AdGuard VPN (8/29/20 - 9/5/20)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Today we have the release of BraveDNS, a tool for circumventing censorship. We also have the arrival of the popular photo editor Bazaart as well as a new VPN from AdGuard. We've also migrated the COVID apps into their own section for easier discovery. So without further ado, here are all of the new and notable Android apps released on the Play Store in the last week.

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Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome: Should you switch?

Google Chrome is by default, both literally and figuratively, the web browser of choice on most Android devices. But there are other browsers out there, and one that you may not have bothered blinking at if you don't own a Samsung smartphone is Samsung Internet. "A Samsung browser? No thanks" you might think, but we wouldn't be quick to jerk our knees. While Samsung isn't exactly known for its world-beating software applications, this browser is an odd bright spot in the company's portfolio of also-ran mobile apps.

Samsung Internet has some unique and compelling features that could just get you to switch, provided you're not completely married to Chrome for things like password management.

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How to activate dark mode in the Google Play Store app

Despite the fact the dark mode arrived system-wide on Android 10 back in September 2019, it's been pretty slow-going for the feature on Google's own first-party apps. The Play Store, one of Google's most essential Android apps, only began receiving dark mode in March, six whole months after Android 10 dropped. If you want to force the Play Store into its new dark mode all the time (understandable — there's a lot of white space in there these days), it's pretty easy. Here's how.

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Google Phone call recording feature going live on some Xiaomi devices

Google has been working on call recording in its Phone app for some time now — we've first seen some evidence back in January, followed by some screenshots and videos of the feature in action. It seems like the company is getting ready to roll it out to the public as first people in India share that they have access to it, which was first reported by XDA Developers.

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Seven tips and tricks for YouTube Music on Android

If you haven’t heard the news, Google will be retiring the tried and true Google Play Music this year. In its stead will be YouTube Music, Google’s latest music streaming service. Fortunately, making the switch is straightforward. In fact, we have an explainer that covers all the bases.

The interface presented by YouTube Music won’t be unfamiliar to users of Google Play Music, or users of services like Apple Music and Spotify for that matter. But regardless of whether you’ve made the switch yet, we wanted to explore YouTube Music and highlight some tricks and features that make the service worthwhile.

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Movies Anywhere officially adds Screen Pass feature to let friends watch your movies

Movies Anywhere's Screen Pass functionality has finally become official following a lengthy beta. Screen Pass is a pretty clever feature, allowing movie owners to "lend" up to three movies per month to friends and family. It's certainly helpful in today's social distancing-centric environment.

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Chrome Beta 86 rolls out Native File System API, makes changing stolen passwords easier, and more (APK Download)

Just last week, Chrome 85 rolled out to the stable branch across desktop and mobile platforms, with a heap of interface changes and new developer features. Chrome 86 has now graduated to the Beta Channel, and it mostly focuses on new capabilities for web developers. Let's jump right in!

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