android-m-preview to android-m-preview-1 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ, and further improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to Android Police, Al Sutton, and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

185a558 : ART: Fix opsize in LoadArgDirect
82000b0 : Improve code generation for ARM64 VisitArrayGet/Set.
282ff2e : Make dexdump2 compile for 64bit devices.
a59032f : Build rule for dexdump regression test on host.
c2f0474 : Disable sanitization of dex2oat on device.
cfbe53c : List dependence of dexdump gtest on dexdump binary.
69ae54a : Migrated dexdump from Dalvik (libdex) into Art (libart)
57c4758 : ART: Check switch and array data better in the verifier
45b83af : Revert "Revert "Fix LSRA bug with explicit register temporaries""
a5fc140 : Revert "Fix LSRA bug with explicit register temporaries"
283b854 : Fix LSRA bug with explicit register temporaries
281a632 : ART: Fix graph for switch leaving a try block
1eca58a : Supress OsTest#test_xattr on the bots.
22bb5a2 : Add implicit null pointer and stack overflow checks for Mips.
4895ea4 : Disable static builds for mac and asan.
7d5ea03 : Do not create a HBoundType when the instruction is non-null.
9b36914 : Fix mac build: use -lrt only on linux.
dc56161 : Enable ART_BUILD_HOST_STATIC for check builds.
6d7f179 : Make oatdump work with .art files and code generated by Optimizing.
4d02711 : Implement heap poisoning in ART's Optimizing compiler.
242febb : Don't print signatures to avoid spaces.
49bace1 : Address additional comments on try-catch CL
56e1acc : ART: Changes to try-catch in GraphBuilder
9fdb31e : Do not do a type check when setting null to an array.
65e069d : Build statically linked version of dex2oat.
842acd4 : Emit method name at invokes in the graph visualizer.
06b66d0 : Fix a MOV instruction in Optimizing's x86-64 code generator.
2bcb431 : Use CompareAndBranchIf(Non)Zero when applicable.
01aaf6e : Allow for sig chain to be disabled.
468bcf6 : ART: Symbolize all oat files in /data folder.
e2142d25 : Added next condition check to branch instruction
8fec90b : ART: Remove bad FindSymbol call
b73f1f5 : ART: Unlink old file in OS::CreateEmptyFile
49a17ec : Revert "ART: Unlink target oat file before compiling"
eb19362 : Change ART_TEST_GC_STRESS to use new gcstress mode
ef9849e : ART: Fix test 036-finalizer
4591ae2 : ART: Unlink target oat file before compiling
bbcc01a : Make compiler-related gtests honor ART_USE_OPTIMIZING_COMPILER.
ef3b177 : Properly delete temp files during run-test
0b3ac8e : Explicitly link libz-host to libart.
b1f3753 : Added index type of dex byte instructions.
2738639 : ART: Fix CFI annotation for art_quick_aput_obj
4230e18 : Do not replace a live phi with a dead phi.
f9a1995 : Revert "Revert "Do not update the type of something we already know.""
63107a8 : Revert "Do not update the type of something we already know."
30eb58c : Do not update the type of something we already know.
5e6926c : Quick: Fix a DCHECK to take type conflicts into account.
f7e7327 : Quick: Disable GVN, DCE and LVN for type conflicts.
110415d : Fixed a nullptr bug in SweepAllocationRecords()
6b90d42 : ART: Fix CFI annotation in arm64, x86 and x86-64 assembly
d5ad72f : ART: Fix invalid access and DCHECK in verifier
7526d78 : ART: Fix streaming tracing issues
dd06afe : Require mutator lock for DeleteLocalRef
23682bf : ART: Ignore repeated field indexes when loading a class.
fc6a86a : Revert "Revert "ART: Implement try/catch blocks in Builder""
3e18738 : Revert "ART: Implement try/catch blocks in Builder"
cf950c2 : Revert "ART: Fix gtests after try/catch change"
b550c2e : Exercise sun.misc.Unsafe.compareAndSwapObject.
a65930d : ART: Fix gtests after try/catch change
d9d014a : List test as flaky.
046c706 : ART: Only print stripped dex2oat command line
c833299 : ART: Fix kEverything compiler filter
a06b49b : interpreter: Fix string init for soft-failed invokes
64db62d : Rename ZipEntryName to ZipString
42c3c33 : Make allocation tracker use less memory
d12e782 : ART: Reset runtime_throw_failure flag
4cc6073 : Fixed bug in debugging information in dex file
1c284f2 : ART: Set methods to preverified in verify-none
0b5c7d1 : ART: Implement try/catch blocks in Builder
9b994ea : Do not try to compile resource-only dex files.
fdaeee1 : Pass LD_USE_LOAD_BIAS to the art script.
eb10b68 : Disable test for all runs.
414000e : Hard-fail get-/put-object to a non-reference field.
335005e : Only do some checks when compiling against the core image.
c89b047 : ART: Fix arm32 instrumentation exit stub
b735bd9 : Fix force copy
a32210c : ART: Correctly hard-fail method with undefined register
7d925a9 : Adding optimizing compiler test case for String.<init>.
e34c71c : Increase alt signal stack to 32K on host.
4824c27 : Use a flag from the verifier to know if we should compile.
f652d60 : [MIPS64] JNI Compiler: Sign-extend int function arguments
a09ff9c : BCE: Narrow instead of unconditionnaly overwrite the range.
8df886b : BCE: don't assume a bounds check always gets a HArrayLength.
69ba7b7 : ART: Run GraphChecker after Builder and SsaBuilder
ea80942 : Fix codegen_test after DCE fix.
fe65946 : ART: Stop creating a fallthrough block for Goto
1efcc22 : Fix another case of un-verified dead code.
f39e064 : Minor fixes to mips64 for the arch-specific optimisation framework.
1f82ecc : Recompute dominator tree after DCE.
a52d8b5 : Revert "Use -Xno-dex-file-fallback for libcore tests."
9638b64 : Remove bogus DCHECK.
f23f33d : ART: Follow-up to 507cc6f83bf6379728f2dd20391f2ed5fbfe6371
07d7eab : Fix field ordering for String in hprof
ec96923 : Make dex file verifier check that indexes are increasing.
03ba67c : libcore tests: increase the timeout in debug mode.
9714a6e : Fix 496 test.
107b61b : ART: Improve Indenter performance.
0b58603 : Use -Xno-dex-file-fallback for libcore tests.
555b3d0 : Use GetOffsetDuringLinking instead of GetOffset.
a4f3581 : Do not overwrite an input register in shift operations.
3a690be : ART: Fix GraphVisualizer dlopen crash
d4d83b8 : Fix another miranda method moving GC bug
1ed11b9 : Restore DDMS recent allocation tracking's behavior
3552d96 : base: Fix an infinite loop in HashSet::Insert
3100080 : New experimental GC stress mode
13e0091 : Change GC to allow strings to use large object space.
b7c8c1a : Make large string use large object space.
2ee54e2 : runtime: Partially implement box-lambda and unbox-lambda experimental opcodes
68df320 : ART: Allow checking RETURN_VOID_NO_BARRIER on unresolved classes
1bb907e : ART: Avoid recursive abort in barrier
c08ab29 : ART: Don't do pre-linked calls to the interpreter bridge.
b783b40 : Revert "Revert "Use IsAssignableFrom instead of IsSubclass for robustness.""
f561aab : fault_handler : debug output sp in hex and not decimal.
eb7b739 : Opt compiler: Add disassembly to the '.cfg' output.
1e9ec05 : ART: Simplify (Not)Equal bool vs. int to true/false
463580c : Revert "Use IsAssignableFrom instead of IsSubclass for robustness."
afd0641 : Use compiling class instead of outer class for access checks.
aa91920 : Fix String Change baseline compiler errors.
8d82a0c : Fix wrong DCHECK in bounds check elimination.
183617a : Fix in ReferenceTypePropagation
507cc6f : ART: Disallow classes that are abstract and final
c9ede38 : Move LD_USE_LOAD_BIAS to run-test-jar to reduce log verbosity.
ab00b7a : Make dump-oat-target work with second architecture
1706588 : Use signed encoding when using relative CFI addresses.
ef0b1a1 : ART: Check for expected args for instance methods
46ec520 : Run an empty checkpoint before marking ends in the CC collector.
29498a2 : ART: Check var-arg count earlier in method verifier
f8da196 : Fix GC map generation edge case
dde9827 : Fix case where block has no predecessor for StringChange.
af268bb : Use IsAssignableFrom instead of IsSubclass for robustness.
8b20f88 : Be careful with predecessor/successor index.
4664889 : Opt compiler: Add a description to MIP64 slow paths.
4dda337 : MIPS: Initial version of optimizing compiler for MIPS64R6.
8958f7f : Quick: Handle total high/low register overlap on arm/mips.
f11c420 : Quick: Fix optimizations for empty if blocks.
9931f31 : Opt compiler: Add a description to slow paths.
3045174 : Use compiling class instead of referrer for access checks.
3c4ab80 : Do not expect 0 or 1 only when comparing a boolean.
f7714e6 : Make Main public to pass tests on all configurations.
66389fb : Verifier: check an aput, even if we know it will fail.
98088c4 : ART: Fix data loss when symbolizing oat files.
ea9ef4d : Use the right bug number. Spotted by vmarko.
cad6542 : Fix StringChange for optimizing compiler.
52ea33b : Fix moving GC bug in DoFilledNewArray
2371c72 : test: Fix lambda test incorrectly globbing together compiler arguments
9346ff0 : Fix moving GC bugs in proxy stub for X86/X86_64
2d1a0a4 : Quick: Don't expect move-exception in every catch block.
158f35c : interpreter: Add experimental lambda opcodes for invoke/create-lambda
33d6903 : Replace some run-time assertions with compile-time ones in ART.
69505f8 : Don't check the return type in the builder.
b2bdfce : Run a simplification pass before code generation.
015c7e6 : ART: Remove old DCHECK that trips Baseline
2e33525 : Bailout from compilation if an invoke is malformed.
07785bb : ART: Fix reporting initialized classes by CompilerDriver.
511d408 : Quick: Fix marking unused registers in DCE.
05b7226 : Fix some java_lang_Class related moving GC bugs
18e6873 : Fix a bug in optimizing when the null constant has been DCE.
82e73dc : Release dummy MemMaps corresponding to dlopen.
4d122c1 : Add missing EndAssertNoThreadSuspension
f78848f : Don't special case HCurrentMethod in DCE.
7f43791 : Forgot this change in last commit.
2ef645b : ART: Allow PackedSwitch instructions with zero targets
15875b0 : Revert "ART: Allow PackedSwitch instructions with zero targets"
241f9c4 : ART: Allow PackedSwitch instructions with zero targets
7cb499b : Fix bug in optimizing around instanceof.
41f9cc2 : ART: Compiler generated GC map should take care of temp registers.
3cde622 : Remove bogus DCHECK in BCE.
12bdb72 : More stack map dumping.
c37769b : Fix lint error.
cf93a5c : Revert "Revert "ART: Implement literal pool for arm, fix branch fixup.""
f775bab : Set default visibility on art_sigsegv_fault.
a70e5b9 : CFI test: kill the other process in native code.
aa03870 : Find the dlopened file using address rather than file path.
5dedb80 : Add more logging output for dlopen.
1baabf0 : Revert "Revert "Use dlopen to load oat files.""
ca1476f : Exercise sun.misc.Unsafe.getObject.
fbeb4ae : Revert "ART: Implement literal pool for arm, fix branch fixup."
3f64f25 : Print more diagnosis info on to-space invariant violation.
7a46b7e : Revert "Use dlopen to load oat files."
e1b6e97 : Disable -Wframe-larger-than when building SANITIZE_TARGET.
9648a63 : Update jdwp and libcore scripts for running with libartd.
f38caa6 : ART: Implement literal pool for arm, fix branch fixup.
c090301 : Fix error message description in Checker
a1924e7 : Move Level1 to its own file.
72a5eb5 : Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to ArrayGet
ae09d2d : Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types
51d400d : Fix reference comparison after redundant phi elimination.
3976e5e : Fix lint error.
1f8dbf8 : Revert "art/tools: add new tests in security packages to the build bot"
88da3b0 : ART: Fix CFI test wrt/ PIC
01d4b50 : Pass reuse flag to MemMap constructor
49e1fab : Use dlopen to load oat files.
05c26b3 : JDWP: update handling of 8-bit and 16-bit fields
6c0c4f2 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types"""
4f97c61 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Fix a checker test"""
b9610e7 : Revert "Revert "Fix a checker test""
a981f9d : Revert "Revert "Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types""
32c9ea5 : Use the caller's class loader when walking inlined frames.
5736697 : tools/ Remove javalibcoretest from common targets
a04ece3 : art/tools: add new tests in security packages to the build bot
a3a3c59 : Optimizing: Move optimization objects to Arena.
befefdc : Fix a typo in the directory name.
958857d : Revert "Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types"
e27dd0e : Revert "Fix a checker test"
547fa11 : Explicitly give the path of the library to build.
240d84d : Fix a checker test
78f4fa7 : Preserve class loading semantics in optimizing.
bd8c725 : Optimizing: Remove PcInfo, use the StackMapStream instead.
bd4b420 : Add to the things to build.
2b84d2b : Don't run 098-ddmc, it's flaky.
4c78ffa : Add dalvik.system to
0797e58 : Skip 098-ddmc for GC stress test
281e500 : Fix compaction bug in Class_getDeclaredMethodsUnchecked
d39645e : Move image intern table into image
3767017 : Reset GC performance stats at zygote fork.
a6d3a7e : Add hprof accounting for Class IMT, VTable
c449e8b : runtime: Minor cleanup and extra comments around interpreter
906846f : Let classloader provide correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH
688e1b6 : Revert "art/tools: add new tests in security packages to the build bot"
7904aba : art/tools: add new tests in security packages to the build bot
97dabb7 : Fix build breakage in dwarf_test.
f80ebf2 : Fix buildbot failure for 098-ddmc test
45d68f1 : ART: Fix BCE lint issue
461d72a : Generate debug info for core.oat files.
3584bce : Fix premature deoptimization if the loop body isn't entered.
05f30e1 : run-test: add --never-clean option
8c2ff64 : Add allocation stack traces for HPROF dump.
3da7608 : Revert "Revert "Test that we can unwind framework code.""
020c543 : Add more log output to the CFI test.
ddedddc : Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types
454a481 : Revert "Revert "Support for inlining virtual and interface calls.""
84bc06e : [MIPS] Fix method tracing for mips64
dd1f8bd : Revert "art/tools: add new tests for the build bot"
e17c8fe : Revert "art/tools: add new tests for the build bot"
222862c : Add optimizations for instanceof/checkcast.
10ec4f9 : art/tools: add new tests for the build bot
ef20f71 : Add boilerplate code for architecture-specific HInstructions.
cbc5064 : JDWP: asynchronous invoke command handling
2c4733d : Revert "Test that we can unwind framework code."
cae2ed9 : Increase ulimit to 64MB for --no-relocate
5c40961 : Test that we can unwind framework code.
a574b0e : Make dex file verifier check for dups between direct and virtual methods.
da9badb : ART: Check long and double register pairs in invokes
f795869 : Follow up on CL 151605
69aa601 : Revert "Revert "Pass current method to HNewInstance and HNewArray.""
3507105 : Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls.
ae71a05 : Fix a crash in optimizing compiler with the current method.
bba348e : Bring back verbosity override
7b0e353 : Revert "Pass current method to HNewInstance and HNewArray."
f50fa82 : Enable 64-bit CFI tests.
38c8221 : More LOW_4G optimizations
67c8c94 : Quick: Fix LoopRepeatingTopologicalSortIterator.
94015b9 : Revert "Revert "Use HCurrentMethod in HInvokeStaticOrDirect.""
6e47586 : Revert "Support for inlining virtual and interface calls."
4a56aca : Revert "Do a type check for knowing if we can inline."
e21aa42 : Pass current method to HNewInstance and HNewArray.
1f2d3ba : Fix nested deoptimization.
d9e2301 : ART: Reload class on miranda method in verifier
69b5d8f : Revert "Revert "Turn off duplicate-classes checking""
12768a0 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ART: Turn off duplicate-classes checking"
fc3f39e : DO NOT MERGE ART: Turn off duplicate-classes checking
e089920 : ART: Add SetSpecialSignalHandlerFn to version-script.txt
b5de3bb : Use runFinalizationWithTimeout for native allocations
054a078 : Add atrace calls to runtime start and heap create
7889a77 : Add optimization for LOW_4G allocator
12bd721 : If heap poisoning is on, pass the relevant flag to LOCAL_ASFLAGS.
c345f14 : Revert "Use HCurrentMethod in HInvokeStaticOrDirect."
7ce4b3d : Do a type check for knowing if we can inline.
f677ebf : Cache stack map encoding
08ac922 : Fix JNI GetSuperClasss
1d5006c : Support for inlining virtual and interface calls.
38207af : Use HCurrentMethod in HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
e918d38 : Add $noinline$ tag to make sure a method has not been inlined.
f6c2a27 : Fix valgrind large_object_space_test
449357d : ART: Refactor Thread::Init
e715811 : Add a way to determine if a large object is a zygote object
7c1f53e : Emit instance fields for java.lang.Object in hprof
8ac7595 : ART: Prune FindArrayClass cache in image writer
6afb706 : Fix typos in test/133-static-invoke-super/src/
682393c : Improve the performance of long-to-double conversions on ARM.
925e562 : Allow void to get in ARM64ReturnLocation.
0d1652e : Fix compilation errors with gcc.
4e40c26 : Fix lint error.
c6328be : Fix linter-related error.
fd88f16 : Factorize code for common LocationSummary of HInvoke.
5f57d2d : Fix "run-test --jvm 067-preemptive-unpark"
bf44d42 : Add a way to SuspendAll for a long duration
4d64cd4 : Fix tracing
22c1caa : Add more info for attempting to delete non-JNI local reference
bfa5eb6 : Add heap poisoning support to the entrypoints.
1d8199d : Tidy up spelling
a40c74a : Update IMT for stale miranda methods
5b3ee56 : Delegate long-to-float type conversions to the runtime on ARM.
3c829a3 : Fix run-test 458-long-to-fpu.
012a072 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types"""
80f7a57 : [MIPS64] Fix art_quick_invoke_stub argument offsets.
82cc909 : Revert "Revert "Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types""
f10a25f : ART: Fast copy stack mask
8ccf8a0 : Revert "Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types"
d84b438 : Revert "ART: Fast copy stack mask"
6b10c9b : ART: Fast copy stack mask
77e48c6 : Bring ReferenceTypePropagation to HInvoke return types
81014cb : CanThrow() for HArraySet may return true.
839188b : Fix a crash due to a combination of dce/inlining.
5783a74 : Add clear cache for JIT
68c868e : Fix bogus image test assert
cf3b1a3 : Copy miranda methods before suspend point
4edd847 : Fix accidental IMT and root marking regression
30971d6 : Fix lint error.
62a46b2 : Use down_cast instead of reinterpret_cast in Optimizing codegens.
23a8188 : Fix gtest by adding fake lifetime positions.
b588f4c : ART: Fix wrong hard-failure handling in verifier
8272688 : Tweak one hint and one split in the linear scan.
415fd08 : Fix JDWP tests after ArtMethod change
6e1372f : ART: Fix casts for 64-bit pointers on 32-bit compiler.
e3b034a : Fix some ArtMethod related bugs
d0af547 : Fix test 115-native-bridge for Mips.
e401d14 : Move mirror::ArtMethod to native
400ce00 : Add unstarted runtime test for String.<init>.
67a0653 : Make some parts of ELF more (pointer) aligned.
1a146bf : Link .dynamic to .dynstr
24981a1 : Set correct size of PT_PHDR ELF segment.
f2650d1 : Show stack maps and Dex register maps in oatdump's assembly code.
d23eeef : Support for inlining methods that call/throw.
07f2bc1 : Also add run-test dependencies to build-art-*-tests.
667b99e : Fix typo in script.
fbdaa30 : Use the new HCurrentMethod in HLoadString.
fbeca75 : Add a script to build exactly like the chrome buildbot.
d5e5a0e : Fix double-exception in super-class method validation.
3db3600 : ART: Fix valgrind Makefile
450c62b : Add JNI String.<init> test for global and weak global refs.
8363c77 : Add --generate-debug-info flag and remove the other two flags.
a4e0e67 : ART: Add Mips o32 callee-save registers to SaveAll frame
a06d66a : ART: Distinguish Checker lines from comments
0f7c06d : Fix rule: the exe must be first dependency.
83c8195 : Fix updating of JNI references for String.<init>.

+- Project: platform/bionic

7ea817d : Add some glibc-like #defines for libchrome.
dbb17b2 : Fix alignment after variable-length data.
eeb6b57 : Name the thread stack and signal stack guard pages.
c224747 : Improve personality initialization
b9f76dc : Update timezone data to 2015e
7271caf : Lock on dl_interate_phdr
59d5854 : Add <sysexits.h>.
a05bee5 : Fixed uchar.h for clang3.6
01e37c9 : Pass around struct android_net_context for better behaviour
3f987f5 : Fix crash when trying to load invalid ELF file.
56f40fb : Rename ZipEntryName to ZipString
fef5835 : Fix x86 gdbserver build.
bc425c7 : [MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers
cc83890 : Revert "[MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers"
e79d06b : Use gcc to build and test x86_64 long double code.
aff18fd : Replace NULL with nullptr
7d09a8c : Work around compiler optimization
e4ad91f : Remove text-relocs support for apps targeting M+
de4e27e : Remove libdl* tests from bionic-unit-tests-static
d02ec08 : [MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers
d1ade7c : Don't use TIMER_ABSTIME in time_test.
a970333 : Improve library lookup logic
d2c81ed : Revert "Improve library lookup logic"
455c145 : Improve library lookup logic
dee130f : Revert "[MIPS] Do not use compact branches until GDB supports them"
38f2eaa : [MIPS] Add optimized string functions
895241e : Fixes for building gdbserver (and gdb) out of the box.
11ea08c : Use new sanitizer option.
665607a : Add version to symbols
a73b2c9 : Add support for cortex-a53 in bionic.
b130493 : Hide accidentally-exposed __clock_nanosleep.
636f5dd : Add versions to symbols
0577733 : Avoid name collision with user_fpsimd_state in <asm/ptrace.h>.
469b418 : Fix two accidentally leaked mips64 symbols.
bf18c61 : Add a sys/procfs.h.
402a750 : Make path to apk compliant with jar url format
173ad0a : Always build libm with clang.
175dae9 : Fix l_addr for the linker
be57a40 : Add process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev.
bd3b961 : Fix application_sdk_versions_smoke test
6865082 : Support DT_RUNPATH in the linker.
60907c7 : Allow NULL in pthread_mutex_lock/unlock.
1801db3 : Statically linked executables should honor AT_SECURE.
8a11628 : Add flag that makes linker honor min(p_vaddr)
4900f1c : Fix Mac checkbuild.
624b8f1 : Check if strtab exists before using it
e1d0810 : Add O_PATH support for flistxattr()
f9554a1 : Export two dlmalloc functions everywhere.
19fee2c : Fix a few libc makefile mishaps.
9cf6fc3 : Hide __atexit
c062218 : Reorder DIR structure due to bad apps.
6cda074 : Strip version info when extracting symbols
1913352 : Backward compatibility for dlsym(RTLD_DEFAULT, ...)
75108f4 : Work around for libraries without dt_soname
2825f10 : libc: Add O_PATH support for fgetxattr / fsetxattr
f439b5a : Fix dlsym(handle_of_main_executable, ...)
9d476a0 : Cleanup ftruncate negative test.
d974e88 : Work around incorrect dt_needed entries
087005f : Improve some of error/warning messages

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

522ea72 : Allow mounting squashfs partitions
c0f56ad : More accurate checking for overlapped ranges.
0b7dc1d : recovery: Use xxhdpi resources for 560dpi devices
f267dee : Just use fstat in sysMapFile.
9813f5b : Allow sideloading without authentication.
945548e : Split WipeData into PreWipeData and PostWipeData.
a3c75e3 : Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD
e82fa18 : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"
b4effb9 : Unmount sdcard if no package file is selected.
ac6aa7e : uncrypt: Write status when it reboots to factory reset
383b00d : Separate uncrypt into two modes
96392b9 : Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD
80e46e0 : recovery: Switch to clang
1eb9003 : Fix build: fprintf without modifier
b3ac676 : Really don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY with close in recovery.
3b49776 : Use f_bavail to calculate free space
cc2428c : Handle BLKDISCARD failures

+- Project: platform/build

2ffb314 : fix up ota_from_target_files symlink detection.
3806c23 : Fix OTA scripts to generate incremental BBOTA with OEM property.
491fca9 : Simplify LOCAL_NO_CRT.
75011b2 : Add LOCAL_NO_LIBGCC.
d47e01a : Remove HAVE_STDINT_H namespace pollution.
bf14097 : Move sanitized vendor libraries to /data/vendor/lib(|64).
4e66343 : Retry adjusting the size computation for reserved blocks.
a897812 : Don't write empty map groups.
34b47bf : Use fstab in the source build
5adfcb1 : SANITIZE_TARGET: allow undef symbols in non-sanitized shared libraries.
2a04839 : Create userdata.img with real data when SANITIZE_TARGET=address.
1095557 : Fix the error in
61f675b : Revert "Hide unwinder symbols in each binary."
e6e544e : Don't include static executables when SANITIZE_TARGET=address
cd5bee3 : Add variable ANDROID_NO_TEST_CHECK to not build all test modules
dc30a16 : Hide unwinder symbols in each binary.
a36223e : Clean intermediate files if SANITIZE_TARGET has changed.
4d3d414 : With SANITIZE_TARGET, move shared libraries to /data.
abf4bc9 : Add support for `LOCAL_SANITIZE := integer`.
1578c48 : Cleanup unused entry.
39b5950 : Add android.hardware.ethernet.xml for ranchu targets
3632cc3 : Enable SANITIZE_TARGET.
f054bd3 : Really include drawables for all densities.
9109128 : Revert "[MIPS] Do not use compact branches until GDB supports them"
944fc40 : Stop disallowing sanitizers.
c09eaa7 : Remove copy & paste cruft from the mips64 combo.
99d9250 : Add support for LOCAL_DETECT_INTEGER_OVERFLOWS
7508a81 : Fix libdl inclusion for default-ub.
5f50f05 : selinux: add tools to dev path
d160041 : Force some clang Werrors that *will* break things.
df06e96 : Support SELinux context label when mounting
6ca9b2b : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
0a76df5 : Remove the unnecessary full_x86_64 and full_mips64.
82a19d3 : Add to dist-tools
d0ec665 : Add missing shared libraries to dist tools
934d9b1 : Add selinux and verity support to custom image generation.
4540a85 : Support to configure and build multiple custom images.
d53cd9b : Add VeritySigner.jar to ota tools
e7b1037 : Fix the wrong error message
fd8c301 : goldfish: rename goldfish_logcat.te to logd.te
1cc7735 : goldfish: logcat -Q in logd domain
ec99604 : Strip path from verity_signer_cmd in the target-files meta data.
b518c3e : [DO NOT MERGE] Add support for RMTYPEDEF with Jack
68658c0 : Add post-install verification for BBOTAs
30127bf : Add $ORIGIN/lib[64] to host binary's rpath.
128d51e : Remove gcc 4.9 workaround.
420e341 : Do not add 'adb' to persist.sys.usb.config if already there
d8fae9a : Pass --no-generate-debug-info to dex2oat.
7607786 : Docs: Update link to new Community page location

+- Project: platform/cts

04678db : Fix missing socket closure in LocalSocketTest
90e66cc : More tests for LocalSocket
f053cb2 : Modify test now that LocalSocket.getSoTimeout() does something
3819496 : Fix yuv too strict bug: 21037163
b288454 : Introduce seapp_neverallow test
c9a05ce : add validation of blend functions
a1811d4 : Report errors from CtsTestServer for improved debugging
2418ffc : Avoid reusing script group names
707f4ec : Adds CTS test for Script.Closure.getGlobal()
021537c : security: fix change in SELinux for kernel threads test
b13e4d4 : security: adjust test on SELinux for kernel threads
64729df : ParcelFileDescriptor: Test that surrogate pairs in filenames are handled correctly.
78691b4 : Use abort() instead of dereferencing null.
4eefcca : Reset DateFormat.is24Hour after each test
cd96278 : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
fe2bd33 : added test so 1D alloc dimy = dimz = 0, 2d alloc dimz=0 bug: 19583531
f61864e : Fix RenderScript warning.
db43bcf : Fix CTS for new deprecated warnings.
5b52e84 : [RenderScript] Typo fix for Resize test.
05aeb39 : [RenderScript] Add ForEach test to CTS rsCpp tests.
127db1c : [RenderScript] Add ElementTest to CTS rsCpp tests.
be0c02d : [RenderScript] Add more tests to CTS rsCPP tests
a2cb21f : [RenderScript] Add IntrinsicYuvToRGB test to CTS rsCpp tests.
5b30717 : [RenderScript] Add IntrinsicResize Test for RScpp.

+- Project: platform/dalvik

6983ab8 : Dalvik: Fix mainDexClasses
67a6959 : Rename ZipEntryName to ZipString
defd605 : Fixed compiler warnings in dexdump.
83bd754 : Remove libdexdump_static.
3c0dc49 : Fix for data type mismatch which confuses safemul.

+- Project: platform/development

91dcbe9 : Use ro.hardware property to detect the device
9e164c6 : Remove more libportable cruft.
27241e7 : Remove unnecessary clang from
eb8b46d : Add clang.exe to Windows SDK build.
dd06322 : Patch android-21 with x86 gdbserver <sys/procfs.h> and <sys/user.h> fixes.
e9dcde6 : Don't try to build libportable.
05819db : Support new systrace file structure after refactor
608e77f : Remove bogus "arch-p" directory.
e3ca8e7 : Retcon recent header fixes needed to build gdbserver.
876b092 : Development: change gdbclient GDB selection
820ca72 : Development: Mips64 stack-core test

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

bc7cd5e : sepolicy: file_contexts must end with blankline

+- Project: device/asus/grouper

a168a31 : keymaster: use size_t instead of int

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

a96e6e1 : Checking parameters for glUniform API
0668c61 : init.ranchu.rc: Add dhcpcd_eth0 service
097f0c8 : Fix glVertexAttrib API state issue
118bf83 : Add parameters validation to glGetUniform

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-mips

83f7a4b : mini-emulator-mips: Add system.prop
5fd432e : mini-emulator-mips: Set WITH_DEXPREOPT=true for linux

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

6761296 : hammerhead: fix typo in device.te
8d6e14f : hammerhead: update sepolicy for diag_logs
4d4ed9c : hammerhead: remove malformed chown calls
3371bab : Fix ASan/Clang build.

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

d7f18d5 : Move shamu to clang by default.
b5e1236 : shamu: Fix BOARD_MKBOOTIMG_ARGS

+- Project: device/sample

e37f3a0 : Added Happy Spain internet

+- Project: platform/docs/

c88f889 : Docs: Fixing broken links in ToC and elsewhere
9b45100 : Docs: Fixing verb disagreement
8ff7c85 : Docs: Fix discussion group reference on contributing page
e40b49c : Docs: Adding neverallow to home page, compatibility link to customize
44e4164 : Docs: Add info on creating image files from zip.
bed078d : Docs: Add entry for build numbers LYZ28E and LMY48G
9cec915 : Update build numbers for LMY48G Nexus 7 (flo)
c631d7e : Update build numbers for LYZ28E
63c45b8 : Docs: Add neverallow rules info to customize page
2557f6d : Docs: add python-networkx dependency to build documentation
96e7e5b : Docs: Fixed typo in native-memory.jd
89fc0f6 : Docs: Consolidating redirected links
9205391 : Docs: Adding Security Updates to home page
3322b06 : Docs: Replacing Updates and resources security page contents
d9b9aa6 : Docs: Adding OTA Sign Builds update to home page
d0db137 : Docs: Add 5.1 CDD to Downloads and home pages
a2959f4 : Docs: Adding final 5.1 docs (html, css, pdf) Making android-cdd.pdf be 5.1 instead of 4.4
fb126fb : Docs: Adding IDs to headers for table of contents links
60fd1eb : API reference is not online
eb80387 : Docs: Update home page description of audio changes
7f1babd : Docs: Add audio latency, MIDI, Device Admin, CTS release, and System
d49743f : Add Audio Latency for App Developers
806a68c : Add MIDI
39e2a8b : Docs: Adding Release schedule section and AOSP references
648990e : Docs: Add Device Admin contents
1667702 : Update build numbers for LYZ28E and LMY48B

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

a7d883a : Fix flaky ObjectReference.EnableCollectionTest
237ee3c : JDWP: test invocation with thread suspension

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

75fc341 : Register DSA OID for KeyFactory not just Signature
55fb581 : Revert "Register DSAwithSHA1 OID for KeyFactory"
36995a1 : Register DSAwithSHA1 OID for KeyFactory

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

58c4955 : fix unit test for AtraceLegacyAgent
64b413d : Add unit test for AtraceLegacyAgent
c4fa5ae : add support for legacy (pre-4.3) platform
43b6fa6 : Add unit test for categories list
22a748b : fix systrace testcases
1c1f325 : Refactor systrace
51b7635 : Fix generation of UPSTREAM_REVISION
40f8da8 : Update to latest trace-viewer
e19667a : Add unit test for
68e7b80 : add missing trace-data on
21f8db7 : Fix to work on Windows.
6818713 : Fix error with --list-categories caused by wrong indentation.
53e19c7 : Refactored main().

+- Project: platform/external/clang

e9a54b6 : Update aosp/master Clang with patches for fp16

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

b3608eb : Fix build breakage on mips64 and x86_64.
2d50464 : Use LOCAL_NO_LIBGCC to build this independently.
87ce796 : Add missing files to compiler-rt
d5a4b89 : Cherry-pick fix to FP trunctation routine
237aaa6 : Use new sanitizer option.
a1c3898 : Link libunwind_llvm to the ASan runtime library.
22e3e21 : Use new sanitizer option.
657a67e : ASan-RT does not need STL.
e4e4912 : Add liblog and liblzma as link dependencies.
a4cf3ee : Update aosp/master compiler-rt with patches for fp16

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

5429f72 : Update NativeCryptoTest
089b401 : Adjust Signature interface for BoringSSL
97e54bd : external/conscrypt: remove assertion SSL_OP_NO_SSLv2 is set
086dd64 : Update CryptoUpcalls documentation
c63e8fa : Documentation fixes
d47aa92 : OpenSSLCipher: remove unused variable
c0010ca : conscrypt: change test of SSL_set_cipher_lists
e981ca9 : Use the *_up_ref functions always
a001421 : Switch OpenSSLMac from EVP_PKEY_HMAC to HMAC_CTX.
922aa71 : Remove OpenSSLEngine.getSecretKeyById.
c05697c : Use SSL_CTX_set_tmp_ecdh instead of SSL_CTX_set_tmp_ecdh_callback.
3b510c7 : Consistently use ARRAY_OFFSET_*INVALID macros.
d9a48aa : Fix compilation with OpenSSL
79f05f4 : Fix error conditions in certificate/PKCS#7 reading
c590a93 : Try to get preferred external provider
edc4f27 : Fix up JNI_TRACE for AEAD
279e984 : Fix RSA upcalls from TLS/SSL into JCA.
61c66eb : Fix ECDSA upcalls from TLS/SSL into JCA.
5b6a5ec : NativeCrypto: special case for empty cipher list
a8a4643 : Add clang-format file to approximate existing style
8fa4acd : OpenSSLCipher: adjust expected length with padding in decrypt mode
d7dbb00 : Revert "OpenSSLCipher: adjust expected length with padding in decrypt mode"
ba3f063 : external/conscrypt: tweaks for next BoringSSL import.
eb3a7e3 : OpenSSLCipher: adjust expected length with padding in decrypt mode
4985487 : NativeCrypto: return of 0 is error for EVP_Sign/VerifyFinal
ed396e9 : OpenSSLKey: unsupported algorithm is an InvalidKeyException
6a1e707 : NativeCrypto: throw exception on RSA op failure

+- Project: platform/external/e2fsprogs

b2cc45f : Add f2fs to blkid.

+- Project: platform/external/f2fs-tools

3686eec : Add make_f2fs module for device.

+- Project: platform/external/freetype

fb6b5b1 : Update to freetype 2.6.0
688537f : Add ftmm.c to FreeType build.

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

aa242ae : Use new sanitizer option.
0be0cc6 : Allow to build host gtest libraries in unbundled build.

+- Project: platform/external/guava

bcc7019 : Added Closeables.closeQuietly(Closeable) back
2d40770 : Replaced usages of Unsafe in UnsignedBytes with standard Java
9a320f5 : Replace usages of Unsafe.compareAndSwap(Int|Long)
5cab40b : Upgraded Guava to unmodified jdk5-backport-v17.0-post

+- Project: platform/external/icu

019b8fb : Icu4c: Turn off deprecation warning
8896ccd : Cherry-pick: ticket:11753: Resource directory path must end with a slash
e73570d : Update timezone data to 2015e
cd57f03 : Use GCC for compiling ICU4C on MIPS64.
5d8f3a9 : Compile ICU4C with clang.
5d5fc1a : Remove tools/
09b91f3 : Add a library for initializing ICU for standalone processes
76b20d9 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11734: Bugfix: RelativeDateTimeFormatter with U_HIDE_DRAFT_API.
d778f80 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11730: Bugfix: UNumberFormatAttributeValue with U_HIDE_INTERNAL_API.
2b29e46 : Remove build-time configuration for ICU4C.

+- Project: platform/external/iptables

039584a : xt_socket: add --nowildcard flag

+- Project: platform/external/jdiff

d370cc3 : Fix an additional use of an external parsing library.
8fffa0b : Add build.gradle
a8986b1 : Removing the use of an external xml parsing lib.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

c77ca40 : Remove error message for now.
30bd83f : Temporarily return for bad free.
fc0bd6b : Revert "Revert "Add aborts to catch frees of bad pointers.""
e061b10 : Revert "Temporary patch to avoid crashes."
66bb8cc : Revert "Add aborts to catch frees of bad pointers."
ad86b05 : Add aborts to catch frees of bad pointers.
53421a7 : Don't sanitize jemalloc.
c429191 : Fix chunk size check.
ff55436 : Enable clang/llvm for arm64 and mips targets.
a7ca1e4 : Fix type errors in C11 versions of atomic_*() functions.

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

cc89b12 : Remove all other thread implementations than pthread
cc87241 : Don't declare variables after statements
d78b757 : Reorder code to avoid reading uninitialized data
cd74de4 : Fix MIPS build
7c99adf : Initialize i4_non_ref_frames_in_stream before encoding SPS/PPS
a926c1d : avcenc: Make sure that "avcenc --help" works as intended
517e062 : Allow setting profile IV_PROFILE_MAIN
d2d469e : Added check for minimum output buffer size.
8588303 : Added code to handle cases with qp less than 10
6cb6772 : Reduced memory requirements.
461adb9 : Fixed QP lockups
63f40a8 : Fixed issues with forcing I and IDR frames.
d020be5 : Remove the codec level stride field
f768297 : Always copy data to a local buffer if padding is needed
90a3904 : Set the luma/chroma strides depending on source buffer
53c6878 : Use a separate field for the chroma stride
5f5a280 : armv8: Don't touch the x18 register
50738a6 : arm: Properly match /* */ comments in the arm assembly
1a6481f : Allow using the clang built-in arm assembler
a61d4e0 : armv8: Don't accidentally write 8 bytes instead of 4
ab3f812 : arm: Use vqmovun instead of vqshrun #0
d847c7f : arm: Use unified syntax, ldrsheq instead of ldreqsh
622cf7a : armv8: Use the cmn instruction instead of doing cmp with negative values
db02f57 : armv8: Remove redundant NEON element size declarations
81b0b5a : Don't include <sys/time.h> if WINDOWS_TIMER is set
584cbb6 : Remove the ithread_exit function
7cc1bad : Remove unnecessary calls to ithread_exit
1f2d012 : Improved error resilience in decoder
202a538 : Don't add -m32/-m64 to the cflags
8bf6b2c : Remove an unused and unnecessary function prototype and associated define
29fe0e2 : Remove unnecessary defines/undefines in the makefiles
134291e : Added support for Main Profile toolsets in encoder.
7313602 : Don't use static structs for rc init
afe8d03 : Force regenerating the header via i4_gen_header instead of i4_header_mode
34b8c23 : avcenc: Check that enough arguments exist before parsing
c496bf4 : Fix string handling for generating version strings
c334599 : Remove some unused source files and headers
b9404f3 : Remove a duplicate header
816974b : Handle non-mod-16 widths in the NEON version of 422i->420sp conversion
5cdb888 : Fixed an overread in YUV420 Semi-planar input usecase
6611494 : Moved check for level after check for resolution change.
413352e : SSSE3/SSE4 Intrinsics Optimizations
43bba08 : Added support for level 52
bf9cd17 : Support levels 5.0 and 5.1 in the encoder properly
329d771 : Fix a typo in gas_ih264_lvl_tbl, set proper sizes for level 1.1
fc508f2 : Fix an overread in the slice map
bc7164d : Include space for chroma in the padding allocated in ih264e_get_total_pic_buf_size
1bc6742 : Only initialize u4_deblk_prev_row if it will be used
3a1ed66 : Remove an empty source file
bd15ec1 : Fix a variable name typo in the mips64 makefiles
4691c4b : Set cflags for the right arch in the arm64 makefile
caab4fe : Multithreading changes and better error resilience
7a85475 : Remove leftover printfs in x86 encoder initialization
23461c3 : Fix a typo in gai4_ih264_max_luma_pic_size

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

d3c7865 : Revert "Hide symbols from the unwinder."
41ab26a : Hide symbols from the unwinder.
660563f : Fix test runner following adb line ending fix.
c448007 : Make test failures fatal.

+- Project: platform/external/libcxxabi

e8cefca : Don't sanitize libcxxabi.

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

ca49e1a : Add NFC-DEP routing

+- Project: platform/external/libpng

62fc3c2 : Fixing bug causing crc error in region decoder
771583a : Avoid a harmless potential integer overflow in png_XYZ_from_xy().

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

d1c6f38 : Revert "libselinux: Enhance spec file support"
c079852 : libselinux: Enhance spec file support
06d4551 : restorecon: only operate on canonical paths.

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

1265e5f : Remove additional prefix for unwind symbols
408bec0 : Skip stack and empty maps when reading load base.
a7db682 : Fix Mips bug.
88693e8 : Use new sanitizer option.
849a547 : Attempt to read load_base from memory when needed.
478d002 : Change return type of get_load_offset to bool.

+- Project: platform/external/libxml2

ac75423 : Remove no-longer necessary local hack.

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

81f9bae : Fix build break due to missing aarch64 components for x86.

+- Project: platform/external/mdnsresponder

90951c4 : Lock mdnsresponder to gcc.

+- Project: platform/external/messageformat

8ffc099 : Build messageformat against the SDK and not the platform.

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

f4a606d : Explicitly set Http(s)URLConnection timeouts
ed07861 : Apply upstream changes for timeout / pooled connection issue
b5f9076 : Fix for HttpURLConnection not always throwing SocketTimeoutException

+- Project: platform/external/protobuf

d2195e1 : Update CodedOutputByteBufferNano to properly handle a malformed surrogate pair with a buffer too small to output a potentially well formed surrogate pair. This behavior mimics that of the ByteBuffer based methods.
6d7e42a : Update thei Protocol Buffer descriptor.proto with the new javanano_use_deprecated_package FileOption. Regenerated the descriptor.pb.{c,h} based on the new proto file.

+- Project: platform/external/sepolicy

99fe8df : hide checkseapp command invocation
b876993 : use a general sepolicy when building general targets
3a74555 : Drop unused variable in
4ee7131 : Introduce seapp_neverallow test
da52e85 : correct colon usage on make targets
81e1f90 : check_seapp: add support for "neverallow" checks
7d65b54 : check_seapp: mac build memory leak
5328d97 : neverallow PROT_EXEC stack or heap.
9c7570e : Fix grouper build by allowing mknod in recovery
f26b6d4 : drop unused option -s
31d88a7 : Allow /dev/klog access, drop mknod and __null__ access
b335e38 : Run idmap in its own domain.
8d3a1b5 : correct all error messages
9d439d3 : neverallow read to shell- and app-writable symlinks.
d9bf7b3 : neverallow write access to /data/dalvik-cache directories.
8a22477 : Allow clatd CAP_IPC_LOCK for mmap()
9303048 : Extend sepolicy for SANITIZE_TARGET.
773d412 : check_seapp: Correct output on duplicate entries
f0f6ee2 : Allow recovery to read files with oemfs label
beadf17 : Update perfprofd rules to allow wake_unlock inspection.
96136d8 : sepolicy-analyze: use headers from common selinux project.
51b33ac : Allow system server and uncrypt to operate pipe file
53b4801 : tools: use headers from common selinux project
eab26fa : Remove service_manager_local_audit_domain.
0d22c6c : logd: logpersistd
bf0c34d : Allow system_app to find all system services.

+- Project: platform/external/sqlite

415715d : Regenerate Android.patch
077331f : Initialize ICU explicitly using the icuandroid_utils lib

+- Project: platform/external/strace

299ea84 : Fix mips strace build.
a0ccdac : Fix strace build post-update.
bf3f836 : Always build strace with clang.

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

e3764cc : Regenerate generated files after upstream toybox sync.
18ed9c7 : Explain why attempts to remove the libc++ dependency are futile.
0e7e9a1 : Switch to toybox mount(1).
6f52fbc : Add a symlink for tty(1).
8eaf5ba : Add generated/cflags to .gitignore.
a0da26d : Regenerate generated files.

+- Project: platform/external/valgrind

4e88b34 : Remove legacy include files.
45dd261 : Update LOCAL_PATCHES.txt
34fb044 : Cast _zzq_default to 64-bit before assigning it to a 64bit register
d97e578 : Update LOCAL_PATCHES.txt
c42f255 : Fix x86_64 target build

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

0a57d8e : Build vixl as a static libary

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

956aa49 : Change build target for vogar to include building vogar.jar
9e81cc6 : Remove apache-xml-hostdex, we don't include it in core.oat.
eae95d0 : Don't call setProperty on read-only properties.
b3c0729 : Add environment variable now required by ART on host.
08daf48 : Reset DateFormat.is24Hour after each test
ae86528 : Disable jack for vogar.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

6697ab9 : Switch to using shared over local code for initializing ICU
15a2cb0 : SoftAVCEnc: Added support for Main Profile encoding.
7ad1667 : Clear the executable bit from source files

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

7271613 : Fix "Bluetooh" logging typo.
19b26f8 : Miss USB device Interface from UsbManager.getDeviceList().
d2df87e : Reimplement LocalSocket methods using android.system.Os
c80af6d : Switch to using android.system.Os for more calls
c21dab9 : Delete unused testing scripts and WithFramework.
c90ca48 : Remove memory leak in PersistentDataBlockService jni
2514806 : [RenderScript] update the type of offsets for BLAS.BNNM
6ba4cb7 : add comment about xor not being porter/duff Bug: 21934855
6c304d3 : Replace parentheses with curly braces to fix vector doc bug.
3020953 : Add Java doc comments on script group name reuse
e8befb3 : Use the correct lock to protect members in PolicyControl
f162faa : Rename ZipEntryName to ZipString
b561f39 : Limit dotProduct value to 1.0f, so acosf would not return NaN.
e1856e4 : Fix filedescriptor leakage in MediaMetadataRetriever
802aa0f : Fixed Javadoc typos
cadcd51 : Frameworks/base: Add tracing system properties
cfa78b2 : Add an AM option to start with allocation tracking
169bca7 : Clarify art.gc.gc-count-rate-histogram runtime stat.
ab1c9e0 : Fix javadoc for Adapter.getViewTypeCount()
415fa1f : overlaytests: fix md5sum invocation
92d9c81 : Apply the scale to surfaceinsets when computing crop region
3cd78b4 : Delete android.speech.srec.*
407753c : ZipFileRO: Use precise widths for zip file types.
f98dae5 : Use new sanitizer option.
8685a45 : jni: isLoggable calls __android_log_is_loggable
88b8540 : Add path to native libraries inside apk
945c52d : Bluetooth native dumpsys logging support (3/5)
70e23e0 : Change wtf errors from ASSERT to ERROR.
f2a91ee : Improve the reboot-to-recovery dialogs
fa86142 : Wait for uncrypt to finish before rebooting
f087c82 : Fix a GL error leak issue
cbb1e67 : ICU format support for pseudolocalizes.
d9f5f02 : Fixed ScriptGroup for outputs to globals
d415303 : Pass MUTF-8 paths to open(2) instead of UTF-8.
771f2d5 : Fix debugging-log documentation errors.
3fe52da : [ActivityManager] Fix index OOB when updating visible.
06d2984 : Ensure RenderScript tracing is always balanced via try/finally
f77facd : Fix RenderScript copy tracing sections
cdaaeee : Fix overflow/underflow problem in comparison
30fefa4 : Input command can fail (with exceptions) if the touchscreen id is not 0
9ce3062 : Add optional additional entropy to finish
516dad0 : Patches for IKeyguardStateCallback
140f2b4 : Close race condition in binderDied()
f39477b : Replace --include-cfi with --generate-debug-info.
df7f900 : Fix bug regarding the comparator sorts Alarms into increasing time order.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/libbcc

e242378 : Fix static object construction.
887fc99 : Remove use of llvm::TargetOptions::NoFramePointerElim
86e5c86 : Soft-float cleanup
f1eeeb1 : bcc kernel fusion: Fixed checks and added better error messages
0768d38 : Check kernels before fusing
23c2bfe : Fix cases where RSInvariant pass might miss marking some loads as invariant.
150eef4 : Fix check for literal types
ebff2ea : Screen bitcode for non-RS functions before linking with runtime lib
1997f70 : Update RSStubsWhiteList.cpp with a generated list
e8b9f06 : Get struct names only for non-literal structs
721414c : RSGlobalInfoPass: Fix types in global info tables
70e3dcf : bcc changes for fp16
c2ca742 : Replace assert() with project-specific version.
166b8d0 : X86_64: Set small CodeModel if use PIC_ relocation

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/mclinker

e054069 : make mclinker able to link arm object on x86 (fugu)

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

167bd79 : Soft-float cleanup
3f45a25 : slang: Improve handling of StringMapEntries.
4ce8705 : Remove use of llvm::TargetOptions::NoFramePointerElim
bfbdd98 : Make llvm-rs-cc able to emit 64bit bitcode for RS C++ API
a088faa : Restore "Fix an assertion triggered when using anonymous structs in kernel"
d463956 : Revert "Fix an assertion triggered when using anonymous structs in kernel"
bc1f154 : Re-enable lit tests in slang.
eae0b7a : Extract special function handling functions into their own namespace.
3f9d0db : Fix an assertion triggered when using anonymous structs in kernel signatures.
8bfe414 : Add API header tests
33ea573 : Fix potential nullptr dereference.
f5b882c : Move kernel/static incompatibility check into AST validator.
ab94bcc : Move the error for pointers in structures earlier in the compile.
383f0b8 : Fix actual errors and remove warnings suppressions.
cc4d934 : Fix a few Clang assertions thrown by llvm-rs-cc
e4dd17d : Add Half support in slang
85dc696 : Replace assert() with project-specific version.
5309b0c : Enable warnings in llvm_rs_cc

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ex

537754d : Add setCircularMaskEnabled

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

1bcb35b : Installd: Fix delete_code_cache() clearing the wrong cache dir
4ba2b63 : Fix async_stop
f948105 : sf: Initialize EventThread before creating HWC
f989162 : dumpstate: modify logcat timeout to compensate for storage speed
e54506b : sf: Fix incorrect state reporting in dumpsys
40da48b : sf: Add a NULL check in getDisplayConfigs
68efa84 : GLConsumer: Fix crop math
65dc7ee : SF: Swap w/h when capturing rotated screenshots
074a13a : SF: Don't crop surface damage against viewport
53a2e97 : libgui/SurfaceFlinger: Add getConsumerName
993772a : libgui: Add generation numbers to BufferQueue
bea0746 : Call selinux_status_open() prior to use of selinux_status_updated().
3d6022a : libgui: Propagate error by clearing sp<GB>
3422813 : Fix libgui crop matrix test.
ef78916 : SF: Reduce resync samples without present
24fa67f : libui: Apply GRALLOC_USAGE_ALLOC_MASK during alloc
9530388 : Check that width and height parameters are small.
42ace4b : SurfaceFlinger: Tweak whitespace in DdmConnection
8b04725 : Bypass surface flinger permission check for calls from system.
ae56974 : surfaceflinger: Fix range check for getFormat
87dd528 : Modify EGL to disconnect the window when the surface gets destroyed.
8e8eba5 : SF: Skip render-to-texture for color transforms
d74ba85 : Add hotplug support for primary display.
076d25b : libgui: Fix surface damage on rotated buffers
b64d875 : Fix surfaceflinger tests.
e0d3e70 : Fix libgui tests.
ffe17a1 : fix BufferItem flatten/unflatten alignment
235da8d : Refactor ConsumerBase and it's derived classes.
e576215 : Add ConsumerBase::isAbandoned
741a6ff : Rename --include-cfi to --generate-debug-info.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

b0c36a9 : WiFi: Use GCC to compile
5f63208 : fix the false wifi 'CONNECTED' broadcast

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

114553f : Replace parentheses with curly braces to fix vector doc bug.
a8a9a67 : update dispatch table for IntrinsicBLAS
4b5b295 : Make support lib CPU driver able to access IntrinsicBLAS
06deda3 : update the offset type for BLAS.BNNM
fe0a437 : fix the bug that mWriteStream is deleted twice.
1efae29 : Avoid overwriting shared library file that is open
820e22b : Fix BLEND_DST_ATOP and disable vectorized optimizations temporarily.
24461aa : Fix so that it works on the latest MacOS.
1c20667 : Check for kernel chaining in ScriptGroup
6a236ad : Skip the checksum if we have precompiled code on the /system/ partition.
b010bc0 : Avoid clobbering of YUV layout for flexible formats
3609067 : Generate the white list used to validate unresolved externals.
b288e2f : Use new sanitizer option.
b268abd : Allow drivers to alter the default driver name on rsdHalInit
8b5b0a7 : Disable ASan for one library.
6119da9 : Add half (fp16) to runtime API.
2dcbc3d : Support for half in driver/runtime
a5f7035 : Replace assert() with project-specific version.
b043df0 : Remove dead uses of RSCompilerDriver and of compiler callbacks.
36e2be5 : Generate __attribute__(deprecated) for deprecated APIs.
c246d91 : Fix memory leak when rs invoke function
cbff7bc : Avoid casting for CpuScript object

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

f1b5211 : [RenderScript] update the type of offsets for BLAS.BNNM for RS support lib.
2d3cf8f : [RenderScript] Add docs for IntrinsicBLAS
852482c : [RenderScript] better handle edge cases for Incremental Intrinsic Support.
35ef270 : [RenderScript] Implement BLAS in support lib.
5165e23 : Use new sanitizer option.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/volley

3b4fb45 : Stop logging slow requests outside of debug logs.
ab60b7c : Update tool versions in build.gradle.

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

f6e1ec3 : Rename keymaster tag types to clarify that integers are unsigned.
9b9376e : Add new error codes for rate-limit and max-use failures.
e1bce96 : Update comments on now-unsed user ID and app ID tags.
b1d948e : Remove KM_TAG_AEAD_TAG.
5b57857 : Use abort() instead of a null dereference.
a39ce12 : Remove KM_TAG_CHUNK_LENGTH and add KM_TAG_AEAD_TAG
75a885f : Add output params to update() and finish().
b50083e : Fix block mode numbering (CTR got added as 4 rather than 3)
4756588 : LE low power scan feature
9a83650 : Bluetooth native dumpsys logging support (1/5)
9181f6d : gralloc: Sort usage flags
07cc032 : libhardware: fix gralloc usage bit redefine
44ddf42 : gralloc: Add foreign buffer usage flag

+- Project: platform/libcore

de7e8c4 : Fix typo in javadoc.
bfeb65c : Add OsConstants.TIOCOUTQ
90246a0 : Add getxattr/setxattr/removexattr syscalls.
41a3d42 : Make some tests independent of default Locale
719f2e5 : Fix test to avoid a fixed local port
28e3dec : InflaterInputStream : deflated streams are self limiting.
5457b5d : Clean up RandomTest.
098bc41 : libcore: use default SecureRandom in KeyGen DSA tests
1659541 : Do not overwrite property if it's unchangeable.
29e8285 : Rename ZipEntryName to ZipString
a1938de : zip64: Exercise getInputStream(ZipEntry) for files with > 65k entries.
7f3c9cd : expectations: add SSL_renegotiate tests to known failures
be83c6b : Add missing library dependency.
ac4309a : Fix GMS core crash loop
395d429 : String.Equals Optimization Benchmark
11b2b3f : Add CTS test for unaligned reads / writes with swaps.
14ba1a7 : libcore: remove unnecessary assertion in testNewConstructors_Success
517c814 : ProviderTest : make sure alias / algo. lookups are case insensitive.
08d73bd : ProviderTest: Add provider name to failure message.
10dced1 : Make sure the Services cache is refreshed
959a23e : Add ENONET to OsConstants
c22dd77 : libcore: removed unnecessary code in SSLSocketTest
3a44108 : Mark deprecated ciphers visually
184d077 : Make Locale.forLanguageTag() map the language code "und" to language "".
b8d35e5 : Fix CertificateTest#testVerifyPublicKeyString2
384730c : Fix lookup order when opening directly from APK
7067525 : Build libjavacoretests multilib.
c536fe2 : Send SIGQUIT when finalizer times out
ad4a67f : Explicitly set DateFormat.is24Hour value needed by tests
642c718 : Add AES 192 test
5be4c97 : SSLEngineTest: set up server instead of using anon
def50a2 : SSLSocketTest: add test with no ciphers
a5caede : libcore/support: change TestKeyStore to avoid using getLocalHost()
3124875 : Fix JniTest#testGetSuperclass
43e063b : Relax the test for inappropriate fallback
9f7960c : libcore: add tests to check behaviour for padding and decrypt mode
5dc9ac8 : Implemented ceil and floor in StrictMath
49f2d45 : Avoid binding a DatagramSocket before setReuseAddress
9b2d8e2 : Add VMRuntime.runFinalizationWithTimeout
304bb76 : Revert "libcore: add tests to check behaviour for padding and decrypt mode"
dfb72da : Update offered ciphers
de86f14 : Correct Class.superClass documentation.
b8ec837 : Make StrictJarFile deal with missing manifest entries
814e15d : Replace hyphen with en dash
f4b4fff : libcore: add tests to check behaviour for padding and decrypt mode
e38b83d : libcore: throw InvalidKeyException instead of ProviderException
b33ae4f : Improve HttpURLConnection Performance docs
79fdcc6 : Configure ICU4C without relying on build-time flags
fb83715 : Signature2Test: calling verify a second time can throw
654e819 : Fix incorrect position calculation in CharsetDecoder.
c3cedb4 : Don't throw UnsupportedOpEx on multi-char negative/percent symbols.
ea43704 : Change >= to > in OldSystemTest.test_gc

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

75035b1 : Build libnativehelper as static library

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

9a7a16c : LE low power scan feature
3271c43 : Bluetooth native dumpsys logging support (4/5)

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/CertInstaller

c4178d2 : Fix RTL layout issue

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

6f0b080 : Switching to use try-with-resources

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Dialer

953ef57 : Switching to use try-with-resources

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ManagedProvisioning

1605a05 : DO NOT MERGE: Import translations.
7c43825 : Improve warning message for theft protection
4a025fd : Warn about theft protection in all provisioning flows.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

eb26cd8 : Revert "Stop showing long names for local timezones when it is ambiguous"
cc4d2c2 : Stop showing long names for local timezones when it is ambiguous

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/SpeechRecorder

4bd7345 : Reimplement MicrophoneInputStream in terms of AudioRecord.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

bab5e5e : Fix tab/space inconsistencies in stk_msg_dialog.xml
7791218 : Remove user input from logcat

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

4f787e2 : Switching to use try-with-resources

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/clang/darwin-x86/host/3.6

ae5f6fa : Update Darwin clang prebuilts after compiler-rt cherry-pick
bb1d9ac : Update Darwin Clang prebuilts after cherry-picking fp16 patches

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/clang/linux-x86/host/3.6

cef3f65 : Update Linux clang prebuilts after compiler-rt cherry-pick
c4da85d : Refresh sanitizer prebuilts
e5c468b : Update Linux Clang prebuilts after cherry-picking fp16 patches

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/mips/mips64el-linux-android-4.9

aa65de0 : Update mips64el-linux-android-4.9 (darwin-x86)

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/x86/x86_64-linux-android-4.9

c5d5557 : Rebuild with r212222 to fix devirtualization bug in GCC4.9 (darwin)

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/mips/mips64el-linux-android-4.9

59461df : Update mips64el-linux-android-4.9

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/x86/x86_64-linux-android-4.9

d421df5 : Rebuild with r212222 to fix devirtualization bug in GCC4.9

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/misc

0cc284d : Update the prebuilt Protocol Buffer compilers to include If3184845a0458d16f625036e81507ef9cfdd9217 which makes protoc aware of the new FileOption, javanano_use_deprecated_package.
75ada07 : Update mips[64] gdbserver with compact branch support
693d2b5 : Update TF prebuilt
2894f13 : Update ddmlib prebuilt.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/ndk

2b40add : Remove one last libportable reference.
2ebdc86 : Compile mips32r6 libc++ libraries with -mno-odd-spreg

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/python/linux-x86/2.7.5

63a0ee4 : selinux prebuilts: ignore .pyc files
fe63c8d : SELinux: python modules for selinux tools

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

adfd092 : Update Darwin RenderScript prebuilts with fp16 support
520cb58 : Update Linux Renderscript prebuits with fp16 support
8c6147f : [DO NOT MERGE] Import Jack and Jill Brest 1.1-rc2

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/tools

42ee672 : added missing NOTICE
15036b9 : Add prebuilt for ECJ 4.4.2
2e4a201 : added bintray plugin version 1.2 to prebuilts.

+- Project: platform/system/core

39a28c2 : Fix debuggerd's gdbclient instructions.
36da715 : Fixed a documentation error in protocol.txt
28042b5 : Add static versions for libbacktrace and libnativebridge. Bug fixes.
6ed68cc : Consistently use strerror in libutils.
953314f : Fix ODR issues in ART.
0744754 : Rename ZipEntryName to ZipString
f1d3d3b : Add |optional_suffix| to StartIteration()
ed777e9 : logd: serialize accesses to stats helpers
fbcb93a : Fix Mac fastboot build.
20750ad : Move fastboot's Mac OS code to C++.
c636b64 : Move fastboot's Windows code to C++.
e2d3677 : Improve the "device '(null)' not found" error.
b3748de : Move fastboot to C++.
1cbe3d9 : SANITIZE_TARGET: set global ASAN_OPTIONS
d2104df : init/util.cpp: don't return a negative unsigned value
5cba504 : Ignore in user builds.
d62f060 : init support for cgroups.
21d605e : Revert "init: Enable LOCAL_DETECT_INTEGER_OVERFLOWS"
ee49c6a : logd: missing klogd content
50bbde0 : Compare two bootcharts and list timestamps for selected processes.
58bf572 : TypeHelpers.h: Don't underflow unsigned int
35c8136 : Remove PtraceRead error message.
4d87095 : Remove calls to is_selinux_enabled()
4fb24dd : Revert "logd: regression in log_strtok_r"
d3c5093 : logd: regression in log_strtok_r
7e067cf : Minor "adb help" fixes.
6aaf740 : Add a space before :=.
c744ef5 : Fix SANITIZE_TARGET build of liblog.
e59c469 : logd: filter on __android_log_is_loggable
c158456 : liblog: __android_log_is_loggable support global properties
1115c25 : Make it clearer to grep that init is built with clang.
08df533 : Fix fastboot --help formatting.
ac5c122 : fs_mgr: Use ro.boot.veritymode
04b10b9 : Change pre-recovery into two services
aede989 : Lower the priority of the threads in logd/logcat.
3abd31d : adb server: don't close stale fd when TCP transport is closed
6ed84c9 : Only pass nomblk_io_submit option when mounting ext4
24d41e7 : Switch to toybox mount(1).
3e21de2 : logd: build breakage
2c3b300 : logd: fix kernel logline stutter
6e83c3d : Make start/stop warn if you're not root.
6f009d9 : adb shouldn't trace unless told to
3595328 : Fix against production builds.
047cc07 : logd: filters remove leading expire messages and rate
e49236b : Fix whitespace in debug logging.
a8221d3 : mkbootimg: misc typo fixes
b932b2f : liblog: logcat: Add printable format modifier
a26fbee : Add a working Windows tmpfile(3) to fastboot.
221fca7 : tzdatacheck: don't hard code SELinux domain name
511338d : logd: switch to unordered_map from BasicHashtable
f6e9ffb : Fix file descriptor leak when opening invalid archives.
a68d0d1 : libziparchive: fix fallocate failures
acdbe92 : Don't say "update package missing" unless we mean it.
862fe02 : Change the 64 bit map address format.
45f2ce1 : mkbootimg: parse hexadecimal ints
2aa78ce : mkbootimg: delete obsolete C source
ad6ec0c : mkbootimg: turn into a python script
100658c : init.rc: logd: Add logpersistd (nee logcatd)
17fff89 : init: change exec parsing to make SECLABEL optional
3ef730c : logcat: -f run in background
f3555d9 : logcat: -f flag to continue
d0f66c3 : adb: win32: fix logging to adb.log
379646b : Add "fastboot --version".
c0ce65f : 'usb' doesn't need to be global in fastboot.
89357d2 : rootdir: init.trace.rc too early
2d09171 : Modify the code to avoid potential deadlocks.
5921276 : logd: KISS & fix preserve a day
5392aac : logd: deal with sloppy leading expire messages
424af02 : Fix error handling/reporting for "adb forward" and "adb reverse".
0aee2ac : system/audio.h: Make function inline
dd0e316 : init: expand_props on trigger

+- Project: platform/system/extras

95f7685 : Require optimistic behaviour to pass srcaddr_selection_test
6d2db33 : Simpleperf: add --log option to ease debugging.
ecb9a30 : Simpleperf: support callgraph option in report command.
cd22741 : Add a test for repeated neighbour probes.
8236c75 : Add a test for ND cache behaviour.
36c662b : Simpleperf: support --children option in report command.
bb5b7a4 : Add a unit test for the IPV6_JOIN_ANYCAST hang.
9fd3cc1 : Simpleperf: support build on mac.
3f599b4 : squashfs_utils: fix build on Mac
be6afa3 : Simpleperf: don't use designation in struct member initialization.
d640b02 : squashfs_utils: Add host library and parsing from buffer
d713f95 : Simpleperf: support cmdline feature in
a5bdf0a : Simpleperf: exclude meaningless labels in aarch64.
d16f6f8 : Switch to fchown() for changing the UID of sockets.
8a530e3 : Simpleperf: add option to report branch stack information.
4be4126 : Simpleperf: support child inherit option.
41d4ba9 : Simpleperf: better support for per thread comm.
d115b2f : Simpleperf: support event type modifier.
b032de7 : Simpleperf: support monitoring existing processes/threads.
6afc7e1 : Simpleperf: add branch stack feature in
28872b2 : Swap column in procrank not reported with swap enabled
621a533 : Simpleperf: add signal handler for SIGCHLD, SIGINT, SIGTERM.
6e8a9a4 : Simpleperf: support callchain sampling in record command.
22ec7fa : Simpleperf: improve records parsing.
2c17e0d : Simpleperf: parse prefixed symbol of linker.
8e27740 : Simpleperf: add option to print sample count in report command.
1127087 : Simpleperf: always use the latest comm.
b378355 : Simpleperf: improve symbol parsing.
7d4904d : Simpleperf: fix a few bugs.
ebb9468 : Record device screen state and system load (from /proc/loadavg).
ec12ed9 : Simpleperf: support symbol parsing in report command.
b47de4a : Simpleperf: remove overlapped user map in SampleTree.
589b82f : Simpleperf: adjust report width based on requirement.
2672dea : Add simpleperf report command.
f79f07e : Simpleperf: refactor command system.
ddddc06 : Simpleperf: support branch stack sampling in `simpleperf record`.
9764169 : Simpleperf: add test about cpu hot-plug.

+- Project: platform/system/keyguard

0c612a5 : Fix clang -Werror from unused parameters.

+- Project: platform/system/keymaster

da64371 : Apply authorization checks only during begin().
f6f9aeb : Add a missing bounds check.
97dc69a : Allow decryption operations to use caller nonce/IV.
b9f3abb : Limit dup_buffer to 16 MiB allocations.
b5db8cd : Rename keymaster tag types to clarify that integers are unsigned.
b83aa36 : Handle ECDSA messages that may be a few bits longer than the key.
391dced : Require and handle digest for OAEP mode.
528fa1e : Validate input sizes for RSA and ECDSA signing/verification ops.
661b2b1 : Add buffer wrap checks and disable throwing of std::bad_alloc.
d601450 : Revert "Add buffer wrap checks and disable throwing of std::bad_alloc."
e5abbe5 : Add buffer wrap checks and disable throwing of std::bad_alloc.
15957bb : Update KeymasterEnforcement.
989316b : Don't enforce purpose, digest or padding on public key operations
ae73ca5 : Reject AES GCM nonces of other than 12 bytes in length.
bb630ce : Refactor AndroidKeymaster so all methods use message objects.
f3539ea : GCM tags in ciphertext, rather than in params.
64f9e36 : Restore support for old unversioned OCB-encrypted blobs.
5d10102 : Fix unused variable issues
6022631 : Remove unused private fields.
9be60ea : Silence unused value compiler warning.
f70f843 : Make KM_PAD_NONE and KM_DIGEST_NONE mean any padding or digest.
52aa8f7 : Fix support of HW keymaster0 keys.
ad5848a : Add AES-GCM mode.
295103b : Pass output params down to operations.
a119079 : Remove KM_TAG_CHUNK_LENGTH and add KM_TAG_AEAD_TAG.
bc63205 : Update SoftKeymasterDevice to track keymaster1 API changes.
0818db6 : Add output params to Update & Finish messages.
ea29e06 : Make AuthorizationSet interoperate with keymaster_key_param_set_t
72a194b : Add support for unpadded RSA encryption.
cf2a8c8 : Support all digests for RSA.
bade590 : Add support for all digests for ECDSA.
cd965e3 : Move digest and padding handling to OperationFactory.
7d5d8c0 : Don't bother parsing keymaster0 signing params.
7171ded : Suppress BoringSSL memory leaks in valgrind memcheck.
5a9305c : Move assymetric key factory declarations to includes.
8a58c2b : Another refactor, deleting AbstractFactoryRegistry.
24bdfc2 : Delegate ECDSA keys to keymaster0 in SoftKeymasterDevice.
80f0ec6 : Fix broken ECDSA default key size test.
ac39806 : Delegate RSA keys to keymaster0 in SoftKeymasterDevice.
a72f4aa : Change handling of debug log statments in non-debug builds.
1d0aa6e : Make Keymaster1Test parameterizable.
00db20f : Fix off-by-one error in PKCS#1 v1.5 encryption padding size.
32f6b05 : Large refactor to move context out of AndroidKeymaster.
8aaf069 : Move key factory registration into SoftKeymasterDevice.
a758d9e : Change AbstractFactory to allow dynamic creation.
0caaade : Remove references to Google in Android keymaster reference implementation.

+- Project: platform/system/security

0696a53 : Rename keymaster tag types to clarify that integers are unsigned.
773a2ba : Track keymaster method changes
8cfb8ac : Add optional additional entropy to finish
c40558f : Remove references to Google in Android keymaster.

+- Project: platform/tools/external/gradle

1df4e82 : Added
7300d45 : Add