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Mimestream is a new native Gmail app for Mac that almost nails the experience

There are quite a few apps in the Mac App Store that claim to offer a native Gmail experience, but none quite manages to encapsulate the experience well enough, at least the ones I've tried. Unlike most others, a new app called Mimestream isn't just a web wrapper and it uses the Gmail API instead of the IMAP protocol, making it faster and more stable. It's currently in beta and it looks like it could be worth a shot.

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Google Duo is now available on Android TV, but it only half works

At the end of last month, Google announced that Duo would be coming to the slightly bigger screen in "the coming weeks." Sure enough, the video calling app is now available on Android TV — you can install it remotely from Google Play on the web or in the Play Store app on your device itself — but it's not fully functional just yet.

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YouTube Music just made queue management on Chromecast much better

Google will discontinue Play Music this month, and as such, the company is hard at work improving YouTube Music. One of these enhancements revolves around casting and Google Assistant. Songs you ask the Assistant to play while you cast will now show up in your YouTube Music queue on your phone, and when you start playback via the Assistant, you can tap into the queue by casting to the speaker or display in question.

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YouTube Music reaches 500 million installs as it prepares to lay Google Play Music to rest

The YouTube Music app has been around for about half a decade now. It started out as merely a new way to watch music videos on YouTube, but was relaunched in 2018 as a full-fledged music streaming service with the eventual goal of replacing Google Play Music. As that objective draws closer to becoming a reality, YouTube Music has officially joined the likes of Google Contacts (among others) in crossing the 500 million install count in the Play Store.

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Huge Apple Music 3.4 beta update ports all the iOS 14 changes to Android (APK download)

Apple is preparing to launch iOS 14, and that means there are updates incoming for all of its system apps, including Music. It looks like the company is working on bringing over these latest changes to Android as soon as possible, as the latest Apple Music beta v3.4 already sports almost all of the new stuff that will come to iOS 14: there's a new icon, improved search, autoplay, and Listen Now, which replaces the For You section of old.

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Google Pixel owners are getting futuristic AR location sharing in Maps

Live View in Maps is one of Google's more impressive technologies. It guides you through the real world via an AR overlay on your screen, showing you exactly which way to turn, which is pretty handy when you're in an unfamiliar city and have an unreliable compass. Starting with Pixel phones running Android 11, Google is making this feature even more useful. When a friend is sharing their location with you, you'll be able to navigate to them via Live View.

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Comixology offers free Black Panther digital comics in honor of Chadwick Boseman

Actor Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed King T'Challa in Marvel's Black Panther movie, passed away last month at the age of 43. It came unexpectedly, as many were unaware that Boseman had been diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2016. His untimely death has sparked many tributes from fans worldwide, and now it looks like Comixology has made its entire library of single-issue Black Panther comics available for free.

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IFTTT finally adds much-requested features, but you'll have to pay up

For years, IFTTT has been the easiest way to automate hundreds of smart home devices and software platforms, acting as a bridge between services that otherwise wouldn't work together. Now the service has released a Pro subscription with highly-requested features, but free accounts are also being limited more than before.

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Google updates ARCore support list with 8 more phones

In late August, Google updated its list of devices that support ARCore with an addition of 28 new phones including Google's brand-new Pixel 4a, the LG Velvet 5G, Moto G8 Power Lite and G Pro, Vivo X50 and X50 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy A20, A20s, A30s, and Z Flip 5G, among a whole lot more. This time, the company's once again topped up the list with eight more.

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The OnePlus Notes app comes to the Play Store with Oxygen OS 11 design (APK download)

OnePlus is preparing a novel take on its UI for Oxygen OS 11, and its first redesigned apps are already available for everyone to check out on the stable version of Android. The running theme of the overhauled applications is reachability, with OneUI-like big titles and gaps stretching to the top of the screen. That's no different for the new Notes app version 4.0, which has just celebrated its Early Access debut on the Play Store.

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