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Google really wants you to try Play Pass, stretches free trial offer out to 30 days


47 temporarily free and 63 on-sale apps and games for Monday

Welcome to Monday, everyone. Last week it started to look like sales were starting to slow down, but looking at today's list, it would appear that many developers are still putting up quality sales to help everyone alleviate their boredom as they self-quarantine. This is why I'm excited to announce that Beamdog's Baldur's Gate sequel Siege of Dragonspear is available today for half-off. On top of this, you can pick up Bridge Constructor and Heroes of Loot 2 while they're on sale, two quality games that can easily eat up many hours of the day. As always, I've highlighted all of the interesting titles in bold to make discovery easier.

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Samsung Internet Beta 11.2 adds more customization options and improved tracking protection

Samsung Internet is one of the most popular web browsers available for Android, partially because it's preinstalled on all of Samsung's phones, and partially because it has a few features you don't get with Chrome. Version 11.2 has now hit the beta channel, featuring more customization settings and some improvements to the browser's tracker blocker.

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Smartphone-optimized streaming service Quibi launches today

We've got Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and myriad other streaming video options. Is there room for another competitor? Hollywood seems to think so, and that's why Quibi is launching today. Quibi focuses on quick episodes optimized for phones, and you can give it a shot for free.

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Dolphin emulator for Wii and GameCube adds dark mode support


Get fit with your phone: 15 great apps to help you work out from home (Update: More apps)

Ever since we've been asked to work from home, I've received a bunch of messages from my friends and coworkers asking me about home workout apps to stay fit. Instead of privately sharing my recommendations with them, I preferred to make them more widely available here. I've chosen ten apps from the Play Store that are highly-rated and can help most people continue to exercise while confined, including cardio, body weight, and high intensity training.

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Get started with video game emulation on Android: apps, ROMs, and everything else you'll need (Updated)

If you've been doing the responsible thing and staying put at home recently, that line between workweek and weekend has probably started to grow perilously thin. And as you look for normalcy wherever you can find it, sometimes a nice, escapist dip into gaming is just what the doctor ordered. While there are plenty of hot new games landing all the time for Android and Stadia alike, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to ignore the utter mountain of classic games just waiting to be checked out right on your phone thanks to the magic of emulation.

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Google Phone v47 prepares to add Flip to Silence gesture (APK Teardown)

While some of us spend very little time on the phone, it's still very important that we can make and respond to calls in the most intuitive ways possible. That might involve knowing where buttons are and what direction to swipe, what to look for on a screen, or how some things will react to gestures and button presses. The latest update to the Google Phone app reveals it's about to get a popular feature for muting call ringers by simply flipping the phone over.

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Web Video Caster can stream videos from Android and iOS to your Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and many more (Sponsored)

With so many different Chromecasts, Rokus, Apple TVs, and other video streaming devices on the market, simply streaming a video from your phone to your TV isn't as straight forward as it should be. To make sense of the chaos, InstantBits designed a universal video streaming app that can play videos on most of the televisions in your home, regardless of the receiver or OS that powers them. Here's everything you need to know about Web Video Caster, the top-rated web browser for streaming videos to TV.

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Millionaire Live is giving you 8 chances to win up to $1 million

Who Wants to be a Millionaire has existed on U.S. television in primetime or syndication for 20 years. This season, comedian Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting a special primetime series starting this Wednesday, April 8. And, for the next 8 weeks, it will be a competitor to the recently-revived HQ Trivia, giving fans of the show a chance at winning at least $32,000 and up to $1 million.

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