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20 temporarily free and 14 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday

July is just about over, so here's one last round of app sales. Today's list isn't all that special, but some of you might find something you like.

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Google Pay v2.94 is preparing Incognito mode [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google Pay is rolling out, but outside of minor tweaks here and there, you're probably not going to spot any big changes. The big news this time is that we're probably going to see an Incognito mode added to Pay in the future, making it a bit easier to make purchases in private without tipping off anybody with your transaction history.

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Chrome 76 breaks Incognito Mode detection, supports site dark themes, and even sneaks in a Tron reference

It has been around a month since Chrome 76 entered the Beta channel, and right on schedule, it has graduated to the Stable branch. The new browser is now rolling out on all platforms, including Android, and it's one of the largest Chrome updates we've seen in a long time. Let's dive right in!

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OnePlus tries very hard to rationalize why Zen Mode works the way it does

Smartphones have been out for way longer than the so-called "Digital Wellbeing" features that have been created to limit the screen-centered habits we've developed over many years. It'll take some convincing for consumers to willingly kick those patterns and it appears that's exactly what OnePlus is trying to do in promoting and explaining the convictions (or lack thereof) of its recently-introduced the Zen Mode app.

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Post-it releases Android app to scan and organize sticky notes, only five years after iOS

Today Post-it is revealing something you might have already assumed it had: an Android app. The new Post-it app will allow you to digitally import content written on real-world Post-its, supplement them with more created on-device, organize them into groups, and share them with others in multiple formats. None of this is really new since the company's iOS app has been around for half a decade, but now the more populated platform has reached Post-it parity.

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Google Phone v37 groups call history by contact, lets you swipe to delete calls [APK Download]

Google's Phone dialer received an update to v37 in its beta channel yesterday, and although many of us didn't notice any major changes in the app, some lucky recipients of a server-side test are seeing a new interface in the recent call tab, including a new way to group calls and the ability to swipe to delete entries from the log.

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Google Maps gives users more control over their personal and shared lists

Google Maps lists have become an essential feature for me. I have lists for places all over the world that I want to check out one day, dedicated lists to each country I've traveled to or am planning to visit soon, as well as some miscellaneous lists for places around me for which I need to have a saved location. The Maps team has been steadily improving these lists, but some neat changes have trickled in recently — likely via server-side as we just spotted them but we can now see them in older versions of the app too.

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41 temporarily free and 61 on-sale apps and games for Monday

Welcome to the beginning of the workweek, everyone. Today I have over one-hundred Android apps and games that are currently on sale, and I've highlighted the more interesting titles in bold, which should make discovery a little easier, so make sure to snag these sales while they last.

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Solid Explorer now works with Scoped Storage on Android Q

Perhaps the most drastic change announced for Android Q was Scoped Storage, which changes file management on Android by limiting which folders apps can access. After complaints from developers that they wouldn't be able to update their apps in time for Q, Google said it wouldn't make Scoped Storage a requirement until Android R, but well-known file manager Solid Explorer has just added support anyway.

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Action Launcher v42 gets more theme customization, ActionDash icon integration, and more

A new build of Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it includes several notable visual changes. The already robust theming features are getting a boost, and the Google Discover panel can switch to the system dark theme. There's even additional integration with the ActionDash digital wellbeing app.

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