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Telegram no longer blocked in Russia, app's founder hopeful

Telegram has had a difficult stand in Russia over the last years. Ever since the messenger was unwilling to hand over its encryption keys that would enable unrestricted surveillance of the chat app's users, the country has been attempting to block its citizens from accessing the service — albeit widely unsuccessful. After this two-year-long cat-and-mouse game that even involved our own sister site APK Mirror, Telegram is now officially available in Russia again. The platform and Roscomnadzor, essentially the Russian FCC, have reached an agreement on how to counter extremism and terrorism on the platform.

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Chase is rolling out support for Pixel 4 face unlock more widely

More and more apps support Android 10's biometrics API, which means that they work with the Pixel 4's face unlock mechanism for authentication, saving you from typing in your password or PIN over and over again. One of the Big Four banks in the US is now getting ready to jump on the bandwagon for its app: Chase. After an initially extremely slow rollout, it seems that the feature is now in the hands of many more people.

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Anyone (in the US) can now sign up for Firefox's new VPN beta

It's been about ten months since Mozilla introduced its own VPN service, Firefox Private Network. Six months later, Mozilla expanded the secure browser initiative to Android devices, offering a free VPN app. Today, it was announced that the new VPN will be open for beta testing nationwide, no waitlist required to get in. In a few weeks, the service will exit beta under its new name: Mozilla VPN.

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Here's what Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides upcoming dark theme might look like on Android

According to a recent teardown by our friends at 9to5Google, the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps may be gearing up to add dark theme support. And it won't just be for the main document-browsing UI, we're talking full-on dark theme in their respective document editors, too (though not in the case of Slides). Even better, screenshots of the change in Google Docs have been published by @Alex193a, so we can see what it will look like in action when it does eventually land. Now we just have to hope this comes to the web versions as well.

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You can now buy Deadpool's severed head and control it with your phone

You won't find any blood and gore in this life-sized Deadpool head, but it does pack more than 600 jokes, sound effects, and insults inspired by the devilishly handsome superhero. Hasbro Pulse just listed Deadpool's head for sale, in partnership with Marvel Legends. It'll cost you a pretty penny at $100 but will surely make for an eye-catching collector's item.

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Plex now lets you watch ad-supported movies without an account

Plex is one of the best ways to upload your personal media collection to the cloud and make it available on all your devices. Last year, the service added a selection of free films to stream.  Now the latest update to the Android app has made it possible for users without Plex accounts to browse and watch these ad-supported titles.

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Blood pressure monitoring now live on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

It was a only a few months ago that the South Korean government authorized Samsung's Health Monitor app. It's a tool that allows Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 users to measure and diagnose their blood pressure wherever, whenever. Today the app has officially launched, exclusive to Watch Active2 users in South Korea.

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The OnePlus Shelf is back from the dead, gets swipe-down access in latest OP8 launcher beta

The OnePlus "Shelf" is back from the dead for OnePlus 8 series owners. After the company killed it in favor of Google Discover on the 8 and 8 Pro (a wise move, in our opinion), OnePlus has now found a way to bring it back as an optional feature with a swipe-down trigger in the latest OnePlus Launcher Beta.

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The UK's NHS COVID-19 app won't be ready until winter, despite being widely available now

The UK's national health service (NHS) started testing its coronavirus track and trace app with a limited group of users on the Isle of Wight on May 5, but the UK government has been very quiet about it since then. It now appears that the app is available to Android users on the UK mainland — I can vouch for this myself since I live in London — and even outside the UK for some reason, so we can hopefully expect official word that it's available to all soon.

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Zoom announces end-to-end encryption for everyone, beta starting in July

Following its unprecedented rise to popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom quickly found itself under scrutiny from privacy and security experts for not offering end-to-end encryption, among other issues. The company reacted by promising to add the security feature, but for paid users only. After some press backlash regarding that decision, Zoom has now announced that it will bring end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to everyone.

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