android-wear-5.1.1_r1 to android-6.0.1_r4 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ, and further improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to Android Police, Al Sutton, and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

4d93433 : Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray
54d8f4b : Fix in reference type propagation
ddb2a98 : Parse runtime compiler options for JIT
f015c2f : ART: Add missing GetInterfaceMethodIfProxy
2602aa8 : ART: Decrease dex2oat watchdog timeout
22e0ce3 : DO NOT MERGE Add locking to prevent races between setting class methods and marking
2a19678 : ART: Do not abort on exception in CreatePeer
39becb9 : Revert "Fix another source of undeterministic inlining." DO NOT MERGE
cc07760 : ART: Clean up less in dex2oat
e4cf589 : ART: Weaken size check in hprof
eb9d1f7 : ART: Relax verifier aput checking
4833277 : ART: Change UninitializedThis tracking in the verifier
e682a02 : ART: Change UninitializedThis tracking in the verifier
6aec9da : [MIPS] Avoid using odd numbered fp registers
0d9982d : ART: Fix Quick's DCE+GVN
168387d : ART: Change UnresolvedMergedType merge
f695a00 : ART: Change UnresolvedMergedType internal representation
6e9c66e : Fix a bug in the register allocator around pair allocation.
d333389 : Tighten default inlining settings when using the space filter.
f2ea71c : ART: Fix the simplifier for add/sub
ce4b132 : ART: x86_64 RoundDouble/Float intrinsics should initialize out value.
2ada67b : Don't dump stack when deleting an invalid local ref
8f96df8 : Allow for fine tuning the inliner.
681652d : HDeoptimize should hold values live in env.
af50e41 : Bugfix: Java char is 16 bits, can not be treated as boolean.
242ae94 : ART: Change the stack dump format to be in line with debuggerd
d021e16 : ART: Fix Quick/Optimizing suspend check assumption mismatch.
bfbb72e : Don't check code pointer for proxies in ArtMethod::GetQuickFrameInfo
3387f39 : Get non proxy method for StackDumpVisitor
030f2af : Reduce space filter threshold to 128.
22552df : ART: Boolean simplifier fix
3b7660d : ART: DCE should know that array-length can throw NPE
9f66589 : Fix cfi information for x86.
811cfdd : Re-enable run-test 449-checker-bce on MIPS64.
b5aeab1 : Initialize pDeoptimize quick entry pointer for Mips.
dbda04f : Return an invalid StackMap when none can be found.
9976738 : Fix proxy handling in FindDeclaredVirtualMethod
25e1af5 : ART: Change merges with Undefined to Undefined
c08e0c7 : ART: Fix test
6f0a9c3 : ART: Improve the symbolize script
5ee9454 : Support compiling run-tests with jack
c2bf125 : ART: Allow to set and copy conflicts in the verifier
a3cd834 : ART: Avoid soft- after hard-fail in verifier
a0b23bb : ART: Release inputs in Long.reverse intrinsic in x86
db05e31 : ART: Fix opsize in LoadArgDirect
ccbbda2 : Add implicit null pointer and stack overflow checks for Mips.
3abd437 : Do not create a HBoundType when the instruction is non-null.
9b39188 : ART: Symbolize all oat files in /data folder.
c4e75e2 : ART: Fix data loss when symbolizing oat files.
e54cd64 : ART: Remove bad FindSymbol call
52f0aeb : ART: Unlink target oat file before compiling
fecc465 : Do not replace a live phi with a dead phi.
b7a4790 : Revert "Revert "Do not update the type of something we already know.""
e7d876a : ART: Fix CFI annotation for art_quick_aput_obj
a10c713 : Quick: Disable GVN, DCE and LVN for type conflicts.
3ae8da0 : ART: Fix invalid access and DCHECK in verifier
e290896 : Require mutator lock for DeleteLocalRef
b91205e : ART: Fix streaming tracing issues
1ff04ab : ART: Bail out immediately on try/catch
a1935c4 : MIPS: Initial version of optimizing compiler for MIPS64R6.
ad80568 : ART: Only print stripped dex2oat command line
88802ca : ART: Fix kEverything compiler filter
6415013 : ART: Reset runtime_throw_failure flag
005deb0 : ART: Set methods to preverified in verify-none
9206789 : Hard-fail get-/put-object to a non-reference field.
20d60dd : Only do some checks when compiling against the core image.
559b1cc : [MIPS64] JNI Compiler: Sign-extend int function arguments
71e46c1 : Fix force copy
844fb67 : ART: Fix arm32 instrumentation exit stub
0b95bf1 : Fix imt conflict trampoline for mips64
94e7c05 : Increase alt signal stack to 32K on host.
2867634 : Use a flag from the verifier to know if we should compile.
b5171ff : BCE: don't assume a bounds check always gets a HArrayLength.
cb44b11 : Do not try to compile resource-only dex files.
0fd292d : Fix codegen_test after DCE fix.
18b236e : Recompute dominator tree after DCE.
574cce1 : BCE: Narrow instead of unconditionnaly overwrite the range.
310b0f5 : Fix another case of un-verified dead code.
e7c7d8e : Adding optimizing compiler test case for String.<init>.
a497d1c : ART: Follow-up to 507cc6f83bf6379728f2dd20391f2ed5fbfe6371
c94c6a7 : Fix field ordering for String in hprof
dd32833 : Make dex file verifier check that indexes are increasing.
ad3359e : Do not overwrite an input register in shift operations.
bad9c7b : New experimental GC stress mode
37fd527 : Change GC to allow strings to use large object space.
38fafa1 : Make large string use large object space.
4c67a6a : ART: Allow checking RETURN_VOID_NO_BARRIER on unresolved classes
6e80460 : Fix another miranda method moving GC bug
421e495 : ART: Don't do pre-linked calls to the interpreter bridge.
a6efe5e : ART: Disallow classes that are abstract and final
8859311 : Revert "Revert "Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls.""
ee39360 : Revert "Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE"
042fd00 : Revert "Revert "Use IsAssignableFrom instead of IsSubclass for robustness.""
c48c7e6 : Use compiling class instead of outer class for access checks.
7d59309 : Use compiling class instead of referrer for access checks.
1e256bf : Be careful with predecessor/successor index.
be43861 : Don't check the return type in the builder.
0bc614d : Do not expect 0 or 1 only when comparing a boolean.
39d40af : Verifier: check an aput, even if we know it will fail.
a04e7b7 : Run a simplification pass before code generation.
753f1fb : Bailout from compilation if an invoke is malformed.
7d4cc8c : Fix wrong DCHECK in bounds check elimination.
25fde61 : Fix a bug in optimizing when the null constant has been DCE.
ff82263 : Fix String Change baseline compiler errors.
7257ece : Use signed encoding when using relative CFI addresses.
673b430 : ART: Check for expected args for instance methods
cbf5d89 : ART: Check var-arg count earlier in method verifier
38fad46 : ART: Fix BCE lint issue
1626b91 : Fix GC map generation edge case
31fa4b5 : Remove bogus DCHECK in BCE.
bca381a : Fix premature deoptimization if the loop body isn't entered.
3e91a44 : Fix case where block has no predecessor for StringChange.
e7738e8 : Quick: Handle total high/low register overlap on arm/mips.
9f7687c : Quick: Fix optimizations for empty if blocks.
dd3c7d2 : ART: Remove old DCHECK that trips Baseline
e0a9a53 : Fix StringChange for optimizing compiler.
a26cb57 : ART stack unwinding fixes for libunwind/gdb/lldb.
6e82168 : Fix moving GC bug in DoFilledNewArray
603b4c2 : Fix some java_lang_Class related moving GC bugs
dfc5db6 : Fix moving GC bugs in proxy stub for X86/X86_64
bf1fa2c : Follow up on CL 151605
ef484d4 : Fix nested deoptimization.
07c6f5a : Quick: Don't expect move-exception in every catch block.
e71eb1d : Fix some java_lang_Class related moving GC bugs
df75bca : ART: Allow PackedSwitch instructions with zero targets
6ecc296 : Quick: Fix marking unused registers in DCE.
a8b4100 : ART: Fix reporting initialized classes by CompilerDriver.
c362782 : Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
23fad47 : Fix reference comparison after redundant phi elimination.
a3b9d4e : Add missing EndAssertNoThreadSuspension
afe9e13 : Set default visibility on art_sigsegv_fault.
9ad40fd : Change mips64 lwu to ld for loading caller ArtMethod*
4998374 : JDWP: update handling of 8-bit and 16-bit fields
6ba35b5 : JDWP: asynchronous invoke command handling
c1956de : Fix compaction bug in Class_getDeclaredMethodsUnchecked
00fd8c2 : Add cortex-a53 as a valid instruction set variant for arm64.
b89a8c6 : Fix compaction bug in Class_getDeclaredMethodsUnchecked
fac3a39 : Move image intern table into image
618fdff : [MIPS] Fix method tracing for mips64
9a7fffb : Reset GC performance stats at zygote fork.
8117250 : Let classloader provide correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH
21cb657 : Quick: Fix LoopRepeatingTopologicalSortIterator.
59bc214 : ART: Add SetSpecialSignalHandlerFn to version-script.txt
3b532d7 : Use runFinalizationWithTimeout for native allocations
3ae250c : More LOW_4G optimizations
7fabaa6 : Add atrace calls to runtime start and heap create
1c8bef4 : Add optimization for LOW_4G allocator
c991403 : Fix valgrind large_object_space_test
0fc16a0 : Revert "Revert "Turn off duplicate-classes checking""
8f23620 : Add a way to determine if a large object is a zygote object
520abbd : ART: Refactor Thread::Init
0adc90e : Emit instance fields for java.lang.Object in hprof
44905ce : ART: Prune FindArrayClass cache in image writer
d40bcc4 : Fix tracing
ff6d8cf : Add more info for attempting to delete non-JNI local reference
77be663 : Add a way to SuspendAll for a long duration
2791d5e : Add clear cache for JIT
519fd54 : Update IMT for stale miranda methods
3d21bdf : Move mirror::ArtMethod to native
bd7eef1 : Fix another source of undeterministic inlining.
2653149 : Fix another source of undeterministic inlining.
0bcf9fd : Fix test 115-native-bridge for Mips.
8ee2145 : ART: Add support for special handlers in sigchainlib
93de952 : ART: Use v2 version of NativeBridge struct
73a9377 : Add unstarted runtime test for String.<init>.
a2ea740 : Fix double-exception in super-class method validation.
f60cb1f : ART: Add Mips o32 callee-save registers to SaveAll frame
7be8302 : Add JNI String.<init> test for global and weak global refs.
1309ba2 : Fix single-step in native thread
1a302fb : Fix updating of JNI references for String.<init>.
1a1e77f : Fix valgrind includes
86a5b0e : Reset libc targetSdkVersion
3b74e27 : ART: Fix wrong hard-failure handling in verifier
e0cc299 : ART: Use kBadFprBase on mips64 and arm64.
2b3f42e : Add missing oatdump test dependency
c930980 : Add oatdump test
61833c5 : Fix mac build: cast fpr callee save addresses.
f2383d6 : Fix mac build: include <sys/time.h> in .
41b175a : ART: Clean up arm64 kNumberOfXRegisters usage.
54d6573 : JDWP: fix breakpoint on catch statement
4fa04a6 : Make inlining deterministic.
08d1b5f : Fix for potential moving GC bugs around proxy class.
d6ec651 : ART: Sometimes even empty methods take forever to verify
8110447 : ART: Sometimes even empty methods take forever to verify
18a1827 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ART: Turn off duplicate-classes checking"
99ca40c : ART: Refactor UnstartedRuntime for testing
15e9ad1 : Intercept JNI invocation of String.<init> methods.
48b7918 : ART: Fix gtest dependency
a56ce5e : Fix a cts crash around proxy class fields.
aafcfca : DO NOT MERGE ART: Turn off duplicate-classes checking
8256609 : ART: Fix RegisterNative order
f177dd6 : ART: Change huge-method warning in verifier
094ff2c : Fix debuggable compiler flag detection for secondary dex files
a5a1c13 : Test and fix bug checking status of secondary multidex files.
6650075 : JDWP: more GC safety
2501595 : Undo arm64 workaround.
1e1a472 : Print more info on mark sweep invalid ref crash.
a02e391 : Add new style String operations during compilation init, part 2
577d24c : Stop wrapping close(2) with TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY in art.
a32474e : In hprof, use an address within string for char array of empty string.
a298e6d : Add new style String operations during compilation init
788a0a1 : Fix non-range String init calls
039ab3d : Remove doublequoted command to adb sh -c.
c99b900 : In hprof, set string class instance size to that of an empty string.
375a29a : Print field info on mark sweep invalid ref crash.
3b0ee6f : Quick: Fix marking high words in DCE.
a36098b : ART: Do not relocate app program headers in patchoat.
3beb245 : Also print class for NoSuchFieldException
e8ff50d : ART: Rediscover loops after deleting blocks in DCE
cc61340 : Quick: Fix DCE, clear high word flag in RemoveChange().
368010a : Add notes about fast JNI calls.
a395c0a : Hold heap bitmap lock in Heap::GetObjectsAllocated
325ec9b : Fix bug in removal of *.flock files.
ce7d005 : ART: arm indexOf intrinsics for the optimizing compiler
8db2a6d : Quick: Fix DCE to mark wide register overlaps correctly.
f450cf6 : Add test for String init called from unresolvable class.
21030dd : ART: x86 indexOf intrinsics for the optimizing compiler
db30566 : Remove unused StackHandleScope
f7f798c : Fix typo in VLOG message.
f16d572 : Add more diagnostics info to flaky oat file assistant test.
8e5bd18 : Add a flag to StackVisitor for inlining.
0a23d74 : Add a parent environment to HEnvironment.
ba56d06 : [optimizing] Improve 32 bit long shift by 1.
56869c1 : Don't allow JIT to compile native methods
70f7d98 : Don't allow JIT to compile native methods
0456881 : Fix stub_test for Mips64
50030ef : Check IsReferenceVReg during deopt
f00baf5 : Check IsReferenceVReg during deopt
dd5a4d0 : ART: Merge entries with same name and protect in MemMap dump.
17a924a : ART: Merge entries with same name and protect in MemMap dump.
8ee43e3 : ART: Fix debug output for bad reused MemMap.
b550582 : ART: Fix debug output for bad reused MemMap.
678e695 : ART: Refactor 082-inline-execute
5eae455 : Support multiple instrumentation clients
c3cde2c : JDWP: properly combine location events
1cc71eb : Insert a read barrier in the JNI bridge.
c96d5c8 : Quick: Fix DCE to rename SSA regs for degenerate Phis.
c2d3221 : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
85336e3 : Fix broken checks in IsValidPartOfMemberNameUtf8Slow.
b361d94 : Fix typo in comments.
f80552b : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
0b49f02 : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
92e83bf : [optimizing] Tune some x86_64 moves
0462c4c : Support multiple instrumentation clients
5446254 : Remove unused InvokeWithShadowFrame
4ef69be : Add stub_test implementation for mips & mips64
e299f16 : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
f60715c : Quick: Fix DCE to rename SSA regs for degenerate Phis.
8508e37 : Fix broken checks in IsValidPartOfMemberNameUtf8Slow.
8c0c91a : Use a growable array instead of an environment during SSA.
3ba8671 : Fix broken checks in IsValidPartOfMemberNameUtf8Slow.
db216f4 : Relax the only one back-edge restriction.
d90957f : ART: Fix mips64 jni bugs.
a412964 : In quick compiler, force string init invoke to be fast path.
5c8fe30 : In quick compiler, force string init invoke to be fast path.
6b45fd2 : No need to relocate the core image for the art script.
f7083ed : Quick: Inline synthetic accessors generated by jack.
d5f1005 : Quick: Inline synthetic accessors generated by jack.
472b00c : Bump jdwp timeout to 12 minutes.
51a9098 : Re-enable JDWP tests on volantis.
27a4a9d : Fix instrumentation exit stub for arm64
e7755e7 : Fix Mips64 utils.h typo
1d85823 : Temporarily suppress 098-ddmc for the read barrier config.
a538eff : Fix instrumentation exit stub for arm64
fbda5f3 : Find better split positions in the register allocator.
df2bb1f : ART: Fix double-free in oatdump
f307f8c : ART: Emit debug info when app is debuggable
ba52e13 : Delete invalid DCHECK
241a958 : Fix mismatched new[]/delete.
e1a0153 : Delete invalid DCHECK
a6ce5b2 : Improve JNI registration failure logging
5c02d6c : Improve JNI registration failure logging
46578a4 : Fix NanoSleep and add test
0b063d9 : Fix NanoSleep and add test
414369a : Add some more DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN
8484d23 : ART: Emit debug info when app is debuggable
7394569 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts""""
3130cdf : Add some more DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN
d45c843 : Request full/partial GC type from VMRuntime.requestConcurrentGC().
5a1b2bf : Let the map function compute the relative pc.
332ef32 : Let the map function compute the relative pc.
e3d623e : ART: Fix max build
0ae9899 : Request full/partial GC type from VMRuntime.requestConcurrentGC().
8223b80 : Fix mips64 bugs.
3bf2d47 : Print memory maps on GC crash.
91ddd0d : Re-enable clang for Mips/Mips64 targets.
033d745 : Add binary search table to .eh_frame_hdr
d38ec80 : Print memory maps on GC crash.
732e886 : Change invalid root from LOG(ERROR) to LOG(INTERNAL_FATAL)
175746a : Change invalid root from LOG(ERROR) to LOG(INTERNAL_FATAL)
38f2085 : Update the remaining input index of phis after deleting an input.
6d73c9d : Do not write CFI and symbols for deduplicate methods.
702d260 : Skip compilation when falling-through out of method code.
6db49a7 : Update the remaining input index of phis after deleting an input.
5d7b7f8 : Update the remaining input index of phis after deleting an input.
b0a962c : Move .eh_frame to the end of ELF file.
bc90fd0 : Major refactoring of ElfBuilder.
2af2307 : Revert "GVN final fields even with side effects."
7817336 : GVN final fields even with side effects.
8b83b55 : ART: Allow oat files with duplicates classes in corner case
0cba004 : ART: Allow oat files with duplicates classes in corner case
61d7ca8 : ART: Whitelist DexPathList$Element constructor
9651d9b : Restore interpreter check during DoCall removed by string init.
3a01631 : ART: Fix loop information after dead code elimination
c263bf8 : Only print IRT remove local warning if CheckJNI is enabled
395086f : ART: Fix loop information after dead code elimination
c5adebc : Only print IRT remove local warning if CheckJNI is enabled
5790260 : Add synthesize uses at back edge.
69a2804 : ART: Fix loop information after dead code elimination
9d6bf69 : JDWP: properly combine location events
657318c : Add dependency on libbase.
ec525fc : Factor MoveArguments methods in Optimizing's intrinsics handlers.
b81e1cd : Fix missing transaction abort error message
2d27c8e : Refactor InvokeDexCallingConventionVisitor in Optimizing.
dd17bc3 : Fix for incorrect encode and parse of PEXTRW instruction
2a7a1d7 : Revert "Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts"""
5c8bb7e : Bugs have been fixed, so run the tests.
9b95a05 : Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts""
19ad582 : ART: Move dex2oat watchdog output to LogLine
d687e37 : ART: Move dex2oat watchdog output to LogLine
e0705f5 : Fix for incorrect encode and parse of PEXTRW instruction
90e3404 : ART: Remove multidex limit
626ecd0 : Fix possible null deference in Throwable::Dump
4a24858 : Fix possible null deference in Throwable::Dump
32c26b8 : ART: Remove multidex limit
67aea0a : Change ddmc run-test to make new objects instead of strings.
22c2d74 : Quick: Fix crash on fall-through out of method code.
2bee20b : Quick: Fix crash on fall-through out of method code.
e48b29b : Prevent undefined behavior in RosAlloc.
06cb4a9 : Fix constructor access check through reflection
81aa012 : Fix some compaction bugs in string allocation
0c5bbc1 : Minor refactoring of ElfBuilder.
be8f57d : Quick: Avoid unnecessary GVN work in release builds.
c71d921 : Fix constructor access check through reflection
c6e7845 : Quick: Rely on inferred types in GVN/LVN/DCE.
2d2f2a9 : Fix constructor access check through reflection
e85e123 : ART: Add FOUR_ARG_DOWNCALL macro for MIPS64 entry points.
a3c3827 : ART: Fix MIPS entrypoint downcall macros.
3e3d733 : Have HInvoke instructions know their number of actual arguments.
69bdcb2 : Fix java_lang_Class newInstance for strings; also quick entrypoints.
8208bdd : ART: Fix constructor access checking
848f70a : Replace String CharArray with internal uint16_t array.
8365a99 : Switch the default read barrier type to a Baker one.
0dd76cd : ART: Fix constructor access checking
0d22184 : Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Replace FP divide by power of 2""
8a35405 : Fix mismatched malloc/free delete/new.
2c9bd22 : Fix clean-oat
4ed947a : Dissociate uses with environment uses.
769c9e5 : ART: Simplify Ifs with BooleanNot condition
f725550 : Quick: Avoid unnecessary GVN work in release builds.
2b1c622 : ART: Fix removing a Phi with RemoveInstruction
f213e05 : Add support for caching float and double constants.
c7508e9 : ART: Fix removing a Phi with RemoveInstruction
2967ec6 : Add InsertInstructionAfter in HBasicBlock.
a5e69e8 : Quick: Rely on inferred types in GVN/LVN/DCE.
9d750ef : BCE: don't add deoptimization if the loop has early exit.
206d6fd : Deoptimization-based BCE for unknown loop bounds.
067cae2 : Revert "[optimizing] Replace FP divide by power of 2"
e34a42c : ART: Fix Trace types, check minimum buf size
c4013ea : ART: Fix addpd opcode, add Quick x86 assembler test
b15be57 : ART: Test for GVN skipping
24d65cc : ART: Fix missing dependency between GVN and other passes
f36cb5f : Move Class.newInstance to native
3c1c05a : Disable Quick's GVN-based dead code elimination.
399ff77 : Mark the test as failing while investigating.
03b9ee4 : ART: Refactor utils/assembler test
dd3208d : ART: Fix DBG_START_LOCAL verification.
94329d3 : ART: Duplicate-classes cleanup
99dbd68 : [optimizing] Handle x86 const length BoundsCheck
00bb878 : ART: Add GENERATE_CFI to the ZygoteHooks debug flags
1152c92 : [optimizing] Rename HasArrayAccesses and check it
f99bcd2 : ART: Do not log non-swap usage
0379f82 : Fix DCHECKs about clinit checks in Optimizing's code generators.
b28412e : Guard against name == null in ShortDump
20e8d43 : [optimizing] Ensure FillNewArray sets array access
5f02c6c : Reduce the number of explicit clinit checks for static invokes.
b9aec2c : ART: Check for duplicate classes when loading oat files
1c533c1 : ART: Fix gtests broken by dead block elimination
4c0eb42 : Ensure inlined static calls perform clinit checks in Optimizing.
2d7352b : ART: Dead block removal
7cc56a1 : Debugger: Remove support for setting values in optimizing.
33e1f8f : Don't use 'sh' on the host.
06801ff : Use 'sh' explicitly when invoking the art script.
4f7fdd2 : Make tests assume ANDROID_ROOT is not /system.
5ea536a : Remove ArtMethod* parameter from dex cache entry points.
60f63f5 : Use the lock word bits for Baker-style read barrier.
a61894d : Fix reflection handling and test flakiness
4f46ac5 : Cleanup and improve stack map stream
ad67727 : Quick: Fix and enable DCE and improve GVN/DCE cleanup.
8cbab3c : Linear scan: split at better positions.
af88835 : Remove unnecessary null checks in CheckCast and InstanceOf
917f9ab : ART: Run BooleanSimplifier after inlining
084f7d4 : Quick: Fix out of temp regs in ArmMir2Lir::GenMulLong().
c416d33 : Move stack map stream implementation to its own cc file.
0a025d2 : Skip known broken tests for ARM back ends on ARM as second arch.
edad8ad : Remove ActAsNullConstant
5384919 : Mul simplification should expect zero operand
c91df2d : Revert "Revert "Quick: Rewrite type inference pass.""
1b717f6 : Revert "Quick: Rewrite type inference pass."
bfdcdc1 : ART: Fix re-throwing failures of non-convention errors
8a813f7 : Do not mention x86 floating point numbers in CFI.
2cebb24 : Replace NULL with nullptr
e490b01 : Quick: Rewrite type inference pass.
533c207 : Simplify template parameters of Elf classes.
7fd8b59 : Fix X86_64 assembler REX instructions
943136f : Remove warning when we do too many simplifications
c3d743f : ART: Update last_instruction when adding Phis
862aaef : [optimizing] Name the last DCE pass.
fac1070 : Quick: Remove broken Mir2Lir::LocToRegClass().
8f20bdb : Run DCE again after all the other optimizations have run.
641547a : [optimizing] Fix a bug in moving the null check to the user.
f7c7fb4 : Propertly quote arguments after latest adb/vogar changes.
4dcfc43 : Fix tlsPtr_.long_jump_context == nullptr check failure.
5988547 : Class.forName(..., ..., null) fixes - Add test for Class.forName(..., ..., null) - Simplify VMStack.getClosestUserClassLoader based on new behavior of Class.forName(..., ..., null)
fc58af4 : Add AbstractMethod, Constructor, Method
70bef0d : ART: Add compiled-methods
26684c0 : ART: Extend run-test 068-classloader
40741f3 : [optimizing] Use more X86_64 addressing modes
527c9c7 : Generate .eh_frame_hdr section and PT_GNU_EH_FRAME segment.
0774307 : Do not look for prebuilts on architectures other than Arm.
b29ea8c : Revert "fix optimizing gtests"
7d27537 : ART: Update loop info of all nested loops when inlining
0cdf6d3 : Revert "Run DCE again after all the other optimizations have run."
69dcf64 : fix optimizing gtests
7a9c885 : Run DCE again after all the other optimizations have run.
2be39e0 : Use --dump-stats to dump optimizing compiler stats.
b330664 : [optimzing] Fix codegen bug and improve type propagation
3e52aa4 : Move GetAndroidToolsDir to common location.
1ba1981 : Linear scan: Use FirstUse instead of FirstRegisterUse.
d9b9240 : Fix another mistyped location.
a446d86 : Improve performance of HashSet
b1fcead : ART: Change image_classes and compiled_classes to unordered set
fdee2c0 : ART: Fix wrong parameter in JIT
b0bd891 : [optimizing] Replace FP divide by power of 2
339dfc2 : Incorrect transformation of (sub,neg) to (sub) for fp
0d13fee : ART: Simplify more bool operations
71affb5 : Disable tests for volantis.
97833a0 : Opt compiler: Minor object store optimizations for ARM64.
232ade0 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing: Fix long-to-fp conversion on x86.""
0c25d10 : optimizing: fix gtests
b2a5847 : Minor improvements to 458-checker-instruction-simplification.
d921d64 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Block VIXLpools when recording the pc.
09a9996 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Follow other archs for a few codegen stubs.
27df758 : [optimizing] Add memory barriers in constructors when needed
2fa194b : ART: Extend list of instructions accepted as boolean inputs
acc0b8e : Fix lint error.
88c13cd : Opt compiler: Correctly require register or FPU register.
5da2180 : Fix codegen_test for long multiplication.
2781f40 : Run jdwp tests now that localhost issues have been solved.
c8980de : Add sanity check for large object allocation
fa8429b : ART: Re-add dlopen
8693fe1 : RecordPcInfo() in GenerateStaticOrDirectCall() is misplaced on x86.
c50358b : Fix access past end of args array.
c9d185d : Fix undefined behavior in hash calculation.
f4eb9ae : ART: Fix a failing gtest
3fc992f : ART: Improve range search caching in LiveInterval
c08675c : ART: Fix incorrect last range when adding high interval
ad4450e : Opt compiler: Implement parallel move resolver without using swap.
3192540 : Cleanup unnecessary test conditions in ssa builder.
00e466d : Fix build
f903680 : Fix value used for shift in quick_cfi_test.
c7df66e : Remove transitive dependency on <cutils/atomic.h>.
241a486 : ART: Replace expensive calls to Covers in reg alloc
de48692 : Don't call ComputeEagerResolvedStrings
a4f8831 : Remove duplicates phis created during SSA transformation
3d23357 : ART: Fix whitespace in test
f1c6d9e : Fallback to quick in case of soft verification errors
f4687e7 : ART: Adds a regression test for an inliner issue
05144f4 : ART: Hot fix for an inliner issue
43af728 : Split safepoint positions to avoid calling Covers.
13b4718 : ART: Remove DCHECKs for boolean type
4a3faec : ART: Don't duplicate null/int/long constants when inlining
40da286 : ART: Streaming trace mode
10d6886 : Disable parallel GC by default
f776b92 : Remove dead blocks for the blocks_ array.
e14590b : Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 parallel moves/swaps"
0d9f17d : Move the linear order to the HGraph.
9021825 : Type MoveOperands.
66d126e : ART: Implement HBooleanNot instruction
a978d43 : Revert "Add a check in the location summary."
009e2a6 : Do not deduplicate code if --debuggable is set.
5588e58 : Refactor safepoints in register allocator.
95bf754 : Add a check in the location summary.
5d4bb1d : ART: More nullptr checks in unstarted runtime
799b8c4 : Split .debug_info section to compilation units.
f3f2a7a : Remove suspend point from field loading
7848da4 : ART: Store classpath information into oat file
f865ea9 : ART: Make the PathClassLoader fast-path recursive
44fe8b3 : Fix test 104 for --relocate --no-patchoat
9086b65 : Fix valgrind tests
bf4d3af : ART: Add a null-check to unstarted-runtime
f778eb2 : ART: Add Security cutout to unstarted runtime
69a5030 : ARM64: Remove suspend register.
5f4886a : Fix a bug in type propagation.
1561e1b : Revert "ART: Turn of native stack dump on x86 on-device"
d3ed9a3 : Fix DCHECK failures from Class::VisitFieldRoots
a1c9f01 : getRuntimeStat() support (ART).
626a166 : Append [DEDUPED] suffix to all deduped methods in the symbol table.
7c869b3 : Move the file which defines DWARF enums.
c2055cf : Add test for x86-64 DWARF register mapping.
8dc7324 : Add --include-cfi compiler option.
0a18601 : Exercise the x86 and x86-64 FILD and FISTP instructions.
3481ba2 : ART: Clean up includes.
031af41 : Revert "Fallback to quick in case of soft verification errors"
386ce40 : Revert "Optimizing: Fix long-to-fp conversion on x86."
2d45b4d : Optimizing: Fix long-to-fp conversion on x86.
7f49e67 : Remove the --gen-gdb-info compiler option.
9d8606d : Whitespace cleanup in DWARFReg helper functions.
c34dc93 : Move 'ret' instruction generation inside GenerateFrameExit.
2f6cdb0 : Relocate DWARF using .oat_patches.
48ee356 : ART: Ignore result for exception-case JNIEndWithReference
e598e04 : ART: Add Array.createObjectArray to unstarted runtime
e9b160e : ART: Fix failure-log script
c785344 : Move ArtField to native
f9aac1e : Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts"
c2bcafe : ART: Refactor CompileOptimized
c136312 : Avoid using dex cache array pointers in libart.
c751d37 : Fallback to quick in case of soft verification errors
3773cd0 : ART: Remove WriteElf from Compiler
188d431 : Opt compiler: Instruction simplification for HAdd, HNeg, HNot, HSub.
a5c19ce : [optimizing] Improve x86 parallel moves/swaps
222fcf9 : [optimizing] Improve x86 shifts
39dcf55 : [optimizing] Address x86_64 RIP patch comments
7441769 : Fix checker tests in 458-checker-instruction-simplification.
55501ce : Optimizing x86: Fix VisitArraySet for FP value
3b9d57a : Move DWARF related code in ElfWriter to its own file.
b536247 : Extend the DWARF library to support .debug_info section.
46325a0 : Fix memory leaks in the CFI tests.
8f486f3 : ART: Fix indent in Mips backend
0df9e1f : Remove duplicate of DexFile::DecodeDebugInfo.
d0ad2ee : Add support for nested method verifiers
e3712d0 : ART: Use canonical location in dex2oat
691184d : Fix build - the stack frame is too large.
97e2f26 : Refine erratum 843419 check for linker workaround.
b952ac3 : Fix Mac compile error in debug_frame_writer.h
3f5881f : ART: IRT refactor
f9a627f : Add test cases to make sure GenDivRemLit() handles 16-bit constants correctly.
23cedd2 : Test DexOptStatus enum values match DexFile values.
c6b4dd8 : Implement CFI for Optimizing.
f55c3e0 : [optimizing] Add RIP support for x86_64
1961b60 : Quick: PC-relative loads from dex cache arrays on x86.
403e0d5 : [MIPS] Refactoring code for disassembler
dd97393 : Implement CFI for JNI.
87b7c52 : Quick: Clean up temp use counting.
1109fb3 : Implement CFI for Quick.
c7399c8 : ART: Remove LLVM cruft

+- Project: platform/bionic

4f80102 : Fix potential race condition on CTS TC pthread_gettid_np
9a9572d : Sync with upstream NetBSD lib/libc/regex.
cf92738 : Ensure that readlink has access to /proc/self/fd
cd92787 : Update timezone data to 2015g
f32b689 : Log dlopen failures caused by text relocations
a828a2f : linker: don't pass dlextinfo to dependent loads.
93a91f0 : Force cts to only run one test at a time.
01030c2 : Increase alternative signal stack size on 64-bit devices.
8291194 : Update timezone data to 2015f
de0fb39 : Restore protection flags for ifunc during relocs.
b8320b8 : Don't abort when failed to write tracing message.
aa55e7a : Add support for non-zero vaddr in maps.
9d11a70 : We don't have CXX_BARE any more
d7ce900 : Revert "Stop libc from cross-referencing unwind symbols"
9fee99b : Do not hold hash table lock while backtracing.
a5bb841 : Fix memory-leak on soinfo_free()
65dd858 : Fix alignment after variable-length data.
f643eb3 : Improve personality initialization
ae02a0a : Update timezone data to 2015e
754f669 : Pass around struct android_net_context for better behaviour
f7d5bf3 : Lock on dl_interate_phdr
06700b2 : Fix crash when trying to load invalid ELF file.
fb3357e : Revert "[MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers"
40d9e7b : [MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers
2b028f5 : Fix bad merge of 64e9e71cdb7d88397e510e1986d494b797ed3b45.
96ebdcd : Remove libdl* tests from bionic-unit-tests-static
34e8e47 : Add flag that makes linker honor min(p_vaddr)
1d824c3 : [MIPS] Add optimized string functions
28154f5 : Improve library lookup logic
4d0d314 : Add versions to symbols
1eba2f4 : Revert "Improve library lookup logic"
d49850d : Fixes for building gdbserver (and gdb) out of the box.
ea4ef52 : Improve library lookup logic
c34df8b : Add support for cortex-a53 in bionic.
4205746 : Add version to symbols
929be68 : Hide accidentally-exposed __clock_nanosleep.
f1c8541 : Avoid name collision with user_fpsimd_state in <asm/ptrace.h>.
cce405a : Add a sys/procfs.h.
7051c0f : Fix two accidentally leaked mips64 symbols.
3e6f780 : Remove text-relocs support for apps targeting M+
38263dd : Fix l_addr for the linker
25ac753 : Add process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev.
79b3877 : Fix application_sdk_versions_smoke test
66c3b2d : Statically linked executables should honor AT_SECURE.
07f4f5f : Check if strtab exists before using it
511cfd9 : Allow NULL in pthread_mutex_lock/unlock.
524f1f1 : Make path to apk compliant with jar url format
26e663d : Fix Mac checkbuild.
e49af9b : Export two dlmalloc functions everywhere.
7a799f2 : Fix a few libc makefile mishaps.
c534603 : Hide __atexit
5edb0f4 : Reorder DIR structure due to bad apps.
34de7f8 : Strip version info when extracting symbols
04f7e3e : Backward compatibility for dlsym(RTLD_DEFAULT, ...)
38c37d6 : Work around for libraries without dt_soname
c92f9f8 : libc: Add O_PATH support for fgetxattr / fsetxattr
c4ebe60 : Fix dlsym(handle_of_main_executable, ...)
c5e02ee : Cleanup ftruncate negative test.
5f3e19d : Fix error handling for negative size in ftruncate.
c3351ea : Work around incorrect dt_needed entries
ca10ac6 : Improve some of error/warning messages
4a7c3af : Work around incorrect dt_needed entries
d8ead18 : Add functions to provide target sdk version
15309fd : Fix RTLD_NEXT lookup for the local_group
7490c5c : Hide rt_sigqueueinfo.
2b5c228 : Remove pthread_detach_no_leak test.
69a5fb9 : Apply work around b/19059885 to x86
43850d1 : Use unified syntax to compile with both llvm and gcc.
22c21c6 : Fix opcode to compile with both gcc and llvm.
fa7ba62 : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in bionic.
4cb434d : Fix regression in crash reporting
ff40780 : Remove -z global workaround for target x86
d7ad443 : Fix regression in crash reporting
2a44cfb : ScopedFd: Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY() with close()
4bac6ea : Improved dlsym tests and fixes to linker
9cde1dc : Update NOTICE files (the second time today).
dd57029 : Simplify three copyright headers.
f0bd92d : Update NOTICE files.
f7009f4 : Switch libc/libcstdc++/libm to hash-style=both
6b27e6e : Revert "Fix volantis boot."
20db140 : Revert "Fix clang build."
6accf55 : Revert "Try again to fix clang build."
f41ed6e : Add definitions of Elf32_Sxword and ELFXX_R_INFO
d3cea87 : remove rootdir build.prop
af7e806 : Properly align init/fini_arrays for crtend.o
b3c01d0 : Use realpath for log and error messages
a60fd09 : Move pthread_atfork_dlclose test out of static lib
8264afb : VersionTracker: Ignore libraries without soname
456afe2 : Fix protected symbol lookups for mips
064a980 : Do not adjust PT_GNU_STACK segment
dc145b5 : Lookup version info when relocating mips got
f92a417 : Refactoring: move VersionTracker to link_image
114bd83 : Refactoring: extract lookup_version_info(..)
62075bc : bionic: fortify comments in _system_properties.h
3a7ed8f : Update to tzdata 2015d
126b5ef : Adjust DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2 value
0b9e1c6 : linker: initialize system properties
e97d519 : Fix mips relocation to use load_bias as intended
53ba663 : Fix LD_PRELOAD for dlopen()
66fd2a2 : Add float support to binary event log.
123927d : bionic: add __system_property_area_serial()
452742d : Do not pack relocations for
62a0a63 : linker: use libc's environ variable to store envp
17b602c : Update to tzdata 2015c
7936fa6 : Reduce p_align for program header to page size.
f327fae : Include pthread_atfork.h to mips64 crtbegin
d1aea30 : Fix POSIX timer thread naming.
e91e66f : Use bfd linker for x86/x86_64 targets
ea295f6 : Unregister pthread_atfork handlers on dlclose()
6612d7a : Enable dlsym_df_1_global test for arm/arm64
b0b9338 : Exit normally when relocations are already packed.
094f58f : Revert "Unregister pthread_atfork handlers on dlclose()"
adfcb97 : Exit normally when packing relocs saves no space.
7280e50 : Remove jemalloc.a from libc_nomalloc.a
3391a9f : Simplify close(2) EINTR handling.
6df122f : Unregister pthread_atfork handlers on dlclose()
18870d3 : Always use signed leb128 decoder
f15ceeb : Always use signed leb128 encoding
7592008 : Update the search path for
2a63421 : Statically link libc++ for prebuilts
bb25bbe : Adjust DT_VERSYM/VERNEED/VERDEF dynamic sections
3d7bea1 : Add library name to error message
3244d9f : add a fortified implementation of realpath
72a6fdc : Fix bug in app_id_from_name in stubs.cpp.
4ae7736 : add fortified memchr/memrchr implementations
21988a3 : Also send bionicbb logs to a file.
d3fe4f1 : Merge the two bionicbb services into one.
4228188 : add fortified readlink/readlinkat implementations
2a81536 : Support symbol versioning
a932513 : Fix clang build.
a4061cd : Clean up "logging".
e7e1c87 : add fortified implementations of pread/pread64
95f1ee2 : Change on handling of SIGEV_THREAD timers.
c0f8928 : Update the number of jemalloc reserved keys.
163ab8b : Call __cxa_thread_finalize for the main thread.
66aa0b6 : Hide emutls* symbols in
940d312 : Fix addition of extra arg to cfi_restore.
605ee81 : Add missing cfi directives for x86 assembler.
a0ecd5b : Skip merge-failed messages from Gerrit.
d032378 : Don't build any changes that touch bionicbb.
ef25592 : Fix dl* tests to run-on-host
c0e7dbb : Add Elfxx_Ver* types
aba687a : Upgrade timezone data to 2015b
41efc92 : Use assembly memmove for all arm32 processors.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

be19dce : udpater: Call fsync() after rename().
a200639 : uncrypt: Support file level encryption.
6e9dda7 : uncrypt: Support file level encryption.
babcffa : Revert "Change init sequence to support file level encryption"
90c75b0 : Change init sequence to support file level encryption
392879e : Revert "Change init sequence to support file level encryption"
98c1a3d : Change init sequence to support file level encryption
1a92c44 : Add drm support to minui
7125f95 : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"
c3dddce : More accurate checking for overlapped ranges.
cb9450e : Use f_bavail to calculate free space
c35f3ce : Allow sideloading without authentication.
0005f89 : Split WipeData into PreWipeData and PostWipeData.
b65f027 : Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD
0460f69 : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"
6abd52f : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"
604c583 : Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD
2c2cae8 : uncrypt: Write status when it reboots to factory reset
b5dabd2 : Really don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY with close in recovery.
92eea1b : Handle BLKDISCARD failures
158e11d : Separate uncrypt into two modes
1857a7f : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in recovery.
df52e1e : Add an alternate screen for viewing recovery logs.
3e8d28b : uncrypt: Switch to C++
8853cb2 : uncrypt: package on non-data partition should follow the right path
93cec9a : Keep multiple kernel logs
6d820f2 : Turn on text display for debuggable builds
4cf34d5 : Fix mips64 minadbd_test build.
1593192 : Move minadb over to new API.
87ec73a : Fix minadb_test build breakage.
2f5feed : Check all lseek calls succeed.
f7466f9 : Stop using adb_strtok, and check argument validity.
6f76dd5 : Revert "Revert "init re-execs to set its security context now.""
c819dbe : Revert "init re-execs to set its security context now."
c57453d : init re-execs to set its security context now.
43b748f : Don't remove existing explicitly stashed blocks
0a5cb0c : Don't use typedefs that hide *s.
c68bd34 : imgdiff: Avoid infinite loop if inflate fails
8fd86d7 : Move the menu header out of the menu.
e46066f : Add missing \n after "Mounting /system." message.
985022a : Remove unnecessary globals.
300ed08 : Treat KEY_ENTER the same as KEY_POWER in the pager.
95fc63e : Rewritten file pager.
f012432 : Revert "Append kernel logs to last_log file"
2ec803f : Append kernel logs to last_log file
b07e1f3 : Update the comments for package installer commands
4af215b : Auto-detect whether to use the long-press UI.
20531ef : Switch minadb over to C++.
07cfb8f : Switch minui over to C++.
642aaa7 : Fix ScreenRecoveryUI to handle devices without power/up/down.
ec28340 : Move "Mount /system" to the main menu.
0713819 : Add ev_iterate_available_keys to minui.
bb78d62 : Move the recovery image version out of the menu header.
9e7ae8a : Move default implementations into Device.
42c1230 : Remove some commented-out code.
8de5207 : Move file paging into ScreenRecoveryUI.
018ed31 : Enable printf format argument checking.
aa0d6af : Remove the fixed screen size assumptions.
9ad9d66 : Remove a couple of unused inlines from minzip/Zip.h.
682c34b : Rotate logs only when there are actual operations

+- Project: platform/build

9f38105 : "MXB48J"
b20c338 : "MXB48I"
b6e1fdf : "MXB48H"
859398c : "MXB48G"
643a31b : "MXB48F"
d7b86b8 : "MXB48E"
afb7896 : "MXB48D"
72b5465 : "MXB48C"
06bea1d : "MXB48B"
fd2e61d : "MXB48"
93dcc85 : "MXB47"
55a149b : Revert "Change version back to 6.0"
7417d84 : "MXB46"
970f203 : Change version back to 6.0
48062c8 : "MXB43C"
9071dd4 : "MXB43B"
2a4620b : "MXB43"
ad7d04f : "MXB42"
607f32b : "MXB41B"
68ef86a : "MXB41"
966a838 : "MXB40"
5e0efa4 : "MXB39B"
7b91985 : "MXB39"
86e979d : "MXB36B"
8ff2e19 : "MXB36"
2811378 : "MXB35"
60f83f8 : "MXB34"
1c39a50 : "MXB33"
ca5bd57 : "MXB32"
7ab3318 : "MXB29D"
46c642f : "MXB29C"
3236e6d : "MXB29B"
c2ed4ce : "MXB29"
4018b59 : "MXB28B"
c362859 : "MXB28"
0b34ac7 : "MXB27"
df2b40c : "MXB26"
94b290a : "MXB25"
5a12fd5 : MXB22C
19eec07 : Update security string to 2015-12-01
0a20c94 : Bump Android to 6.0.1
a37222d : "MXB22B"
c0f1bb8 : "MXB22"
998de2e : "MXB21"
e34ce83 : "MXB20"
0f1512b : Update security string to 2015-12-01
a8ff214 : "MXB19"
3c01a11 : "MXB15C"
e09359a : DO NOT MERGE Pass source's info_dict to vendor's
3203bc1 : DO NOT MERGE releasetools: Always write the last block if it's padded.
0ea137a : "MXB15B"
0205c2c : "MXB15"
06b0276 : "MXB14B"
f94ccc4 : "MXB14"
57a64e0 : Add all-named-(dirs|files)-under and related
7a74e5e : Add all-cpp-files-under
76a89d3 : Sort all files found via $(shell find)
5570bf4 : "MXB13"
ab4d859 : Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator
338da60 : DO NOT MERGE: Only use a fixed timestamp when packaging.
e5c7694 : "MXB12"
48681d6 : "MXB11"
3d59345 : add unique ID to each windows download link. These IDs are necessary for the TOS wall to identify which link should be applied to the download button.
8cde008 : "MXB08C"
37040e6 : MXB08B
6ad7953 : "MXB02B"
dc1e310 : "MXB08"
da60c65 : "MXB07"
afc67be : "MXB06"
124a59a : Reverting Android Security Patch Level string back to 2015-10-01
429299e : "MXB05"
5f97af3 : "MXB04"
c01f53e : "MXB01B"
edf3ba3 : "MXB01"
f225742 : Use $OUT_DIR/filelist when OUT_DIR is set
26dc376 : "MXA92"
393c625 : Really include drawables for all densities.
c604c4d : "MXA91"
60d7fe7 : "MXA90"
9bfe8b8 : "MXA89"
768e245 : "MXA86F"
be1dbcb : "MXA86E"
864ed4f : "MXA86D"
f37bda6 : "MXA86C"
ca8e3a6 : "MXA86B"
686344c : "MXA86"
ca8b281 : "MXA85"
1a78a8e : Updating PLATFORM_SECURITY_PATCH to 2015-11-01 for Nov OTA
b79e877 : Don't add build number to apps' version name for platform build.
59f4ff1 : Add verity_signer and verity_key flags to add_img_to_target_files.
a1fcaf8 : Add an option to include a full bootloader in incremental OTA.
1e7f6f7 : Fix build.
17aa06f : Fix build.
9ee993f : Add ethernet permission
b19648d : "MDA72H"
e0bf570 : "MDA72G"
265d9ae : releasetools: Update the fingerprint when signing.
874c791 : "MDA72F"
cfbd887 : "MDA72E"
8a3d4c2 : "MDA72D"
1333093 : "MDA72C"
6c512f2 : "MDA72B"
25ceb60 : "MDA72"
7c455ea : "MDA71C"
cb6dfdf : MDA71B
28c7416 : "MDA71"
8fc0db1 : "MDA70C"
d22e02e : "MDA70B"
28f6f9c : releasetools: Always write the last block if it's padded.
a2d210d : "MDA70"
6ea86eb : "MDA69"
10c3718 : "MDA68"
ec86410 : "MDA65H"
1119fbc : "MDA65G"
5325444 : "MDA65F"
85b8cd8 : "MDA65E"
4054fd5 : "MDA65D"
a2fea0f : "MDA65C"
cf848fb : "MDA65B"
526ebfa : "MDA65"
39c322c : releasetools: Fix the bug in symlink deletion.
b551d04 : "MDA64B"
90c79de : "MDA64"
c93fdba : "MDA63B"
a8a4a93 : Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir
2258217 : "MDA63"
4f0fbce : "MDA62C"
ad70c94 : "MDA62B"
4d03467 : Set the Security Patch level with Oct 1 for MNC
64a9217 : "MDA62"
b39be90 : "MDA58F"
a262ca2 : "MDA60B"
966d7d9 : "MDA60"
a4687d2 : "MDA58E"
4ffdc8f : Fix bug that caused table of Studio links to result in "stand-alone" tools instructions. bug: 23570662
9f34d5d : "MDA58D"
7792dbe : "MDA58C"
7be3665 : "MDA58B"
76455f3 : "MDA58"
7540c08 : Revert "Temporarily use blockimgdiff v2 for OTA."
937847a : Split large files for BBOTA v3.
1fc6763 : Revise stash for BBOTAs when needed.
d47d8e1 : Assert the stash size when generating OTAs.
50c1db4 : "MDA57"
9a31ed8 : "MDA56B"
c4f9cda : "MDA56"
0bb3145 : Set the Security Patch level for MNC
3fc7c6f : "MDA55"
1c2d61e : "MDA54"
d4829a0 : "MDA53"
198d8e2 : "MDA51F"
f13567e : "MDA51E"
16fb35a : "MDA51D"
ac062c5 : "MDA51C"
b69c2ad : "MDA51B"
b2c0cee : "MDA51"
ed7e864 : fix a few bugs in the studio download button behavior: - make button text always white (avoid blue on blue during hover) - revise logic to add the platform name to download button to avoid weird duplicity bug on small screens - remove the animation script when clicking download before agree because it reloaded the page (unkown cause) depends on:
afaeb05 : "MDA50B"
cc8166e : "MDA50"
4f4a527 : "MDA49B"
956e469 : Increasing MIPS emulator system image size and user-data image size
afb1459 : "MDA49"
d5d3883 : "MDA48"
e7a2d16 : "MDA47"
530621e : "MDA46"
6a8f88c : adjust image placement for m hero on medium screens.
0c50544 : "MDA44G"
2ab6353 : "MDA44F"
c825325 : "MDA44E"
2a94504 : "MDA44D"
72e6a83 : "MDA44C"
083da20 : doc change: Add hero image for m and css for landing pages.
08d325c : "MDA44B"
b916a5b : Make sure only AppCompat (not it's tests) are in the docs
199d884 : "MDA44"
e593e5c : Fix issie #23116383: Include security patch level in Settings
f29b5bd : Include new AOSP messaging app in base AOSP telephony builds.
3458f53 : "MDA43B"
018500e : Revert "Include new AOSP messaging app in base builds."
68c62e7 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
108995e : "MDA43"
c97fb60 : "MDA42D"
e198406 : "MDA42C"
a8b0905 : Include new AOSP messaging app in base builds.
4e0d34c : Increasing arm(64)? emulator partition sizes to 1.5GB
a18c502 : Final SDK, set PLATFORM_PREVIEW_SDK_VERSION to 0
90b520d : "MDA42B"
fb3971e : "MDA42"
5394e8b : Increasing x86 emulator system partition size
a764287 : Add the ability to display annotations in the generated docs (cherry-picked from commit 87c44d8a11d6f9e94c90197e7f8adf430c949c86) Bug: 8440225 Change-Id: I41c1c7909b283832b818b8860ffe370cd4328f20
9613650 : MDA41B
852b8de : releasetools: Fix parameters for vboot_signer
7335d3d : "MDA41"
913aa24 : "MDA40"
a1e4f75 : "MDA39"
5ee7262 : "MDA37F"
e8c2122 : vboot_signer: Add kernel subkey required for signing kernel keyblock
f7686e3 : "MDA37E"
0c31682 : "MDA37D"
6ec1bac : "MDA37C"
0b49ebd : "MDA37B"
4b7c822 : "MDA37"
56b80ad : "MDA36B"
1aeda1b : "MDA36"
eabed94 : "MDA35C"
42cf27a : "MDA35B"
cfe07c8 : "MDA35"
d03438e : "MDA34B"
66c8e8c : Don't prepend CC_WRAPPER to CLANG.
e6c132e : "MDA34"
a7ce9c7 : "MDA33"
5cae4b8 : "MDA32"
1adc41a : "MDA30H"
0e14dcc : Add support-customtabs to the doc build.
f3733ec : "MDA30G"
f0a1ead : "MDA30F"
01299fb : "MDA30E"
bbf576e : "MDA30D"
cd39d0a : "MDA30C"
c8b469a : Add support preference libraries to docs build
5c9c835 : "MDA30B"
f9b2641 : "MDA30"
02e2a37 : "MDA29B"
cce673b : Read fstab from the source build.
307631b : Remove M codename, version number is 6.0.
a11f6c2 : [RenderScript] Only upgrade RS target API for compat build.
4b07dd5 : "MDA29"
302e944 : [RenderScript] Set RS_PREBUILT_LIBPATH for 64bit targets.
7f82594 : "MDA28"
eb3a5ae : "MDA27"
e603103 : "MDA26"
3bda5c5 : "MDA25"
46306bc : "MDA23D"
b89bbae : "MDA23C"
3e43ec9 : MDA23B
ab38294 : "MDA23"
abf6cfe : "MDA22C"
f89e0a8 : "MDA22B"
1791651 : "MDA22"
18fd222 : "MDA21B"
215959e : Revert "Revert "Hide unwinder symbols in each binary.""
5c92042 : "MDA21"
c671a7c : Split [CC|CXX]_WRAPPER from [TARGET|HOST]_[CC|CXX]
a584135 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE. Add data binding to built javadoc.
e1a09af : "MDA20"
aaa5256 : "MDA19"
1f346be : "MDA18"
71ddc57 : MDA16G
e451a9e : "MDA16F"
c4cd917 : "MDA16E"
f3cc78b : "MDA16D"
95b0eee : "MDA16C"
7ac6cb8 : Add LOCAL_NO_LIBGCC.
1077ab8 : "MDA16B"
033aa93 : "MDA16"
1f8964d : Don't uncompress/page-align the jni libraries in apps_only build.
669baee : "MDA15B"
9edd74f : "MDA15"
983cbd1 : "MDA14D"
86a0166 : "MDA14C"
5c22d20 : "MDA14B"
702f512 : "MDA14"
5349e7d : Add data binding to built javadoc.
36bd774 : "MDA13B"
6b74f21 : oem_image/custom_image: fix missing new parameter to
26a1a9d : "MDA13"
d07bfc5 : Temporarily use blockimgdiff v2 for OTA.
2763c27 : "MDA12"
ca8de3b : "MDA11"
208e0bf : "MDA09B"
2fd2c9b : Zero out blocks that may be touched by dm-verity.
74a81e6 : fix device specific fs_config on build server
62cdce0 : "MDA09"
3864c71 : "MDA08C"
bcd142f : "MDA08B"
aee6585 : Update js/css versions and add pt-br.
6cf7874 : "MDA08"
1bff2e9 : "MDA07C"
ab5e6f6 : "MDA07B"
db14e56 : "MDA07"
a211649 : "MDA06B"
7862b64 : "MDA06"
0b9e204 : Support matching unicode characters in suggestions by changing match(regex) to indexOf(string).
41bcf3e : Fix build.
19eeccd : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
36e792b : Build "secdiscard" for securely discarding data from flash devices.
c7a6f1e : Retry adjusting the size computation for reserved blocks.
2384d01 : Revert "Adjust the size computation for reserved blocks"
a425516 : Raise API level to 23.
78d1cba : Fix conflict resolving error in ef5dc90bba179f774bee0c7e479965cef12091de
742f583 : Raise progaurd library to platform libraries even for "current" SDK.
353265b : Add img2simg in host and ota packages
fa6c8a9 : Make sparse squashfs images
7371a7a : Add hid command to base build
2b4ff17 : Fix the error in
efbb5d2 : Adjust the size computation for reserved blocks
bebd3cf : Use fstab in the source build
fbff09e : "MRZ79H"
8c4da68 : "MRZ79G"
bc61733 : "MRZ79F"
92eb570 : Add BUILD NUMBER into oem image.
ab451fd : "MRZ79E"
8e03535 : "MRZ79D"
ab13975 : Pass --no-generate-debug-info to dex2oat.
45fa5f4 : "MRZ79C"
5a93c1c : "MRZ79B"
abf1aa8 : "MRZ79"
8e03097 : "MRZ78B"
c997cf9 : Docs: Fixing disappearance of the left-navs in NDK minisite.
e6e9856 : "MRZ78"
1c90241 : "MRZ77B"
71ca134 : "MRZ77"
770f2dd : "MRZ72F"
7897047 : "MRZ76B"
4c839ad : "MRZ76"
abe0c11 : "MRZ75"
ce5bc95 : "MRZ74"
0a6e8fa : "MRZ72E"
5aa6832 : selinux: add tools to dev path
2b7ba64 : "MRZ72D"
85ee69a : "MRZ72C"
b6b20af : Add support for cortex-a53 variants when building 64-bit.
ef58ef0 : "MRZ72B"
e3eb037 : "MRZ72"
548eb76 : Support SELinux context label when mounting
1566ad3 : "MRZ71C"
6784cae : Switch build to stricter aapt symbol generation
230223f : "MRZ71B"
f33d9a7 : "MRZ71"
7edba94 : "MRZ70C"
601ddea : Allow custom boot_signer and verity_signer.
b9284b1 : "MRZ70B"
b5cd1f0 : Add missing shared libraries to dist tools
29543aa : "MRZ70"
988f415 : "MRZ69B"
e588d89 : "MRZ69"
d0453c5 : "MRZ68"
8ce8ab7 : "MRZ67"
c255469 : "MRZ65F"
3b440a9 : "MRZ65E"
4aa93a7 : "MRZ65D"
42008e2 : "MRZ65C"
07417cc : "MRZ65B"
cf7fbcd : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
49cbee2 : "MRZ65"
726b7f3 : Fix the broken signing script
a1e1d9c : Add 'adb shell telecom' command to packages list
74a75cd : "MRZ64B"
aa319df : goldfish: logcat -Q in logd domain
9f8e1e1 : goldfish: rename goldfish_logcat.te to logd.te
94871b9 : goldfish: logcat -Q in logd domain
94c1826 : docs: Add styles for embedded videos to match DevSite
234360e : "MRZ64"
0e395b1 : "MRZ63C"
1782365 : "MRZ63B"
5fcaaef : Add post-install verification for BBOTAs
ad6b53c : "MRZ63"
226eb92 : Uncompress .so files before signing the apk.
1fb0152 : Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks.
d760d46 : Revert "Revert "Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419""
026fb45 : "MRZ62B"
4fe7bfd : Add $ORIGIN/lib[64] to host binary's rpath.
cd8c93a : "MRZ62"
9fd7b46 : "MRZ61"
5159f81 : "MRZ60"
ad2494b : Remove gcc 4.9 workaround.
79a9f03 : "MRZ58D"
694eae2 : "MRZ58C"
81e39c3 : increment metadata versions.
a024274 : "MRZ58B"
11d3d48 : Increment css versions for appengine's benefit.
5b2c6e2 : Add support for RMTYPEDEF with Jack
17e09d9 : "MRZ58"
52d8d3d : docs: Increment all JS resource references to force refresh
6e46b31 : Add download button disabled state to sdk css.
1d8b270 : Include fingerprintd on emulator images
e819398 : Both ext4 and f2fs binaries for adoptable storage.
7254999 : "MRZ57B"
b2c49b7 : "MRZ57"
899717f : Add huawei to vendor owner whitelist [DO NOT MERGE]
706180c : "MRZ56B"
825c1aa : Highlight Essentials tab for distribute/tools content.
a2eccba : Bump x86_64 system image size to fix build
b7f627a : "MRZ56"
abb9708 : update logo icons for sdk/ndk.
b8a9fac : "MRZ55"
c61fbc4 : "MRZ54"
41803ee : "MRZ53"
903186f : Use zipalign -p to page align .so files
ed6b635 : Uses SDK specific feature lists for SDK system images
9b2323e : Replace Launcher2 by Launcher3 for SDK system images
06828a5 : "MRZ51G"
cbe032f : Sync style changes from external (sync3).
41b24a5 : "MRZ51F"
cf7a3b9 : Highlight "Preview" subtab on preview pages. Support templating for ndk files within templates-sdk.
f0a8b85 : "MRZ51E"
ed9edb9 : Revert "Replace Launcher2 with Launcher3"
c0e833d : "MRZ51D"
b222b6e : Add recommendation suport library to build
d8308d4 : "MRZ51C"
bdd5e8e : Initialize
0fa5417 : "MRZ51B"
d79778f : Replace Launcher2 with Launcher3
4e786a0 : "MRZ51"
a9d5cf7 : DO NOT MERGE Remove RecyclerView tests form pathmap
337a063 : "MRZ50C"
ab93772 : Add design support library docs
58c1b96 : Fix the permission setting in common.ZipWriteStr()
5b2a679 : "MRZ50B"
6e8931c : "MRZ50"
400563e : "MRZ49C"
589e8c5 : Use TARGET_DEFAULT_JAVA_LIBRARIES instead of just framework.
949d358 : "MRZ49B"
83f4501 : "MRZ49"
0f54ada : Allow goldfish-setup to put the emulator in WiFi-only mode
c434f71 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
70b67ac : Don't exclude GPL binaries from the emulator system image
fabc869 : "MRZ48B"
e9ec053 : Label /dev/ttyGF* as serial_device
f1d32a1 : remove gatekeeper software module
0a0358c : "MRZ48"
b6bfb58 : Save Jack default extra args in a file
f2cdd5c : "MRZ47"
41814f4 : "MRZ46"
a8bbfca : Change "M Preview" tab to "Preview", change "monetize" subtab to "Earn". Highlight preview subtab on preview pages. Change "About" link to latest version of Android.
a48c74f : Improved/clarified license guidance for GPL code.
bbc1fb6 : "MRZ44F"
b23b5cc : Label /dev/goldfish_pipe as qemu_device
185d864 : "MRZ44E"
7d0e8a5 : "MRZ44D"
a5de1e5 : "MRZ44C"
9894e2c : "MRZ44B"
7d18a68 : Add tzdatacheck to image
5fa080b : "MRZ44"
f97b2ef : Style and template updates to support responsive layout, mobile nav, email signup, updated styles (sync2).
52e9404 : "MRZ43B"
3e8f161 : Remove libc++ from prepackaged shared libs in cts.
3bc0bc5 : Add locales sq_AL, gu_IN, and pa_IN for mnc-{dev,release} Bug: 21095280
5ece99d : Add support for clobbered blocks
49b362d : Remove libc++ from prepackaged shared libs in cts.
8788add : Add locales sq_AL, gu_IN, and pa_IN for mnc-{dev,release} Bug: 21095280
74b2788 : "MRZ43"
0ed694f : DO NOT MERGE - Change PLATFORM_VERSION from MNC to M
dea2272 : New "sm" shell tool to call StorageManager.
e1bf3dd : "MRZ42C"
bdd8ca0 : --no-as-needed needs -Wl.
6708b6c : Fix AddressSanitizer link order and multilib setup.
eebb800 : Make asan more closely match clang behavior.
c06ecd2 : "MRZ42B"
9269975 : "MRZ42"
480a9bb : Keep Throwable's constructor that takes a String argument.
cd30cbd : "MRZ41B"
8c97e17 : Add percent library to support libraries build.
901d792 : Define BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIRS for 64-bit emulators.
705e75b : "MRZ41"
b599734 : MRZ40B
02c2b6a : "MRZ40"
53031ff : "MRZ39"
f3282b4 : Wrap zipfile.write(), writestr() and close()
b8876e1 : [versionitis] pull image id from recovery into props
90598cb : Cleaned the outdated incrementaljavac.
44791bf : "MRZ37F"
d15dbd7 : "MRZ37E"
884738e : Revert "Fix and cleanup."
c6355b9 : Remove stlport from global package list.
0a4122a : Disallow using stlport.
978c935 : "MRZ37D"
aca3465 : Revert "Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator"
b4b767a : Fix Mac build.
f28bad5 : Fix and cleanup.
f55c5a5 : Do not pack relocations for executables
a879195 : "MRZ37C"
b5dc52a : "MRZ37B"
455ffaa : Revert "Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator"
8b834ff : "MRZ37"
a9d796a : docs: Add navigation heading for Develop > Preview
fa358f7 : DO NOT MERGE Remove RecyclerView tests form pathmap
64434af : Revert "Build docs for android-support-media-protocols.jar."
2014678 : "MRZ36B"
c4fc651 : "MRZ36"
29e9343 : Swap templates-sdk and templates-sdk-dev files to enable redesign builds by default.
0ba68ba : Upgrade x86 gcc to 4.9 and disable devirtualization.
01864b7 : "MRZ35B"
4f5d0e6 : Raise SDK version for ProGuard processing when app links support library.
68cc486 : "MRZ35"
0128279 : "MRZ34C"
032a494 : Doc change: css/js, assets for landing page, header/footer designs.
a417909 : Remove RecyclerView tests form pathmap
ff233cc : Doc change: remove deprecated templates-sdk-dyn files, add new development files based on production templates-sdk.
20e7715 : "MRZ34B"
01f3dbc : Revert "Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks."
258b29c : Pack module before making symbolic version
97dfa31 : Revert "Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks."
8f049bd : "MRZ34"
875982a : "MRZ33"
708d1d1 : "MRZ32"
3797466 : Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks.
95e74c1 : Add support for squashfs
03b107c : docs: update masthead template for Preview docs
9e2df49 : "MRZ30D"
2d43098 : "MRZ30C"
069f1f8 : Deference symlinks when copying LOCAL_PICKUP_FILES.
f771c7e : "MRZ30B"
ffe376b : Fix jack transformation on prebuilt AAR.
1a83636 : "MRZ30"
5924f14 : Revert "Revert "Pack relocations for mips64""
53b9876 : docs: fix sticky header hiding RenderScript reference headings
0cabfed : Revert "Revert "Pack relocations for mips""
fbd11a5 : "MRZ29B"
d896883 : Revert "Pack relocations for mips"
3e037e3 : Revert "Pack relocations for mips64"
c2309f5 : "MRZ29"
7f2ceab : Add float support to binary event log.
13296f9 : "MRZ28C"
740279f : "MRZ28B"
8f168d1 : Add design support library docs
0ab1fbd : "MRZ28"
a37d793 : "MRZ27B"
22f1bc5 : Bump sdk arm system image size to 750M
efc9f52 : "MRZ27"
f9ecd3f : "MRZ26"
ae1d4b0 : Fix a trivial comment typo.
8a96072 : "MRZ25"
100acd1 : host compiler: enable compiler hardening flags
8bd30fe : Pack relocations for mips64
64762c3 : Do not pack relocations for prebuilts by default
9dc1a73 : Pack relocations for mips
1d4804c : Pack relocations for x86
f7533d3 : "MRZ24"
e09d096 : Check partition hash before resorting to block_image_verify
3b51f20 : Disable packed relocations for NDK builds
e447ac2 : "MRZ23B"
4c2d1a6 : Pack relocation tables for dynamic executables
1eca10f : Revert "Pack relocation tables for all dynamic executables"
e7a1b8a : Pack relocation tables for all dynamic executables
17412c8 : Add lib dirs to cts distribution.
43078aa : Add support for full radio option
4eb120b : Remove unsupported *_COMPRESS_MODULE_SYMBOLS
40af438 : doc: Add Korean version of DAC/distribute/ page.
5aa0223 : Support LOCAL_PAGE_ALIGN_JNI_SHARED_LIBRARIES for prebuilt APKs
b5b2ffe : Add support for a partial ubsan build.
4c92a68 : Fix misuse of my_sanitize_host.
94b5791 : Make use of sanitizers without clang an error.
27ccb75 : Clean up sanitizer configuration.
29f529f : Calculate max_stashed_blocks correctly for block OTA v3
f623a80 : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
846505d : Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator
1efbc89 : Fix bookmark title
3dd39b0 : Adding the new CarrierConfig app to the system image.
37e931d : Revert " switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs"
6024069 : build: fs_config_generate must open file in binary mode
c628500 : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
06b91b9 : fs_config: Add fs_config_generate
073a9eb : fs_config: use libcutils and libselinux shared libraries
dff3755 : Move package signing after file stripping
77cbe10 : Use Jack launcher
c506e74 : disttools: add liblog, libcutils and libselinux shared libraries
3e99e66 : Don't use libunwindbacktrace for non-ARM.
036b53b : Auto-clean host tools when switching between apps_only and platform build.
c63c3e3 : Docs: improve the highlighting of definition lists (<dt> and <dd> elements)
32e1689 : Revert "Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419"
9668a7a : Add host tool fastboot to every build.
299d3f4 : Add --include-cfi compiler option.
3b21699 : Adding libsonic to
b992bfc : Use -Wno-format-pedantic to disable overly aggressive format string warning.
6c55a8a : Dump fingerprints into recovery log
30a9c35 : Use libcompiler_rt-extras on the host too.
aaf9a5b : Remove ancient ranlib workaround on Mac OS X.
4972d19 : Remove ancient ranlib workaround on Mac OS X.
bf72f67 : Track renaming of org.apache.http.legacy.jar
54b22a5 : Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419
62925a9 : Remove unnecessary confusing use of $(intermediate).
abbc911 : Fix the font size selection for recovery mode
f9c9266 : Omit ramdisk from boot.img if building without ramdisk
c45a47b : Better way to package up the otatools-package.
9b44afb : AndroidConfig.h: ensure HAVE_MALLOC_H always has a value.
9d59f41 : Change the default multilib for host libraries to "both"
8a0d53e : Rename libnanopb-c-2.8.0 to libprotobuf-c-nano.
8b3f08b : Separate boot and recovery image signing from dm-verity
faeb693 : Consolidate the nanopb-c and regular protobuf build rules.

+- Project: platform/cts

c300031 : Revert "CTS: Tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN"
92ad9e4 : Make AES*CipherTest explicitly use Android Keystore Provider.
d3169b6 : TIF: Make sure that Cursor.moveToNext() is called before using Cursor
3e3e4ab : removing from knownfailures
a14e074 : DO NOT MERGE: Remove DeadObjectException from dumpservice failure condition.
f60373a : Revert "Camera: mark testFocusDistanceControl known failure"
bd290de : disable a bunch of test failures for CTS 6.0R2
45dd49f : Camera: mark testFocusDistanceControl known failure
4e485e6 : EncodeDecodeTest: use timeout for decoder.dequeueInputBuffer
92eba40 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE CTS device-side preconditions for MNC"
e989c0c : Revert "DO NOT MERGE CTS host-side preconditions for MNC"
edf584b : Dynamically load the list of runtime permissions.
d001dbc : Added location tests for BYOD in cts-verfier.
1296058 : DO NOT MERGE: Bumping CTS/CTS Verifier version to CTS 6.0R2.
0efe735 : Relieve Sensor Event Gap Test Criterion
40af6fa : Don't run Wifi scan timestamp tests when location is turned off.
60b9818 : Add a build for CTS Verifier framework library.
52013e1 : Fix for Idle Mode Constraint test
d8972ff : DO NOT MERGE CTS host-side preconditions for MNC
b5f74c3 : Fix android.os.cts.SeccompTest#testKernelBasicTests under Android Native Bridge.
5a5a2bb : Add reference url to XML reports
c891087 : media: Add volatile to mThreadStarted to make sure the thread can stop properly.
2ef9c1b : DO NOT MERGE: Fix Bitmap and NinePatch drawable tests for non-mdpi devices
3d6f8bb : DO NOT MERGE CTS device-side preconditions for MNC
bb1d5a7 : Update the build version to 6.0.1.
b068f19 : Adjust telecom setup timeout values to be more generous
ac4c6d7 : Update 320dpi & 360dpi small/normal memory requirements
bdfeea4 : CTS Verifier fix latency estimation for Loopback test
5863eaf : Use FLAG_RECEIVER_FOREGROUND for ordered broadcasts
2cb7235 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: mark known failure camera tests"
1b64814 : media: DecoderTest: make sure we call AudioTrack.stop()
e8a13b1 : Fix for Frequency Tests to match CDD requirements
e5ea9d7 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: mark known failure camera tests
dbe0410 : camera2: Clean up render script context
ad3e7df : Skip assist CTS tests on low ram devices
dd75b7f : DO NOT MERGE Fix CTS failures on AudioFlingerBinderTest for case where remote submix audio HAL is not included test_setMasterMute test_setMasterVolume
3ef522a : Fix the issue in testCalculateLength
147c5b1 : Remove a cross-profile app linking test.
72ebd2f : Runtime hint for android.adminhostside CTS test
473c226 : DO NOT MERGE: Add FEATURE_CAMERA_EXTERNAL to front-facing camera condition
fde5384 : CTS: Tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN
0c4e033 : remove TYPE_ORIENTATION sensor requirement.
8ea1911 : Fix timeout for testCanInstallValidRsaKeypair in hostsidetests
d476b03 : Increase wait timeout for ContextWrapperTest
236f986 : Change CTS verifier HifiUltrasound Tests text to be consistent with CDD text
0b8a4c0 : DO NOT MERGE media: add mpeg4 qcif test to VideoDecoderPerfTest.
c0f70ce : CTS: DO tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN
73d9ee1 : Fix CameraManagerTest logic.
3905dd3 : cts: Skip encodeDecode tests when there is no needed encoder
d40ad32 : Stop android.print tests from executing if the device does not support print.
62b69b9 : Refactoring the updatePassButton methods
90cbf47 : DO NOT MERGE Add running time hints to CTS package config
16a9ec8 : DO NOT MERGE: Adding testConnectivityConstraintExecutes_withMobile to knownfailure list.
ace696d : Adding testConnectivityConstraintExecutes_withMobile to knownfailure list.
032fd6b : DO NOT MERGE CTS version is now 6.0_r1.5
37b9b9b : AudioRecordTest: Remove assert check on cold input start time
f7f7d59 : Stop android.print tests from executing if the device does not support print.
761b466 : Restrict telephony.cts.CellInfoTest to Devices with FEATURE_TELEPHONY
6aab9db : DO NOT MERGE Add running time hints to CTS package config
b8a45aa : add under cts-media tools
d301957 : testReleaseAfterFlush: extend to audio encoders
a41d497 : Squashed mnc-dev changes:
363df32 : Camera: skip unsupported stream combination
1a9e4e5 : testDecodeAfterFlush: extend to audio
0fda173 : security: Test mediaserver crash against an invalid MIDI file
793e295 : CTS verifier issue "Screen Pinning Test will fail"
13c1585 : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: add new test to handle overflowed padding.
859f10d : In tests tearDown() method, ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver method. Sometimes the tests may have failed to register a receiver. In such cases, trying to unregister it later on in tearDown() is unnecessary and so ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver.
db56817 : CTS: Test for sound capture
f55c3f6 : Use requestNetwork with all transport types that hardware features report
8dc18fe : Camera: allow FULLHD_ALT in jpeg sizes
f08dc24 : media: add mpeg4 qcif test to VideoDecoderPerfTest.
a7b5b95 : Fix test incompatibilities with Nemo (watch) device.
384f95e : Capture Build.VERSION.BASE_OS and Build.VERISON.SECURITY_PATCH
2751d70 : Change TextView break strategy to meet Android Wear configuration.
3304976 : Add FileSystemPermissionTest exception for DRM-based GPU drivers.
7118cd4 : Camera2: fix video stabilization test
4ca5414 : CTS: android.text.method.cts related tests failing
e272993 : Camera: fix wrong assertion logic
bc0d8c6 : MotionEvents must check for invalid sample/pointer counts
83eea62 : Ensure test notification is properly announced
b289b1f : Check whether listening TCP ports are connectable.
ca23438 : CTS verifier issue "Screen Pinning Test will fail"
8d329f3 : Use correct context when querying package manager
c3770de : Camera: improve Image allocation in camera CTS
53d2671 : [devicepolicy] More complete test of CaCert API
953ab3a : DO NOT MERGE Allow multiple deqp packages per API
f8b1dd7 : Refactored "Audio Devices Notifications" and "Audio Routing Notifications" testing into separate Input & Output flavors.
4c42e8d : In tests tearDown() method, ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver method. Sometimes the tests may have failed to register a receiver. In such cases, trying to unregister it later on in tearDown() is unnecessary and so ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver.
e2f380f : Check for presence of video codec before testPlayHlsStreamWithTimedId3
bfc565e : disabled protected broadcast
82b8443 : Fix android.print test to skip when feature is missing
4a6fa50 : security: Test OOB arbitrary write at AMessage::FromParcel
29353b2 : Revert "Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492"
39a8dcb : Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
720504c : Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
6bd17c9 : DO NOT MERGE CTS version is now 6.0_r1
7f70ff0 : Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
88137b3 : added back adopthost test removed video encoding test.
aff671f : Save expected audio route for speaker tests, but disable for now
e689d92 : bug: 21208382
14287f7 : [cts] fix build break
efbd421 : BUG: 21262226,23979591,23040468,23144425
2940786 : Fix android.text.format.cts.DateUtilsTest#test_getRelativeTimeSpanString
19c4025 : cts: Check for video codec on some MediaRecorder Tests
3568bf4 : Add density requirements for watches
28f8920 : CtsVerifier fixes for devices without headset port.
6b345c6 : Revert "CTS test for libmedia OOB write anywhere"
b231fc8 : RVCVXCheck temporarily disabled
49daa61 : Fix CtsVerifier Loopback audio test layout for small round screens
4d4ac74 : Fix CtsVerifier Audio Frequency Line test layout for small round screens
6085547 : Remove duplicate test in WiredHeadsetTest
ad71dcf : Fix DrmServer test for devices that don't require drmserver
588db20 : FingerprintBoundKeysTest: secret key should be created before using it
8ba9340 : Don't use deprecated getNetworkInfo(networkType)
4c7008d : [KeyChainTest] All text is now scrollable
e6db53c : Remove CpuFeaturesTest for tlsi
0967676 : DO NOT MERGE Only persist metrics reports if test has not failed.
40b86b7 : Fix self-test for JitterVerification test case
ac9b91d : DO NOT MERGE - fix compile error from cherry pick due to member method becoming static.
a4320fb : Fixed test accessing WebView on devices without WebView.
a2877c9 : camera: skip RecordingTest#testRecordingFromPersistentSurface without encoders
ba1c89f : Cheesy fix for flaky notification tests.
248277d : Fix flaky AudioTrackTest#testPlayStreamData
d52138e : fixed build breakage
0906a6e : Fix merge conflict resolution in e8eded12e2d66c59b8ccb950867d447be67bfb68
77f8f08 : A couple of bug fixes in CTS tests: 1. Null pointer bug fixed in VoiceInteraction tests. This fix is for all devices that don't support the voice intents. 2. The fix in VoiceSettings is relevant for all android devices (even if they don't support voice intents).
360c7e1 : Use default theme for test activities
91df80e : Add code to start/stop recording to catch AudioRecord routing notifications.
b271617 : Fix build for commit 6018187f
d1ade0d : Improve fairness of Sensor Timestamp Jitter Test
5964127 : Increase deqp inactivity timeout to 10 mins
a28f4bf : cts/tests/tests/security: increase timeout in ClonedSecureRandomTest
b6dd7e5 : Fix NullPointException BatterySaverModeTest
808d00e : CameraITS: make edge enhancement test more robust
619f2eb : CameraITS: make noise reduction tests more robust
94908e5 : CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
a45b309 : CameraITS: make edge enhancement test more robust
c454c56 : CameraITS: make noise reduction tests more robust
1576ef9 : CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
1302dd5 : media: don't fail the test if encoder is still active.
e4839c3 : Add tests for large TextView, ScrollView, and WebView.
ed49dfe : MediaPlayerTest: temporarily disable timestamp checking for seek related operations.
eb8566b : Set LOCAL_CXX_STL := none for cts-usb-accessory
491d78f : add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
77e695b : media: skip unknown types for testGetMaxSupportedInstances test.
a6313f9 : Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
a9154fe : DO NOT MERGE: Disable two multi user tests for TV devices
1fe8277 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
80ae6ff : Bug fix SignificantMotion test activity.
285cd15 : Make atrace test app debuggable
38de8fd : Add FocusChange Test Verify that the focused activity loses focus when the Assistant is shown.
704e209 : JetPlayerTest: cleanup JetPlayer test
291ce1e : Fix batch scan test bug.
a516a04 : Camera: reduce number of buffers allocated in PerformanceTest
6ff63c3 : Remove DeadObjectException from dumpservice failure condition.
cf959cf : More robust MmsTest
ac681b9 : Fix string formatting in SensorParameterRangeTest.
1e40003 : CtsVerifier: Fix cross profile intent filters test.
ec02c75 : Permit __NR_modify_ldt via Seccomp-BPF on x86.
5de4856 : Fix build
74bdf17 : Fix test packages.
f8c3567 : Don't check that requestRouteToHost works if we have no IPv4.
562fd95 : Fix build.
67d8ec9 : CameraITS: Add stats image format.
d052b58 : Add light status bar CTS
bb20d6e : Increase timeout when mounting adopted storage.
b773b24 : Add CTS Verifier for the app link API in TIF
ecfd777 : Remove dependence on GSA voice_interaction_service from CTS tests.
7929484 : If there are no activities registered for voice intents, don't run the corresponding CTS tests. For example, Android television implementations don't process voice intents: battery_saver_mode.
e943923 : Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
8563e4d : CameraITS: avoid using non-guaranteed RAW12 stream combination
51d0f6a : Verify the dimension of the VoiceInteractionSession's content view - Also added null checks around CountDownLatches to avoid NPEs that resulted from acting on broadcasts before the TestCases were ready.
7a581b3 : Remove unnecessary teardown command
37ad808 : Test onProvideAssistContent and onProvideAssistData
a4be74b : RVCVXCheck CTS video recording bugfixes
5b62c8c : Skip CTS tests if zen_mode or airplane setting is not set or if voice intents are not supported by the platform. This can happen on certain platforms (fugu, for example) or on devices (zen_mode may not be in Settings, for example).
d8b2afa : Remove duplicate requestRouteToHost permission test.
f25fde9 : CTS: do not check for read permission on oom adjust files
5e90c8f : Do not complain about presence of pro audio feature
e654287 : Few stability fixes in Telecom CTS tests.
40e2d69 : Remove wp feature test
0723dbb : EDI: Get device external storage path from ITestDevice (CTS)
eb39d69 : Test onHandleScreenshot for approximate pixel equality to expected view.
7a2a96d : Fix the framestats test to use its own activity
f0ac752 : Authentication bound key test in managed profile.
be51b27 : Add CtsVerifier tests for app linking.
e8cd8fa : CTS test for libmedia OOB write anywhere
4b4a0f6 : Move EGL setup to separate function.
764d8f9 : Fix AtraceHostTest to not rely on parsing tgid
36d5597 : Skip leanback test if leanback feature is not supported by the device.
99d6332 : Camera: Fix testMixedBurstReprocessing
08db3ea : Fix for StandardDeviation test.
40f295c : Fix batch scan tests for Bluetooth LE scan.
a3b01d5 : DO NOT MERGE EDI: Add collector param to DeviceInfoInstrumentation
0a99c97 : Test: Clean up CTS test plans
ad58cb9 : [CtsVerifier] Added account auto-sync settings check to current BYOD scenario
634465e : Don't execute CTS tests without FEATURE_CONNECTION_SERVICE
1eba8af : Add ConnectivityConstraintTest to known failures
4edcbf2 : Camera: allow torch ramping up and down
5f9504b : CtsVerifier: Add an intent in IntentFiltersTestHelper.
1dc45a9 : EDI: Add PackageDeviceInfo collector to cts/common
03abf52 : Camera: make sure preview won't slow down video
31ae427 : Don't run notification accessibility test on TVs-no nav bar
9c54ba9 : CTS: verify that disabled manifest receivers don't get broadcasts
492f1b5 : DO NOT MERGE Copy EDI results to device-info-files directory in test result
2e1506d : DO NOT MERGE DeviceInfoActivity: Add ability start anonymous array and object
22a925a : [Sensors-hifi] Allow for slack in sensor range/frequenies.
15653b7 : CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
8f2596c : Bug fix SignificantMotion test.
0cad7a1 : Traverse and compare view hierarchy with assist structure.
f824d5b : In CtsVerifier, grant the camera permission to self for image/video capture.
f3b2ce3 : In CtsVerifier, update the list of intents that need to be forwarded.
08f8454 : Update CTS test for getPositionForView
c15ea9f : Theme tests for Material
c45503e : CTS test for runtime permission grants
c0cfb9d : Camera2: Update reprocess configuration test
5c6ca05 : Add CTS test for verifying runtime permission grant scope
8cf9bdb : CTS Verifier - Request runtime permissions
91ea3f4 : Revert "Revert "Capture Build.Version.BASE_OS and Build.Verison.SECURITY_PATCH""
55a9be0 : CTS: Dismiss error dialog after running DeviceAndProfileOwnerTest.testAccountManagement
1c2f520 : Increase timeout for testOwnerChangedBroadcast.
02d2515 : Fix CameraEvictionTest task stack ordering.
1135c29 : Revert "Capture Build.Version.BASE_OS and Build.Verison.SECURITY_PATCH"
ac2937b : Camera: fix legacy level video snapshot
d35f8b3 : Camera: change the order of manual exposure settings
0592ee5 : Ask user to set CtsVerifier as active admin for KeyguardDisabledFeatures test
afc99b6 : Camera2: Add DEPTH_OUTPUT capability verification
4475498 : Make BLE CTS tests beacon-agnostic.
d922908 : [hifi-verification] Adjust test parameters. Fix bug to allow noise thresholds to scale with bandwidth. Add an additional grace factor for jitter & noise.
abda064 : Restore missing min and max API.
9c97553 : Fix cts test in DumpsysHostTest#testBatteryStatsOutput
165881d : CTS: Bypasses DeviceTreeCpuCurrentTest for devices which doesn't support device tree.
ff1da6f : Add LifecycleTest for the Assistant Verify that firing the Assistant does not trigger lifecycle methods such as onPause(),onStop(), etc to be called by the foregroud activity. Refactored tests to make use of BroadcastReceivers for more fine grained control of when the Assistant is shown and hidden. Added Content View for the assistant.
140dc14 : add global double check bug:23213925
0e118fb : [CtsVerifier] don't run Fingerprint keys test without fingerprint
31d3639 : Add trivial retransmission of QUIC packets
e051fef : Set assist settings and tweak tests to align with platform expectations.
c944a87 : Move delegated cert installer to DeviceAndProfileOwner tests
6b98c21 : Fix
84df94c : Capture Build.Version.BASE_OS and Build.Verison.SECURITY_PATCH
05488bb : Add CTS tests for cross profile widgets
841f16e : Fix KeyPairGeneratorTest#testGenerate_RSA_ModernSpec_AsCustomAsPossible
97c4e41 : Remove tests from temp. failing list
08a4a49 : Support multiple variants of ftrace format
eacd4fd : Add CTS test for startActivity vs exported
eea1aa3 : Skip testIsVoicemailNumber if not Telephony capable
08e1d86 : Add test that device owner cannot be set when account present
69310ec : Batching support: Check & verify FIFO length
6cbd55d : Fix AppIdleHostTest
a01018e : CTS Verifier Built-In Microphone frequency response
94db6eb : Camera: don't select jpeg stream that could slow down video
40e9d23 : Wait for newly formatted volume to be mounted.
7275592 : Fix breaking NetworkUsageStats CTS
bb5c533 : [CtsVerifier] Added Battery and Data usage settings test in BYOD flow
4953e08 : Clean up 18681396b08e01c355f137dfe3ced15c4dd71707.
29bb9ae : use dpm command to set active device admin using package prearer
accb996 : Fix build
6b8eae4 : Remove unnecessary layout request, avoid obtaining wrong bounds rect
bf1875a : Add an option to use log saver for generated XML report
1b0bd2c : [CtsVerfier] ScreenLockBoundKeys - use different key ID
108b498 : Add support for DisplayMetrics.DENSITY_420 to tests
e37f4b4 : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable
cc90344 : Camera: Put CameraTest#testPreviewFpsRange into known failures
fd698aa : Fix build
2219c0f : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS and CTS verifier versions
d62bef1 : Remove unnecessary layout request, avoid obtaining wrong bounds rect
a87d491 : cts/tests: increase deadlines in
d40e041 : Camera: use ZSL tempalte for preview of ReprocessingTest
4143f18 : Add testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures.
347d83a : Camera: fix raw size check
992a20d : Add test for Keystore put overflow
cc920ce : Adding some more PhoneAccount API tests.
6a25206 : Add test for TelecomManager.getSimCallManager
ea7675a : Camera2: Add a test for holding images for a while
3364027 : Add test for InCallService.getCalls
abea7ef : Camera: fix false alarms when no camera on device
1868139 : Update KeyStore tests to account for software digesting.
ea8dd5d : CTS Verifier Speaker and Microphone frequency response
f48612d : CTS test for device encryption
d118a4f : Checking for multiuser before trying to create one
b58cd01 : Split NIST AES CAVP test into smaller tests.
61a2db6 : Add an option to use log saver for generated XML report
49e10b6 : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile
a0d8825 : Camera2: Update all CTS tests for depth-only devices
1b4f5f6 : [CtsVerfier] ScreenLockBoundKeys - use different key ID
9edd486 : Bug: 23003511 Fix CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing
6ef453e : Fix GeolocationTest
d12fd34 : update attention management test for M release
78de670 : Add some ConnectionServiceTests
3049e83 : Changing media dest from mnt/sdcard to /sdcard
e74ad94 : Ensure layout occurs before testing divider height
f556d7d : Update permissions tests for legacy ConnectivityManager APIs.
c9f9235 : Bug: 22979576 Fix CTS: RingtoneManagerTest failing
f297a2b : Bug: 23003511 Fix CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing
1c8defc : Add CtsVerifier tests for settings lockdowns
78098bf : Add test for flag secure app
af08122 : Change name of rs_kernel_context parameter.
338cdcc : Verify that per-user storage is isolated.
6014d3f : Test for playback position at end of playback
38a07ad : CTS runner fixes
b6ab3b2 : MIDI CTS: remove tests that pass null callback
861fc41 : Revert "Bug: 23003511 CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing"
d377912 : CTS test that account management works for managed profile
b525474 : MIDI CTS: remove tests that pass null callback
981f933 : Revert "Bug: 23003511 CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing"
2e9fd73 : Add Device Owner CtsVerifier test for device admin settings
7a1f542 : Revert "Modify user agent CTS test to (optionally) match new webview user agent."
16ae92f : CTS runner fixes
7f15573 : Test that all runtime permissions are in the right groups
c1c1a48 : Bug: 23003511 CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing
53dc1e9 : Bug: 22979576 CTS: RingtoneManagerTest failing
64035d0 : Make sure to skip Telecom CTS tests on unsupported devices
9b2e168 : CTS Verifier Loopback frequency response
6ecbb88 : Update CTS for unsupported legacy ConnectivityManager APIs
86b43e5 : Update CTS for unsupported legacy ConnectivityManager APIs
2e7d26c : Fix EventGapVerificationTest#testVerify_missing_events.
e219b9a : SensorParameterRange, SensorSupport, Noise SD, Jitter Tests
4dad595 : Fix testGetPhoneCount() for PHONE_TYPE_NONE.
69f4ec4 : Use test app in separate package from assistant.
1b80826 : Protect runtime storage mount points.
875809b : Track Connection setPostDialWait and setNextPostDialChar
5be6594 : Fix bugs in test_devicesInfoFields().
eb75007 : Add further test for device owner pre-conditions
33f40de : media: log result raw data in test error message
c5b368e : RemoteConnection.VideoProvider CTS tests.
6189630 : media: test audio codecs in testGetMaxSupportedInstances
0fde65f : Augment tests for Connection-related APIs
4a7aef1 : Update testOnCannedTextResponsesLoaded
b90d140 : Remote Conference Callbacks tests.
46b5ceb : Add Keyguard disabled features CTS and CTSVerifier tests
ea057aa : CameraITS: Update ZSL mode check
6ffe2ba : Add test for onCannedTextResponsesLoaded
06373fe : Bug: 22873823 CTS: android.provider.cts.Settings related tests failing: SecurityException
24fd2be : Remote Connection Callbacks tests.
e6117e2 : Provide better diagnostics on CTS failures.
1243b47 : Add post dial continue and wait test
880a697 : Fix PhoneNumberTest.testGetLine1Number
7a098a0 : Update build Sdk for PermissionApp
29b2c1a : Test for onCallAudioStateChanged callback
d71a07b : Assist CTS test
f049e59 : Fix contacts provider cts tests
954eefe : media: combine log to reduce the size
06fecf5 : Add a few sensor tests to the knownfailures file.
d00d287 : Add CTS tests for Conference setter API testing.
b67f9c0 : Fix contacts provider cts tests
8c15ed8 : Fix expected misc output of dumpsys BatteryStats test
24db718 : Add OnBringToForegroundTest
fffb95a : Test that the device owner changed broadcast is sent.
c6cedd9 : Renew leanback jank test to test with continuous scroll animation.
b95b1c8 : Revert "Revert "Store result directory in build attributes.""
11c8c85 : media: combine log to reduce the size
103b085 : MediaRandomTest: restrict domain of setAudioSource() test
0cd89a4 : Add tests for InCallService.canAddCall
946ee6b : Add a 3 seconds delay before running each CTS test.
9e4bea2 : videoperf: end the decoder test if exceed the time limit.
c2ba79c : Fix build.
7eff318 : Add RemoteConference API Cts tests.
76c04ff : Fix Telecom CTS tests to use valid phone numbers
256566a : Revert "Store result directory in build attributes."
8c2ba43 : Add tests for pre-conditions of setProfileOwner and setDeviceOwner
d07f538 : Move tests for setApplicationHidden to CTS
806b430 : CameraITS: Update DNG noise model generator script.
7ea5a7d : Store result directory in build attributes.
a521e9d : testDecodeMonoGsm: skip iff Gsm decoding is not supported
b999e79 : Add MIDI feature to MNC section
d173212 : Permissions: Fix Auth CTS tests to reflect changes.
45bec50 : testDecodeMonoGsm: skip on non-phones without Gsm decoder
98841cb : cts: VideoEncoderTest: increase 1st frame timeout to 2sec
53b27bd : Verify uninstall using "pm list".
bdf0b8e : testExtractAlpha was asserting a bug
b80cdf7 : Skip SeccompTests that fail when running under an emulated ABI.
5b49f68 : Verify uninstall using "pm list".
112b1be : Fix CTS to deal with wifi-only devices.
c8bb6c0 : Add sched tracing to atrace test
0ba8cd2 : testExtractAlpha was asserting a bug
a479b2c : CTS: TelephonyProviderTest failing
aca0203 : Add MIDI feature to MNC section
56d285a : Permissions: Fix Auth CTS tests to reflect changes.
ede94ca : Update AudioNativeTest to check odd channel counts
93e12e7 : Test the getter methods of Conference API's.
1da2313 : CameraITS: Support connecting multiple devices
c91b66d : Adding RemoteConnection API Cts tests.
7ffe1af : media: compute measured fps from frame time diff
b5a7ece : DO NOT MERGE media: import Stat.
682a07b : CTS: TelephonyProviderTest failing
ddfb74f : Fix for ScanResultTest and WifiManagerTest
8e9b459 : Extend screen capture disabled test
72ba56a : Add CTSVerifier tests for checking permission grant states.
e6b2323 : CTS test to ensure RelativeLayout alignBaseline works correctly
ee15d81 : Report GFX metrics of Leanback jank test, in addition to ones based on SurfaceFlinger.
7555979 : Revert "Turn on verbose logging to debug flaky test cases"
6352ed0 : videoperf: compute measured fps from frame time diff
a0077cc : Camera: fix testYuvBurst flaky timeout issue
6a48cfa : Revert "Revert "Assert that digest/padding NONE doesn't mean ANY.""
f63be2d : CTS test whether managed provisioning is installed
27a2bb5 : Refactor CtsVerifier BYOD tests to use existing classes
64aedc7 : CTS Coverage Report Support for generic types
63073b9 : New tests for (un)registerNetworkCallback with PendingIntent.
a9bab44 : More CTS conference tests
0eb6092 : DeviceSuspendTests for non wake-up sensors.
08163a3 : Avoid leaking eviction test service in tearDown.
0dbbe20 : DO NOT MERGE Remove unused dependancies
0f458fa : DO NOT MERGE Add string and array size limit to extended device info activity API
62a97bf : DO NOT MERGE Added GenericDeviceInfo Collector
38806a8 : DO NOT MERGE Append .deviceinfo to extended device info json file names
2285129 : DO NOT MERGE Add preparer for cts extended device info
3711f17 : DO NOT MERGE Test for DeviceInfoActivity API
a1e9606 : DO NOT MERGE Build fix
36fc50c : DO NOT MERGE Extended Device Info Activity API
6d15578 : DO NOT MERGE Add permission options to manifest generator
5c6976b : DO NOT MERGE Add instrumentation tag to manifest generator
e9b62a8 : DO NOT MERGE Manifest Generator
c2a9581 : CameraITS: Update writer socket when it's closed
84d67ea : Revert "Work around deqp log file creation issues."
e793db1 : Move tests from CTS-DEQP-staging to CTS-DEQP
c7a07d8 : Add check for bitmap get/set alpha_8 config
0b857ab : Couple of bug fixes in CTS tests.
49d2e9a : Add CTS conference test
e772d86 : Move PersistentIntentResolvingTest to DeviceAndProfileOwner
1db396d : Move ScreenCaptureDisabledTest to DeviceAndProfileOwner
f877c5a : Move ApplicationRestrictionsTest to DeviceAndProfileOwner
2068eed : QUIC port 80 support is going away
1d24769 : Add CTS for QueueItem
bc4ff39 : Bug: 22118093 CTS: ProviderPermissionTest#testWriteSettings failing
501c3c8 : Runtime permission tests for MediaStore.
abb7995 : AudioNativeTest: do not run record tests without microphone
d68bd2f : DO NOT MERGE videoperf: switch to use DeviceReportLog
2e920e6 : increase tolerance in RSResizeTest test bug:22357417
40db3d8 : media: use small frame size for resource manager test.
8519a88 : Bug: 22601850 CTS: DisplayTest#testModeSwitch failing
d100d8b : Bug: 22567809 CTS: Fugu: android.text.format.cts related tests failing
c397e8e : Modify CTS tests for AlarmClock to include testing for CompleteVoiceRequest and AbortVoiceRequest hanlding by whatever Clock app is included (DeskClock in stock Android case).
d8304cc : media: fix potential memory leak in test.
c9b2dee : AudioRecordTest: Don't consider notifications after stop
55cf974 : Simplify CTS testing for policies that apply to DO and PO
b6d09fe : Bug: 22477687 CTS RingtoneTest#testRingtone failing
71adc97 : Add FEATURE_FINGERPRINT to PackageManager's feature list
bf819c3 : Add tests for ArraySet (newly made public in mnc).
626bb61 : [SecurityTests] test for transactional fingerprint keys
8d80805 : Add a jank test with Leanback UI.
edd4ec4 : Update last public framework attribute to pass CTS test.
03db252 : Revert "add more logging to monkey seed test"
d32ddbf : Add Ble test cases to BuildCtsTemporarilyKnownFailureList.
ab0a701 : media: use small frame size for resource manager test.
09ff3b3 : Update last public framework attribute to pass CTS test.
8f5384b : Revert "Assert that digest/padding NONE doesn't mean ANY."
7530eed : Tests to verify behavior of adoptable disks.
a51a408 : Adjust Android Keystore AES-GCM test to handle IVs from BC.
62d4145 : Revert "add more logging to monkey seed test"
469db8a : [SecurityTests] test for screen lock bound keys
f7f7145 : Fix build: Revert "Add CTS tests for NDK tracing"
2a33a00 : Remove Thread.sleep from device admin cts tests.
99bd274 : Cts tests for cross-profile app linking.
ac45aaf : Add UiAutomation test for runtime permissions
f859821 : Add very basic CTS test cases for FingerprintManager
f6d79a4 : Add UsageStatsManager#isAppInactive test
2b63369 : Add CTS tests for NDK tracing
fa43bff : Changes to support conference calls in CTS tests.
81bf089 : Split out storage tests, get them running again.
7646015 : Assert that digest/padding NONE doesn't mean ANY.
756b32c : Camera: check all required stream configurations
5810ae4 : Make some tests more robust to orientation changes.
0919337 : CTS-test Android Keystore raw RSA Cipher corner cases.
127c71e : Fix flaky permission tests
aaaad64 : DO NOT MERGE. Revert "Add Gamepad HID tests."
6f7f549 : IME interferes with print UI tests
c10f3a4 : Revert "IME interferes with print UI tests"
18f2129 : IME interferes with print UI tests
61083e0 : Add OpenSL ES multichannel record test
cc5fcc3 : Add OpenSL ES multichannel playback test
a7e52ae : Add Ble test cases to BuildCtsTemporarilyKnownFailureList.
81ef6de : videoperf: remove raw data logging
006a8ac : Revert "DO NOT MERGE media: collect frame time diff log for certain build"
233c38d : Remove EventOrderingVerificationTest_testSameTimestamp
bd4939a : Inital stubbing-in of OpenSLES tests.
916b5e9 : Verify signal strength and neighbor info for telephony.
31d0c3c : More CTS tests for Android Keystore HMACs.
a904afc : CTS-test Android Keystore primitives accept empty.
be3d048 : CTS-test Android Keystore import supports required key sizes.
51a6899 : More CTS tests for Cipher with different key sizes.
fcd0c82 : Add logging statements to debug hangs.
9531b99 : media: move timeout timer to the worker thread to unblock onCreate.
6f05e5e : More CTS tests for ECDSA and RSA signatures.
7e8b1ba : Increase timeout when hitting external servers.
856e331 : Need to ask for both storage permissions.
c55f577 : Various updates to CTS coverage tool
950feb3 : Turn on verbose logging to debug flaky test cases
b612120 : Revert "Track rename of compatibility-device-util"
da9312b : Track rename of compatibility-device-util
d597f61 : Add logging statements to debug hangs.
6716917 : media: deliver report to host
98a6bcd : videoperf: specify timeout for VideoEncoderDecoderTest
f4cf2b9 : media: handle MediaSyncTest video decoder callbacks on a separate thread
fe560eb : New CTS test for ConnectivityManager.(un)registerNetworkCallback.
e14dc28 : Unbreak SecretKeySpec CTS test.
1cd6a95 : DO NOT MERGE media: collect frame time diff log for certain build
b515a90 : media: deliver report to host
d4fde18 : CTS-test that HMAC key can be authorized for one digest only.
b30c71f : New CTS test for ConnectivityManager.getActiveNetwork.
8e08525 : CTS: Fix VM-tests new-instance VFE7 test
67f4400 : mark TAG as final so they don't get nullified between test methods
72436bc : Sensor CTS fixes
58bdc3b : Fixed UserDictionary_WordsTest
f4e822e : CTS tests for CommandRequest & supportsCommands() API in VoiceInteractor.
0b7fb8a : CameraITS: Update for FAST EE/NR expectations
6f5bed9 : media: release codec in the case of exception
e908b09 : CTS Verifier test for Audio Loopback Latency
ed01b90 : Remove accidental System.out.println.
a06d2ff : Assert WebView works with Android Keystore keys for client certs.
947ffe3 : Tests for managed WiFi deleting on owner removal
373164c : Added more logging to permissions tests
f23fc99 : videoperf: specify timeout for VideoEncoderDecoderTest
4d656b2 : Fix CTS build
77ef4bb : Test that modifications made by kernels to input arguments are not reflected back in the Allocation.
5ffb628 : Fix AbsListViewTest.testSetOnScrollListener()
fe3f91d : Add tests for C++ vector reflection in RenderScript.
a14d199 : RenderScript cts: Fix issues related to concurrency.
bd6ffe7 : CTS tests for entropy consumption by Cipher and Signature.
7c0cc59 : Revert "media: deliver test report to host."
8a0ebb8 : use locked orientation instead of "nosensor"
df1a367 : Add connection tests
1930106 : Tests to verify relaxed DownloadManager behavior.
e3227c8 : use locked orientation instead of "nosensor"
097493a : CTS tests for Android Keystore KeyFactory and SecretKeyFactory.
2b51642 : Flesh out more data objects tests
4df7a74 : Make Telecom CTS coverage more accurate
555c73a : TIF: remove test for READ_EPG which is deprecated in M
7dde87a : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: mark known failure camera tests
0dc51bf : Revert "TIF: remove READ_EPG and WRITE_EPG permission related code from CTS"
8714b8a : CTS tests for AlarmClock: SET_ALARM, DISMISS_ALARM, SNOOZE_ALARM
814bd32 : Add tests for several special Shader usages
5aafe29 : MediaSyncTest: use float for playback rate tolerance to keep consistent with others.
e11e244 : media: deliver test report to host.
e548f98 : CTS: Adds conditions to bypass FileSystemPermissionTest.testDeviceTreeCpuCurrent
ac7ce0f : CTS tests for Android Keystore key generation.
2d4904d : media: test with platform limit instead of reported limit
023d844 : CTS tests for Android Keystore AES 192 and 256.
94be2c1 : MediaSyncTest: use float for playback rate tolerance to keep consistent with others.
66f5dec : media: deliver test report to host.
f5fdad9 : Tests to verify runtime storage permissions.
3916438 : CTS: Adds conditions to bypass FileSystemPermissionTest.testDeviceTreeCpuCurrent
ec866a8 : Fix a typo
18ea4fd : Set mSensorMightHaveMoreListeners flag to false.
6006a91 : media: add more resource manager tests to cover secure codec cases.
3d37243 : Relax limits for EventGapVerification.
830104c : AudioRecordTest: Release AudioRecord on failure
4317513 : Additional CTS tests for Android Keystore AES GCM.
1743a5d : CTS tests for Android Keystore-backed Cipher.
a95c3c6 : CTS test for SearchEvent.
2835d69 : CTS tests for Voice Settings: ZenMode, BatterSaverMode, Airplane Mode
e12bbff : Further extend cts tests for runtime permission policies
52e8067 : AudioRecord tests: only with a microphone
e7faaf7 : Camera2: Update high speed recording tests for API refactor
455b57f : CameraITS: Test ZSL EE and NR modes
f07d5c2 : CameraITS: fix
43a891a : media: VideoDecoderPerfTest test fixes
b107f79 : Work around deqp log file creation issues.
ae663de : Clean up failing CTS tests after refactor
825fd34 : Grant runtime permissions for split tests.
22cec91 : lock device orientation for CTS monkey seed test
84ed05f : CTS - Ensure that onContextClick returns the correct view
95a2d0d : Lower key import test requiremenst: 2 minutes and min 1500 keys.
1cf6a32 : Camera: Test ZERO_SHUTTER_LAG modes
6d8b6bc : Fix a naming error in b/22349111
e98d3ee : Extend Managed Profile permissions tests
308abc6 : videoperf: avoid potential ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
cc768c6 : ImageWriter: Add abandoned surface exception test
fd38704 : Unbreak tests that assert that 10,000 keys can be imported.
255528a : Add CTS tests for call log backup.
e102590 : CameraITS: Added tool for converting YUV420 NV21 and planar to JPEG
2e85957 : CTS - Add scale gesture detector tests for constructor and stylus APIs
6c3cbae : Increase timeout when removing active admin in CTS
4d23c7a : CTS tests for VoiceInteraction.
4be874c : CTS: Activity Transition: onSharedElementsArrived tests.
720430f : CTS Tests for GestureDetector
8c26bbb : Update gfxstats cts test
860d21c : Add CTS for b/22031904
71862d1 : Build app and accessibility CTS suites against public APIs
92e24e5 : Clean up usage of internal classes and utils in widget CTS tests
dbc95c5 : AP Suspend tests.
ac70242 : CameraITS: Add support for cropping activeArraySize
f61e698 : Update settings provider - insert in secure settings test
8fabf13 : Replace more obvious private API usages in view CTS tests
aecb9a2 : Change sensor cts test confirguration to accept a packageName.
40fc819 : CTS drawing pictures through HWUI for b/21945972
bb69dad : Camera2: update the recording duration margin
184ed72 : Add tests to check that is not present.
39935e5 : Update FormatterTest to track file size format change
89e40fc : Add CtsVerifier tests for disabling status bar and keyguard
09f1128 : videoperf: avoid potential ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
2cf1afc : media: add VideoDecoderPerfTest
900fdaf : media: increase the wait time for resource manager test.
442fc7a : Added test for incorrect clamping behavior & exception handling in BNNM API.
e1ed810 : EglConfigGLSurfaceView: fix incorrect count passed to glDrawArrays
d4effc8 : Camera: skip AE precaptrue trigger test on LEGACY
b105c18 : Fix yuv too strict bug: 21037163
23760fd : Fix wrong date format in StrictModeTest.
01ce454 : Add CTSVerifier tests for Wifi config lockdown
9a2b13e : Make positive Device Owner CTSVerifier tests possible.
b99428e : Add CTS tests for WiFi config lockdown
fdaf6a0 : Adding WifiConfigCreator to device side CTS common utils
93230ce : Add simple cts tests for ActionMode.
b48f34c : Additional failure tests for KeyChain
c56afa1 : Camera2: Fix burst capture characteristics test for non-burst devices
dd68739 : Revert non-activity KeyChain CTS tests
a547790 : Assert that Android Keystore can hold at least 10,000 keys.
b4be0a9 : Move KeyChainTestActivity to CtsVerifier
dc2570c : Camera2: Add 3A trigger interaction test
11849f6 : Assert that IND-CPA enforced during asymmetric key gen.
7fa1eec : videoperf: run test for more frames.
6857d05 : Require Seccomp-BPF support on aarch64.
a802e12 : Remove dependence on from CTS tests
46dace6 : media: log expected codec limit for concurrent instances as xml
cab0a52 : VideoEncoderDecoderTest: Do not clear buffer-offset when reading
a1fe28d : Add simple CTS tests for untested ViewConfiguration methods.
c3b7e03 : Add CTS tests for Icon methods on RemoteViews, ImageView
8e92940 : Fix some of the more obvious usages of private APIs in CTS tests
3d8cbe9 : Remove dependence on internal XmlUtils from CTS tests
d0d0b25 : Add ChangeScroll test
779eb03 : CTS-test Android Keystore HMAC implementation.
3267860 : CameraITS: Reprocess edge enhancement test
4170187 : Add CTS tests for fp16 arithmetic
1a073be : TIF: remove READ_EPG and WRITE_EPG permission related code from CTS
c90f606 : Fix broken test
defab0c : Assert that Android KeyStore's public keys work with crypto.
d68088f : Test for isTransitionRequired.
2ec2858 : [RenderScript] Add CTS correctness test for IntrinsicBLAS
52f0239 : Add CTS tests to drawable.Icon.
4ed3b6c : Rewrite TextView onSaveInstanceState CTS tests
e34c5fb : Tests for add/remove targets on Transition.
fe8fbf7 : Upload missing patch set for DatePickerDialog CTS tests
b67e5b4 : Adding more fields to verify in CallDetails test.
0560293 : media: Test flush before and after CSD for decoders
50989af : Add CTS tests for Switch.
a79c33a : CTS for setCameraDisabled
5ff6bbf : Fix bogus merge conflict resolution.
5730d4a : expectations: fix default Result value.
17f1800 : Revert "Adding more fields to verify in CallDetails test."
8faa44a : media: Properly calculate percentage tolerance
19815cb : Add CTS Verifier for the time shifting API in TIF
7c62e87 : Update FontRenderingTests to handle 90x90 test area
7855cc8 : Camera2: Test creating multiple sessions
92ae438 : Add CTS tests for passpoint APIs in enterprise config. b/22001019
6eb95c5 : Camera: several LEGACY camera fix
8a410dd : Call super implementation in Telecom callbacks
f3b6b67 : [CTS update lastAuthenticatedTime] Update behavior of lastAuthenticatedTime.
77b39d0 : CTS tests for input truncation/padding of NONEwithECDSA.
4b9912f : add more logging to monkey seed test
6b35882 : CTS test to verify consistent measureText() with context
d101a53 : Camera2: mark testPreparePerformance as known failure
c6dbbf2 : Camera ITS: Update to use high resolution sizes
948eda6 : Adding more fields to verify in CallDetails test.
913f4f9 : Move LauncherAppsTests to AndroidJUnitRunner.
2401f13 : Permission grant tests for legacy apps
7d84f83 : Camera2: Update remaining uses of getOutputSize for high resolutions
14323de : Add an integration test for SeccompBpf.
f67a438 : CTS tests to verify the call details object.
82577ea : Initial transition CTS tests
500ffa4 : Add tests for canvas clip return values, as well as quickrejection
48d0713 : multinetwork native API CTS test
21e5a9b : Report errors from CtsTestServer for improved debugging
d56768b : CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects.
a98f8da : Validate deviceowner KeyManagementTest install
e195d68 : Remove isDither()
cee310c : CTS: check cpu currents are initialized in the device tree.
3da13ef : Fix bug in key validity enforcement tests of SignatureTest.
babcda2 : Fix build
131994b : Update CTS handling of RAW buffer dimens.
04e1bc9 : Adding CTS tests for parcelable interface of telecom objects.
6c2ebb4 : Camera2: RobustnessTest: Do not use input sizes when unsupported
632389f : Modify telecom2 mk file to include telecom resources
f71cc34 : CTS-test key pair generation when key expired or not yet valid.
3294449 : Add cts tests for TextView's action mode callback methods.
ce24070 : Add test for WebView stencil clipping
3e5b720 : Camera: add a flashlight test to CTS verifier
fc71fad : Camera2: Update tests for high resolution slow outputs
efa70b1 : Add CTS for Paint#testGetRunAdvance().
ded13a7 : Initial CTS tests for DatePickerDialog
0047650 : Add CTS tests for CaptionManager APIs
fe5a8be : Assert that DownloadManager supports HTTPS.
36fba9c : CameraITS: Added helper function to load standard image formats
cb59a50 : Remove CTS tests for removed APIs
0df9688 : CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects.
636e9b2 : Add Hyphenation CTS tests.
cc0c695 : Change URI for the channel query
d16b864 : Add support for "large" tagged tests to have non-default timeout
466736d : Revert "Adding CTS tests for parcelable interface of telecom objects."
cfb7f1c : Revert "CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects."
ab53a56 : Add tests for layer paint
d78c9ca : CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects.
9ae21a8 : Remove testShaderSweeps
1f04336 : Add cts tests for CarrierConfigManager.
3f66473 : Basic CTS tests for Android Keystore's AES ciphers.
cfa6c74 : Add NIST CAVP KAT tests for AES ECB and CBC.
acde37e : Adding CTS tests for parcelable interface of telecom objects.
ea5f593 : Add KAT CTS tests for Android Keystore Signature.
0ff952b : Miscellaneous CTS tests for new APIs
139f49f : Fix ConfigTest#testVersions
e1ab912 : Camera2: add precapture cancel test
7cc7c32 : Use for strict mode cts test.
33f60d4 : Camera2: Test mandatory reprocess configs
fd220eb : Avoid reusing script group names
7b113c8 : Remove tests for generating keys requiring user auth.
a66d53d : Use for strict mode cts test.
e8895f7 : Added AbsListViewTest.testFling
fedb39d : Remove cell / wifi manipulation from ApacheHttpClientTest
fb163d7 : Add CTS tests for cleartext network traffic security policy.
8bdb1a9 : Rename AndroidKeyPairGeneratorTest for simplicity.
4f792a8 : CTS tests for ContactsContract.QuickContacts
fc8d65e : Add CTS tests for TextView's new methods.
ba48b31 : Remove ConnectionServiceCallbacks from Telecom CTS tests
06f70c2 : Add PhoneAccountRegistration related CTS tests.
929a336 : Add CTS tests for setUninstallBlocked
945c4fa : Add CTS tests for Spinner and adapters.
0fdde56 : Fix for CTS LoudnessEnhancer test using Visualizer
032503c : Remove CTS tests for removed TextView apis
48c048b : Revert "Add CTS test for selected item synchronization in AdapterView"
8841b96 : Revert "[RenderScript] Add CTS correctness tests for L3 BLAS Intrinsic"
bbfecf7 : Revert "[RenderScript] correctness test for L2 BLAS"
4b61d4c : Remove not relevant browser tests - APIs are gone
71dba80 : Remove
b568bfc : Expand AndroidKeyStore KeyPairGenerator tests.
b653b6e : [RenderScript] correctness test for L2 BLAS
f812133 : FileSystemPermissionTest: fix bad cherrypick
81813d5 : Add CTS test for RippleDrawable.
0f75cae : Refactor Drawable.getDither() to isDither()
4bd0ad8 : Remove not relevant browser tests - APIs are gone
6102d69 : Camera: fix legacy shim jpeg thumbnail size break
b099000 : CTS for aggregation suggestions builder
4e97646 : CTS test for PingPongRoot vulnerability
3f6dec1 : Cover all methods on NetworkStats and Bucket API
2ece19f : Reland "Modify user agent CTS test to match new webview user agent string."
2377186 : Remove
735f240 : CTS test QuickContactBadge#setPrioritizedMimetype
c40e86c : Fix DocumentsTest#testTree.
1ec0c1a : CTS - Accessibility additions for onContextClick API within View
5585a09 : CTS - View additions for onContextClickListener and related APIs
32b27f4 : Add permission test for TelecomManager.isVoicemailNumber
407bb84 : Add missing CTS test for KeyGenParameterSpec.
a1a605c : Add CTS tests for KeyInfo.
367d72e : remove setLatestEventInfo from CTS
402371b : Add CTS tests for KeyProtection.
4fcfe99 : Add CTS tests for KeyGenParameterSpec.
3f00dd2 : Add a CTS case to catch non-recycleable view types bug
82267c4 : CTS tests for TelephonyManager and SignalStrength APIs.
b4312f0 : Add LayerDrawable tests
670b721 : Make default dialer tests less flaky
0744246 : Make second set of illuminant calibration values optional.
0c456de : Deprecate WebView scrollbar overlay settings
b132197 : CameraITS: fix ev compendation advance test
d875649 : Camera2: add more stall duration static metadata checks
de1bd02 : Camera2: fix high speed recording test fps range issue
b62ce5d : Add tests for new Drawable APIs
a3363bf : ParcelFileDescriptor: Test that surrogate pairs in filenames are handled correctly.
d251348 : Add cts tests for maxLines=1 with ellipsis.
06cd569 : Fix: PaintTest#testGetOffsetForAdvance_invalidArguments
ce96047 : Add cts test for SpannableStringBuilder#getTextWatcherDepth
517db9d : Camera: use READ_SENSOR_SETTINGS when applicable
82396df : Remove tests for removed APIs.
d708972 : Added DrawableWrapperTest
7555e7b : Fix RenderScript warning.
656a526 : Fix CTS for new deprecated warnings.
4690584 : Add CTS test to check failure to build AudioTrack
401dedc : Add CTS test to check failure to build AudioRecord
ecd2b1f : MidiCTS: add bind service permission
e4ea56b : Flesh out InCallService CTS tests and add incoming call tests
5a71f57 : Add CTS tests for PopupMenus.
210adca : MediaCodecTest: added testReleaseAfterFlush
34dd37c : media: skip thumbnail extractor tests if required codecs are missing
80eab50 : Add READ_PHONE_STATE permission CTS tests
8f77481 : [RenderScript] Add CTS correctness tests for L3 BLAS Intrinsic
b97da95 : Video API CTS tests.
66ba59f : RVCVXCheck Passing Criterion Revision and Bug Fix
b7385d5 : Add CTS tests for Telecom.Call
51169ca : Verify that only package supporting DIAL intent can be set as default dialer
39ce7d8 : CTS tests for SystemUpdatePolicy APIs in DevicePoliyManager
98e5f0b : Add Gamepad HID tests.
71e5ed7 : A better shadow value to cover more devices, handle TV theme override.
d8091a7 : Add CTS tests for new methods of PopupWindow.
95363af : Make sure to teardown MockConnectionService if previously injected
d6b1d4e : A better shadow value to cover more devices, handle TV theme override.
bf085cd : Add cts tests for getHour/setHour/getMinute/setMinute for TimePicker.
401b045 : Add test to verify the fix of Bug #21446448
f15f816 : HifiUltrasound test update
6153cf3 : Fix build.
e1757df : Remove corrupt test file
be6dfed : Add LLCP version check for M or later.
edb9063 : Add basic CTS tests for Paint#DrawTextRun.
d8e06c2 : Add video thumbnail generation tests
0f61f96 : Add CTS tests for new MediaBrowser methods.
159b4a7 : Add more assertions for asymmetric Android Keystore keys.
4c22b99 : Add CTS test for getDefaultDialerPackage
0530c03 : Add tests for setExtras().
e46189b : Fix DngCreatorTest memory usage and tonemapping.
16d0d35 : MediaCodecTest: add test for decoding after flush.
851517b : Expand keyset cts key rotation tests to include EC keys.
5a8089f : Test NDK tracing
946ade7 : Add a CTS test to dial addresses ending in "#"
515a726 : Camera2: Add reprocess request key test
7dd1e17 : Respect hard restriction to minimum password length in CTS
d2c1b2b : Add CTS tests for MemoryInfo.getMemoryStats.
a7192e4 : Fix testNoDebuggingFeaturesRestriction fails in eng/userdebug build
69cf75e : Add cts tests for new methods of Paint.
f3a73a9 : Reset DateFormat.is24Hour after each test
e7374a7 : Camera2: fix capability check
b07a600 : Add TextView cts tests for copy/cut/paste/pasteAsPlainText.
8a87a48 : CTS: Add tests for ActionMode#invalidateContentRect
ab6c4a9 : media: Track rendered frames during AdaptivePlaybackTest
4e1e2cc : CameraITS: Add reprocess noise reduction test
e32803f : Update TelecomManager.EXTRA_INCOMING_CALL_ADDRESS in Telecom CTS
7df0f1a : Add Telecom CTS tests for wired headset behavior.
0f50331 : Update CTS tests for moved notifyCarrierNetworkChange() API
2d42dbc : Fix CTS: ViewGroupTests failing
e51b5ef : Sensor CTS fix for 1 Hz and 5 Hz sampling rates.
e7ba695 : Update CA certificates
1e4e7d7 : Camera2: report performance test summary correctly
8f00225 : Add NetworkUsageStatsTest to CTS suite
5fbf372 : Update lockTaskTest with changed behaviour
e586286 : Add basic CTS tests for newly added TextView APIs.
02c09dc : Add CTS tests for textDirection.
2a311ec : Refactor some code in Telecom CTS tests
0a10e8f : Add Context.getColor() and Context.getColorList() tests to cts.
de932ca : Add tests for' implementation of Parcelable
f4fcb42 : Add CTS tests for outgoing calls
3f4d514 : Add tests for and AudioFormat.Builder
cc453f6 : Add more contacts projection test
ec02582 : CameraTestUtils: Switch to public ExifInterface tags
8a5ac64 : Update CA certificates
8d27e03 : Add CTS tests for default dialer permissions
c67a37d : Add simple cts tests for StaticLayout.Builder.
8e792c5 : Respect hard restriction to minimum password length in CTS
ba2f482 : Workaround for API coverage dashboard
b04969d : Camera: allow more time for AF
9db219d : SystemHealth: Tests defining token caching behavior.
c2fc10c : Revert "Fix cts coverage report inclusion of incorrect classes"
f5e62d4 : DO NOT MERGE: AudioTrack.write(...,timestamp) CTS test
96697e0 : Camera2: add highs speed recording test
9589b1e : Add CTS test for VectorDrawable.getColorFilter()
422a795 : Tests for Profile Owner permissions API
d14701c : Camera: update RAW Burst test
6639933 : Add Atrace test for trace content
af80c87 : CTSVerifier tests for audio (re)routing callbacks.
2be8177 : Add reset to AVD
8135fb2 : Fixed test for queryPermissionsByGroup
1dbdfd0 : Fix issue #21572679: API Review: ActivityOptions, usage time report
dfca0f4 : Add Telecom CTS tests
7bea994 : Use simple break strategy for testSetTextLong
4185d11 : MIDI CTS: added loopback test for MIDI
b951a21 : Use simple break strategy for testSetTextLong
0607c49 : Make fewer assumptions in AndroidKeyStoreTest.
a99d048 : Split CTS-DEQP plan into two plans
0e0276f : CameraITS: add face detection test
365be3a : CtsVerifier test for Audio Device connect/disconnect callbacks.
fbdb8cb : Setup the animation callback for AnimatedVectorDrawable.
b4b3fa4 : Split CTS-DEQP plan into two plans
09733d9 : Camera2: Add a reprocess JPEG EXIF test
eb1e0ea : Add tests for DENSITY_360
bf3b8d7 : Cleanup atrace and dumpsys tests
77e47ec : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
0c8aadf : Fixed a type in method name
fe20f47 : Add CTS test for selected item synchronization in AdapterView
039b00b : Fix up Looper preparation.
69c85ad : Fix build
a01622e : Dismiss dialogs during indeterminate progress dialog CTS tests
616ba55 : Fix up Looper preparation.
3541c64 : Add: test case for SettingInjectorSerivce
bfcea7e : Testing AudioDeviceInfo.getId()
a81eb0f : Fix build
5d9410f : Add test for AudioRecord.getRoutedDevice()
af2650b : Dismiss dialogs during indeterminate progress dialog CTS tests
d6254fc : Add sched to required tag list
2374020 : Add build number into CTS Verifier.
8734acb : Testing audioTrack.getRoutedDevice()
53dc715 : Camera2: Add reprocess timestamps test
4eaca29 : Use dup2() to make message queue tests less flaky.
6e9ebcb : Add initial atrace host tests
5e9b5c4 : CTS test unregisterAudioDeviceCallback.
dbbf1b8 : Rename PhoneNumberUtils APIs
ea1845e : Added tests for (re)Routing callbacks.
5003e65 : CTS tests for framestats
1aa0fc3 : Added CTS tests for AudioDeviceInfo accessors.
a21a564 : CTS tests for delegated cert installer API
02c0891 : Use dup2() to make message queue tests less flaky.
3af790a : Add test for content observer notifyForDescendants.
c5cc8da : Add projection test to frequent
3ba4bc3 : Fix a broken CTS test
5317b6d : Add projection tests for Contacts.
59eb6ec : Fix cts coverage report inclusion of incorrect classes
b8ba0b0 : Camera2: Add reprocessing abort test
dde3052 : Camera: HAL3.3 LSC keys CTS update
3fa6d0c : videoperf: propagate buffer info from encoder to decoder.
469d21c : Add ContactsProvider path permission test
db3fca7 : Adding three CTS tests for the time tracking api
1b210a3 : Update LockTaskTest with new API call and behaviour changes
b1b956b : Add cts coverage for new APIs in M
327656c : [RenderScript] Performance improvement for BLAS CTS tests.
44d3732 : Fix print test due newly added duplex mode attribute
9f92a01 : Add the ProviderStatus CTS tests back
68e7df9 : Add CTS verifier test for work status.
22e6c1c : Fix Drawable, PopupWindow CTS breakages
cf55171 : MidiCTS: test new MIDI API without devices
6443677 : Fix off-by-one in PhoneNumberUtilsTest
14a38a6 : Updated CTS tests for Contacts permissions
465ad0e : Fix Drawable, PopupWindow CTS breakages
743dc29 : media: add missing CTS tests for PlaybackParams - Parcelable methods
4cdc5be : [RenderScript] Typo fix for Resize test.
14e48ed : Add CTS for MediaSession.sendSessionEvent()
626a821 : Fix RenderScript warnings.
1bb9cf6 : Adding test to ensure that getRecentTasks only lists own APK tasks
f7050df : Add packageparser and shared user keyset cts tests.
807cd0f : MediaPlayerTest: use getAnchorSytemNanoTime() instead of raw field.
8ba97ea : Fix location CTS tests
c2c580f : Add CTS for enterprise SIP lookup
934d800 : CameraITS: update LSC test per HAL3.3 change
a3b2785 : Update the golden images and compare algorithm
43ca6e9 : CTS Tests for added APIs to ActionMode and ActionMode.Callback2
e42ea3f : Add build number into CTS report.
0251545 : cts: specify timeout for MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTest
3788be8 : Run the seccomp kernel unit tests in CTS.
a8bcc72 : Camera: add required FPS range check
f538fab : Camera2: Add toString() coverage
fed98f4 : First CTS tests for Enum/Notify/Select & (re)Routing API
7a6fb7b : Complete CTS coverage for SensorManager
48a0a21 : Add build number into CTS.
7eb3ecb : Allow no more than one managed profile on the device
b75fb1a : Camera: Tonemap CTS update for HAL3.3
c489ac1 : TIF: Add tests for TvInputCallback.onInputAdded/Removed()
92e16ed : Fix RenderScript warnings in CTS
7405d52 : Update CTS tests for API review changes
08edaf7 : Update ColorMatrix test to account for premuliplication differences.
484e2dc : cts: add camera test for recording from persistent surface
41144a5 : Add view translation test into CTS
00785cc : Fix ActivityManagerTest#testGetRunningAppProcesses
57b4ba2 : Add CTS test for silent package install
b94aec2 : CTS Tests for DreamService#onWindowStartingActionMode
515ad7f : TIF: Reset the counts before running tests for APIs added in M
ac23f11 : fix build
76be1e5 : enable module test config for the rest of CTS package types
7301a53 : CameraITS: add shading mode test
6da731e : Remove WebGL conformance tests from CTS
0f574dc : fix build
cba4547 : Add CTS tests for Email.ENTERPRISE_CONTENT_LOOKUP_URI
ee22dd1 : MediaSyncTest: fix a typo.
a4b809b : Improve SoundPoolTest
530065b : Adds CTS test for Script.Closure.getGlobal()
b35b30c : Temp disables for deqp tests failing due to missing driver fixes.
c30bdbc : Remove WebGL conformance tests from CTS
8e89c3d : media: add minimal test for setSyncParams
9ffb424 : media: add CTS tests for PlaybackParams and SyncParams
c75a301 : CTS Tests for View#startActionMode(callback[, int])
36477a5 : TIF: Add a test for Session.onOverlayViewSizeChanged() introduced in M
ff2cc65 : Unbreak PingTest.
9891725 : TIF: Add test cases for APIs newly added in M
cd6c15c : TIF: Fix warnings
d6c9007 : media: test MediaCodec.setOutputSurface
6d73667 : Tests unicodeWrap() to return null for null input strings.
52424e0 : cts: release muxer objects in MediaMuxerTest
da565a0 : Add CTS test for synchronized AudioRecord
781c7b5 : Move sine wave and chirp sound data creation to AudioHelper
581ea15 : Improve AudioTrack and AudioRecord CTS coverage
831233b : Camera2: add CameraCaptureSession#isReprocessable() coverage
a77760c : Temp disables for deqp tests failing due to missing driver fixes.
29319a9 : Rename file descriptor listener API.
764c7c7 : Update CTS tests to use new API
efba262 : Use correct Uri in IsSuperPrimaryName test
dcab348 : TIF: Add test cases for time shift APIs in TvInputServiceTest
be8620e : Add CTS to avoid regression in JobParameters
bbb3f9c : cts: add test for MediaRecorder setInputSurface/getInputSurface
0369e34 : MediaDrm API Updates per api council review
b66cec1 : MediaPlayerTest: add test for getTimestamp().
faacd3e : Remove Authorization and ProviderStatus CTS
9afa725 : CameraITS: linear tonemap update
2edf574 : Camera: fix CaptureResultTest codegen
f57e165 : Camera2: update CTS according API review update
37098c4 : cts: MediaDataSource API change
34a0f63 : media: update setPlaybackRate to setPlaybackParams
4b55f38 : Camera2: Add prepare() correctness and performance tests
c09f11f : CameraITS: fix build break
b28e0fe : testPlayHlsStreamWithTimedId3: use updated API names
0d92a82 : Add CTS tests for fp16
76dd143 : CameraITS: add raw12 test
c68f28d : Camera2: Update tests for API name changes
e4b9293 : Revert "Self-signed cert parameters are now optional."
fb6289c : Add cts test to make sure framework shadow is in place.
3762271 : Ensure JobScheduler Connectivity CTS reenables WiFI
8421867 : Hifi Ultrasound Test
0bfeb84 : Fix testSaveAndRestoreHierarchyState() to pass an illegal argument
63f6183 : Fix testAccessInflatedId() to check for correct default value
3661c33 : cts: rename usePersistentInputSurface to setSurface
4ed21c1 : Update WebViewClientTest after the android.webkit API changes
0a2d3ee : MediaSyncTest: add test for flush().
88eb334 : Addedd CTS test cases for LocationManager, Criteria
a992925 : rename insertVisualStateCallback to postVisualStateCallback
3417822 : Ensure JobScheduler Connectivity CTS reenables WiFI
0f9b87a : Fix holes in CTS test coverage
6c60c50 : DO NOT MERGE - CTS for display mode switches.
ece56c9 : More AudioRecord.Builder tests
769a4ab : Remove useless implementation detail asserts from testDrawableState
78e65c0 : camera2: Add multiprocess arbitration cts test.
f1df612 : Add CTS tests for View scroll indicators
35d54ee : Listen and handle external interruption requests in deqp runner.
0b10cb3 : Do not report Deqp results as failures if device is disconnected.
bb1e64f : camera2: Update CameraManagerTest for arbitration.
631b2a1 : DO NOT MERGE - Added a simple test for new attributes of Display.
1e540bd : Disable precision.atanh.highp tests temporarily.
bfad4d6 : Add CTS tests for PostMessage API
970b108 : Added testPlayHlsStreamWithTimedId3
c14f012 : New CTS Verifier case for Rotation Vector Sensor
18df50d : camera2 CTS: Allow AE convergence in DngCreatorTest.
699a2c2 : camera2: share one ImageReader if possible
a688375 : camera2: add reprocess burst tests
658286f : media: cts for media resource manager.
f937032 : [RenderScript] CTS fix for Intrinsic BLAS
46a4913 : [RenderScript] Add CTS test for rsAllocationCopy1D & 2D
a96eac2 : Add tests
86ab058 : MediaSyncTest/AudioTrackTest: corresonding change of API.
c3fc0c1 : media: cts for CodecCapabilities.getMaxSupportedInstances.
b164742 : Exercise
896f0f1 : DO NOT MERGE: camera2 CTS: Wait for session close callbacks before teardown.
c145421 : Temporarily disable flaky EGL tests while waiting for driver fixes
6b6cca6 : Add CTS test for Bluetooth LE APIs.
e523556 : videoperf: add coverage to VideoCapabilities.getAchievableFrameRatesFor.
ca59101 : Temporarily disable flaky EGL tests while waiting for driver fixes
9f3dff2 : Country and variant locales are not stripped any more.
2ed4122 : camera CTS: Fix RawConverter to handle stride.
007eba9 : Camera2: add reprocessing performance tests
92b89af : Add a CTS suite for removed methods
e71dab7 : Add CTS test for Theme.rebase()
08a9c77 : Remove all sensor CTS tests from knownfailures and all sensor CTS tests in restricted mode.
255d4c8 : Camera2: add android.control.availableModes test
17db109 : enable module test config for CTS target java libraries
71f03b6 : Failing android.content.ContentResolver tests to CTS staging
84d24c0 : Add workaround for ContetxtImpl.setTheme(), verify test setup
41c41d5 : Detect and recover from unkillable deqp tester process.
43d4c8d : should not reference out/
72632f9 : Failing android.content.ContentResolver tests to CTS staging
e6285ca : Add CTS tests for Theme.getChangingConfigurations()
bfe2153 : videoperf: video codecs performance measurements on common video sizes.
fab5b16 : Fix AudioRecord_BufferSizeTest
8424cd1 : Add workaround for ContetxtImpl.setTheme(), verify test setup
d7629d0 : [RenderScript] Add CTS test for Allocation.copy3DRangeFrom(alloc)
3ce22a1 : Add BNNM test suite.
6fa1755 : CTS tests for ScriptGroup2 API
a386a53 : Export cts-tradefed.jar hosttestlib.jar as build artifact
d6576fc : Checking-in and copying all files by default.
e2d4366 : Add CTS for OffscreenPreRaster
c9bc142 : Hide more failing CTS-DEQP tests.
76fc052 : Hide failing GLES31 texture.border_clamp tests.
73dd81b : Add a cts test for WebView#findAddress
20815e6 : Self-signed cert parameters are now optional.
9bc965f : CTS tests for SearchDialog#startActionModeForChild
461b5b4 : cts: add test for persistent input surface
8e33281 : Hide more failing CTS-DEQP tests.
03a9850 : [RenderScript] CTS test for IntrinsicBLAS APIs, API part
b2623a6 : Reset some members when they are released.
f739016 : CTS tests for compatibility gymnastics in ViewGroup#startActionModeForChild
900cf6a : TIF: fix broken CTS tests which are caused by mnc framework changes.
67a526d5 : CTS coverage tool improvements
e277748 : MediaSync: Add CTS tests.
216df4c : Fix MediaStore_FilesTest.testAccess()
9e0d21b : Add CTS test for setDrawableByLayerId preserving level
439f8d1 : [CTS tests for lastAuthenticatedTime and accountAuthenticated change]:
93ee255 : Add STOPSHIP to CTS-DEQP plan generation.
c41a7db : Increase AudioTrackTest to 192kHz
9842d46 : Increase AudioRecordTest to 192kHz
cbade83 : Add channel index AudioRecord tests
42085ee : Add float support to binary event log.
ea04cb9 : Camera2: add static metadata check for maxCaptureStall
db000c3 : Add STOPSHIP to CTS-DEQP plan generation.
b0ba1ae : Hide failing GLES31 texture.border_clamp tests.
adec961 : Verify PlaybackSettings in AudioTrackTest#testVariableSpeedPlayback
a8e5567 : Add DevicePolicyManager.get/setBluetoothContactSharingDisabled cts test
1ab85bf : Remove failing tests from CTS-DEQP plan.
1345d3d : Revise test plans for continuous test runs
42b1b61 : Modify Include/Exclude tests in to be explicit.
d31f26f : cts: Optimize check for /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
e0def61 : cts: Enforce turning off /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
cb67c1d : Camera2: add invalid image access test in ImageReader/Wrtier
ba9da1b : camera2: add more tests for reprocessing
a6c2160 : Track CLDR 27 changes to Date & Time data for en_GB
0408b17 : Fix keystore CTS tests broken by removal of DSA.
dab3acf : media: enable video for playback rate test.
43ecd13 : Install additional apps only for the cts tests that require them.
3f65b7a : Enable loading of host-side shared libraries in cts.
f1194ca : Add getActiveNotifications to existing NoMan tests.
245f7d4 : Add tests for the new WebView error reporting APIs
5b361dd : Tests for Parcel changes in frameworks/base
9a81d63 : Add variable PlaybackSettings test to AudioTrackTest
618bf94 : Remove unnecessary WRITE_SMS permission - cts
4310528 : Add non blocking reads to AudioRecordTest
dbd500a : Update AudioRecordTest for 96kHz
e731361 : Use smaller display size for secondary display test.
30d450e : Add tests for shift+backspace.
d68b584 : [RenderScript] Add ForEach test to CTS rsCpp tests.
2705e85 : [RenderScript] Add ElementTest to CTS rsCpp tests.
f6599d9 : CTS: TelephonyManager.notifyCarrierNetworkChange()
b3ffd85 : Add CTS tests for Visual State Listener
3b5af16 : Tests for media classes accepting MediaDataSources.
b30097f : Camera: move YUV burst framerate check from ITS to CTS
c778c0d : Test that extractText doesn't crash with null arguments
3d698f2 : Enable deqp ES2 and EGL tests
22e0670 : camera2: add reprocessing tests
7488863 : Move details of variable printing out of the generated code (CTS).
37673d2 : Add test for adapters of 3D allocations
dfda5fd : Use new deqp mustpass list
da3690c : Camera: don't always require ZSL template
d85d98e : Add channel index AudioTrack cts test
0830ac3 : Add 8 bit and float format checking to AudioRecordTest
e62bd50 : Add new onSearchRequested overload
fc122a4 : MediaPlayer: add CTS test for setPlaybackRate.
3327b9f : Cache configuration capability query results.
f58a453 : Stop setting deprecated field of AbstractCursor.
4eab57a : Fix NPE in DeqpTestRunner if duplicate results are reported
97a49bc : Enable --deqp-watchdog in DeqpTestRunner
b5b4cfd : Send adb commands directly to IDevice in DeqpTestRunner.
1aa49a2 : Add tests for unprefixed EME APIs
9c0d926 : Camera: check AE/AWB lock availability before using it
8264309 : SensorTest must unregister sensor event listener after each test case done.
b8eb7fd : Add test case for setAllCaps in some Locale.
aaaef70 : ImageWriter: update Opaque format test
4a7f6f3 : camera2: add a reprocessing characteristics test
bd12b39 : Introduce Ctrl+Backspace/Ctrl+ForwardDelete cts test cases.

+- Project: platform/dalvik

f8ed7d3 : Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps.
6fe795a : Add a libbase dependency for dexdump/dexlist.
98dcefd : Remove libdexdump_static.

+- Project: platform/developers/build

2bea00f : Add appcompat dep to base template
20aaa7c : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
41c22e3 : Sync mnc-dev sample prebuilts
0d86cdf : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
5d58bc4 : Update dependency versions for 23.0.0 libs release
b4bbf96 : Update base template dependencies to v23.
31fb395 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
def0d6c : Update sample templates for android-23 release
12de52f : With launch of Diamond MR-1 (new wear OS), we support interactive watchfaces which requires a new support library for wear.
a63f806 : Change MNC codename to just M.
479034d : Remove un-necessary minifyEnabled and proguardFiles
4735632 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
43228ae : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev.
85d4013 : Restore XYZTouristAttractions prebuilt
cb8728e : Bumping the sample gradle build tools to 1.2.0
cfd648e : Bumping the sample gradle build tools to 1.2.0
6a01fb6 : Update sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs
c356f17 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
22fb4b6 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
7a77838 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
27946d9 : Add Creative Commons license to prebuilt samples
792957b : Add Creative Commons section to LICENSE file to cover artwork
40b7998 : Add Creative Commons section to LICENSE file to cover artwork
6df98dc : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
82fbc26 : Fix compileSdkVersion error in _MODULE_/build.gradle.ftl
d8fc932 : Add support for targetSdkVersion definition in templates.
818bd7c : Sync sample prebuilts
77d0602 : Sync sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
f903b7a : Support samples using centrally managed play services version number
40f8fbe : Update samples prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
a9d37ee : Adds support for latest play-services-wearable version, adds support for latest wearable support library version, removes "+" from dependency versions, and adds new 'provided' line in dependecy file for wearables.
0eb4ffc : Use Java 1.7 for the default source and target compatibility
246cb69 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
d1630e5 : Update gradle tool to 1.1.0. Update the repository for buildScript to jcenter where mavenCentral are used.
4de32d4 : Update sample prebuilts
ed7fc0f : Update samples dependency versions for GMSCore P release
47d9436 : resolved conflicts for merge of 5c8cae0b to lmp-mr1-dev
64c9817 : Per request in b/20081220, removing NOTICE file.
e9ec087 : Sync developers/build/prebuilts with lmp-docs branch

+- Project: platform/developers/samples/android

049d382 : Switch runtime permission samples to AppCompat theme.
0f4e071 : Camera2Raw: Runtime permission on M
b91f4ee : Camera2Video: Runtime permission on M.
cfc6726 : Camera2Basic: Runtime permission on M
57690c2 : Swap compileSdkVersion for targetSdkVersion
7440180 : Add Android Design Support Lib to HdrViewfinder sample
34b015c : Change launcher name for StorageProvider
dee2a47 : Peg permissions-based samples at API 22
b8f8c1d : MidiSynth: Add a new sample
d3c06bf : Resolve conflicts for merge of 6a1d10d from lmp-mr1-ub-dev to mnc-dev
02aad74 : Update RuntimePermissions sample for API 23.
06c6159 : Update BasicRuntimePermissions sample for API 23.
6ab42c3 : MidiScope: Add a sample
d8cda51 : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
fb3b724 : Revise WatchFace sample's and to include an actual picture background (vs. simple image of w/ fade). Also, refactored w/ better optimizations and to closer match the WatchFace codelab (PeekCard support, Palette Color use, etc.).
89d2da0 : Update sample templates for android-23 release
d4406c8 : Updating sample to use Android M permissions model.
de9a955 : Fix NPE in FingerprintAuthenticationDialogFragment for MainActivity by having the explicit reference to the Activity.
db846a9 : DirectShare: Add a new sample
1419e7b : MidiScope: Add base template
49ca0ea : Revert "MidiScope: Add a new sample"
d6c1377 : MidiScope: Add a new sample
f31a0ac : Demonstrates interactive feature in a watch face (includes coordinates[x,y]).
d7cd6a7 : Update the sdk version targeting Android 6
0576649 : MidiScope: Add a new sample
7c49172 : Change MNC codename to just M.
8698539 : Tilt WatchFace sample renamed to OpenGL for clarity.
cbf3135 : Add Stylus Info to BasicGestureDetect
6ece77b : Add Material icon to BTAds sample
d41a7d5 : [ConfirmCredential] try encrypting after auth success
435b09a : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update docs, screenshots, minor tweaks
e3bc8d8 : Update BTAds sample to use a service for advertising
67cabff : Use FingerprintManager#hasEnrolledFingerprints to check if the device has any registered fingerprints.
2c91683 : Avoid app crashes when no fingerprints are registered.
9b2b063 : Update RuntimePermissionsBasic sample to latest API.
493cc17 : Update RuntimePermissions sample to latest API.
535025b : Remove freezeIterable() when data items are processed immediately
2b95d31 : Fix crash in RuntimePermissions when camera is unavailable.
804d34d : Ask password when user adds a new fingerprint including a checkbox to ask that if they want to use fingerprints in the future and stores it as shared prefernces.
d816ff3 : Camera2Basic: Several fixes
0c8d8e4 : Moves sample watchface bitmap scaling to onSurfaceChanged().
f5b967c : Added day of week and year/month/day to digital.
43cbf55 : Fixed the tilt watchface left/right reversal.
5580d84 : Revert "Added day of week and year/month/day to digital. Fixed tilt."
501cfdb : Don't export broadcast receivers
d8cafc3 : Removing the deprecated close() on DataEventBuffer
89c1253 : XYZ Sample: update template-params, use new material support lib
708260b : Added day of week and year/month/day to digital. Fixed tilt.
60d1a54 : Update and cleanup FingerprintManager API to new spec
1e68382 : Making sure "release()" is called on data buffers where needed
e3912a4 : Fixing a crash caused by using implicit intent when starting a service
b7a5170 : Updating the sample to not use the old GooglePlayServicesClient.
461ad91 : Add missing already_scanning string
6f44194 : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
cfa0e48 : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
9d37fdb : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
4204caa : camera2: Add RAW capture sample application.
415e5ce : Updating build.gradle and template-params for MNC samples
42cfd96 : Rename ActiveNotification to ActiveNotifications
f118640 : Rename 'AutomaticBackup' to 'AutoBackupForApps'
1d0171d : camera2: Add RAW capture sample application.
1cdebcd : Add RuntimePermissions sample.
673e5cd : Adding RuntimePermissionsBasic sample.
f3714f5 : Add Auto Backup sample for MNC
6693862 : Add missing license headers to java files in BtAds sample
0794ece : Initial commit for Fingerprint Dialog sample based on the EAP sample.
d1898d3 : Initial commit for confirm device credentials sample based on the EAP sample.
7e735d6 : Introduce ActiveNotification sample.
f323976 : Minor change (one line and not required for launch): removes redundant AlarmManager cancel() call based on Griff's comments on Luan's docs: "you can only have exactly one alarm set for any particular pending intent so setting a new one will replace the old one."
9b3abfd : Bumping minimum version of samples.
938643a : Replaced deprecated "Time" with Calendar.
7913d0e : Fixing location play services version
7e6f96a : Add "AlwaysOn" sample to master build.gradle
5f0834e : Revises several lines of comments based on Googler feedback (~8 in total).
54bab34 : Add build.gradle and other build files for AlwaysOn sample
c3cffdd : Demonstrates ambient Android Wear support. Project renamed "Always On".
a3241dc : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update for wearable support lib 1.2.0
bd3e5ec : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update for wearable support lib 1.2.0
816fecf : Updating the sample to not use the old GooglePlayServicesClient.
a78545c : Add BluetoothAdvertisements to build.gradle for template engine
580ca93 : Add missing already_scanning string
d32b4e4 : XYZ Sample: update gmscore versions to prevent build breaking
84a2f50 : Updated minSdk version
cb893b0 : Updating this sample to show how Capabilities APIs can be used.
ef0be24 : NfcProvisioning: Add EXTRA_PROVISIONING_LOCAL_TIME
cbe529d : Fix broken tests for P2PDirect sample
eb6c6fa : Fixes build issues with sample content/documentsUi/StorageClient

+- Project: platform/development

28bb8be : Update the Connectivity debug app to the multinetwork API.
19923db : Update build tools rev to <API>.0.2. DO NOT MERGE.
afe2d24 : Fix llvm-rs-cc.exe crash for windows
82336df : Pass in current android.jar to api-generator
991947e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c60faf6 : Update system images to revision 4
a33101a : Bump support library version to 23.0.1 DO NOT MERGE
e226a0f : Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/
04a6dca : Revert "Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/"
53ad2de : Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/
9878bf6 : Update build tools version to 23.0.1 -- DO NOT MERGE.
8155647 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
c8e94bf : Sync mnc-dev sample prebuilts
a56a634 : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
9a9c2ea : Bump mnc-dev samples package to v3 (DO NOT MERGE)
d95a687 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
40bd199 : Update revision for layoutlib and docs.
3c274b2 : Update SDK component versions for the official SDK 23.0.0
424fb60 : Change MNC codename to just M.
94296ec : BrowseErrorFragment: fix NPE of not attached BackgroundManager
3ff89b2 : Fix CRCs in file so it passes the new CRC check
04a194c : For RenderScript support lib use instead of
a58a751 : Update revision for next SDK Preview.
cb910f3 : Update LayoutLib revision number for Preview 3
4518f72 : Update platform tools 23.0.0 rc4 -> rc5
9d78bc1 : Support new systrace file structure
628dcba : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
d574af0 : Track reason for screen turning on.
73190f3 : Update version of non-maven support package.
9810854 : Add carrier config test to test_defs.
0aafaa7 : Add calllog CTS tests.
c84455c : Introduce sample for RoundedBitmapDrawable
4fe2d03 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
e31d4f4 : Use Android Studio project, also call TelephonyManager.getLine1Number().
218d64b : Fixing a crash introduced by my previous CL.
43774e8 : Eliminating AnimatedRecyclerView demo crashes.
b0d646c : SupportLenabackDemo: Make StepFragment public
973ecb6 : fix slotting of permission category
403be11 : teach monkey to flip permissions on apps
4ca3aa6 : [RenderScript] update sdk.atree to include
749995d : Update SDK Preview versions.
18cdb04 : Update platform tools to 23 rc3
b6ba3c5 : remove setLatestEventInfo from API samples
28701d1 : Revert "Tinted icons sample"
d57a9ed : Adding AsyncListUtilActivity to Support7Demo
eafa9c3 : Add tracing header
86cd5e8 : Expand Presentation demo to test 4K mode switches.
ee1ccab : Add telecom CTS shortcut.
1628351 : Remove unnecessary code
ed27fa7 : Update LayoutLib Api level to 15.
f4c73da : Update structure for the build-tools/plat-tools.
3cd44d4 : NavigationViewUsage saves its state on rotation
52e0bf3 : Fix size and sha1sum for some sdk targets
75f0029 : More seek bars in ApiDemos
6a57fe0 : Add more text samples to ApiDemos, move to Views/Text
bb51e9c : Increment LMP MR1 Samples package to v6 (DO NOT MERGE)
68932e3 : Increment MNC SDK Samples to v2 (DO NOT MERGE)
1e75a5e : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
2a78abb : Increment LMP MR1 Samples package to v6 (DO NOT MERGE)
576cc36 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
c5bbbe3 : Add MNC samples to sdk.atree
296083e : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
9ca5e01 : Add mips64 to stack tool
83f0e54 : Rename the appengine server app ID
57f208b : Fix service samples, especially remote services.
4e0ad8f : Add flag to grant permissions when running tests.
61c57fd : Setup flags to make SDK images provisioned.
f188f7e : Add default application theme to SupportDesignDemo.
83529e3 : Setup flags to make SDK images provisioned.
574922c : Add a conditional removal of \r\n from adb output.
48b7225 : Sync sample prebuilts
a0de890 : Fix build breakage again.
19b0ecb : Fix build breakage.
fbd288c : Add StaggeredGridLayoutManagerActivity to Support7Demos
7d6d0d4 : Fix build tools packaging.
bae9765 : Install SDK annotations as platform-tools/api/
62ff695 : Switch Android Keystore sample code to new API.
c278eca : multinetwork API: NDK header
54ada6e : Fix the description text for the Text Processing sample
e149ffe : Add network callback logging to the Connectivity app in dev tools.
a8daca6 : AppBar demo using SwipeRefreshLayout
e6dc9d0 : Added no transiton animation option to animation demos.
af72dc5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7108d92 : Update build tools and platform tools versions to 23.0.0 RC1
20d9500 : Sync sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
28c034b : Remove ICU from LayoutLib.
877ff89 : Bluetooth native dumpsys logging support (5/5)
d72e5b2 : Fix keystore demo layout for Nexus 7
b162939 : Tweaks around AppBar demos
9c30464 : Use new api-generator version: extracts deprecation info
9f09636 : Revert "Use new api-generator version: extracts deprecation info"
39d1670 : Update TabLayout demo to use new APIs
86ed92a : Update build files for lmp-mr1-ub-docs samples r7
434d41c : Update samples prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
0f17c3b : Revert "Update TabLayout demo to use new APIs"
98d32d8 : Update TabLayout demo to use new APIs
0e66721 : Add transparent status bar demo
a9a9ec6 : Sample for percent support library.
833bdc7 : Use new api-generator version: extracts deprecation info
c7495a9 : Add transparent status bar demo
1063d9b : Add samples for new DetailsFragment
5326786 : Add DialogFragment demo
72f1c95 : Ability to generate SDK system-images for mips64
6c346c0 : Static field name prefix should be 's'
2194f82 : AppBarLayout demo
0323639 : Sync sample prebuilts to lmp-mr1-ub-docs
0d7136a : Modify Guided Step example showing checkmark groups
3e69165 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
83f4d2a : Optional library listing file.
773d377 : DO NOT MERGE: Update version for Android samples pkg (lmp-mr1)
0cb8868 : Update sample browseables
fe6737a : Update support pkg version to 22.1.1
87f0108 : Update prebuilts path.
9114a88 : Add Snackbar demo without a CoordinatorLayout
16ac751 : ItemTouchHelper demo activities
0e42241 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d3ee019 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
074b061 : ItemTouchHelper demo activities
a89998d : Add org.apache.http.legacy.jar to the SDK package.
01edcb8 : Add recycler view resources to Support7Demos.
4daceb8 : Add resources to recyclerview dependency.
f2b0677 : Re-enable TextInputLayout demo
f62f771 : New sample code for receiving a share and processing in a service.
cc8bf5b : Add resources to recyclerview dependency.
8e7ff4c : Tinted icons sample
07dd2eb : Update prebuilts path.
f1d27e2 : Allow acov --prep to succeed in a clean build.
9326316 : ApiDemos: Add a sample for Text Processing intents.
b859e35 : Revert "Disable the design support library and demos"
d1723b4 : Revert "Disable design lib in master build file"
988f263 : Disable design lib in master build file
97930fc : Disable the design support library and demos
405b3da : Add NavigationView usage to SupportDesignDemos
e1556d3 : Revert "Remove the redundant dependency on Support7Demos"
12edcb5 : Remove the redundant dependency on Support7Demos

+- Project: device/asus/deb

3d56436 : Fix directory path for CarrierConfig overlay for deb.
96f6ffd : Add CarrierConfig to device mk as it is needed by TeleService.
68ead51 : RazorG: Reduce the journal size to zero.
71d2ef5 : Add support for USB OTG devices.
fa3d3a6 : Add overlay value for apn_expand_bool to false for deb device.
196a811 : Add camera.avg and camera.flashlight to power_profile.xml
81b59f1 : Add flag indicating device supporting EAP SIM, AKA & AKA'.
4f4c465 : Remove stlport from deb.
b4a592e : Add support for static RadioCapabilities.
9d224b2 : Whitelist device for stlport.

+- Project: device/asus/flo

d46525a : Revert "Use the special CONSTRAINED font bucket for flo."
1bde1e1 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
c761ab3 : Use the special CONSTRAINED font bucket for flo.
42fd6ed : flo: add media_codecs_performance.xml
7dbfea4 : flo: force dex2oat not to use swap file
bb18910 : flo: publish secure-with-non-secure-codec support based on test.
0687046 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
34aa549 : Add camera.avg and camera.flashlight to power_profile.xml
a7ae944 : flo: publish profiling result in codec xml.
af83771 : Remove execmod from camera
e2fa6dc : Fix Image size for Razor and RazorG by reduce Jounal size to zero
447f58d : Fix Image size for Razor and RazorG by reduce Jounal size to zero
d2be54a : Remove ultrasound system properties.
3336b8e : Remove stlport from flo.
5dff470 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
8536802 : Disable BR/EDR secure connections
ad5777f : audio: support dynamic LR channels swapping on speaker
39bf54c : Whitelist device for stlport.
cde34c7 : New device-specific sepolicy file for 'perfprofd'
b4ad8aa : Add near-ultrasound properties to flo/deb (nexus 7).
84abce3 : Support USB OTG storage, but not adoptable.
810bb4f : Fix build: One more camera module init placeholder
f3a2495 : Camera: Add module init placeholder
1a81bcf : Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

d0c26a8 : TV codecs have been separated, use them
3109327 : Fugu Audio HAL: allow EAC3 at low sample rates
cd312d5 : Update fugu blobs list.
eb5451e : Allow adbd to communicate with surfaceflinger over pipe.
ce10969 : Moving to ATV platform overlay
83012df : fugu: update vp8 and mpeg4 concurrent instances data.
7c2f9b8 : audio: stub get_next_write_timestamp() function
c3ed98f : Fugu Audio HAL: set non-audio bit for compressed audio
ca5e617 : M boot animation
121c3ee : fugu: update concurrent-instances limit.
26bf392 : fugu: add media_codecs_performance.xml
1c45981 : adding hevc concurrent instance number.
1ed1f7c : label /dev/block/zram
e5c1cde : Define BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE for fugu.
f82ef78 : FuguAudio: fix broken timestamp
2b895ba : FuguAudio: lock HAL to prevent race conditions
01b3691 : FuguHAL: print standby, resume, pause, flush
ca615fe : Update fugu blobs list
1aca45e : Adding the support of GSM decoder for audio
a197162 : Allow dumpstate to communicate w/surfaceflinger through pipe.
b24d184 : Fix for the jittery issue because of mismatch in buffer size
e561751 : fugu: Fix CTS testGetMaxSupportedInstances test
3f7f641 : FuguAudio: improve buffer sizing for AC3 and DTS passthrough
7604a37 : Update fugu blobs list
1cefcef : FuguAudio: reverse policy change
c73381f : FuguAudio: do not reset frame position on standby
4aff170 : Increase MaxParamBufferSize to 35MB to pass 10 dEQP multisampling tests
09a5ef8 : Revert "Temporarily disable GPU Renderscript IntrinsicResize"
b717d9c : Enable IMG RS GPU driver
47d55e1 : remove the legacy VP9 solution configure in fugu
a49c844 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
d2db777 : Add flag indicating device supporting EAP SIM, AKA & AKA'.
d20839d : fugu: publish profiling result in codec xml.
c5cdbe3 : Fix Fugu audio Hal silence buffer to be heap allocated
40f0178 : Use audio_utils int16 to q8.23 conversion
c54f786 : Fix Fugu bytes per sample computation
f1f4815 : Enable Fugu HDMI 24 bit audio
d55a8c2 : Update Fugu HDMI to support 24 bit audio
4949b4a : Allow system_server to access factory file
29a6b02 : Update VP9 hybrid code to match with DDK 1.5
f687b59 : Additional SELinux permissions for DDK 1.5
fab777e : Enable ION for setting the access access mode of /dev/ion
32ea342 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
1aca05a : Remove dependency on openssl for bzimage
3e8b92e : Fugu Audio HAL: add pause, resume, flush, and fix position
6bf1cf3 : Whitelist device for stlport.
3f85907 : Enabling A2DP on Nexus Player
0e451f0 : Change android property ro.opengles.version to indicate OpenGL ES 3.1 instead of 3.0
0bc36bf : Allow mediaserver access to remote_control_service.
184227b : FuguAudioHal: reduce log spew
c0e866c : Update blob list
bf45816 : Enabling DONT_DEXPREOPT_PREBUILTS flag to prevent prebuilts from being pre-optimized on Fugu - Helps save system partition size by ~130MB on user builds
d2fb735 : USB mass storage on fugu is adoptable!
1c5ffec : fugu: Add BOARD_USES_LIBDRM to use external/libdrm
378bc94 : Allow mounton and write to binfmt_miscfs.
cd586dd : The recovery image now automatically provides a long-press UI.
228d41c : The default recovery image UI now handles long presses.
02977ce : Remove unused variables.
6e2f813 : "Mount /system" is moving to the menu.
6db389e : fugu: change to INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD_HDMI
9dc03cf : FuguAudioHAL: remove SPDIF wrapper support
deaaf79 : Share more code with the default recovery image.
e15572e : Assign system_api_service to RemoteControlService and fix build.
2e0706f : Clean up the fugu RecoveryUI subclass.
b16231a : Remove TV package from PRODUCT_PACKAGES
733d4ac : Add idc file for Nexus Remote
2342df2 : Enable MIDI support on fugu
5afd115 : Enable USE_GMS_LIVECHANNELS flag for fugu devices

+- Project: device/common

762617a : Add a path variation for dragon device
c70f48c : Create a directory for arm nb blobs
fa589b6 : Put privileged apps under system/priv-app/ directory

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

948dfb6 : emulator-fingerprint: Exit listener thread on HAL close
3ea472d : init.ranchu.rc: Add dhcpcd_eth0 service
a01bcfd : Support removing a fingerprint
00c1f48 : Removes overriding value of EXTERNAL_STORAGE for arm64.
c336ddf : Add some guidance documentation to the emulator
4a91c43 : Camera: Fix poseRotation quaternion
c52b876 : Camera/gralloc: Add basic capability handling, support DEPTH
633f157 : opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
79f8dcd : Camera: Update emulator camera v3 HAL to v3.3, module to v2.3
3ba99fb : Fix for MidiManager bug in emulator
eccd680 : Fingerprint: Avoid passing structures by value
e4b5058 : Handle un-enrolled fingerprint properly
9aaf1aa : Start fingerprintd service on emulator image
7d8b2d3 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
d32ba6f : Create SDK specific hardware feature list file
d5603e6 : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY with close in goldfish camera.
4a86da4 : goldfish Hal: store/load user id and authenticator id
490ce28 : goldfish Hal: store/read fingerprints
b3bd4fd : goldfish fp: fix issues with auth_token integration
c287170 : Add get_authenticator_id function to emulator fingerprint HAL
d992f62 : Use wildcard when matching device path.
49c0b47 : Add pre_enroll method to fingerprint hal in emulator
d95f151 : Fingerprint: Update processed to authenticated
1632303 : Fix build; Fix problems with SDK fingerprint emulation code
847be6a : Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION from both HALv2 and HALv3
5cc7834 : Update fingerprint HAL to use authenticate() method
cbf417f : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-arm64

4f30226 : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-armv7-a-neon

f41c1e4 : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/qemu

3f30d51 : Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir

+- Project: device/google/atv

7c93982 : sdk_atv_armv7: TV codecs have been separated, use them
a8a952f : Update LeanbackSample app to latest from github
6217ef4 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
0888e56 : Remove Launcher2 and TeleService from ATVs
0c8d193 : Move AndroidTV SDK sys images to rev 2.
28dea35 : Remove mention of EXTENDED font profile and naver-fonts.
adbaec3 : Add selinux policy to enable access to DVB API on Android TV
81ca502 : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
28a2672 : Revert " switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs"
9f2ef6b : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
0a44cdb : TV pakcage and feature policy
0ae5bd2 : Add hyphenation patterns to
3e1dafb : Add a feature
8a19d38 : Remove Lohit fonts from the build.
75ee460 : Use full NotoSans rather than Motoya
5a614f6 : Add Roboto fonts

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

272f536 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c1665e9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0509bf1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ee36e62 : Add CarrierConfig to device mk as it is needed by TeleService.
96856c8 : Claim pro audio feature
967eadf : Change to set config_sms_capable to false for volantis wifi.
06f80a4 : sensor_hub: Prevent sensor timestamp from drift
6eebfe6 : [flounder] update GPS binary for LTE
1d4984a : Fix distorted audio while on hangouts call
ff6eb80 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
24d527a : Disable audio offload
91a9f18 : flounder: remove unusable OMX.Nvidia.mp2.decoder
f464bbf : volantis: add media_codecs_performance.xml
5701ffe : selinux: allow init to set sys_nice value
969bfe4 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "audio: enable compress offload""""
8d4f275 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
603476c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1e6a417 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a78967a : Configure audio low latency for 128 frames per buffer
663bb44 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0dc2f27 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
49f3536 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
298f1b9 : Enabled HS2.0 for N9.
bce7909 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7728bc2 : Add an entry for Flashlight for Volantis power_profile.xml
fd0639d : Revert "Revert "Revert "audio: enable compress offload"""
3e2c3ac : power_profile: Adds camera.avg field in the power_profile.xml
3288c19 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
22f5b26 : ARM: tegra: flounder: update latest gps HAL
90ab40f : flounder: publish profiling results in xml.
6e590b9 : Experimental cfinteractive priority based on audio
ee5f764 : Dynamic configuration of low latency buffer size
8f8f400 : audio: set smp affinity for FastMixer thread on T132
0094c53 : audio: handle audio underruns using silence playback
7458cfd : Add context to "Play" string to clarify brand reference
09ce7fb : audio HAL: fix thread starvation
282d841 : Fix auto-rotation in keyboard folio.
23cf1e3 : Revert "Revert "Remove stlport from volantis.""
62f185c : ARM: tegra: flounder: update latest gps HAL
33cfe7e : Revert "Remove stlport from volantis."
1f3dae7 : remove persist.sys.usb.config override
8a31a41 : remove persist.sys.usb.config override
1465c24 : Remove ultrasound system properties.
b0d2d52 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d5e2dd2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7eb078a : Remove stlport from volantis.
f2e42fa : Update verity warnings
251682c : Cherry pick for CL 698892.
8e9164d : ARM: tegra: flounder: update latest gps HAL
74195cc : ARM: tegra: flounder: update latest gps HAL
e994bbd : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
5b16140 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
71b5429 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3382283 : Add support for static RadioCapabilities.
ccc8001 : flounder: revert SUPL parameters to empty
50b75b6 : Revert "STOPSHIP: volantis: wifi (temporarily) disable gpsd"
c58b09f : ARM: tegra: flounder: update latest gps HAL
4f04a8a : Revert "STOPSHIP: volantis: wifi (temporarily) disable gpsd"
05e0fbd : ARM: tegra: flounder: update latest gps HAL
51ce209 : Whitelist device for stlport.
873205d : BRCM Release BCM4354_003.001.012.0319.0690_ORC.hcd
fa44dd0 : flounder: don't use BOARD_VENDOR_QCOM_GPS_LOC_API_HARDWARE
6602fdf : Add near-ultrasound system properties for flounder/volantis.
ba219cc : Set volantis to have double tap to wake support
867a38f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
095b9a2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3942251 : Revert the Broadcom Bluetooth firmware to older version.
c475b87 : Revert "SELinux: turn on ioctl whitelisting"
c1ce5eb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e1250ac : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f6ca330 : SELinux: turn on ioctl whitelisting
b3d680a : Support USB OTG storage, but not adoptable.
85b9e6e : STOPSHIP: volantis: wifi (temporarily) disable gpsd
071875a : Reduce fast track multiplier for volantis/flounder
a081a29 : Fix erroneous values reported for N9 energy reporting
e847bad : Use static and const
52b1dd3 : Remove unused includes
9db557c : Fix build warnings
cc75b4d : Camera: SE linux rule to allow connection to the sensor service.
08b1209 : Disable boot and recovery image signing
5a863fe : add recovery mode pixel format
ab3ded1 : fstab: zram0 does not need trimming

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

93023eb : Remove TMO & MetroPCS entries for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf
5ef7084 : hammerhead: Set config_cellBroadcastAppLinks to false
baf6656 : hammerhead : Remove Sasktel Tethering profile
b58cfb3 : hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE for 4G Nextel Post Paid Simcard
c7cdf51 : hammerhead: Update apn for some operators
4bf57ae : hammerhead: Change APNs for some operators
52c2975 : Limit Intra-System Indications When Screen is Off
d013173 : Safe media level value change
acc0421 : Revert "hammerhead init: when crashing go into ramdump mode"
a5e707c : hammerhead init: when crashing go into ramdump mode
78bb901 : hammerhead: Capture RPM master stats in bugreport
4981cd2 : hammerhead: Dump RPM debugfs nodes /d/rpm*
d8b0f0e : Disable Data Dormant/Active Indications while SCREEN_OFF
1e80ed2 : hammerhead: Reduce the /system journal size to zero.
135894c : hammerhead: add media_codecs_performance.xml
8d6bf62 : hammerhead: update max concurrent-instances limit.
10d4173 : hammerhead: force dex2oat not to use swap file
20ed788 : hammerhead/audio: set voice call volume step to 6
08a5d11 : Enable EMERGENCY mobile connections.
66ef246 : Add/Change dun configuration for HOT mobile(Israel) and La Poste Mobile
6c3a675 : hammerhead: Add apns for some operators
499630d : hammerhead: Change APNs as request of operators
977f407 : Improve raw noise model for N5.
c1a7786 : hammerhead: fix typo in device.te
8803bac : hammerhead: update sepolicy for diag_logs
814af57 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
4109eeb : Add flag indicating device supporting EAP SIM, AKA & AKA'.
c7a74d6 : QCamera2: Send saved AF_CONTROL_STATE.
04cdb89 : hammerhead: publish profiling result.
42d4603 : hammerhead: allow system_server access to macaddr file
a0707b2 : hammerhead: Add power figures for camera and flashlight
e3addb6 : Remove execmod from camera
9baf520 : Camera3: Advertising available control modes.
a1c7b42 : Camera3: Advertise available shading modes.
a6ff9ea : QCamera2: Advertising HIGH_QUALITY modes
23a7d5a : Camera3: Fix testJpegExif CTS failure.
665b2e6 : QCamera2: Close fence FDs after waiting on them
214f65b : QCamera2: Replace Fence::wait with sync_wait.
35a8838 : Add an entry for Flashlight for Hammerhead power_profile.xml
2cb2815 : Remove ultrasound system properties.
6e250e1 : Remove stlport from hammerhead.
b3b67e8 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
07d20d5 : Add hammerhead-specific selinux policy for device driver
9a07e10 : Revert "SELinux: turn on ioctl whitelisting"
9fe3d88 : Remove device-specific rtc labeling.
7a17eb2 : Add support for static RadioCapabilities.
757d063 : Whitelist device for stlport.
207b2c1 : New device-specific sepolicy file for 'perfprofd'
a6e298a : Camera: Add aeLockAvailable and awbLockAvailable support
3cdefc7 : hammerhead_fp: define BOARD_HAS_FINGERPRINT_FPC
13fe936 : Add near-ultrasound properties for hammerhead.
99cb232 : Fix build: add parentheses for multiline string
993196a : Fix build: add parentheses for multiline string
797e347 : Add support for full radio option
a022623 : SELinux: turn on ioctl whitelisting
db7c25e : Support USB OTG storage, but not adoptable.
e62e5e2 : Camera: Add HAL module init placeholder

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

0f48138 : Safe media level value change
bd1c89a : Enable cpusets on shamu.
2325200 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
284b591 : QCamera2: Fix cts random failure
783d65a : shamu: set SUPL_ES=1 for VZW
6336e44 : Revert "-Change to improve modem power reporting accuracy."
a81656b : shamu: add media_codecs_performance.xml
d9e221b : sepolicy: Allow kernel net_admin
3c4bd94 : usb: mot-factory mode support
8b31a56 : add bp-tools support for plain adb mode
c4ed876 : Reduce IMS log spam
ad1b2cf : shamu: add camera power profile value
7a46675 : Support optional modem restart on certain errors.
f924202 : Allow init to write to userdata/cache
b33b42d : Revert "Bluetooth: Enable SAP profile support"
33ffbff : New Bluetooth firmware BCM4356A2_001.003.015.0077.0214_ORC.hcd
c2fd3cf : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5260c17 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
09bc2ef : Bluetooth: Enable SAP profile support
bc91412 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5824ab8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4589222 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1fdc44d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e49c5dd : QCamera2:HAL3 Add CAM_AEC_TRIGGER_CANCEL
c4fffd8 : Enable EMERGENCY mobile connections.
4108290 : audio: add mixer path for speaker-safe-and-headphones combo device
4189d42 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c2094e5 : Improve raw noise model for N6.
3071c68 : Moving config_radio_access_family definition for shamu from platform/vendor/moto/shamu to device/moto/shamu
de9670b : Qcamera2: remove the unused variable
115ba4b : audio: specify primary sound card name to be verified by HAL
6f1705e : Camera: Handle the DAEMON_DIED error correctly
0fe9229 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
d1bb70d : Migrate shamu overlay to default config app.
521c0f3 : -Change to improve modem power reporting accuracy.
a39a9b5 : shamu: publish profiling result in codec xml.
4746840 : Enable Hotspot 2.0 in shamu by default.
fd93cd2 : Permissions change for running diag_mdlog as system
87e5a89 : QCamera2: Introduce enum for Hotpixel modes.
0a0d254 : Camera: Delist reprocessing capabilities.
ecbb366 : update mixer_paths.xml for dual mic paths.
7770a29 : Add context to "Play" string to clarify brand reference
cc358c5 : Remove execmod from camera
f65b2de : Camera: Delist the auto_flash_redeye.
a1c10d8 : Camera3: Fix testJpegExif CTS failure.
ecb036c : Camera: Close the fence fd after sync_wait.
d922b55 : audio: Add audio_platform_info.xml file
7e6eadf : QCamera2: Replace Fence::wait with sync_wait.
605ef55 : Qcamera2: Fix clang compilation error.
476b490 : Add an entry for Flashlight for Shamu power_profile.xml
722e6a1 : Camera3: Advertise available shading modes.
bc3c7ee : shamu: remove root user from qmuxd and add CAP_BLOCK_SUSPEND
aef7bce : remove persist.sys.usb.config override
e9ca4a8 : shamu: Dump MDSS registers
8de2aa9 : remove persist.sys.usb.config override
9939723 : Remove ultrasound system properties.
29f1fa9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fa08f2a : Remove stlport from shamu.
890bce4 : Camera3: Check if mPictureChannel is valid.
b5612c5 : Ignore clang/llvm warning until vendor code is fixed.
a272b9a : Update verity warnings
8c6f7f1 : BRCM bluetooth f/w BCM4356A2_001.003.015.0071.0190.hcd
eafcdbd : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
2dd4a12 : make /dev/diag an mlstrustedobject
da9cc8e : fstab: persist partition does not need trimming
08471d5 : Revert "init.shamu.rc: enable ims_rtp_daemon for VT bringup"
b1d8cd0 : Loosen up the surfaceflinger phase offsets.
ed7c86d : make /data/diag_logs an mlstrustedobject
115a60e : Remove device-specific rtc labeling.
dd0908d : QCamera2Factory: Initialize HAL descriptor before get_camera_info
b9c4de8 : Camera3: Advertising available control modes.
f2ebfe3 : Allow untrusted_app access to /data/adspd/*
522b95d : make adspd trusted across multi-user boundaries.
f247d45 : make adspd_socket an mlstrustedobject
77880ca : Update shamu blobs list
07b6eec : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8bdc207 : Add bt_shamu build for Bluetooth profile testing
2ce3ec1 : QCamera2: Advertising HIGH_QUALITY modes
29a768e : Camera3: Rename Opaque Reprocessing
0f44c8c : Shamu: NFC: Remove UICC support.
d14db73 : Whitelist device for stlport.
2b847f2 : Fix f/w crash in onfound/onlost – Phone reboots
edd13bf : Shamu BT f/w release - BCM4356A2_001.003.015.0064.0173.hcd
610c346 : New device-specific sepolicy file for 'perfprofd'
1439b48 : Camera3: Advertise android.reprocess.maxCaptureStall
313e245 : Disable VT on shamu.
a779382 : change adspd to from late_start to main.
a582411 : Update power_profile.xml
5e65b8d : Camera: Fix color space info for camera buffers
007917e : Camera3: Advertising AE and AWB lock availability.
5e754d7 : Revert "Temporary disable WiFi Calling"
e73aeb5 : Camera3: Ensure postprocessor is stopped during teardown
203a844 : Add near-ultrasound system properties for shamu (nexus 6).
4fc5e3c : Revert "Add near-ultrasound system properties to for shamu."
5624eff : Add near-ultrasound system properties to for shamu.
7a51ca9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
81f6e3b : QCamera2: Suppress torch mode status change for camera without a flash
22d9be9 : Camera3: Fix opaque reprocess corruption
d26e9c0 : Fix build: add parentheses for multiline string
2033918 : Fix build: add parentheses for multiline string
db18775 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f64d195 : Add support for full radio option
a2804b3 : Support USB OTG storage, but not adoptable.
60e64a9 : change adspd to from late_start to main.
fcc932c : Camera3: Ignore Pic Channel native PP mask for reprocess
781d094 : Camera3: Use ZSL size for Picture Channel override
09d760a : Camera: Add module init placeholder
af71c6c : Manual f/w merge from mwd due to path change: go/pag/210358
5f97396 : Enable dm-verity on shamu
72e2ca7 : Camera3: Match input stream size to larget output size
7fdfe20 : Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION, OPTICAL_AXIS_ANGLE
c5eaac4 : Camera3: Add reprocess static metadata
e63988f : Set low latency audio buffer size to 4 ms
91d78cc : Camera3: Add support for reprocess parameters
887df08 : Camera3: HAL 3.3 Reprocess: Opaque/YUV to JPEG
2925fa6 : Revert "camera3: Use JPEG size as ZSL stream size"
bbd073a : Reduce fast track multiplier for Shamu

+- Project: device/sample

efaef57 : Remove TMO & MetroPCS entries for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf
136d262 : Updating MTS Canada APN config (302-660)
d7a1fbf : Fix APN configs for SoftBank JP (MCCMNC=44020) per their request. This issue was reported on Shamu with mnc-release, but we couldn't fix it before M OTA because of schedule issue.
8d46143 : Change to add user_visible field to Carriers table.
425cb0d : modify default APN to IPv4v6 according to AT&T Non-virtual apn
11c279f : Remove AT&T IMS APN for Carrier Validation
7bb1184 : BUG:23019251 Fix APN config for Virgin Mobile (AU).
c0b4a21 : Change APNs as request of operators
68826b2 : Change APNs as request of operators
5a37b76 : Add sp-mode APN for Docomo (MCCMNC=44010). This APN is a standard APN for smart phone and is now available for open market devices. Dedupe b-mobile and IIJmio APNs. Add SoftBank 3G and SoftBank 4G.
e88c41f : Update Project Fi Tmobile APN protocol to IPv6 only.
70d43c2 : Add modem-cognitive flag to TMO IMS APN; add AT&T IMS APN
688e8ff : Updating Nextel MX APNs name due to the merge with Iusacel
5a90e4e : Add TMO IMS to APN Config
6105615 : Add sample for not disabling disconnected inputs
98e83b1 : Adding old version of apns xml file for reference during upgrade.
27aad09 : Add Project Fi APN.
09ccab2 : Add IPV4V6 to otasn.
8115d47 : Changing bearer to bearer_bitmask in apns-full-conf.xml.
7a0d99c : Add authentication to "MVNO NL" APN's
7a42e91 : added customization for bundled tuner
601110d : added flag for physical tuner shortcuts

+- Project: platform/docs/

0fda4ae : Docs: Change to the Fingerprint HAL doc
5819eee : Docs: Android 6.0 CDD initial release
ffb1309 : CDD: Changelog addition for app links requirement
903634a : CDD: Update intent resolution requirements for app links
48289c6 : Change keymaster and gatekeeper requirements to strong recommendations.
857d22c : Add requirements for IPv6 implementation.
727f7d7 : CDD: Update resource numbers in section 7-end. Update Resources list.
2c0bb6b : CDD: Relax NfcV requirement from MUST to STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
7e1c3b1 : CDD: Updates to changelog and misc. fixes
516abae : CDD: Renumber Resources in the CDD
e97c923 : CDD: Add new sections for power-saving modes and accounting
16032dc : CDD: Clarify relationship of managed profile and multiple users
accc58c : CDD: Clarify language around Assistant requirements
9ddf383 : CDD: Update video decoding req. to support up to screen size
18ac4a4 : CDD: Add BASE_OS and SECURITY_PATCH build parameters
6a57666 : CDD: Add android.hardware.type.automotive feature for Automotive
302ee7a : CDD: require mDNS packet support on Wi-Fi even in low-power
f8c9303 : CDD: Requirement updates for the assistant
0b2d3c2 : CDD: Add adoptable storage section
894a124 : Standardize use of STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
2764d6f : CDD: Add devices must be able to decode all formats it can encode to Mulitmedia (formerly change 787297)
64db04c : Use STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for reporting supported audio features
239d2c7 : CDD: Clarify TV app requirements for devices with TV input Framework support.
e0c7946 : CDD: Updates to changelog, TOC fix
f7ac2f2 : Docs: Adding new cover image and current date
83ceaf2 : CDD: Add Data Deletion section
66ef847 : CDD: Add requirements for the new HiFi sensor feature
ee7e79a : Fix mis-matched tags
b5ef8ac : CDD: Add requirements for the Android Keystore System
5ead64e : CDD: Clarify SELinux CDD requirements.
d07f7af : CDD: Require rotation vector when accel, gyro, magneto available
9b2d31a : CDD: Update requirements for new density buckets
5b08df2 : CDD: Add requirements related to the new fingerprint API
e3689d0 : Docs: Changelog additions for M version merges as of 10-15-2015
d229e4b : Docs: Fixing plural carriers ref
a951f23 : Docs: Add summary of 6.0 changes
80b22ba : Docs: Fix for Build Params table
63b2878 : CDD: new section 3.9.2 "Managed Profile Support"
bbe0575 : CDD: Section 5. Multimedia: 60fps on UHD, MPEG-2, and footnotes correction
41641fb : CDD: Require full-disk encryption to be on by default
15ecb40 : Docs: Intermim CDD TOC and changelog
73c0077 : Docs: Add 6.0 versions page
be0f08c : CDD: Added Light status bar flag to 3.8.6 Themes
5870ab8 : Docs: Typo fix, remove slash Bug: 22639850
20cdbb7 : CDD: Near-ultrasound and mic resampling
1ab546b : Docs: Add article on Jack. Bug: 22639850
ad5c4c3 : CDD: Req. when granting dangerous permission for pre-installed apps
5ad5aba : CDD: Require adb driver support for Windows 10
a13d876 : CDD: Require 15-min rotation of BLE RPA
8bebb3e : Docs: Update CDD master doc with placeholders for SDK version num
d94638a : CDD: USB mass storage class req for AOAP
1def5ae : CDD: Add level requirement for H.263 and MPEG-4 codecs
6f6ac76 : CDD: Reserve the vulkan library name
816a242 : Docs: Update terms to RECOMMENDED, etc.
aad2519 : CDD: Require user consent UI before allowing USB access to storage
0f33fa2 : Docs: Adding new page for stylus, updating toc
7797df8 : Docs: Add Debugging ART garbage collection
bfadf22 : Docs: Adding new file for power mgmt (doze, app standby, exemptions). Update to toc.
3cf26b5 : Docs: Nav fix, add 2 links, remove word "link"
ceaeee7 : Docs: Adding page for visual voicemail configuration
536a25d : Docs: Add OEM and SoC vendor dependencies for resource manager
20334fc : Docs: Changes to Storage section for M
34d4dcb : CDD: Require the "wv" token in the webview user agent string
f611377 : Docs: Add Fingerprint HAL page and navigation
f4fa6bc : CDD: Make Verified Boot mandatory for devices w/ adquate AES performance
755f4b2 : CDD: Update USB audio host mode requirements for pro audio
3d24bbe : CDD: Rework section 3.9 Device Administration
e1c016c : Docs: Add carrier config and UICC pages
daa1137 : Docs: Addition of Keymaster 1.0 document Bug: 19317987
b72391e : Docs: Addition of Gatekeeper page
1578ece : CDD: Add strongly encouraged to pro audio feature
db23ba9 : Docs: Adding Headset requirements and testing in new section
0670643 : CDD: Require NEON support for armeabi-v7a
9332c42 : CDD: Add Device Policy related requirement for Managed Software Updates
4f8796e : CDD: Require unqiue device serial number
8b8f0cf : Docs: Reorder Security Implementation, rename SELinux and Encryption
dc30055 : Docs: Add UICC Carrier Privileges to Config section
048f4aa : NFC compatibility changes.
4bbf740 : CDD: add requirement to enforce single runtime permission UI.
4727603 : Docs: Addition of Authentication page
ebe5774 : Docs: Adding new file for runtime permissions, toc update
9ade83e : Docs: Power reorganization with sentence casing for headers and 80 char limit enforced. Adding power profile value for camera flashlight. Minor tweaks.
1d734fa : Docs: Move FS config to new Configuration section
1b58a2f : Docs: Reorganizing Devices into config/debug and rename storage
b658177 : Docs: Updating links to CSS and logo
514dbe0 : Docs: Add build and staging script
ea1df58 : Docs: Move all CDD source files to distinct subdirectory
78eccbd : Add requirements to report pro audio feature
87ef61d : Add requirements to report MIDI feature
54e6ac1 : Fix tags and entity reference
2e62f9a : Docs: Merge Android 5.1 CDD errata changes to master doc
324516a : Docs: Clarify adaptive playback requirement for video codecs
34b8c95 : Docs: Update memory requirement for missing 280dpi & 64-bit VGA class
cbd8002 : Docs: Correct wrong Mozilla version name in webview UA string
10c900d : Docs: Correct escaping characters and other typos
7b81108 : Docs: Adding missing superscript tags
5bc8114 : Docs: Stage master CDD file
51f2064 : Docs: Restore deleted contents
35ce8fe : Docs: Escaping at signs in example
6b01c5c : Docs: Replacing Updates and resources security page contents
b3a4721 : Docs: Adding final 5.1 docs (html, css, pdf) Making android-cdd.pdf be 5.1 instead of 4.4
953d98c : Replace sparsefile with sparseimage
b38549a : Docs: Add filesystem-config to nav, fix title
0cfd077 : Docs: Add Filesystem Config contents
dec78a3 : Don't hardcode the path of the out dir.
009dadd : Docs: Adding Dumpsys, Power, and Audio Latency entries.
501d162 : Fix build numbers
9cb839d : Docs: Updates for reporting security bugs Bug: 20139905
d019133 : Update build numbers for LMY47V Nexus Player
b5bc14b : Revert "Fix build numbers"
4eb8a31 : Fix build numbers
6c2924d : Docs: Adding 2 images (code-lines and life-of-a-patch)
52c19b9 : Docs: Basic edits, 80 char column, consistent phrasing Adding feedback
e9519aa : Update build numbers for LMY47O N4, N7 (deb/flo)
c64b992 : docs: Add article on batterstats, create power dir.
f3902ab : Add audio latency measurements
61e55ad : Docs: Add netstats article and tech/networks directory.
83132e7 : Docs: Basic edits, 80 char column, consistent phrasing
a848162 : Docs: Basic edits, 80 char column Made changes based on feedback
3c34234 : Docs: Adding new graphics images Correcting misspelling (missing C)
ce71d2c : Docs: Add article for procstats, create RAM section.
61657ea : Update build numbers for LMY47D tilapia
3251785 : Audio latency cleanup

+- Project: platform/external/aac

2d435aa : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

f8670f3 : JDWP: test invocation with thread suspension
2fa3f21 : JDWP: test breakpoint on catch statement
5ff0145 : Add CTS config file for JDWP tests
77b4e46 : JDWP: fix CombinedEvents002Test
f071b0d : Use a public API for getting the loopback.
ea82049 : Use to avoid DNS lookups.
05d155f : Test exception handling during deoptimization
af59357 : Add new test for VirtualMachine.Resume command

+- Project: platform/external/apache-http

80540ef : Use prebuilt stub org.apache.http.legacy for unbundled build.
3049bb7 : Make org.apache.http.legacy a stubs target.
abddcd8 : Build stubs for apache-http

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

0445cba : GCM: fix mode and padding set
1c380ab : Do not blacklist serial numbers that are too short
4f5a324 : Register DSA OID for KeyFactory not just Signature
0d5d354 : Register DSA OID for KeyFactory not just Signature
565eb1c : Revert "Register DSAwithSHA1 OID for KeyFactory"
f2ca73c : Register DSAwithSHA1 OID for KeyFactory
c51d683 : Set default EC key size to 256-bits
eaa486a : Change default GCM name to AES/GCM/NOPADDING
5807a4a : Change Bouncycastle default AES key size to 128
367fb0b : bouncycastle: throw exception in failure expecting PKIX parameters
028ab6e : bouncycastle: upgrade to version 1.52

+- Project: platform/external/cblas

0ab3e62 : Make cblas able to build for API 8 (RS Support lib)
57de99c : Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE files
81253e9 : Add CBLAS library.
3fc7142 : Initial empty repository
dbe15b1 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-libpac

e6933f5 : Start using libv8 rather than WebView V8.

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

0277072 : Add 'n' and 'p' to the regexp for the need-resched bit.
b2cbf15 : Update to latest trace-viewer (a7f1c1b3)
ad0b04f : Sync to latest from aosp master
24385db : Update to latest trace-viewer DO NOT MERGE
61c9bc2 : Fix traces generated from an async invocation of atrace
44c2820 : Sync to latest trace-viewer
208a55a : Improve robustness of thread name fixing
631112b : Fix adb shell argument construction
1983215 : Update to latest trace-viewer

+- Project: platform/external/clang

6270ca6 : Update aosp/master Clang with patches for fp16
33337ca : Update aosp/master clang for rebase to r235153
57786f7 : Add flag to enable assertions in Clang
3ea9e33 : Update aosp/master clang for rebase to r233350

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

3b1a2d5 : Remove broken vfp_alias.S implementation (part 2).
a6a2732 : Fix build breakage on mips64 and x86_64.
a71c53e : Use LOCAL_NO_LIBGCC to build this independently.
3ce6da3 : Add missing files to compiler-rt
d0c9b3f : Revert "Remove broken vfp_alias.S implementation."
e1bf77c : Remove broken vfp_alias.S implementation.
2145b13 : Cherry-pick fix to FP trunctation routine
403e558 : Update aosp/master compiler-rt with patches for fp16
3b01e96 : Build ASan runtime library with -fno-builtin.
b87c366 : Update asanwrapper.
f478b1d : Build ASan runtime library as ARM (as opposed to Thumb).
868d8c5 : Do not limit ASan modules to -eng build.
99141a6 : Don't use an STL for any of the compiler libs.
8f6cd44 : Link ASan runtime library with -z global.
ff52820 : Fix ASan-RT library name in multilib build.
4932e0a : [DO NOT MERGE] Add line skipped during cherry-pick
909fff8 : Update aosp/master compiler-rt for rebase to r235153
23a87c1 : Build the ASAN RTL without RTTI.
d99b2eb : Build the ASAN RTL without RTTI.
7c8bfcb : Revert "Build ASan runtime DSO with -z global."
b3fece3 : Update asan/scripts/
07c56cb : Build ASan runtime DSO with -z global.
92f9e2f : Build ubsan libraries for the host.
06e4b40 : Add a host libcompiler_rt-extras.
7c91505 : Update aosp/master compiler-rt for rebase to r233350

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

295b30e : external/conscrypt: allow server-initiated renegotiations.
efe5c66 : Update NativeCryptoTest
cecb4da : Adjust Signature interface for BoringSSL
f940fc2 : external/conscrypt: remove assertion SSL_OP_NO_SSLv2 is set
1d7e7b3 : conscrypt: change test of SSL_set_cipher_lists
b0e7a58 : Fix compilation with OpenSSL
35c2503 : Fix error conditions in certificate/PKCS#7 reading
199a134 : Fix compilation with OpenSSL
ccb8225 : Fix error conditions in certificate/PKCS#7 reading
203afd8 : Fix up JNI_TRACE for AEAD
1127c19 : OpenSSLCipher: adjust expected length with padding in decrypt mode
ca6d8d3 : external/conscrypt: tweaks for next BoringSSL import.
9467d22 : Try to get preferred external provider
9bca53c : Fix ECDSA upcalls from TLS/SSL into JCA.
d1b4488 : Fix RSA upcalls from TLS/SSL into JCA.
e5d26bc : NativeCrypto: special case for empty cipher list
d65ea6d : NativeCrypto: special case for empty cipher list
5b59e99 : OpenSSLKey: unsupported algorithm is an InvalidKeyException
1305c13 : NativeCrypto: return of 0 is error for EVP_Sign/VerifyFinal
53629cf : OpenSSLKey: unsupported algorithm is an InvalidKeyException
d5d7063 : NativeCrypto: throw exception on RSA op failure
8d57b9d : OpenSSLX509Certificate: mark mContext as transient
42b8c5e : Revert "OpenSSLX509Certificate: mark mContext as transient"
998fbfc : OpenSSLX509Certificate: mark mContext as transient
8673398 : Use |BIO_read_asn1| when parsing PKCS#7.
d82dc06 : Add isFinite flag to OpenSSLBIOInputStream.
959e25c : SSL: select the right key type for kx
732e400 : Move BoringSSL indication to NativeConstants
05b8e50 : external/conscrypt: support arbitrary ECC groups.
57ad13f : Silence unused result warnings in conscrypt.
8d18c8a : external/conscrypt: fix WITH_JNI_TRACE in light of BoringSSL update.
7c0a4c8 : Fix OpenSSL build for new AEAD changes
f6f6620 : OpenSSLCipher: add AEAD cipher
110054e : OpenSSLCipher: refactor in preparation for AEAD
9b343fc : Rename Arrays to ArrayUtils
6e1d9d2 : Add style info for the C++ files
09b021a : conscrypt: guard some error values that will be removed in BoringSSL.
7b0e91b : Disable RSA blinding for BoringSSL with no public exponent
fbb754f : Disable RSA blinding for BoringSSL with no public exponent
dc77a71 : Fix method by which the EC curve type is determined
a6cef49 : Split up JNI library initialization
c5752c0 : external/conscrypt: ask OpenSSL for supported cipher suites.
d9a68f6 : external/conscrypt: ask OpenSSL for supported cipher suites.
308eaf6 : Throw InvalidKeyException when keystore key malformed
e3834b1 : NativeCrypto: allow default exceptions
d12c567 : Throw InvalidKeyException when keystore key malformed
48d7b0a : NativeCrypto: allow default exceptions
4415aa6 : Throw InvalidKeyException when keystore key malformed
f2d30c9 : NativeCrypto: allow default exceptions
cf9111e : NativeCrypto: compatibility with OpenSSL
a6a38cd : NativeCrypto: use correct types for unused functions
e0e2a5b : RI: AttachCurrentThread has different type
7e21685 : RI: move header include to Android-specific place
c625fa9 : RI: cast to char* for JNI registration
72ea3d6 : NativeCrypto: not finding a key is not fatal
025c61f : NativeCrypto: not finding a key is not fatal
30d2cd7 : OpenSSLCipherRSA: reset bufferOffset on init
8098cbb : NativeCrypto: not finding a key is not fatal
2654d56 : external/conscrypt: switch NativeCrypto itself to use NativeConstants.
f79c90d : external/conscrypt: add NativeConstants.
7a19290 : external/conscrypt: remove DH key support.
9b8d092 : external/conscrypt: add SSL_CIPHER_get_kx_name
d4cca77 : OpenSSLCipher: exception when IV not specified
8a77c20 : NativeCrypto: do not discard pending exceptions
ddcacec : ECKeyPairGenerator: switch default curve to 256 bits
6ae71b6 : external/conscrypt: recognise des-ede-cbc as an alias for des-cbc.
ce17548 : external/conscrypt: remove DHKey.
dd9517d : OpenSSLRandom: throw exception when seed == null
7cb0a4a : Fix conscrypt-stubs target
4d7e1f9 : OpenSSLEngine: do not try to load ENGINE for BoringSSL
62190cd : Add Platform adapter around unbundled conscrypt
ee3c863 : external/conscrypt: don't throw in native code if missing cipher.
34160c5 : external/conscrypt: align registered modes with BoringSSL.
bd1bbfb : Make methods public for testing.
eaa2876 : Don't use Jack embedded library

+- Project: platform/external/deqp

eee8271 : DO NOT MERGE Split GLES31 copy image tests in 3.
ca60962 : Remove large draw_indirect.compute_interop tests
a2d25ce : Fix out-of-bounds buffer access in tese ShaderExecutor
7d8984f : Remove fragment_out.basic.uint.rgba8ui_* from must-pass
2d6fd94 : Remove rest of the gradient dithering tests from mustpass.
d055b32 : Remove white gradient test without dithering from mustpass
15f6720 : Use RGBA8888 base config for EGL image functional tests.
2259530 : Remove differing precision ubo tests from mustpass
fcb31b8 : Remove few blend tests from rgb565 mustpass
8104ce2 : Remove highp scalar reflect tests from mustpass
55d9f83 : Remove two EGL tests with flaky results
243bc61 : Remove infeasible M tests.
498bfb2 : Remove tests infeasible for M.
5260313 : Remove linkage.uniform.basic.precision_conflict_? as infeasible
0815790 : Remove infeasible gles2 matrix tests.
323c5b2 : Remove infeasible M tests.
3bca299 : Remove infeasible derivative.fwidth cases
dadf7db : Remove tests infeasible for M.
b8b73c7 : Remove EGL random multithreaded resource sharing tests.
8d2a27e : Remove problematic srgb8_alpha8_astc copy image tests.
48124f1 : Remove some GLES3 multisample config cases
61cf23d : Remove a few tests from M mustpass
40ff528 : Remove another textureLodOffset() case from mustpass
31801e0 : Remove mipmap.cube.projected tests from mustpass
4ce5f63 : Remove tests not feasible for M from mustpass
5c54159 : Remove a couple of primitive_bbox line cases due to HW limitation
dafc061 : Remove negative tests for sliced 3D ASTC texture targets
afd7c45 : Remove broken fbo completeness cases from mustpass
ea026b3 : Remove highp float FBO dfd*() tests from mustpass
ce985f2 : Remove a few ES2 tests from mustpass
202ef0a : Remove textureprojlodoffset.sampler3d_float_vertex from mustpass
31805e6 : Fix warning in modf() precision test code
09e39a2 : Improve calibration and accouting in flush-finish tests
18243b3 : Relax modf(Inf) fractional part verification
1deb3e8 : Remove few GLES3 fragdata tests from mustpass list
8c92e5c : Remove couple of cases due to HW precision limitations
269e5eb : DO NOT MERGE: Fix undefined arg eval order issue in fuzzy compare
2985717 : Remove negative linking tests from mustpass.
1906446 : Lower correlation threshold in flush-finish tests
8acdc20 : Check EXT_render_snorm and EXT_sparse_texture in gles3 negative tests.
4b13fe5 : Remove highp acosh() and atanh() tests from mustpass
e8efb72 : Relax asin() precision requirements
3efe7a9 : Remove mediump sin/cos/tan precision tests from mustpass
b5d3366 : Fix scaling of precision for mediump sin/cos/tan
8e77955 : Remove remaining wide line interpolation cases from mustpass.
6fe4621 : Reduce rendering load in large sync tests by 90%.
7c53231 : Remove from mustpass 3D texture_function cases with LOD issues.
8527bea : Remove MSAA wide line helper invocation cases from mustpass.
8013526 : Remove texture size tests with incorrect threshold from mustpass.
566182c : Fix helper_invocation.* rendering mostly black.
6c9ec4d : Use only representable floats in frexp() case inputs.
8ff52f0 : Remove MSAA derivate and reflect highp vec4 cases
b6017bb : Bump float->int64 conversion threshold by one bit.
5b426a5 : Remove atan2 precision tests from mustpass
6d84d9e : Fix unrelated errors in ASTC negative API tests
7cbc13c : Add GLSL ES 3.0 tests for default uniform precision mismatch
7b3d2d1 : Allow interchangeable signed zeros in fragment stage frexp.
053bacb : Fix expected results in implicit conversion tests
e58f87c : Remove dEQP-GLES3.functional.uniform_api.random.23 from mustpass
bd58796 : Remove wide line interpolation cases from mustpass.
1e6039c : Enable default VAO attrib divisor test for resolved Khronos bug 13564.
28b88d2 : Remove interpolate_at_centroid tests from mustpass.
f385ac0 : Ignore denormals in floatUlpThresholdCompare.
582ae6e : Check tessellation SSBO block limits in ShaderExecUtil.
f0a8ab9 : Remove flush_wait test as glFlush does not flush on all platforms.
0bfced5 : Remove tests for __LINE__ in nested multi-line macros.
b3637d2 : Fix bug in tcu::Interval::intersects()
51a7080 : Add missing TCS/TES image limit checks to PIQ tests.
2783be6 : Force sampling to single texture level in copy image tests
aabcb32 : Fix explicit TCS output array size not matching gl_MaxPatchVertices.
a2e0576 : Allow any int -> float rounding in state query utils.
d2246f1 : Allow XXX_framebuffer_no_attachments limits to exceed texture limits.
1dca1ae : Fix GLES31 geo/tess linkage test uniforms with conficting precisions.
624f8ec : Convert negative pragma cases to positive.
13034e1 : DO NOT MERGE: Port GLES2 and 3 binding query tests to use gls state query utils.
58aae3b : Add deInt32ToFloatRoundToNegInf and deInt32ToFloatRoundToPosInf.
edf4349 : Do not require max components to be divisible by 4
59b032b : Add simulated error before rounding to target precision in dfdx tests.
aa143d2 : Always read pixels from fbo in fbo recreate.no_rebind tests
162d319 : Check sampler limits in random shader cases.
20bdbf2 : Remove broken sampler2darrayshadow_vertex from mustpass.
f7e5472 : Convert ES3 uniform block precision mismatch test to positive test.
27f6f9f : Remove GLES3 attribute location aliasing tests from must pass set
6c1b3db : Allow alternative mix() implementation
123c801 : Allow different multiplication order in reflect()
0557a70 : Add support for alternative forms to precision tests
9cb5b07 : Make TEXTURE_3D the only target requiring ASTC HDR
8a14bbb : Fix bug in (u)intBitsToFloat() test result verification code
1a9576a : Add tests for GL_EXT_debug_marker
1ab8120 : Update ES3 mustpass list
52d6edc : Negative API tests against non-2D texture targets with LDR ASTC.
1c3a4b0 : Fix EGL multithread single window tests.
0267b32 : Revert "Make empty declaration tests positive."
5f69470 : Fix issues with non-tightly packed images.
eae7c69 : Do not use combined format as depth target in EGL render tests.
d847822 : Fix onStart/onCreate race in instrumentation.
952970c : DO NOT MERGE: Do not spam activity manager if remote dies.
2995cc2 : Improve glFlush() & glFinish() tests
b0dff9c : Add missing EGLimage stencil image verifier.
7f2e8aa : Fix EGLImage depth image test issues.
ccab5bf : Fix some warnings in border clamp tests.
933f2cc : Remove copies from rendebuffers from must pass list.
43a4415 : Remove SRGB copy image test bug from test issues list.
c2de475 : Regenerate EGL mustpass lists
03fcc67 : Update ES2 mustpass based on latest feedback
fc5a709 : Do not use color EGLimages as depth or stencil images or vice versa.
59adfae : Relax ordering requirements for non-conformant configs.
4fdcdd5 : Relax builtin precision tests, fix issue in div rounding
08e7d68 : Remove uniform block tests using double underscore.
0c39ccf : Allow BUFFER_TYPE_YUV as BUFFER_TYPE if extension is supported.
68f1f6b : Check that HDR version of ASTC is present for non-2D texture targets.
9ac9658 : Make empty declaration tests positive.
13cd928 : Fix negative block syntax tests expecting compile success.
02b40d2 : Fix primitive bbox line verification regression.
25ed53b : Fix primitive bbox line verification regression.
3128921 : Update EGL wrappers and utilities to latest spec.
a2d0564 : Check OES_texture_npot in ES2 texture completeness tests.
ba82a43 : Add missing finish() calls to multithread and multi context tests.
a396e5b : Require conformant configs in EGL tests.
abad50c : Remove problematic shaders.texture_functions tests from mustpass
bcdc56d : Remove mediump cos() tests from mustpass
7758009 : Relax texture filtering precision requirements in ES2 tests
b5c8f10 : Fix unused variable warning in release builds.
0458a41 : Fix memory leak in semaphore self tests.
d1a18be : Move GLSL 3.00 ES repeated uniform blocks to invalid group.
d5be8ad : Assume border color is always in linear space.
06fe4fe : Add EXT_texture_border_clamp tests.
f0ca13a : Do not assume support for multisampled wide lines.
5c60a3e : Add bug numbers to ES3.1 HW issues list
7d416ea : Update GLES3 HW issues list
35f0930 : Fix unused variable warning in Release builds.
b459c99 : Update default VAO attrib divisor tests.
222c1cf : Improve texture border color handling.
5a0a3bb : Avoid handling combined depth-stencil textures as color data.
e00fcd6 : Use sched_getaffinity for both linux and android.
d97e5c6 : Update ES2 & EGL mustpass lists based on latest feedback
09037a4 : Handle stencil textures as one-channel int textures.
0d61ad2 : Move getEffectiveTextureView() to tcuTextureUtil.
23da295 : Add support for depth-stencil-mode to Sampler.
45b7dbb : Add getDefaultGatherOffsets() to texture utils.
b635ce2 : Simplify sglr depth-stencil related code by using tcu and rr utilities.
4b395c8 : Add N-bit min/max/mask utilities to deInt32.h.
b375fb4 : Fix dethread build on OS X
7a2ea3f : Fix valgrind warnings.
aa02735 : Update GLES3 HW issues list.
db6ba45 : Add UNSIGNED_INT24 channel format.
71d8c06 : Implement tcu::clear{Depth|Stencil} using tcu::clear.
a4a7880 : Remove getDataSize and setPixels from PixelBufferAccess.
41920d7 : Add utilities to split combined-depth-stencil accesses.
d26a314 : Avoid accessing pixel depth directly in tcuTexCompareVerifier.
2294182 : Avoid accessing border color directly in tcuTexture.
6c30716 : Support not tightly packed pixel buffer accesses in tcuTextureUtil.
cf7b2b5 : Allow both errors in getFramebufferAttachmentParameter tests.
1858a67 : Allow INVALID_OPERATION in glTexImage3D negative tests.
dac378b : Update libpng reference to 1.6.17
8ec73c4 : Remove invalid robustness KHR_create_context tests.
ce0306a : Remove tests affected by bug 20340818 from mustpass.
f43d2d2 : Remove tests affected by bug 20340817 from mustpass.
f38ef81 : Add default VAO vertexAttrbDivisor GLES3/GLES31 behavior change tests.
4635cae : Remove incompatible EGLImage modify glTexSubImage tests.
80cba96 : Fix more valgrind warnings in negative API tests
3d3ce45 : Remove complex builtin function constant folding cases from mustpass
532b09c : Remove copy image tests using snorm from mustpass list.
aa80b85 : Remove check that required NULL to be invalid native window.
ae95275 : Fix EGL render tests on 5551.
31be485 : Improve logging of texture border color.
465468f : Clean up texture sampling and verification code.
a8db465 : Skip complex compare verification if reference and result are identical.
66ff4f4 : Add getTextureFormatChannelMask.
08abab4 : Support getting transfer format for BGRA textures.
365a35e : Add more negative GLSL ES 3 uniform block tests.
7eaad38 : Fix incorrect assumptions of native GraphicBuffer ctor/dtor/lifetime.
cacbbf8 : Add GLES3.1 uniform block syntax tests.
ea43bfb : Use per component unspecified flags to sort EGLConfigs.
43105a3 : Check that API is supported by EGLConfig.
62ca594 : Fix invalid negative native wait tests.
85a0a1c : Define DEQP_SUPPORT_GLES1 for CTS builds
0b7f209 : Fix non-matching varying invariance in GLES2 preprocessor test.
5d5310f : Add --deqp-watchdog=enable to mustpass spec files
7785313 : Support uploading compressed 3D textures in gluTexture.
e2bf5f5 : Avoid UB in getBits if numBits were 32.
c3005bf : Remove GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced from rgb565 mustpass.
f78b3df : Avoid querying name from framebuffer without attachment.
83d2cad : Increase blend test comparison threshold.
39edd83 : Remove executable permission from a source file
1ea62af : Add EGL and GLES2 modules to CTS build
083b599 : Add initial EGL and ES2.0 mustpass lists
4223d19 : Rename mnc mustpass to master
44efd61 : Fix EGL multithread test bug.
c58a816 : Fix random viewport calculation in lifetime tests.
3f4cf9e : Add de::SpinBarrier
0a9d96e : Add GLSL 3.00 ES uniform block tests.
58da74f : Add CPU core count queries to deThread.h
a5387be : Check EXT_sparse_texture in get_internalformativ tests.
cc7b180 : Add dePop64() and fix dePop32() to use unsigned input value
0b894ac : Improve android install script.
971d41d : Fix negative glCompressedTexSubImage3D tests.
74a4e3e : Fix unintialized memory issues reported by valgrind
59b012e : Terminate session execution if fatal error is caught.
3e7f70a : Close LogSection properly in fence_sync tests.
95a4525 : Fix crash in EGL render tests
4d0ac78 : Remove GLES3 interaction.basic_shader.20 from MNC mustpass.
4452afe : Only include info and functional tests in mustpass
08254d9 : Fix uint-to-float conversion warning
6d6be64 : Fix asset path in internal tests
f945409 : Remove broken fragment op interaction shader from MNC mustpass.
fd41d5d : Make EGL GLES2 multithread sharing tests more robust.
4c37120 : Avoid ambiguous clear colors in fragment_ops.interaction.
52975f0 : Check for extensions in negative getinternalformat tests.
3beb22d : Fix teglChooseConfigReference when alpha is defined.
8a43188 : Render draw test reference lines with MSAA in MSAA configs.
7f5041f : Remove reflect() tests from mustpass
d55a026 : Increase threshold in layout_binding tests.
71f9d74 : Relax random fragment op thresholds on MSAA.
d35b7eb : Add dither.* to MNC mustpass pixel format tests.
8e814ce : Fix EGL tests that called EGL functions before init()
4059813 : Add stub EGL support to null platform
b6afa3b : Fix scissor tests failing on 565.
ecfbb10 : Generate MNC mustpass lists.
065cde5 : Fix clearing SRGB renderbuffers in copy image tests.
eeec8ac : Fix warnings caused by using unnamed enums as template parameters
0fe5327 : Fix read_pixels tests.
65df5c5 : Check stencil and depth buffer presence before using them in multisample tests.
484aa20 : New mustpass script and first MNC ES3.x mustpass lists
6801c06 : Fix / Clean up de::SharedPtr.
35da00b : Fix broken toRGBAMasked.
d980831 : Improve android gdb script.
4423dda : Update case list.
1d75d23 : Remove sampleND duplication by always using the offset versions.
011ce17 : Fix valgrind warnings in negative tests when running on null context.
18c15f9 : Add negative tests for per-patch output aggregate types.
8cd63a2 : Add user_defined_io.per_patch_block and _block_array tessellation tests.
368115f : Escape non-printable characters in xeXMLWriter.
5f77421 : Fix shader info log including 0-terminator.
5967800 : Add multisample_interpolation negative tests.
b802d8a : Reapply changes lost in a merge gone bad.
ed56e09 : Fix test session completion status
60eed8e : Add couple of more GLSL ES 3.00 uint literal tests
6d7f03c : Apply test case renames to LMP caselist.
b96672c : Fix es31-lmp.txt caselist containing non-existent case.
cafd5f1 : Add negative tests for array initialization.
41ae6dc : Add .* to .gitignore.
8d98e2a : Fix tcu::TestStatus::isComplete()
4e3ea87 : Refactor tcu::TestExecutor
bd35111 : Fix int->bool conversion warning on MSVC
116c9f7 : Remove extension name bug workaround from FBO completeness tests.
02238eb : Remove illegal outputs from tessellation user_defined_io cases.
4e5dbcc : Allow inconsistently sized attachments in gles2 fbo completeness tests.
bf845c4 : Make fbo completeness format rules forward compatible.
83a0aac : Fix EGL negative api eglMakeCurrent test.
b5c60b0 : Improve logging in fbo completeness tests.
1ae4692 : Accepth different errors from eglCreatePbufferFromClientBuffer.
6a1979c : Add beginsWith/endsWith to deStringUtil.hpp.
cefcb1d : Fix threshold calculation in EGLImage tests.
012f21d : Fix failing assertion if glGetIntegerv query fails.
6492654 : Don't call exit() from signal handler.
369216b : Remove invalid negative eglClientWaitSync tests.
8d071f9 : Avoid malloc in App::onCrash.
804b502 : Remove invalid negative eglCreateSync test.
3314231 : Fix negative eglWaitNative tests.
d2722f6 : Add missing eglMakeCurrent calls to release resources.
ed7aa26 : Fix invalid channel order in tcuTextureUtil.
b6232f8 : Support GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_R(G)8 extensions in fbo completeness tests.
8bf16f2 : Support GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_R(G)8 extension in glw.
16d404b : Add framework support for sR and sRG textures.
1357009 : Change --is-release argument to --android-build-type.
e155d34 : Fix java build warnings, mostly unused imports.
1c35814 : Fix RelWithAsserts build type, remove build type validation
2fe9285 : Allow choosing random input count in builtin_functions.precision tests
c214f65 : Use highp interpolation in fragment_out tests

+- Project: platform/external/dexmaker

fec7276 : Issue: ProxyBuilder.getMethodsToProxyRecursive() was not returning list of methods in deterministic order.
1b545bb : Update AppDataDirGuesser for BaseDexClassLoader
7ff2c52 : -Added instructions to on how to run unit tests. -Modified DexMakerTest.getDataDirectory() and FibonacciMaker.getDataDirectory() to use code that does not rely on Android framework jars being in the class path. This makes unit testing much simpler.
054604d : Modified DexMaker to reuse existing class files whenever possible. Modified ProxyBuilder to use a nested directory structure with versioning information.

+- Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

f161783 : Properly initialize struct irec pointers after malloc()

+- Project: platform/external/doclava

274a19e : Display annotations and annotation values when they are requested (cherry-picked from commit 6fa3e41df1664e59c13830b012b9be39c2b31cae)
5400437 : Fix handling of double-byte chars for tags, keywords.
1aeb039 : Fix NPE on checkapi with malformed text input
59aecf8 : Fix broken handling of @removed tag
024e9b2 : Add distribute/tools content to essentials content.
4d6512a : Docs: Enables NDK Downloads page to use sdkpage.cs to construct download table.
e8cdc5b : Set page.type to preview for preview pages.
34cf9d6 : Add wildcard support to stubpackages DO NOT MERGE
372e36e : Add wildcard support to stubpackages
f9b7c1b : add new option to ApiCheck to look for new API methods
4863961 : Fail doc/api generation when a private super class is exposed.
67e440b : Fix overridden method check in apicheck.

+- Project: platform/external/droiddriver

72a4080 : follow AndroidJUnitRunner API change

+- Project: platform/external/e2fsprogs

07a7be7 : Add bare-bones encryption support to e2fsck
b2cc45f : Add f2fs to blkid.
ce5b655 : Export include details from libuuid.
57eacf4 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.

+- Project: platform/external/eigen

1ba7f85 : Make eigen and libblas able to build for API8 x86 target.
9267631 : Make eigen about to build for API 8 (RenderScript support lib)
68f0304 : fix eigen crash on fugu when executing ZHEMV with SSE instructions.
46444d3 : Add NOTICE files
d1c95d7 : Add BLAS build rules to Eigen.
c8af191 : Cherry-pick of commit 99f9c030d998.
acf83bd : Cherry pick of commit 16c3e972d6b3.
615d816 : Rebase Eigen to 3.2.4.

+- Project: platform/external/elfutils

0333382 : Upgrade to elfutils 0.161.
41f6771 : Export elfutils headers and lose the version number from the path.
db42bd1 : Clean up the libelf hacks.
6a6f810 : elfutils: Add three files to the compile list
5639e20 : Elfutils: Don't warn on seemingly unused variable

+- Project: platform/external/esd

668656f : Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE files

+- Project: platform/external/expat

e5aa0a2 : Build multilib host libexpat.

+- Project: platform/external/f2fs-tools

3686eec : Add make_f2fs module for device.
9351bc8 : f2fs-tools: release 1.4.1
a16ec08 : f2fstat: fix option parsing
3e2c7b7 : fsck.f2fs: remove corrupted data indices in direct node blocks
0bdc381 : mkfs.f2fs: avoid memory leak in mkfs
400a840 : fsck.f2fs: support large sector size
29ab4d8 : mkfs.f2fs: support large sector size
8bcdc5f : fsck.f2fs: readahead node blocks to speed up
3bcf223 : dump.f2fs: show checkpoint flag
f3b55c8 : fsck.f2fs: fix sit types seamlessly
3f4bcef : fibmap.f2fs: fix the wrong stat info
5507020 : configure: add check for bswap_64
3cd5ba1 : configure: also check for byteswap.h
7443524 : parse.f2fs: add a tool to parse IO traces made by runtime f2fs
c511d5d : dump.f2fs: dump owner of data given block address
1e69ed2 : fsck.f2fs: no need to fix SIT type for COLD_DATA
060292e : mkfs.f2fs: introduce some macros to simplify coding style
7dce30f : fsck.f2fs: remove unused value
631e2d9 : mkfs.f2fs: fix missing endian conversion
a0b4fab : mkfs: use compact mode for data summaries
97e299d : fsck.f2fs: add a missing 'fixed' during chk_dentries()
7b5d118 : fsck.f2fs: avoid false alarm on SIT type fix
fbfd8e3 : fsck.f2fs: remove unneeded return
a21f461 : fsck.f2fs: show orphan inodes when fixing partition
650ad1e : mkfs.f2fs: reclaim free space in case of regular file
0f73652 : mkfs.f2fs: give a kernel version for initial format
c07795e : fsck.f2fs: trigger fsck.f2fs when new change was made
f54dd91 : fsck.f2fs: fix SIT entry types
5d72a91 : Install mkfs.f2fs directly to the recovery image.
2a1bc92 : Install mkfs.f2fs directly to the recovery image.

+- Project: platform/external/fio

90531c4 : Fix issues in fio
365a153 : fio: Fix a GCC 4.9 allignment error.
a64f0e1 : fio: Disable clang only for the arm target.
77d9788 : Update with new fio-2.2.6 changes.
d19a46f : smalloc: bump initial size to 8 pools
eb433fd : fio: fix smalloc strdop allocation failure
0dfdb89 : Fio 2.2.6
bbc1f06 : fio: fix cycles_start build issue
ff0dbe1 : Patch to make per-thread IOPS more accurate
3b9719f : Fix segfault due to bad munmap()
2ed0d1b : Typo fix in man page.
6a03ba6 : Fix implicit function declaration on Android
7085a95 : Add missing pre-defined ARM arch compiler macro
dbb438e : Add --output-format option to manpage.
842d2e2 : Make 'loops' honor full write+verify loops
90e390e : Fixup whitespace damage in the two previous commits
534e19c : axmap: Avoid memory leak if axmap_new() failed
a8ad8dd : iolog: Don't leak memory if fread fails in iolog_file_inflate
a03739b : Allow verify w/norandommap and bsrange
3809413 : Allow verification of random overwrites w/ba < bs
a52b813 : examples/ssd-test.fio: bump size to 10G
1b35740 : Allow random overwrite workloads to write io_limit
aedc0b6 : gettime.h: use time_t instead of size_t for copy of tv_sec
7318762 : verify: Fix latency log for verify commands.
1b7ab80 : Fix for verify_only (do_dry_run()) broken by 74d6277f
25d4dfe : configure: fix libnuma_v2 probe to work with -Werror
5aab46d : Moral license update
cfa0e9c : Update the moral license
90881c8 : gettime: remember to tear down clock cpumask on normal exit
aa28ce0 : gettime: fix unitialized variable on Solaris
3c9c470 : idletime: maintain cpuset over lifetime of idle thread
1af4be1 : gettime: initialize cpusets properly
4c64ff7 : gettime: if setaffinity fails, print the errno error
b354758 : Fixing typo
efd633f : dedupe_percentage should work even if compress_percentage is not set
e67b928 : Better accommodate random writes larger than blockalign
eaa89f5 : parse: ensure strings are pre-terminated when using strncpy()
20ffe02 : Fio 2.2.5
b931a9c : shm: disable iomem=shm* for shm disabled
e77e7be : configure: add --disable-shm to disable use of shm
868902d : net: don't record/verify UDP sequence numbers if buffer is too small
bf2d816 : crc/test: sha1 should do _final() after _update()
903b3a0 : Fix segfault with client/server and minimal output
159619b : sha256: fix verify failure
f795c81 : sha256: fix verify failure
d1a44b2 : verify: always check completion list for low depth verifies
72d300c : ioengine: if we get BUSY in queuing, adjust accounting
5d61d11 : Improve precision of the io_limit setting
7e63b3d : Improve rate limiting
b939bf9 : rbd example: 'invalidate=false' no longer necessary
4811fff : client: take better care to return failure from fio_handle_clients()
016f32f : smalloc: limit to 1 pool, and bump size to 16MB
596eec5 : axmap: random maps are private, don't get them from smalloc
c2e9954 : filelock: fix segfault on some use cases of log file locking
06f63e5 : mmap backend invalidate fix
13e3435 : Fix disk utils being updated too often
ffb17c0 : Adjust ctime_r buf down to 32
0a24a73 : Add timestamp to json output
fa52915 : gettime: include min/max cycle counts for CPU clock
ea12b2d : server: use fio_gettime() for timeout variables
97c6334 : verify: fix potentially unterminated name
e0ba571 : memory: double check that mmapfd isn't -1 before closing
045dd68 : gluster: io_u->error should be a positive error value
75289ee : client: fix potential buffer overrun in server name copy
12585bc : init: fix potential mem leak on multiple trigger options
b0c36cf : Avoid potential buffer overflow in make_filename()
b357a22 : cleanup: add defines for default pareto or zipf values
adab916 : Fio 2.2.4
1d31753 : bloom: kill unused function
070c617 : axmap: make axmap_first_free() static
28787e4 : Revert "axmap: ensure we lock down the maps for shared access"
b229faf : Revert "axmap: fix deadlock"
da5b86e : Get rid of lockfile callback
c7511e6 : axmap: fix deadlock
1056413 : gettime: add basic init cpuclock test
2eb30e0 : Fio 2.2.3
f6b7925 : options: ensure that we check all candidates on is_set check
158a7fe : Fio 2.2.2
2e2956c : Fix default scrambling of buffers
d1be5f8 : gettime: hide fio_gtod_cpumask if not used
32bbea4 : gettime: only use CPU affinity if available
3a6ea73 : Fio 2.2.1
948ceaf : axmap: ensure we lock down the maps for shared access
0703ea0 : options: turn missing options into debug parse messages
3c0f526 : options: add debug code for failure to lookup option names
c180342 : mutex: add __fio_mutex_remove()
32e9adb : t/btrace2fio: add ability to add specific options through -a
7126d86 : parse: remove the arithmetic parser checking
809a29e : Fio 2.2.0
d8fc0cd : gettime: fix compile warning for !ARCH_HAVE_CPU_CLOCK
1e62c3f : gettime: offset CPU cycle counter by initial value
f38eaf7 : stat: always show disk util in terse v3/v4
5194e34 : gettime: cleanup for FIO_DEBUG_TIME
400531d : gettime: fix overflow in cycle to usec conversion
80ac020 : gettime-thread: set and allow multiple CPUs
2496101 : gettime-thread: fix missing startup mutex
0419419 : gettime: improve gettimeofday() offload support
02c7e29 : gettime: limit warning on CPU clock
a7d78f2 : gettime: don't attempt to fixup what looks like a backwards clock
e124390 : engines/mmap: clear partial mmap flag on close
e8f198b : engines/mmap: fix segfault on large devices and 32-bit archs
42ec575 : backend: use monotonic clock for ETA, if we have it
581b5df : backend: fix off-by-one in nsec calculation
d55dd04 : file: unionize lfsr/randommap
aa31de7 : Add helpers for getting/setting file engine data
eea6bed : file: move mmap related data to engines/mmap.c where it belongs
08a99be : Fix read/write mix and different levels of randomness
106a06b : eta.c: check malloc return code
b2c52da : backend: fix should_check_rate() typo in wait_for_completions()
24528e7 : backend: abstract out waiting for completions
b65f392 : Update size/io_size descriptions
1a9b293 : btrace2fio: add support for collapsing close entries
468a18c : Improved support for libhdfs
a2f1c2d : gluster: wire up sync/datasync opcodes
4b4b0ef : Fix server/client set_options conversion
1006b2d : Use fio_option_is_set() for ioprio setting
d3d9401 : Always scramble buffers, if scramble_buffers is set
94b360f : Get rid of _set variables
9c62acd : options: add support for checking if an option has been set
c88db25 : Update date and email in man page
5b28422 : options: strip off =optval when matching
cf88f2a : options: show closest match for unknown job option
57a49c0 : lib/rand: cleanup __fill_random_buffer()
2ed0dfa : lib/rand: fix bug with non uint64_t aligned random buffer fill
786715e : parse: make suggestions for unknown options
8f99b95 : sync: use io_u_log_error() for more detailed error messages
2d613fe : verify: cleanup
e145729 : Use specified compression/pattern for verify buffers too
97f78c4 : Don't clear 'refill_buffers' unconditionally for pattern fill
fd1583f : Use specified buffer_pattern (if given) for all io_u fills
d18c041 : Remove 'td' parameter from fill_pattern()
bab1261 : Fix a few spelling errors
5d3c510 : fio: remove deprecated --latency-log from manpage
2a3bf76 : Bump disk util stats from 32 to 64-bit values
9aba7b7 : Make gfio build with --build-static
ce596f2 : Fixup t/ test apps for lfsr_next change()
46ad62d : lfsr: don't pass in last value to lfsr_next()
f15b9e5 : iolog: account for wasted time in ipo stall
15ed5ae : blktrace: correct setting of iodepth
18dbbb9 : server: fix missing ETA in some cases
07f512c : trigger: always send trigger, not just when remote command is set
7eebf50 : client: defer local trigger execute until after state is received
e1ade20 : HOWTO: add description and examples of verify triggers
a443207 : trigger: enable separate remote and local trigger
1be2ed9 : Kill off -Wshadow again
2c57d32 : verify: allow empty/no trigger file
4d6922b : Fix some shadow warnings for some gcc variants
3ebcfd5 : verify: verify_state_gen_name() should check size
e927ea8 : Fio 2.1.14
3d0be7c : client: replace duplicate code with read_data()
de54cfd : Add support for verify triggers and verify state saving
2581b51 : t/btrace2fio: don't dec inflight for requeue
44aab35 : t/btrace2fio: fix divide-by-zero in rate calculation
93d3658 : Makefile: add -Wshadow
79dc914 : Fixup some of the time (usec) based conversions
d4eb465 : Get rid if ddir_trim() macro
b89f89e : Fix crash on threads being reaped before they are created
1a9487d : Add option for statically build fio
a5d7a72 : t/btrace2fio: cap depth if we don't see completion traces
c38e38f : Fix for a race when fio prints I/O statistics periodically
623216d : client/server: percentile_precision wasn't net converted
6d63908 : iolog: fix intermittent crash on exit with verify enabled
e069899 : Add time_since_genesis()
dc068d5 : smalloc: add zeroing scalloc() variant
0f7f9a9 : Make fio -Wshadow clean
f678701 : Get rid of __ prefix for internal frand state
559073f : Remove use of OS provided random functions
ec58c74 : Add basic DragonFly support
3fdf874 : configure: disable lex/yacc on Solaris
5aa6d82 : mmap: set 'fd' to -1
6a60530 : engines: rename option specific pad from 'td' to 'pad'
c6dd7c5 : engines/rbd: sort IO by start time before waiting on it
ba1c431 : use io_complete var to avoid the rbd_aio_is_complete lock and context switch
a73717a : fix rbd_option parse error
68b05cd : engines/glusterfs_async: remove no-op prep function
8f736fb : engines/glusterfs_async: cleanups
25393fa : engines/glfs_async: add trim support
cd16fb7 : engines/rbd: add option to busy poll on event completion
21ea699 : engines/rbd: remove unused rbd_options->td
a0c24f9 : engines/rbd: use rbd_aio_is_complete() and add TRIM support
9c1e047 : engines/rbd: add support for rbd_invalidate_cache()
1fe34b5 : rbd: various fixes and cleanups
4ffeb0a : fio: Fix padding properly
2703aa4 : Loop Iteration Offset Bug
f5a9418 : Fix fp alignment
98d5315 : fio: fix alignement to prevent bus error on ARM
1266d3f : diskutil: get rid of disk_util_start_exit()
7fe3631 : Consolidate disk util, eta, and status check thread
0424786 : stat: avoid hang with race in stat thread exit and rusage update
fdb0da8 : Start and stop status interval (or file) thread separately
a2e694d : backend: remove debug du thread exit notice
925296a : Get rid of (now unused) disk_util_mutex
62244c9 : Fix exit being slowed by disk util stat time
acf7ead : t/dedupe: fix init of all thread variables
1735930 : compiler: improve gcc 4.x compile time check
f45d32b : Fix typo in alignment check
5259738 : Add alignment to thread_options_pack for proper fp alignment
fd738c0 : fio: add alignment check for fp fields
72d83a3 : stat: ensure that the fp fields are 64-bit aligned
3d225d0 : Add some build assert macros
6bde6be : BSD Yacc doesn't understand --no-lines, so use -l instead
768ae05 : engines/net: get rid of conversion warning on clang/OSX
e2e7032 : Get rid if --header-file argument for lex
722b5cd : client: fix potential NULL dereference
31da12c : t/btrace2fio: fix fd leak on error
bf6238a : t/dedupe: fix bogus items NULL compare
7bf3a57 : sha256: cast shift to uint64_t
7b3aea9 : crc/test: fix potential div by zero
9b093d8 : engines/libaio: fix wrong setting of wait_start
2b827fa : server/client: don't use __ conversion functions if not needed
49fe93e : engines: don't use printf or stderr directly
bc2e69c : backend: use log_info_flush(), not fflush()
f5c3fce : smalloc: use log_err() for errors
30f8e31 : client: partial revert of 9899aff3e345
8c04b69 : client: get rid of (now) unused client->nr_stat
bfa8f5d : client: always output summed output for all clients
c2d6668 : stat: set kb/unit_base, if not already set
453545a : Set genesis time when running only network clients
500b4f4 : Makefile: don't install test binaries
26166ef : engines/libaio: better protect against a busy loop in getevents()
e93fd53 : stat: add total/short/drop ios to the json output
87fc1cd : Update documentation on net engine port usage
a9b3c69 : engines/net: add subjob number to given port
b9e839c : configure: only print gtk status if --enable-gfio used
80436e1 : engines/net: use link close message on TCP as well
7bc24f6 : eta: don't count TD_SETTING_UP as a running process
97909a1 : engines/net: turn off UDP package dropping if buf size doesn't match
67e149c : stat: add dropped ios to the standard output
da91d75 : engines/net: add start of tracking how many UDP packages are dropped
5e34cea : engines/net: add TCP_MAXSEG setting (mss)
531e67a : engines/net: add socket buffer window size setting
0ecdd7f : net: fix error reported on job exit and full residual
e5f7caa : net: use SIGTERM for terminate
682c7e6 : Fix potential segfault on ENOENT on job file
79ecc30 : client: remember to zero pad filename
3589918 : Add support for --remote-config
cca4590 : gfio: remove warning on g_type_init() being deprecated
cc481fd : Makefile: fix gfio link for CONFIG_ARITHMETIC
17876dc : libaio: commit on EAGAIN
4adf611 : libaio: retry on -EINTR
4ce8aba : exp: small code cleanup
e340426 : exp: fix issues around int vs size_t
8944a7d : Ignore lexer.h auto-generated file
18a7ca5 : t/dedupe: use fio abstracted OS_O_DIRECT
e13194d : t/dedupe: remove leftover linux/fs.h include
6d686d9 : t/dedupe: use generic blockdev_size() to get size
463fc15 : t/dedupe: avoid div-by-zero for all identical chunks
78340c0 : t/dedupe: fix off-by 1.024 in bandwidth
56a0f46 : Fix bison parsing
50979ab : fix problem with yy_size_t vs int param to lexer_input
c0e1915 : init: set fail error return on bad parse
87d2369 : Fio 2.1.13
0c195ae : engines/libaio: modify getevents and commit error handling
cc7c47a : Makefile: exp/fixup-buggy-yacc-output is no more
5abaf3e : make expression parser handle scientific notation
8bc7692 : engines/libaio: reset 'wait_start' on non-EAGAIN
89c4eb6 : Bump IO engine version number
44bbe10 : engines/libaio: fix submit loop to use 'ld->queued' for exit
8602b0a : exp: we don't need -ly
841ffe5 : engines/libaio: don't reap on EAGAIN and no pending events
0cbbc39 : Constify a few more hot paths
241eb08 : engines/libaio: fix issue with EAGAIN
5a48d30 : Constify 'td' in a few functions
a22867a : remove unused bye symbol from arithmetic parser
64c9d60 : enable informing arithmetic parser of implicit units
7ab38ba : do not call fprintf from yyerror in expression parser
21bda79 : verify that expression parsing code gets the right answer
303b5ca : Treat colons and commas as end of input in expression parser
6a27ed9 : Use calloc() instead of malloc + memset
bb8d4b8 : HOWTO: fix typo
aa2eda7 : Makefile: properly annotate LEX/YACC parts
7f194f9 : exp: update man page and HOWTO
0b8d3cb : Makefile: PARSER_OBJS is not used anymore
a85066d : filesetup: fix a bug where we overwrite the set size
8cf2b45 : exp: get rid of the #line bug workaround
e83e4f5 : exp: fix shift/reduce conflict complaints
b50afc4 : configure: fix for the cases where bison provides yacc
c9a4996 : exp: fix __pow_finite being undefined
1061376 : Fix compile of t/btrace2fio on RHEL5/CentOS5
5420b34 : Makefile: silence make clean
ab9001b : Makefile: silence fixup
e27dadc : Wire up exp/test-expression-parser
d1010cc : exp: set float output for int modulus
c24053b : Update .gitignore with auto-generated lex/yacc outputs
ded6ec2 : fio: support modulus for the arithmetic parser
4fe690e : fio: support exponentiation in expression parser
c3805eb : fio: support suffixes in expression parser
88b635b : fio: allow arithmetic expressions to be used in job files
cb8a41d : t/dedupe: silence 'some_done' unused warning on some compilers
86051d4 : Fix typo in bs_is_seq_ran option help
0b24a95 : Clarify what number_ios does in the HOWTO/man page/help
418bf54 : Fix bug with zone and zone skipping and io_limit
8a42394 : Fix bug with rw sequence offset and io_limit
2ccf91a : t/dedupe: fixup bloom entry calculation
91d9721 : bloom: up hashes to 5 by default
262cf5c : crc/test: add fnv
dc34c74 : Add fnv hash
fc18c78 : crc/test: if the checksum needs a _final(), do it in the loop
ca79d44 : t/dedupe: print dedupe ratio instead of made-up factor
b0e1bb9 : Move murmur3 hash to crc/
95a5a3f : crc/test: add jhash
3e6d415 : crc/test: fix alignment
67c1b7c : Add murmurhash3
343334a : dedupe: exit gracefully if device/file open fails
0347988 : parse: fix issue with not filling leftover percentages correctly
8e0aa16 : Improve dedupe/compression buffer filling for mixed block sizes
ee4ceb7 : bloom: use independent hashes
bc9c100 : Clarify that include files may not contain job sections
02036c4 : bloom: always use a larger minimum size for bloom filter
de85014 : Add HOWTO section on include files
3f28b45 : Add ability to use an include file in a fio job file
d393bcd : dedupe: read in larger chunks at the time
c6f0f39 : dedupe: fix warning and segfault on -B0
d333882 : t/lfsr-test: fixup time
7a74197 : Add debug helper stub for t/ programs
76b9b83 : dedupe: default to using a bloom filter to save memory
5e59551 : Add bloom filter
fc3f3e4 : Fix compile for FIO_INC_DEBUG not set
0e79408 : dedupe: print threads used up front
997c9c3 : dedupe: remove rb_lock when done
d11a563 : dedupe: cleanups and rate estimation
4deca36 : dedupe: don't add extent items unless we use them
db9ab4e : t/dedupe: Linux only for now
b2a657f : Fix 32-bit compile warnings
e1ecce5 : Build t/ tools by default
3f3415f : dedupe: print progress indicator
d28d274 : dedupe: improve wording in output
5aa702c : Add small tool to check for dedupable contents in a file/device
89cce05 : Checksumming updates
ae8087f : memalign: fix off-by-one bug in alignment
8adb452 : Fix min/max typeof warnings
6a0044d : fifo: use minmax.h instead of rolling its own min/max
64d3bab : dedupe: if percentage is 100, don't go through random + math
e66dac2 : Basic support for dedupe
183f392 : btrace2fio: expand rate options, bug fixes
047623b : btrace2fio: add rate output
d8943e1 : btrace2fio: move file tracking to btrace_pid
2cbdcdb : fio: print io_u errors on one line
059c406 : Fixup data-direction to name translation
5033162 : btrace2fio: cleanups and inflight hashing
b064a14 : btrace2fio: use percentage_random and add filename option
cdc4d67 : btrace2fio: set runtime
42a80e3 : Add basic tool to turn blktrace into fio job file
f3cc989 : options: fix single use if / for bssplit
e73a533 : Fio 2.1.12
5ea7355 : server: fix wrong use of exit() in server when daemonized
0507483 : Fix hangs due to iodepth_low
54bcda5 : Fix crash in client with NULL hostname
5de855d : Add string support for buffer_pattern
df91a1f : options: warn if we fail to make sense of buffer_pattern
dafa1ad : Update io engine version
9187a26 : Add unlink hook to ioengine API, gluster ioengine
b42fab1 : fix re-open failure issue when using gluster ioengine
44e2ab5 : Update libhdfs engine documention and options
d60aa36 : Add support for HDFS IO engine
a025176 : Add missing IO engines to the HOWTO
1fc351b : verify: turn off numberio verification for meta and time_based
f888971 : crc/test: a few more cleanups and code unifications
7e92c71 : crc/test: cleanup and better precision
5a65b4e : Allow reset of offset_increment counter
2e62724 : Don't grab stat mutex for final stat output
160d691 : Add test case for previous verify crash
d957070 : null: add FIO_FAKEIO flag
e69fdf7 : verify: fix a bug with verify_async
023fa7d : verify: ensure that verify interval is smaller or equal to blocksize
560f461 : stat: move stat mutex grab to thread
984c869 : verify: disable numberio check for multiple block sizes
f460f54 : Fio 2.1.11
5bca6f9 : blktrace: various bug fixes and improvements
4f3fe6c : Add some basic debug output for log compression
34329ca : Fix two error paths
3b44e8b : Fix cases where td->terminate is set, but terminate clock not marked
f478600 : Add thread number to log filename
c9a5f39 : iolog: run compression work at slightly elevated nice level
958b891 : Allow threads 60 seconds to exit before being forceful
b0adca3 : iolog: fix link without zlib
1540fa7 : iolog: fix compile error for non-zlib
d465064 : iolog: propagate errors to caller
f5fc4b4 : mutex: move pthread_cond_signal() outside of lock
de6504e : tp: move pthread_cond_signal() outside of lock
c5971cd : Add some new code comments on the log compress/decompress
66cf52d : iolog: fix bug when decompressing chunks with different sequence numbers
12dbd06 : flist: add flist_first_entry()
238934c : iolog: use a define instead of a raw bit mask
375daae : iolog: get rid of ic->nofree
8ef5133 : iolog: get rid of one section of CONFIG_ZLIB ifdef
4998660 : configure: add a note to install zlib-devel, if not there
9c574af : init: fix dead check for !td
51e7384 : iolog: do stat() after fopen()
0d65bfb : rbd: fix leak in error path
7cb786f : glusterfs: fix leak in error path
aba6b60 : iolog: remove dead code that stored a gzip header
31c9cd4 : configure: remove typo for zlib
65f93ca : Move tp.[ch] to lib/
bac4af1 : Add support for storing compressed logs
b49b334 : fio.1 - escape the escape character so it shows up
c5b35fb : Bail out if glfs_creat failed
1819227 : tp: remove debug start/shutdown printfs
0598650 : Pass O_DIRECT/O_SYNC to glfs_open if requested.
38a812d : Add support for runtime log compression
633d825 : log: fix use-after-free
01f1d15 : cconv: convert ->log_offset on the wire
471d014 : --latency-log is now gone
987c4f4 : Cleanup logging
e8c4fb0 : client: fix missing init of 'i'
f2b9a67 : client: fix missing pdu->log_offset endianness conversion
6cac1b6 : Add a typecheck for the endianness conversions
ccefd5f : Add option for including byte offset for each log entry
11d8402 : server: update protocol version to 35
eb66320 : server: pack over-the-wire structs
705fa7e : Fix typo in io_u.c::get_next_file()
27b9155 : client: fix ETA run_str
d6756e5 : eta: only pass real size of jobs_eta
ce8ea6e : Fix struct jobs_eta packing on 32 vs 64-bit archs
4547419 : Verify: Tighten header length check in verify_header()
aa48efe : Add configure flags for gfapi and rbd
bf65415 : Verify: Fix and improve verify_header()
c5be445 : update_condensed_str(): Fix for empty input strings
834bbdb : Cast input argument for json_object_add_value_int to long long
be31cc9 : Get the crctest results properly aligned
b01e1f3 : Ensure that job name is set before being used
61f6cce : Add a get_jobs_eta() to return jobs eta information
1814876 : Ensure we have enough room for the ETA runstr
d0a1e24 : Fix two minor typos
47334aa : README: update to include official mirrors for the git repo
ef7035a : Add support for compiling for ESX
41bfff8 : Fix build from cmake
cdd2bfa : Fixup run_str[] condensing with client/server
f9ce7c0 : Add string condensing for the ETA output
f8d8d80 : fio: Eliminate compilation warning in ppc
727390d : Fio 2.1.10
ecf5369 : iolog: remember to add bytes to total IO size
4c8e9f3 : Reset file count when freeing files
1cefc79 : Fix crash on loading unknown IO engine with --ioengine
386626f : Fix regression introduced by commit 334185e
6bc3037 : Add aarch64 support.
21c7c80 : glusterfs: remove glfs-handles.h include
3f0151b : Make rbd engine use aio flush
5248224 : ETA no longer works when -o specified
1be9f21 : Add ->invalidate() IO engine ops
f034315 : gfapi: indentify
3b66546 : Run the gluster engines through indent
94950b9 : Fix issue with dangling pointer in the rbd engine
54fe20f : glusterfs api fadvise support
45832a1 : Fix some typos in the manpage
bf965e4 : second async IO code drop
cb92c7f : first async IO code drop
533362e : extend file for real
321fc5a : fix man page; fix read work
0ac466f : fix get file size problem
6c6ff5c : respond to get file size
05c4b42 : respond to get file size
1368c1c : make glfs call per thread based
0e55d6b : Glusterfs libgfapi engine - initial deposit
abe5ebc : Fix missing fio_set_sched_idle declaration.
0371e03 : Disable clang only for the arm target.
b287c32 : Silence uninteresting warnings.
073c0a9 : Disable clang due to missing __aeabi_read_tp.

+- Project: platform/external/flac

5859ae2 : Add macro definitions for clang/llvm.

+- Project: platform/external/freetype

ec62c52 : Update to freetype 2.6.0
b7aab0a : Add ftmm.c to FreeType build.

+- Project: platform/external/giflib

9b8f860 : Adds the encoding module to giflib.

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

e826aa4 : Allow to build host gtest libraries in unbundled build.

+- Project: platform/external/icu

e1bffda : Update timezone data to 2015g
45d8f49 : Update timezone data to 2015f
e3cb7f5 : Update timezone data to 2015e
073b227 : Add a library for initializing ICU for standalone processes
e6b2509 : Remove build-time configuration for ICU4C.
59dfc3c : JarJar ICU data for use by LayoutLib.
7d0a7c2 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11674: Make ULocale work better with Android.
f8d3eae : Update to tzdata 2015d
0ac12d8 : Update to tzdata 2015c
6598e9f : Cherry-pick ICU changeset 37325 from ticket 11580.
6775e82 : Updates ICU4C and ICU4J with 55.1 final updates, and reducing differences from standard ICU. Also fixes test failure in ICU4J with likelySubtags. Data updated to CLDR 27.0.1 and tzdata2015b.
6963bf5 : Upgrade timezone data to 2015b
53c6e74 : Regenerate icudt55l.dat with INCLUDE_UNI_CORE_DATA=1.
6ac66de : Add an icu4j-jarjar rule.
1258862 : Remove gratuitous diffs between Android ICU, Google ICU, and public ICU.

+- Project: platform/external/iptables

de2fa71 : extensions: libxt_socket: add --restore-skmark option

+- Project: platform/external/jdiff

0860aaa : Adjust jdiff to be able to read both Doclava and "regular" Jdiff API xml files.
d370cc3 : Fix an additional use of an external parsing library.
8fffa0b : Add build.gradle
a8986b1 : Removing the use of an external xml parsing lib.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

486fa41 : Revert to first-best-fit run/chunk allocation.
dcfc29b : On 32 bit systems, force huge allocs on arena 0.
e8d5c58 : Fix an integer overflow bug.
c8de7e8 : Fix an integer overflow bug in {size2index,s2u}_compute().
d56915c : Revert "Fix chunk size check."
10e814b : Make sure the arena cache cannot be reused.
5b53665 : Temporarily return for bad free.
83223d1 : Revert "Temporary patch to avoid crashes."
4e5c283 : Add aborts to catch frees of bad pointers.
c6dcf4e : Fix chunk size check.
ddaed9c : Update headers to match .in changes.
dff8607 : Impose a minimum tcache count for small size classes.
853aa53 : Fix arena_dalloc() performance regression.
a1c77dc : Fix performance regression in arena_palloc().
b0f4140 : Fix nhbins calculation.
895b670 : Avoid atomic operations for dependent rtree reads.
54836b4 : Fix type punning in calls to atomic operation functions.
2fac341 : Implement cache index randomization for large allocations.
b9d5e25 : Clean up bin/jeprof in distclean build target.
0cadb31 : Rename pprof to jeprof.
73c11e8 : Prefer /proc/<pid>/task/<pid>/maps over /proc/<pid>/maps on Linux.
9b80bb8 : Embed full library install when running ld on OS X.
113daf6 : Concise JEMALLOC_HAVE_ISSETUGID case in secure_getenv().
1934e7a : Fix mallctl doc: arenas.hchunk.<i>.size
de7b987 : Disable clang compilation for mips and arm64 targets.
165e51a : Temporary patch to avoid crashes.
4679994 : Revert "Revert "Do not build jemalloc with clang.""
96d58c8 : Revert "Revert "Update for new version.""
83e5767 : Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-dev' into merge""
75929a9 : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-dev' into merge"
53372f2 : Revert "Update for new version."
a8788f2 : Revert "Do not build jemalloc with clang."
aa315d0 : Do not build jemalloc with clang.
0b9d74b : Update for new version.

+- Project: platform/external/jhead

5c8f937 : Improve F number precision
decba1b : Remove ISO tag workaround

+- Project: platform/external/jpeg

9f3436c : Fix build break for unbundled apps
7dbc644 : libjpeg should always use jmemnobs

+- Project: platform/external/jsr305

ed2d393 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/external/kernel-headers

67b3b9d : Upgrade kernel headers to 3.18.10.
941a95f : Add NOTICE file
7c0b639 : Update to kernel header v3.18.3.

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

1c01bc1 : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
66be90d : Reconcile branch with master after mass cherrypicks
7ba9f34 : Decoder: Memset 8 extra bytes at the end of internal bitstream buffer
e023fbb : Decoder: Once all the MBs in a picture are decoded ignore remaining bytes
e027a11 : Decoder: Exit gracefully in case of allocation failure
5351d3a : Decoder: Added a check for unsupported resolutions
126d84e : Encoder added support for VUI params
9d04b13 : Moved check for level after check for resolution change.
0ddd967 : Fix a typo in gai4_ih264_max_luma_pic_size
5934812 : Decoder: Fixed an issue in handling flush
07ae78b : Decoder: Fixed an out of bound read in intra pred buffers
251b007 : Decoder: Reduced memory requirements
2ee0c1b : Return error in SPS/PPS parsing when extra bytes are read from input
1bff181 : Encoder: Fixed an issue in handling FPS greater than 60
bb1543b : Encoder: Fixed an issue in handling FPS greater than 60
8a50328 : Support for level greater than level at init in Decoder
e789d1d : Decoder: Fixed issues shown by Valgrind
bbc83b1 : Don't use side effects in the macro PUT_BITS_SEV parameters
dbe9ac8 : Made gops closed
860f752 : Always do recon of 4x4 intra blocks
33134b2 : Validate the u4_entropy_coding_mode field
8ce8280 : Fixed issue in cost computation for BIPRED ME
0574be6 : Cabac optimizations
eddf6a3 : Use INT_MAX as i4_max_sad in ih264e_evaluate_bipred
6fb90f8 : Make sure that apv_bufs[0] and u4_is_last always are set
dc4c614 : avcenc: Initialize avg_time
a6bcaf3 : Check the width/height and adjust level used for RC
01168dc : Fixed encode of trailing B frames
b0aadd0 : Remove the now unused stride field from the set dimensions struct
0cf554f : Fixed encode of single frame
4b09a8c : Don't declare variables after statements
698de0e : Mark arrays of pointers as const
970dfc0 : Don't set -mno-avx
61791a9 : Remove double semicolons (empty statements)
f73e92a : Fix MIPS build
04370c1 : Remove all other thread implementations than pthread
086dd8e : Don't declare variables after statements
4adb9f4 : Reorder code to avoid reading uninitialized data
5ae9fc7 : Force regenerating the header via i4_gen_header instead of i4_header_mode
c22addc : Don't use static structs for rc init
88966cf : Initialize i4_non_ref_frames_in_stream before encoding SPS/PPS
c435564 : avcenc: Make sure that "avcenc --help" works as intended
85783df : avcenc: Check that enough arguments exist before parsing
b5a707e : Allow setting profile IV_PROFILE_MAIN
205e6fe : Added check for minimum output buffer size.
7dbacdf : Added code to handle cases with qp less than 10
d3e18f0 : Reduced memory requirements.
a4e933d : Fixed QP lockups
4e2c308 : Fixed issues with forcing I and IDR frames.
85a43d2 : Fix string handling for generating version strings
c648898 : Remove some unused source files and headers
94000e8 : Remove a duplicate header
9831e85 : Don't add -m32/-m64 to the cflags
56378a8 : Remove an unused and unnecessary function prototype and associated define
ce7f419 : Remove the codec level stride field
4f5ceca : Always copy data to a local buffer if padding is needed
cb6a435 : Set the luma/chroma strides depending on source buffer
9113f56 : Use a separate field for the chroma stride
bc8456b : armv8: Don't touch the x18 register
f640384 : arm: Properly match /* */ comments in the arm assembly
c9f67e5 : Allow using the clang built-in arm assembler
3e4b655 : armv8: Don't accidentally write 8 bytes instead of 4
0ce73fe : arm: Use vqmovun instead of vqshrun #0
b5cec4f : arm: Use unified syntax, ldrsheq instead of ldreqsh
b6d4342 : armv8: Use the cmn instruction instead of doing cmp with negative values
9f81a0a : armv8: Remove redundant NEON element size declarations
436fccb : Handle non-mod-16 widths in the NEON version of 422i->420sp conversion
a932f73 : Don't include <sys/time.h> if WINDOWS_TIMER is set
3806807 : Remove the ithread_exit function
796c0d4 : Remove unnecessary calls to ithread_exit
9f0dcba : Improved error resilience in decoder
b8681a4 : Remove unnecessary defines/undefines in the makefiles
3749f6f : Added support for Main Profile toolsets in encoder.
c080d57 : Moved check for level after check for resolution change.
9327d0e : Added support for level 52
796e3c8 : SSSE3/SSE4 Intrinsics Optimizations
cf91c87 : Fixed an overread in YUV420 Semi-planar input usecase
c75cf37 : Support levels 5.0 and 5.1 in the encoder properly
e398f0e : Fix a typo in gas_ih264_lvl_tbl, set proper sizes for level 1.1
50cb7d0 : Set cflags for the right arch in the arm64 makefile
90c798b : Remove leftover printfs in x86 encoder initialization
b30b70f : Remove an empty source file
1ff75b8 : Only initialize u4_deblk_prev_row if it will be used
ac97f28 : Fix an overread in the slice map
df06a38 : Include space for chroma in the padding allocated in ih264e_get_total_pic_buf_size
eb7b345 : Fix a variable name typo in the mips64 makefiles
8ef4c3f : Multithreading changes and better error resilience
4e09125 : Fixed few issues seen in CTS tests
7497191 : Resolved warnings and fixed alignment of few assemblies
a2b49e5 : fix file permissions
3a52efd : Fixed few issues seen in CTS tests
fab9a81 : fix build issues with clang
7023f4d : fix build for generic builds

+- Project: platform/external/libcap-ng

504f886 : libcap-ng can compile out of the box now.

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

076df93 : Revert "Revert "Hide symbols from the unwinder.""
a328778 : Use libgcc unwinder for non-ARM targets.
447998c : Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH for host tests after update.
f8c938a : Fix output directory for host tests.

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

2060081 : DO NOT MERGE Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips
6ae135c : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
dca46f9 : Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips
ac0318f : Aligned ps_pic_pu to 4 bytes
e3d6224 : Reduced memory requirements
137754b : Memset 8 extra bytes at the end of internal bitstream buffer
2938759 : Few intra pred fixes in arm functions
b2451d1 : Fix in reading short_term_ref_pic_set_idx in slice header
233819f : Fixed returning U and V output pointers in shared mode for 420p
e1ba6b5 : Added CLZNZ and POPCNT_U32 macro definitions
d0a33c2 : Removed calls to strcat and strlen
03ca798 : Added SEI structures and reordered ihevc_structs.h contents
6267c11 : Simplified error checks for setting stride
55473fb : Removed unused thread abstractions
452a0d6 : Added few transform tables
3d2ea50 : Fixed an out of bound read in accessing inverse scan table
19ca88a : Few intra pred fixes
dde3d8a : Align pic_width_in_luma_samples and pic_width_in_luma_samples to 8
221aacc : Few bug fixes in loop filter

+- Project: platform/external/libmpeg2

ae6d9f7 : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
5ba732e : Removed unused thread abstractions
8d60b8a : Fixed stack pointer increment in impeg2_idct.s
8520690 : Added deinterlacer
903fd2b : Fixed few stride issues
f85f2e5 : fix CLIP_S16
b349138 : Fixed few issues seen in CTS tests
8a94701 : fix build issues with clang
91f9bc5 : fix build for generic builds

+- Project: platform/external/libmtp

235fd9a : Add MODULE_LICENSE and NOTICE files

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

633b73f : Don't free memory that shouldn't be freed.
920423e : Fix 256-bit Thinfilm NFC barcode.
f85bfd0 : Use global all-cpp-files-under
c22a07f : Fix fail to write RF parameters
ae2234d : add recovery mechanism on CORE_RESET_NTF
28c604c : Finalize .conf file
5cbce03 : Add Mifare Classic support.
7b6b94c : Fix stuck issue on Kovio barcode
013277e : Adding MiFARE DESFire format support
5391a86 : Handle notification type value 1 in RF_DISCOVER_NTF
85b2aa5 : Fix Mifare Classic presence check.
ef4a29a : Fix ISO15693 tag crash issue
0848d0a : Bump libnfc-nci version for M.
acf1ec0 : Fix conflict vendor proprietary Protocol and Discovery technology definitions
2ef0896 : Add Peer-To-Peer priority mechanism
f8d9e72 : ISO-DEP presence check workaround
3088e1d : Avoid routing table update if nothing changed.
45bb895 : Update customized settings to eeprom after firmware download
c979cdf : T1T HR0 and HR1 parameters missing.
24d5f0d : Memory leak and NULL pointer check fixes.
0336e5a : Add NFC-DEP routing
121096a : Adding NXP NCI Hal implementation (DO NOT MERGE.)
8e290d3 : Fix <string.h> include.
4817764 : Bump LLCP version to 1.2
e4ecc7d : Add system prop for enabling protocol logging

+- Project: platform/external/libnl

19c48c8 : Remove GPL-3.0 license file.

+- Project: platform/external/libpcap

831abf0 : Android has strlcpy(3).
ee973ce : Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE files
3fbb396 : Expose nflog_send_config_cmd() for netd.

+- Project: platform/external/libpng

62fc3c2 : Fixing bug causing crc error in region decoder
771583a : Avoid a harmless potential integer overflow in png_XYZ_from_xy().

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

943ed44 : restorecon: only operate on canonical paths.
801cd60 : libselinux: is_selinux_enabled(): drop no-policy-loaded test.
fab180e : Keep only one host LOCAL_COPY_HEADERS rule.
12ea87b : libselinux: create host shared library
d601f82 : android.c: don't run restorecon on subdirs of /data/data
4766bfa : Match app directories on expanded storage.

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

338c975 : Fix copying of cached map data.
834ed93 : Verify section table name size before strcmp.
b025c42 : Force memory unwinds to use a zero map offset.
2528bee : Skip stack and empty maps when reading load base.
d2cf845 : Change return type of get_load_offset to bool.
85bdab7 : Support x86-64 floating point registers.
3ad2fce : Enable .debug_frame support on all platforms.
e9a2a81 : Fix Mips bug.
2553e59 : Attempt to read load_base from memory when needed.
901acdd : Do not cache every readable/executable elf.
ce727f2 : Fix incorrect check of bool returning function.
6732d37 : Fix incorrect check of bool returning function.
0b535f4 : Check for overflow when getting symbol name.
7124451 : Fix missing return in failure case.
cdf0d03 : Implement method to read elf data from memory.
ba74ff6 : Add check for same ip/cfa.
d9bcbd4 : Add offset to map data.
517b197 : Fix unwind in exec maps with non-zero offsets.
f7c3686 : Small makefile cleanup.
d334d4b : Make static libraries use different names.

+- Project: platform/external/libusb

25c517f : Add MODULE_LICENSE and NOTICE files

+- Project: platform/external/libusb-compat

ee3bb0a : Add MODULE_LICENSE and NOTICE files

+- Project: platform/external/libvpx

cc274e2 : external/libvpx/libwebm: Update snapshot
7ce0a1d : libvpx: Pull from upstream
e68e4ad : Disable bilinear_predict4x4_neon
7d99526 : Add MODULE_LICENSE
fc1f97b : libwebm: Fix parser if UID high bit is set

+- Project: platform/external/libxml2

aed4aad : Build libxml2 as a shared library additionally

+- Project: platform/external/libyuv

613f94d : Allow libyuv to compile on gce devices

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

039ace8 : Remove ENABLE_TIMESTAMPS to ensure reproducible builds.
93cc1f2 : Update llvm device version number to 3.6.
cc2bd11 : Fix files for plugins on darwin.
560a17f : Update aosp/master LLVM with patches for fp16
2c3e005 : Update aosp/master LLVM for rebase to r235153
e1bc145 : Export all dynamic symbols for opt and bugpoint
b928ea3 : Add makefile for tools/bugpoint-passes
511d19e : Fix mips vs. mips64 build issues.
f4ff0f2 : Remove any stale files in the source tree.
f7f58d6 : Remove duplicate.
4c5e43d : Update aosp/master llvm for rebase to r233350

+- Project: platform/external/ltrace

09d9b8f : Remove libunwind-ptrace dependency.
c0bdf6d : Remove unnecessary manual include path entries.
765aa40 : Use the libcxxabi __cxa_demangle.
10ffb54 : Remove makefile cruft.

+- Project: platform/external/mdnsresponder

0aa6558 : Stop building __DATE__/__TIME__ into Android binaries

+- Project: platform/external/messageformat

a883914 : Build messageformat against the SDK and not the platform.

+- Project: platform/external/mksh

b27ce95 : Upgrade to mksh 50f.

+- Project: platform/external/nanohttpd

2aa25f6 : Added nanohttpd-webserver targer to the module
22c710c : Added LOCAL_SDK_VERSION to make file

+- Project: platform/external/nanopb-c

7e7f2e9 : Add python-protobuf.
5e449d8 : Rename libnanopb-c to follow other protobuf libraries.

+- Project: platform/external/naver-fonts

91e6e9f : Revert "Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in naver-fonts."
343edd9 : Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in naver-fonts.
5deb77f : Don't include Nanum Gothic fonts in any device.

+- Project: platform/external/noto-fonts

42d158f : Better compression for NotoColorEmoji
b1a370c : Update NotoColorEmoji font to Unicode 7 and 8
eb08835 : Delete smiley and playing card suits from Noto Serif LGC.
b89a8d0 : Revert "Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in noto-fonts."
72b27fd : Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in noto-fonts.
54dc33f : Fix ascent and descent of Noto Serif LGC to match Roboto.
d3ef1ea : Add hyphen-minus glyphs to Armenian and Ethiopic fonts.
5855164 : Make 12 characters default to color emoji style.
5b621eb : Merge EXTENDED font bucket with the next (unnamed) bucket.
8ae3a28 : Fix U+FDF2 and Allah-related ligatures in Naskh fonts.
1c4749e : Remove default emoji characters from CJK fonts.
b9baf66 : Subset Noto Sans Symbols in a curated way.
64b067c : Update Noto fonts to latest upstream and add Tibetan.
33f09da : Add four symbols to try completing ARIB STD-B62 coverage.
4b71524 : Make Noto Sans Japanese default font on extended profiles.
723eab0 : Update Noto CJK fonts to version 1.002.
4b3eb17 : Support more smaller scripts of Asia and Africa.
87402ae : Add Noto Sans Oriya to replace Lohit Odia.
04aedce : Allow full NotoSans via makefile flag

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

57813a7 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Revert "okio: increase segment size to 8 KiB""
0051544 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "okio: increase segment size to 8 KiB"
083b407 : Fix Http(s)URLConnectionImpl.getInstanceFollowsRedirects()
e0d02d7 : Reduce the memory requirements of a test
147e5ea : okio: increase segment size to 8 KiB
dd172a1 : Allow HttpEngine to retry connections on timeout / interruption.
df2c498 : Apply upstream changes for timeout / pooled connection issue
d8d0b08 : Fix for HttpURLConnection not always throwing SocketTimeoutException
ba6e9e9 : Fix for HttpURLConnection not always throwing SocketTimeoutException
e968913 : Fix flaky test Spdy3ConnectionTest.receiveGoAway().
781c9c2 : Rollup of upstream OkHttp and Okio changes
a2cab72 : Roll-up of upstream OkHttp and Okio changes

+- Project: platform/external/pdfium

e6986e1 : Update the pdfium library

+- Project: platform/external/ppp

3388759 : Remove superfluous OpenSSL include paths.
468f0ab : Remove obsolete file.
41ef308 : Pppd: Disable unused-variable warning
88e332a : Suppress clang warnings about const qualifiers.
9336e70 : external/ppp: update for BoringSSL.
1286c07 : Sync to upstream head.

+- Project: platform/external/proguard

4857a1a : Add MODULE_LICENSE file
cd9e071 : Upgrade Proguard to 5.1.
2270795 : Upgrade Proguard to 5.1.

+- Project: platform/external/protobuf

2f4d8a1 : Fixed Unused Parameter warning in headers.
4d8b123 : Handle 0-length byte buffers in micro and nano protobufs
ebfc426 : Throw OutOfSpaceException instead of IllegalArgumentException.
2eadf94 : Inline unknownFieldData{Equals,HashCode} to generated code.

+- Project: platform/external/regex-re2

a85b0be : Remove the platform version of libregex-re2.
6b7a381 : Don't manually link stlport.

+- Project: platform/external/sepolicy

32d207e : Enable permission checking by binderservicedomain.
ac8b575 : untrusted_apps: Allow untrusted apps to find healthd_service.
33a779f : bluetooth.te: Relax bluetooth neverallow rule.
16c36f6 : Allow system_server to bind ping sockets.
0b764ae : Allow untrusted_app to list services.
25725b6 : Protect runtime storage mount points.
54a4aab : [gatekeeperd] allow calls to UserManagerService
e827a8a : Relax neverallow rule for loading an updated SELinux policy.
356df32 : init.te: delete kernel load policy support
c69b5e0 : Let Settings measure transient free space.
301555e : Allow domains to read tmpfs symlinks.
099d632 : allow procrank to write to bug report
24f3bcd : Let Zygote unmount inherited storage devices.
6b75d09 : Let's reinvent storage, yet again!
6ef3275 : remove mako specific neverallow exception
16873c1 : neverallow read to shell- and app-writable symlinks.
6462027 : neverallow transitions to shell
7c065a9 : neverallow "write ops" on system_data_file from "others"
1bcff87 : neverallow write access to /data/dalvik-cache directories.
e708451 : Allow clatd CAP_IPC_LOCK for mmap()
f8fd5ab : installd restorecon now requires getattr.
50897fe : sdcardd: ensure that init never executes sdcard daemon
769b96f : Allow vold to change priority when benchmarking.
4ae4309 : Update perfprofd rules to allow wake_unlock inspection.
d245789 : Allow recovery to read files with oemfs label
73f7e76 : sepolicy-analyze: use headers from common selinux project.
918bea4 : tools: use headers from common selinux project
7617cd4 : New "selinux.restorecon" control property.
4b4b2b9 : Remove service_manager_local_audit_domain.
e265197 : Allow /dev/klog access, drop mknod and __null__ access
de9b530 : restrict app access to socket ioctls
9aafd4a : Allow installd to link apk_data_file and dalvikcache_data_file.
01898ea : Revert "Allow system_server to link,relabel and create_dir dalvikcache_data_file."
41f233f : Allow system_server to link,relabel and create_dir dalvikcache_data_file.
3aac44e : Move crypt commands to a different listener in vold
7e0838a : logd: logpersistd
35e5015 : DO NOT MERGE New ext4enc kernel switching from xattrs to ioctl
e2c0c9d : DO NOT MERGE Securely encrypt the master key
48c1f61 : Allow system_app to find all system services.
70c6dbf : Allow system server and uncrypt to operate pipe file
20d0ad0 : Remove zygote security class declaration.
a39b131 : Selinux: Allow system_server to create fpdata dir.
894911d : Expand rtc_device label to match all rtc class drivers.
c1cb855 : camera: Add AIDL interface for CameraServiceProxy.
264eb65 : Add selinux policy for fingerprintd
e1edbe9 : camera: Add AIDL interface for CameraServiceProxy.
9dc28cd : Allow MediaProvider to traverse /mnt/media_rw.
6e1f405 : Allow MediaProvider to traverse /mnt/media_rw.
807d8d0 : Label /dev/rtc0 as rtc_device.
eaa1a1e : Rename keystore methods and delete unused permissions
77a8246 : Add keystore user_changed permission
a0fbeb9 : Allow tty and wireless extensions ioctls
aee12c3 : Tweak perfprofd sepolicy to include ipc_lock self capability.
c960596 : drop_caches label, vold scratch space on expanded.
324cdd6 : Fix sepolicy-analyze loading issue w/CTS.
ae69694 : Fix sepolicy-analyze loading issue w/CTS.
f6d12c6 : dontaudit untrusted_app exec_type:file getattr
3526a66 : Allow system_server to read/write /proc/uid_cputime/ module
415f0ba : Label /oem files
2f5a6a9 : Replace unix_socket_connect() and explicit property sets with macro
34a468f : Update sepolicy to add label for /data/misc/perfprofd.
38d0247 : New sepolicy for perfprofd, simpleperf.
618efe8 : kernel: allow rebooting, and writing to /dev/__kmsg__
86f30cb : Deny untrusted app ioctl access to MAC addr
c6290ac : Allow system_app to list all services.
64b01c6 : Update policy version to enable ioctl whitelisting
ecc82e0 : Allow installd to move APKs.
3c242ca : Ensure that domain and appdomain attributes are assigned.
31548db : Make deviceidle accessible as system_api_service.
ab5cf66 : Expand access to gatekeeperd.
e05487a : init.te: Don't allow mounting on top of /proc
90c6454 : Allow vold to move FUSE backing files directly.
8b015f9 : Create context for ctl.console
c2e31a7 : Create context for ctl.console
bc5cd57 : Revert "Create context for ctl.console"
eb95364 : Revert "Create context for ctl.console"
525e374 : Create context for ctl.console
bbd56b7 : Create context for ctl.console
5aac86d : Revert "Revert "SELinux policy changes for re-execing init.""
c450759 : Revert "SELinux policy changes for re-execing init."
caefbd7 : allow adbd to set sys.usb.ffs.ready
46e832f : SELinux policy changes for re-execing init.
e98cda2 : Grant apps write access to returned vfat FDs.
c9036fb : Grant platform apps access to /mnt/media_rw.
367757d : gatekeeperd: use more specific label for /data file
b348f8f : New rules for SID access
e0c8da2 : neverallow shell file_type:file link
85416e0 : su.te: add filesystem dontaudit rule
98a2f7f : Remove recovery from mknod neverallow rule
e96c3ab : Add neverallow for mounting on proc
dd156fc : Allow gatekeeperd to use keystore
3acec6f : Allow sdcard daemon to run above expanded storage.
fdc56c5 : genfs_contexts: provide a label for binfmt_misc
50d5062 : Revert "Exclude isolated_app from ptrace self."
8da7876 : Allow installd to move around private app data.
f1b5c66 : isolated_app: Do not allow access to the gpu_device.
2234f9f : gatekeeperd: neverallow non-system_server binder call
5321279 : Make persistent_data_block_service a system_api_service.
9378cea : Make backup service app_api_service.
53c84ed : isolated_app: allow app_data_file lock
bd7f580 : Enforce more specific service access.
e647578 : Add rules for /system/bin/tzdatacheck
03a6f64 : Enforce more specific service access.
9bef250 : system_server: support hard linking for split APKs

+- Project: platform/external/skia

3654d7a : Purge non-NEON ARM code DO NOT MERGE
48c55fe : Disable SkColorShader optimization for Android Framework
6ffafee : Cherry-pick changes to fix rendering artifacts on curves Bug: 21900179
c375b0b : Cherry-pick changes from Skia's M44 branch BUG: 21108081
181f49c : Prevent integer wrap around for malloc size when creating a SkRegion
465e12d : Set OpenGLRenderer light center separately from initial setup
5571cc9 : Delete use of $(shell) in Android.mks.
e2ca3d1 : Revert "Delete use of $(shell) in Android.mks."
41b8241 : Delete use of $(shell) in Android.mks.
97d0c71 : Rename DisplayListRenderer to DisplayListCanvas
02080de : fix x86_64 builds due to breakage in gyp to generator.
d517f1d : Fix overzealous bolding
062b7e3 : Remove protected SkMallocPixelRef::rowBytes()

+- Project: platform/external/sonivox

153b360 : Fix S_SMF_DATA.numStreams being non-zero while streams is uninitialized
9cf7e87 : Sonivox: check loopStart/loopLength against one specific wave, not whole wave pool.
99e0e2e : Sonivox: make sure waveIndex is valid in Parse_rgn() in eas_mdls.c.
163e00f : Sonivox: fix overflow in Parse_data in eas_mdls.c
d216e30 : Fix math functions for 64-bit
2d7f8e1 : DLS parser: fix wave pool size check.

+- Project: platform/external/sqlite

693f9c6 : sqlite: upgrade to SQLite
0c1333f : Regenerate Android.patch
5553623 : Initialize ICU explicitly using the icuandroid_utils lib
3a6c79f : sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.8.10
3fcd43a : sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.8.9

+- Project: platform/external/squashfs-tools

1a710ff : fs_config: align with new explicit fs_config target_out parameter
4f71fdf : DO NOT MERGE Revert "squasfs-tool: use libcutils and libselinux shared libraries"
1027420 : mksquashfs: Fix segfault when SQUASHFS_TRACE is enabled and no -pf flag
a1dd2fc : squasfs-tool: use libcutils and libselinux shared libraries
2060ec1 : squashfs-tools: add logging

+- Project: platform/external/strace

503ccad : Add new generated file.

+- Project: platform/external/svox

7498f9a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4960d75 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
146f954 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/external/tagsoup

fc6983a : Tagsoup: Use Locale.ROOT in toLowerCase

+- Project: platform/external/tinyalsa

5c9cb35 : Add pcm_get_poll_fd
3886a87 : Export pcm_mmap_avail
875ff85 : initialize pcm_config to zero
49a6137 : tinyalsa: channel status set as per IEC958
e25fe0b : pcm: add support to set silence_size

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

c96e424 : Don't add a symlink for killall --- it's broken.
0598a13 : Revert "Switch to toybox ls."
9815640 : Switch to toybox ls.
30d712d : Remove lspci.
584c654 : Regenerate generated files.
0a5fd80 : Regenerate generated files.
12125dd : Regenerate generated files.
10a5d41 : Regenerate generated files after upstream sync.
d67730e : Don't build chvt.
ec275a9 : Use "git rev-parse" for the toybox version.
72502d2 : Regenerate generated files.
e56faa8 : Regenerate generated files.
85cda1a : Switch to toybox getprop and regenerate generated files.
2e4c965 : Implement getprop for toybox.
176eae9 : Really switch to toybox setprop.
4b39d13 : Switch to toybox setprop and regenerate generated files.
629526f : Implement setprop for toybox.

+- Project: platform/external/tremolo

9c91d74 : libvorbisidec: sanity check index of marker.
52193fa : Add sanity checks to fix crash
c7fdab4 : Fix vorbis decoder crash due to out of bounds memory access

+- Project: platform/external/valgrind

4e88b34 : Remove legacy include files.
45dd261 : Update LOCAL_PATCHES.txt
34fb044 : Cast _zzq_default to 64-bit before assigning it to a 64bit register
d97e578 : Update LOCAL_PATCHES.txt
c42f255 : Fix x86_64 target build
226f45b : Update LOCAL_PATCHES.txt
d07e25f : Do not assume imm8 is 8 for strd rD, [sp, -#imm8]!
c015ad7 : Add file to track local patches
c3be269 : Fix Elf32_Nhdr redefinition
d447437 : Remove main/ to match upstream tree structure.
dcf50a3 : Do not pack relocations for valgrind binaries
b276914 : Do not pack relocations for valgrind binaries
b8dc549 : Remove dead comment.
0701cdf : Remvoe unused code.
9a9b2f2 : Add NOTICE file
bd3b6f5 : Remove grouper/manta/mako.
bc52e6c : arm32: r12 for the magic-call CALL_FN_* macros
088429c : Build host executables for linux only (part 2)
cfb8464 : Build host executables for linux only
f2086ff : Check if frame is addressable while unwinding
a48b7c9 : Replace movw/t with ldr ..., =.
2510356 : Compile and run vfp test for arm
92fca1c : Do not hardcode imm8 for strd rD, [sp, -#imm8]!
325170a : Fix 197259 Unsupported arch_prtctl PR_SET_GS
38f1837 : Fix 197259 Unsupported arch_prtctl PR_SET_GS
34694b1 : Revert "set/get_gs hack similar to set/get_fs hack"
001d15c : Cast _zzq_default to 64-bit before assigning it to a 64bit register
3b3c33a : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
059213d : Fix win_sdk build
e95725d : set/get_gs hack similar to set/get_fs hack
5983a02 : Fix Elf32_Nhdr redefinition
e7124d7 : Remove outdated #if defined (*_android_linux)
e1fa376 : Sync with upstream trunk
82fb91c : Build host valgrind binaries (x86 and amd64)
b921af0 : Enable sys_flock on arm64-linux.
3edf2b9 : Disable test builds
061a3f1 : Fix valgrind's config.h.
f2815ab : Enable x86_64 build.
57baa7a : Don't strip default.supp

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

dc66166 : Temporary workaround for b/21273194

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

e40f8de : Change build target for vogar to include building vogar.jar
1502d44 : Reset DateFormat.is24Hour after each test
e839716 : Match junit's implementation of some assertion methods.
5dde089 : Restore the translation from ["a", "b"] to ["a b"].
bdbb3dc : "adb shell" now works like ssh(1); fix vogar to match.
3c5f5e5 : Disable jack for vogar.
83672b1 : Fix vogar's idea of quoting.

+- Project: platform/external/webp

9e80ee9 : external/webp: update to v0.4.3

+- Project: platform/external/webrtc

d0e5361 : Remove __DATE__ and __TIME__ from tracing

+- Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

6ec3038 : RSN: Stop connection attempt on apparent PMK mismatch
d9191ea : Throttle control interface event message bursts
c481836 : Add wpa_supplicant EVENT_TEST control interface command
f715e8d : hostapd: Global control interface notifications
26c152a : Add debug prints for wpa_supplicant ctrl_iface socket send operations
a82c83c : Update AP WPA/RSN IE on all associations if driver can select BSS
e6ccb16 : Add QCA vendor command support to set band to driver
447c7ff : Make sure configuration is saved to storage device
f8467ce : nl80211: Use beacon TSF if it is newer than Probe Response TSF
f291c68 : BoringSSL: Fix session resumption
daa60e5 : The P2P configuration file is wrongly set as STA configuration file
4171258 : Cumulative patch from commit 8c43ef8449bd4d2d0983db394770bd73f572b12d
a3dc309 : Cumulative patch from commit f43c1ae7989c38fe15756f12a9196a1cf798b4d7
7a53dbb : Cumulative patch from commit 57e832de37ea0a82e650d8230457e0868a01b72e
b1e5210 : Cumulative patch from commit dc1a341dec54c28c3351ee7edab9ccaf7b68861f
8bd70b7 : Cumulative patch from commit b4342ca4d8f21af51d4923ca15910d3211bfdc7e
05df46a : Cumulative patch from commit 9b05135aa477f2c64d08bdb99062907cf767c1ea
cc00d5d : Cumulative security patch from commit 58606fd98722e92aaa4c2c7b8cb99cc92bd4308c
e149968 : P2P: Validate SSID element length before copying it

+- Project: platform/external/zlib

a15adad : Switch to hash-style=both

+- Project: platform/external/zxing

d2256df : Update core.jar to r2864 in google3.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

32df25f : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Change Smaug volume curve
3994ffd : Revert "Revert "audio policy: bind setMode() and setPhoneState() operations""
a754b4f : Revert "Revert "AudioPolicyService: fix race in AudioCommandThread""
26ce11a : Revert "audio policy: bind setMode() and setPhoneState() operations"
75c82b5 : Revert "AudioPolicyService: fix race in AudioCommandThread"
76d4c7f : Reduce lock time for dump to make sure not locked when calling back to IResourceManagerClient.
b49c385 : ALooper::awaitResponse gets reply and returns immediately if the looper is stopped.
606fbc1 : Workaround for busy wait bug
0abb2aa : Allow ALooper::awaitResponse to return immediately if the looper is stopped.
cdc9cf6 : GenericSource: reset mDecryptHandle when mDataSource is cleared.
8ee3685 : Fix offset adjustment when skipping off-spec meta chunk
5adc76c : DO NOT MERGE: libcameraservice: Fix nullptr crash when no client.
b41fd0d : GenericSource: reset mDrmManagerClient when mDataSource is cleared.
32ab9fd : libcameraservice: Fix ALOG prints in FlashLight.
3e60089 : Camera: frameworks: Add NULL check for callback
9ddf1c7 : audio policy: bind setMode() and setPhoneState() operations
74ce88f : AudioPolicyService: fix race in AudioCommandThread
b3d9f56 : Reconcile with master after mass cherrypicks
8383565 : SoftAVCDec: Exit gracefully when memory allocation fails in the decoder
b4ec8d0 : SoftAVCDec: Added a check for unsupported resolutions
ec62e13 : SoftHEVCDec: Reduced memory requirements
a3f2952 : SoftMPEG2Dec: Added support for deinterlacer
c0a889f : audio policy: fix transition from VoIP to voice call on USB
c171c7c : audio policy: fix USB mic selection for VoIP
82104eb : Camera: Add video recording stop sound
d4a653a : Camera: setup vendor tags before get_camera_info
8a4a0ac : DO NOT MERGE: Fix setTorchMode support for the old HAL version
aba407f : audioflinger: increase shared memory heap size
216f017 : NuPlayerDecoder: report error in case of audio sink open error.
a5b4642 : NuPlayerRenderer: do not send rendering started message when paused
954ca45 : For static obtainBuffer(), do not set mUnreleased if acknowledging flush.
39609a0 : AudioTrack: Skip callback EVENT_STREAM_END on DEAD_OBJECT.
106ceac : NuPlayer: reset mAudioEOS and mVideoEOS when renderer is flushed.
8423965 : NuPlayerDriver: acquire mLock when needed.
492ccd6 : NuPlayerRenderer: always update MediaClock with max media duration.
b345ddc : Don't send OnCompletion events when looping
4c6e77f : AudioFlinger: Clear record buffers when starting RecordThread
61be841 : AudioTrack: Prevent stop() from reissuing last marker event
014620f : SoundTrigger: fix binder call status reporting.
b3694ff : ID3: check possible integer overflow for extendedHeaderSize and paddingSize.
4b710f0 : libstagefright: don't reclaim codec when there's buffer owned by client. Notify the client and try to reclaim again in 0.5s.
4802c0c : AudioSystem: Fix race condition in accessing ioDescriptors
8dde726 : OMX: allow only secure codec to remotely call allocateBuffer.
5cae16b : MPEG4Extractor: ensure buffer size is not less than 8 for LastCommentData.
4a8f4a3 : Camera3Device: Change HFR request thread priority to 1
3df11ce : Camera3Device: Bookkeeping reprocess shutters separately
f99498e : CameraService: Use SCHED_FIFO for request queue thread in HFR
ddd346c : stagefright: fix AMessage::FromParcel
6eda0b5 : SoftAVCDec: Reduced memory requirements
047d97b : AudioPolicyService: fix race in AudioCommandThread
e22f5f4 : DO NOT MERGE - Fix build for commit 69ae6a87
64265b2 : audio policy: fix preemtible capture race
6f7fb40 : Fix Build
ed78e2f : StagefrightMetadataRetriever: handle error returned from convertMetaDataToMessage().
12d4a6a : DO NOT MERGE Avoid size_t overflow in base64 decoding once again
e1c9766 : stagefright: Move google mpeg2 codec into media_codecs_google_tv.xml
2a886d1 : stagefright: only pass valid framerates in msg and meta
beb07fe : audio policy: bind setMode() and setPhoneState() operations
3fd8760 : DO NOT MERGE Fix vulnerability in mediaserver
4cac44b : IAudioFlinger: fix the missing initialization of variable to ensure no info leak when writing them to Parcel.
af20bc2 : AudioPolicy: don't always change ACCESSIBILITY volume
f86a441 : Add DUMP permission check to ResourceManagerService.
3f5ff68 : NuPlayerRenderer: Do not drain audio during teardown
a542782 : Workaround static fast track start-after-stop issue
014e91e : Add DUMP permission check to ResourceManagerService.
b9017af : Force fixed volume for TTS stream
b83c1fe : Camera3Device: Signal buffer returned after it failed
652f7d7 : Camera: API1 shim: select better default FPS range
fefa614 : Reduce DUMP permission denial output to one line.
5882819 : libstagefright: Do not add audio codecs to resource manager. They are too small anyhow.
a2ab450 : audio flinger: force audio path start from normal mixer
983dca3 : IAudioFlinger: always initialize variables to ensure no info leak when writing them to Parcel.
f84e11a : Revert "Do not acknowledge flush() on start() for static tracks"
564d144 : Revert "Do not acknowledge flush() on start() for static tracks"
a84bbe6 : CameraService: Add more systracing, fix module init order
e995e47 : IAudioFlinger: clear config before reading it from parcel.
316c3d9 : NuCachedSource2: fix possible erroneous early free
b946648 : Protect data source access with mutex during disconnect
9c99c92 : Avoid size_t overflow in base64 decoding once again
24901c8 : CameraService: Link to client binder death at end of connect
57ea292 : Camera3Device: Clean up next request batch variable
715dcb9 : libstagefright: fix A_Refl to return immediately when there is an error.
85a6455 : Camera3Device: Support batch requests
52aad85 : CameraService: Treat TOP_SLEEPING same as TOP for priority.
7648369 : Ogg: avoid size_t overflow in base64 decoding
4d7ac85 : NuPlayerRenderer: avoid divison by zero when sample rate is 0.
7665f58 : nuplayer: let non-offload AudioSink to handle the reconnect when there's video.
7d05308 : NuPlayerRenderer: Do not deliver audio too soon after stop
fe751be : Camera: Fix flashlight deadlock
7bb772e : libstagefright: sanity check size before dereferencing pointer in Utils.cpp
cf75af8 : stagefright: MPEG4Extractor: allow 'hdlr' box before first track
efff1c4 : Camera3Device: Don't hold mutex during HAL device close.
c6fc6a3 : Fix for security vulnerability in media server
566da80 : NuPlayer: do not create audio decoder if the player is still in shutdown process.
d0b5910 : libmedia: clear reply data for IEffect command
2e17eef : AudioSink: Fix for gapless offload playback
cafe86a : Do not acknowledge flush() on start() for static tracks
412fe56 : CameraService: Notify camera service proxy of device status
76dea1d : libstagefright: check overflow before memory allocation in OMXCodec.cpp
6d62669 : TimestretchBufferProvider: getNextBuffer should follow API
d7bb1cd : libstagefright: fix overflow in pvdec_api.cpp.
c51ab7d : libstagefright: fix overflow in MPEG4Source::parseSampleAuxiliaryInformationOffsets.
0aaff70 : skip dropped frame without timestamp checking
3564c45 : libstagefright: fix handling of mSampleTimeEntries and mNumSampleSizes in SampleTable.
595fede : libstagefright: fix overflow in SoftAVCEnc.
d5fa8d5 : Sanity check padding/delay values for gapless playback
ed555d7 : Part of fix for libmedia OOB write anywhere
2c5fb0c : libstagefright: fix possible overflow in SampleTable.cpp
3bf1e0f : libstagefright: check remaining data size before parsing it.
c78ac26 : Add experimental camera session prepare API.
bad4358 : Camera: Add camera type to ICameraService.getNumberOfCameras.
a89cfb6 : do not dequeue from native window after we hit fatal error
6d3cd2e : RTSPSource::pause mHandler NULL check
fa4303d : adjust audio timestamp to account for AudioRecord latency
9459fb0 : audio policy: refine TTS stream mute management
c96ac8d : Camera3Device: Relax InFlightMap size check
9dd0177 : libstagefright: fix possible overflow in amrwbenc.
183f056 : Fix deadlock conditions in Camera3Device.
09da869 : libstagefright: fix possible overflow in ID3.
97c9f4f : NuPlayerRenderer: handle error when resuming an offloaded track
fa8ebb4 : Check integer overflow to prevent memory corruption
95a1d0f : Camera: Allocate correctly-sized buffers for DEPTH_POINT_CLOUD
6b7d2ed : NuPlayer: set video surface directly when NuPlayer has not started yet.
82db269 : audio policy: protect capture from telephony RX path.
c63cc50 : Fix Ogg album art
8e0cc33 : Check that we have enough bits to read
45aabc3 : audio policy: populate attributes for attached capture devices
bdd3687 : camera2: Add bad pixel opcode to img_utils.
1a5c859 : NuPlayer:seek handling on kWhatAudioTearDown
98a421b : ACodec: send format change for video tunneled mode when omx has output crop change.
41ae1d6 : AudioFlinger: tell HAL the PCM is non-audio
beef7e5 : Extra sanity checks on sample size and resolution
7406bc7 : Don't include ithread.h in decoder omx wrappers
c2d3b25 : SoftAVCEnc: Stop using the u4_strd field in the set dimensions struct
0fb43ef : ACodec: notify resolution change earlier for tunneled mode.
35a30f4 : Revert "ACodec: notify resolution change earlier for tunneled mode."
7d68153 : Guard against codecinfo overflow
7c3c275 : stagefright: disable automatic experiments
8af1b90 : We don't support mid-stream format changes
7cb3aff : ACodec: notify resolution change earlier for tunneled mode.
7f3bb5a : HLS: preserve old format in onChangeConfiguration2
9c170c0 : libstagefright: Fix crash in convertMetaDataToMessage
f429179 : add GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_COMPOSER flag to video usage bits
c9b255b : Guard against pssh overflows
529c595 : Check vector size before accessing
d7bd69e : Fix restore position warning and static track adjustment
e1d7019 : NuPlayerRenderer: prepareForMediaRenderingStart_l on en/disable offload audio
2b95bda : Explicitly disconnect in MediaPlayer::reset
2650e96 : MediaPlayerService: prevent audio_attributes_t race conditions
a97630b : Fix record memory buffer allocation for legacy upmix/downmix
eb9487e : Fix capture overruns at non-primary sample rate
a8d0890 : Fix race condition in AudioTrackThread::wake
805a0c7 : Fix race condition in AudioRecordThread::wake
68845c1 : libmediaplayerservice: propagate caller pid to MediaCodec.
b960ee9 : SoftAVCDec: init decoder using updated size
5de234b : Prevent notifications from muting accessibility prompts
87aed14 : SoftAVCDec: init decoder using updated size
82a633b : stagefright: remove workaround for BQ not reporting dropped frames
7c77f9c : stagefright: allow access of 32-bit pointers from 64-bit code
2dcf613 : MatroskaExtractor: detect infinite loop when parsing NALs
94b0bad : ABuffer: reset members when memory allocation fails.
505aab4 : fix soft renderer rotation
e2b60c8 : CameraMetadata: Add sanity check to avoid accidental memory corruption.
eff134a : Fix UAF error in CameraModule.
ca5e614 : AudioFlinger: fix repeated underruns for compressed audio
46d26dd : MediaRecorder: enable audio for slow motion recording
dbd0f3c : Fix build
37c8924 : mediaresourcemanager: add pid to removeResource method
08dc42c : stagefright: flush pending video frames for MediaSync
a3725d7 : stagefright: MediaSync: use VideoFrameScheduler
355d9c6 : Camera2Client: handle slower jpeg stream sensor
b25e3c8 : Camera: Add hidden experimental tearDown method.
8d237a5 : RTSP: clear data/eos status before returning from seek
a2d75cd : Fix AudioTrack flush pointer wrap
9a7e4e4 : Revert "Camera2Client: handle slower jpeg stream sensor"
0489aa0 : Update Policy PFW plugin makefile for PFW release 2.6.0
4356269 : mediaplayer: fix audio attributes override by stream type
da4252f : NuPlayer: fix handling of teardown event during flushing or shutting down.
fcf044a : NuPlayer: pull more video buffers in advance in GenericSource
5ef659e : HLS: temporarily blacklist a variant if failed to fetch
1640bd2 : libstagefright: remove CHECK from SoftHEVC ctor.
8a787c4 : Camera2Client: handle slower jpeg stream sensor
e4d18c7 : NuPlayer: determine audio mode before instantiating audio decoder.
a81c622 : nuplayer: use codec->setSurface when possible to avoid seeking
e363535 : MediaCodec: consider usage bits when changing surface.
05d89f1 : mediaresourcemanager: handle the case when there's no client holding resource with the same type
3b0cd26 : NuPlayerRenderer: clear first audio anchor time only when audio is flushed.
2235b4e : MediaCodec: remove legacy-setsurface experiment from setOutputSurface
c6e5841 : NuPlayer: seek to current position when changing video surface and audio decoder exists.
9903589 : stagefright: allow controlling experiments from property
3175d2b : ACodec: call cancelBufferToNativeWindow() only when the buffer is owned by us.
7c1ec5f : audio: several fixes in audio routing callbacks
d1c7434 : libmediaplayerservice: Serialize access to AudioOutput
54c0659 : audio policy: session route: move SessionRoute to common
90599b6 : SoftAVCDec: fail gracefully in onQueueFilled
faf755d : mpeg2ts: keep the size of the sync points at most 5mb per a track
fd866b3 : SimpleSoftOMXComponent: change CHECK to error notification.
3bb9e74 : libstagefright: get secure and non-secure codec policy from mediacodec list global settings
0f0631e : audioflinger: flush HAL when transitioning to next direct track
90eea76 : AudioFlinger: reset frame position on standby
da93c7a : MPEG4Source::fragmentedRead: check range before writing into buffers
9a7d922 : audio policy: add support for device combo with speaker safe
0c61a0d : NuPlayer: disable pre-start preview for audio only sources
a0169a0 : audio: Do not delete PatchRecord before Peer is stopped
3450ba7 : camera2: Fix native binder interface and add tests.
944f843 : CameraModule: fix getCameraInfo()
b9d7333 : audio: add definitions for devices connected over IP
f60b6b6 : Fix build warning
63dea1d : audio policy: fix regression in incall notification management
6631424 : audiopolicy: Update flag enum tables for the new flags
c1a104a : Check buffer size before using it
49605e8 : stagefright: fix deadlock and NPE in GraphicBufferSource
264bac9 : stagefright: prevent allocating stale buffers for OMX decoders
c015b84 : Fix SoftMP3 divide by 0
ab5135b : Camera3-Device: Fix AE lock available
5419242 : ignore buffers that's already removed
c93a136 : stagefright: ask for flex-YUV camera buffers for software encoders
e8726fe : reduce number of binder calls from mediaserver
50cf654 : libstagefright: only do boot time codec profiling for debugging.
0f29c9d : libstagefright: parse concurrent-instances.
cc750d3 : audio policy: fix several device descriptor issues.
1ad5635 : SoftAVCEnc: Added support for Main Profile encoding.
defb237 : Clear the executable bit from source files
d196d61 : Camera3: Support AE precapture trigger CANCEL
6c7f062 : Using centralized isAudioPlaybackRateValid to validate parameters
a3b3caa : Add default for pre-distortion active array.
9c0bf79 : stagefright: allow state change while handling OMX message list
49c197b : stagefright: handle removal of a tracked buffer in ACodec
2056926 : Add property to ignore audio effects on the platform
ec4ed7d : stagefright: relax check of OMX buffer header - again
e421a32 : stagefright: allow state change while handling OMX message list
0f714a4 : audio effects: fix heap overflow
60c545d : Fix FastMixer high bit depth Hal support
9b030df : Fix for Visualizer release bug
48e6ea9 : AudioFlinger: reset SPDIF encoder on flush
604bb9e : stagefright: handle removal of a tracked buffer in ACodec
2c8232f : Fix clamp issue with AudioMixer with float input and int16 output
9080a4c : Fixing no rates, chans & encodings on input devices for device enum API. Filtering digital attributes for non-digital audio devices.
83ffcfb : Fix clamp issue with AudioMixer with float input and int16 output
17338fc : Camera3Device: Fix high speed configuration
3ea12b8 : fix buffer leak due to unreleased last repeat frame
6653c93 : Return DEAD_OBJECT if getTimestamp cannot restore track
1f1db83 : Fix AudioTrack comments relating to use of restoreTrack_l()
40eb1a1 : Reduce log messages on AudioFlinger throttle
61c8331 : readAt can return negative values (error codes).
9700f5f : fix buffer leak due to unreleased last repeat frame
0f17ab7 : Bug fix on Engine Configurable
20f06f9 : Add a configurable version of the policy engine based on PFW
e8d55a5 : audiopolicy: Add AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_TTS to flags enum table
3ecc9db : Fix software video decoder buffer size calculation
c6044a1 : MediaCodec: handle a spontaneous error while configuring
0f212b7 : Add distortion correction opcodes in DngCreator.
3b5401a : Check binder transact status
a5c0381 : Revert "stagefright: relax check of OMX buffer header"
f377a45 : Revert "stagefright: relax check of OMX buffer header"
1ff26b0 : Revert "stagefright: relax check of OMX buffer header"
938e2b3 : don't trigger an integer underflow when decrementing.
4c6afaf : Fix AudioRecord cleanup if construction fails
77aea92 : libstagefright: parse /etc/media_codecs_performance.xml for performance data.
77a77f6 : Fix rounding width.
c8edf5a : stagefright: use media timestamp for default render timestamp
6155085 : Serialize calls to getFrameAtTime in the mediaserver
290d01f : libstagefright: remove out of date profiling result before doing a new profiling.
d2ff085 : stagefright: relax check of OMX buffer header
652bc01 : stagefright: relax check of OMX buffer header
5011629 : fix build: use proper fmt in StagefrightMetadataRetriever.cpp log
9da0ce4 : stagefright: post audio EOS in NuPlayerRenderer if getPosition fails
36dee23 : stagefright: Decode video thumbnail using MediaCodec
439e4ed : audiopolicy: use deep buffer output by default for music streams
8cecf01 : Return correct error code from IMediaHttpConnection
08e8227 : SoftOpus: Fix output buffer capacity.
093a20c : audio policy: fix explicit routing and accessibility
67c2c94 : NuPlayerDriver: add more logging.
43b4dcc : AudioFlinger: flush stream when switching tracks
4b60b06 : Switch to using shared over local code for initializing ICU
71ec3df : stagefright: fix clang build
65959d3 : mpeg2ts: more error tolerance
06ec7f3 : stagefright: TinyCacheSource to read continuously
3a20d29 : NuPlayer: print player stats at the end of playback
e1e5d7a : NuPlayer: Enhance dumpsys statistics
701d342 : mediaplayer: remove use-awesomeplayer developer option
984a543 : stagefright: fix issues with OMX message passing
1b4fa53 : stagefright: fix legacy support for CameraSource
3ab2545 : NuPlayerRenderer: discard pending kWhatDrainAudioQueue message when AudioSink is opened in callback mode.
5fb8b29 : stagefright: fix legacy support for CameraSource
2f34065 : mediaserver : Initialize ICU on startup.
727d172 : CameraService: Add consumer name to output stream dumpsys
df80947 : NuPlayerRenderer: change log from ALOGW to ALOGV when audio sink reports WOULD_BLOCK on writing.
9a17941 : Camera3Device: Default-initialize operating mode.
0162d00 : AudioSink: use flags granted by AudioTrack, instead of the requested flags.
e1635ec : Take advantage of audio_channel_in_mask_from_count
90fcf68 : stagefright: add support for output frame rendered callback
eecd765 : Use only strong references to AudioEffect
819bcef : Ogg Opus: handle cases where first sample has non 0 time
42cccd7 : libstagefright: check memory size for overflow before allocation.
760f92f : SoftwareRenderer: sanity check buffer size before copying data.
ffd8cbb : fix graphic buffer leak with persistent input surface
d46a6b9 : Camera1 API: Support SW encoders for new camera HALs
72249d5 : audio policy: fix very verbose log build.
a20d4fa : audio policy: route media to BT SCO in call
a09152c : libstagefright: run codec profiling in worker thread.
2aa74dc : MPEG4Writer: fail init check if output fd is not seekable
26a48f3 : stagefright: add support for batching OMX events
e3afb2c : Camera: Change error for app ops reject, propagate binder errors
e8df539 : Update signature of writeBlob.
afd4924 : Limit allocations to avoid out-of-memory
c8e09c6 : Improve AudioTrack offload timestamp startup glitch detector
a105482 : SampleTable: fix integer overflow checks.
f6fe434 : SoftAVCEnc: check requested memory size before allocation.
2177f21 : MPEG4Writer: add check to ensure no integer overflow on allocation.
4136329 : Don't overwrite user agent header if app specified one
005e9d0 : NuPlayer: Allow audio drain to fill buffer when paused
85e4814 : NuPlayer: Allow audio callback to fill buffer when paused
288da02 : NuPlayer: Add audio deep buffer configuration
179652e : NuPlayer: Add audio sink buffer configuration
a7f0335 : Compute sleep time when AudioTrack client callback returns no PCM data
1fa8999 : Camera2: implement high speed video APIs
8c10a80 : stagefright: initial Ogg Opus support
da17c04 : MediaPlayerService: Reset the bytes written in AudioSink stop and flush
a0b3971 : NuPlayer: Add audio callback mode for PCM audio.
719b46b : MediaPlayerService: Remove unnecessary zero writes to AudioSink
08fb174 : Throttle MixerThread data pull to no more than twice expected rate
9472e5f : Implement MediaCrypto.setMediaDrmSession in clearkey plugin
1b30bde : libstagefright/SoftOpus: Ignore CSD resubmissions
77f101b : Translate codec specific data for mp4v-es for MediaMuxer
11aaefb : SoftAVCDec: Added support for level greater than level at init
9847fce : stagefright: rename VideoGrallocMetadata.hHandle to pHandle
15ab499 : stagefright: add support for fences in OMX
40b2647 : Fix build
de07e37 : Allow capture by root for command-line native testing
0542198 : stagefright: rework metadata buffer support
9f9e21e : Store server latency, sample rate, framecount information in AudioTrack
08945c4 : Add property to control audio offload with video content
99e6971 : Track camera and flashlight usage in battery stats.
cc7cc67 : stagefright: allow to overallocate OMX codec buffers
c2adf48 : Camera3: fix aborting reprocess requests
421743b : Explicit log for AudioTrack::EVENT_UNDERRUN
679e569 : Remove EVENT_NEW_TIMESTAMP symbol until fully implemented
3d83a20 : mpeg2ts: revise duration estimation logic
3e28a1a : Camera: derive LSC characteristics keys
0ec23d3 : Camera3Device: Do not call cleanUpFailedRequest with mutex held
d11da70 : Fix for audio effects in offload path for mono content
2dcec6a : libstagefright: Reset AMR decoder on input port flush
f6b3e7d : Deprecations are warnings not errors
e74c228 : Camera3Device: Close hole in prepare in-use stream check
ba3e7f5 : remove video editor from MediaProfile
9113c1e : IOMX: Clear buffer id for arm32
cbe6ac2 : SoftAVCEnc: encode EOS frame is size is non-zero
02fc5e3 : GenericSource should report -1 instead of 0 for unknown duration
02cb98d : libmediaplayerservice: get isStreaming info from source.
ad9cb8b : audio flinger: add suffix to time variables names
84d61ca : Add more device codes for symbolic display
d66ef45 : libmedia: read from parcel only when there's a data available.
5cff403 : audio flinger: pause direct output when underrunning
2d6b660 : IOMX: Enable buffer ptr to buffer id translation for arm32
d971df0 : IOMX: Add buffer range check to emptyBuffer
92d8244 : media: rename doNotResuscitate to doNotReconnect to align with the implementation.
7b56f2e : sound trigger: fix abort event init.
19352b3 : libstagefright: add version string to profile results.
faeb0f2 : libmediaplayerservice: try to open audio sink in offload mode in error.
87ffa39 : audio policy: add checks on primary output
7f0e16e : Level adjustment for Bundled Effect Fix
f748dd8 : mpeg2ts: fixing build breakage due to an unmatched argument type
0075deb : Fixing build breakage due to removal of numPacketsParsed
f2cecd5 : mpeg2ts: Fix SIGEGV on ATSParser::Stream::flush()
7960815 : stagefright: measure max encoder buffer count for persistent surface
2d32dcd : libmedia: fix unmatch Parcel read in BnResourceManagerService::onTransact.
e09c994 : Improve volume input check for AudioMixer
1061c9c : mediaplayer: display one frame when seek is called before start.
72e3f39 : audio flinger: do not call JAVA services until system is ready
893343f : camera: Add AIDL interface for CameraServiceProxy.
2823ce0 : camera: Add AIDL interface for CameraServiceProxy.
5400066 : Implement seek for MPEG2TSExtractor
12a3d2f : mpeg2ts: MPEG2TSExtractor detects A/V streams until timed out
11ad1b8 : stagefright: don't use stale pointer after disconnecting NuCachedSource2
861a628 : audio policy: fix direct output profile selection
022f0cb : CameraService: Logcat conflicting devices on rejected open
48910f1 : RTSPSource: Do not update time when there are no tracks, i.e., when aborted.
1f439e1 : Update FastTrack channel conversion check
f98ec8d : Fix channel mask dump in AudioFlinger
64b6cb2 : Allow creation of output endpoints with channel index masks
216db74 : Camera: API1 shim: notify shutter correctly
201d8d4 : ACodec: fix error conversion.
2c878cf : stagefright: don't use stale pointer after disconnecting NuCachedSource2
8f291bc : libmediaplayerservice: queue discontinuity when seek to eos.
8eddd88 : Use memset to initialize dynamic array.
3e98ecd : Clear mAudioRecord and mAudioTrack on set() failure
d36a023 : libstagefright: only log succeeded when return is OK.
6301a5e : mediaplayer: handle decoder error when NuPlayerDecoder gets a NULL buffer from MediaCodec.
2984080 : mediaplayer: remove unused parameter needNotify in NuPlayer::performSeek.
e502b44 : MPEG4Writer: fix unintiialized member variables
926ac73 : Enable building with clang/llvm.
ff2116e : Enable clang compilation.
5581770 : stagefright: check IMemory::pointer() before using the allocation
055404e : HTTPLiveSource: fix non timed id3 track selection
8a1fa1e : stagefright: check the validity of the range of adaptation field
053119c : camera2: Fix work-profile eviction handling.
97ebb1b : camera2: Fix empty set handling for eviction.
6267b53 : camera2: Fix work-profile eviction handling.
6f9c5e2 : Change mime for HLS timed ID3 stream to application/x-id3v4
8050721 : camera2: Fix empty set handling for eviction.
7cf1fe5 : FwdLockConv.c: include what you use.
261394e : Camera: Cleanup to prepare() implementation
0806340 : stagefright: prevent more crashes in ACodec
777cf6d : stagefright: Prevent crashes in ACodec - part 1
f35f6be : libmediaplayerservice: unlock before trying to reclaim drm session.
8f469e1 : stagefright: rename usePersistentInputSurface to setInputSurface
617575b : audio flinger: fix record permission check
be0b6b4 : camera2: Fix arbitration priority calculation.
883cc24 : Fix new[] vs delete mismatch.
27ea08e : mediaplayer: get/set PlaybackRate only when AudioSink has been opened.
078538c : Work around bug in offload driver
db4c031 : Update sampling rate to 192kHz for devices
28e8ef7 : Fail gracefully when camera app op is not enabled.
280405a : Revert "Add camera app op - camera"
022ed72 : mediaresourcemanager: change resource manager service log to use ring buffer.
c36a889 : audiopolicy: Use AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_TTS for TTS stream
b6ea129 : MediaSync: support changing surface on the fly.
aabbdc7 : HLS: invoke signalEOS on ATSParser to flush out final samples
e66c5a4 : stagefright: fix legacy-adaptive experiment
43412fc : AudioMixer: fix for volume ramp in float mode
1924c9b : Revert "Revert "Enable full floating point path in AudioMixer""
f6870ae : audio flinger: fix fuzz test crash
f348854 : Revert "Enable full floating point path in AudioMixer"
635bc8f : Fix comparison sign warnings.
47a2e87 : libstagefright: report special error when codec is released by resource manager.
9ba21b9 : libstagefright: config resource manager with secure codec co-existing policy.
1e51401 : Prevent integer overflow when processing covr MPEG4 atoms
dc69f48 : Fix integer overflow when handling MPEG4 tx3g atom
9458e71 : Prevent integer underflow if size is below 6
97d45db : Fix integer underflow in covr MPEG4 processing
5cea015 : Prevent reading past the end of the buffer in 3GPP
5dcaebb : Revert "Enable full floating point path in AudioMixer"
a9b8496 : Kill a new user of stlport.
b28c344 : Camera: update CameraModule deriveKey
a8ec8fc : mediaresourcemanager: add ServiceLog to track the calling history for dumpsys.
011778f : stagefright: enable experiments
dd248ab : stagefright: allow connecting to surfaces that attach buffers
07a0ea7 : Fix build
37d8b27 : MediaHTTP: add more null ptr and init checks
8b23759 : stagefright: support push-blank-buffers-on-shutdown for SW renderer
484979b : ACodec: blank surface when switching to another surface
b2d0b48 : stagefright: move native window helpers into SurfaceUtils
7288ab8 : audio policy: clarify use of mName field for audio devices
8a04833 : nuplayer: fixes for subtitle pause/resume
5603d28 : Make header functions "inline" to avoid warning when unused.
781f40a : stagefright: fix pushBlankBuffersToNW for non-meta decoders
d02ac2c : stagefright: fix pushBlankBuffersToNW for non-meta decoders
2e3a425 : NuPlayer: parcel placeholder mime in track info if not provided by source
18aa270 : Support channel index masks for output hal
296fb13 : Implement audio device callback
d1abb8f : Allow 8 channels in RecordThread
ceffd8c : Pass all DRM errors through ICrypto
65c8fbc : libstagefright: export profiling results directly to xml.
a0cf6c4 : muxer: skip tracks unsupported by MediaMuxer instead of aborting
ed0412e : Camera2: allow mixing regular/reprocess requests
ae0c0a1 : Added support for MPEG2 video in MPEG4Extractor
8b07404 : stagefright: Validate track formats passed to MPEG4Writer
fe7186b : OggExtractor::verifyHeader: return errors instead of asserting
fafcc21 : Stagefright: propagate InsufficientResources error
df0ebf5 : SoftAVCEnc: Removed alignment requirement on input width
9c5af61 : CameraService: update android.control.availableModes
4cb6683 : AudioRecord keeps track of UID
5efccd8 : RTSP: append track URL to base URL
2d3ad40 : SoftVPXEncoder: don't skip the last input buffer with eos flag.
c8a70d3 : nuplayer: get playback frame rate from video track meta instead of file meta.
ce8c218 : MediaSync: clean up configureAudioTrack and configureSurface.
b9096dc : Check memory allocation in ISoundTriggerHwService
32fa6d0 : Add camera app op - camera
9b73fa9 : stagefright: propagate consumer usage flags in MediaSync
e2a2dfc : MediaRecorder: implement persistent input surface APIs
d291c22 : MediaCodec: implement persistent input surface APIs
1dcdfea : stagefright: add support for dynamically setting MediaCodec output surface
9e7ed33 : mediaplayer: flush audio sink when renderer is flushed.
6fc2a7c : AudioTrack: fix direct tracks not pausing
99f8b24 : Camera: API1 shim: Don't tightly apply crop region
73e26b6 : AudioSystem: refactor audio config cache and callbacks
0bbf8b2 : camera2: Fix fuzztesting segfault in connect.
4c5a367 : AudioTrack: reduce retrograde motion spew
f06cc24 : stagefright: MediaCodec: rename mNativeWindow to mSurface
1de1e25 : stagefright: remove NativeWindowWrapper
31de885 : stagefright: cmds: resolve compiler warnings
3a474aa : stagefright: support setting/getting playback/sync config in MediaSync
755106e : GenericSource: reply mime information for *all* track types
d48521f : Camera: API1 shim: Don't tightly apply crop region
5aab925 : AudioTrack: fix build
8c7e6da : audio policy: session routes continued.
bac5882 : MediaSync: map returned output buffers to previously received input buffers.
9ae6220 : MPEG2PSExtractor: check number of bits left before skipping
f613d42 : AudioSystem callback for dynamic policy mix activity
1b42097 : AudioTrack: fix spurious retrograde messages
b408fa2 : Harden drmserver process against fuzzing attacks
8f5919d : stagefright: convert kKeyFrameRate between msg and meta
4f13fde : Don't use the bitrate of the xing header
6bb63ad : NdkMediaCodec: Return NULL if the MediaCodec cannot be created
48a31bf : Omx: Return an error if no IOMX is available
eaa3470 : Fix build.
be71aa2 : Respect the record audio app op - media
3298d6f : stagefright: make BufferQueueProducer not re-allocate buffer when trying to dequeue a buffer on devices not supporting meta data buffer mode.
795697e : libstagefright: add xml parsing for measured-frame-rate and measured-blocks-per-second.
e314c67 : DO NOT MERGE: Prevent crash at erroneous MPEG2TS bitstream
054d9d3 : PatchPanel: do not use setParameters() internally.
1e2a0e6 : MatroskaExtractor: skip track when codec id is NULL in addTracks
4c3ba33 : Check allocation
27b0159 : DO NOT MERGE: The preview frame data is broken when sending via Binder
466dc8e : Explicit routing in AudioRecord
532cd7b : HDCP: buffer over flow check
c721e71 : DO NOT MERGE libmedia: add sub resource type audio-codec and video-codec.
8db8813 : DO NOT MERGE libmediaplayerservice: set priority and operating rate for the codec used by nuplayer.
6fc6a64 : Revert "Add a configurable version of the policy engine based on PFW"
a73fcde : Revert "Fix M Issue on configurable policy engine version."
ea9ac8b : MatroskaExtractor: skip track when codec id is NULL in addTracks
65c3781 : Add a configurable version of the policy engine based on PFW
01ce6a4 : Fix M Issue on configurable policy engine version.
45c765d : MediaCodec: ignore error when linkToDeath to batterystats
5abbd3d : HLS: make disconnect faster to prevent ANR
f8bd851 : Copy sei offset/size during ABuffer/MediaBuffer conversion
8f9dd87 : mediaresourcemanager: add dumpsys support.
f2f79cf : RadioService: fix error handling in attach().
99d1f78 : MediaSync: allow users to query play time for pending audio frames.
138f774 : Fix format sorting order in AudioPort
8024363 : MediaSync: fix the optimization code path to reduce messages posted to drain video.
2fb561a : Lock drm plugin API calls globally, not per MediaDrm instance
fdbc1b3 : libmediaplayerservice: set priority and operating rate for the codec used by recorder.
d330ee4 : Add floating and multichannel record to AudioFlinger
f27e2fb : Add channel index record to AudioPolicyManager
5a8a95d : Use AudioPlaybackRate to hold TimestretchBufferProvider parameters
493404d : audio policy: fix AudioTrack output device selection
0dd229b : AnotherPacketSource: make getBufferedDurationUs more discontinuity-aware
5744661 : Make record buffer in RecordThread variable format
73e62e2 : Fix single channel playback that does not use AUDIO_CHANNEL_OUT_MONO
2b0c1fc : AudioPolicyManager: notification of dynamic policy mix activity (input)
8163676 : HLS: remove no more than 10% of bandwidth history at a time
5fde15d : Fix mips build.
a7401cc : audio policy: remove permission check for ports and patches getters
e423717 : media: ignore the result of linkToDeath, which can fail if called from same process.
da7e453 : stagefright: add a 2kb cache for CallbackDataSource.
8f81045 : SoftMPEG2: start output at first I-frame
6d339f1 : libmediaplayerservice: fix warnings, make warnings errors, use clang
3b032b3 : NuPlayer: queue a deferred scan sources when flushing during scan
3b0da19 : stagefright: make more warnings errors
f1063e2 : libmedia: fix all warning, make warnings errors, use clang
9784499 : HLS: reduce number of guessed wrong seq numbers
ee4e1b1 : stagefright: warnings be gone, some are now errors, use clang
d3c28f6 : NuPlayerDriver: Maintain the timeStamp after seek
0852843 : stagefright: initial timed id3 support in hls
9767a47 : MediaSync: sanity check native sample rate.
3d66eb4 : MediaCodec: hold input buffers during FLUSHED state
2614564 : Work around lack of pitch adjustment in Timestretcher
99f3160 : Unhide the[Media]DataSource interface.
f6463fc : camera2: remove unnecessary flashlight error messages
554a277 : audio policy: add binder calls for audio source control
22b3b44 : stagefright: add SoftAVCEnc using libavc
e5b9b3d : stagefright: add SoftAVCDec using libavc
1527f07 : CameraService: Add support for module init, some logging updates
8f9d9d0 : stagefright: add SoftMPEG2 decoder using libmpeg2
be9634d : Signal EOS at end of mpeg video to flush out final sample
90746f4 : Camera3: allow reconfiguring the input stream
43cc944 : fix NuPlayerDecoder discontinuity handling with async mode
7768ded : Camera: fix invalid access of static_camera_characteristics
ef185e9 : skip parsing of 'hdlr' atom when parsing QT meta
4d44cad : Camera2: Add prepare for output streams
de80105 : AudioPolicyManager: notification of dynamic policy mix activity
ebada74 : MPEG4Writer: Set the correct audio bit rate for camera recorded content
67e7f54 : media: use ResourceManagerService with MediaCodec
99acce4 : Revert "stagefright: define CB_CODEC_RELEASED and ReleaseReason enum."
0336d36 : Camera: allow non-supported template
a0d0ba5 : HLS: parse stream resolution and set maxWidth/maxHeight
37746af : mpeg2ts: Set SAMPLE_FLAG_SYNC for mpeg2ts stream
8cfad96 : stagefright: metadata retriever changes for capture fps
9e6955a : media: handle overrides and measure max codec instance.
c1f5cb4 : libstagefright: parse global settings from codec xml file.
618ff8a : camera2: add reprocess support
f097cae : TimestretchBufferProvider integration with Sonic Library
ab300c8 : audio polciy: remove FM audio capture permission.
252e0d8 : Remove deprecated image defines
d9c2e9c : NuPlayerRenderer: adjust delay of posting drain audio message based on playback rate.
e6109e2 : mediaplayer: support async mode for widevine legacy mode
421f47c : mediaplayer: use async mode in NuPlayer
d7ed649 : MediaCodec: add DeathNotifier to BatteryNotifier
ed5554f : libstagefright: handle MediaFormat "operating-rate" key.
52e88b2 : libstagefright: convert status_t to OMX_ERRORTYPE.
9f41ee5 : libstagefright: propagate error from allocateNode.
1849570 : Add a method to associate MediaDrm session with MediaCrypto
8edb8dc : Add playback rate to AudioTrack
07c0f59 : Fix integer underflow in ESDS processing
c24607c : Fix integer overflow during MP4 atom processing
ad43537 : Detect allocation failures and bail gracefully
e2e812e : Fix several ineffective integer overflow checks
e3e82d5 : Fix multiple division-by-zero conditions in MPEG4 parsing
274f64c : Fix null-pointer-dereferences accessing the SampleTable
f35ff15 : MPEG4Extractor: still more NULL dereference fixes
23d8997 : AudioFlinger: more DTS passthrough support
2fb25c8 : Add expiration update and keys change events
ea20d11 : stagefright: define CB_CODEC_RELEASED and ReleaseReason enum.
fa6a067 : MediaClock: allow user to query playback rate.
8464d7d : HLS: allow down switch during prepare
c5656cc : Add playback rate to AudioMixer
857d5a2 : Factor out buffer provider code from AudioMixer
f129b03 : Enable 8 bit and float pcm record formats for AudioPolicyManager
c481b50 : Pass crypto source data using a shared buffer
dacc06f : Fix AudioPolicyManager dynamic policy initialization
ffbc80f : audio policy: volume in dBs
c75307b : audio policy: volume control reorganization
a115118 : stagefright: LiveSession: delay consuming reply ID for seek
6770c6f : Enable 8 bit and float pcm record formats for AudioFlinger
73c02e4 : Improve ResamplerBufferProvider
97a893e : Add RecordBufferConverter for RecordThread data processing
6b3b7e3 : Return number of frames output from resample method
3bcf859 : audio flinger: improve device to device audio patches
322b4d2 : audio policy: fix unique audio port ID.
25f8275 : HLS: traces in LiveSession and PlaylistFetcher for easier debugging
2e81b58 : Fix div zero error in corrupted media file
e849af8 : Cherry-pick two BufferItem changes
f2d1e4d : Camera2Client: support HAL version 3.3

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

53e1113 : IME switcher visibility should ignore aux IMEs.
b0ebff3 : Tweak the conditions to hide IME switcher icon.
5b6d213 : DO NOT MERGE: Don't throw RuntimeException in user dir delegations.
6df837a : better notification speed change
4f1c9cc : Better focus logic
98c9c55 : Discrete modes for touch or key traversal
30f9a27 : removed doze
4d46003 : disable alt-tab traversal when touching
0b6e1bf : Camera: Minor documentation update
1ad85f7 : border animation revisions
d2f7abe : Revert "renderthread: add EGL_EXT_buffer_age support"
4b8fc30 : renderthread: add EGL_EXT_buffer_age support
f4164d6 : Added border to focus state
ccbe738 : Don't allow contact sharing by default for device not recognized as carkit.
92fe1a0 : More cleanup
6d6cfc0 : Code cleanup
7a0b2f1 : Optimize the condition to show IME switcher.
f059c88 : Fixed recents animation bugs
467c378 : Fixed double focus animation
d840727 : Camera: Documentation updates
6eeaf8f : Adjusted animation timing
07533db : Don't allow contact sharing by default for device not recognized as carkit.
05ce0c6 : Revert "Fix race condition when setting default ringtones"
435b5c0 : Change search key behavior for Ryu
ca298ff : Limited number of Recents
a7df771 : DO NOT MERGE Ensure that the device is provisioned before showing Recents.
7b317f4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
984f7fb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
90555cd : Revert "Limited number of recent tasks to 10"
0ac7518 : Revert "16 recents"
b4272ad : 16 recents
0d7f35a : Modified focus state
fdcc4f4 : Moved navigation bar buttons
25d209d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
49eeda3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
00fe5dd : Add ability to cancel task window transitions.
f2cb934 : Fix race condition when setting default ringtones
7ecaea8 : Block directory selection in openable modes.
6c12c3a : SystemUI: implement bluetooth scan timeout
f131e1a : Kick movement preconditions onto handler thread.
e0fa747 : Revert "Remove -ffast-math from libhwui makefile"
cf22d18 : When the incoming light source is invalid, don't generate any shadow
cdce35a : Early return when the scale is 0.
e02ec7c : Remove -ffast-math from libhwui makefile
e99cb8b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f8f111f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
492a56c : Revert "Use clang for libhwui"
1521b11 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4c9cdbc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f3ec536 : Bandaid over broken keyboard layout selection process.
0394a0c : Convert ashmem bitmap thresholds to constants.
afdc6b1 : Limited number of recent tasks to 10
d354fd2 : Use clang for libhwui
8cee7c1 : Limit persistent ashmem backed fds to a minimum of 128kB.
fcc95a6 : Fix issue #25357209: Could not send SMS or MMS messages, had to reboot
f149dcb : Fix a crash while printing ICCID because of alphabets in UICC.
b0e4f9e : Fixed a bug where the panel could get stuck closing
4f7883c : Don't try overriding system fixed permissions on install
3ffb08a : Improve comment on EXTRA_CALL_RAT_TYPE.
3b1c6e0 : PackageSettingBase needs to copy volume UUID.
d8989cc : Fixed task focus bug.
e2ed23e : Handle "uninstalled" apps when pruning app-ops.
3b0437e : IMS: Support For Per-Call RAT Info
8c84217 : NetworkTimeUpdateService: Grab a wakelock when manipulating system time
7bddf5a : Allow verifier to grant permissions
02bffab : Get rid of getTypesVisibleToCaller log spam.
748e9ad : Disable the search bar in Recents.
a03c9f6 : Made alt-tab loop.
5701321 : UsbDeviceManager: set mUsbDataUnlocked=false on user switch
168e980 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c3cd7b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7611f1c : Don't crash if a DHCP server doesn't send the server ID option.
d1304d3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bcefa34 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c571ea3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b8afc77 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
01af6a4 : Make SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW development permission
aa1c080 : Petites fautes.
7682b26 : Fix issue #25289999: Lower device idle alarm limit to 10 mins.
c47ae11 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4471395 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9603389 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
16a2a10f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
09dc098 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
45753a2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7afd89d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
af2ce88 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f6fc9e2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4062f5a : Prevent recents from coming up when in SUW
d847ad5 : Prevent recents from coming up when in SUW
2452e54 : [DO NOT MERGE] EAP-TLS PMKID mismatch error
446dcc9 : Delay hiding the cast icon for 3 seconds. DO NOT MERGE
0450565 : Revert "Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel""
7730cd2 : DO NOT MERGE Fix issue #24118803: The screen doesn't turn off...
a665ea7 : Remove tether_apndata for Sasktel
e2adb2c : Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel"
333e32b : SystemUI: fix automatic pairing of BT keyboards
79f00cf : SystemUI: fix automatic pairing of BT keyboards
ff91ef8 : Don't resolve cross-profile app links without intent picker.
9582e15 : Fix crash on calling removeSelection with showing selection handlers
0dccd12 : Add the FEATURE_TELEPHONY restriction to TelephonyManager.getAllCellInfo()
f7b6474 : Revert "Add the FEATURE_TELEPHONY restriction to TelephonyManager.getAllCellInfo()"
ab3f972 : Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel
865907d : Hopefully fix issue #25153459: Sandboxed_process1 thrashing
d542705 : Reinstate CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE as a normal permission.
8fd25bf : Delay hiding the cast icon for 3 seconds.
68f6715 : Maintain shared user list on OTA
3a09c52 : Don't query ChooserTargetService apps that haven't been used recently
5d1429e : Add the FEATURE_TELEPHONY restriction to TelephonyManager.getAllCellInfo()
052366c : Narrow permission re-granting to specific volume.
990df68 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2aaeefe : Fix toolbar flickering in ExtractedMode when longpressing.
fde4111 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
46d50b7 : Don't buzz when automatically connecting to captive portals
bbcb331 : Correctly derive ABI for apps on adopted media.
b4faf34 : Carrier Config: Add KEY_CARRIER_IMS_GBA_REQUIRED_BOOL flag
2ae7107 : Changing the ordering for heads up notifications
f1ddb5e : Catch exceptions thrown by pending activity launches.
f5e0452 : DO NOT MERGE Race condition in JobServiceContext
b581777 : DO NOT MERGE Use correct param for heightMode in RelativeLayout horizontal measure
690f18a : ignore initial request to disable iptable chain
7d7a225 : DO NOT MERGE Sync extras bundle comparison can throw NPE
8ab115a : Correct ActivityInfo constructors.
3b8a5ea : Re-set PROCESS_TEXT selection if nothing was returned.
01320de : Update drawable matrix when bounds change in invalidateDrawable()
a112347 : Add locking when mutating RecentTasks.
918b901 : DO NOT MERGE Fix jank when intent resolver/chooser windows animate in
56859f3 : Ignore network policies with missing IMSI.
ef396b5 : Set the bounds on the drawable for ChangeBounds reparenting.
2ee19c7 : Retain fragment loaders
2e2069d : Fix read_mapinfo to recognize free list large object space
ac0e6ca : Set host when restoring a fragment
a05df45 : Fix a possible race condition in SensorManager initialization.
c555378 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5e48632 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c03443b : Fix lens shading map origin calculation.
3bab515 : Reload content description of KeyButtonView
98713a4 : Stopping chronometers now when the shade is closed
1f0ec16 : DO NOT MERGE Sanity check loaded periodics and cap runtime.
ffb32b1 : Don't allow concurrent permission requests.
063926b : count notification peeks by window action
77a533f : Fix ChooserTarget app scoring
482e9d9 : DO NOT MERGE Add a new carrier config for DTMF tone gap in CDMA.
20ebb4c : Disassociate system windows from apps
a620006 : DO NOT MERGE: Reduce delay of floating toolbar appearance.
431e506 : Fix line height problem with inline images in StaticLayout.
b919876 : DO NOT MERGE Change scheduling logic to run network jobs sooner
6a032a3 : Don't project ripple for adequately tall spinners
fb34a12 : Mask IccId which gets printed in bug reports & radio logs.
fc7476d : Fix wrongly laid out navigation color view
f383129 : Fix issue #24571425: Device does not come out of idle mode for maintenance
8e2d2bb : Add 'until next alarm' option to QS zen panel.
38451b8 : WindowStateAnimation: Clear transformation clip rect.
59d28dc : Update docs to reflect adoptable behavior.
97eff87 : Selectively show zen footer.
3a10b10 : Update volume slider on device changed.
4eb9871 : Fix bugs introduced in ChooserActivity
35e0269 : Load binary hyphen data files
0453112 : Make Hyphenator#get() return an object.
b053b3c : TDSCDMA: RSSI bar moves 1 bar into no signal without going through 0 bar
7013f0c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a2ed535 : NotificationPlayer supports MediaPlayer errors
f142cac : Show charging speed in all locales
d73854d : Remove ColorFade resouces when screen off.
de612dc : MediaPlayer: remove obsolete function setPlaybackRate from comments.
71d3260 : Shorten first boot time by filtering dexopted apps by LRU.
977fe03 : BLE-MIDI: change binding for BluetoothMidiService
c024de3 : media: ignore null InputStream
9b23f88 : Don't crash if an invalid always-on VPN profile is configured.
739d0b0 : Unbind IME client when unsetting the current IME.
c14a11e : Ensure we update the active pointer id on pointer up/down.
af3e489 : BluetoothMidiDevice: change write type to support JamStik
ff7b92f : Shared user retains permissions no longer used by any app on an app update
b02ce29 : "Fix" issue #24357296: Debug.getMemoryInfo doesn't include EGL mtrack...
7688911 : MidiBluetoothService: add new device to HashMap
afa038c : MidiManager: fix double BTLE callback
e39def4 : MidiService: update listener with current status when registered
412e7c8 : Adding config to allow/disallow user to add APNs.
06c07a1 : Add additional density enums to android:screenDensity attribute
1b79ad7 : Fix issue #23581553: Ignore Battery Optimization not work for re-install app
5c18d05 : Use effectiveUid instead of callingUid to set lockTaskMode
6be61a9 : wm: call displayReady for all built in displays when system is ready.
9209c9c : Add SystemUI component to watch for keyboard attachment.
ac3b53a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4e4d59e : Connect the DHCP UDP socket to the server.
958b9d2 : Fix issue #24743380: VoiceInteractionManagerService doesn't use current...
d22b9b7 : [RenderScript] pass correct length of ains to BLAS functions
c88a2d5 : Default location is "internalOnly" when undefined.
1078942 : Safely handle interrupts during Thread.join()
93db3d4 : Retry if interrupted before mMessageThread has joined
64f4f98 : Actually apply after no sims change.
025f4a5 : Support DHCP replies with multiple default gateways.
b19238c : Accept DHCP responses from non-67 server source ports
496906e : Improve logging of DHCP parse errors using exceptions.
d6af66e : Correctly reschedule failed periodic
d890f4f : MediaActionSound: Fix video stop sound
57caeb5 : Ensure SurfaceView requests WM relayout when size changes.
b7b5812 : Don't call StopRecognition when recognition was aborted.
a636be6 : Camera: fix wrong FULL feature string
0155856 : Fix AudioService rotation helper thread
4cad00b : Add anydpi to the providing-resources docs
e0ced4d : ZenModeHelper: fix cross deadlock with AudioService
3b49317 : Move ASSIST_BLOCKED flag to avoid collision with SCROLL_INDICATOR
faebbe8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6ef8578 : Add animation and positional stability to intent chooser UI
3c12a7c : Hold wake-lock during copy operations.
24806db : AudioService: alternative way of handling device rotation
1f40764 : Send POWER_HINT_INTERACTION on rotate.
d3f84d4 : Add minimum time for double tap gesture
a6bf0eb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2813b0f : Camera2: Update video stabilization API doc.
a43a96b : Add ESC mapping for Pixel C keyboard
4608f10 : Add layout and keymap for Pixel C Bluetooth keyboard
cc2ae6b4 : Relax auto-launch checks for GET_CONTENT.
01db67d : Ambient display now comes up immediately when a notification comes in
e3e6d56 : Fix jank: Don't write lockout deadline if not needed
a57a540 : Fix asymmetry in parceling/unparceling code for BatteryStats summary
d5f1015 : Bump BatteryStats version
0307a2a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
63d93ba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7e39e59 : Show charging speed when time to full is available
307d424 : Clean stale entries when deleting files.
9795a1d : Give the DhcpClient alarm broadcasts foreground priority.
9a2979b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4822125 : AudioService: cleanup sco audio mode upon disconnection.
a37c71c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3b3cbb5 : Do not issue config change command when not needed
32b843e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
566c766 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e7a3435 : Docs only change: update build version docs.
68eafe7 : Revert "Dismiss color fade when it is no longer used."
40aa881 : Deliver camera launch source for analytics
e1de9f6 : Fix black Keyguard
4b36345 : Disable wifi firmware logging by default
ad371b2 : Update message in SIM PIN view when configuration changes
6a15d52 : Do not go over handler to dispatch keyguard visibility
4b23a81 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3730fa2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c5c9bdb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5115b26 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
effcd9f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
302475e : Fix verifyUnlock
1b68e8b : Log time difference between power button presses for gesture
1935600 : Dismiss color fade when it is no longer used.
e16fb55 : save "retain loader" state
bb998c9 : Extended the maximum pulsing duration when dozing
52290c9c : Fix Array Index Out of Bounds in BatteryStatsImpl
06bb908 : Frameworks/base: Propagate boot status to installd
64b5e1c : Enforce a timeout for Content Providers to be published.
d642698 : Fix reintroduction of b/10845061
7aa79ef : Grab a wakelock while doing ARP/ND probing
58e829f : Add support for setting color transforms
d4bcb28 : set config_use_sim_language_file false for SE Telia/Sweden 3G
823e805 : Always set the usb config when modifying it.
8057133 : Fix crash when no power_profile is specified
a9fc533 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
550ac93 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c05142c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0472798 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
05b6999 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0950592 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
89b82af : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
23b4cd3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ebca452 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
be68905 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9255a86 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
123247a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
37da62e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9845335 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
41cb1b8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
369b7ca : Bug: 24112165 Update docs for protection level of CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE
e1a6299 : Relax locking when scanning private volumes.
95e4038 : Start fingerprint authentication in onStartedGoingToSleep
5c0c5ac : Handle case correctly when screen times out and locking immediately
00f4aad : Badge ChooserActivity choices with their app icon for disambig
a4d22d7 : Send power hint on fling gestures.
18f18ae : Allow camera launch also when device is interactive
39e94eb : Handle single-choice ChooserActivities and bound ChooserTargetServices
9cecf14 : Do not back up/restore the "pulse LED for notifications" setting
fe74fb9 : extend svc command to control NFC state
f89e800 : Send next alarm's show intent via PendingIntent
6bc0a2b : Framework fixes for RSSI offload.
1adb4a7 : Add logging to track fingerprint reco but not unlocking
6af6c34 : Added a carrier config key for emergency messages on/off option always showing.
5ded7af : Fix parole scheduling bugs.
dc98806 : Push firewall rules up to ConnectivityService.
cd94602 : Default grant SMS and Phone to the verifier
84dc08a : Dump Keyguard state in SystemUI and PhoneWindowManager
46df1ca : Fix light status bar transitions
1ba0fa0 : Add capability to ignore carrier entitlement checks
5162a1d : Add to configure for MDC_INITIAL_MAX_RETRY
3cf7eef : Listen for fingerprint when on bouncer
6e90ea0 : Don't wait for brightness changes
30ed8ca : Add op package to the UID special case handling in account manager.
478d5b7 : Add to configure for MDC_INITIAL_MAX_RETRY
5579e41 : Add op package to the UID special case handling in account manager.
e25bd01 : Allow non-persistent manual network selection.
14be4cf : Add carrier config for characters to escape with backslash.
ebcac16 : Use app directory as apkPath for cluster installs
dc364fe : Add a new carrier config for DTMF tone gap.
a84dda5 : Avoid OOBE when AbsListView layout is out of sync with adapter
29f6666 : NetworkDiagnostics: ping default router from all global addreses.
c03a1da : Add carrier config variable to hide preferred network type
6832f39 : BatteryStats: Better big-little CPU accounting
16093fe : Revert "Disable fingerprint after force lock"
5941c98 : Add double-tap power button to open camera 1/2
e83d8a9 : Special interval value to always run benchmarks.
a4e2337 : reset lockout deadline on device reboot
2f68422 : Add carrier config for specifying invalid characters.
5e35422 : Use AlarmManager for lockout reset
5096d9e : Don't include password on default encryption command
1b6f819 : Fixed a racecondition where the camera would not launch
ce852dd : Add get_accounts app op
e9d3c11 : Add carrier config variable to hide ims apn
52429b4 : Cancel animation when hiding Keyguard
edf4748 : Removed the secure camera launcher
e9cb082 : Changed the vibration duration from 1s to 750ms.
9e28efe : docs: change intro and title for contacts and sign-in lesson, and remove empty bullet
5e8e1c6 : Do not expand notifications with expand gesture when disallowed
a63d058 : docs: change intro and title for contacts and sign-in lesson, and remove empty bullet
b988466 : Require the new PACKET_KEEPALIVE_OFFLOAD permission.
9d1284e : Add an error code for generic hardware error.
9acca09 : Fix bugs and crashes in PacketKeepalive API.
7914ce5 : Add tests for the PacketKeepalive API.
7b70036 : Add a PACKET_KEEPALIVE_OFFLOAD permission.
ffa390b : Use a CountDownLatch instead of sleep() in NetworkFactory tests.
e58961a : Get rid of shortSleep() in ConnectivityServiceTest.
9f3e169 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
83fa258 : Make ConnectivityServiceTest a bit more readable.
a1ec958 : Fix missing copyright headers.
6247701 : Introduce config_wifi_revert_country_code_on_cellular_loss
eb5fcb9 : Add carrier config for specifying invalid characters.
da527ef : Do not show roaming icon for some operators of Chile
4c97f3a : Do not show roaming icon for some operators of Chile
a9ebeef : Cut down some logs.
7be83c5 : Bluetooth: Fix profile auto-connect logic
904f485 : SurfaceControl: Add colorTransform to DisplayInfo
af4ab3e : Don't disable fingerprint when entering wrong credential
f6d51ac : Poke fingerprint timeout when vold password is correct
c263a08 : Make the vertical navbar 48dp like the horizontal one.
d64144a : Don't crash on (invalid) hardware address lengths > 127.
e07cbaf : Show face unlock even when fingerprint is running
73633dd : Fingerprint should throttle after 5 attempts
2cb2dd4 : Respect DONT_KILL_APP flag when bringing down a disabled service.
6499a85 : Don't drop runtime permissions on older system app update.
60aae16 : Apply default link-handling policy at OTA from pre-M
bf04cf5 : Fix wrong mode for fingerprint unlock when bouncer not showing
0f1ddb5 : IMS: Fix registrationFeatureCapabilityChanged declaration in AIDL
85ca814 : set config_use_sim_language_file false for KR LGU+/KT
0b4aeab : Fixed a crash in the notification group manager
975f145 : Only allow foreground app and keyguard to access FingerprintManager
898db05 : Fix broken enter key after failed PIN attempts.
c467bd6 : Fix broken enter key after failed PIN attempts.
e94a6ff : Add SUPL-specific network bcast
fb9ec50 : Incorrect app op check in broadcast queue
bba73a0 : Allow shell to disable keyguard when not secure
1f384ee : DO NOT MERGE: Fix DngCreator default crop calculations.
a468d63 : Use private action for SUPL related connectivity changes.
7e68e24 : Do not show roaming icon for NL KPN network with Telfort SIM
a9acb4c : Reformat only KR numbers with leading "+82".
ea2d644 : Fix Custom action mode menu item onclick is not working
3a46478 : Add a private API to get notified about lockout resets
0f1848c : Fixed a bug where the secure camera would flash when rotated
d66af6a : Don't perform layout while adjusting displays/stacks state.
a8a7954 : Save/restore errno in SIGCHLD handler.
6577cae : Fixed when the notification effects are being cleared
0aa69b7 : Ensure host is set before onInflate()
6ef57c3 : Rename carrier config constant.
541ada3 : BatteryStats: Start using cpu power from kernel
387ce2f : Add carrier config for allowing non-emerg calls in ECM mode.
dd8efa8 : Add TDSCDMA family
3698086 : Telephony: Add TD-SCDMA SignalStrength
a95f468 : Fix a NPE when shutting down instrumentation
469fa94 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8b3c25a : Run callbacks from fingerprintd through handler.
04f9740 : Don't launch the camera if it already in foreground.
8d2826b : Support uneditable enhanced 4g lte mode config
90b5e07 : Fixed a bug where the secure camera would flash when rotated
0cb50ef : Disable fingerprint after force lock
acace94 : Fix race condition by guarding callbacks
f9f7161 : Fix NPE in AR hardware binding sequence. b/22772433
b774e55 : Optimize fp touch to wake: Shortcut for report next draw
74ab4fa : Reduce CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE bcasts
c384198 : Added animation for trusted to fingerprint error
e515c64 : Give shell permission to move apps.
a4ff47c : Fix DngCreator default crop calculations.
0d446c1 : Crashing the system process is inadvisable
a326a11 : Enable migration to big cores for app launches.
5aaa0b3 : Fix deadlock when updating rotation
a1c8a6b : Fix NPE in AR hardware binding sequence. b/22772433
02e5b0f : Docs: Fixes a mistaken TOC item at top-right so it now matches the item it links to.
175c22e : Show the ResolverActivity in dock mode
aa244da : Don't throttle "while idle" alarms while not dozing
1864bf1 : Docs: Localized DAC landing pages for M Preview, updated for Dev Prev 3.
81e0dff : Minor fix on Auto Desktop Head Unit doc.
4a8034c : AudioTrack: error reporting for getTimestamp()
c211978 : Add StateMachine.removeDeferredMessages()
ed7dcc2 : Don't check the keyguard PIN a second time
733b663 : Prevent Fingerprint when SIM is locked
0238bf2 : docs: New auto Desktop Head Unit (DHU) docs
8f1ea83 : Handle the -a flag for dumpsys appops.
575b6fd : Added event log for camera launch gesture.
898c704 : Avoid NPE when getPositionForView() is called on detached view
69ff8af : Migrate camera vibration to the systemUI
372d1bd : Launching the camera now from systemUI including animations
672b2cc : Reformat local Korean numbers in national format.
41abd08 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
590da11 : Allow extra slop in battery stats
873010d : Disable fingerprint after user lockout
58950a9 : Truncate and ellipsize app name if too long for dialog.
74f6c79 : Update rotation without holding the WOL lock.
47dd08d : Teach Pm about the "always ask" link-handling state
e90c6d0 : Camera: Update for reprocess session
1344cb9 : Add GET_APP_OPS_STATS to Shell
d34ecae : Don't set a null filter to a cross-profile ResolveInfo.
2cb7004 : Scale notifications on lockscreen for 420 dpi devices
d94d3a2 : Fix issues with light status bar and fp wake-and-unlock
e3f5483 : Camera2: Remove filtering for non-BURST_CAPTURE-capable devices
def6896 : Fix shifted wallpaper after OTA
414985c : Remove window from mWaitingForDrawn when policy hidden
0b4d170 : docs: Add Studio 1.3.2 release notes and download links
9521231 : instrument fingerprint crypto token service
e1a5144 : Cherry-pick: Add callback-based support for HW Activity Recognition.
614612e : Disable AR HW when client binder dies.
4e3af2e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ae04650 : Don't show roaming icon when connecting HT HR network with Tele2 SIM
827afda : Handle driver errors from remove, enroll and auth.
2e3215c : Camera: Add support for notifying NFC stack when camera is active
ab7672d : BatteryStats: Start using cpu power from kernel
938ceed7 : docs: changed references to Google+ sign-in to Google sign-in
315bc09 : Camera2: Legacy: Lock down surface sizes before creating EGL surfaces
b7303a3 : Disable RT animations for header ripple
1de8bcb : Invoke strong auth callback and default strong auth expired to true
b5e4722 : Add StrongAuthTracker
5eb67c2 : Fix jank when clicking on HUN
ab45a21 : Make wake-and-unlock faster
86bed40 : Fix fingerprint listening state race conditions
7d35fc3 : Fixed a typo in convertRestrictionsToBundle JavaDoc
39e5e94 : Add TabletModeChangedListener for SystemUI.
ffdc2ad : Translate ripple mask to account for drawable bounds
bb5ac79 : BatteryStats: Bump checkin version
814de9b : Add support for new window orientation sensor.
ddc2536d : Make sure to kill restore-at-install full-data targets after restore
f0d69b9 : Translate ripple mask to account for drawable bounds
1af7a83 : Fixed key comparison in equals method
5389f46 : Docs: Fixes to interactive-watch-face docs (CL 743190)
f1418ae : Add missing removed permissions to the platform manifest
5f69ca3 : Fix type-o in FingerprintManager documentation
cf83607 : Fix issue #23361510: Increase assist timeout from 500ms to 1 second
c049607 : Save interactive/screen-on state in KeyguardServiceDelegate
bda0caf : MIDI docs: fix buffer allocation
37c1180 : Don't animate in the navigation bar when going to full shade
3c2dc05 : add placeholder for platform name in download button. This change depends on the following change to the script that loads the platform name...
e6705bf : Docs: Creating interactive watch faces Bug: 21721463
9097885 : Fix jank in wake-and-unlock while pulsing
71448a7 : Don't call authenticate immediately after getting valid fingerprint
abf0b8b : Camera: Fix depth documentation issues
aee7893 : Docs: Updating, clarifying Debug-over-WiFi instructions. Bug: 21371836
8e2ea2a : Pass underlying volume UUID to StorageVolume.
971ddf0 : Fix wakelock leak for dozing
1e9bfc6 : Fix incorrect android.telecom.Call.Details equality check.
4276a8f : docs: Fix return info for support lib checkSelfPermission()
5fb4b98 : Fix wakelock leak for dozing
79fd5c4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
aae613d : Don't mark NetworkRequests restricted when they don't have restricted caps
31a96b3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c2e81a0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8b8fa3e : Fix SysUI crash when no metadata is provided
83eb6bb : Improve motion for wake-and-unlocking while pulsing
ee2cfe4 : Only call authenticate when we are not listening yet
34d580e : Fix issue #23270878: NPE in UsageStatsService while running UserManagementTest
865b79b : Fix issue #23326715: Clarify --checkin/-c options in batterystats
4354a05 : Launched camera in the correct user.
f610bd7 : Fix race conditions for camera prewarm service
236b2b5 : Fix crashes when removing work profile
828adbb : Camera2: Handle surface size change
e688bf7 : Constrain drawBitmap matrix-to-rect optimization
3166cc8 : docs: Updated hardware system images for M.
358fcc7 : Do not start with a black frame in bootanimation
e0507bb : Reset fingerprint lockout timer when strong auth is used.
bbf0c88 : Revert "Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in frameworks."
ed6160d : Change default cellular activity timeout to 10
af75c17 : Fix issue #23270878: NPE in UsageStatsService while running UserManagementTest
8c651ae : Add carrier config variable to hide merge call button
94fc625 : docs: App link doc update for M Preview 3
007f0e8 : Fix race condition for doze mode and wake-and-unlocking
eaabddf : Docs: Fixing files that didn't merge properly from mnc-preview-docs
3fcb5d6 : Clear old clip rect when creating new surface.
deb0507 : Revert "Disable fingerprint when remotely reset by DPM"
42df4fb : Fix issue #23214751: Get a GPS fix before going in to doze
c45bd69 : docs: M Preview 3 post-release cleanup
db87d7c : docs: Re-added gms_lists.js and gcm_lists.js for GMS v7.8 (Reblochon) Javadoc discovery.
f0a340e : docs: Support Library v23 updates
bd58d6f : Doc change: misc fixes for preview 3.
d9d5302 : Not allowing empty fingerprint names anymore
d71d7c3 : Clean up properly if outcall for doRestoreFinished() fails
8ba94ba : Remove wifi enabled checking from settings TetherUtil
9b70f44 : Fix documentation issue
a03567b : docs: Fixed unclosed anchor tag for M Program Overview.
ff7add0 : Check component permissions like 'exported' before assigned permissions
772a488 : docs: Fixed typo in Android for Work section in MNC Behavior Changes doc.
ea49b2f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
70004d9 : docs: fix build errors due to linked apache http classes
28f2ba8 : docs: Remove Google Play Services pages under Develop > Google Services.
85429c0 : docs: Android 5.1 API Release notes (Lollipop MR1)
637db47 : docs: SDK Tools v23.3.4 release download links
0baf95b : docs: SDK Tools Release notes for v24.3.4
472b6b4 : docs: Platform release notes for Android 6.0 (API 23) revision 1
bd4ed32 : docs: Preview 3 - Support page updates
49eeebb : Doc change: Edits for final SDK and dev preview 3. Add selector to manage landing page image.
bf8f17f : docs: Update Preview downloads page for Developer Preview 3
8dcda39 : resolved conflicts for merge of 8ad3e817 to mnc-dr-dev
8bf69a4 : Update the RenderScript runtime documentation for MNC.
d878f53 : Grant SMS carrier provisioning app the permission to receive SMS.
6ea47a3 : Use init to write usb typec props.
7ed1aaa : Add experimental camera session prepare API.
44d911f : docs: Updated gms_lists.js for GMS v7.8 (Reblochon) Javadoc discovery.
a13f77e : Docs: Migration, rewrite of Doze/App Standby doc from M Preview behavior page Bug: 22947123
fd7db54 : docs: Added Javadoc links for new M Preview permissions methods
ad55a8e : docs: API diff report 22 to 23
5717612 : Camera2: Add camera type to getNumberOfCameras.
ae49872 : Add debugging for issue #23190084: [APPComm][Dev Test] {Unable to share photo...
a2eebe8 : cherrypick from mnc-preview-docs docs: Preview 3 permissions docs. Original Change-Id: I4eaf45d98846e2bf9456f5896da4ec3079f4ba18
beb9e33 : AAPT: Fix regression in resource versioning
8df3cfe : Introducing M Land.
c510ad5 : instrument fingerprint service
deafeed : "I tried to think of the most harmless thing."
50ff3af : Start pulse fading exactly when screen is turned on
9b8e179 : docs: Updated API Overview and Behavior Changes docs for M Preview 3.
3eb636b : docs: Build Tools 23.0.0 release notes
887cffe : Remove uids with empty history from NetworkStats uid enumeration
621e06a : Fix UserHandle.getAppIdFromSharedAppGid to allow system UIDs
56f0ff3 : Make "Ask every time" actually work that way
9f5b0a2 : Fix issue #22940169: "pm grant" can no longer grant permissions...
4a05bbc : Fix to check the incoming userid argument for RingtonePlayer
063f850 : Method to show DialogFragment allowing state loss.
9373911 : Update time when turning on screen, in addition to waking up
9a2ab4c : Add some bookmarks to plugin-for-gradle page
901f807 : docs: Update uses-sdk-element page with API 23 (M) listing
2906bd5 : Doc change: Update preview pages for dp3.
ea6c448 : Clear calling identity before getting the current user.
52153f4 : Add GTS test to ensure valid default permission grants - framework
1827e32 : docs: Update developer docs make file to include API 23
055eafd : Do not vibrate if we don't have a fingerprint client
09e9ba3 : docs: changed red to yellow in code snippet
9d14206 : Update ifaces when global restriction changes.
aabab27 : Fix touch-to-wake while dozing
25b4d4b : Require strong authentication after a timeout
c3f7449 : Fix issue #23116383: Include security patch level in Settings
4ec5939 : Set default SMS/MMS app to (new AOSP app).
9f81ce7 : Add a new carrier config for DTMF tone gap.
bba7317 : Add more intelligence to bluetooth connection state
f95ed10 : Fix Insertion ActionMode not showing on RTL languages
719192c : Revert "Set default SMS/MMS app to (new AOSP app)."
8338ed0 : Show usb charging notification when in host mode
f23b296 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9fd96df : Setting config_use_sim_language_file to false for 334-020.
6eabf57 : Log last filtered sensor timestamp.
8b3e6b0 : Promote system app permissions
bf88205 : Fall back to persist.sys.language/country if locale isn't set.
36d1483 : Add Support Lib v23 API Diff
a4b51bc : Fix Keyguard drawn timeout
fe836fa : Prevent overlap of color views in landscape
1e9c51a : Fix issue #23122445: Add 420 density
cfafe4e : Indicating fingerprint error messages on the bouncer now
494d6e9 : [fingerprint] use credential owner in FingerprintService
0f515af : Avoid use-after-free race condition when rebasing theme
959431b : Wake device when Keyguard invisible and getting fingerprint
a3721e1 : Fix deadlock.
72064af : Camera: Fix framework bugs with DEPTH-only camera devices
dbba74e : Always call onProvidersChanged() when packages containing widgets are updated.
4270924 : Fixed issue with moveTaskToBack on single stack devices
3a24898 : Set default SMS/MMS app to (new AOSP app).
fe114b9 : New landscape Navigation bar icons.
93d9e26 : Don't re-wrap alert dialog context
72245d7 : Add more examples of generating/importing keys to Javadocs.
bac9769 : Ensure ripple mask is drawn at correct position
540542b : Fix tuner for secondary users
1428f43 : Save data registration roaming state
c12ec70 : Avoid use-after-free race condition when rebasing theme
31e19f3 : Don't attempt to stop the receive thread if we never started it.
b08c24a : Frameworks/base: Disable Clang in core/jni
e7489fd : docs: Updating the permissions docs for Preview 3.
1df9c3c : Pushing the startActivity before the calls to remove task.
e910be0 : DO NOT MERGE: Idle Job Start During SCREEN_ON or DREAMING_STOPPED
c7b57b1 : Fix issue #23037899: Support for Battery Optimization permission + Dialog
2f04434 : docs: studio 1.3.1 download updates
3343981 : Crash apps with bad notification icons.
26ed265 : When closing task stack remove reference to display content.
b77d8b6 : [Fix getAccounts MANAGE_USERS permission]
122c877 : docs: studio 1.3.1 revision updates
7a09b83 : Allow debugging only for apps forked from zygote
c21a0fa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6b8e064 : Update setApplicationRestrictions documentation
c528392 : Close ZipFiles correctly in WebViewFactory.
00aa9d4 : Initialize network name better in NetworkController
5d4994b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bdd5db7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
283c030 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2393f7e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3e0be74 : Do not show removed permissions in the UI - framework
45dc0d0 : Fix wifi disable during restore
4d34bb8 : Fix issue #23037093: "Write system settings" permission value fails...
450982a : Adding link to location API video.
4a503b1 : Fix issue #22989030: Separate battery whitelists
1135457 : Filtering Remote-Submix and Back-mic devices from AudioDeviceInfo API.
5fa8939 : Revert "Add a (hidden) mapping for REMOTE_SUBMIX device types for CTS test."
a7238a3 : Bug: 21588539 Move CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE to be in SYSTEM_SETTINGS
b5ab2ff : Keep intent verification status of system apps when uninstalling them.
a789248 : Fix partial user cleanup on restart
ae4b8de : Update Navigation bar assets.
907e01e : Wait a bit longer for wifi to shut down before rewriting the config
74aefdf : Debugging for issue #22556778: Starting under voice control not allowed
600b984 : DO NOT MERGE. Add new media navigation keys.
b978ce7 : Allow system to disable lockscreen
511e487 : Make DelegateManager thread safe
6ff55fc : Fix issue #22846750: Starting Screenie Now On Tap crashes USA Today
aa41add : Immediately kill a shared user process on a permission revocation.
a0ef49c : Look for recent tasks in live stacks.
caec50e : docs: changed version 5 to 3 for Billing API
b556dec : LayoutLib: Switch SimpleDateFormat to icu.
82c7fdb : Replace Locale.getDefault with custom impl.
49db74f : Don't dispatch when non-interactive and the display is off.
7036436 : Use BluetoothController for status bar icon status
4cab12d : Fix check for caller being the active network scorer
5d177ff : MediaSync: fix API comments.
76ffdaf : Fixing issue with empty Recents screen.
a35c96e : add metrics to assistant
928e1ec : Protect runtime storage mount points.
b9ebed5 : Correctly skip files that are excluded from restore
6fd84cc : Use realActivity as indicator for task locking
697804e : Update anchor background on the correct view in PopupWindow
8b2562b : Add a (hidden) mapping for REMOTE_SUBMIX device types for CTS test.
4582f81 : Update documentation of DevicePolicyManager intents.
bfa11e4 : Avoid changing internal state of shared drawable
b29814c : Don't show fingerprint cancellation messages in keyguard
0e62952 : Pregrant unrevokable storage permission to the CertInstaller
f71c108 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5a42db2 : Pass connection configuration when setting wifi info
6bdd3a1 : Fix issue #22843150: fragment transaction crash from onRequestPermisssionResult
16ed6a4 : Correctly propagate permissions when uninstalling updates.
6d43a86 : Add boost to increase the load on newly-forked zygote processes.
8ae1be1 : Disable fingerprint when remotely reset by DPM
22cfec3 : Documenting behavior of returning a 0-length array for formats, channels, rates queries for analog devices.
da4371d : Revert "Revert "Permissions: GET_ACCOUNTS permission cleanup""
f4fcfd2 : Fix app ops regressions introduced by the per UID policy change
69b55b5 : Removing tethering overlay for mcc202-mnc05 (VF Greece).
862f0f0 : doc: Updated Auto quality guideline for media playback (AU-MT). The update reflects new guidance that media apps do not autoplay on startup of Android Auto or without user initiated action to select the app or app media. bugs: 22932742
c5548c0 : [UserManager] expose method to retrieve credential owner
cda6e87 : Implement Bluetooth settings factory reset (2/5)
f5262e5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3115960 : Consider channel index masks when calculating channel counts.
54545f7 : NPE occured when trying to parcel voice features.
6cc066d : Revert "Revert "Permissions: GET_ACCOUNTS permission cleanup""
90b6961 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9b11fdb : Store ringer mode on entering DND mode so it can be restored on exit.
df5af48 : Reduce log spam for the ease of debugging Bug 22857361.
215b44a : Fix app ops regressions introduced by the per UID policy change
9e21ece : Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in frameworks.
5346396 : Correctly hide setConnectionService
a95faf7 : MidiManager: use ConcurrentHashMap
a01f486 : Make ResourceKey always use non-null configuration override.
2ccf0c8 : Don't dispatch when non-interactive and the display is off.
f901649 : Charge apps for wifi tx time while scanning
84ad7e9 : Keep OverScroller.SplineOverScroller state consistent.
c9cbe42 : Fix crash in kModeProcessNoContext
ff2b059 : Ensure per package and per UID state share same package settings.
1dac151 : Remove spurious syncmanager wake-ups
78b8d4a : Mark missed calls as read in calllog restore(2/2)
ac3f8e5 : Unregister the existing callback when MediaProjection stops
0437cac : Make getInt in BridgeTypedArray accept empty String.
a909070 : Fix layout mirroring.
95cd24b : Fix crash in kModeProcessNoContext
e7af194 : Ensure per package and per UID state share same package settings.
1a008c1 : UsbDeviceManager: fix b/21429947 regression (try #2)
083e1d9 : Fix incorrect default wifi power draw values
5a5e7d6 : Add setting to disable camera gesture
b6ead7d : Revert "Permissions: GET_ACCOUNTS permission cleanup"
845d14d : Revert "Permissions: GET_ACCOUNTS permission cleanup"
487ffe7 : Fix NOT_RESTRICTED network capability and enforce it.
29b8c4a : Reset the pointer to the Bluetooth GATT service
94dacb1 : Fix moving of apps into legacy ASEC.
665d014 : Remove spurious syncmanager wake-ups
fb81d09 : Fix issue #22860466: viapi security bug - rubber stamping in nested VIs
9a6e13c : Set broadcast nextReceiver correctly when package is disabled
6d00e41 : AudioService: check for audio device connection success
419bc8f : Expand ringtone titles to support OGG and FLAC.
f346540 : Fix NPE in AppOpsService
52d1a6b : Bug: 22879202 App compatibility with WRITE_SETTINGS failing
80c8865 : media: Clarify MediaCodec and CodecCapabilities documentation
7e0683b : Notify settings URI change without a lock held
f5ea12c : Fail silently if a process trys to launch an acitvity for background user
6d4d0db : Disable skipping frames on empty damage
fbabe7d : BatteryStats: Add debug logging to find source of b/22716723
28ec27c : Fix issue #22912704: "android.process.acore has stopped" dialog keeps popping up
ad4c63b : READ_SMS allows getLine1Number() [1/3]
abc3e85 : Avoid deadlock by broadcasting outside lock.
01a0af3 : Yell loudly about undefined behind in Bitmap, but work anyway
449e5fd : Expand ringtone titles to support OGG and FLAC.
9ce22a0 : camera2: Update DngCreator with bad pixel opcode.
51e3a67 : Don't wipe device because of short PIN, patterns or passwords
89a045c : Revert to using AppTheme for LayoutLib tests.
9f280a9 : Fix Matrix_Delegate.native_getValues()
8c558f3 : Update Material link text to be colorAccent
9c0cbdb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5fd0eff : docs: August 2015 Android Dashboard update
66845a3 : Add more dump info about emergency calls state
1ff29f2 : Make ResolverDrawerLayout look like a ScrollView to accessibility
02f42ca : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
db76ee0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
71a8557 : Restore session params "no decoration" flag
f3807aa : Fix NPE in AppOpsService
2ab53cf : Also consider task intent when trimming recent tasks
05069b9 : User correct category for finding headless sync adapters
7c19f4c : Bug: 22879202 App compatibility with WRITE_SETTINGS failing
f27e5c8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b4672ba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2f8e387 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2af5708 : Add per UID control to app ops.
f6d3d14 : Added logging in a few error paths for wifi config installation.
c620eb7 : Make vendor keys visible in Camera2 java APIs.
f92a1fd : Fixed a bug where notifications shadows were blinking out
afa6ceb : media: Clarify MediaCodec and CodecCapabilities documentation
ce5d92c : Add badge content description to TargetInfo, use in ResolverActivity
c2622d8 : Update test image for upated nav icons.
afb308d : Fix issue #21895842: Add is_assist_blocked to assist.ViewNode.NodeProperties
5a8f33f : Fix typo: s/FullScreen/Fullscreen/ in LayoutLib.
7b1e486 : Fix bugs introduced in 78aa664.
9d8a230 : Revert "View measurement optimization"
f2c0104 : Boot loop when SSID has non UTF-8 character in the name
c35e670 : Moving removeTask to separate thread.
9e2cf5b : Make enter reveal animation be zorder top.
f1518da : Fix fingerprint icon screen on animation
024713c : Suppress camera launch gesture until setup is complete Bug: 22792563
e836a22 : Fix build.
fce2374 : Ensuring that we don't try to use and propagate null activity labels.
e5d926d : Fix build.
692a244 : Fix build.
2764015 : docs: gradle plugin revision update
5a969df : Revert two changes to LinearLayout measurement
841ed0a : Fix that shutter sound does not play after ringer mode changes to vibrator
3266f61 : QS: Allow Flashlight Tile to handle reset state
e08a3c8 : Fix SysUI crash on device boot.
e6b53e6 : Include dnd status in bugreports.
8478aba : Fix SysUI crash on device boot.
e2a4a6f : Don't always transfer device owner status to other users.
f3e2dff : Make DateTimeView more robust to weird contexts.
2b3dfd4 : Make the RemoteViews context safe for Icons.
12097ac : BatteryStats: include mobile radio active count and unknown time in checkin
332d06a : Add OrSelf to privileged permission check.
b3eba81 : Fixed issue with artifacts during scale-up transition animation
4b67713 : Make DateTimeView more robust to weird contexts.
706274f : Make the RemoteViews context safe for Icons.
84ddee2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e0217b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ffc42b0 : Stop supporting legacy ConnectivityManager routing methods in M.
865ea7c : Handle volumes without visible paths.
782327b : BatteryStats: include mobile radio active count and unknown time in checkin
0fccc72 : The heads up now correctly dissapears when clicking
a9e72a7 : Add OrSelf to privileged permission check.
3bf1ac5 : Bluetooth: Don't call beginBroadcast() while in a broadcast
335ff2e : Add telecom extra keys required for DMR release.
7edc103 : Introduced android.permission.PEERS_MAC_ADDRESS permission
dcc34fd : Instrument printing service for metrics collection.
e595268 : media: use blocks number to find closest size
2af91d0 : Call getInstanceForPackage instead of creating a new SensorManager instance.
9ef94ef : docs: studio 1.3 annotation-update
6c00399 : docs: studio 1.3 private resources
e5fe246 : docs: studio 1.3 allocation tracker
16c5726 : docs: studio 1.3 developer services
fa51a0e : Fix stencil mask usage in HWUI
e576ebe : DateTimeView: don't assume you have an ApplicationContext.
6bec2f7 : Include non-zero dimension views in excess space calculation
00908b6 : Improve getTimestamp documentation
e7ed827 : Permissions: GET_ACCOUNTS permission cleanup
1f6a5f8 : docs: design support library 22.2.1 revisions
7bd8e6a : DateTimeView: don't assume you have an ApplicationContext.
da2f304 : Include non-zero dimension views in excess space calculation
9dacbf6 : Add missing return statement
5e829ab : Make the NullVibrator really null.
fb61bb5 : Move padding from navigation and overflow icons to Toolbar
30c5da9 : Don't call cancel() when fingerprint auth fails
44c8c5c : Revise lockdown check in getLegacyVpnInfo()
210bace : [Improve docs for AccountManager] Currently, the docs for AccountManager are somewhat misleading and may cause developer errors. To avoid them, we are properly documenting it.
2ad7e27 : Fix issues around process teardown after full-data restore
acd0df6 : Fixed a heads up crash
6b42bc0 : More maybe fix issue #22765972: Binder transactions running out...
953f924 : docs: studio 1.3 downloads
26aa04c : Fix state weirdness in the panel
36e3fa5 : Update status bar time.
ad63247 : Add SMS permissions for Carrier app.
3cc1bdb : MIDI docs BTLE: how to open BTLE MIDI devices
95c6dae : Fix doze mode
4a0e791 : Workaround issues to fix runtime crash
2f3c166 : docs: studio 1.3 live templates
28b2397 : Fixed out of bounds exception while handling app crash
6456a65 : UsbMidiDevice: add timestamps for input events
671b7f9 : Fix imports.
9bf4b6f : Add MockView constructor used by LayoutInflater.
78aa664 : Poor implementation of Path.approximate()
6ad2d66 : Bug: 21589105 Rescope WRITE_SETTINGS permission (framework services perm check changes)
0e3de6c : Change MNC codename to just M.
25ffc7a : Accessibility: Read the time correctly in quick settings.
879a66b : Default grants: handle update system packages
4d2ce01 : Revert "Call getInstanceForPackage instead of creating a new SensorManager instance."
720b2cd : Work on issue #22765972: Binder transactions running out of address...
214466c : Include EpicenterTranslateClipReveal in LayoutLib
4a6ee98 : Fix theme namespace in tests.
d2def94 : Fix pattern lock for accessibility
374d91d : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Enhance local log."
4aa9797 : Default grants: handle update system packages
44d535a : MIDI package doc: add hasSystemFeature() call
4a45491 : docs: create-project-link in studio overview
645a0b2 : MidiDevice: document that opens can return nulls
216813c : Add API to let carrier app send SMS without auto perisisting.
ec9bea7 : DO NOT MERGE: Don't backup night mode setting
bd6f1c8 : Fix touch target for settings icon
7a40d21 : Ensure maxHeight is at least 0 during measureChildHorizontal()
4fabc02 : Always distribute excess space in LinearLayout measurement
22ba786 : Release text when finishing StaticLayout.Builder
069fbe4 : Added stack id to TaskRecord dump.
912282e : Fully support Icons in Notification actions.
3986360 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
68079d5 : Fix media notification action icons.
defef96 : Change NTP polling interval from 10 days to 24 hours.
b11683b : Always return content Uri for downloads.
525bc7a : Allow non system to set perm policy flags - needed by the installer
5c588c1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f480f28 : Do not reset runtime permissions on upgrade
f1b7f20 : Remove dependencies on the package installer's package name
c8250e0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
138762d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f4f1467 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f5016cd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8d1e344 : Revert "Call getInstanceForPackage instead of creating a new SensorManager instance."
cf85562 : Default permissions for sim call manager
6e8d8ad : LayoutLib: fix layout when nav bar is absent.
86cbc2b : Work on issue #22765972: Binder transactions running out of address...
b795d7c : Fix issue #22802691: APR: NPE in ActivityRecord
9dc6c61 : Fix issue #22802782: APR: NPE in package manager with bad intent data
a73b68f : Fix issue #22802617: APR: spurious wtf when restarting a persistent process
c691d3c : BatteryStats: Use proper power calculator when energy data is received
d2e5647 : Revert "Do not forceLayout when window is resized"
0d210f6 : Animation for touch, wake and unlock
d3586e1 : Add a command to register SIM Phone account.
4ef977c : media: fix estimateFrameRatesFor to use correct ratio
4634987 : Give secondary users read-only physical cards.
6ab2fb6 : Don't redundantly call transport.finishRestore()
6b0c831 : Partially revert package freezing
0079900 : Send a public broadcast when the device owner is set.
57dd737 : Work on issue #21516866: Implement voice interaction in ResolverActivity
f45d2fa : AAPT: Fix resource versioning
e4928a2 : Keymaster digest/padding NONE no longer means ANY.
a36c074 : Un-remove legacy ConnectivityManager API.
de061b8 : import more metrics enums
cf4c2c6 : Fix missing onLost NetworkCallbacks when network loses capability
e427cb8 : Add sizes to SysUI tests
7811d9f : Fix and deprecate lock pattern related settings
1dfa7c6 : Don't use screenshot if structure is disabled (1/2)
4c9ace5 : BatteryStats: Compensate for accuracy issues when reporting WiFi energy data issues with
5b0f1be : AAPT: Fix printing of resource configurations
65a3d34 : Add "Call subject" capability to phone accounts.
2079612 : Update DngCreator to correctly handle array sizes.
d4b2604 : Added missing check for MANAGE_USERS
5967ddb : Call getInstanceForPackage instead of creating a new SensorManager instance.
a008961 : Allow soft hyphens in languages without patterns
4ba1820 : Revert "am 1c964bec: Revert "am 6397ae6a: Merge "Update data binding for RC1." into mnc-preview-docs""
136a2e7f : Introduced android.permission.PEERS_MAC_ADDRESS permission
fc25062 : Fix QS switch accessibility problem
72f83d6 : Allow Settings to set background data restrict on secondary users.
e3f9834 : LayoutLib: Fix Status/Navigation Bar color.
9b621a7 : Remove unnecessary relayout call from traversals.
d7616ef : BatteryStats: Prevent BatteryService from blocking
1c964be : Revert "am 6397ae6a: Merge "Update data binding for RC1." into mnc-preview-docs"
4961105 : Revert "Invoke geolocation permissions callback with denied state by default."
7ab4b7f : Resource for setting default NFC payment component.
10df6d4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f28e62b : Add a test for public bugs 2111 and 2136.
87cfc70 : Always check off-link connectivity in NetworkDiagnostics.
f12b393 : Pass correct extras to the custom print options activity
a2217d6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
213e0c1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f325548 : Fix ambient display
ad7310f : Fixed wake to unlock when the device has never been unlocked
3974e60 : Added the content description for the fingerprint icon
b6d17ee : Add filter for personal apps that are not disabled until first use
6260b22 : Fix bitmap get/set pixels for ALPHA_8
0e621c3 : Also check app-ops on path-permissions.
e608250 : Frameworks/base: Hand fingerprint to ART
792dc3e : docs: studio 1.3 fingerprint support
98e94ae : MIDI: fix running status parser
3da2092 : docs: studio 1.3 revisions - android plugin for gradle
18976a5 : Allow assist gesture when notification shade is expanded
be0acad : DO NOT MERGE Enhance local log.
42390aa : Allow text selection handles to scroll horizontally
515702c : BatteryStats: Decode wakeup reasons in Java
dd6f844 : DO NOT MERGE Enhance local log.
1d6389a : docs: studio 1.3 manifest merger update
f023542 : docs: studio 1.3 sdk manager updates
0072090 : Add child_address call extra.
cb185b1 : Properly synchronize interactivity state.
39d1381 : Disable launching assist during setup
c5dce01 : Use process state to filter >= UI_HIDDEN
d81f827 : Require permission for internal broadcast
6b66a4a : use findProcess instead of getProcess
315c4ac : Keep default permission grants uninstalling a sys package upgrade
f7712d3 : Set support flag for custom layouts for RecyclerView.
cab361c : MediaPlayer subtitle controller: use debug log instead of warning
fc8f4aa : LayoutLib: translucent sys ui bars
49dec43 : Move updateMatrix() call to animateCommon
6b711c9 : UICC : discard language setting of SIM
1fcafc4 : Adapted the behavior when unlocking with fingerprint is not allowed
fa6e0a8 : Don't rely on broadcast intent for waking up input method.
f40c66d : Add a wm command to dismiss the keyguard.
a861017 : Added ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission for BT
b148486 : Move the layout code out of RenderSessionImpl.
e8018480 : CalendarView rendering: use R.styleable to find attr.
1d071ce : Make sure expandingFinished gets called when going into QS
b0808aa : Fix emergency only when no sims
a405121 : Properly synchronize interactivity state.
9c8b8ab : Reset permissions and app links when clearing app preferences - framework
2abf0f2 : Fix a race condition that could cause lockup
0b1c574 : docs: studio 1.3 revisions - studio
13edc16 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a4f2da3 : Allow carriers to force disable ETWS/CMAS test messages.
d9b9d41 : Add FEATURE_FINGERPRINT to PackageManager's feature list
a4eba9f : Disable Keyguard affordances before setup is completed
7bb4872 : Shut down UiAutomationConnection without a lock held
0d767e6 : Revert "UsbDeviceManager: fix b/21429947 regression"
c6cd1f9 : Added service that listens for gestures.
2dfb914 : UsageStats: Reduce log spam during time change
c6ab8b9 : Grant record audio to system reco service by default
d48954f : Fix issue #22414729: Checkin start clock time is different from hsitory reset time
1c41d9d : UsageStats: Gracefully handle corrupt filenames
66bf17de : Don't crash sysui when advisory calls fail.
a3f68ef : Do not show normal permissions in sideloading UI
3e8125b : Fix issue #22653116: Google App crashing on NYT app
88b1193 : Fix janky add guest transition
7cc902b : Ignore the active network scorer when checking for idleness
e03f17c : UsageStats: Gracefully handle corrupt filenames
13ceb54 : RingtoneManager: query results depend on caller permission
959991b : Fixed a typo
613f55f : Move PIN/Pattern appear animation to RenderThread (1/2)
2bd5cff : Avoid a deadlock between PMS and AppOpsService
4b9658a : Prevent lockscreen album art from flickering on metadata change.
2650558 : Don't crash sysui when advisory calls fail.
b9f4ca8 : docs: studio 1.3 separate test folder
8a83c61 : BatteryStats: Use English locale for dump and checkin data
3ab1f04 : Raw RSA Cipher relies on keymaster for padding and range checks.
b210026 : UsbDeviceManager: fix b/21429947 regression
5b39ec8 : Fix handling of RelativeLayout measurement using UNSPECIFIED spec
345af96 : TIF: Enable hardware acceleration on overlay
d5f0f41 : Remove volte_feature_disabled as carrier config handled it.
ac73f1e : Partially fix that beginning of animation is skipped
0b923a2 : Fix cut off charging indication in certain scripts
6f02364 : Document what algorithms Android Keystore supports.
a403159 : Add metrics to tuner
431ad73 : Move tuner enable point to QS
85ced63 : More info to support CTS, fix reconcile bug.
ed987a5 : Miss USB device Interface from UsbManager.getDeviceList().
d30e42d : Set 'the' media notification to the notification actually playing.
fb91daa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e292d5b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7f722ed : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b568f3f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
091f0e5 : Make FingerprintService more tolerant of fingerprintd crashes.
2062eef : Add a privileged permission to get user accounts
dc5bb53 : docs: Updated the list of auto partners, added links
451c346 : Fix issue #22612630: Ensure SMS/Call delivery during Doze
25073dd : Fixed issue with not finding existing activity for background user
cfbfafe : Work on issue #22303510: Additional permissions aren't properly...
76dc5a5 : Send BATTERY_CHANGED if maxChargingCurrent changes
6edf339 : Add callback to voice interaction session for lockscreen shown
13d7032 : Null checks to prevent NPEs in Fragments transactions.
19695d9 : Add callback to voice interaction session for lockscreen shown
6856964 : BatteryStats: Read /proc/wakelocks first before trying /d/wakeup_sources
5301928 : Updated JavaDoc for DISALLOW_MODIFY_ACCOUNTS restriction
39c8a08 : Update permission icons to final versions - framework
c1cbaab : Don't kill apps that are multi-user aware...
f6d03e5 : docs: studio 1.3 hprof viewer
00e79c9 : Mark isInUse per-window
2c7836b : Support waiting for adb shell am stop-user to complete.
7cbfcd8 : Don't duplicate recent tasks of the same affinity.
878c093 : Fix blank tiles on QS rotate
b50045a : Disallow dragging text in extracted mode
3931386 : v22.2.1 support api diff
387225f : Add 'pm' operation to set a package's app-linking state
68de157 : Use RingtonePlayer to get ringtone title
740452e : Touch, wake and unlock
8b33fd9 : Update data binding for RC1.
dae48ab : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE. Add data binding to built javadoc.
1f98c62 : Fix unnecessary layer creation for appear animation
54d42be : Avoid NPE when no staged installs.
4cd7216 : Fix window animation flickering
ea2b4a4 : Respect style boundaries when measuring text
4f1a6d4 : TIF: Get or create the user state when failed to find existing one
ffb1a9b : [RenderScript] Add docs advising users about dstAtop bug.
500747b : MediaSessionRecord: do not hold a lock when calling AudioSystem.isStreamActive
e446dce : Fix SysUI crashes on svelte devices
2fedc4d : UsbDeviceManager: add back support for USB overlays
8c84cb0 : Angler Should Not Use Channel 11 for SoftAP
86b273f : Fix jank in swipe-up to unlock
1b4447f : Fix issue #22564918: Request is inactive
f876358 : Allow navigation bar drawing during window animations
457ec9e : Always create nodes for views backed by an adapter.
40cda8e : Inherit ABI when moving existing install.
9baf55e : Adjust padding and font size in time picker for Large text mode
7ef1e77 : Add missing invalidation check to drawable cache
ca49ae5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
11e1e19 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
17f6935 : Fix issue #22531747: Assist info should declare if user has disabled...
24b9c83 : Bug: 22598083 Document how apps can detect WRITE_SETTINGS or SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW through AppOps
007262e : Fix default value of stereoReset() in the documentation.
4fa85b7 : Better logging of MediaPlayer failure reason.
dd5bdc6 : Fix hotspot brokenness
336bb91 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
93fb68f : Fix network name not showing in QS sometimes
e7d0179 : Change to
653b913 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c0fa470 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1c040db : Fix crash in NetworkControllerImpl
5a3ef42 : TIF: Use copied track list for onTracksChanged() callback
9d598e1 : Pass signal strength thresholds inside a Bundle
c3f21f3 : Support NetworkCallbacks based on signal strength.
8bf977d : ConnectivityManager API for for packet keepalives.
260a36d : Make immutable NetworkCapabilities more explicit.
4eef94f : Fixed issue with background user window consuming touch events
29cf9ae : Adjust fingerprint icon placement to spec
0d0c4b6 : Doc change: add note about not exiting on onPause().
fd3eff2 : Fix: Wrong suggestion popup position in extract mode.
b3cf953 : Clear identity when killing media provider.
f80b52b : Persist version data on a per-volume basis.
cca016b : Do not auto grant GET_ACCOUNTS as it is temporarily normal
664794d : Temporary lower GET_ACCOUNTS protection level
1f2e9c5 : DefaultPermission: GET_ACCOUNTS is now in CONTACTS
6ad690e : Fix AssetAtlas usage in BitmapShaders
d85a664 : Don't fall back to domain verification state when looking up app linkage state
1ea4715 : Localize SimpleMonthView
4bb5187 : Grant default permissions to default apps despite user choices.
54a0cf1 : Revert "Do not auto grant GET_ACCOUNTS as it is temporarily normal"
33852d8 : Do not auto grant GET_ACCOUNTS as it is temporarily normal
9debd51 : Make default selection for contact sharing to "Checked".
30a7dfa : Fix image wallpaper size
8d2e0f7 : Bidi-wrap the results of format[Short]FileSize().
f38c4ee : Work on issue #22556778: Starting under voice control not allowed
35289f1 : Scaling (Animated)VectorDrawable inside ImageView
d2a8d71 : MediaSession: Do not lock on AudioManager.getStreamVolume
2c20277 : Revert "Temporary lower GET_ACCOUNTS protection level"
6e20ac3 : Temporary lower GET_ACCOUNTS protection level
6819b9a : Remove focusablilty of the status bar.
365b6d3 : add ticker to enqueue message for easier debugging
0c274b1 : decide interruptions based on current data, not previous data.
24b243d : Fixed bad merge conflict resolution
ba0b10a : [Fix MANAGE_USER permission in AccountManagerService] It seems that curently there were situations where the init of Accounts in cache could trigger MANAGE_USER permission needed errors. The callers should make sure they are calling it after clearing identity.
8e3e836 : Protect demo mode commands with permission
7bd8be0 : Added a note about location permission
5bd3e73 : Add transcription field to voicemail object and related changes.
47abda5 : Fix for MidiManager bug
8664798 : Icon-related Notifications API changes:
2ac1fd3 : TIF: Avoid generating locale dependent input IDs
906efe8 : Support optional modem restart on certain errors.
f33b111 : Fixed a bug where notifications were not posted on secondary users
e8bae62 : Fixed a bug where a fingerprint animation was not running
d08debcf : MediaSync: fix flush handling and deadlock
a95550f : Add KM_MIN_MAC_LENGTH tag to HMAC and AES-GCM keys.
2a89545 : clear calling identity to dexopt
666d82a : Update ChooserTarget constructor to take ComponentName, Bundle
0f45c7c : Improve documentation of onRequestPermissionsResult
e74643d : Doc change: Update AFW behavior changes for Preview 2.
14c09fa : Camera2: Add hidden experimental tearDown method
86ac228 : Revert "Don't display Custom for PHONE_TYPE=CUSTOM part 1."
53d544a : KM module may consume less input than provided by finish time.
8ce8f3f : Fix clip area behavior for REPLACE op
c11d838 : Support 24 clock displays in demo mode.
bc92479 : DefaultPermission: GET_ACCOUNTS is now in CONTACTS
a7cfbe0 : Work on issue #22516282: ChooserTarget URI grants not forwarded
c58153b : HMAC keys are authorized for exactly one digest.
9e136b8 : Return a result from Fragment#shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale
b60c0f6 : Animate app exit for cases where the app is already hidden before transition
633f199 : Verfiy global apps with device owner
f2dcc2a : Don't crash on makeCurrent fail
f95d220 : Disable WiFi autojoin when user decides via "Stay connected?" dialog
2c256a0 : Make additional shared elements a version-checked feature.
dbdf7c4 : Don't send app links to the parent if status = never (part 2)
7121e18 : Add APIs for verifier to grant at install and revoke permissions
4b26997 : PopupWindow position must be specified in window coordinates.
9b9d2c5 : Fix comment bug in I71a8d356e868dc7715b030ca1078da4ec39368c3.
80a776e : Remove redundant cancel events from FingerprintService
b4faf98 : Fix a bug disappearing installerPackageName info of packages after reboot.
3118671 : docs: Added "location" before "gps" in list under "Declaring hardware ..."
ac15b1b : Intent filters need CATEGORY_BROWSABLE to be app-linking eligible
b53568f : docs: Added word "video" to tv app quality guidelines.
ccbc117 : Add tools:openDrawer to open a DrawerLayout.
060275f : Bug: 21589105 Rescoping SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW...
111dc04 : Change tools:list_item to listitem.
de5b573 : Fix the build
4becfb4 : Make sure we get valid package name or fail.
0a8cea3 : Grant default permissions to the setup app robustly.
ac3f531 : Give DCS permission needed to measure all users.
7395cbf : Make sure we get valid package name or fail.
9c9167e : Camera2: Update FAST mode for EE and NR
e927ec0 : Maintain call time across SRVCC (2/3).
7991f78 : Resolve based on the correct user's default browser
50a8bf4 : Grant default permissions to the setup app robustly.
14e6ba8 : Fix wrong tint mode on airplane and vpn icons
1de1186 : Implement issue #22403908: Enable assistant to refuse context sharing
6289ad5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7031706 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
eea8be5 : Adjust assist disclosure stroke width to spec
32a7073 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e594671 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c74de15 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cddce6b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5b84a96 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cd2a676 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dbb850b : Make "dismiss all" button keyboard accessible.
a503b62 : Fix build.
d7d413a : fix BNNM docs
76c4c66 : Add USB port manager.
2dbccc1 : Clean up USB Manager dump.
16f3671 : Fix issue #22487155: Device unresponsive (deadlock in system_server)
fcbfeaf : Fix issue #22460110: AssistStructure.ViewNode.isAssistBlocked() always...
6c729b4 : Fix issue #22479881: Nexus 6 randomly rebooting every few hours with...
d0a1590 : Fix issue #22124996: VI: Command Request not Active
a04b7ad : Let the ActionBar handle keyboard shortcuts.
e8de06d : Add API to turn OFF "best network selection" feature
410ed3a : Allow selecting quick setting items by keyboard.
280a64e : Improve tracking of screen on reasons.
39745ed : Give DCS permission needed to measure all users.
facfbc5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
04ec6f4 : Only send EXTRA_STACK for private intent.
06ef540 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
31c4096 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a000d1f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b5dd43b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
59c165b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bb24571 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
57d8be8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c3cb6c9 : Relax strict ActionMode instance checking when finishing action modes
0b6134b : Bump mms whitelist time up to 1 minute.
fd854ee : Fix issue #21626564: MMS should be receivied while Dozing
d4fd8c7 : Added sendBroadcastMultiplePermissions method
56d82dd : BatteryStats: Fix deadlock
bdb0273 : BatteryStats: Clear power use when removing a UID from uid_cputime kernel module
2609883 : Show correct locked orientation on phones
1691f73 : AudioManager: fix audio device callback list access
e37520b : Revert "Allow array of required permissions in sendBroadcast"
dc49309 : Add new API for handling DB query per subId.
4cfdcf5 : Touch, wake and unlock
d41c1bc : BatteryStats: Remove uid_cputime for high cpu times
f340a22 : Clear binder id when determining external storage state
062e66c : BatteryStats: Fix units in wakelock distribution calculation
1aa3282 : Fix status bar bt accessibility message
98329459 : Better handling of storage paths.
b4e7283 : Allow array of required permissions in sendBroadcast
e38a963 : Add checks for READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE.
221b85f : Prevent null allowableAccounts from crashing
906cf82 : media: Implement getAchievableFrameRatesFor with measured frame rate.
e911c8d : Standardize stateToString return values
72f491d : Require ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION for ACTION_FOUND broadcast
67eea87 : BatteryStats: Remove uid_cputime for high cpu times
38c3dbb : Clear binder id when determining external storage state
7b04311 : Show charging speed on Keyguard
93018a4 : Handle exceptions when accessing Content providers.
b8a46a6 : Pass wifi ap state through to tile when receiver triggered.
f05ca67 : Move wifi accessibility strings to SettingsLib
7c5befa : Add checks for READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE.
80141d1 : Fix input pause without resume.
a758ba6 : Fix QS labels on language change
aa41103 : Use original path if translated path doesn't exist
3c9c71d : Prevent null allowableAccounts from crashing
c7fd346 : Retrieve resources for apps, even if not installed for current user.
bafc908 : Allow FloatingToolbar to be outside of the attached window.
5396c13 : Fix "Select All" in extracted mode
569ff22 : Fix BluetoothSocket file descriptor leak
7523eb3 : Log NetworkRequestInfo to get more detailed history
8017c64 : Fix build
4079c7e : Make get_accounts a runtime permissions again
6ee871e : Teach storage appops.
d13cb79 : Default browser should not supersede intent filter priorities
8b24a1d : Fix two grant default permissions edge cases.
0f69b46 : Camera: Reconnect after camera service crashes
e0ec6ba : Need to disable 5GHz bands for WiFi tethering in Japan
3542f7d : Fix stuck scrim on keyguard-less devices
f0d6cb3 : Prioritize most-recently-enabled link-handling app
a340f07 : Add data binding to built javadoc.
7025f26 : Removed logging for the empty keyguard
2c5d93a : docs: Removed references to lockscreen widgets, added note to Android 5.0 changes page
6f2eb6d : Fix Android Keystore key factories to obey JCA contract.
364c76e : Check user state after clearing identity.
0e086d9 : Fix new user creation regression due to vold remount calls
e28d7fc : Set last modified timestamp for the bugreport entry in the zipped file from original file, otherwise it uses the date the zip was created.
4feb326 : Improve resource loading by ~3x
ab52527 : Add a dumpsys for KeyguardUpdateMonitor
e310f83 : Fix unsafety in SkiaShader storage, and texture unit accounting
7e9cb0d : Catch & log security exception in telephonymanager
8cba70f : fix build by restoring deleted enum
6eee5e4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2d81f9a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
23a8ed8 : Show volume restriction toast on all users
33b60bb : Fix demo mode issues
9a5c911 : Remove personal/device group from sideloading screen.
cfa13a7 : Fix insertion handle disappearing in extract mode
3f529ee : Finish already paused activity if it should be finished after pausing
22b3f4c : Bug: 21589105 Rescope WRITE_SETTINGS and SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission
11fce8e : Log full class name of the client activating sensors for better debugging.
4fb8125 : Camera metadata: fix typos.
466fd56 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d731317 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
66a16ce : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
da868b9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
205becc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
90446a9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
051d0ed : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a40b3e9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7d54030 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
27963ef : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2d42d5f : Check user state after clearing identity.
2154298 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5486bbc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bc69f1c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d64ba82 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9da4407 : Change MANAGE_FINGERPRINT permission to system|signature
824d453 : Check signatures of privileged persistent apps for granting defailt permissions
c55277d : Improve Html.toHtml() documentation
1cfd457 : Do not check runtime READ_PHONE_STATE if caller has the privileged one.
3f8bd3f : Don't spam the system with unique wake lock names.
a6a0f78 : Fix line slop issue at end of line for Thai & CJK
3ac71b7 : Fix filter on CONNECTIVITY_ACTION updates
18a0b9e : Fix flash of uninitialized surface
12bb956 : Revert "Finish already paused activity if it should be finished after pausing"
a3db8ac : Revert "Revert "Security: AccountChooser shouldn't auto reveal accounts.""
05aa88a : add new enums to MetricsConstans
6795a2a : Check legacy VPN is connected before alerting
4474f54 : Fix empty keyguard for once and all
fc121c2 : Reduce cost of span type checking
0898318 : Adding a link to what is currently our most popular "100 Days" video.
48143e6 : Docs: Fixes to Preview "Program Overview" page; rewording on "Support" page
a177031 : Allow notification strings to be unredacted in dump output.
c6024cd : JNI optimization tweaks to Paint high-frequency methods
194cce6 : Changes security for Passpoint to EAP security from "Passpoint".
5b7352c : Fix multiple SSIDs for same Passpoint issues
476f715 : Create a thread_local cache for textLocale
5a13569 : Improve ImageView drawable re-use
9bc8299 : Fix permissions.
3b9ce37 : Fix build break.
1af7588 : Use correct user when filtering app link candidates
0236e6b : Fix the build.
8ea452e : CEC: Do not switch language if the new one is same as the old one
2bb3842 : Fix build
f2d248d : Revert "Security: AccountChooser shouldn't auto reveal accounts."
6fb22b4 : Docs: Revisions to top DAC landing page and several Preview-page revisions.
c3b3f46 : Security: AccountChooser shouldn't auto reveal accounts.
14c5ab4 : Improve alarm manager docs.
639fffe : Camera2: Reorganize high-speed recording API slightly
bea77a0 : Deep-copying sucks when all you want is a borrow
b7ba122 : Teach ImageView to recycle internal drawables
01f2d1a : Fix premature clearing of clearable sysui flags
76d2fe4 : Fix black keyguard / missing status bar
8067907 : Fix: line slop shouldn't always increase / decrease by one line
04a8455 : Fix StaticLayout crash when maxLines = 0
4bd4389 : Enable EMERGENCY mobile connections.
a179030 : Do not return devices when caller has no location permission
7209dee : Delete dead code
bb054c9 : Fix new user creation regression due to vold remount calls
782d498 : Fix issue #22328792: Fix scalability issues in AssistStructure
cb746a8 : Remove ExternalStorageFormatter
2a67840 : Fix a bad merge.
019a094 : Docs: Fixes a typo.
07e7021 : docs: Clarified how to find out when a switch is toggled
ac7b6d3 : New setLocalMatrix() operation for HWUI
f739ad7 : Fix typos in preview support.
460a146 : Clean up USB Manager and fix ADB.
a0419de : Slightly more precise RTL check in BoringLayout.isBoring()
bf0c1ac : Remote extraneous debugging log message
d1af446 : Show a default icon for permissions that lack a group.
3ec12db : Don't send app links to parent profile if status == never
f64cb18 : Dispatch onUserSwitched callbacks on handler thread
056d6b0 : Allow codepath changes for new OTA packages
7ec733f : Delete the user key when deleting a user.
bcf48ed : Use mount service to create user dirs.
5d3d231 : Add missing break in AccessibilityEvent.eventTypeToString()
edcdaf6 : Timeout when partitioning takes too long.
396080d : Add grant flag support to "install-create" verb.
49e3edf : Add class for captive-portal-handling-app callbacks
e098854 : Fallback to Cellular if WiFi fails to validate
85cf78e : Prepare some ConnectivityService logic for fallback to Cellular change
7150d7f : Remove data icon for WFC
14b5039 : Reduce overly aggressive use of narrowAm / narrowPm.
1809f53 : Docs: Changes to the "Support" preview page.
8d48252 : Revive NetworkInfo's SUSPENDED state.
4e1cc12 : Doc change: add x86 to emulator spec.
748bc36 : Remove "final" qualifier from AuthenticationResult
ecf63e4 : Doc change: minor updates to KIs and AFW behavior changes.
ad3b297 : Add an API for apps to query if a permisison is denied by policy.
4d08a48 : Add Null checks while processing pairing cancel intent
75c36b6 : Correct the comparison done in removeAdapter.
9ae9cba : BatteryStats: Fail gracefully on corrupt battery stats
01e1864 : Add a mechanism for products to specify default active app linkages
0f1ed30 : Fix Permission Typo.
4a5f4a2 : Fix reset permissions on clear data and package uninstall.
a80d264 : Fix crash looping SystemUI.
de8d3a5 : is no more, so removing from default_sms_application
6b53c16 : Qualify the uid with the userId when granting permissions
e0943cf : Fingerprint: Add post enroll interface.
99b8820 : Use fingerid 0 when checking failed attempts.
165ce06 : Fix assist for hardware long-press
ed79bf5 : Grant SMS permissions to Cell Broadcast receiver which emergency/non-emergency broadcast messages from the network.
5683046 : Camera: clarify largest JPEG dimension expectation
6d712e0 : Remove volume motion delay
1ca6207 : Change sequence of call removal from Phone's db.
870ad6d : Docs: Fixes to the quick-view wrapper on non-English "about lollipop" pages.
bef8a3e : Finish already paused activity if it should be finished after pausing
14cbe52 : Kill MediaProvider during drastic changes.
a06c7c5 : Update storage group icon
3d52c10 : Docs: Adds fugu system-image links and hashes for M-Preview.
9c17b77 : Cleaned up the clipping logic for the dismiss motion.
d55b348 : Don't display Custom for PHONE_TYPE=CUSTOM part 1.
ff66ca5 : Use hint text to position handle / floating tool bar popups
7233391 : Camera: Enforce ZERO_SHUTTER_LAG mode
47051d8 : Lock screen text: consider possible WFC service in APM
70e0c58 : Mute correct user from device policy manager.
61633f1 : Fix roaming icon when not default signal
8c1dfce : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a83bf19 : Use best volume description for MTP.
7d0e598 : Remove bang from not connected wifi
ec135f6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
510cd45 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
20ad924 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
45dd666 : Clarify javadoc of setPermissionPolicy
70f1aad : Doc change: add version notes for preview 2.
611fd4f : Docs: Localized landing pages for M Preview 2 release.
a7e0bfa : Docs: Updates to M Preview 2 Download pages.
6e7981f : Docs: Updated download page for M Preview; new archive page for older versions
869050b : Docs: Updated Preview TOC reflecting the newly localized pages.
97dcc6f : Docs: Remaining L10N for M Preview pages (ru).
9c0bb4f : Docs: L10N for remaining M Preview docs (pt-br).
858ef9a : Docs: L10N of the remaining M-preview pages (es-la)
9024e0e : Docs: L10N of remaining M-Preview docs (zh-tw)
4da25c2 : Docs: L10N of remaining M Preview docs (ko).
2f47c23 : Docs: L10N of remaining M Preview pages for zh-cn
ed2ab1c : Don't use fingerId when creating names
ae77f8e : Fixed a bug where collapserunnables where dropped
813b167 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cb13aeb : Check location permission/appop in getScanResults
e6a15ee : Remove all usage of fmin and fmax
64b756f : Revert "Set default SMS application to Messenger"
5af1835 : Generate stable MTP storage IDs.
e631d56 : Docs: L10N of remaining M-Preview pages (Ja) Bug: 21789313
ab6edbf : Dump internal state of ImageWallpaper
a90c8de : Add new "preinstalled" permission flag.
31dd3a7 : Set AppErrorDialog result during dismissal if it isn't already set
3649231 : Enforce camera shutter sound for India
6f0fdc4 : Implement better handling of text in assist.
c452654 : Restrict number of hwuiTask threads
75c4824 : media: Implement getAchievableFrameRatesFor with measured frame rate.
c90d645 : Use custom theme for keyguard presentation
5c38e79 : Reject AlgorithmParameters of wrong type.
f2d9ad2 : SystemUI/Keyguard: try authenticate finger after authentication failure
7649567 : Avoid IPC call with an empty array
d73098b : docs: Added new NORMAL permissions
bee6300 : Fix bug that prevented waking from dream
acf52ba : Fixed a bug where notification where invisible on the lockscreen
e601b71 : Perform One touch play upon pressing home key
7a788a8 : Fix volume naming when surfaced over MTP.
cd595f1 : Fix Paint_Delegate.native_getRunAdvance()
490dd90 : Add a default PackageManager to BridgeContext.
8b9d55e : docs: Removed extraneous "system components" info
050aee2 : App linking: permit overlapping link handling
3e7d977 : Grant installer and verifier install permissions robustly
0dd1750 : Camera: Add ZERO_SHUTTER_LAG modes to noise reduction and edge enhancement
550f621 : Enhance documentation of WebSettings.WebSettings method
e4b3880 : provide a cleaner notification dump
6b7bb60 : Split app move into separate copy/delete steps.
c714501 : Revert "Replace infinite loop with foreach."
3eed5ec : Legacy VPN calls to require a userID
588932a : Always wait for the main app window before starting a transition
008e1fb : Update intellij project for tools-common sources.
61f23e9 : Implement tools:list_item for RecyclerView.
12a8385 : Camera2: implement Key.toString()
6e4a98f : Fix permissions on TelephonyManager
84dce3c : UsbDeviceManager: Add back support for persistent property
d2ed690 : MediaSessionManager: make the binder implementation static
db304a9 : docs: Removed parenthetic phrase that made explanation unnecessarily confusing
1638133 : Never fully detach header or footer views in AbsListView
e44b86b : docs: Removed READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE from 'normal' permissions
2fe00ad : Clean up obsolete pending timeout after restoring package metadata
356b5fe : Don't update DisplayLists when dumping
d2bfcc7 : Simplify matrix copy constructor/load
72027d2 : Expose time-interval detail query on INetworkStatsSession
5f95520 : Use 'dp' paddings instead of 'mm' for VPN dialogs
6d2f77a : Revert "Bug: 21589105 Rescope WRITE_SETTINGS and SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission"
bbf40ae : Add ACCESS_IMS_CALL_SERVICE hidden permission.
998e32d : Test app to emit all AccessibilityEvents to logcat.
35a57f8 : Cleaned-up logic for determining clip rect for transitions animations.
937edac : Revert "Bug: 21589105 Rescope WRITE_SETTINGS and SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission"
8bfd82c : Doc change -- update trade practices link.
6be4f6b : Fix to work statusbar configs as mcc/mnc
b2eb6b9 : Prevent accidental unlocking of USB data transfer.
7980d10 : Revert "Use AlertDialog for MediaRouteControllerDialog"
a182e45 : Sort and limit ChooserActivity targets from ChooserTargetServices
158af6a : Fixed keyguard affordances
295ef6b : Add roundess to configuration
d7b846c : Update tests per new layoutlib_api
e0ee630 : ImageWriter: Exception when Surface is abandoned
3ca7ad0 : docs: Changed text as requested in Android TV advertising bug, with minor cleanup
7a4082e : Give fixed READ_PHONE_STATE permission to calllog provider
d06c41c : Fixed a bug where redacted notifications had the wrong height
d6b404c : Bug: 21589105 Rescope WRITE_SETTINGS and SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission
be3fba0 : Adjust for pipeline stalls
5c9f4b9 : Adding metrics to overview.
61db88f : BatteryStats: Remove isolated UIDs from /proc/uid_cputime when they are not in use anymore
278b8f9 : Add/Fix Permission check on SubscriptionManager.
1b13968 : Add easy way to get device idle whitelist.
d4cc5ec : Remove flag mDataInjectionMode.
96a2a95 : Report specific exception type on decrypt with invalid session
c5af4f8 : Don't prevent windows from drawing when they are just moving
ca7aaea : Support loading AES keys with authorized digests.
bc0b636 : ImageUtils: fix image copy issue
c66c762 : Docs: Clarification of language and typo fix for work merged from CL 716303.
305e0ba : Don't dismiss volume during animation
1e725f8 : audio: add definitions for devices connected over IP
61ba419 : Final resource IDs.
cb7d9e9 : Only allow fingerprint auth for the current user
6bf35ac : Added support for mid-call enabled SRVCC conference call
ddf570e : MWI,phantom call,Suppl services, error codes
b304fc0 : Rename VoLTE/WFC enable API to available - add VT available API.
b6e6286 : Avoid IllegalStateException when generating/importing keys.
afea7a9 : docs: Updating permissions preview for Preview 2.
2b460d0 : Remember focused child during layout when adapter has stable IDs
32e80d7 : Permission to view shared storage for all users.
335aa22 : Docs: Localized pages for Distribution on DAC. Bug: 20503707
85bac1c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a7478ab : Fix Fade out during Activity Transition.
f7808b7 : BatteryStats: Fix issue with method parameter order...
462045e : Ringtone: add support for volume control and looping
dbd05a9 : Fix wifi crash
167d588 : Maybe fix issue #22283836 -- package manager NPE.
a72eac6 : Fix a typo causing NPE in restricted profiles
c3f2f7b : Clean up Hyphenator file reading
64ae881 : Support Library v22.2.0 API diff
b7b84d0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5d935e8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
de04da1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
88b4a0a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b0b3d0b : Fix two parsing bugs in new DHCP client.
1f6c9a1 : Fix DocumentsUI animation regression.
ef10ee0 : Handle missing migration source volume.
9139b29 : Fixing log typo. s/realted/related
6dce496 : Reconcile private volumes when mounted.
85be0c4 : Fix app ops aidl as it is also used from native.
255aece : Improve request permission docs
a21d249 : Set default SMS application to Messenger
77ab6a8 : Show basic feature warning for default granted permissions
faf96eb : Fix calendar reminder notification is not shown in idle state
3c43095 : Update javadoc on DPM.setGlobalSetting
310e1ee : Notify the profile when cloned settings are changed.
47adcb9 : Make StorageMeasurement multiprofile aware.
c85c639 : Remove ExternalMediaFormatActivity
edbeacc : Add to required module.
1b60d11 : Make the VPN notice connectivity changes on stacked interfaces.
200d494 : Grant the default gallery app storage permissions
a5a0d94 : Make granting default SMS and Phone permissions robust
de81619 : Docs: Localization of Design pages on DAC. Bug: 20503708
593e8da : wifi: Fix softAP turn-ON issue in statically loaded driver
516e40e : Clean up get sensorList.
a8acdbd : Docs: Fixes a terminology error in simplified Chinese on-boarding docs
99b6043 : Teach receivers, activities, providers, and services app ops.
2ea5290 : Fix problems with StaticLayout indentation
e8a4b66 : Better handling of trim/benchmark results.
14a6df7 : If user ejects a storage from details, take user to... ... the storage list view
3b16cf4 : Device idle fixes: issue #22209630 and issue #22225665
7841eb8 : Clear default browser setting when a new browser app is installed
5600d57 : Set go-faster arguments
4e88bcd : Fix issue #20672970: Notifications are not dismissed on hot word detection
b00dbd4 : Use correct starting size for clip reveal transition
1b02df4 : camera2: Fix ABI for new tags.
edbedd2 : correctly print wificonfiguration creation and update time
4e792cb : Workaround legacy TelephonyManager.getDefault() with no context
de15eda : Work on issue #21589105: Scope WRITE_SETTINGS and SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW...
43ae441 : BatteryStats: Don't assume every kernel reports a power field in /proc/uid_cputime
658bf2f : Add BluetoothService to reduce resuming time after reboot
9488294 : Fix docs for ViewAnimationUtils.createCircularReveal
5e039e6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6ce5d68 : Catch SecurityExceptions
1e4209e : Use std::sort instead of quickSortX
c921ee1 : Docs: Localizations of Android dev on-boarding training docs. Bug: 20503574
107f7b7 : Fix the case where an intent bounces several times between users.
99d3bbd : Drag handles persist after lost focus in extracted mode
e9eef64 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c9b6c17 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
81b7b10 : In NfcActivityManager, don't use UserHandle.CURRENT.
4712b8e : Fix: Selection handles can remain on home screen.
16add46 : Docs: Adding localized TOC for Preview docs.
ca58d80 : Clear binder identity when grantint permisisons to carrier apps
4949c75 : Fixed accessibility order for quick settings
c37ee22 : Tweak GET_ACCOUNTS behavior and improve memory.
0010b70 : Grant permissions to headless system calendar/contacts sync adapters.
b02e605 : Fix for last sensor missing from sensor list returned by the HAL.
758de80 : Fix dispatch of onRestoreFinished()
df72b63 : Switch from fminf/fmaxf to std::min/max
7186dd3 : Hand out storage to more system apps.
593334a : Fix issue #22124996: VI: Command Request not Active
5e231003 : FloatingToolbar: Offset visible rect by the rootview's offset
81e8928 : Camera2: Remove FREEFORM cropping requirement from FULL
e4b840d : Fix overexpand panel motion
e4f1a20 : Fix Keyguard header animation from SHADE_LOCKED -> Keyguard
d1a0922 : Reland "Fixed constant window switching on lock screen..."
ffd25bb : Rename uses-permission-m to uses-permission-23
810c1c8 : Update the doc for VectorDrawable's Tint support
faf3f69 : Fully unmount existing storage in Zygote.
f53b05d : Docs: Fixes metadata that was getting mangled in jd_lists_unified file.
7226c8f : More API review feedback
8371632 : docs: Studio 1.3 new install and feature sections
c77f9c7 : Replace infinite loop with foreach.
2aa56c5 : Clearer message when failing to draw a SW layer
1b7f8f9 : Invalidate parent when scrolling child view back onto screen
6ef5898 : Don't show orb when voice session is already running
3b866be : Make sure endClosing doesn't get called too early
aa69922 : Use non-greedy view to draw background in landscape time picker
371a238 : Minor doc fixes for VoiceInteractor.
f4216d3 : Add helper function to extract app ID from shared app gid.
5d1eaf4 : Add missing resolveResValue call.
9caf6bf : docs: Added warning to not use Android Key when API key is required
462ac3a : Don't allow non-admins to adopt sd card for internal storage
6cfe6a8 : docs: Move scale Bitmap code to onSurfaceChanged
f102d42 : Allow null child view when checking whether divider should draw
a1dab8b : Don't display layout bounds of GONE views
6ef129e : Handle null argument in ImageView.setImageIcon()
a351bca : docs: migration guide link update
de25a67 : Saturate alpha values when overlaying glyphs
59e3baa : KeyChain: annotate with @WorkerThread
828698b : Make querying the graphics stats service more defensive
43f222f : BatteryStats: Account for remaining OS wakelock time at the end of processing all apps
f64c80a : docs: Changed link in Java source code comment to repair 404
f178066 : Add round/notround qualifier to docs
afa6185 : remove double count of panel open
b659c4f : report notification load on panel reveal
823bd9f : docs: studio workflow page typo
1a830f0 : Volume: Defend against monkeys pulling tags too early.
f2c1cfe : Add ConnectivityManager.unregisterNetworkCallback(PendingIntent) API
3380e69 : Resolve CompoundButton's foreground drawable for layout direction change
6a166af : Installer is a part of the system with unrevocable permissions
1249bdb : Fix TelecomManager.isVoicemailNumber
6099ee6 : [RenderScript] update the type of offsets for BLAS.BNNM
06324ed : Do not hold a lock when calling API to grant default permissions
f0a60dd : Don't allow do not disturb when volume restricted
0b056a0 : Add missing addPauseListener.
7ce2bd2 : Clear "profile wiped" notification when a new porfile is created
c0892c6 : Volume: Mark inactive sliders as focusable.
9bb290b : add more power manager metrics
4572cbc : only count clicks on zen mode selector
2f0a897 : Log DNS results for network validation attempts
22e547a : Reducing logging in NetworkMonitor to avoid getting muted
c8f6ecc : Fix memory leak in setActionProvider() - framework edition
8214333 : Fix issue #22185268: apps crash with missing permissions and NPE on AppOpsManager
1be564a : Update the stroage icon.
373fb40 : Frameworks/base: Remove UsageEvents finalizer
921c7df : Add read/write external storage app ops
8747f37 : Fix Floating toolbar overflow width.
1b57653 : Fix floating toolbar flicker in ExtractEditText mode.
b6e0013 : Fix build
b36a313 : Fix use of reachable DNS server logic
53a6b06 : Trust: Track separate user has authenticated since boot
cdfd230 : Grant default permissons to the default SMS, Phone, Browser app.
deaf0db : Add accessibility actions for the PROCESS_TEXT feature.
e85da2b : Add accessibility event for assist disclosure
7475d10 : Disable Keyguard chatyness
a133f0b : Add setting to disable screenshot separately (1/2)
71b5a586 : media: clean up the usage of max-supported-instances.
895d4b8 : Telecom API council changes.
e56db0e : Don't crash in JNI: add DeadObjectException(String msg) ctor
4fd1a57 : Docs: Localized M-Preview pages Bug: 21789313
ef0cde8 : IMS: Map pay phone and unknown presentation with OIR.
a26a019 : Allow default SMS app to get self phone number
fdbc02a : Enforce IND-CPA requirement when generating asymmetric keys.
22369d5 : Fix FragmentTransaction replace() behavior
d123b51 : Changes to Data Injection mode APIs
bc7233a : Volume: Force dismiss on ACTION_CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS.
ffd5864 : Throw DeadObjectException on failed transaction, not RuntimeException
560877d : Volume change intent carries stream alias
ca2c590 : Remove the empty accounts group and not needed storage resources.
cda214a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
656fa7f : Marking some globals from setGlobalSetting as not supported
d409173 : Add capability to indicate a conference will never have children.
59ef126 : [LockSettings] adjust legacy patterns to base 0 for unlocking keystore
dc005a8 : Volume Dialog: Fix NPE found in monkey testing.
cc6366d : Use the correct lock to protect members in PolicyControl
adea191 : Make ContentObservers work across profiles
14f48e5 : Deprecate APIs for admin to create users.
8fcab35 : Fix weird case of multi cell icons
3945def : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d38d3e2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2703a13 : Revert "Deprecate APIs for admin to create users."
dbb6fd5 : Add Java doc comments on script group name reuse
174843a : Check system locale when picking up an initial SpellChecker.
a7a4ccc : BatteryStats: Record cpu power usage from /proc/uid_cputime
2134744 : Properly scope the "only http/https schemes" intent filter semantics
388cd2c : Auto grant GET_ACCOUNTS where appropriate.
1f7a580 : Media button intent should be send to current user only.
b134c16 : Update the sensors group label
1fa819b : Let TextView clear accessibility selection index
c915eeb : fix temp white list update in device idle
554beb5 : Write size of operators in writeToParcel()
2e5cad7 : Looks like MNC is gonna be API 23.
fdadadb : Add flag indicating device supporting EAP SIM, AKA & AKA'.
a409f3d : docs: M Preview 2 - release notes
ba3ba81 : Make grant default permission more robust.
cb26db08 : Don't apply existing keyguard animation to IME window
c107b0e : Fix FloatingToolbar flicker in reaction to text cursor blink.
8dacbab : docs: Updated M Preview API Overview and Behavior Changes for Preview 2 release.
001d514 : Use AlertDialog for MediaRouteControllerDialog
cc3a46a : Also reset assist setting when force stopping assist
a526683 : Text selection: fix snapping to words when words break across lines
0e5c603 : TextView: add the "Share" accessibility action.
b683019 : Add flag FLAG_ACTIVITY_RESET_TASK_IF_NEEDED in LauncherAppsService.
559ea2f : Remove the obsolete LOCAL_PAGE_ALIGN_JNI_SHARED_LIBRARIES
db3fe81 : Use a framework resource to name a factory-default browser app
2ea3292 : Always remeasure ListView scrap used to obtain minimum width
ca8e6da : Fix issue #22023824: Download folder is not created in internal storage
c7a38ef : Mark a connection as a Wifi Assistant connection based on the ephemeral flag in WifiInfo. Add this private field to WifiInfo.
748e9d5 : Deprecate TelephonyManager.getNeighboringCellInfo()
161a76c : Camera2: Remove references to sync.frameNumber
22b4c6a : Add Validation logging.
2a1be1b : Docs: Added declaration to code fragment Bug: 21030774
63204ee : SystemUI: show owner VPN for restricted profile
a508bf8 : Revert get accounts permission to normal for now
c573bc5 : AudioManager: optimize audio port listener registration
011a42d : Fix: Text selection handles shouldn't be shown in accessibility mode
ea864c4 : Deprecate APIs for admin to create users.
cbe540f : Bug: 21589105 Rescoping the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission to an explicit toggle to be manually enabled in Settings.
4e8050e : Don't reevaluate disconnected networks
992ea15 : Fix crash with engines that don't override getVoices().
e8490f1 : Use StorageManager.wipeAdoptableDisks to wipe external disks
c200f44 : Block assist when screenshots are disabled by policy
b0afc54 : docs: Eclipse ADT end-of-life note
fa5f184 : docs: studio migration guide
9527b22 : Let's reinvent storage, yet again!
70d8be7 : Fix issue #22013372: Assist should take translationX and friends...
903d0fb : Don't offer crypto ops for public keys of trusted cert entries.
71b6ca6 : Add JavaDoc for permission protection level
4e6b2d3 : Fixed a crash where onTouch might have been called too early
b60d3e7 : Don't promote functors onto layers due to outline rect clipping
078c92a : Camera2: Clarify session callbacks
2a46d68 : Now showing unlocked icon if both trusted and fingerprint running
079f33b : Enforce FloatingToolbar themes.
91617a7 : Hide assist when launching an activity over an action
7e6571f : Use long press of KeyButtonView to invoke assist
ec6a4cd : Fix logic for whether beginning/end divider should be drawn
8bbae34 : Ensure partially-detached AbsListView children are removed
94f6f06 : Speedup PIN/Pattern dismissal
cf392d1 : Improve docs for View#addChildrenForAccessibility
c7a14e4 : Fix Formatter.formatBytes() crash on non-EN locales
e3a4cb5 : Fix addTarget not limiting to the given views.
1240752 : Limit dotProduct value to 1.0f, so acosf would not return NaN.
cf6a4ba : media: parse max-concurrent-instances.
87fd322 : BatteryStats: Record suspend abort reasons
ba4332d : Constrain ListPopupWindow hint width spec to >= 0
8003209 : Fix endTransition index out of bounds exception.
39fd902 : Constrain child width and height to >= 0 in FrameLayout.onMeasure()
cd62b10 : Preventing leak
4514649 : Add missing conditional in settings provider
66189fc : add banned packages to notification dumpsys
7008b51 : Prevent certain actions of app has revoked permissions
02ca7a7 : Don't throw TransactionTooLargeException for small payloads
e9f13e1 : Remove Webviewtests in frameworks
63f25b6 : Carrier Config API KEY_FORCE_HOME_NETWORK_BOOL
de14ad5 : Constrain width and height to >= 0 in FastScroller layout
86d60cd : Fix crash due to reverse selection.
145252f : Do not show selection action mode when the TextView is not sho