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Google Maps preps displaying traffic lights on Android

When navigating via Google Maps, traffic lights are one of the biggest unknowns and something Google won't warn you about — I could sing a song or two about this as I once caused an accident due to a red light I oversaw at an unfamiliar, complicated crossroads (thankfully, no one got hurt). It looks like Google recognizes this potential hazard and wants to help people navigate unknown streets better, as the company is working on adding traffic lights information in Maps.

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Gboard is adding support for the new Android 11 emoji (APK download) 🎉

Like almost any new Android version, Android 11 ships with a selection of new emoji — 117, to be exact. If you currently want to use them in texts and messages, you need to copy and paste them from resources like Emojipedia, but that's finally changing. The latest Gboard beta is adding initial support for the new Emoji 13 set on Android 11.

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Firefox for Android fixes critical security vulnerability in latest update (APK Download)

Mozilla has been busy at work on a rewritten version of Firefox for Android, which is already live in the browser's Beta and Nightly (formerly Preview) channels. However, if you're still on the regular stable version of Firefox for Android, you should update right now.

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Google adds more accurate visualizations for shorter meetings in Calendar

Keeping track of everything going on these days can get hectic. Luckily, there are apps like Google Calendar that help to manage busy schedules. Google is now updating the way shorter events are displayed on the calendar to make them more accurately reflect the correct length.

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First evidence of WhatsApp integration pops up in Facebook Messenger

Early last year, we got word that Facebook was considering cross-platform chats between WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, running on a unified, encrypted backend. After the first small steps towards compatibility in the form of Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp, we now see this cross-app integration taking shape. According to WABetaInfo, a few hints have appeared in Facebook Messenger that reveal how the company is working on a way to contact WhatsApp users through the app.

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Google Duo on Android expands group calls to 32 participants

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent quarantine it caused have made video calling services a mainstay of every household. While Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed, other services have done their best to catch up. Google's Duo added more features than we can count over the past few months, and upped the group call limit from 8 to 12 in March. That capacity has now been increased again to 32.

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Samsung Internet 12.1 beta gets a grid layout for the tab switcher

Samsung Internet only recently got a big release that gave it third-party password manager autofill support and a new Chromium engine, but the developers are already hard at work on the next feature update, version 12.1. The browser's current beta adds a new grid view to the tab switcher, giving it almost the same layout Google Chrome is currently testing for many people.

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The US government is 'looking at' banning TikTok and other Chinese apps

India just banned its citizens from accessing TikTok, CamScanner, WeChat, and 56 other popular Chinese apps last month, and it looks like the practice is already drawing international interest. In an interview with Fox News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US government is "looking at" imposing a ban on Chinese social media apps like TikTok. The comment follows further international isolation of China and companies based in the country, as the UK is now also looking into restricting Huawei from working on its internet infrastructure.

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After 3 months of restrictions, the YouTube app is still limited to 480p in India

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed how we all do business, take classes, and meet our family members. Many of our streaming apps have had to lower the video quality to spare some bandwidth for the more important stuff. Following Netflix’s lead, YouTube also began capping the video resolution to standard definition on mobile phones. What was supposed to be a temporary restriction for Indian users has now been in place for three months, affecting hundreds of millions, and there's no sign that Google will ease it anytime soon.

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OnePlus Gallery app lost the ability to edit slow motion videos, but a fix is coming

OnePlus added video editing features to its built-in Gallery app back in 2018, and that included the ability to edit slow-motion video. But, in a change which slid under most people's radar, the ability to edit slow-motion video was pulled from the OnePlus Gallery app last month. Don't grab your pitchforks just yet though, because it sounds like the feature should make a quick return.

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