android-n-preview-4 to android-wear-n-preview-2 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ, and further improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to Android Police, Al Sutton, and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

8e2c562 : Dump more dex file data in oatdump
ee8d971 : X86: Use memory to do array range checks
9631f54 : Blacklist flaky test.
c05e2f2 : Refactored a few dexdump alloc/free into unique_ptr
f64a6ab : Improve search for available spill slots in RA
877a033 : ARM64: Shorter fast-path for read barrier field load.
d3278bd : Two more patterns for instruction simplifier
194bcfe : ARM: Shorter fast-path for read barrier field load.
03c0134 : Update the get_process_name call.
de9007f : Call prctl(PR_SET_PTRACER, PR_SET_PTRACER_ANY) if app is debuggable.
a0e33fd : Fix clang static analyzer on potential memory leaks.
54ff482 : Rename kCall to kCallOnMainOnly
b0e861c : Fix unsafe weak reference usage in test 141
f51ac42 : Fix missing patchoat dependency for dex2oat test.
e6a2d0f : Fix the definition of THREAD_CURRENT_IBASE_OFFSET.
d1e153c : Math Round Intrinsic Implementations For Java8.
ebdbf4b : ARM: Use 64-bit literals for LoadDImmediate().
e8e48ae : Use "" to indicate the oat filename could not be computed.
e8109f7 : Compute and cache oat file status in OatFileAssistant.
d1472a2 : profile_changed should not effect GetBestOatFile.
4c7f193 : Make OpenImageSpace static and ArtFileName internal.
fea1abd : Implement System.arraycopy intrinsic on x86.
d47fd90 : Revert "Revert "ART: Add Mterp export pc poison testing mode""
8c5d310 : ARM: Remove unnecessary VMOV from float/double-to-int.
9f65db8 : Fix System.arraycopy when doing same array copying.
a62cb9b : Revert "Revert "Optimize IMT""
d7af522 : Revert "ART: Add Mterp export pc poison testing mode"
c5a0004 : Add missing dependency required for ahat-test.
3fbfab1 : Revert "Add missing dependency required for ahat-test."
e664cfe : ART: Add Mterp export pc poison testing mode
5bf7bac : Revert "Revert "Inline and optimize interface calls.""
19dc255 : Revert "Inline and optimize interface calls."
0e5ff79 : Mark ReadBarrierJni as a direct entry point on MIPS32.
d9facea : Inline and optimize interface calls.
aaeef5e : Remove stray end of macro.
d778cd6 : Expect spurious wake-up from futex(2)/FUTEX_WAIT call.
b5390f7 : Have LOCAL_ASFLAGS honor debug/non-debug configuration.
c6df1e3 : Never go to resolution while inspecting inlined frames.
13f6d39 : Add missing dependency required for ahat-test.
e3fb245 : MIPS32: Improve method invocation
e14dc86 : Simplification for associative and commutative operations on constants
e900491 : Create a typedef for HInstruction::GetInputs() return type.
7fe30f9 : Make the Compute() method of all HIRs static.
56fe0f0 : Do not use popen, it uses a hardcoded path for "sh".
5d45e8f : MIPS: Use $a0 instead $zero for passing faulting address
c42a4d5 : MIPS32: Fix MipsInstructionSetFeatures::FromVariant()
a7821bf : Fix stack alignment in x86 read barrier entry points.
a8aaf5a : MIPS32: Disassemble and test movf.fmt and movt.fmt (missed earlier)
35ca359 : Revert "Integer.bitCount and Long.bitCount intrinsics for ARM"
67f0282 : ART: Add very-large threshold to dex2oat
d8db5a2 : Revert "Revert "Gray only immune objects mutators access.""
e1459ae : ART: Add dex2oat swap-usage parameters
2a1b7ac : Fix divergence between interpreter and compiler.
350cc99 : Also add the monitor offset as a potential implicit NPE.
52be7e7 : Improvements in induction range analysis.
9f5f8ac : Special case the suspend to runnable transition when locking.
c7591b4 : Fix merging HLoadClass with HNewInstance.
7f0ae73 : Fix interpreter tests.
5b64306 : Fix mac build.
138dbff : Clean up profiler options
2a17419 : Integer.bitCount and Long.bitCount intrinsics for ARM
e8e1127 : Do checks on the fault address when we think it's an NPE.
88f288e : Revert "Optimize IMT"
d4ceecc : Revert "Refactor GetIMTIndex"
fb7a0b4 : Revert "Propagate flags to ShouldHaveEmbeddedVTable"
be84b59 : Remove the old obsolete profiler
7bcdb53 : Add ability to generate a random test profile
c458857 : Add debug option to ignore checksum checks in profiles.
bde6ae1 : ARM64: Ensure stricter alignment when loading and storing register pairs
5051844 : Optimize away useless masking operations on shift amounts.
ddeb172 : Revert "Gray only immune objects mutators access."
16292fc : Gray only immune objects mutators access.
a871ef1 : MIPS32: Drop redundant moves in integer conversions
06b7c4d : ART: Disable no-prebuild test for run-test 608
b93a165 : Do not remove loads/store with unresolved accesses.
5c6a587 : Clean up StringReferenceValueComparator and DexFile.
80ea234 : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 450
3ea7c9e : Fix 004-ThreadStress.
a975dcc : Fixes and cleaning for test/458-checker-instruction-simplification.
8ed9494 : Adjust ART tests expectations after libcore changes.
4d2bb1b : Fix StringReferenceValueComparator.
7f7f6da : ART: OneBit intrinsics should use 1ULL for 64-bit shift
047664d : MIPS64: Remove the workaround in VisitInvokeStaticOrDirect
94ab38f : ART: Run RTP if invoke inputs have more specific type
3d31242 : Re-enable most intrinsics with read barriers.
bfea335 : Fix ARM & ARM64 UnsafeGetObject intrinsics with read barriers.
0fcd2b8 : Fix x86 & x86-64 UnsafeGetObject intrinsics with read barriers.
d5cc683 : Fixed typo in comment.
37d6a3b : Support the -i flag in the new dexdump.
a48403e : OatFileAssistantTest: do not relocate image randomly.
76ec73a : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Disable 149-suspend-all-stress, its output is flaky.""""
a4fa2e7 : Track libcore change 694e617f54a7bfbdad24913ce96f5d56f1a1960a
bc233ac : Number of unique strings loaded from dex code added to oatdump
87f3fcb : Replace String.charAt() with HIR.
dbb7f5b : Improve HLoadClass code generation.
782be11 : MIPS64: Unblock callee-save registers
d8aa513 : Fix braino in the test to make it work on target.
2ebef63 : x86: Fix CFI info for FOUR_ARG_DOWNCALL.
5fe1026 : Catch additional OOME in ThreadStress.
aa45daa : Release the thread_list lock while waiting for daemons.
2d48e53 : ART: Use null for the BootClassLoader in LoadLibrary
3989c42 : Added a dexdump test containing every DEX instruction
0b8a914 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Disable 149-suspend-all-stress, its output is flaky."""
dce5086 : Implemented annotations display in dexdump.
b369cad : Revert "Revert "Skip DumpForSigQuit if debugger is active""
592a758 : Revert "Skip DumpForSigQuit if debugger is active"
a07f559 : Use collector specific helper classes
3fdab77 : ARM: Improve String.getCharsNoCheck intrinsic.
56f8b56 : Add lock when iterating over BacktraceMap.
81a1899 : elf_builder: Fix Mips header flags
013e3f3 : Change IMT size from 64 to 43
d7ceb51 : For deadlock test, print out any unexpected exceptions.
d528f68 : Avoid duplicate class for mark compact
7adaab0 : MIPS64: java.lang.Math.round
2fa1137 : Ensure we get a ProfilingInfo object before compiling.
7fa5578 : ART: Fix ImageSpace::Init
efeb9f0 : Propagate flags to ShouldHaveEmbeddedVTable
9e27666 : Revert "Reduce ImageSpace::Init frame size"
ab820ee : Use a barrier instead of sleep for flaky deadlock test.
a67a49a : Reduce ImageSpace::Init frame size
5070643 : Refactor GetIMTIndex
64ed882 : Revert "Revert "Disable 149-suspend-all-stress, its output is flaky.""
f8a86b9 : Visit invalid roots of only suspended threads
eeca2b2 : ART: Empty out sa_mask in ArmInstructionSetFeatures
24b0049 : ART: Add setenv to Valgrind target suppressions
f7d2f9f : Change test 149 to run for 10 seconds
3098c8c : ARM: Use GOT_PREL references for Runtime::Current().
7df12cb : ART: Workaround for ARM valgrind stack issues
3add9cb : MIPS32: Assembler tests for MIPS32R6
badee98 : Optimize IMT
952e1e3 : Support unlimited pending checkpoints
06cb9b2 : Revert "Disable 149-suspend-all-stress, its output is flaky."
880f119 : ARM64: Use VIXL's conditional select helper.
b3dab27 : Also compile libnetd_client for target testing.
14527cc : Pass the right CFLAGS to libarttest(d).
df109d9 : ARM64: Improve String.getCharsNoCheck intrinsic.
206fbf5 : Remove too aggressive DCHECKs.
e7aa9dd : Disable 149-suspend-all-stress, its output is flaky.
b87c03f : Revert "ART: Disable check under memory tools"
d0c29d1 : ART: Suppress memcpy overlap in jemalloc for valgrind
e99f532 : Use ScopedObjectAccess in ThreadList::Dump

+- Project: platform/bionic

f857211 : Use trivial types to avoid calls to new for globals
b996d60 : linker: Enable debug logging via properties
7f0e89f : Rename to
2974eec : Update the kernel header documentation.
7bd0178 : Add the record alloc option.
516f09c : Update timezone data to 2016f
53420fb : x86-64's va_list is not a pointer type.
8ed118d : Apparently mips and x86's va_list is a pointer type.
9eb3ae1 : Remove __nonnull (in favor of _Nonnull).
b2f5a58 : Revert "Skip Clang's integrated-as for hand-coded assembly"
c80ffec : Defer registration of the arc4random fork-detect handler.
3e45901 : Make getpid work before the main thread is initialized.
250667a : Take the arc4random lock before forking.
8d414dd : Skip Clang's integrated-as for hand-coded assembly
325b14a : Update timezone data to 2016e
523e2a9 : Make missing public soname error message clear.
3cc387e : Lose debuggerd client code to libdebuggerd_client.
9c8d711 : Don't expose all BSD extensions.
95fa26e : Update symbol versions.
213584b : Remove obsolete GCC workaround.
3ba55f8 : Rationalize visibility.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

83ce755 : Fix install.h's use of attribute printf.
c27098d : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in bootable/recovery.
24eb8a0 : Minor minadbd cleanup.
48ebb07 : init now uses libprocessgroup, so set up /acct.
59bf0da : Remove an abused global so we can actually see logging.

+- Project: platform/build

ac1fe5c : Turn ndk link check warning into error
65543c7 : Remove Android.bp logic from makefiles
62a6c46 : releasetools: Fix the detection of using squashfs.
b6568cd : releasetools: Disable using imgdiff for squashfs.
62dfb59 : Extend SDK link check to java libraries
13b6962 : releasetools: Fix the payload public key replacement.
5d934c7 : Support LOCAL_STRIP_MODULE := keep_symbols for prebuilts
1b09a50 : Move apksigner library to tools/apksig.
8d14543 : Recognize new C/C++ compiler and static analyzer warnings.
7dcb8b8 : Apply SANITIZE_TARGET=safe-stack to 64 bit targets only.
71faa19 : Apply SANITIZE_TARGET and LOCAL_SANITIZE when both are present.
cf6268f : Build: Fix vendor sanitizer library for secondary arch
912b51f : Sanitizer build tweaks.
55f73e6 : Only add libdl dependency for ASan/TSan on target.
6b30d77 : Build: Add module-level product configuration of sanitization
3d3b0c9 : Build: Add option to restrict sanitization by owner
cd25740 : Build: Add option to restrict sanitization by architecture
88225fd : Detect `uname -m` == i686 as a 32-bit host
aaca421 : Skip copying existing vendor images
f761c0f : Never add asan libraries to NDK code
131e197 : Extract public key ID from cert
9efeb1e : Turn unused source files from warning to error
819e848 : APK signer primitive.
37b4a98 : releasetools: Change the default key path for bvbtool
dc9e267 : Fix typo in setting PRIVATE_MODULE for AIDL source
066a9c3 : Add to whitelist
49fbdd1 : Filter logging from dexdump/dex2oat to errors only
8adcfd1 : Fix the path for verity_key replacement when signing.
34eb000 : Add ability to pass in payload_signer args
1a5e1d1 : releasetools: Support using payload_signer.
35c9b12 : releasetools: replace verity keyid
a80ed22 : Replace OTA keys when signing for A/B devices.
d9205ba : Fix path escaping for aidl generated java
465b610 : Add +/- buttons to expand/collapse warning categories.
9a41c93 : Use Builder pattern for ApkVerifier parameters.
e1c6dea : Finish refactoring tests to NATIVE_TESTS
a9bc78a : move test artifact build rules into open source location
d8a52f9 : Remove --no_prereq flag from OTA script.
b7fd3d2 : Also turn down the logging for dex2oat on the boot image
6c3e79b : Clean up vendor image handling
05f87de : Let caller handle NoSuchAlgorithmException.
f31ced2 : maxSdkVersion can be specified for APK verification.
305b088 : Remove obsolete MTD support from the releasetools scripts.
c72dfe3 : Add new to handle repo move
eb44315 : Remove build/libs
d7236da : Reject PKCS#7 SignerInfo with unsupported parameters.
7c5dc57 : Support wiping userdata for A/B OTA packages.
b097fbe : Check that NDK-built modules only link to NDK-built modules
dd5a5d3 : Add macros for printing pretty warnings/errors in rules
3773b45 : Fix kati --no_ignore_dirty usage
327fa9c : Forbid libstdc++ on Linux and Darwin
d4761a1 : Faster and cleaner way to obtain UTF-8 encoded form.
7c2d228 : Use more prebuilt build-tools
7f770c0 : Don't depend on Bouncy Castle.
e19d451 : Add a libc++ version of ijar for prebuilt use
00b75bc : Skip uses-library check for preopted apps.
bca2430 : bvb: Update path to key since repo was moved.

+- Project: platform/cts

8cbd3b1 : Use mockito-target-minus-junit4.
2cb1a9e : android.core.tests.libcore.package.tests: add mockito to the dependencies
e9478e5 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in cts.
77741e4 : [RenderScript] Fix refocus test to accommodate different rounding behavior for half_sqrt().
51c6dc5 : Remove data race from refocus test
0ddba6a : Remove one test from MediaCodecTest#testCreateInputSurfaceErrors.
f60c84e : Return all errors, not only the first one.
fed9991 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in cts.
e51ca23 : Modify to support bitness of a public library.
51ec4a9 : Stop linking unused libraries
0e144b8 : Add CSD back after flush
9ecdeb4 : Link protobuf for simpleperf cts test.

+- Project: platform/dalvik

fea7895 : Fix clang static analyzer on potential memory leak.
65cae55 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in dalvik.

+- Project: platform/development

807ec0e : stack: support output from dumpsys meminfo --unreachable
2d201fc : Add atrace and multinetwork symbols to android-23.
36aa910 : Copy symbols from L to M.
9274b9c : Revert "Add atrace and multinetwork symbols to NDK"
00b322b : Add atrace and multinetwork symbols to NDK
f032537 : Fixes the system server hang forever issue caused by the monkey not read completed the sync pipe.
4cd30b3 : Fix missing atexit in 21+ static ARM executables.

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

7e14580 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in goldfish/opengl.
7f38563 : Fix qemu gps time stamp bug.
cf3c824 : rild: setup rild library path in init.<board>.rc file.
6b8d2f4 : vibrator: Remove qemu dependency.
51a0c12 : Use new <system/qemu_pipe.h> header.
8b8cd06 : rild: Remove support for host-specific radio device.
c25d1a3 : Remove obsolete 'qemud' service.

+- Project: platform/docs/

690fc0c : Docs: Publish CTS 6.0R8, 5.1R9 and 5.0R8
4f13f67 : Add July Security Release tags.
c45e218 : Docs: Update to CVE-2016-2427 in April 2016 bulletin
092fb55 : Docs: Updates to July bulletin
be86956 : Docs: Update to September 2015 bulletin attributions Bug: 30044869
de44dc3 : Docs: July 2016 public security bulletin Bug: 29452365
3ba1103 : Docs: Remove outdated adb shell commands, add reference to libmemunreachable
b6be0b2 : Docs: Replace -c flag with root in adb shell command
f7b4d72 : Docs: Removed link to download CTS manual Bug: 29761491
c4b6873 : Docs: Fix link to brand guidelines
e50303f : Docs: Publish localized June bulletin files
cdad60f : Docs: Add Network Connectivity Tests to home
d22a8d2 : Docs: Add connectivity tests for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular
47ae7bf : Docs: Add notice of System.out errors
601b61a : Docs: Add debuggerd and binaries/blobs to home
62807b0 : Docs: Add links to preview blobs, reorder binaries and flashing sections
46a912e : Docs: Add CTS 6.0 R7, 5.1 R8 and 5.0 R7 to home
37e2134 : Change-Id: Ib9818c655764137dda9a333c1731da8b1a5e68b3 Docs: Added information about crash dump analysis and tombstones. Bug: 28746168
bbe5a02 : Docs: Fix path to AAPT in export command
6c95c19 : Docs: Add links to the new CTS binaries for versions 6.0, 5.1, and 5.0

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

246375c : Ensure the transport server socket is closed when a JDWP test fails.
aef9b42 : Plug another hole in BatchUpdateExceptionTest.
d3caaf0 : Fix BatchUpdateExceptionTest.
fc9ff12 : Fix FormatterTest.

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

3231599 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in bsdiff

+- Project: platform/external/bzip2

44bb3ea : Convert bzip to Android.bp

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

a4c7828 : Switch compiler_rt libraries to be built with NDK API 19/21.

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

271dc36 : Properly select file-descriptor field on non-Android VMs for TLS ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=122108670
6385c5c : Revert "Add getFileDescriptor$ call for compat"
33d694f : Add end to end tests for CertBlacklist functionality
961ba43 : Move CertBlacklist to conscrypt
e9b2cd5 : Faster evpUpdate for small region of large byte[].
792eec0 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in conscrypt.

+- Project: platform/external/fsck_msdos

c8b9c39 : Suppress warnings in fsck_msdos.
e488260 : fsck_msdos should admit to using BSD extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/harfbuzz_ng

c376461 : Fix warnings: "member call on null pointer of type"

+- Project: platform/external/icu

8ca3c63 : Revert "Android patch: CLDR data: fil data generation."
1d0f86c : Integrate TestDataDrivenJDK patch into android_icu4j.
21529bd : Android patch: Skip the NumberFormatTest#TestDataDrivenJDK test case.
9f874ff : Cherry-pick: ticket:12632: Add executable bit to executable files
fded648 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12631: Remove executable bit from data files
cdef700 : Update timezone data to 2016f
4a44a4c : Integrate CLDR cherry-picks into android_icu4j.
5380572 : Android patch: Regenerated data files after CLDR cherry-picks.
9130194 : Android patch: CLDR data: Add data for the XA/XB pseudo locales.
39f70ef : Android patch: CLDR data: likelySubtags.txt: Remove lots of entries.
cbdaa2b : Android patch: CLDR data: Ukrainian hryvnia currency symbol.
8936f2a : Android patch: CLDR data: English time markers in India.
b7f7b92 : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Palestine.
91cac8b : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Macau.
5e12eab : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Hong Kong.
b4d367d : Fix a test dependent on ICU's TimeZone.setDefault() upstream behavior
3cf85bf : Update timezone data to 2016e
9053831 : Improve srcgen debugging
51cecff : Document that collation rules are omitted.
bf53169 : ICU currysrc: Better Exception message when baseDir is missing.
c24c6c2 : Android patch: Regenerated data files for yMMMM cherry-pick.
afbd428 : Android patch: CLDR Ticket #9495: Gregorian skeleton patterns for yMMMM
1c8a530 : Integrate ICU4J 57.1 with Android patches into android_icu4j.
9768a9e : Temporarily hide new ICU 57 API in Android.
6ef003c : Revert "Android patch: Work-around for bug in Icu4jTransform."

+- Project: platform/external/iproute2

b2ae938 : Merge "ss: remove wtf." am: 4bf8496 am: d9cdcb0 am: 1404f4c am: 465a65c
febb3d8 : Merge "ss: remove wtf." am: 4bf8496 am: d9cdcb0 am: 1404f4c am: 465a65c

+- Project: platform/external/iputils

a8acdf4 : iputils assumes _GNU_SOURCE.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

3545247 : Updates to generated files for 4.2.1 release.

+- Project: platform/external/jpeg

f145037 : Add NDK versions of libjpeg

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

871f061 : Decoder: Initialize few VUI params to signal unspecified values
d5953ce : Decoder: Added support for exporting VUI params
27b7a14 : Decoder: Ignore few dpb errors
cbf620e : Decoder: Simplified error checks on display stride
87eeafe : Decoder: Treat first slice in a picture as part of new picture always
bd67b74 : Decoder: Increment p_ctxt_inc_mb_map immediately after allocation
81a8c5d : Decoder: Padded gau1_ih264d_top_left_mb_part_indx_mod to avoid an out of bound read
cfec181 : Encoder: Added sample encoder config file to be used with avcenc
d32eaf4 : Fix stack buffer overflow in ih264d_process_intra_mb
87cf00e : Decoder: Added sample decoder config file to be used with avcdec

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

d04f879 : Add an empty to shadow buildcmds/
a574376 : Pass -j so the test runner is less slow.
e236990 : Fix test runner to properly emulate mm/mmm.

+- Project: platform/external/libcxxabi

a7f7d96 : Remove obsolete

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

3426916 : Fixed decode conformance stream LTRPSPS_A_Qualcomm_1.bit
3a405b4 : Initialize u1_matrix_coeffs to 2 to signal unspecified value
617503f : fixed decoding conformance stream RPS_F_docomo_2.bit
613c712 : Added support for parsing SEI parameters
506045b : Added support for exporting SEI mastering display color params
f9f8d07 : Returning error for unsupported resolutions
031b91d : Added memory barrier calls
d1209ac : Pad boundary pixels of picture buffers
2b34e4d : Fixed out of bound reads in stack variables
3527694 : Fix stack buffer overflow in accessing au1_ref_sub_out
164727b : Fixed uninitialized reads for error clips
73f5f5a : Added nop inline assembly instruction to NOP() definition
0fb1f4f : Handle streams with change in max_dec_buffering/num_reorder_frames without resolution change

+- Project: platform/external/libmpeg2

7798538 : Added support for exporting seq header, seq extn and seq display extn info
109dd29 : Moved android_errorWriteLog calls under #ifdef __ANDROID__

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

5b5f7b7 : Fix warnings in HAL.

+- Project: platform/external/libpng

7c11c72 : Add -Wno-unused-parameter to libpng.

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

6073640 : Switch libunwind over to building for NDK 23.

+- Project: platform/external/mockito

7a32b06 : Add mockito-target-minus-junit4.

+- Project: platform/external/mockwebserver

b46c5cc : Initialize MockWebServer in setUp() not construction time

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

740ddbb : Drop unneeded OkHttp compile-time dependency on conscrypt
231519b : Apply upstream commit: Let SocksProxy use the same definition of localhost as MockWebServer.
846bb9b : Apply upstream commit: Reduce memory requirements for MockWebServerTest.disconnectHalfway().
86a4f0d : Reapply: Relax validation of HTTP header values to retain L/M behavior
637ebbf : Reapply an upstream OkHttp change to Android for HttpUrl
ef5fc4b : Apply upstream commit: Add basic URLFilter for HttpURLConnection
31b5584 : Workaround for request header values with trailing '\r' or '\n'
cf362b8 : Android modifications to existing files from OkHttp / okio
5be1851 : Android additions to OkHttp
6c251e2 : Update OkHttp to 2.7.5 and advance okio by one commit.
5774f01 : Revert obsolete parts of 'Android modifications to OkHttp'
f239c0f : Revert "Temporary workaround for whatsapp issues."

+- Project: platform/external/opencv

bbfd09e : Suppress warnings in external/opencv

+- Project: platform/external/protobuf

63d886b : Support building lite static libraries on host and platform.

+- Project: platform/external/squashfs-tools

305fca6 : 4K align data blocks and introduce file block maps to optimize OTA size
4dfe4eb : Introduce squashfs compression threshold
6595c1f : Don't reuse fs_config for root dir, just like make_ext4fs

+- Project: platform/external/tcpdump

78c3aa1 : tcpdump should admit to using BSD extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/tinyxml2

da559c7 : Convert to Android.bp

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

f3304b3 : Add file(1).
ba38a43 : Switch to toybox start/stop.
f74df03 : Switch to toybox log.
f6453fe : Switch to toybox top.

+- Project: platform/external/tremolo

93fa31f : BIG_ENDIAN and friends are BSD/GNU extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/v8

b18cf41 : Ignore warnings inline with upstream V8 project.
91a3420 : Fix unused sources warning
1eae5e7 : Merge V8

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

1c7bff3 : Cherry-pick: Fix a bug in the MacroAssembler CSEL helpers.

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

ed48e1b : Use assertNotNull instead of assertTrue(ref != null).
878d59e : Check initialization of @org.mockito.Mock annotated fields
32c7fa7 : Separate JUnit3 and JUnit4 processing in VogarTestRunnerBuilder
508aadb : Remove dependency on mockito-host
0ac5f70 : Build VogarTestRunner via RunnerBuilders rather than directly.
ee1c286 : Move calls to TestEnvironment into a separate RunListener
3ed10ee : Move calls to Profiler into separate RunListener
2ab855c : Move calls to TargetMonitor into separate RunListener
6ab5e47 : Use JUnitCore to run a list of VogarTest instances

+- Project: platform/external/webrtc

33b02a2 : Remove useless static linking

+- Project: platform/external/zlib

c1b393b : Convert libz to Soong
753ada9 : Remove TARGET_BUILD_APPS conditional

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

9ab9f62 : Remove throttle logcat for bluetooth
3939035 : Fix for wrong ringtone when using VoWiFi
6d7af0e : Add support for streams with vendor specific formats

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

342c7dc : Remove calls to set_process_name.
5224f00 : Fix unsafe concurrent access in LegacyTypeTracker
43f5de0 : Resolve deadlock between ActivityManagerService and PowerManagerService
c4f28a4 : Fix deadlock in MediaSessionService during getCurrentUser()
bab82f1 : Track libcore change 4eed609c71648c069d8e83ec7001da29044d416b
30cbe3b : Track libcore change dd5097d93d2f2c211fc79cde4d5f09db48e8808a
851d806 : Changes for upgrade to OkHttp 2.7.5
f0db6e8 : Track libcore change c49fd8d2b8449193fbb53750e7f6a22cacc2f968
18d9fb4 : Track libcore change 694e617f54a7bfbdad24913ce96f5d56f1a1960a
fdbf331 : Track libcore change fec24735b29faf2a81dbbc35a3a5f9630a597259
19e8404 : Fix deadlock b/w ActivityManagerService and MediaSessionService
382871b : Fix links to Bluetooth Guide
efeda46 : DisplayEventDisplatcher: Quiet down dispatcher Vsync pulse messages
af823e0 : Track libcore change 45f477557ddaf68cb2fe9603544b95c0e7af9a92
9b3bc98 : Remove unused link to libcutils
eed3200 : Bluetooth: Send GET request as single packet
11ec909 : Delete simple reduction implementation.
0af16f3 : API updated for ICU4J 57.1

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/libbcc

bb05b5f : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libbcc.
48ef3bd : Disable AVX support in bcc
9fa4d44 : Delete simple reduction implementation.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

1c6bf88 : Delete simple reduction implementation.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ex

47e0108 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in frameworks/ex.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ml

b156e69 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in frameworks/ml.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/multidex

8be7c7a : Fix typo in javadoc
048fbf7 : Prevent concurrent extractions

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

926d098 : [mips] Resolve issue with .align directive, when using clang IAS
f509370 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in opengl.
7d0a762 : dumpstate: Also pick up /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops-0 for LAST KMSG
5286003 : No need for dumpstate to explicitly reference 'toybox'...
646e92f : Move dumpstate over to toybox top.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

c083e64 : Cherry-pick: Remove WifiWatchdogStateMachine

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

b0b6604 : Support self-explanatory icon for GET INKEY and GET INPUT commands
6012118 : Fix: updateExternalState() does not update SIM state to PERM_DISABLED

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

10ab8bb : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in frameworks/rs.
4fcef49 : Fix clang-tidy warnings in frameworks/rs.
3ac940f : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in frameworks/rs.
578419f : Fixed unsafe use of stringstream.str()
720a848 : Fix NDK linking
a3c6f62 : Bring lldb testsuite up to date with codeplay internal
b16c7d5 : Always build all rscpp and LLDB tests.
c5903d8 : Remove obsolete cppreduce test.
75e0547 : Minor usability improvements to
d969fdc : Fix crash in tracing code.
fc7ab79 : Delete simple reduction implementation.
768fd02 : Add HAL version check, with fallback to CPU reference driver on failure.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

dcebe5a : Expose external app files/cache dir from FileProvider.
4819862 : Delete simple reduction implementation.

+- Project: platform/hardware/akm

8486a35 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in hardware/akm.

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/omx-components

c73f5bb : Remove bad LDLIBS

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

f51bf92 : Begin converting to Android.bp
928e679 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in libhardware
daaed0c : Vectors as parameters to GATT (3/3)
d78081d : [qemu]: Remove qemu_pipe.h and qemud.h headers.
620fd71 : Vectors as parameters to GATT write/indicate (3/3)
8639921 : Use UINT16 for GATT attribute id field

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

04159bb : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in libhardware_legacy
14ca884 : Remove qemu dependency.
c3bb6f8 : [qemu] Use new QEMU pipe header.
0659908 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in hardware_legacy.

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

8593eeb : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in hardware/ril.
834eca8 : Simplify emulator-specific logic.
2e98d89 : [qemu]: Use new <system/qemu_pipe.h> header.

+- Project: platform/libcore

bf34d83 : Fix Unsafe#park for large wait-time values.
5dd14d6 : Add missing SO_FLOW_SLA changes
2b5c1cc : Remove unused java.text.DigitList class
519adb2 : Port openJdk8 changes to package
97db693 : Delete DexFile closeguard
b3ab870 : Add tests to Math.atan and Math.atan2.
373301a : update classes in
3dba355 : Import upstream change: Improved certification checking
49965c1 : remove x attribute of java file
b2bb47b : update classes in
35ac00f : update classes in
4f9b04a : Fix BigDecimal multiplication for -1 * Long.MIN_VALUE
af18bc9 : Apply JDK 8 refactorings that don't change behavior of SimpleDateFormat
33d260f : Removed tests that checked previous behavior of ChoiceFormat
0cda871 : Add serialVersionUID field to java.text.ParseException
63672b9 : Import upstream change: Modifications of I/O methods for instrumentation purposes
e0bf2a3 : Import upstream change: not consistent for some URIs
3683e91 : Make ChoiceFormat take defensive copies of its arrays
b7bbe77 : Remove unnecessary cast of value returned by <array>.clone()
1cef212 : Import upstream change: uses exceptions in control flow
505d890 : Import upstream change: HttpCookie.domainMatches("hostname.local", "hostname") should return true
6eb0275 : Restore NoClassDefFoundError ctor removed by mistake
6a5351e : Port java.lang from openJdk8, part 3
8b9413f : Import upstream change: (dc) Use DatagramChannel.receive() instead of read() in connect()
4eed609 : Hide ProcessBuilder.Redirect and associated APIs.
4869d36 : Fix URLConnectionTest asserting on the wrong connection
0885fcb : Fix serialization of class fields with same names.
3cfc562 : Add missing OpenJDK file list entry
46805d6 : Port openJDK8 java.nio.channels changes
3b51268 : Fix MemebershipTest
3652b08 : Remove expensive operations from constructor
1e85bc7 : Remove Thread.sleep() from OldBufferedReaderTest.test_8778372
5558171 : Remove a race hazard from the execrable Support_TestWebServer
d8188b1 : Comment Android local diff
4dfcb81 : Import upstream getOutputStream/getInputStream changes
c8c3676 : Fix ExtendedOptionsImpl
321eed8 : URLConnectionTest changes for upgrade to OkHttp 2.7.5
9cc268d : Tidy up MockWebServer usage
6e42190 : Applies non-functional changes from 7u40 - 8u60
07bfa5d : DigestTest: remove performance comparison
552ce33 : Remove dead code related to shutdown hooks.
4c8d6d2 : Revert some non-functional changes to source
e573e88 : Import upstream change: Support Solaris SO_FLOW_SLA socket option
dbaa8e7 : Import upstream socket commits
c3ccff5 : Fix URLConnectionTest.testConnectTimeouts() by dropping use of Mockito
bb540b8 : Revert "Accept empty labels in hostname for compatibility"
66917bc : ojluni: delete package
6957d3e : libcore: add for java.util.function
3b067c7 : ojluni: tidy up ojluni files
b662a8c : Use correct class loader for Runtime.load
52fa2d5 : ojluni: delete dead code in
51653c7 : remove unnecessary reflection
cc4ece7 : URLConnectionTest: explicitly close() all the TestSSLContexts
5ccc6fa : Disable leak detection in URLConnectionTest by extending TestCase.
79a0339 : Let testImplAccept_detectsClosedState() fail quickly when it fails.
fec2473 : Import upstream change: Remove throws SocketException from DatagramPacket constructors accepting SocketAddress
e765ba6 : Fix ServerSocketConcurrentCloseTest's package
de6494e : ojluni: delete SunJSSE provider
694e617 : Port openJdk8 java.lang package, part 2
e72af95 : Import upstream change: Windows networking code prevents use of -Xlint:auxiliaryclass in jdk build
ccd08b2 : tests/util: Correct sum in SummaryStatistics
6031a51 : Import upstream change: Wrap sockets more thoroughly
500f2ca : Add Character tests for new UnicodeBlocks
41a4ba6 : Revert "URLConnection: Add regression test for b/26769689."
8926b65 : More performance benchmarks for MessageDigest.
3dece30 : ICU: Document that collation rules are omitted.
cb3716a : Added cast to flatten() argument.
bde7157 : Reenable SocksProxyTest
945919f : Restore fix for SURROGATES_AREA UnicodeBlock
45f4775 : Unhide @Native annotation
25fbd65 : Port openJdk8 java.lang package, part 1.
254bfbf : Import upstream change: CookiePolicy spec conflicts with CookiePolicy.ACCEPT_ORIGINAL_SERVER
eb984ab : Import upstream change: Removed references to Linux kernel version 2.2
3a6411e : Merge OpenJDK 8 (part 1)
c95de01 : ojluni: delete empty packages
197ca87 : Fix XML Parser related packages names

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

b493dac : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in libnativehelper
83c7169 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libnativehelper.
d4f4de7 : Export include path from libnativehelper
1ed11b4 : libnativehelper needs _BSD_SOURCE.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

3635a92 : Fix AVRCP crash, position and state tracking
96c327c : Check for call/call setup state before creating SCO
f794236 : Refactor playback position tracking
e325d7b : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings
d6c846b : Vectors as parameters to GATT (2/3)
e029cdf : Vectors as parameters to GATT write/indicate (2/3)
9a18a9f : Fix sender name string to match MAP spec
9d40353 : Fix null callback in updateCurrentMediaControllers
2b903c7 : AVRCP: Handle multiple MediaController instances
fc2ae30 : Prevent crash on invalid URIs, remove ACTION_OPEN

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera2

a0dc294 : Use a NDK-compatible libjpeg

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

8534e71 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in Gallery2.
98f0853 : Use a NDK-compatible libjpeg

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

6aecee1 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in apps/Nfc.
52b2c6e : nfc: Clock up temporarily when doing NFC payment transaction
3076427 : Fix HCE can't handle last empty I-block of a chain

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

98849ce : Settings: trampoline persist.logd.logpersistd to logd.logpersistd
338377b : Settings: add logpersist kernel only selection
466abc5 : Settings: add logpersist kernel only selection (strings)
03af228 : Settings: add logpersist selection (actions)

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

350aaa6 : Shorten the sleep duration for LAUNCH BROWSER command
b97605d : Support self-explanatory icon for PLAY TONE command

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/TvProvider

b187bdb : Change signature|system permissions to signature|privileged

+- Project: platform/system/core

1109f11 : Replace .align with .balign to avoid ambiguity
4a8276c : Add test for RefBase etc.
980b632 : [mips] Resolve issue with .align directive, when using clang IAS
c255f25 : Extract the FUSE implementation from the main sdcard.c file.
e16bdb1 : libutils: Limit integer sanitize to target only
45566ba : Convert libziparchive from to Android.bp
2e1591b : Convert libbacktrace, libutils to Soong
eee8e7f : libcutils: Switch to Android.bp
b39e402 : Rename to
d9885e7 : RefBase: Silence compiler warnings
fc06bd0 : Convert libbase to Android.bp
724dfba : Remove attempt to write sched_compat_yield
344d01f : Refactor Service::Start method.
0790431 : Use BOARD_USES_VENDORIMAGE to detect vendor image presence
2591d48 : logcatd: trampoline persist.logd.logpersistd to logd.logpersistd
0c8bf57 : Switch run-as to libpackagelistparser.
e735a73 : logcat: help spelling correction
9cfd1c6 : logcat: format verbs and adverbs
768cbb0 : libcutils: canned_fs_config.c drop tabs
d63cf7d : Add UIDs for system DNS and tethering DNS
171a829 : Make klog_fd thread-safe and make klog_init a no-op.
b22b998 : Fix the generated getevent labels.
177b27d : Rename "Handle(r)" to "Parse(r)" in Android init.
1b3fa3d : init: Add option to run a service in a new PID/mount namespace.
749ae2d : Remove unnecessary ARRAY_SIZE macros.
f86b5a6 : Move init to libbase logging.
3195116 : Remove MTD cruft from init.
50f39dd : Lose start/stop to toybox.
01e5a6c : Remove more obsolete MTD stuff.
fe50bb7 : adb: add test for SIGHUP behavior.
e31a7a4 : adb: fix fd leak when shell fails to create a thread.
cd5d737 : adb: don't dup local socket fd.
cdb2ca5 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in system/core.
cf75c1b : Lose log to toybox.
39da84b : Add support to indicate bitness of public library.
625faf0 : Address old review comments in adb_auth_host.cpp.
4e5fd11 : Add timestamps to libbase's stderr logging.
ecc1972 : Remove qemu_tracing dependency.
665051c : Use __ with attribute __noreturn__ to avoid colliding with noreturn.
344778d : adb: fix fd double close, Subprocess lifetime issue.
3217c5c : batterymonitor: simplify readFromFile and use std::string buffers
809607a : adb: use libdebuggerd_client.
9c02dc5 : debuggerd: add libdebuggerd_client.
c7b098c : [qemu]: Move qemu_pipe.h from include/system/ directory.
3a14004 : Fix race condition updating local map data.
0582473 : adb: make adb root not wait-for-device.
1441514 : Better diagnostics from "adb sideload".
ad8e94e : init: report createProcessGroup failure.
ffc73a3 : Minor adb style fixes.
4558428 : Lose top to toybox.
356fd36 : Fix the sense of a test in "adb sideload".
cd5118b : logcatd: add stop and clear actions
8d2a655 : logcatd: Do not su for setprop
b7d059b : logcat: clear when specifying file output
96c9f2d : fs_mgr: Track the bootloader_message struct change.

+- Project: platform/system/extras

e9f06a6 : simpleperf: check dump stack size and adjust its default value.
6173592 : simpleperf: combine mapped buffer used for the same event and cpu.
e9d8251 : Convert libpagemap to Android.bp
af69895 : simpleperf: check kernel symbol addresses before dumping them.
4ee1962 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in memory_replay.
5674ed8 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in simpleperf.
c855ecc : simpleperf: add min_vaddr in DsoRecord.
dd9c948 : simpleperf: fix test record_cmd.dump_symbols.
05ef2ea : simpleperf: change the separator of --symbols option from comma to semicolon.
0979ba8 : Generate output of simpleperf in csv format
6d1ee48 : simpleperf: don't warn if child process was killed by simpleperf.
27816c9 : simpleperf: give suggestion when mmap fails.
eec606c : simpleperf: fix build id check of files in symfs.
faa5126 : simpleperf: add --symfs option for record command.
5783fa0 : simpleperf: add symbol for .plt section.
0a45adf : Simpleperf: add auto generated summaries in stat command.
f79fbd1 : simpleperf: add symbol filter for report command.
86d9340 : simpleperf: fix RecordCache.
ed0733f : Remove call to no-op klog_init.
9970a23 : Simpleperf: add vaddr_in_file sort key in report command.
18b0775 : Switch to new encoding scheme for large records.
1761a27 : Simpleperf: Add SPLIT and SPLIT_END records to handle big records.
e87fd02 : Dist simpleperf executables in SDK targets
be903f4 : Simpleperf: use libc++_static on host.
e5adc13 : Simpleperf: report lost record count and warn if 10% records are lost.
b891549 : Simpleperf: check if -f option for record command is in valid range.
876809a : Simpleperf: check root privilege for system wide profiling.
3ab2e98 : Simpleperf: adjust default mmap_pages for system wide profiling.
6965d42 : simpleperf: add kmem command to report slab allocation information.
877751b : simpleperf: support event group.
c10a9dc : simpleperf: add type modifier when reporting events.
a7a0e50 : simpleperf: replace SIMPLEPERF_ALIGN macro with Align inline function.
b54c5e5 : simpleperf: fix mac build.
5896132 : simpleperf: restore perf_harden after simpleperf cts test.

+- Project: platform/system/keymaster

5d5e42b : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in keymaster.

+- Project: platform/system/netd

12c3278 : Switch netd's last C file to C++.

+- Project: platform/system/security

d7791be : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in keystore.

+- Project: platform/system/vold

aae7938 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in system/vold.