android-n-preview-3 to android-n-preview-4 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ, and further improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to Android Police, Al Sutton, and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

7386da4 : ART: Fix swap usage determination in dex2oat
14d7b3e : Fix dex file leak in oat file manager
1fdbe1b : ART: Add ATRACE section for collision check
e5e76f4 : Add Valgrind target tests
1ebf8d3 : Fix some "possible" divide by 0
4a0a511 : Re-introduce an old version of 600-verifier-fails.
adc61df : Ensure we have a profiling info object before trying to compile.
061f80b : Also catch OOME from the new byte[].
0f838aa : Fix FOUR_ARG_DOWNCALL assembly stubs on arm and x86.
223ac0c : Use usleep instead of sleep(0).
a06481e : Bump frame size limit 8 bytes to fix x86_64 build with latest external/libcxx
a80e2af : Add thread suspend stress
7dbf20a : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert some flaky unloading""""
8502f72 : Add a few more pending exception checks
29f8b6f : Temporarily disable test E
340f486 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert some flaky unloading"""
296fbb4 : Do not place null check on unresolved method calls.
81d82ff : Use sleep instead of sched_yield.
1027880 : Be pro-active into ensuring a method is JITted in test.
c92a7a1 : Wrap certain exception types when loading an erroneous class.
546d24f : Enable profman pretty printing
4fcdd6d : Initial profman support for verbose dump
3188364 : Do not hide instance field hard failure with soft failure
3aaf964 : Revert "Revert "Fix ArtMethod::GetInvokeType for static methods on interfaces.""
d6c205e : ART: Remove redundant MoveInstructionBefore method
b2716bb : Revert "Revert "Revert some flaky unloading""
05005f7 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK"""
696632e : Revert "Revert "Hold dex caches live in class table""
6d33563 : Revert "Hold dex caches live in class table"
f89381f : ART: ArrayGet hoisting restriction added.
9e726e8 : Revert "Revert some flaky unloading"
12abcbd : Revert "Fix ArtMethod::GetInvokeType for static methods on interfaces."
8080673 : Fix ArtMethod::GetInvokeType for static methods on interfaces.
46d4699 : Revert "Revert "Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK""
020b18a : ART: Improve JitProfiling perf in mips/mips64 mterp.
1415413 : Do not place null check from unresolved field access.
06cd763 : Revert "Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK"
d0f0281 : Revert "Revert "Make the boot image non-debuggable.""
492a7fa : Delay dex-to-dex compilation until Optimizing is done.
a3549d2 : Fix an issue of partial fragment deoptimization
f284d44 : Hold dex caches live in class table
372f10e : Refactor handling of input records.
a90d489 : Fix a bug in reference type propagation.
7b1541f : Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK
b052632 : Fix bug in verifier: hard fail allowed following softfail
c7d3f4b : Fix race with host_dlopen_handles_
cc98f63 : Revert "Make the boot image non-debuggable."
279ee76 : Make the boot image non-debuggable.
c5809c3 : Add missing calls to `RecordSimplification()`.
6a870fa : Exit 0 on success even if --never-clean is passed
0d3eeae : Revert "Blacklist test on host."
b0ba750 : Blacklist test on host.
9e03b2f : Reduce TLAB size
3d08086 : Relax annotation visibility so runtime includes build.
20e9cef : Disable stack assertions in non-compiled code.
c1847a2 : Revert "ART: Blacklist a libcore test for investigation"
f711f2c : Partial fragment deoptimization
98810e3 : Remove SetStateUnsafe in Debugger::Disconnected.
a89e51a : Forbid JVM_O_DELETE in JVM_Open
0b49084 : Prune class path classes from profile
e079e21 : Fix OatWriter to update the header checksum correctly.
5d04eb6 : Fix profile saver reference point when calculating the sleep time
a206c74 : Don't use dlopen on host for already loaded oat files.
c3b13a7 : Fix oat_writer to use WriteData which updates checksum.
dc3b128 : Avoid long sleep in ProfileSaver
0950abe8 : Remove bogus DCHECK.
d0668f2 : Put boot class loader classes and strings in dex cache of app images.
53b5200 : Apply String.equals() optimizations on arm, arm64 and x86-64.
394fac5 : Fix broken DCHECK
06e3f4f : Base isDexOptNeeded result on OatFileAssistant::IsUpToDate.
01be681 : Only compile dex files if they are not up to date.
27ed3a4 : Add methods with samples during launch to profile
afb5d19 : Stop creating $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP/{&&,mkdir} directories.
5d3baf6 : Don't update checksum if data ptr is null.
2576be2 : Increase test timeouts
4c8bacc : Fix minor issues that prevented DexFuzz to run on host.
c2bc265 : Fix bug in verifier: soft fail was hiding hard fail.
2e09bc1 : Remove no-op call to android_update_LD_LIBRARY_PATH
f6d1e0f : Compile JNI stubs for verify-profile and interpret-only.
3e80aeb : ART: Print jit memory use only if we have samples
1b1e31f : Only fill methods with 0xFE on debug builds
ffedec5 : Revert "Revert "Move rewritten StringFactory call results into dex registers for deopt""
7235dd1 : Do not set property jpda.settings.syncPort in JDWP tests.
c25cbf1 : ARM: Add new String.compareTo intrinsic.
e5ed20b : ARM64: Move BIC after branch in StringCompareTo intrinsic.
8fbea8e : Add missing check for IsShuttingDown in profile saver
54315c7 : ART: Check whether an oat file exists before opening
29bdaee : Do not allow OSR jump while debugging is active.
3224838 : Clean up JNI calling convention callee saves.
a57305e : Fix profile saver initial wait
39004a6 : ART: Fix Mac build
4075f83 : ART: Optimize PreSetup pass for oat-file open
695e2c4 : Revert "Move rewritten StringFactory call results into dex registers for deopt"
989ab3b : Catch classes inheriting from themselves in the class linker.
fcb503c : Mark concrete HIR instructions as FINAL.
6e759ad : ART: Fix systrace monitor logging
fc3bb5c : ART: Blacklist a libcore test for investigation
ee17426 : Make a fake libart for misbehaving apps.
8ca33bf : Move rewritten StringFactory call results into dex registers for deopt
fbeb132 : Keep oat file unique pointers until they are no longer used.
278a80b : ART: Return native debuggable status of the app.
ccb3326 : Fix debug leftover in profman
f0192c8 : Support to pass <uses-library> option through to dex2oat.
0c050a1 : Add null checks to weak DexCache references
da05108 : Clean up String.indexOf() intrinsics.
97bad1b : Visit IMT of all classes during image writing
a263892 : Adjust ProfileSaver strategy
3fd448a : Fix an assert during jdwp debugging.
84a4ab8 : SafeStack-friendly stack protection in ART.
8494943 : Make quick frames of proxy methods visited if they're constructors.
ab880f4 : Typos and stylistic fixes.
288c7a8 : Revert "Revert "ART: Reference.getReferent intrinsic for x86 and x86_64""
35e827a : Fix JNIEnv-on-wrong-thread abort message.

+- Project: platform/bionic

47fcfff : Fix the SIZE_T_MAX SSIZE_MAX defines.
20788ae : Add ctermid.
7581f9c : Clean up obsolete libm makefile cruft.
449eff0 : Add futimes, futimesat, and lutimes.
409e48a : More C compatibility.
8cabd86 : Move /vendor/bin down with /vendor/xbin.
f484050 : Preliminary cleanup of <sys/cdefs.h>.
1783941 : Fix infinite loop if semaphore test is not run.
d8c7725 : versioner: whitelist atexit, turn on symbol checking by default.
4af829a : versioner: add missing test.
958f3b3 : versioner: fix false positive with functions only available as inlines.
173e7c0 : versioner: improve error output slightly.
658dbd9 : versioner: merge stdout and stderr in the test runner.
80d909b : versioner: clean up tests, test runner.
d67dbf0 : versioner: ignore functions that are __INTRODUCED_IN_FUTURE.
9b5af7a : versioner: autodetect paths when no specified.
62aaf8f : versioner: improve usage messages.
99a84c8 : Remove __cachectl.
8ba4424 : Fix __errordecl on clang.
d61ca37 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in bionic/tests.
71e783d : Remove __brk
9af13d2 : Do not return with stack address in global variable.
bf8a285 : versioner: introduce.
46b4416 : Update header versions for NDK platform fixes.
6e9c1f6 : Remove declaration for __brk.
5a9d569 : Fix .clang-format ContinuationIndentWidth.
9a29c3f : Add /vendor/xbin to root's path.
816fab9 : Just use libstdc++ for the cxa stuff inside bionic.
f44b232 : Remove libstdc++ include files.
7510c33 : Remove deprecated files
bdd8f89 : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __strcpy_chk routines.
c75da09 : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __strcat_chk routines.
e2bfe2a : Update the "adding a syscall" docs.
bb12921 : Don't use __u64/__u32 in <sys/user.h>.
eab4803 : Update documentation for malloc debug.
d799b2b : Correctly handle the case of empty LD_PRELOAD entries
a948a4e : Change use of /data to /data/local/tmp.
2e6e991 : Run fsync tests on mutable filesystem.
8963dd3 : Make all rt_sigtimedwait signatures match.
5240863 : Do not resolve caller_ns when it is not needed
82ef6a1 : Updated to v4.4.11 kernel headers.
d2205a6 : Do not check zip-entry validity on create_namespace
5a22d3e : Force clang for bionic
2ba1cf3 : Fix dlopen of main executable by absolute path
fc2da53 : linker: Allow caller to specify parent namespace
382bd66 : Stop including <machine/cpu-features.h>.
882b8af : Regenerate NOTICE files.
acf2c26 : Use to handle mixed and Android.bp dirs
09e97e6 : Fix the <netinet/ether.h> tests.
f021061 : Fix <resolv.h> and <netinet/tcp.h> so dnscap builds.
c6190a9 : We have the _r ether_ntoa/ether_aton functions too.
f6324d5 : Fix our *ether* headers mess.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

ad29b10 : Remove etc/META-INF/com/google/android/update-script.
862a4c1 : recovery: Add support to brick a device.
a0c4011 : Revert "Fix memory/resource handling in imgdiff.cpp, using unique_ptr and vector."
50a6f8c : Fix memory/resource handling in imgdiff.cpp, using unique_ptr and vector.
16e3861 : Revert "imgdiff: Generate statically linked imgdiff."
b4422bd : imgdiff: Generate statically linked imgdiff.
e77a68f : slot_metadata: add verity_corrupted field

+- Project: platform/build

03bfdea : goldfish_setup: grant /system/bin/sh exec access
8740e9d : APK Signature Scheme v2 APK verifier.
6731b49 : Rewrite LDLIBS and SHARED_LIBRARIES
819b535 : Fix DSA APK signatures for API Level 8 and lower.
56eb2f9f : Switch some build tools to Soong
08b12dc : Remove dead rgb2565
6e22c75 : Drop CLANG and CLANG_CXX in the environment
b02eefa : Improve efficiency of using the DataSource abstraction.
404ccc8 : Add variable PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL and make files with the new read only product property ro.product.first_api_level.
870f087 : Default to enable tidy warnings in header files.
a062c7e : Add support for TARGET_RECOVERY_BRICK.
b0a08b8 : Add LOCAL_LOGTAGS_FILES that prebuilts can use
60d9c67 : Add Soong tools to PATH
f2ac912 : disable unpriv perf by default in user{,debug} builds
b40d9ec : Allow arm prebuilts for x86_arm builds
b9dd243 : Update default NINJA_STATUS to show finished edges
4cbf8eb : Update finder to work with Android.bp files
9808645 : Add --dir option to
fa1da6c : Switch signapk to apksigner-core.
7b977ea : Improve DataSource interface.
8642525 : Fix mm and mmm in Android.bp directories
056609c : Remove unnecessary variables
a61d672 : Remove USE_SOONG=false option
062e30b : Error on external includes
7fe992c : Add NATIVE_TESTS class, move host native tests
26f00cd : Store entry alignment information in APK.
02268f0 : Move to a single clang unknown flags list
b267cba : Error on USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD=
7d35f00 : Double quote some statements for zsh compatibility
174feb9 : Remove (C|CPP|CONLY|LD)FLAGS checked by Soong
3fe3248 : Windows: Stop adding to GLOBAL_LD_DIRS
5baaba7 : Remove trailing newline from TARGET_C_INCLUDES
60c7fd1 : Add fake libart
cba1557 : Pass BUILD_HOST_static to Soong
7701eaa : Remove redundant clang cppflags
4863daf : Remove make variables exported from Soong
5b188fb : Soong: Read if skipping
7f13ab9 : Pass USE_SAFESTACK to Soong.
66fced6 : Don't use GTEST_OS_LINUX on Darwin

+- Project: platform/cts

ceee0e9 : Delete obsolete workaround for locale "haw".
db2127a : Fix camera2.cts.CameraManagerTest.testManagerGetDeviceIdList for TV.
4ab89dc : Add WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE perm to libcore tests
c099d05 : Fix makefile issues with cts_audio_quality

+- Project: platform/dalvik

f23d879 : Fix resource leaks.

+- Project: platform/development

8a430ea : Update OpenSLES_Android.h and OpenSLES_AndroidConfiguration.h for N API
477c90c : KeyDerivationFunction: example about treating data encrypted via SHA1PRNG
6abb269 : Camera: update NDK camera API headers
b8c745f : Remove __brk
1b4f9ec : android-9: Add symbol versions for libc
2463618 : android-12: No difference in between 12 and 14
8eb20a3 : android-9: Add symbol versions for libm
d89ad44 : android-9: Add symbol versions for libdl
002bf74 : Remove symbols which we did not expose before android-23
1d9f64b : Add missing symbols to android-19 libc
a0343ed : Add missing symbols to android-18 libc
641e619 : Copy libc symbols from android-17 to 18
fa52ee3 : Add jack-jacoco-plugin.jar to build tools
b603563 : Add missing symbols to android-17 libc
317d506 : Copy symbols from android-16 to 17
fbfcbad : Add missing symbols to android-16 libc
1013b25 : Remove clone from x86 android-12 to 16
788f357 : Add missing symbols for android-15 platform libc
fc9824a : Copy libc symbols from android-14
9841a89 : Add missing symbols for android-14 platform libc
e5dd8fb : Add missing symbols for android-12 platform libc
b39abe3 : android-9 (x86/mips): remove symbols missing from the platform
3f15942 : Update to latest Vulkan headers
0342c1b : android-13: Add symbol version for libm
2bd38ec : android-22: add missing ns_* sybmols for lp64
f5376cb : Copy libc symbols from android-21
f20d77b : android-14: Add symbol version for libc
30678b4 : android-16: Add symbol version for libc
f40efab : android-17: Add symbol version for libc
1f31292 : android-18: Add symbol version for libc/libm

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

cb2e42a : Fix const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

dd80712 : shamu: remove legacy perms from untrusted_app
e1a2214 : Copy AoV adspd perms to priv_app.

+- Project: platform/docs/

c839037 : Docs: Changed "Linux" to "GNU/Linux" Bug: 28978757
42ce5de : Docs: Correcting the removal of CVE-2016-2496 Bug: 29219147
1f78858 : Docs: Add June security bulletin and builds numbers to home page
a60f62d : Docs: Add AOSP links to June 2016 bulletin. Typo correction in May bulletin.
3d4f0ac : Docs: Removed outdated Ubuntu version requirements for USB access Bug: 28980051
bea810e : Docs: Add Feedback Fixes DRM Path, Keystore API, Jack Argument to home page
7ea1240 : Update build numbers for security release
413d7f9 : Docs: June 2016 Security bulletin Bug: 28626207
44e6230 : Docs: Add Rotation Vector improvements to home page
f2de806 : Docs: Make updates to steps and images
7dbd539 : Docs: Fixing typo in life-of-patch flowchart
7d8c53e : Docs: Replace API link to devsite, make more prominent
b3a2c25 : Docs: Add make bootimage command
b8d2234 : Docs: Update various paths and files for hikey
51524bf : Docs: Add forward lock plug-in, fix path to av directory
63c865d : Docs: Publish localized May bulletins
9893a93 : Docs: Update researcher credit on the Acknowledgements page
888bc15 : Docs: Removed space in ARGs command

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

80ab8a6 : Fix UnixFileTest#test_getUsableSpace on seed
01cec5f : Get UnixFileTest running in CTS
1527c74 : Fix Proxy2Test
cd27d9d : Fix typo in name of JDWP class OnthrowDebuggerLaunchDebuggee.
dc01164 : Avoid conflicts between default JDWP sync port and transport address.
5562fb8 : Do not explicity set jpda.settings.syncPort in JDWP settings.
0e0d156 : Update JPDA documentation with respect to sync port.
425673d : Have the default JDWP sync connection port be chosen by the OS.

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

c97d965 : Revert "Generate statically linked bsdiff."
f41dd73 : Generate statically linked bsdiff.

+- Project: platform/external/clang

4e42e0f : Export headers for clang.

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

0f311a2 : Remove deprecated files
a53a075 : Convert the rest of compiler-rt to Android.bp
a822161 : Merge aosp/dev cherry-picks (for MIPS ASan) into aosp/master.
18cd7a8 : Add to support lib/profile/...

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

a1ea2ec : Add compat methods for using SNI and other new features

+- Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

1a744d4 : Admit that dnsmasq relies on BSD extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

5e5723a : Remove deprecated files
1d8db72 : gtest: Add support for std::unique_ptr bool conversion

+- Project: platform/external/icu

ff178d4 : Allow overriding of the java binary
9e63f9d : Add a method to clear the cached default timezone.
f8798e2 : Switch DecimalFormatSymbols from SimpleCache to SoftCache
c1fac6c : Cherry-pick: ticket:7434: ICU4J SoftCache with CacheValue

+- Project: platform/external/jdiff

8f27032 : Fix merging add/remove on same method.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

08012f8 : Remove deprecated files
2ee91d8 : Stop using [local_]include_files

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

ee226c0 : Revert "Revert "Update aosp/master libcxx rebase to r263688""
6128e9b : Remove deprecated files
1d4a1ed : Revert "Update aosp/master libcxx rebase to r263688"
1418e41 : Add compile time define that was missing.

+- Project: platform/external/libopus

da5155b : Fix NEON and SSE handling

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

c47141b : Remove deprecated files
cb56a2c : Build unit tests

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

3fb018f : [CodeGen] Promote FMINNAN/FMAXNAN like other binops.

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

3c28a13 : Relax validation of HTTP header values to retain L/M behavior

+- Project: platform/external/scrypt

cca9bc0 : scrypt doesn't need <machine/cpu-features.h>.

+- Project: platform/external/sonivox

236a36d : Add an included assembly file to prerequisites

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

a439588 : Regenerate generated files.
48e1f81 : Stop building toybox route.
a2ba247 : Regenerate generated files.

+- Project: platform/external/v8

3b9bc31 : Upgrade V8 to
109988c : Revert "Revert "Upgrade to""
f2e3994 : Revert "Upgrade to"
8389745 : Upgrade to

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

da619e4 : Make vixl tests work with custom OUT_DIR settings
5c667d8 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "VIXL Release 1.13""""
ff22c69 : Revert "Revert "Revert "VIXL Release 1.13"""
04abd63 : Revert "Revert "VIXL Release 1.13""

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

618a14c : Use JUnit Filter to support the skip past mechanism
5279804 : Integrate VogarTest more closely with JUnit
e1dc67e : Rename Runner to TargetRunner
9406622 : Make ClassPathScanner optionally work with class directories
03c9c94 : Switch to using standard JUnit
45b3ffb : Improve the test coverage for package
ac11754 : Improve error reporting when class cannot be run
12ca4d4 : Add the "main" method name to the test description
6017243 : Make Junit4 class more consistent with JUnit
5292528 : Make Junit3 class more consistent with JUnit
511d0f9 : Fix typo
0ace9bf : Revert "Make JUnit classes more compatible with standard JUnit"
0e5c70d : Extend the max length of a command to 4096 characters on devices.
1915347 : Make JUnit classes more compatible with standard JUnit
501aeac : Stop CaliperRunner ignoring errors
5a0d2c2 : Restrict when Caliper benchmarks are run.

+- Project: platform/external/webp

cfab283 : Revert "Use the NDK cpufeatures directly."
8c2ed69 : Use the NDK cpufeatures directly.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

f47c471 : Fix undefined behavior
cd1dce9 : Fix yet more overflows in amrwbenc
7320092 : Fix more potential overflows in amrwbenc
5c93a06 : Fix AMRWBEnc overflow
252f191 : Fix AMRWBEnc overflow
0faa814 : Codecs: Fix EOS handling in soft codecs
f9b65f5 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in drm_frameworks_common.h.
183d387 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
ee5863a : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
d6baf6f : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
482343e : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
92c6b82 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
bf29173 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
83fbbb8 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

b9154bc : Unlock mBluetoothLock.readLock() instead of double-locking it
a88bb98 : Delay handleEnable() until Bluetooth state is OFF
7b9f5be : Delete Visualizer before lpJniStorage
2d0c96c : While turning OFF do not honor ON requests.
0655edd : Fixes the system server crash issues caused by null pointer in NetworkPolicyManagerService.
c0246a0 : Revert "Merge "Add 900 for Russia - Short code used by Sberbank.""
2ee4078 : Add 900 for Russia - Short code used by Sberbank.
dea57ba : Revert "AlarmManagerService: remove legacy /dev/alarm support"
f68cdb9 : AlarmManagerService: remove legacy /dev/alarm support
6aaede8 : [RenderScript] Fix ScriptIntrinsicBlur documentation.
1641dc9 : Update documentation about copyTo and copyFrom.
9a69daa : Add missing "try ... finally" safeguards
2b016a1 : Reduced the impact of "synchronized" statements
80755a5 : ZygoteInit: install AndroidKeyStoreProvider in the Zygote
39c5570 : Add free short codes for Direct Carrier Billing.
6c89616 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in services jni.
cef190d : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in hwui and graphic jni.
2bd7a3e : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in common_time.
e819d01 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in aapt and androidfw.
0ca16ef : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in audio media jni.
3c22e00 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in DngCreator.
636ab03 : Fix GATT autoConnect race condition
0652d1c : Track lilbcore change 3ad0f67b98b61cc3f047e3cf6fe8f94d5f2ef5e5
0a72ba7 : Make fake libart for misbehaving apps be loaded.
41c9dc3 : Add support for ICU data pinning in the Zygote

+- Project: platform/frameworks/multidex

74e66b8 : Fix handling of suppressed exception

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

7c5f109 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libs/gui.
1597660 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in openmax.
a389c7a : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in sensorservice and CHECK_INTERFACE.
4a186d4 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in test macros.
8f6b9b3 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libs/binder.
21c6128 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in opengl.
290f4b9 : dumpstate: sscanf requires an asciiz string

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

c3385bb : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

04b84d0 : Explicitly use en_US when picking a Locale using "en"
6a39d8c : Screen state cannot be updated while modem was reset.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

2cc82be : [RenderScript] Update RenderScript support lib documentation.
9d61fd4 : Fixed NPE for HoneycombDelegate

+- Project: platform/frameworks/webview

85612b3 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

4d52b43 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

434554c : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/libcore

5bb82cc : Remove
e81ecfe : Mark broken Preferences methods as legacy code.
fd17eab : Fix clinit-related serialization incompatibility.
890464d : SecureRandom: change link for deprecation of Crypto provider
466488f : Add URLClassLoaderImplTest to knownfailures
ac813e2 : Add SystemProcessTest to broken tests
8514d7e : Increase the wait time for assertDurationIsInRange(0)
e0f383f : Correct address fields in ByteBufferAsXBuffer classes
5769b65 : Charset: Fix broken level-1 caching.
aa73fb0 : Make CollectionTest and Collection8Test abstract.
d4ce3bd : Add UnixNetworkInterfaceTest to knownfailures.txt
77bf4f8 : Fix openJdk package-level javadocs
d971051 : Add URLConnectionTest and ExcludedProxyTest to brokentests
8539b67 : Fix HttpsURLConnectionTest for CTSv2.
dd9985e : Fix package names in icebox.txt and knownfailures.txt
dbb107c : Cipher: always select a SPI in init according to the parameters
4c86b87 : Remove default ProxySelector socket tunneling
51dea17 : SocketTest: Write test for connect in the presence of a ProxySelector.
830d954 : Asynchronous(Server)SocketChannel tests and missing code.
337d8c1 : Remove unused code
248a0f7 : Correct traversal of the UResourceBundle data structure in ICU.
e6bac4b : Add OpenJDK 8 java.nio.file package
7e6c789 : Improve getChars() bounds checking and add a test
aea7855 : Add multicast channel tests for DatagramChannel
558a95b : Revert "Add test."
b2c91e9 : Sync default timezone to ICU.
984c459 : FileDispatcherImpl: Untag sockets before preClose.
14fa554 : Add some scripts to support testing of tzdata update mechanism
1b2f59a : Add android-specific javadoc to
3512176 : Add test.
173e4cf : Selector: Use poll based selector instead of an epoll based selector.
4f3470f : OsTest: Explicitly delete temporary files.
ae6b1b8 : Fix with OPEN_DELETE.
9f6ca97 : Relax tests around HTTP header validation
b90dbb9 : Revert "Test ProcessBuilder.Redirect.INHERIT"
e8a4182 : Fix setCurrency resetting fraction digits.
09e6f66 : Further ProcessBuilder tweaks.
ed4aead : Test ProcessBuilder.Redirect.INHERIT
6da71a5 : Fix NetworkInterface#getHardwareAddress corner case
46b9940 : Fix race condition in accept() on socket that is concurrently closed.
444325b : Map available JCA algorithms and availability in javadoc
3b90fe1 : Fix MethodTest tests that use identifyCaller()
fbabe73 : Observable: Call out to hasChanged() to figure out if something changes.
45348e1 : Rewrite NetworkInterface#{getFlags,getMTU}
9238665 : Lambda implementation / reflection tests
cc50b42 : Test default and static interface method reflection
54f48f1 : Libcore: Expose whether app is native debuggable.
5d45c28 : Add Libcore.os.realpath.
369262d : Fix override of setCurrencySymbol in DecimalFormatSymbols
f8a8250 : CipherTest: cover additional cases that should throw IllegalStateException.
3f60806 : List available security/crypto algorithms in javadoc
c35465f : nio.channels: Add *Exception unit tests
309f9df : Update URLs to Java technotes and platform docs
2c5d88b : Libcore: Fix NetworkInterface method registration

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

d76cf11 : Load with RTLD_NODELETE
13803f6 : Workaround for apps using a copy of libnativehelper
67c3c13 : Clean up JniConstants

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

eb7b90f : Cleanup unused requires in java files
96d55ca : Removed unnecessary "synchronized" statements
605ad41 : Fix LocalRef leakage in get_gatt_db
18b5177 : Initialize variable protocolMode before it is used
623b906 : Change scan downgrade timeout from 5 min to 30 min
3fc930b : Fix 2 instances of a field being assigned itself in a constructor.
c6064cc : Fix a test related to GATT client that could never succeed
d65009d : GATT: Move connection parameters to config.xml
ba73d4b : GATT: Fix FD leak caused by GATT profile
c050578 : Broadcast UUIDS on BT state transition to ON
4e34b45 : Stop profile services when Bluetooth enable times out

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/FMRadio

de8025e : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/LegacyCamera

a00c8e7 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Music

6036ce6 : music: Remove deprecated MODE_WORLD_READABLE and MODE_WORLD_WRITEABLE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

954ed57 : Settings: add logpersist selection (strings)
3d06893 : Handle return value when Bluetooth is enabled
4feb4d9 : Fix the momery leak in DrawOverlayDetails
4bf1704 : Fix register multiple PhoneStateListeners.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

89e5d46 : Show the menu title instead of the application name if it is available
0bdc719 : LAUNCH_BROWSER cmd should not be handled by Setup Wizard application
b557300 : Change the theme and the style of the activities

+- Project: platform/packages/experimental

22888aa : Xerox Print Service Recommendation Plug-in
784d182 : Samsung Printer Recommendation plugin

+- Project: platform/packages/screensavers/PhotoTable

523231c : Fixed NullPointerException during Cursor reuse

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telecomm

f5bdfb5 : Handle AT+CHLD=1 when there is no active call

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telephony

e3e5d56 : Fix voicemail SIM card name unknown after unlock PIN.

+- Project: platform/system/core

081705c : Add process priority to service definition.
32c60b4 : Set file capabilities on adb sync/push.
1325ebf : Revert "logcat: expand -n, -r and -b"
d89a6c2 : Allow multiple (sequential) adb users on Linux.
bac3536 : init: expand arguments of services when they start
4b56162 : init: Add support for ${x.y:-default} expansion
4f831e2 : libnetutils: Add synchronization per socket full operation
31404e5 : fs_mgr: Remove incorrect free() on error paths in load_key()
5f4a946 : Use alignas for alignment.
f7e79b9 : use process groups for processes started by init
f2aa186 : adbd: properly close subprocess pipes on Ctrl+C.
1f406e2 : Remove toolbox ioctl.
397de14 : ueventd: only relabel devices if there's a delta
1d94511 : logpersist: switch to pgrep from ps
d119101 : Fix liblog logtags
ee2da03 : Remove invalid uses of -l and -I
2b22a66 : add a property for controlling perf_event_paranoid
2ce86e5 : Kill adb's ScopedFd for unique_fd.
e8b663f : Kill load_file.
dace015 : [adb] Followup CL to clean up adb_auth_host.cpp
376b275 : [adb] Issue the "auth" emulator command before any other one
b50216e : Remove deprecated files
623ce74 : core: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
b74c649 : adb: retry connecting disconnected emulators instead of always looping.
462461b : trusty: storageproxyd: use upstream kernel headers
638420e : adb: close ep0 on disconnection.
3e4c076 : Fix SharedBuffer. Remove aref.
c713bce : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in init and other core modules.
1288f65 : HACK: libnetutils: Remove parameters from dhcpcd service call
67867db : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in adb, debuggerd, libbacktrace.
f0f94fe : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in liblog.
eabd510 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libion, libsparse, libmem*
2b82e91 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in lmkd.
53eb31d : adb: use asocket's close function when closing.
9b587de : adb: switch the socket list mutex to a recursive_mutex.
52bd852 : adb: clang-format sockets.cpp.
903b749 : adb: add implementations of mutex, recursive_mutex.
e2d6564 : trusty: storage: add tests
abebb89 : trusty: storage: add client lib for testing
0140182 : adb: check return value of register_socket_transport.
8fd1faa : liblog: log reader validate headers
24db75c : Set parent namespace for linker-namespaces
a1b9bd9 : Don't include <machine/cpu-features.h>.
dfd2478 : fs_mgr: update block device reference in verity metadata
4abdeee : adb: replace failing exits in adbd with abort().
b463baf : adb: add track-jdwp and track-devices commands.
13ea01d : adb/base: allow use of unique_fd inside adb.
427c605 : Don't expose ashmem constants on the host.
6de783a : init: support matching sysfs class paths in ueventd.rc

+- Project: platform/system/extras

d51ad4d : postinst: Update comment to match implementation example.
4f41df6 : simpleperf: dump tracing data when needed.
be1b177 : Support for converting callchain profiles.
767dd17 : simpleperf: add report-sample command.
e42c1f1 : Handle additional record types in reader.
ebf79f3 : simpleperf: check perf event limit.
b421297 : simpleperf: record kernel symbols in
b64a863 : simpleperf: refactor SampleTree for reuse.
580439f : simpleperf: remove unneeded file.
f8d8f04 : Add oom score tracking to procrank
baa84a2 : C++-ify procrank
1e0d92f : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in f2fs_utils.
54e8bf7 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in boot_control_copy.
91d5f60 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in ext4_utils.
6227106 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in kexec_tools.
2128f74 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in ksmutils.
de7f00c : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libpagemap.
7b8ef7a : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in micro_bench.
99c536d : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in perfprofd.
2019e83 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in simpleperf.
d312cdb : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in testUtil.c.
f63f120 : pagingtest: test both with prefetching enabled and disabled
ba2475c : pagingtest: switch to advising random accesses
810d1c5 : simpleperf: fix stat scale output.

+- Project: platform/system/media

39a3e9e : audioservice: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
99dc78c : __ARM_ARCH__ is always >= 6.
2c853ac : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/system/security

26275ad : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.