android-m-preview-2 to android-n-preview-1 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ, and further improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to Android Police, Al Sutton, and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

6973100 : Only visit app image classes in class loader
26329cd : Query declaring class before querying IsNative.
96530d3 : ART: Update arm assembly to use current syntax
fee8556 : Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress failures in interpreter with CC.
2ed15b6 : Cache DexRegisterMaps when writing native debug info.
0274240 : Re-enable CFI test for compressed symbols.
80d9c85 : Make sure we keep adb logs on buildbots.
9abb297 : Fix very rare bug around JIT code cache collection.
98c38e3 : Suppress ArrayDequeTest#testForEachRemaining temporarily.
d3d0da5 : ARM64: Implement SystemArrayCopyChar intrinsic.
0c6e334 : Move back the boot image to debuggable.
457413a : Fix lint issue.
9775934 : MIPS32: Highest/Lowest One Bit Set:
4464a3e : ART: Fix UTF test and monitor pool old chunks
bbb2ebe : MIPS32: Improve TrailingZeros
edc1645 : MIPS32: Implement bitCount intrinsics.
9ea02c4 : Add ScopedGCCriticalSection to Trace::StopTracing.
9a3be98 : ProfilingInfo roots should be visited by the declaring class.
7211aa6 : Add systrace to VerifyClass
2714fe6 : MIPS32: Implement isInfinite intrinsics.
d204ba5 : Move some default-methods tests to Java from Smali.
bcd94c8 : Refine statistics around the JIT.
49924c9 : Integer.bitCount and Long.bitCount intrinsics for ARM64
7ba9966 : ART: cleanup exit_block_ in graph if exit block is removed
eeed32c : Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress run-test failures with CC.
700347e : Add a PassScope for PrepareForRegisterAllocation
0b8b4a6 : Delete alloc tracking map outside of critical section
145c31a : change image in
40f1f0a : Revert "Disable test after libunwind change."
6cba74b : Disable 577-profile-foreign-dex temporarily.
5b83050 : Fix potential linear alloc memory leak
511e41b : Clear inline caches if a ProfilingInfo gets revived.
2f9fcc9 : Simplified intrinsic macro mechanism.
3512244 : Revert "Revert "Use the interpreter as a heartbeat for the JIT.""
0f73bda : Improve Checker error messages
00b53b7 : Fast ART MIPS64 interpreter
c03d7b6 : oatdump: Add option to print just the header
40e4ba2 : Fix one more Checker test after switch to Jack
f02c3cf : ART: Switch Checker run-tests to Jack
0c65939 : Revert "ART: Allow unwinding unattached threads"
18047e4 : Disable test after libunwind change.
c8705a7 : ART: Enable JitProfiling for x86_64 Mterp
fa8598d : Remove references to $(ACP)
9198976 : Revert "Disable flaky 130-hprof test."
eebc3af : Fix allocation tracking race
3f52306 : ART: Fix overlapping instruction IDs in inliner
9e927f5 : Lower JIT thread priority
f728672 : ART: Allow unwinding unattached threads
a96917a : Revert "Use the interpreter as a heartbeat for the JIT."
034eb1a : Revert "Fix bogus interaction between code cache and instrumentation."
591ad29 : Standby list for dyn bce in potentially infinite loops.
e9924b7 : Fix bogus interaction between code cache and instrumentation.
c94ff12 : More run-test with Jack
1e7da9b : Do a TryLock when allocating a ProfilingInfo from the interpreter.
7273a5d : Use the interpreter as a heartbeat for the JIT.
25e0456 : Give the JIT its own arena pool to avoid lock contentions.
2a524bd : Dump more information to diagnose problem.
897338d : x86 Fast Interpreter: Fix CFI
6cbe081 : Revert "Revert "Fast ART x86_64 interpretator""
4866794 : Revert "Disable symbolizing traces on volantis."
2f0d3bc : Disable flaky 130-hprof test.
b6347b7 : Fixed bug on incorrectly revisiting same block.
032c005 : Revert "Revert "Improve immune spaces logic""
42ad288 : Fix the signature of the IndexOf entry point.
cc3839c : Improve documentation about StringFactory.newStringFromChars.
4f97a21 : Cleanup polymorphic inlining to the same target.
a1d8ddf : Bug fix for polymorphic inlining.
20adf27 : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 577
95303c6 : Disable symbolizing traces on volantis.
07dbbca : Revert "Improve immune spaces logic"
17b8bce : Improve immune spaces logic
bc4d218 : ART: Add unstarted-runtime functions
c5dd319 : Add and use loaded class profiling
942dc298 : Simplify LoadNativeLibrary()
e9d2ca2 : Add JNI tests for lambdas
2a6aad9 : Implement fp to bits methods as intrinsics.
a1de918 : Optimizing: Reduce memory usage of HInstructions.
c4a575f : Revert "Fast ART x86_64 interpretator"
200f040 : [MIPS] Add Fast Art interpreter for Mips32.
25abd6c : Optimizing: Add ARM and ARM64 intrinsics support for StringGetCharsNoCheck
a6e81ed : Add lz4hc image compression format
7e1ce28 : Assembly TLAB allocation fast path for arm.
31317c3 : Add a decompression scoped timing for image loading
481352d : Revert "Revert "ART: Support interpreter switching in x86 mterp""
fc07555 : Disable test 097-duplicate-method for investigation
9c1c06a : Add StrictMath.round tests for large integers.
4a28e1e : Support new JDWP InterfaceType.InvokeMethod command
358af83 : Recognize for (int i = 0; i != x.length; i++) loops
9ff0d20 : Optimizing: ARM64 negated bitwise operations simplification
1bbdfd7 : Verify encoded stack maps in debug builds.
7dc1178 : Implement << operator for DexRegisterLocation::Kind.
f1dcacc : ART: Profile all branches for on-stack replacement
a14bf44 : Revert "ART: Support interpreter switching in x86 mterp"
fcdd729 : Dump the number of OSR compiled code.
bef5eba : Split 530-checker-loops to please our run-test file size limit.
4a0dad6 : Revert "Revert "ARM/ARM64: Extend support of instruction combining.""
c66577e : Revert "Preload public libraries on Runtime::Start()"
45bdb25 : Revert "Disable test due to toybox update."
ea9fc5b : Preload public libraries on Runtime::Start()
6ab903c : Avoid single expensive test in 530-checker-loops.
4429b11 : ART: Support interpreter switching in x86 mterp
0ccfe2c : image: Allow methods with code in another oat file to work correctly
97412c9 : Use range analysis for better trip count analysis
83723ae : Add MapAnonymous handling for null error_str
e530539 : Make sure constantIndexing2 is optimized with DEOPT.
6d3d9bb : Don't make this script fail a buildbot run.
b0d2208 : Forgot to initialize JIT memory use fields.
fb7fc7b : Fix indentation of copyright headers in some ART run-tests.
e53bd81 : Remove unreachable code paths in constant folding.
970e191 : Made art/runtime/arch/ compile with -O2 again.
c257da7 : ARM: Implement Reverse bits and bytes intrinsic.
dad095a : Add a script to symbolize buildbot crashes.
944da60 : ART: Allow method references across oat files for multi-image, 2nd attempt.
9cd6d37 : Associate slow paths with the instruction that they belong to.
c7098ff : Remove HNativeDebugInfo from start of basic blocks.
2de973d : ART: Enable JitProfiling for x86 Mterp
7ea5747 : Show battery level fo devices on buildbot.
6ea1a0e : AOT compile framework code as non-debuggable
3612149 : Make JNI work correctly with default methods.
bf3f1cf : Improved instruction + offset hunting.
16e51be : Fix allocation tracking race
32ae802 : Revert "Compile checker run-tests with Jack"
5c7e260 : Please Clang with respect to stack frame limits in dex2oat.
de4fb63 : Fix profman path for the gtest.
fbeeb47 : Compile checker run-tests with Jack
8d37250 : Introduce partial code cache collection.
cedd4f2 : Re-enable tests that were causing TimeoutExceptions on x86/x86-64.
7ca4b77 : Don't allocate mspaces of less than a page.
2e2db78 : Revert "Revert "Add profman tool: responsible to process profiles""
8a7ef10 : Add regression test for alloc stack trace and unloading
a7deef9 : Visit stack trace roots
3da7468 : Revert "Add profman tool: responsible to process profiles"
906ae5d : Fix class_linker_test for valgrind.
b74353a : MIPS32: Implement intrinsics from java.lang.Math:
20a0be0 : Fix CC collector thread flip and JNI critical section deadlocks.
633750c : ART: Add Class.getEnclosingClass() to UnstartedRuntime
dccd675 : Fix static dex2oat build
ed00978 : Optimizing/x86-64: Use MOVL in Load64BitValue() if IsUint<32>().
6ad2d8b : Revert "Force Jack to consider multidex annotations"
6caefd9 : Add profman tool: responsible to process profiles
ae83792 : Track libcore change b5d045f7e4023c0ba9a42fb95efad4c30dfc085f
65b83d8 : Add a new kReservedCapacity to decide when to start GC code.
d8aa503 : Revert "Workaround JDWP failures"
bbf1f28 : Ignore GZIPInputStreamTest#testLongMessage failures with CC.
69564bb : Use adds instead of add to set the N flag.
9fb0ac7 : Enable bytecode tracing in ART FI
901e070 : Support image classes filtering in image writer
66a5539 : Add VLOG(collector) to reduce log spam
c3b4c6e : ART: Enable JitProfiling for Arm Mterp
1fdabe6 : Revert "Do not build art with clang for mips64"
8af4d1c : Workaround JDWP failures
38ea9bd : Track memory usage of code cache.
fd522f9 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64""""
ca76a1a : Dex-wide ArenaPool scoping for AOT compilation
b52de24 : Fix braino in single frame deopt.
5351da0 : Use image oat file instead of image header for immune spaces
e8bf134 : Don't pass in oat file name to NativeLocationInImage
5496f69 : Disable read barriers in GC VisitReferences calls.
b5e31f3 : Fix rosalloc issues with valgrind.
1fe26e1 : Fix build aflter conflicting changes got in.
38e9e80 : Add statistics support for some optimizations
e4084a5 : Small inlining improvements.
916cc1d : Implement polymorphic inlining.
5b82d33 : The JIT does not need VerifedMethod nor CompilerCallbacks.
98e6ce4 : Remove string init map.
c669beb : Fast ART x86_64 interpretator
ff8579e : x86 ART FI clean-up
8ffc1fa : Set bias on != comparison for isNaN.
fcea56f : Fix issue with copied methods not being checked.
75a38b2 : Implement isNaN intrinsic through HIR equivalent.
92d4f0e : Add Math.round tests for large integers.
8817760 : Clean up register line
91edc62 : Only visit pointer arrays once during image relocation
1252e97 : Implement Optimizing's constant folding as a visitor.
45724f9 : Revert "Allow method references across oat files for multi-image."
32ca375 : Fix uses of art::HCompare::IsGtBias on MIPS32 and MIPS64.
6065402 : Allow method references across oat files for multi-image.
6705dab : Build jdwp tests with Jack in vogar
31dd3d6 : Extend constant folding to float and double operations.
b88d59e : Be a bit smarter with JIT code triggering deoptimization.
a9b9131 : We also need to delete osr entries when deleting ArtMethod.
361e04a : Add custom arena deleter for RegisterLine
c7f7712 : ahat: annotate char[] objects with their string values.
55bd749 : Refactor the inliner.
8659e84 : X86: Allow long compares to stack operands
9779307 : HInvokeStaticOrDirect may not have a special input.
6b9508d : Remove some outdated comments in art tests
0c5b18e : Support CMOV for x86 Select
aaa779a : Remove usages of jill.jar, use jack instead
c0b2796 : Follow-up to OSR change.
eda4dfa : Remove code cache check from native bridge run-test
28b7574 : Fix test by checking if we're using JIT.
99b87eb : Change how DWARF detects end of prologue.
b396c73 : Add simple deduplication for .debug_ranges.
d186dd8 : Re-enable OSR.
ac06b6d : Temporarily disable compressed CFI tests.
da571cb : Optimizing: Use range-based loops in BCE.
dd5e5e9 : Revert "Revert "Make it possible to enable native debugging through debug flags""
8e73ac3 : Fix broken tests
4fb3a42 : ART: Fix ArenaStack::AllocWithMemoryTool().
03bf174 : Let the CFI test communicate via stdout rather than arbitrary sleep.
6dd10fa : Fix lint error
a73280d : Add an option to disable native stack dumping on SIGQUIT.
5e08e36 : Expect less in the presence of a string init call.
8428bd3 : Optimizing: Remove unnecessary And before TypeConversion.
b52bbde : Optimizing: Simplify consecutive type conversions.
c0b601b : ART: Implement HSelect with CSEL/FCSEL on arm64
dee1b9a : X86_64: Allow HSelect to generate CMOV from memory
dd9473b : dex2oat: Show memory usage values in bytes
0095d88 : Add MODULE_LICENSE_GPL.. for art/runtime/openjdkjvm.
badd826 : ART: Run SsaBuilder from HGraphBuilder
e866213 : Disable on stack replacement for now.
dec3a12 : Don't call IsNative if the declaring class can be null.
6eb6a39 : ART: Simplify patchoat
4a2c8fc : Fix bug with verification of constructors
1d23982 : Generalized "dom-based" dynamic BCE to symbolic base + offset.
abdac47 : Add X86/X86_64 support for CMOV from memory.
bd064ea : Fix app image memory leak
6dbecf4 : Fix run-test
17fccfb : Be less extreme on the iteration in 570-checker-osr.
980027c : ART: Treat throw with non-reference type as hard failure in verifier.
6e33252 : ART: Remove HTemporary
b8300fc : Switch the tests to using Jack for compilation
31708b7 : Fix compiler driver gtest.
34900cc : Store relative paths in the profile file
d9994f0 : Re-enable OSR.
8650378 : Fix x86-64 Baker's read barrier fast path for CheckCast.
3e6232e : Make run test 572-checker-array-get-regression gcstress friendly.
5d03317 : Revert "Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64"""
3acee73 : MIPS32: peek*/poke*, and String.charAt intrinsics.
50cf600 : ART: Fix arm mterp shadow handling
bfd26cd : Fill some gaps in .debug_loc.
8cdbc2a : ART/Thumb2: Disassemble SBFX/UBFX.
821e66b : Fix run test 572-checker-array-get-regression on 32-bit archs.
354efa6 : Try to substitute constructor chains for IPUTs.
c9f0ba1 : ART: Give better error messages in dex-file verifier
9687f24 : Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64""
6c37e9a : openjdkjvm: Don't leak the results of JVM_RawMonitorCreate.
ca0bf03 : Fix ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path for ArraySet.
44ba97e : openjdkjvm: clean up verbose logging.
40bcb93 : Some clean-up for the handling of HSelect in LSE
6edb9ae : Check pages are readable after mprotect for SEGV_ACCERR diagnosis
3a98aae : Revert "Make it possible to enable native debugging through debug flags"
64fdc80 : Default methods should not be found by getDeclaredMethod
c5bfa97 : Split to several files.
4fda4eb : Move code related to debug info generation to its own directory.
c94a61f : Make it possible to enable native debugging through debug flags
05dfaaa : Mterp: Fix and restore mac host build
4d9b10a : Disable osr while investigating flakiness.
ef40446 : Always visit ProfilingInfo, the counter could be reset.
119a885 : Fix AllocateBlockedReg.
9fcfb8a : ART: Curb lock-verification-failure spam
d9bc433 : Point fixes after OSR change.
7ba5a67 : ART: Better InitWithoutImage error messages
a61347b : Address missed amend
7ed9c56 : Use 8-byte increment bracket sizes for rosalloc thread local runs.
8405bfd : Disable kDebugStackWalk
bf36918 : Fix moving GC bugs in
a19616e : Implemented compare/signum intrinsics as HCompare (with all code generation for all)
b331feb : Revert "Revert "Implement on-stack replacement for arm/arm64/x86/x86_64.""
bd89a5c : Revert "Implement on-stack replacement for arm/arm64/x86/x86_64."
9f98025 : Extend De Morgan factorisation to `HBooleanNot`.
1530f2e : Revert "Disable test for now."
370339c : Do not emit DWARF debug info if there are no methods.
32d39c4 : Add some more tests to those breaking since move to OpenJDK
891bc28 : Implement on-stack replacement for arm/arm64/x86/x86_64.
0c4572e : Generate mini-debug-info on separate thread.
ae5d273 : Change the method which generates DWARF mini-debug-info.
95717f0 : Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64"
0a57b45 : Disable test for now.
61d2b2d : Use GC critical section for adding and removing app images
12b8c9d : Newer kernels added SEGV_BNDERR.
34ed3af : ART: Avoid uninitialized padding in LinkerPatch.
8c4f041 : madvise away app image dex cache arrays
d3e7c6c : Don't use native bridge for non zygote-spawn processes
8d1da85 : runtime: Cleanup comments for kAccSkipAccessChecks
2f10a5f : Revert "Revert "X86: Use the constant area for more operations.""
6157a5d : Make test 971-iface-super smaller to prevent gcstress timeouts.
3ece5e0 : Ignore ZipFileTest#testZipFileWithLotsOfEntries failures with CC on N5.
582b68f : Use correct requested alloc space begin for CC
3aec1d1 : Ignore DeflaterOutputStreamTest#testSyncFlushEnabled failures with CC.
d70dc9d : ARM: Add direct calls to math intrinsics
7c0b44f : Support CMOV for x86_64 Select
a0a1610 : ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64
6fe28c0 : Re-enable some MIPS/MIPS64 run-tests
579942f : Reduce the size of native debug info generated by JIT.
a211a02 : Test 565-checker-doublenegbitwise applies to all architectures.
274b455 : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol on aarch64
97590cc : Strip image-format arg in dex2oat
42d511d : Fix class_linker_test to take into account default methods.
df707e4 : runtime: Don't skip verification for -Xverify:soft-fail
3f1a8be : Fixed bug on premature DCHECK. With fail-before/pass-after test
a57ee9d : Avoid read barrier for UpdateEntrypoints
1fc3afb : Minor improvement on static BCE analysis.
2aba7cd : Implement first kind of polymorphic inlining on MIPS.
ca0e3a0 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing: double-negated bitwise operations simplifications""
1c4aeb4 : Write DWARF strings inline and remove .debug_str section.
24868a1 : Share DWARF .debug_abbrev sections.
7770a3e : Assume fp operations can also take a constant on x86.
674f519 : ART: Enable multi-level instruction inlining
e5c71f9 : Handle HSelect in LSE.
b08f305 : Prevent crashes if boot images fail to load
9b1c9b7 : Fix updating string dex cache array for no class table case
dfe02f6 : Fix remaining read barrier issues in image relocation
6af5348 : Use SS/GSS collectors in dex2oat if they are the default.
e362740 : Fix DCHECK compilation error.
e3d4ff5 : runtime: Update Proxy to assume 1 less direct method
0d4909e : ART: Fix rounding up in DexCacheArraysLayout constructor.
9f35ccd : ART: Fix bad manual rename of local variable.
df187e4 : Revert "Revert "reflection: Add new 1.8 AnnotatedElement methods and tests""
f1b4c41 : runtime: Fix field resolution with access checks (runtest 073)
9f95ba7 : interpreter: Fix proxy method invocation with access checks enabled.
623a7a2 : MIPS32: Fix codegen register dumps.
3b0b4b9 : Revert "Revert "ART: Mterp for arm64""
ba70200 : Add MIPS floating point register mapping to DWARF.
69a0405 : ART: Clean up strings fixup for app images.
88b29f3 : Optimizing: Re-enable checker tests disabled for multi-image.
17fb893 : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 449.
c7eecf9 : Avoid re-declarations of base classes in DWARF.
fa5ec2b : Use more compact encoding for DWARF flags.
7138d45 : Optimize DWARF namespace encoding.
fb50270 : ART: Add test case for Select implementations
02fc24e : ARM64: Add direct calls to math intrinsics
0d11ffe : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 569.
43f3fb9 : Revert "ART: Mterp for arm64"
1aa8ec2 : Fix up dex cache strings stored in classes
e7f75f3 : Add read barrier option to UpdateEntrypoints
e0c269e : ART: Mterp for arm64
bb24bd0 : Implemented signum() on ARM64.
1ed4449 : ART: Fix test 117 after OatFileAssistant change
1355495 : ART: Release DexFile in OatFileAssistant
3243026 : Ensure instruction cache is flushed in compiler tests with Clang.
ce4b0ba : Ignore image checksum for ExtractOnly oat files
0dd8c39 : Track libcore change aa517a356a38b8cd6764667e1edd735aaf5978e9.
03196cf : Be on the safe side: emit an environment for runtime calls.
68b5c0b : ART: Disallow uses of uninitialized references
2d7c8ea : Revert "Disable test after failing test was pushed."
14567fd : Clean up UpdateOatFile for app images
b4961db : Regression test ensuring unresolved classes are not put in dex cache.
9ff8460 : Add oat checksum check for app image loading
5a55986 : Fix issue with exception type resolution during linking.
2e5de78 : Add a comment on ReadBarrier::Mark() about ALWAYS_INLINE.
7b56502 : Implement compare() on ARM64.
d967266 : MIPS64: Remove unaligned memory access from art generated code
d8904a5 : ART: Do not reopen oat file in ImageWriter::UpdateOatFile().
fd82520 : Disable test after failing test was pushed.
c26f128 : Re-enable test 566-polymorphic-inlining.
560297f : Re-enable test 496-checker-inlining-and-class-loader with CC.
adda435 : Optimizing: Use dex pc 0 for pattern substitution-generated IGET.
28a2a18 : Revert "reflection: Add new 1.8 AnnotatedElement methods and tests"
04d3e87 : ART: Do not use AT register in MIPS DSS<->RP swap
b0171b9 : Do not use atomic increment in allocation as fence.
d6b48db : ART: Fix single-step interpretation for mterp
734f3aa : Fix "Never Interpret" option for all interpreters
fedd91d : Optimizing compiler support for directly calling interface methods
c4695df : Always use pendingNext to test enqueability of references.
369c851 : ART: Dump full exception on re-init failure message
1cdee57 : Disable test for now.
49c9333 : Remove ALWAYS_INLINE from ReadBarrier::Mark().
c68e77b : Fix image test with GSS
784bb09 : Clear image file in image writer
c5d4754 : Implementation of integer intrinsics on x86_64
60bc39c : Remove some more read barriers in image relocation
a60e220 : Doh. Forgot to ensure it's compiled.
be10e8e : Optimizing: Try pattern substitution when we cannot inline.
a94d54b : Stop verifier ResolveClass from putting unresolved classes in dex cache.
cc0f311 : ART: Add missing swaps to MIPS codegen
9e49ab1 : Add a comment to oatdump for 0 size symbols
b11b072 : ART: Fix gtest after liveness CL
a42363f : Implement first kind of polymorphic inlining.
74eb1b2 : ART: Implement HSelect
b3e773e : ART: Implement support for instruction inlining
eb2c741 : Do not enforce deterministic compilation with read barriers.
f0615a3 : Don't crash if the perf map creation failed
7f3e0db : Change log to avoid polluting logcat.
ad4ed08 : Revert "Revert "Lift the spill at each irreducible loop block restriction.""
1bbfab6 : Pass template args down
d329a3b : Fix pointer conversion error in SetElementPtrSize
ace0dc1 : ART: Add option to ensure deterministic compilation
1277108 : Fix issue with IMT dispatch.
4a6a67c : Remove unused DMB code paths in the ARM64 Optimizing Compiler
c167ee9 : reflection: Add new 1.8 AnnotatedElement methods and tests
3a2bd29 : ART: Make sure dex files are verified in the compiler
76ce917 : Move heap trim outside of zygote creation lock region
2e4afe8 : Clear dalvik-cache before running test on host.
47496c2 : ART: Allow --no-inline-from to specify multiple dex files.
8f75c45 : Emit symbol names for trampoline symbols in oatdump
8edb521 : Re-enable some run-tests with CC after mterp fix.
982a9a8 : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for MIPS64
05d2415 : Add option to never interpret.
2e50ecb : Fix ARM & ARM64 UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with heap poisoning.
7d1fbf3 : Optimizing: Lazy creation of Handle<>s in RTP.
f4b3dba : Cast method pointer to uintptr_t before uint64_t
4a26f17 : Remove GetImageRoots read barrier for image relocation
7617216 : Convert to UTF8 before doing dex file location comparison
522d51b : Factor out common code for SetPendingNext.
5cbd8c3 : Blacklist new test due to so loading problems.
37ba27a : Temporarily use -fstack-protector for the read barrier config.
6e74fa9 : Implemented checker/unit test for various operations.
a9d82fe : Use mutator lock to guard adding and removing heap spaces
9724c63 : Enable interface default methods by default.
59c9454 : Recognize common utilities as intrinsics.
09e8d5f : Some minor simplifications in code and tests.
2818dbc : Revert "Lift the spill at each irreducible loop block restriction."
8697355 : ART: Remove another unnecessary mutator lock annotation.
b0659e6 : Disable interpreter run-tests occasionally failing with CC.
b4eddd2 : Add profile support for apps with shared runtime.
79e9f43 : Lift the spill at each irreducible loop block restriction.
5e974a6 : Change the order of functions in .debug_frame to save space.
5288611 : Do not write full method signature in mini-debug-info.
5b1c2ca : Revert "Revert "Add option to generate compressed backtrace info.""
f39745e : ART: Remove some unnecessary mutator lock annotations.
d112827 : Add dependency on liblzma.
78ebe4a : Disable run-tests causing occasional timeouts with CC.
d817560 : Fix non-Linux builds.
a2c97a9 : [WIP] ART Mterp: fix for hidden gc roots
e778fc7 : Reduce app image log spam
fbc3108 : Revert "Revert "Load app images""
966f533 : Only create non-moving space at fixed address if zygote
3cbad24 : Improve gethostbyname_r use in art::JDWP::JdwpSocketState::Establish.
8546cc9 : Revert "Add option to generate compressed backtrace info."
4f50ee2 : Generate DWARF line numbers only for points with dex register map.
737c0a9 : Revert "Optimizing: double-negated bitwise operations simplifications"
cf8d1bb : Revert "X86: Use the constant area for more operations."
1bc977c : Revert "Load app images"
3c44893 : Disable the CC collector verbose log.
f8df1f2 : Temporarily disable some libcore tests for the CC collector.
0870770 : Bump image version
f7fd970 : Load app images
dc00454 : X86: Use the constant area for more operations.
3220a6d : Use dlmalloc from external/dlmalloc instead of bionic/.
4694e82 : Raise ulimit for run-test 961.
5fdcc3c : Add option to generate compressed backtrace info.
1a5baaa : Show registered native allocations in ahat.
9b3607d : Generate unique ID for each type during native debugging.
9679849 : Optimizing: double-negated bitwise operations simplifications
91cb54e : Create helper class for DWARF expressions.
8ed1826 : Fix MIPS64 booting problem
788f2f0 : Revert "Revert "Inline methods with loops.""
d4aee94 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant"""
95e7ffc : Improve documentation and assertions of read barrier instrumentation.
4401586 : Revert "Revert "ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.""
04eb70f : With irreducible loops, we can have a null destination.
836f7ee : Disable flaky test.
69fd1b5 : Revert "Some minor simplifications in code and tests."
6b5afdd : Revert "ARM/ARM64: Extend support of instruction combining."
884e54c : Revert "Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant""
715d06b : Fix cpu-info/cpp-defines mismatch.
2a94607 : Allow x86 memory operands for 64-bit popcnt on x86.
7c58bd4 : Revert "Revert "Fast ART x86 interpreter""
c39dac1 : Support for x86 popcnt.
28a2ff0 : Revert "ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation."
ba6af71 : Revert "Revert "run-test: Add tests for 1.8 reflection implementations""
cf22658 : Add attribute to fix build.
81f0f95 : Move backward branch instrumentation to all branch.
15f9b27 : Improves recent changes to art::JDWP::JdwpSocketState::Establish.
6a52d29 : Revert "run-test: Add tests for 1.8 reflection implementations"
9bdf108 : Revert "Revert "Write dex files to oat file early.""
0502c44 : Fix JDWP host tests on Trusty.
debeb98 : ARM/ARM64: Extend support of instruction combining.
3f67e69 : Implemented BitCount as an intrinsic. With unit test.
086d27e : Fix missing case in ARM64 codegen.
1376bdf : Invoke all other registered handlers only for generated code
bf03fcd : Some minor simplifications in code and tests.
7268d47 : Add a METHOD_SUPER to the MethodType enum.
59a8c0b : Use current pid not tid to create a backtrace map.
c9cd7ac : Add stack trace info to hprof completion message
932a051 : Relax the time interval the profiling data is saved.
451ad8d : Revert "Inline methods with loops."
fee4e2e : Revert "Fix gtests after loop inlining support."
919f553 : Revert "Write dex files to oat file early."
0e342cd : Fix gtests after loop inlining support.
c047d94 : ART: DCHECK still too strong for String NewInstance
cc6bb93 : Let Art tests use the default jack version
c8f1df9 : ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
bc9ab16 : ART: Cannot assume String.<init> called on NewInstance
82fc9bb : Inline methods with loops.
14306b8 : Disable MemMapTest.MapAnonymousExactAddr32bitHighAddr on MIPS32.
47c83ea : Make sure that OfflineCompilationInfo is set to nullptr when needed.
2d093a1 : Revert "Fast ART x86 interpreter"
54c4e0d : run-test: Add tests for 1.8 reflection implementations
b4fb701 : Remove dex_file_verifier test of newly allowed behavior.
28b1cf7 : Change space base test to use parameters
99229c7 : Fast ART x86 interpreter
877fd96 : Improve profile processing
8d02644 : mem_map_test: perform null check before dereferencing a pointer.
91d65e0 : Fix various typos in ART's comments and string literals.
e3f43ac : Some read barrier clean-up in Optimizing.
09aa147 : Disable DCE when there are irreducible loops.
65902e8 : ART: Optimize out redundant NewInstances of String
0a52223 : Keep track of number of JIT compilations.
a866ccf : Disable reanmed test due to python3.
38f64d3 : ART: Public classes never require access checks
7d11ee5 : Ignore OldAndroidZipStreamTest#testZipStream failures with CC.
dba4fe7 : Pass --generate-debug-info only when --perf is passed.
58282f4 : ART: Remove Baseline compiler
9f9d48c : Rename test case to avoid test filename too long.
7c0f2e5 : Do HFieldGet first to avoid explicit null check.
fffbee4 : Report types loaded during init to the native debugger
03c941f : Emit some additional debug info for java.lang.String
160e6df : Report loaded classes to native debugger.
e0013c7 : Ignore more test failures with CC.
d6e069b : Optimizing: Improve floating point comparisons on arm and arm64.
c903b6a : Move --dump-cfg and dump-cfg-append to CompilerOptions.
87a5575 : ART: Change merge(uninitialized, null) to produce conflict
cd3d0fb : Do not use HArm64IntermediateAddress with read barriers.
4b07a6e : Add oat location to oatdump.
91c9116 : Add value parameterized test support for runtime tests
745f3cd : MIPS64: Fix stub_test in a proper way
625a64a : Write dex files to oat file early.
0b8cdfa : ART: Fix CompilerDriver::AreInSameOatFile().
97f3f7d : Disable Homogeneous space for dex2oat
51e5591 : JIT: Fix incorrect CHECK
40f9252 : New failures due to linker issue.
bb6e726 : ART: Mterp - remove redundant null check
30af8dd : Add test for bad linkage of overriden package-private method.
966878d : Revert "Create parent class loader for dex2oat"
436183f : Allow multi-image dex2oat to tolerate missing dex files.
812dd36 : Yet another python3 dependency.
3fdb3fe : Don't allow thread suspension in ProfilingInfo::Create
9612a70 : Revert "Disable mterp for the read barrier config."
6de1938 : ART: Remove incorrect HFakeString optimization
c3fec4c : Fix braino in parameters passed.
15bd228 : Implement irreducible loop support in optimizing.
a83c675 : Fix lint error.
3c36f66 : Ignore 141-class-unload failures with JIT and CC.
34b6b39 : Ignore GZIPOutputStreamTest failures with concurrent collector.
bb9863a : MIPS32: don't use R2+ instructions (mthc1, mfhc1) on MIPS32R1 or with 32-bit FPUs.
baf60b7 : MIPS: Improve conversion between ints and floats.
fc7acf9 : Add test for calling into destroyed JNI env
0d9150b : MIPS: HRor clean-up
76833da : ART: Mterp read barrier fix + minor cleanup
55b14df : Fixed bug with hoisting/deopting in taken-block instead of preheader. With a fail-before pass-after regression test.
86e4278 : Add DWARF type information generation.
0e7fa6b : Also print to error stream.
a25dce9 : Support --perf with jitted code.
5cc349f : Report DWARF debug information for JITed code.
780aece : Update `ValidateInvokeRuntime()` and HDivZeroCheck.
1cde058 : HDeoptimize can also trigger GC.
dc2388f : MIPS64: Fix stub_test
1af564e : Set side effects to HNullCheck and HBoundsCheck.
42249c3 : Reduce code size by sharing slow paths.
80c0d79 : Sort output of a find command in makefile
705ad49 : Support directly invoking interface default methods
afeb309 : Correct value_type for some TrackingAllocators.
64320f9 : Disable mterp if unstarted runtime
7ca9557 : Revert "Disable flaky test on host."
987e44e : Disable mterp for the read barrier config.
1c4ae8c : Disable tests while investigating.
62597d1 : Add sleep in SuspendAllDaemonThreadsForShutdown
7e3059a : Ignore ZipFileTest and ZipInputStreamTest failures with CC.
a3eca2d : Do not leave intermediate addresses across Java calls.
3e09eeb : Disable --generate-debug-info by default in all cases.
a05cacc : Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant"
f9f196c : Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant
4bedb38 : Fix memory fences in the ARM64 UnsafeCas intrinsics.
e693ba1 : Ignore failures with CC.
1452bee : Fast Art interpreter
afd6f9e : Isolate concurrent collector related libcore failures.
5d55d9a : Remove ElfFile::GdbJITSupport
712c59d : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for MIPS32
6cd7767 : Fix brainos in makefiles.
6a58d44 : Fix "check" file, and mark test as failing on device.
b7070a2 : Generate Nops to ensure that debug stack maps have distinct PC.
72f7236 : Disable flaky test on host.
68f6289 : Don't use std::abs on INT_MIN/LONG_MIN, it's undefined.
57e863c : ART: Do not build Checker tests with `dx --no-optimize`
bfc5087 : Revert "Disable test while investigating."
6aa95a5 : Suppress jsr166.LinkedTransferQueueTest#testWaitingConsumer.
ba098ba : Revert "Revert "Reduce sleep duration in SuspendAllDaemonThreads""
4d87df6 : Improve handling of daemon threads after runtime shutdown
acd7a6a : Fix general multi-image TODOs.
e467cea : Fix image writer for generation of app images
10edbb1 : ART: Use libopenjdkd
012fc4e : Don't encode a DexRegisterMap if there is no live register.
1c58d69 : Disable test while investigating.
80e6709 : Small implicit null checks refactoring in the ARM codegen.
1407ee7 : Add a missing implicit null check in the ARM codegen.
c928591 : ARM Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
1f47b67 : Re-enable class table for image writer
18e9c37 : Add libstdc++ as a target for buildbot builds.
998c216 : Perform profile file analysis in dex2oat
8cc049c : Force Jack to consider multidex annotations
0243a74 : The ArtMethod is a long on 64bits.
7ea4c09 : Emit an error message when looking for String#offset.
0580d96 : Fix a crash with unresolved classes.
bc34a7e : Revert "Reduce sleep duration in SuspendAllDaemonThreads"
adef5bd : Reduce sleep duration in SuspendAllDaemonThreads
fb6db4c : Add systrace output to runtime shutdown
205b762 : Address some intern table comments
a06ba05 : Remove gaps between images
2d124ec : Get rid of shadow maps for images
ea0831f : Re-enable adding intern table to image
d4291d6 : Disable tests while investigating.
744a1c6 : ART: Don't set initial RTI for BoundType if input untyped
15693bf : ART: Resolve ambiguous ArraySets
f555258 : ART: Create BoundType for CheckCast early
ad29df7 : Update expectations after push of apache-xml and other fixes.
8ab17b2 : Revert "Add new test expectations after enso move."
1c1a342 : Fix multi-image TODOs in class linker, runtime, and oat file.
059e627 : ART: Add large object allocation to ThreadStress
fd2140f : ART: Make opt inliner a little bit cleaner/faster
c7d4a58 : ART: Use non-stripped core jars in gtests
103992b : ART: Move ThrowStackOverflowError to common_throws
cf66271 : Add apache-xml to the device & host boot classpath.
3e9be99 : Disable test due to toybox update.
92d9060 : MIPS: Implement HRor
0d2af30 : Fix multi-image TODOs in patchoat.
068131c : Remove unused reference to MALLOC_IMPL.
5e2b971 : Assume the profile file was created before saving.
07f3564 : Add a fence to ensure other threads see the correct data.
d87f3ea : ART: Use Primitive::Is64BitType in SsaBuilder::TypePhiFromInputs
0b9112d : Add 002-sleep as timing sensitive.
5949fa0 : Revert "Revert "Tweak inlining heuristics.""
ac9e66e : Revert "Temporary disable linker-namespaces"
152408f : X86: templatize GenerateTestAndBranch and friends
b35302b : Remove bogus DCHECK in induction analysis.
295abc1 : ART: Set RTI of HArm64IntermediateAddress
4833f5a : ART: Refactor SsaBuilder for more precise typing info
7929a48 : ART: Fix JDWP GetClassLoader command
7a62fea : Revert "ART: Fix JDWP GetClassLoader command"
684cf25 : Temporary put -DAG back to fix broken test.
8994a04 : Revert "Revert "ART: Fix up some multi-image cases""
5d75afe : Improved side-effects/can-throw information on intrinsics.
de38b79 : Revert "ART: Fix up some multi-image cases"
376756d : Add new test expectations after enso move.
6ce0173 : On x64, cmpl can never take a int64 immediate.
93e8edd : Fix bogus logging statement.
40144cc : ART: Fix JDWP GetClassLoader command
7f59d59 : Fix code generation for String.<init> on x64.
288b1e9 : ART: Fix up some multi-image cases
a7f46cb : Don't duplicate the menu in the help page for ahat.
50be66f : ART: Remove core-junit from test boot classpath
e6d0d8d : ART: Disable Math.round intrinsics
095b1df : Revert "Make Math.round consistent on arm64."
e2307b4 : Remove duplicate entry in expectations.
40041c9 : Make Math.round consistent on arm64.
d895961 : Tweaks to get vogar runs working after enso move.
c525604 : Tweaks to get run-test working after enso.
4d77b6a : Save profile information in a separate thread.
dcdc85b : Dex2oat support for multiple oat file and image file outputs.
0cf4493 : Generate more stack maps during native debugging.
ef9230b : Clean up SwapSpace.
5f7b58e : Rewrite HInstruction::Is/As<type>().
18d2095 : Override notice file for OpenJdk based modules.
05b9125 : Ensure Jack server is running before any use
ac6ac10 : Optimizing/ARM: Fix CmpConstant().
2ddc6bf : Treat thread state kWaitingWeakGcRootRead as kJavaRunnable.
2994605 : Fix lock ordering violation
95bbf62 : Fix multiple image space handing for SS collector
9865bde : Rename NullHandle to ScopedNullHandle
28ee8db : Update header for
c5d2905 : Do not use $? in recipe
d5bbadf : Use shared namespaces for bundled apps
ba257bc : art: use -O1 to compile tests with clang for arm64
1cab143 : Re-enable optimization for clang arm64 art builds
803cbb9 : For LSE, further optimize stores for singleton references.
0041acf : Disable jsr166.LinkedTransferQueueTest#testTransfer2 again.
e0febdf : Move debug symbol writing code to
ecf52df : ART: Fix bug in LSE
6ca77ec : Separate into its own shared library.
391b866 : Disable the UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with read barriers.
51a64d5 : Make use of new method iterators.
299a939 : MIPS64: Fuse long and FP compare & condition in Optimizing.
67feb17 : Move JIT debugger interface code to its own file.
986f650 : Use shared namespaces for bundled apps
a00f012 : ART: Refactor CommonRuntimeTest::SetUp
b17d1cc : Revert "Tweak inlining heuristics."
f3e0ee2 : Revert "Revert "ART: Reduce the instructions generated by packed switch.""
f5c09c3 : Optimizing/ARM: Fix AddConstant() to adhere to set_cc.
3e3e4a7 : Fix braino in parallel move resolver.
fcb7613 : Tweak inlining heuristics.
6280ef8 : Fix typo in LOG_TAG.
4aaa1d3 : Change DCHECK into CHECK to diagnose sporadic crash.
66f5523 : Pass down to the runtime the application code paths.
901c55e : ART: Recognize cortex-a53.a57 for ARM features
17077d8 : Revert "Revert "X86: Use locked add rather than mfence""
e050c8f : Ensure that ClassTable has correct alignment in image.
5c7aed3 : MIPS32: improvements in code generation (mostly 64-bit ALU ops)
e64300b : Revert "Revert "Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class""
cc78f3f : Fix (non-intrinsic) UnsafeCASObject for the read barrier config.
0da3b91 : Revert "X86: Use locked add rather than mfence"
698fa97 : Remove spurious references to kEmitCompilerReadBarrier in MIPS.
caad53d : Disable LinkedTransferQueueTest tests failing on the CC.
64daedd : Make the 008-exceptions test print everything to stdout
e217fee : Adjust tests blacklisted for heap poisoning and read barriers.
a28267f : Update to INFO to not confuse adb logcat readers.
f5f64ef : Detect phi cycles.
a22cd2e : Add test case for bad arm code generation.
b4c1376 : Revert "ART: Reduce the instructions generated by packed switch."
f45c3f8 : ART: Compile run-tests with Java 7.
dce90b9 : Revert "ART: Set RTI of Arm64IntermediateAddress"
68289a5 : Revert "ART: Refactor SsaBuilder for more precise typing info"
cd7b0ee : MIPS32: Fuse long and FP compare & condition in Optimizing.
2efb0aa : Revert "Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class"
ae358c1 : Revert "Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class"
7b3e4f9 : X86: Use locked add rather than mfence
7d57d7f : Various induction/range analysis improvements.
8f27951 : Remove reference of deleted file.
aee2156 : Add some dumping when SIGQUIT for the JIT.
ab54190 : Remove test given its flakiness.
b06e28e : Refactor DexFile::DecodeDebugInfo.
18c12bb : Fix --inline-max-code-units option.
0675bec : Lower jitthreshold for jit profile test.
e722d29 : Revert "Make the JIT the default in ART."
1e7f8db : x86-64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
7c1559a : x86 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
e6465bc : Remove references to dlmalloc specific functions
9539150 : Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class
6286a97 : Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class
34021dd : Increase the sleep time in 554-jit-profile-file
7f57579 : Temporary disable linker-namespaces
c44edf6 : Disable 554-jit-profile-file for the READ_BARRIER mode.
ef885cd : Print more info on why the code_cache test fails in 115-native-bridge.
e36ae94 : ART: Set RTI of Arm64IntermediateAddress
d9510df : ART: Refactor SsaBuilder for more precise typing info
5d3fa25 : ART: Rename ROR test to a shorter name.
50a2f8d : Get DCHECK back to EncodedStaticFieldValueIterator
5366f5c : Fix call to LoadNativeLibrary
3e38172 : Port isolated namespace changes over to
44409d3 : Use isolated namespaces for app native libs
97b1135 : ART: Weaken dex file verifier abstract check
226501b : Revert "Revert "Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat""
351dddf : Optimizing: Clean up after HRor.
40a04bf : Replace rotate patterns and invokes with HRor IR.
d66c862 : Special case system_server to not create the JIT code cache.
2306ae0 : Revert "Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat"
0a9b682 : Make the JIT the default in ART.
76e5eab : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol
0ec6a11 : Ensure Jack server is running before any use
7d2b04c : Skip DumpForSigQuit if debugger is active
f5a3099 : Use isolated namespaces for app native libs
0b8f1bf : Skip DumpForSigQuit if debugger is active
1f12e28 : Make 'dexdump2 -l xml' include whether each class is an interface.
8ab1d64 : For LSE, add a few non-aliasing cases due to pre-existence.
42ef8ab : ART: Stash a resolved method late in the verifier
c96205e : Revert "ART: Check invoke-interface earlier in verifier"
67ad20e : Address some comments in image writer
49b0f45 : Refactor and clean up OatWriter and Dex2Oat.
ceb07b3 : Revert "Revert "Add support for LZ4 compressed image files""
a4f1220 : Optimizing: Add direct calls to math intrinsics
500c9be : Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat
917d016 : Don't generate a slow path for strings in the dex cache.
f71b3ad : Get source mapping table from stack maps.
41844e5 : Fix braino when resolving an invoke-super.
04ff4e8 : ART: Fix bug in DCE not removing phis from catch phi uses
8c55712 : Set DW_AT_comp_dir for each compile unit in dwarf
ea6f8d8 : Fix the build-art-multi-executable Make function.
3045cfe : Fix imgdiag build rules.
83d4d72 : Revert "Add support for LZ4 compressed image files"
53e32d1 : ART: Refactor verifier callbacks
82863f0 : Output static field values in dexdump
4d98c84 : ART: Make trampoline compiler pointer-size-safe
da9b763 : ART: Make trampoline compiler pointer-size-safe
c6f41b5 : Add support for LZ4 compressed image files
996ed0b : Add local variables to DWARF.
5096e66 : ART: Add FdFile::Copy() to copy data from another file.
64fff41 : Clarify --boot-image help message
ce025fa : New regression test in 042-new-instance
4b467ed : Simplify and rename IsLoopInvariant() test.
59f054d : ART: Reduce the instructions generated by packed switch.
dae2414 : ART: Check invoke-interface earlier in verifier
ca023a3 : Fix test-art-target-sync when ART_TEST_ANDROID_ROOT is used.
8993caf : ART: Enable all optimizations except LSE under try/catch
67c5ddd : ART: Instruction dumper should handle out-of-bound index for const-string
75d5053 : Replace proxy class names with deterministic ones for test output.
204e966 : Revert "Disable tests causing random failures with Enso and read barriers."
da30904 : Revert "Fix the ART Buildbots using the master-art manifest."
88b2b80 : Allow initializing runtime with parsed options.
f138928 : Fix the ART Buildbots using the master-art manifest.
bf84a3d : Annotate Boolean literals more uniformly in Optimizing's intrinsics.
bc7f808 : Replace proxy class names with deterministic ones for test output.
41dc8ce : Combine class sets when writing a class table
7735306 : Make test 100 not depend on undefined ordering.
131980f : Add ElfWriter::GetStream().
73be1e8 : Inline monomorphic calls.
b9f8119 : Fix art::x86::IntrinsicLocationsBuilderX86::VisitUnsafeGetLong.
b738d4f : Step-wise improvement of range analysis with outer loop induction.
208a5cb : Store class tables in the image
ddd2172 : imgdiag: Fix rarely flaky imgdiag_test.
b8c4f03 : ART: Add test for DetachCurrentThread monitor behavior
801fcc4 : MIPS64: Enable StringCompareTo and StringIndexOf stub tests
9fdb129 : Revert "Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat"
51f01a2 : Revert "Fix test path in"
07f78c8 : Revert "Disable 554-jit-profile-file for unsupported test modes"
3250180 : Revert "Fix the order in which profiled methods are dumped."
216848a : ART: Fix Makefile
74f07b5 : ART: Fix Mac build
fd5c599 : ART: Fix Mac build
4adc26e : ART: Fix Makefile
33bcb07 : Disable 554-jit-profile-file for unsupported test modes
226b91e : ART: Support dlopen for a PIC boot image
049cff0 : ART: Refactor oat_file.h/cc for better maintainability
1d2760b : Fix the order in which profiled methods are dumped.
95f51a7 : Fix test path in
27e17fd : Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat
e523423 : Revert "Revert "Don't use the compiler driver for method resolution.""
fe86070 : Revert "Revert "ART: Do not eagerly type LoopPhi [null, ...]""
f64242a : Optimizing: Add checker tests for sharpening.
5f3fb18 : Revert "ART: Do not eagerly type LoopPhi [null, ...]"
4a34277 : Dynamic BCE (based on induction range analysis)
c88ef3a : Revert "Don't use the compiler driver for method resolution."
3a738bf : ART: Do not eagerly type LoopPhi [null, ...]
4db0bf9 : Don't use the compiler driver for method resolution.
1acc729 : Remove unnecessary workaround to vogar escaping issue
ad54338 : Clean up optimizing compiler stats
fb337ea : Move PC-relative addressing bases to a better position.
b4536b7 : Optimizing/ARM: Implement kDexCachePcRelative dispatch.
e16ce5a : MIPS32: Bit rotation intrinsics
8682960 : MIPS32: int java.lang.*.numberOfTrailingZeros
e384547 : MIPS32: int java.lang.*.numberOfLeadingZeros
1ed1a13 : Revert "Change LoadNativeLibrary to use GetOrCreateAllocator"
70014c8 : MIPS32: java.lang.*.reverse
ebe2dfc : Support null error_msg for select MemMap functions
6c8467f : Make debugger support default methods.
2d902b9 : Change LoadNativeLibrary to use GetOrCreateAllocator
610a142 : Do not build art with clang for mips64
67f0261 : Test case for getting annotations of renamed enums.
10c1356 : Refactor oat file writing to give Dex2Oat more control.
3dd7e5a : Temporarily omit MIPS floating point registers in DWARF.
4d44e53 : MIPS64: Fix stub_test implementation
c6e043c : Remove section related to enso failures.
9729079 : Disable tests causing random failures with Enso and read barriers.
5784621 : No need merging bulk free list again when revoking thread local runs
ec4d160 : Enabled 070-nio-buffer
945c1c1 : Fix circular dependencies for ContainsBootClassLoaderNonImageClass
2c6ca2b : Fix jit profile saving flags.
f60c7e2 : ART: Clean up ordering of dex cache arrays in image files.
8626b74 : ARM64: Use the shifter operands.
e3bbc3f : ART: Improve utf_test for unpaired surrogates.
0fd295f : Add stack locations to DWARF parameters.
7e99e05 : MIPS32: Improve integer division by constants
31f2c15 : Save jit profiling info to file.
2073369 : Revert "Fix 030-bad-finalizer & 059-finalizer-throw."
42e372e : Optimize HLoadClass when we know the class is in the cache.
13c7449 : ART: Fix SafeMap::Put()/PutBefore() rvalue overloads.
3108daf : Add backward branch instumentation to the switch interpreter.
d9dc6f4 : A few more optimizations on avoiding HClinit.
73a4265 : MIPS32: Record missing implicit null checks
22ccc3a : ARM64 read barrier support for concurrent GC in Optimizing.
464595f : Enso ThreadGroup.groups is an array not ArrayList
888d067 : Revamp art::CheckEntrypointTypes uses.
a7a4759 : Revert "lambda: Add support for invoke-interface for boxed innate lambdas"
1646d7a : Optimize some commonly used utf8 functions by:
eb0c7d8 : Add another test for wide stores fix in optimizing.
3a09092 : Revert "lambda: Add support for invoke-interface for boxed innate lambdas"
4f6b0b5 : Clean up read barrier related comments in Optimizing.
f2a5c9c : Disable JDWP tests with read barriers.
3ddd593 : Further fix for class deduction for ctor access checks
b8bce05 : Manually close the JNI libraries
0d1caa5 : Optimizing: Avoid a PrettyMethod() call per compiled method.
809d70f : ART: Fix wide stores in Optimizing
6f58cb8 : Temporarily disable compiler_driver_test.
8e1ef53 : Do not change to the access check entrypoint when inlined.
e44bf3e : Disable 070-nio-buffer and 955-lambda-smali.
1fdb696 : Fix jni_internal_test
0871cd7 : Switch init order of WellKnownClasses and NativeMethods
317f9ce : Fix lint error.
5c00485 : ART: Fix uninitialized variable
e34648d : Revert "Add stats support for existing optimizations"
06241b1 : Add stats support for existing optimizations
a0e87b0 : MIPS64: Support short and long branches
3fc7f35 : Accept synthetic phi nodes and general names for blocks.
d59c706 : Revert "Dynamic BCE (based on induction range analysis)"
53fc75a : Make target-sync work with verity.
0b5849b : Dynamic BCE (based on induction range analysis)
457e874 : lambda: Add support for invoke-interface for boxed innate lambdas
d297b55 : Fix null pointer in processing of enum annotations.
729645a : Explicitly add HLoadClass/HClinitCheck for HNewInstance.
a166bbb : Kill stale dalvikvm processes at the end of the jdwp test.
a246347 : Fix --jvm on run-tests 960 and 961
689a700 : Pass DexPathList.Element array to openDexFileNative
f652917 : Simplify boolean condition compared to 0
04b0526 : Encode function signatures properly in DWARF.
f9d741e : Optimizing/ARM: Improve long shifts by 1.
418318f : ARM64: Add support for multiply-accumulate.
38db785 : Opt compiler: More strength reduction for multiplications.
6fd0ffe : Optimizing/Thumb2: Improve load/store for large offsets.
1532476 : Use arc4random when available to select delta for image relocation.
732f016 : Revert "Use arc4random when available to select delta for image relocation."
7ecbd49 : Use arc4random when available to select delta for image relocation.
d37d364 : Create parent class loader for dex2oat
ed70b4a : Relax CAS in some uses of Object::AtomicSetReadBarrierPointer.
295a596 : Fix cmdline parser test.
b2d38fd : Allow NullConstant to be untyped in GraphVisualiser.
c53c079 : Clean up the special input in HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
5678229 : Rename options for shorter names.
fbb184a : Fix ClinitCheck pruning.
0a3be16 : Increase code cache after 1 full collection.
8332cda : Add jack as a build target for the buildbot.
3db9c5d : ART: Change Init{From,Without}Image to return bool
763a31e : Add immune spaces abstraction
0ff7afc : Fix an assert in lse.
fb8464a : Revert "Revert "Enable store elimination for singleton objects.""
3f8bf65 : MIPS32: Miscellaneous bit manipulations routines:
055b5f3 : Remove incorrect iterator increment
3927c8b : Opt compiler: Arm64 packed-switch jump tables.
ba69a51 : Fix bogus DCHECK and rename DidForkFromZygote.
787ae8e : Remove DEBUG_JIT from Zygote flags.
3b359c7 : ARM read barrier support for concurrent GC in Optimizing.
38f9eba : Annotate root objects and show their types.
52503d8 : Implement common super type in reference type propagation.
0debae7 : ART: Refactor GenerateTestAndBranch
9d157e4 : Fix bogus DCHECK and rename DidForkFromZygote.
636b925 : Support deoptimization only to set vreg
0968744 : Fix StackVisitor::GetVReg for reference in shadow frame
4b00d34 : Refactor some patching logic
1eab4a8 : Mark kQuickReadBarrierForRootSlow as direct entry point on MIPS.
0d5a281 : x86/x86-64 read barrier support for concurrent GC in Optimizing.
c07d66d : Add ability to skip run-tests with ART_TEST_RUN_TEST_SKIP.
04302db : Fix class unloading with the CC collector.
972d6d7 : MIPS64: Add java.lang.String.equals intrinsic.
9b0f516 : Disable test 964 with gcstress since it often times out.
74974ab : ART: add kryo to a53 #835769 & #843419 erratum exception list
3f382ae : Implemented control of "export only" feature in dexdump.
04e983a : Revert "Revert "Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray""
0f042e0 : Remove DEBUG_JIT from Zygote flags.
b52a39c : Revert "Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray"
952d608 : Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray
6484b80 : Fix bug with test 964.
b190d94 : Add class loader argument to openDexFileNative
6dc0174 : Minor fixes and cleaning of arm64 static and direct calls code.
0fd5812 : Revert "Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol"
0f7dca4 : Optimizing/X86: PC-relative dex cache array addressing.
de95c87 : RosAlloc fast path inline in assembly for x86 32bit.
073b16c : Image space cleanup for app images
328c5dc : Get class loader to remember interrupts
00580bd : MIPS64: fix calling conventions in LoadClass and field accesses
273baec : Make test 968's name shorter
92d662e : Revert "lambda: unit test for lambda expressions at Java Language source level."
b851b49 : Stream DWARF debug section directly to disk.
5f5509a : Move .debug_line before .debug_info.
fda0432 : ART: Add comments to Scoped-/ArenaAllocator.
152ee55 : lambda: unit test for lambda expressions at Java Language source level.
f83e733 : Move the trace file out of the profiles folder.
7500193 : ART: Fix arena allocation for valgrind.
7a16adb : Change roots view to "rooted".
617bd92 : Ignore NullConstants when computing the type for Phis.
13c86fd : Optimizing: Clean up constant location handling.
e7132a9 : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol
cdfed3d : Revert "Revert "Run type propagation after inliner only when needed.""
32f7a16 : Ignore failures of WeakHashMapTest#test_keySet in libcore tests.
33ad10e : Optimizing/ARM: Improve shifts of long values by a constant.
9139e00 : Correct exception behavior for default methods
16d29f8 : Don't use fixed addresses in mem map test
6be4f2a : ART: Fix leak in Heap
040db34 : Optimizing: Clean up Equal/NotEqual constant folding for nulls.
d8ef0c6 : ART: Remove unnecessary helper method from GraphChecker
d26a411 : ART: Refactor iteration over normal/exceptional successors
9e23df5 : Optimizing: Improve constant folding + DCE for inlining.
59a850e : ART: Improve comment about inlining into try/catch
81e479e : ART: Fix critical edge checks in GraphChecker
dc0d1eb : ART: Add clarifying comment
8a7c0fe : Revert "Revert "ART: Update DCE to work with try/catch""
8cd63ab : ART: set growth limit to heap size when it is larger.
21e3325 : Delete flaky DCHECK
11cea0c : Fix mac build
86c3f48 : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for x86_64.
42bddce : Add low_4gb support to MapFile and MapFileAtAddress
337a396 : Some cleanup for tests 960-965 build scripts.
f1f1049 : Class Linker: Implement default interface verification ordering.
ec6e6c1 : ART: Rerun the verifier for compile-time failures
a808bac : Add more image writer comments and clean up
daf11eb : Revert "Revert "Revert "Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests"""
391d01f : Optimizing: Rewrite search for common dominators.
6f6f359 : Fix mip64 build: hide current method input only if it exists.
4d247f7 : Fix build: lint error in elf_builder.h
0a97fc6 : JDWP: default implementation of Method.IsObsolete
db51efb : ART: Fix critical edge splitting under try/catch
8ccbd27 : Remove unused variable.
6d8c8f0 : Rewrite ElfBuilder to make streaming directly to file easier.
9450c6c : Remove thread suspension assertion for SuspendAllForDebugger
a4c98f2 : ART: Fix return-object verification
6c7aae9 : Revert "Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol"
5c75ffa : MIPS64: small improvements in code generation
c857c74 : MIPS64: Improve integer division by constants
b554b5a : Optimizing: Remove unused ArtMethod* input from HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
9bc4361 : ART: Fix simplification of catch blocks in the presence of dead code
5caf652 : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol
a6017d8 : Revert "Revert "Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests""
795e341 : ART: Fix potential integer overflow in JNI.
16ba2b4 : MIPS32: java.lang.String.equals
a5891e8 : Fix interaction between JIT and instrumentation.
8148937 : Improve X86 handling of constants to Field/Array Set
751beff : Revert "Revert "Introduce support for hardware simulators, starting with ARM64""
4ca1037 : Change test to .art
53afca1 : MIPS64: Implement virtual intrinsic slow path
da5b28a : Revert "Revert "Add basic image writer support for app images""
07ddb6f : Fix elf writer to properly handle empty text sections
ae35c37 : Use _exit instead of exit after exec fails
81819db : ART: Fix ignoring duplicate fields when loading class.
0f7c933 : Minor cleanup of Monitor::VisitLocks
ea5af68 : X86-64: Split long/double constant array/field set
b8b9769 : Fix conditional jump over jmp (X86/X86-64/ARM32)
a3e1377 : JDWP: fix returned tag for ClassType.NewInstance
19fcbda : Move .dynsym ELF section after .text
63e47f4 : Fix flake around instrumentation.
629e935 : Properly delete the jit thread pool.
d28b969 : Code cleanup to avoid CompilerDriver abstractions in JIT.
a5a79b6 : Revert "Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests"
4b01856 : Revert "Add basic image writer support for app images"
ff2f2ad : Fix continuous build
cb08695 : ART: Change behavior for rethrowing init failures (2)
c033474 : Add basic image writer support for app images
2bd4c5c : Revert "ART: Implement DeadPhiHandling in PrimitiveTypePropagation"
99babb6 : ART: Change behavior for rethrowing init failures
1749e2c : ART: Implement DeadPhiHandling in PrimitiveTypePropagation
389b3db : Finalized all components of range analysis needed for dynamic bce.
55fed87 : Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests
10ef694 : Delay emitting CFI PC adjustments until after Thumb2/Mips fixup.
41f10bc : Fix test in case we run the ART_TEST_TRACE tests.
5a23d2e : Fix TODO on instrumentation and add some more DCHECKs.
934808f : Fix mips32oc ArraySet null constant assignment
1af86f1 : ahat: limit default number of results shown.
b357730 : Annotate References with their referent.
91de25f : Make things generally quieter.
514a616 : Fix broken handling of instrumentation lists.
56d5e50 : JDWP: fix java.lang.String creation
6262340 : Fix deadlock with the JIT code cache.
30c475a : lambda: Minor capture-variable/liberate-variable clean-up after post-merge reviews.
fb552d7 : Revert "ART: Update DCE to work with try/catch"
723e6ce : Minor improvements for the CC collector.
ce52901 : ART: Update DCE to work with try/catch
a90c772 : Add application image dex2oat options
22cf3d3 : Fix tests flakiness with jit when using Proxy classes.
60989d2 : Fix stalled comment from last commit.
d930929 : Fix inlining and lse bugs with unresolved access.
cdcd000 : Remove package on which we cannot revert.
a190645 : Remove extra space at end of line in output.
9517798 : ART: Enable inlining under try/catch
7cffc3b : ART: Arm32 packed-switch jump tables
d1eaf0d : Keep list of dex files for oat file in CompilerDriver.
9f51f26 : X86: Add support for ucomis[sd] reg/memory form
703c282 : A generic jni method can be instrumented.
fca90a1 : Fix compile-time error.
b8703d6 : Add a few instructions to
abbb0f7 : Refactor code so that JIT can parse compiler options.
701566a : MIPS32: Create infrastructure to support intrinsics
6a439bc : Made run-test 960-964 support being run with jack compiler.
771e5cc : Revert "ART: Enable more passes under try/catch"
9507fa2 : Change a few places to use string version of GetTypeId
73f1f3b : Move loop invariant utility to more general place.
b56200b : Add comment for RunCheckpoint and clean up ThreadList a bit
96709f1 : Simplify unsigned comparisons against zero (with unit tests).
39fabd6 : ART: Enable more passes under try/catch
d9786b0 : Implementation of fast lookup table to search class_def by descriptor
55d02cf : Revert "Enable store elimination for singleton objects."
10d2508 : Change Checkpoint API to return total number of checkpoints
efc3f02 : ART: Fix deopt from optimized code under inlining
0db36b3 : Fix minor problems with interface verification and default methods.
41af5e5 : Store method as ArtMethod* instead of jmethodId in Breakpoint
22f0587 : Generate taken-test during trip-count analysis.
fadfee9 : Fix up run-test.
6aa1370 : ART: Fix PACKED size of tls_ptr_size.
4e915fb : Tune heuristics a bit.
709b38e : Adjust jit code cache on ThreadStress to avoid timeouts.
8d10e45 : We still need to provide an image.
49e4396 : A native method may be running and have the resolution stub.
fa02285 : Fix test failure due to wrong runtime arguments.
26705e2 : Add support for collection ProfilingInfo objects.
9518655 : Fix script after image changes.
c89715c : Do not assume the dex cache is already populated.
e87a718 : MIPS32: added support for unresolved classes
0775dba : Remove obsolete comment and option.
7f43a3d : Enable store elimination for singleton objects.
562ff44 : Revert "Remove DCHECK that does not work for gtests."
7d32dbc : Remove DCHECK that does not work for gtests.
a3bb720 : Added format 25x to dexdump(2).
35831e8 : Reduce memory used by CompiledMethods.
bd425fa : Remove stalled DCHECK.
7596996 : MIPS32: Move code from RA to T9 in longjump
3642749 : MIPS64: Add "Compare and Swap" intrinsic support.
c9e94f3 : MIPS: Support register pairs in CodeGeneratorMIPS::AddLocationAsTemp().
0f8e072 : Use HashMap for DexFileVerifier
6f6244a : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for arm64.
8327cf7 : Use --oat-fd instead of --oat-file when calling dex2oat.
1dad3f6 : Support garbage collection of JITted code.
05ff5a4 : Make dchecked_vector C++11 compatible.
c482d38 : Add HashSet::Reserve
e2725c5 : Move jdwp and libcore testing to jit.
77ff54b : Limit summary string lengths to 200 characters.
8a0e033 : Cleanup some of the run-test system
8d44725 : Trim arena maps during heap trim
de40d47 : Use arenas for the verifier
1a87837 : MIPS32: Fix loading address in GenerateStaticOrDirectCall
85f645d : MIPS32: Remove tests from list of broken tests
2717436 : Revert "Run type propagation after inliner only when needed."
d63c799 : Revert "Mark 2 libcore tests as failing."
19eab40 : Make the mark stack expandable for the CC collector.
e9d6e60 : Disable store elimination on singleton object.
784e790 : ART: Support trivially-destructible arrays in ArenaUniquePtr
7b05e17 : Add ArenaUniquePtr
e5d80f8 : Move ArenaBitVector into the runtime
6cff48f : ART: Speed up thread stack tracing for ANRs
751ceba : Fix dependencies when not building with Jack.
4e5dd52 : Run type propagation after inliner only when needed.
cbec6d9 : Disable two tests that require IPv6.
dc151b2 : Optimizing: Determine invoke-static/-direct dispatch early.
985ff70 : Disable the ARM & ARM64 UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with heap poisoning.
8df69d4 : Revert "Revert "load store elimination.""
f652cec : MIPS: Initial version of optimizing compiler for MIPS32
3385650 : Do not run the verifier when deopting optimized frames.
b488b78 : Fix heap poisoning in UnsafeCASObject x86/x86-64 intrinsic.
fed3e2f : Relax some CASes for the CC collector.
8128437 : MIPS64: Clean-up intrinsics code
e2aa326 : Use binary search for FindDeclaredInstance/StaticField
3048698 : Fix art-run-tests dependencies
358bcaf : JDWP: fix possible JdwpEvent memory leak
d9486f9 : Mark 2 libcore tests as failing.
1e7de6c : Remove the magic 32 constant and ensure alignment.
97da02a : enum operator<<() script fails with do { } while cond;
0c3c266 : Use DlMallocSpace for the JIT code cache.
5295bc2 : ART: Disable Clang for arm
58554b7 : ART: Fix left-shift of negative numbers
214bbcd : Inliner: make sure the returned value is in the outer graph.
98a73e1 : MIPS64: Add tests for rotation, and shift instructions
4d3a8be : Fix typos.
8d148c9 : Disable test 961-default-iface-resolution-generated with gcstress
c237b39 : Release ahat version 0.2.
cfea7d5 : Disable the x86 & x86-64 UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with heap poisoning.
307dac9 : Fix destruction order in Dex2Oat.
ab60b68 : New attempt at fixing mac build.
b937a44 : Fix mac build.
524e7ea : Remove ArtCode.
27cfad0 : Fix induction_var_range_test.
7d4152f : MIPS64: Disassembler support for rotate instructions.
0f8f864 : MIPS64: Add intrinsic support for bit rotation
aec3cce : Added ability to generate induction range code.
00310e0 : Keep dex files live in class table
bb245d1 : Generalize codegen and simplification of deopt.
722fa98 : ART: Replace an "ALWAYS_INLINE" with "inline" to fix build.
06d7aaa : Clean up OatFile.
9aebff2 : MIPS64: Add intrinsic support for bit rotation
0646da7 : MIPS64: Add intrinsics support for trailing zeros
e6dbf48 : ARM64: Instruction simplification for array accesses.
0d6f026 : Block signals before invoking special or user handlers
1360ada : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from sun.misc.Unsafe:
740eec9 : Change dex_location_ from const char* to std::string.
97a2181 : Fix mips64 cfi test
1261759 : Fix in reference type propagation
32cc9ee : Change hash table load factors
0e09cf6 : ART: Fix Mips64 JNI Calling Convention
77da9c3 : Merge test 539 into test 538-checker-embed-constants.
b69fbfb : ARM64: Better recognition of constants encodable as immediates.
085fc87 : Parse runtime compiler options for JIT
dc412b6 : Revert "Revert "Implement rosalloc fast path in assembly for 32 bit arm.""
4b8f1ec : Use ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED more.
895bb5f : ART: Add simple null alias tracking for lock counting
09d0943 : ART: Use .bss section for dex cache arrays.
d57d454 : Allocate dex cache arrays in their class loader's linear alloc
8030c41 : Revert "load store elimination."
589dac7 : load store elimination.
cf91c7d : Revert "Implement rosalloc fast path in assembly for 32 bit arm."
8069d9f : Allow changing the optimization level of a build with env variable.
80b37b7 : Fix structural class checks
dedcba2 : Make the run-test makefile check if we have python3
e9f3760 : Added support for unsigned comparisons
0a67a9c : ART: Fix build
56a40f5 : Cleanup interface initialization code to create fewer scopes
fdccbd4 : Do not attempt to unregister null oat files
9499107 : Move x86 constant area code to its own file
805b3b5 : X86 jump tables for PackedSwitch
e6e3bea : Revert "Revert "optimizing: propagate type information of arguments""
9c86b48 : X86_64 jump tables for PackedSwitch
d2b4ca2 : Improve Thumb2 bitwise operations.
0ccb383 : Fix braino in arm assembler.
8c34ec1 : Fix MIPS64 boot
ec00b7e : Disable tests requiring python3 for dist builds.
24a0fc8 : Add some missing comments
e58991b : Revert "Revert "Unload oat files""
eb7c144 : Add initial default method support to Art
e631694 : Implement rosalloc fast path in assembly for 32 bit arm.
6bec6b2 : Fix braino in ArtCode refactoring.
2758318 : ART: More lenient lock merging in the verifier
9537ba2 : ART: Rewrite stub-test inline assembly
5bd05a5 : Implement System.arraycopy intrinsic for arm.
2d096c9 : Fix moving GC bugs in MonitorEnter and MonitorExit
245c11a : Fix mips64 build: Add missing "=".
c05aca7 : Revert "optimizing: propagate type information of arguments"
6bc4374 : Add an abstraction over a compiled code.
72da5e7 : Revert "Unload oat files"
0524aeb : Switch ahat test to use
6cfc2c0 : Avoid visiting find array class cache as roots
18656fe : Unload oat files
2c1ffc3 : optimizing: propagate type information of arguments
b2feaaf : Revert "Revert "Fix instrumentation frame check with inlining""
655e585 : Optimizing: Move GraphChecker memory allocations to arena.
dbc2337 : Optimizing: Avoid string init register set copy for debuggable.
4e2a557 : Assert that referrers class should not need access check.
e3e2fe5 : Revert "Fix instrumentation frame check with inlining"
ee3cf07 : Intrinsify System.arraycopy.
10cd86b : Fix race in ART 079-phantom
03ec930 : ART: Lock counting in the interpreter
f9c6fc6 : Add OatFileManager
d48708d : Add test to check that unverified methods are not inlined.
a9a306d : Add a clarifying comment on HLoadClass::InstructionDataEquals.
cff8cc7 : Don't check for optimizing test marker on unsupported ISAs.
1f49764 : ART: Use arena allocator with HashSet/HashMap.
4b1d4ec : ART: Do not abort on exception in CreatePeer
4bf9012 : ART: Do not include endian.h on Mac.
386062d : Make sure classes with different access checks are not GVN-ed
3054704 : Mark a new Checker test broken for MIPS32
5cc343d : ART: Checker tests for --debuggable
b95fb77 : Optimizing: Clean up after tagging arena allocations.
ec7802a : Add DCHECKs to ArenaVector and ScopedArenaVector.
3079e28 : Fix instrumentation frame check with inlining
eaa4609 : Fix monitor contention logging to support negative line numbers
0ccc341 : Move dmtracedump from dalvik to art.
e53fb55 : Don't remove type checks if we need to perform an access check.
09b1d6f : Enforce optimizing test marker for verification errors.
cde4d27 : Fix x86_64 round intrinsic duplicate load
3cfa4d0 : ART: Remove interpreter entrypoints
7532401 : ART: Change asm test logging
7bda3b6 : Revert "Quick: Work around large frame sizes for x86_64."
d4cf1e4 : Quick: Work around large frame sizes for x86_64.
12be662 : Fix lint issues.
a83a54d : Add support for intrinsic optimizations.
4b29f38 : The move to jack forces us to explicitly give the jar path.
d26101c : Disable class unloading test for CC
a6b1ead : Mark breakpoint roots
5141763 : MIPS64: Additional assember tests:
c90d7c7 : Revert "Optimizing: Disable -Wframe-larger-than= for CompileOptimized()."
580b609 : Fix location summary for LoadClass
9701c2e : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from java.lang.String:
f3e0706 : ART: Add more error logging to assembler tests
b5c4693 : Assert we don't store an invalid dex_pc in the stack maps.
154746b : Remove dex_pc's default value from top level HInstruction
67f784e : Optimizing: Disable -Wframe-larger-than= for CompileOptimized().
8c434dc : MIPS: Assemblers changes needed for optimizing compiler
98893e1 : Add support for unresolved classes in optimizing.
c13f13a : Fix another Makefile typo.
1e085f0 : Use optimizing's pic boot image in art script.
24cc1b3 : Fix style issue in stub_test.
dbce0d7 : MIPS64r6 Assembler Tests
7778b88 : Disable class unloading when tracing is active
4adeab1 : Refactor the alloc entry point generation code.
831b1cc : Fix test 087 for interpreter
1d7d7f1 : Delete DexFiles in closeDexFiles
aa51682 : Add exclusion between instrumentation and GC
5f4a09a : ART: Add CheckJNI lock checking
0dfc9bc : ART: Add more deopt tests
ecf680d : Block callee save fp registers in debuggable.
7701d10 : Fix typo from previous commit.
75d5b9b : Revert "Don't use floating point callee saves in debuggable."
6e399ac : Add aarch64 and mips64 support for testing 64 bit field set.
9ccf051 : Perform write barrier on declaring class when adding instrumentation
2e28775 : Make it possible to change the read barrier type as build config.
b5bba59 : Perform write barrier on declaring class when adding instrumentation
470d54f : Change IllegalAccess/IncompatibleClassChange order.
51c6c18 : KNOWN_BROKEN/FAILING does not work for gtests.
da3a55b : Don't delegate to Quick anymore.
481303b : Fix lint error.
b2ae66a : Test fails on mips.
ccc6197 : Do more inlining when JITting.
872ab3f : Fix x86_64 gtest.
07380a2 : Enable compilation of members with access check failures.
e460d1d : Revert "Revert "Support unresolved fields in optimizing"
8ac9c91 : Make SetStateUnsafe run checkpoints before going to suspended
fa75518 : Improvements for table lookup read barriers.
4843bd5 : Change DecodeWeakGlobal to DecodeJObject for class unloading
72f9075 : Move getPublicFieldRecursive to native JNI
dabdccc : Add more error printing to TransitionFromSuspendedToRunnable
1450082 : MIPS64: Code cleanup.
a8a0fe2 : Fix another poisoning problem.
3524472 : Generate an hprof file to test ahat.
9f389d4 : ART: Fix a static_cast int32_t -> uint64_t bug.
409e809 : Don't force the boot image to using quick.
61b1dbe : Fix poisoining bug in arm64.
bac76b4 : Mark one more Checker test broken for mips32
cbc96b8 : Revert "Revert "ART: Remove unnecessary SHARED_REQUIRES in ArtMethod""
0b15f67 : ART: Fix test
44f1019 : Fix a sign-extension bug in JValue.
31bf42c : Use free lists instead of bitmaps within rosalloc runs.
89df7bf : ART: Refactor libarttest C++ code
00d597a : Tidy up spelling
88a95ba : Don't use floating point callee saves in debuggable.
e0395dd : Optimize ArraySet for x86/x64/arm/arm64.
910e827 : Revert "Revert "Keep internal stack trace methods declaring classes live""
9401f53 : Implemented trip-count safety information.
2a408a3 : ART: Mark deallocated arena memory as inaccessible.
44368e8 : Make libcore timeout the same for all runs.
73b6cdf : ART: Mark Checker tests broken for mips32
1920c10 : Revert "Revert "Enable optimizations with --debuggable.""
45a8522 : Revert "Keep internal stack trace methods declaring classes live"
566fc92 : Keep internal stack trace methods declaring classes live
38b8287 : Revert "ART: Remove unnecessary SHARED_REQUIRES in ArtMethod"
5233f93 : Optimizing: Tag even more arena allocations.
a23b468 : Fix a mutator lock violation in the generic JNI end sequence.
6dd3329 : ART: Remove unnecessary SHARED_REQUIRES in ArtMethod
b7d27a5 : Revert "Enable optimizations with --debuggable."
a661d7d : ART: Use an iterative way in DoDFSPreOrderSSARename()
4f81907 : Add deoptimization test.
43855cc : Enable optimizations with --debuggable.
b11fc61 : Fix a bug in DeadPhiHandling around conflicting phis.
aadc986 : CUSTOM_TARGET_LINKER is set by the buildbot already.
452c1b6 : Optimizing: Simplify UShr+And, Shr+And.
97a87ec : Quick: Avoid shifting -1 left (undefined behavior).
225b646 : Optimizing: Tag arena allocations in code generators.
6e7455e : Use dominance information for null optimization in write barrier.
c3fcd41 : Address some code comments
639bdd1 : ART: Single-frame deopt
cffb747 : Don't unload shared libraries for null class loader.
49e5539 : MIPS64: Implement intrinsic java.lang.Thread.currentThread()
853a4c3 : ART: Run arch specific Checker tests on host
cdaf477 : Use make TARGET_LINKER= instead of overriding linker flags.
1d0a03c : ART: Fix DeadPhiHandling creating >2 equivalents
3b9f304 : Address HPackedSwitch issues raised after merge
6918bf1 : Revert "Revert "lambda: Experimental support for capture-variable and liberate-variable""
7bbb80a : Revert "lambda: Experimental support for capture-variable and liberate-variable"
42fbf49 : Disable class unloading test for tracing tests
0b7ac98 : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from java.lang.Math:
b721234 : lambda: Experimental support for capture-variable and liberate-variable
4450d92 : Fix tests 116 and 118 for no-prebuild
36c0136 : Fix bug in WaitForCompilationToFinish
a50f9cf : Fix JIT for class unloading
dbf056d : ART: Move code from RA to T9 in Mips64 longjump
598302a : Call JNI_OnUnload when class loaders get collected
70fb1f4 : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from
5469d34 : ART: Reject PackedSwitch with overflowing keys
430c4f5 : Optimizing: Add comment on DCE's packed-switch value check.
071cd9d : ART: Fix misleading error message in method verifier.
211c211 : Optimizing: Rewrite DCE's MarkReachableBlocks().
2aaa4b5 : Optimizing: Tag more arena allocations.
d0180f9 : ART: SsaBuilder clean up
d7558da : ART: Preserve loop headers with try/catch
05aa4d3 : Enable class unloading
b302592 : ART: Use unique_ptr for alloca-ed ShadowFrames
5ed8b2d : dexdump2 won't be optional when it replaces dexdump.
1f8695c : Optimizing: Rewrite HGraph::FindBackEdges().
d76d139 : Optimizing: Rewrite HGraph::ComputeDominanceInformation().
0b6e283 : ART: mprotect() bottom page of ThreadPoolWorker stacks.
cd26feb : Minor cleanup in range analysis.
f475bee : Various improvements in finding induction variables.
aab5b75 : Replaced INT_MIN/MAX with modern-day limits.
22cbec4 : Fix falkiness in 117-nopatchoat
29c8680 : ART: Refactor run-test 482-loop-back-edge-use
14a3160 : Don't use ninja to build targets.
14f8b13 : Add benchmark for jobject functions
84a7903 : ART: PathClassLoader test
5550c56 : Clear allocator in image writer
1ac1c2b : Some clean up for mark sweep files
017ed0b : Fix CreateLinearAlloc bug
951ec2c : Revert "Revert "Add one LinearAlloc per ClassLoader""
b3365e0 : Various improvements in range analysis.
3039e38 : MIPS64: Implement miscellaneous bit manipulation intrinsics
37cf51f : ART: Fix destruction order in Runtime.
7de5dfe : Revert "Add one LinearAlloc per ClassLoader"
abfcf18 : Further refinements to checkcast/instanceof.
f6010ec : Fix static build when libbacktrace links llvm libraries.
8a159fd : ART: Use JIT image for JIT run tests
356412e : Add one LinearAlloc per ClassLoader
9edb5b1 : Revert "ART: Skip image visitor in OatWriter for VerifyAtRuntime"
bb3d505 : MIPS64: No call if ArraySet does not need a type check
9f0dece : ART: Print short register names with MIPS64
b701315 : ART: Fix bug in DeadPhiHandling
3d6b470 : ART: Show the previous failure type in init rejection
7856835 : Fix locking on string init map (again).
fe57faa : [optimizing] Add basic PackedSwitch support
666dd65 : Fix braino in new build targets.
5e0199b : Remove adb from host build in buildbot.
4686c52 : Fix locking on string init map.
72e36d8 : Handle OOME during threadstress finishing message
3f30e12 : ART: Clean up less in dex2oat
85c7bab : Revert "Revert "Optimize code generation of check-cast and instance-of.""
eead071 : ART: Optimize catch phi creation to save memory.
46fe065 : Fix x64's cmpw.
3eaa32f : ART: Delete catch phis for undefined vregs.
540138a : ART: Decrease dex2oat watchdog timeout
b15fea2 : Make run-{libcore,jdwp}-tests work with OUT_DIR set.
a2c3864 : Add lock around interpreter string init reg map.
85b62f2 : ART: Refactor intrinsics slow-paths
d5ce6a8 : ART: Skip image visitor in OatWriter for VerifyAtRuntime
33ddb74 : asan: update condition to work with multiple SANITIZE_TARGET values.
6958e4f : ART: Fix two allocation/deallocation mismatches.
498b160 : Allow null self only in DecodeWeakGlobalDuringShutdown().
7537437 : Revert "Optimize code generation of check-cast and instance-of."
99170c6 : Deoptimization support in optimizing compiler for setting local values
b7d8e8c : Optimizing: Do not use range-based loop when inserting elements.
76c92ac : Optimizing: Allow storing value objects in containers.
e6f49b4 : Revert "Support unresolved fields in optimizing" breaks debuggable tests.
64acf30 : Optimize code generation of check-cast and instance-of.
23a8e35 : Support unresolved fields in optimizing
175dc73 : Support unresolved methods in Optimizing
5d01db1 : BuildInvoke refactor: extract String.init in its own code path
0389cd5 : Use arc4random_buf instead of getauxval(AT_RANDOM).
740667a : ART: Skip compiler-driver compile loop for VerifyAtRuntime
71bf809 : Optimizing: Tag arena allocations in SsaBuilder.
8f8926a : Implement StringGetCharsNoCheck intrinsic for X86
2d55479 : X86/X86_64: Intrinsics - numberOfTrailingZeros, rotateLeft, rotateRight
fa6b93c : Optimizing: Tag arena allocations in HGraph.
bd8b6af : Use clang for building mips32r2_fp.
c7ae55d : ART: Make dex2oat timing a bit more granular
bcee092 : Add X86 bsf and rotate instructions
22af3be : Use induction variable range analysis in BCE (statically).
c895082 : Clean up mod union table
d2bb5ba : Expect null referent in DequeuePendingReference().
1147b9b : Use image pointer size for profile info
f1fbd52 : Rename parameter in ArtMethod::ToNativeQuickPc
72f7b88 : ART: Fix 004-ReferenceMap run test
c5b4b32 : Use $ for f registers to please clang.
87000a9 : Add option to append to the cfg dump.
77a48ae : Revert "Revert "ART: Register allocation and runtime support for try/catch""
baf89b8 : ART: Fix bug in reference type propagation
94ca9af : Temporarly disable SSA creation in try/catch/debuggable.
26f7286 : Cleanup thread access in StackVisitor
659562a : Revert "ART: Register allocation and runtime support for try/catch"
3faa581 : ART: Fix mac build
563e984 : Convert ART benchmarks into caliper benchmarks
d472066 : Revert "Revert "Re-enable Clang's -Wpessimizing-move""
b022fa1 : ART: Register allocation and runtime support for try/catch
a852a5b : ART: Build tests in checkbuild
0600cdc : Remove unnecessary std::move from test_dex_file_builder
70c08d3 : Fix the DequeuePendingReference crash.
4a37953 : Revert "Re-enable Clang's -Wpessimizing-move"
8f5d2d8 : Re-enable Clang's -Wpessimizing-move
68cad90 : Remove unnecessary std::move from variant_map.h
4f55e22 : Add and use ScopedSuspendAll
4b1e0f4 : Add benchmark for ScopedPrimitiveArray
5550ca8 : Record profiling information before Jitting.
f794ad7 : Be very patient with the emulator.
9ee23f4 : ARM/ARM64: Intrinsics - numberOfTrailingZeros, rotateLeft, rotateRight
1a97357 : ART: Narrow parameter types.
e6215c0 : ART: Move access flags checking to dex file verifier
501fd63 : ART: Fix Quick-style LR vs PC core spill mask bug
2fadd7b : Additional MIPS64 instructions needed by intrinsics code.
dcf0d4b : Increase the run-test timeout for the read barrier config.
d14c595 : Induction variable range analysis.
520633b : Support deoptimization on exception
a646aaf : Add extra options to tools/
e806732 : ART: Add missing GetInterfaceMethodIfProxy
3ecfd65 : Add dex_pc to all HInstructions in builder.
bfb5ba9 : Revert "Revert "Do a second check for testing intrinsic types.""
acd20ca : Allow null current thread in jni weak ref decode during shutdown.
0616ae0 : [optimizing] Add support for x86 constant area
6058455 : Optimizing: Tag basic block allocations with their source.
637ee0b : ART: Add some utilities for working with containers.
449b109 : ART: Clean up Thumb2Assembler's AddConstant().
471a203 : Simplify loop invariant operations during induction analysis.
5264148 : Remove framework start from script.
5a98822 : Don't stop framework when testing.
f80967c : Fix the read barrier config build.
e609b7c : Further development of induction variable analysis.
9b1c71e : Make class loaders weak roots
d630fd6 : Increase the run test failure output diff line count.
e7049ca : Fix art_quick_alloc_object_tlab
c77f3ab : Clean up formatting in class linker
e87c1cd : ART: Fix 466-get-live-vreg for read barrier.
305ff2d : ART: Abort if malloc() fails in SwapAllocator::allocate().
de286fd : Address some leftover comments
f1d666e : Add ScopedThreadSuspension
fc1ccd7 : lambda: Infrastructure to support capture/liberate-variable dex opcodes
736b560 : Reduce how often we call FindDexCache
788b21e : Pay attention to string offset and count fields.
fdbd13c : Some fixes for the CC collector.
c21e4e6 : Make format args explicit in DocString.
05792b9 : ART: Move DexCache arrays to native.
145acc5 : Revert "Optimizing: Tag basic block allocations with their source."
91e11c0 : Optimizing: Tag basic block allocations with their source.
2a7c1ef : Add more dwarf debug line info for Optimized methods.
f54cde6 : Increase max stack frame for sanitizers to handle x86.
fc8d247 : Fix native annotations returning TypeNotPresentException.
f9f6441 : Optimizing: Tag Arena allocations with their source.
b40808e : ART: Remove unnecessary include of linear_alloc.h.
738c4c9 : JDWP: attempt to fix failure on closed connection
1f039c4 : Use the 64-bit linker for target mips64r6 in
b2872da : Document the `--debuggable` option in dex2oat's usage.
ca33089 : No longer lock WeakGlobalsLock in FindDexCache
30b5e27 : Enable lockless decoding of weak globals
c3fdf90 : Add JNI state change performance test
db00eaf : Add GC coverage test for moving GC
c823eff : Disable the GDB-based test timeout dump in 32 bit.
2a5892f : Move more Class annotations to native.
6ffb9cc : Use GDB to dump threads in test timeouts, if available.
ea556cd : Revert "More cyrpto failures..."
a63f0d4 : Optimizing: Improve String.equals() thumb intrinsic.
73cf0fb : ART: Add 16-bit Thumb2 ROR, NEGS and CMP for high registers.
673ed3d : Revert "Revert "Change dex caches to be weak roots""
2e1c16d : JDWP: check object is assignable in ArrayReference.SetValues
ebb503a : More cyrpto failures...
c515f21 : ART: Weaken size check in hprof
cf7792d : Test HashSet lookup by alternate key type.
ed15000 : Fix some HandleScope bugs and add corresponding checks
9393c69 : ART: Add mising ScopedObjectAccess in ref type propagation
81a9087 : Revert "Change dex caches to be weak roots"
f86a085 : Revert "Move mark stack lock up in ordering"
6d87eba : Fix test 088
ac8f439 : Keep dex files live for duration of oatdump
deaa183 : Move mark stack lock up in ordering
031768a : Add non debug version of libarttest
76f55b0 : Synchronize JNI critical calls with the CC collector thread flip.
a727e37 : ART: Balanced locking
5a6cc49 : SlowPath: Remove the use of Locations in the SlowPath constructors.
5af9106 : Re-add location check for FindDexCache
ecc4366 : Add OptimizingCompilerStats to the CodeGenerator class.
4ab0235 : Use CodeGenerator::RecordPcInfo instead of SlowPathCode::RecordPcInfo.
c2b35d2 : ART: Add zero-padding to allocation request for String.
aae9e66 : ART: Fix the simplifier for NEGATE add/sub
0760a81 : ART: Propagate verifier failure types to the compilers
fd28541 : ART: Fix run-test inline assembly
4ef5226 : ART: Include zero-padding in String::SizeOf().
30efb4e : Induction variable analysis (with unit tests).
0c9497d : X86: Use short forward jumps if possible
73f455e : X86: Assembler support for near labels
0747466 : Revert "Revert "Fix deoptimization with pending exception""
23c1e50 : Change JNI calling convention for mips
3ae6b1d : Change dex caches to be weak roots
66c2d2d : Address some comments for class flags
13e748b : Revert "Revert "Move annotations to native.""
23f02f3 : Minor changes to art::arm::Thumb2Assembler::StoreToOffset.
d9cb68e : ART: Add (Fpu)RegHigh stack map location kinds
b730b78 : ahat - An android heap dump viewer. Initial checkin.
ad238ce : ART: Add option to retain lock levels in verifier
8283109 : ART: Additional ceil/floor/rint test cases
ff73498 : Revert "Revert "[MIPS] Use hard float calling convention for managed code""
6e2d574 : Revert "Fix deoptimization with pending exception"
aa50d3a : Add missing field init in constructors
54b6248 : Fix deoptimization with pending exception
7db6dd7 : Revert "Move annotations to native."
31decb1 : ART: Add VLOG printing of SetStatus(Error)
a14b9fe : Revert "Do a second check for testing intrinsic types."
b995c0a : Update instrumentation stack after exception event
0042c6d : Move annotations to native.
3835acc : Correct for signal, native bridge test hard-coded signal handling values
6306921 : Add a missing reader barrier in entrypoint stub
7fee84c : Revert "[MIPS] Use hard float calling convention for managed code"
52a7f5c : Add class flags to class to help GC scanning
6fab9d1 : Stop framework on buildbot devices to avoid lowmemorykiller.
2e92bc2 : Fix TrySplitNonPairOrUnalignedPairIntervalAt.
a29449d : [MIPS] Use hard float calling convention for managed code
4daa0b4 : Do a second check for testing intrinsic types.
c147410 : ART: Special form of lock aliasing
48ffe06 : Made CheckJNI check varargs when possible
b8b9356 : Add a `--showcommands` option to ART's
b4edcf3 : Fix indentation in reference type propagation
8ff495e : Fix formatting comment in Checker
599262c : Fix extra parantheses
0eedd7e : Fix BuildInvoke
4dff2fd : ARM64: Minor optimization for conversions from long to int.
68ad649 : Refactor BuildInvoke.
b34c35e : ART: Expression evaluation in Checker
e418dda : Be more flexible on the code unit size when inlining.
05f2056 : Add support to indicate whether intrinsics require a dex cache
289cd55 : Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (ARM)
0037082 : Use thread-local is_gc_marking flags for the CC collector.
bbd733e : ART: Enable basic optimizations for try/catch
5815501 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing: Better invoke-static/-direct dispatch.""
ec16f79 : ART: Refactor try/catch block info, store exception type
f5cdc41 : ART: (Partially) fix lock aliasing
44b9cf9 : Put in place the ARM64 instruction simplification framework.
77b022d : ART: Revisit users in phi elimination
b2c431e : Revert "Optimizing: Better invoke-static/-direct dispatch."
9b688a0 : Optimizing: Better invoke-static/-direct dispatch.
9859620 : Remove extra calls to `RecordPcInfo()`.
4cd27d6 : Revert "Introduce support for hardware simulators, starting with ARM64"
059ef3d : Always visit object class from VisitReferences
9d3c3fc : Guard thread exited message by try-catch in ThreadStress
6e9cc39 : Fix some global constructors and destructors
17ff917 : Fix codegen_test.
93aa210 : Manually unrelocate odex files generated for test.
29fc008 : ART: Revert storing of exceptional predecessors
a52f2f9 : Fix and improve reference cache mod-union table
2a5c468 : ART: Some header cleaning around bit-utils
99e7df6 : ART: Dex2oat lint fix
151ab8d : Revert "Revert "ART: DCHECK zero case for CLZ/CTZ""
53de99c : ART: Follow-up fixes
bc0d79b : Only apply aarch64 clang WAR to the target.
9ec5e22 : Refactor art::Dex2Oat::ParseArg.
1463285 : ART: Rename ArtMethod's size and alignment methods.
d589767 : Implement CountLeadingZeros for x86
cf36d49 : ART: Compress LengthPrefixedArray on 32-bit targets.
b47bad5 : Force Clang aarch64 builds to -O1.
ebf850c : ART: Fix verifier dumping, add hard-fail dumping
4bf4c78 : ART: Relax verifier aput checking
8ae3ffb : Add 'bsr' instruction to x86 and x86_64
6bc53a9 : Support X86 intrinsic System.arraycopy char
b9c4bbe : Add rep movsw to x86 and x86_64 instructions.

+- Project: platform/bionic

389e28e : Enable test with clang aarch64.
9296460 : libm: rename LIBC_PRIVATE to LIBC_DEPRECATED
a80ddc8 : Fix x86-64 __memset_chk.
81d6a18 : Add x86 __memset_chk assembler.
a27d8c3 : Update Android.bp with recent *.mk changes
0c3655a : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on AArch64.
a4c6913 : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on ARM.
bed110a : Clean up bcopy cruft.
01d5b94 : Remove optimized code for bzero, which was removed from POSIX in 2008.
61c95fe : Mandate optimized assembler for x86-64 __memset_chk.
7846093 : Mandate optimized __memset_chk for arm and arm64.
98cdef3 : libdl: Rename LIBC_PRIVATE to LIBC_PLATFORM
e97d8ed : Do not add linker the _r_debug.r_map on link_image
ef925e5 : Fix getifaddrs' handling of point-to-point interfaces.
d17a377 : linker: print "not accessible" error message to the log
3c6016f : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __memcpy_chk routines.
62e5964 : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __memset_chk routines.
375a915 : Update libgcc_compat.c file for mips32 arch
bf97770 : Rewrite ifaddrs#getifaddrs_INET.
879cec2 : Update Android.bp with recent changes
0967fc7 : Copy the entire zero-separated DNS seach domain string.
0f67d5f : Create logging sockets with SOCK_NONBLOCK...
b83d674 : Improve FORTIFY failure diagnostics.
549e522 : Move hard-coded values to constants.
f86c449 : If you're going to use memset...
2c6c953 : GCC doesn't like {}, and clang doesn't like {0}...
6bd5cf6 : Fix a structure initialisation in pthread_exit().
19acb69 : [MIPS] Add __popcountsi2 to libgcc_compat.c
92057af : Update timezone data to 2016a
0e2a026 : Fix wrong guard values for 64 bit.
f499dc9 : Fix incorrect size of array.
64955c8 : Remove unused libm_clang variable.
9f0a695 : Improvements to dynamic linker messages
d75d4be : malloc_debug: reread /proc/pid/maps when entry is missing
2c75991 : Add backtrace_string and export to libmemunreachable
2d4721c : Export malloc_backtrace
869691c : Export malloc_iterate and friends
6b788ee : Move gdb support functions to a separate file
0fa5410 : Revert "Move gdb support functions to a separate file"
97b6e13 : Fix cfi directives for memmove/strlcpy.
de84e51 : Fix cfi directives in small strncmp case.
f8d051c : Move gdb support functions to a separate file
f3064e4 : Use insert_link_map_into_debug_map for executable
7dac8b8 : Fix scope ids for link-local IPv6 addresses from getifaddrs(3).
6400129 : Update a comment for init_linker_info_for_gdb
aa9cb26 : Revert "Revert "Split out liblinker_malloc static library""
8d22dd5 : Initialize linker link_map for gdb directly
e687d06 : linker: remove soinfo::entry
3bbeca7 : Revert "Split out liblinker_malloc static library"
71766c2 : Add a memcpy(a, a, n) test.
72df670 : Fix the default alignment of the allocations.
7a28a3c : malloc_debug: reset TrackData mutex after fork
cac2908 : Fix regerror(..., nullptr, 0).
a805643 : Split out liblinker_malloc static library
884f76e : Add tests for zero-sized allocations.
01b85d5 : Set x86 TLS limit to 0xfffff, not PAGE_SIZE.
63fedd7 : Enable clang for x86_64 after fp128 fix in clang-2577113.
b4931ce : Update NOTICE files.
ca6af7f : define pw_gecos to pw_passwd for LP32 systems
8200e55 : Add a test for a possible overflow in *printf.
05d08e9 : Updated to v4.4.1 kernel headers.
43f7c87 : Add a test for snprintf on a PTHREAD_STACK_MIN-sized stack.
4bc739a : Add check for pthread_self() when looking up a thread
3e62171 : Update Android.bp
0c485da : Add in6addr_any and in6addr_loopback symbols.
5f26c6b : Really add adjtimex(2), and add clock_adjtime(2) too.
f226ee5 : Add fopen64/freopen64/tmpfile64 aliases.
2d5e21f : Fix ifaddrs#getifaddrs_INET flakiness.
e4fa6e9 : Expose ftello64.
6b45d57 : use GNU C89 extern inline semantics for __size_mul_overflow()
f68dcbe : Fix our fortify tests for global -Werror.
701bb65 : Remove the unused TrackHeader structure.
88f5111 : linker: Change the library search order
c7ca8f3 : socket.h: update AF_* constants
7993b80 : Add better free tracking.
3f3f6c5 : Add adjtimex
3bcf094 : Tell kati about generated dependencies around crt
166c853 : Add min/max values for config values.
1b84afc : linker: mark library .bss pages with anon:.bss
ffaa216 : Hide '__moddi3' symbol for x86 and mips
aa2fd0f : Hide '__isthreaded' for lp64
2fc7f9d : Remove unused file.
955426e : Fix a sign extension bug in stdio.
d9d6a84 : Unify names for pages allocated for small objects
8352475 : Replace snprintf() with __libc_format_buffer()
03e65eb : Implement funopen64.
97cb4fb : Move android_ network functions to LIBC_PRIVATE
d4ae54f : Fix lockf for LP32.
33697a0 : Factor out the waiting for children in bionic tests.
5704c42 : Implement POSIX lockf.
9677fab : Support _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 for most of <stdio.h>.
ca48274 : Revert "Revert "Make sem_wait able to return errno EINTR for sdk > 23.""
1e185a5 : Fix gcc test issues.
6d51085 : Revert "Make sem_wait able to return errno EINTR for sdk > 23."
f2b67b8 : Fix build for gcc.
892b61d : Make sem_wait able to return errno EINTR for sdk > 23.
20322c2 : Include libz for new libelf.
e70e0e9 : Move internal FILE flags macros to "local.h" from <stdio.h>.
63860cb : Malloc debug rewrite.
0ac0cee : Remove dlmalloc.
023c307 : Add _seek64 to FILE.
b877601 : Put struct FILE back how NDK-built apps expect it.
71288cb : Add another stdio test.
bba3954 : Revert "Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid"
7f54348 : Loosen up sys_time.gettimeofday.
90d2dae : libc: hide fake_gmtime_r and fake_localtime_r
1a8732c : libc: hide __signalfd4 symbol
3edc5c4 : linker: align allocated blocks to 16 bytes
2704bd1 : Simplify fseek/ftell.
f45b0e9 : Do not unmap reserved region on dlclose
c0ffcec : Remove dependency on zipalign.
6dcab28 : Update Android.bp to match
021335e : Move stdio implementation details around a little.
923f165 : Make FILE*s less usable after fclose(3).
8ce38af : Update Android.bp to match
b43ee65 : Switch libc default to clang.
d1293fa : Fix GCC build breakage.
ed57b98 : Implement if_nameindex(3)/if_freenameindex(3).
d07c443 : Add more fortify symbols to the expected differences from glibc.
506c6de : Sync with upstream OpenBSD.
9c9aa74 : Align Soong builds closer to Make
e8efb96 : Add comment for [p]select_smoke tests STDIN issue.
64b481c : Add more tests for getifaddrs(3)
e4f486c : Fix Soong mips builds
dd926b5 : Fix select failures when STDIN is ready.
09a9964 : Escape failure messages in XML test output.
13f26a7 : Add method to run fortified versions of funcs.
4031cbe : Fix Soong x86 builds
e1078a9 : Revert "Move __system_property* to LIBC_PRIVATE for lp64 libc"
701b545 : Fix Soong x86 atom builds
9361ad3 : Fix <sys/sysmacros.h>.
c23aeb8 : Rearrange build files to support USE_SOONG=true
592c7b4 : Explicit binary op order for both gcc and clang/llvm.
5d84373 : Add a getifaddrs(3) debugging tool.
a3f9fca : Update Android.bp for changes to
588213a : Add basic tests for <net/if.h>.
fdb2963 : Handle AF_PACKET in getifaddr(3).
6d142bc : Move __aeabi* symbols to LIBC_N version
42d949f : Defend against -fstack-protector in libc startup.
e97ce31 : Revert "system_properties.cpp: special case ro.* properties"
2489161 : Temporary hack to avoid stack protector crashes.
bc02fb9 : Temporary move __udivdi3 back to LIBC for x86
76dfa6e : Remove mktime_tz.
6f72fde : Fix gcc+arm builds
d90d067 : Export public __aeabi* symbols as LIBC_PRIVATE
6134ed8 : Deprecate bzero
40c2bf6 : Fix a broken link in a comment.
c5fd81a : system_properties.cpp: special case ro.* properties
63fbb23 : Tidy up KernelArgumentBlock::getauxval.
9b59acc : libc: Update Android.bp with recent changes
bb5730e : Move __aeabi_ which are not in libgcc.a to LIBC
09f4651 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
116b569 : Clarify which linker we are.
0ef1d12 : Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid
c8bb96a : Revert "Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid"
eb90e91 : Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid
ff14fb5 : Move __system_property* to LIBC_PRIVATE for lp64 libc
eac1d37 : Move ndk-cruft symbols to LIBC_PRIVATE
9cddb48 : Revert "Revert "Implement getifaddrs(3)/freeifaddrs(3).""
bd4d45d : Add tests for /proc/self/fd and /proc/self/task/TID/fd access
76814a8 : Revert "Implement getifaddrs(3)/freeifaddrs(3)."
788a2bc : Make some of unwanted symbols LIBC_PRIVATE
5ce79b0 : Make symbols exported via libgcc.a LIBC_PRIVATE
7331fe1 : linker: implement shared namespaces
0945ed5 : Implement getifaddrs(3)/freeifaddrs(3).
59fc2e8 : Improve the 32-bit ABI documentation.
0b13f29 : Fix missing parentheses.
9cf99cb : linker: add dlvsym(3)
dd586f2 : sem_timedwait with a null timeout doesn't mean "forever".
ad33ebe : Fix bug in dlmalloc's version of calloc.
bc2e88a : Revert "Revert "Remove remaining ndk_cruft from LP64 platforms""
d31d4c1 : Add a few missing pthread tests.
23af25b : Revert "Remove remaining ndk_cruft from LP64 platforms"
b1d0a2a : Remove remaining ndk_cruft from LP64 platforms
585e959 : Generate libc version-script for brillo
a3dd076 : Revert "Don't verify version scripts on 32-bit Brillo"
61cf963 : Fix personality test for mips32r6
31951b7 : Don't verify version scripts on 32-bit Brillo
2f01987 : Remove __bionic_libgcc_unwind_symbols from version script
b417169 : Reset access to system properties on reinitialization
4a2c5aa : Move dlsym and dladdr implementation to linker.cpp
46e2ead : Do not set properties in bionic_systrace
284ae35 : Add permitted_when_isolated_path to linker namespaces
db43526 : Revert "Ensure that readlink has access to /proc/self/fd"
40728bc : Revert "Add /odm/lib to shared lib search path"
9da687e : bionic: Build Breakage
6c54ddd : Fix -fstack-protector-strong for x86.
89a50fe : constexpr constructor for atfork_list_t
d51a0b0 : Base bcopy on memmove rather than memcpy.
cfd5a46 : Make all of ndk_cruft.cpp one big extern "C".
29ee639 : Fix stdio static initializers to make both clang and GCC happy.
bb46afd : Revert "Revert "Remove __sinit and __sdidinit.""
22840aa : Allow dlopening public libs using absolute path
c8bae05 : Revert "Remove __sinit and __sdidinit."
21eadee : Do not create prop files for ctl.* properties
8766edc : Fix GCC build.
939a7e0 : Track rename from base/ to android-base/.
870f165 : Add monotonic logging for bionic
6ed51c0 : add checks for initialization for system properties
a29ed0b : libm: Use LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE_{arch}
304348a : Clear pthread_internal_t allocated on user provided stack.
a32fc86 : Don't use StringPrintf() in gtest runner.
845e24a : Remove c++14'isms from system_properties
a2ead18 : libm: stop exporting __muldc3
4371961 : Remove __sinit and __sdidinit.
d4c9b9d : Improve unit test runner.
b905551 : Re-add putw for LP32
49a309f : Separate properties by selabel
a5e183c : Explicitly disallow default c-tor
9b687dc : Enable using clang to build __cxa_thread_atexit_impl.
d68c9e5 : Init stdio in __libc_init_common.
f688c5d : Add bionic-unit-tests-gcc{32,64}, compiled with gcc.
83f314f : Consider $(use_clang) when building libc_thread_atexit_impl module
952e9eb : Don't use __thread in __cxa_thread_finalize().
bff87d1 : Remove cflags and ldflags from crt defaults
1ffec1c : Introduce anonymous namespace
6ab8f89 : move arch variant structs down a level
3c52481 : Handling invalid section headers
76144aa : Change _stdio_handles_locking into _caller_handles_locking.
84bab5a : Move some utility functions to linker_utils
b76123f : Improve error message for files with no sections
b4bc156 : Disable clang for mips/mips64 libc.
ee67dd7 : mmap: fix calculation of is_private_anonymous variable
284068f : Fix tsan abort for lake of __libc_auxv initialization.
a35d23d : Update libc/Android.bp to match libc/
2feb9dd : Fix test build break.
c9a659c : Use FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET to avoid converting timeouts.
c22a7de : extend the PTRDIFF_MAX size check to mremap
ff35b1e : Do not depend on host bits to get the right size to write.
fe3a83a : Implement pthread spin.
f74b041 : Add /odm/lib to shared lib search path
3cc35e2 : Ignore target sdk version for the public namespace
0307eee : Avoid tsan warning about pthread_mutex_destroy.
a36158a : Fix pthread_test according to tsan report.
fbfba64 : Remove the warning about empty LD_LIBRARY_PATH
e7c2fff : Implement pthread barrier.
d9b08a0 : Fix arm64 and x86 builds
1e79540 : Enable clang to compile more tests.
42d5fcb : Introducing linker namespaces
d1c28a3 : Improve libc time zone fallback behavior.
a9cac4c : Fix strftime if tm_zone is null.
2ed1b29 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: make sure gcc unittests are compiled with gcc
c04647f : Still cannot compile with clang on arm64.
5058a00 : Enable clang for modules failed with TLS.
615f3aa : Add 100 column limit to .clang-format.
f208361 : Clean up pthread_gettid_np test.
de12462 : Fix potential race condition on CTS TC pthread_gettid_np
2fb0265 : libc_init_common.cpp: Clarify when environment stripping occurs
926ebe1 : Refactor prop_area into a class
09fac86 : Fix test failure.
dc6b0a7 : Update Android.bp with latest changes
fb994f4 : Add fileno_unlocked to support thread sanitizer.
4200e26 : fix the mremap signature
fd7a91e : linker: cleanup solist after unsuccessful read
7a9311f : Fix linked_list::remove_if()
eb9b925 : Fix GNU/POSIX basename headers.
50c21ab : Use cc_defaults
9e6f98f : Update Android.bp with arch-specific version scripts
706186d : fix PTRDIFF_MAX check in the 32-bit mmap wrapper
384ffe3 : Fix comment to reflect the actual reality.
bc75047 : Generate per-architecture version script
1721cd6 : Make _signal hidden in all cases.
38eca07 : Remove <sys/shm.h>.
9978a9a : Move __set_errno to ndk_cruft.cpp.
4151db5 : Add prlimit to LP32.
c176440 : Fix mips and x86 builds
e85fb58 : Fix LDFLAGS for arm and x86
284b468 : Generate per-architecture version scripts.
d7c7daa : Remove the legacy endusershell/getusershell/setusershell stubs.
6331e80 : Implement scandirat and scandirat64.
126af75 : Implement load at fixed address feature
9216a64 : Fix <utmp.h> declarations.
bf4c32d : Remove swap16/swap32/swap64 header pollution.
fa77529 : Fix arm64 fenv warnings, and make warnings errors.
a818445 : Rename LIBC64_HIDDEN to LIBC32_LEGACY_PUBLIC.
d26e780 : Use bionic lock in pthread_internal_t.
4f7a7ad : Implement Library Load Order Randomization
cf1cbbe : refactoring: introduce MappedFileFragment
268a673 : Switch to LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE
747d30e : dlfcn: update ifdef around old_name_
b24d743 : Remove deprecated use of ldm/stm in ARM setjmp.
77f91c6 : Fix R_AARCH64_ABS/PREL relocations
4e50d02 : Ensure that readlink has access to /proc/self/fd
fae39d2 : Log dlopen failures caused by text relocations
5dce894 : Replace auto -> const auto&/auto&&
6f2d310 : Correctly resolve realpath for absolute paths
b28ffc7 : linker: Switch to clang
3c8fc2f : Move malloc dispatch table to __libc_globals.
fb8fd50 : Opt Brillo out of the ndk cruft.
f0141df : Make struct FILE opaque.
8ab433d : Fix stdio read after EOF behavior.
7b77cb3 : Fix inet_aton on LP32.
fe9d0ed : Move setjmp cookie to a shared globals struct.
93c0f5e : Move VDSO pointers to a shared globals struct.
68af0ad : utmp.h: add more ut_type defines
0478666 : Fix inet_addr/inet_aton/inet_network.
9fb22a3 : Sync with upstream tzcode (2015g).
8068786 : Remove textrels support for platform libs
31740bf : Update timezone data to 2015g
1b519c0 : Implement setjmp cookies on MIPS and MIPS64
697e261 : Fix bionic_coverage for kati.
8dbf02d : Add missing register preserve in x86/x86_64 longjmp.
a1feb11 : Make dt_runpath work for libraries opened from apk
bc6379d : Remove the workaround which fixes JOB_COUNT in CTS test.
a0f187b : Fix linker tests
0b2acdf : Use const auto& in for loops.
d057894 : bionic: tzset running hot
a5d5d16 : Use foreach loop to match setuid unsafe env vars.
7e03993 : Fix the comment
8f8308c : Add a no dwarf version of assembler macros.
1d0268c : libc: krait: Use performance version of memcpy
b482750 : Optimize dlopen from a zip file
cb6f599 : Fix the way to count online cpus.
23360cc : Remove invalid left shifts of -1.
298d176 : Pass -q is zip for test
4032d34 : Turn common INFO messages down to VLOG(1)
808602a : Fix file-check-cxx to handle quoted arguments
280d546 : Fix bug number for linker related workarounds
840be7c : Force non-color output for bionic FileCheck tests
b67afb3 : Add .PHONY for phony bionic test targets
daaaed1 : Force cts to only run one test at a time.
fdfcfce : Fix over read in strcpy/stpcpy/strcat.
54ee040 : Add cortex-a53.a57 target for 32 bit big/little.
7660a08 : Remove libpagemap include hack.
0aa96ae : Prevent the build system from hiding our ABI.
15dfd63 : Fix another duplicate maps parser.
0dec228 : Clean up /proc/<pid>/maps sscanfs.
a39e301 : Add preliminary OEM UID/GID support.
44ddb31 : Remove some <sys/cdefs.h> cruft.
f8a2243 : <netinet/udp.h> should include <linux/udp.h>.
33ac04a : Increase alternative signal stack size on 64-bit devices.
c6043f6 : Define WIFCONTINUED()
d75abb9 : Fix SOCK_* flag definitions
1af434c : Add a hint about using --no-isolate for GDB.
6048173 : Import scsi headers.
d12c332 : Add support for manually modified kernel headers.
35e91a1 : Update Android.bp for setjmp cookies
dccc408 : Fix mips FP abi bug in the linker.
2342e64 : Implement setjmp cookies on x86_64.
85c14fb : Implement setjmp cookies on x86.
54db0df : Implement setjmp cookies on AArch64.
7fda8d2 : Implement setjmp cookies on ARM.
208ae17 : Add Android.bp for libc/libm/libdl
5693332 : Fix the way to get main thread stack start address.
26a8322 : Move several FreeBSD functions to OpenBSD.
71927a8 : Sync with upstream NetBSD lib/libc/regex.
5ca6652 : make mmap fail on requests larger than PTRDIFF_MAX
268af26 : CMSG_DATA should return an unsigned char*.
af4713e : Unify unistd.h.
a6435a1 : Use attribute availability.
efc134d : Only close stdin/stdout/stderr for debug malloc.
915bf81 : Update to v3.18.21 kernel headers.
edfc9f6 : linker: don't pass dlextinfo to dependent loads
32bf43f : Rename debug_stacktrace to debug_backtrace.
767fb1c : build bionic gtest runner on mac.
44ead71 : Regenerate NOTICE files.
8cff2f9 : Sync with upstream FreeBSD libm.
adf5c72 : Fix regoff_t for LP32 and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.
6f4594d : Add preadv/pwritev.
83380b5 : Add test cases for __emutls_get_address.
b72c9d8 : Fix the 16 bit/32 bit instruction check for arm.
7ac3c12 : Add strchrnul.
cc64618 : Don't re-export libunwind_llvm.
03f2246 : Add the missing aarch64 user structs.
6e7bc70 : Update timezone data to 2015f
f9f4a43 : Revert "Revert "Use compiler builtins for fabs.""
c5deb0f : Revert "Use compiler builtins for fabs."
d76f169 : Use compiler builtins for fabs.
06b3f70 : Add exported __popcount_tab for libgcc compat under compiler-rt.
8258cd7 : Improve .clang-format.
6e68c07 : Add a .clang-format file.
ac77536 : Move tzdata scripts from bionic to external/icu
93ce354 : Fix a mistype in segment overrange checking
224bef8 : Modify ip to get the instr being executed.
aa23b2e : Add a TLS slot for TSAN.
d1afa66 : Don't attach linker_asan to linker in module definition.
2926f9a : libc: remove bcopy from memmove on 64-bit architectures
b662280 : Use __builtin_* in <math.h>.
8d95950 : libm: ARM: reorganize a bit to match ARM64

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

d80a998 : Fix the improper use of LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES.
26112e5 : recovery: Handle devices without /cache partition.
6bcc8af : Restore labels on /postinstall during recovery.
b66f047 : Remove dumpkey build guards after completing code move.
03b72b0 : Move dumpkey tool to the recovery repo.
6629655 : Surpress warnings in minzip/Zip.c
39c1b5e : Control fault injection with config files instead of build flags
53e7a06 : recovery: check battery level before installing package.
7d626df : Fix minui cleanup path on error.
f3e05f5 : applypatch: Add libimgpatch.pc
cc07b35 : minadbd: update for adb_thread_create signature change.
fa4f1b7 : imgdiff: don't fail if gzip is corrupted.
d6c93af : applypatch: use vector to store data in FileContents.
4425c1d : Fix some memory leaks.
a7b9a46 : IO fault injection for OTA packages
696692a : applypatch: Add a Makefile to build imgdiff in Chrome OS.
d5a14c6 : Change on-device directory for recovery test data
e1a16af : verifier_test: Suppress the unused parameter warnings.
d483c20 : applypatch: fix memory leaks reported by static analysis.
64be213 : updater: fix memory leak based on static analysis.
4329186 : Refactor existing tests to use gtest
c48cb5e : Switch from mincrypt to BoringSSL in applypatch and updater.
2d46da5 : uncrypt: add options to setup bcb and clear bcb.
71e3e09 : recovery: Refactor verifier and verifier_test.
25dd038 : uncrypt: generate map file by renaming tmp file.
8b0db11 : Fix build.
0cce9cd : applypatch: Compile libimgpatch for target and host.
12f499e : edify: accept long string literal.
bd82b27 : Change BCB to perform synchronous writes.
cdcf28f : recovery: Fork a process for fuse when sideloading from SD card.
c5631fc : uncrypt: avoid use-after-free
c8abc4e : Rename .l/.y to .ll/.yy
57bed6d : updater: Add a function to check first block
0779fc9 : imgdiff: skip spurious gzip headers in image files
b723f4f : res: Embed FPS into icon_installing.png.
d3cac34 : updater: Use O_SYNC and fsync() for package_extract_file().
3b010bc : updater: Output msg when recovery is called
612161e : update_verifier: Track the API change for isSlotBootable().
b8df5fb : uncrypt: Suppress the compiler warnings on LP64.
740e01e : update_verifier: Log to logd instead of kernel log.
7197ee0 : Add update_verifier for A/B OTA update.
baad2d4 : updater: Replace strtok() with android::base::Split().
4b166f0 : Track rename from base/ to android-base/.
f2448d0 : Remove the building rules for applypatch_static.
9f4fdb3 : Track name change from adb_main to adb_server_main.
63b089e : We can use fclose directly in std::unique_ptr.
cc4e3c6 : uncrypt: remove O_SYNC to avoid time-out failures
f683512 : recovery: Depend on mkfs.f2fs only if needed.
1fdec86 : updater: Bump up the BBOTA version to 4.
0a7b473 : Error correction: Use libfec in blockimg.cpp for recovery
c8a3c80 : minadbd: use strdup() to create argument for sideload thread.
6a47dff : updater: Skip empty lines in the transfer list file.
b15fd22 : updater: Use android::base::ParseInt() to parse integers.
5701d58 : Suppress some compiler warnings due to signedness.
7c913e5 : minadbd: move from D() to VLOG().
04ca426 : recovery: Add timestamps in update logs.
9a7fd80 : recovery: Remove redirect_stdio() when calling ShowFile().
1107d96 : updater: Fix the line breaks in ui_print commands.
612336d : updater: Manage buffers with std::vector.
34847b2 : updater: Replace the pointers in LoadSrcTgtVersion[1-3]() parameter.
a91c66d : imgdiff: fix file descriptor leak
c3d4d53 : minadbd: update service_to_fd() signature.
daa6d04 : move uncrypt from init.rc to uncrypt.rc
d85ae79 : Add slot_suffix field to struct bootloader_message.
0940fe1 : updater: Clean up C codes.
9739a29 : updater: Remove the unused isunresumable in SaveStash().
a6153df : GOOGLEGMS-749 Fix integer overflow while applying block based OTA package
2a5a49d : edify: Switch to C++.

+- Project: platform/build

2fdafd2 : Delete relics left behind by commit 86e6b7ed51dab3e .
f0cb397 : Small fixes.
08800fd : Speed up lunch/tapas/etc. shell utility functions.
ea04f82 : Align up java-lib-files and java-lib-deps.
1bb5a18 : releasetools: Fix one missing case for --oem_no_mount.
432bdaa : Add JarJar support to BUILD_HOST_JAVA_LIBRARY
df9acac : Do not apply GLOBAL_CFLAGS_NO_OVERRIDE to host *.S
273e910 : Enable LOCAL_POST_LINK_CMD for non-static executables.
e5ecdc9 : Get gtest includes from the exported headers.
ce7ea68 : Clean generated source dir if .proto/.rs is gonee.
6efe88b : Support arch specific variants of LOCAL_STRIP_MODULE/LOCAL_PACK_MODULE_RELOCATIONS
08420cb : Ensure prebuilt executables are executable
60899ed : Tell soong about MALLOC_SVELTE
7f01615 : Remove unused dependencies on $(ACP)
f1a98af : Replace some uses of acp with cp
ee57268 : Use Jack to check build
d4390d3 : Remove unused config variables
3545eeb : Remove destination before copying file
7574cb5 : Remove special cases in installclean
746f402 : Adding a brillo_tests task.
8d772e2 : Check LEGACY_USE_JAVA7 before using 1.8.
3cb10bb : delete recovery policy on changing build types
1c6dc5b : Remove USE_NINJA=false
8608cde : releasetools: Add --oem_no_mount option.
db47d66 : Change the default for LOCAL_JAVA_LANGUAGE_VERSION from 1.7 to 1.8
f451116 : Link everything in libpthread.a to ckati
5ae31dd : Add a global define for non-external code.
42d5c29 : Use new clang scan-build script.
41d6678 : Don't ignore LOCAL_INIT_RC if LOCAL_INIT_RC_32/64 is used.
bdfeb3e : Mark the cortex-{a7,a53,a53.57} chips as supporting LPAE
5d18256 : releasetools: Support generating downgrade incremental OTAs.
352bccb : Update to use the latest clang-2629532.
593eb7b : sandybridge setup: no AES_NI, AVX, MOVBE
a65f1ae : Make multiple rules to generate a file an error
6f60f02 : Warn more clearly when there are duplicate copied headers
c9e3d16 : Add profman to the build scripts
86e74b9 : Make sure my_src_jar is set up properly for host prebuilt jar
eb295fc : clang now supports -fdebug-prefix-map=.
505dafb : Add support for testing obfuscated app with Jack
665110e : Include Brillo's cannonical .clang-format file.
97dd58a : Switch to production constant for v2 signing scheme ID.
c155d7d : Add new package: java.util.function
c6e194f : Define a class for renderscript bitcode files
765c1ea : Use newest clang static analyzers.
3124af3 : Makefile: Add the missing library in
78626c4 : fs_config: error on multiple specifications of android_filesystem_config.h
d7da0ff : Clear logd intermediates
dbf0792 : Remove debug statement
2cfd1d1 : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
6a8781a : Fix metadata location when file system doesn't span the partition
ccfa5c6 : Remove usages of jill.jar, use jack instead
2d2dd15 : improve performance of blockimgdiff
d6e3b84 : Tell Soong about HOST_CROSS_*
f735851 : Use Jan 1 2009 as timestamp in OTA update ZIPs.
fdf89cd : Disable java when JAVA_NOT_REQUIRED is set
86c8ebb : Revert "Do not diff .odex files"
d8d14be : releasetools: Add two new entries to metadata.
9ecbf83 : Add 64-bit windows cross-compiles
d8f0d68 : makeparallel: unset MAKEFLAGS and MAKELEVEL
19241c1 : ota_from_target_files: Include the payload properties.
481cc5a : Don't build otatools for PDK
444c323 : Fix unused src tracking for generated .o files
e2b8f68 : Build .toc when building a module by name
cdb52b5 : Fix LLVM_RTLIB_PATH for new prebuilts.
6dc7147 : Remove USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD in
c4438d3 : Do not diff .odex files
8c915ee : Diff now that it is deterministic
2428bfe : Allow java targets to support 1.8 source / target
6ef329e : Switch to clang-2577113.
5709bd5 : Fix typo
62f2e56 : Track ObjC object mapping
6b66fcf : Move PDK selection into
734d78c : Diff .art/.oat/.odex files now that they are deterministic
52a1d6c : Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc for Java
5f50ea3 : Revert "Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc for Java"
061289c : Revert "Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible." This is breaking CTS.
3d8bf29 : brillo: Remove dependency on java for Brillo
6c41036 : Use Jan 1 2009 as timestamp in APKs and OTA update ZIPs.
c2a36af : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
4c47461 : Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc for Java
2a0d1fe : Use .KATI_DEPFILE for files generated by aidl-java
3bb168f : Order objects based on LOCAL_SRC_FILES and LOCAL_GENERATED_SOURCES
dfce8ad : Support code coverage with Jack
a80a808 : Revert "Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible."
8f7d4b7 : Doclava template changes associated with default methods
1326f65 : Write with multiple commands
92cfd6f : Place the META/ dir first in the
74df828 : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
2e45fd0 : Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc
1429d5e : Revert "Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible."
1f495b8 : Revert "Revert "Make OpenJDK 8 the default""
85bddfd : Revert "Make OpenJDK 8 the default"
4495f6a : Make OpenJDK 8 the default
49b6953 : Add an RS_CLANG variable as well for RenderScript.
f3e7204 : Error out if MALLOC_IMPL is defined.
96d2a8c : Add clang rules for RS_LLVM_* tools.
6b10089 : CleanSpec: Clean up $(PRODUCT_OUT)/recovery/root/sdcard.
bc5dc64 : bootstat: Add bootstat to the embedded target to support logging boot time across devices.
23c3db9 : Makefile: Fix the location for payload signing key.
de5bc04 : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
38812d6 : Makefile: Add the payload public key into system image.
d3f3ab7 : Set flag when using sdk tools in place
dd910c5 : Make signapk sign using APK Signature Scheme v2.
9b54a56 : Command-line flag to disable signing with APK Signature Scheme v2.
087f327 : Separate aidl dependencies from compiler dependencies
257796c : Keep aidl generated C++ inside the generated folder
c098e9e : Generate OTA packages for A/B update.
6d8a8cc : Makefile: Pack brillo_update_payload and shflags into otatools.
45d38c0 : Pass the arm/thumb cflags to assembly files
8dd69d9 : Set USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD to default true.
79a6f53 : Remove synchronized from the public API docs
ebe39a0 : Fix print error of numbers of blocks
bb86e1d : Adjust the size limit for splitting large files
dbd4384 : Don't force color diagnostics outside of ninja
3f60c4b : Allow building kati & makeparallel with soong
625e715 : Switch to Vista instead of Win2K.
d1baa0f : Remove -Wa,noexecstack from unsupported arm clang flags
c2c49ed : Unconditionally use SHA-256 when minSdkVersion is 18 or higher.
8502937 : List SHA-1 digests of APK entries' contents in .SF files.
3f56a33 : Fix mounting /sdcard under recovery.
b43f809 : Docs: Shorten feedback button text.
64088f2 : Generate .c for .y and .l
2862458 : makeparallel: print path on exec failure
861ab99 : Ignore files with USE_SOONG=true
a8f28ff : Move "include"
69035cd : Remove special case handling of "ro." properties
eff0611 : Add -Werror=date-time to target builds
58408f6 : Remove libsqlite_jni from all product configs.
261bb08 : Docs: Changing text on Feedback button. Bug: 26452230
2b0caa3 : Have symbol versions in .so.toc files
bbde936 : Docs: Encode URL input to search box Bug: 26287939
a4f00d7 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
636c1c4 : Clean up Mac OS hacks in acp slightly.
c407052 : CopyFile: Remove bogus reference to HAVE_VALID_STAT_ST_INO
f8e6fbe : Build delta_generator for A/B update.
676799f : Fix compiler warnings on Windows in CopyFile.c
982e1f2 : Fix unused parameter warnings in CopyFile.c
cdc3d5a : Revert "Temporary workaround to build bouncycastle / nist-pkits"
3006881 : Temporary workaround to build bouncycastle / nist-pkits
5aabca2 : Build: Build changes for multi oat/image support.
76c7d68 : Allow modules to override the default NOTICE file.
fa257cc : Track introduction of libopenjdkjvm.
20de4fa : Allow for 5200 words in dump-words-to-file
436d0c1 : Update the package whitelist for the boot image.
052a00f : Use core-oj alongside core-libart wherever required.
18a141c : set for user builds
4594d0e : Makefile: Clean up the condition for RECOVERY_RESOURCE_ZIP.
8b9a464 : Default LOCAL_MULTILIB:=both for HOST_NATIVE_TEST
40ef35b : Allow building recovery as boot.
bbd944a : Remove RPATH for AddressSanitizer.
9cb7692 : Do not use $? in recipe
93b8a12 : Prevent changes to COMMON_GLOBAL_C(PP)FLAGS
fc3422a : Check block0 for remounting partition R/W
4a06004 : build_image: don't call append2simg for FEC
ff914f5 : build_image: remove an unnecessary call to append2simg
09ee66e : Do not set Jack source version, use default
d78cba1 : Disable goma/ccache with USE_XXX=false
ccaeb65 : Add libc_malloc_debug to the always build list.
de6494b : Define __BRILLO__ only for target modules
16e7e0f : Move __BRILLO__ to the core build system
8abec03 : Set -Xdoclint:none
8cc3a9e : Docs: Replace custom search engine Bug: 25778395
c9219c2 : make USER limited to 6 characters when generating BUILD_NUMBER
b2a555e : Make squashfs sparse image generation optional
5f38f9b : Tell soong that it is embedded in a make build
3ebb2f7 : Combine soong builds into make builds
493205e : Remove unneccessary TARGET_BUILD_APPS conditional
a79e132 : Remove the prebuilt tools cleanstep logic.
c01f2dc : Disable .toc optimization for host modules.
fe7c1e5 : Move signapk sources to src dir.
2c3b926 : Re-enable gold linker for aarch64.
09ba4c8 : Turn on stack protector for mips64.
b9b89e9 : Turn on stack protector for mips.
505e4ec : Be smarter about stack-protector on the host.
2747fa8 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for arm64.
c8cc919 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for arm.
5324c3c : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for x86-64.
8ebc4d6 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for x86.
ae316d2 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for the host.
f972a4a : Reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .dex files with restat=1
7a0c88e : Revert "Change USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD default to true."
445bc2f : Use lib64 for mips64 as well.
9667b18 : Make signapk use Conscrypt.
36a76ec : sepolicy: Fix 'avc denied' issues for the emulators
3c8036d : Change USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD default to true.
db4883c : sepolicy: drop -- marker
41ac44e : Rename libext2 host libraries to standard suffix.
8dca15f : Fix the mips build.
0e2e71d : Add support for LOCAL_NDK_STL_VARIANT := none.
ee629c9 : Build NDK binaries with --hash-style=both.
9214a26 : Always start jack server before first call to jack
eb756d7 : Do not run zipalign when re-signing APKs.
b8c4a6f : Revert "enable -fstack-protector-strong"
4f2f195 : Set -bootclasspath to "" if LOCAL_NO_STANDARD_LIBRARIES
03b6e8b : Fix TARGET_ASAN build.
8765b10 : enable -fstack-protector-strong
427f8c4 : Gmake doesn't like newline in macro expansion result.
5b826ac : Do not run zipalign when building APK (except prebuilts).
c29172c : Sanity check LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE
a8b8968 : Remove extra definition of AIDL
da9c00d : Enforce linker version-scripts are valid
924a683 : Make signapk align .so entries to 4096 bytes.
fd08247 : Use prebuilt tools in place
f87e971 : Provide path to mainDexClasses
269d785 : releasetools: Always use recovery mount options.
c386890 : releasetools: Abort the update on apply_patch failures.
6fa82b5 : make USER limited to 6 characters when generating BF_BUILD_NUMBER
8f2968f : Remove warnings from ijar/
6b9bddd : Make export_includes a restat rule
a04fca3 : Stop packaging obsolete OTA tools.
d62c603 : releasetools: Allow logging the diff for incrementals.
b15149c : Use libstdc++ for ijar
80876a6 : Build ijar for apps build
89b255a : Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .jar files
3ae7f66 : Revert "Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .jar files"
ea2da50 : Revert "Build ijar for apps build"
39cca23 : Revert "Use libstdc++ for ijar"
718bab6 : Use libstdc++ for ijar
9084705 : Build ijar for apps build
699a322 : Fix generated-sources-dir-for for COMMON
5dd9a2c : target_files_diff: Allow writing outputs to file.
6cce402 : Fix typo.
3be52e6 : Don't delete META-INF in jack-java-to-dex when packing resources.
c218d3e : Clean up compiler warnings in signapk.
4dcd769 : Move mips64 target to clang by default.
990407e : Move mips target to clang by default.
02bcb27 : Increase droiddoc -J-Xmx to 1600MB.
48550cc : releasetools: Fix the bug with TARGET_NO_RECOVERY.
2d91c61 : Fix race in C++ AIDL file generation
c7e936f : Export generated AIDL headers
91e012c : Use sensible default locations for Java
6a378a3 : Prevent from traversing copies of $(OUT_DIR)
c1f5d9c : Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .jar files
bf45029 : Rename AArch64 ASan target runtime library to match upstream convention.
2d6d5c6 : Really allow overriding the LLVM prebuilts path.
bb16dcf : Include to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
ea20915 : Switch to using kati env script
d6f3892 : Support LOCAL_ACP_UNAVAILABLE for prebuilts
cc2001f : Remove unnecessary inheritance layer between aliases.
a0421cd : releasetools: Pack updatable images into IMAGES/ for A/B update.
8b1d177 : Allow overriding the LLVM prebuilts path.
8f22e2a : Write AB_OTA_POSTINSTALL_CONFIG to META/postinstall_config.txt.
21a18b7 : Use GOMA_HERMETIC=error for USE_GOMA=true build
fd8c722 : Make not having Jack non-fatal.
52831d1 : Allow globally disabling the relocation packer.
cf1c15c : Set WINVER as well as _WIN32_WINNT.
94f86f8 : Sort dex and static lib resources
cb4abef : build: Remove check_prereq.
5c64b4e : Make uncompressing jni libs in prebuilt APKs reproducible
65c7b5c : Revert "Enable gold linker for aarch64."
9bc6bb2 : releasetools: Support generating verify packages.
8ae4984 : Create reproducible NOTICE collections
767e3ac : releasetools: Refactor
4afc2c0 : envsetup: fix for provision to work on zsh
59bdffa : Add suffix .so to use directly
e8119e9 : Switch from clang 3.6 to new clang repository (with 3.8).
b463fcd : build: Add LINUX_KERNEL_COPYING license file
0517540 : Let qemu_props service set system properties in ro.emu and ro.emulator
9956862 : Add tool to diff two target files packages
324ffb2 : Tag "tests" alone doesn't prevent including emma.jar
4044b38 : Add the build type to META folder in target
f0972f7 : Allow missing SONAME in .toc files
a7f68ee : Enable gold linker for aarch64.
41bc424 : Use explicitly sized types in zipalign/ziptime
5d88770 : Don't run ziptime on host zip files.
7890fc4 : selinux: Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
0e7587a : Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of binaries
a25ddad : Don't use ziptime with unbundled builds
7fcd2f9 : Don't check the host JDK tools when build/core/ is called from
48a621c : Remove changing uids/timestamps from zip/jar files
c13f9c9 : envsetup,product,ninja: enable symlink traversal
67c2ed3 : Support build targets with no installable apps/packages
04ba312 : build: Add extra build customization for /product
455f6f4 : build: Add support for defining products in /product
2a0522b : Docs: Add Security tab to top
b589ae4 : Revert "Remove changing uids/timestamps from zip/jar files"
3c2c064 : Remove changing uids/timestamps from zip/jar files
f0a7c76 : Error correction: Use block_image_recover in block OTAs
21ec03d : Add _asan suffix to for ASAN builds.
67132ba : Fix "make product-graph" and "make dump-products".
a174261 : Normalize the product makefile path in inherit-product.
42470e9 : Remove use of .INTERMEDIATE
db45efa : Honor TARGET_NO_RECOVERY flag.
cf67f13 : Move arm64 target to clang by default.
557fa2f : Move arm target to clang by default.
e4256f5 : Revert "Enable gold linker for aarch64."
227cdd0 : Strip LOCAL_MODULE before referencing it.
da63739 : Drop GCC back to C++11.
ec1b561 : Add dummy description for GET-INSTALL-PATH
112753c : Error out early on nonstandard JDK directory layouts
4d68879 : Normalize java source file paths before running "sort -u".
fb6985e : Make sure R.stamp is always created
eba409c : Bump up the BBOTA version to 4.
b9774f3 : Move x86_64 target to clang by default.
5e47973 : use `find -exec ... +` everywhere
127d110 : Enable gold linker for aarch64.
21b37d8 : Fix calculation of stashed blocks.
4fcb77e : Fix the script error for BBOTA v1.
ce10626 : allow qemu_props to set opengles.version
f7dbab1 : Revert "Switch from clang 3.6 to new clang repository (with 3.8)."
6528ea3 : Remove LOCAL_JACK_EXTRA_ARGS
8998d57 : Allow control of jack used for compilation
b2c5558 : Clean call-jack and its callers
466ea35 : makeparallel: prepend flags to ninja command line
88dc18a : Put NINJA_ARGS last
f0ba2e9 : Move x86 target to clang by default.
3934192 : Typos in
847b00b : Build: Fix DEX2OAT_TARGET_CPU_VARIANT setting
2df75d1 : Invoke the aidl-cpp compiler to generate C++
a72a6e7 : envsetup: Show error when supplied dir isn't present with mmm
a04abc8 : Add support for LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE
aac4ad5 : Fix the build.
d358f82 : Use direct dependency on the JNI so files.
7da1b68 : generic_x86: delete system_server execmem
3a562a9 : Use @arg-lsit-file for jar in add-carried-jack-resources
6a66a88 : Stop encoding absolute paths in symbols
425e019 : Export include path to D-Bus headers for multilib builds
3bfecc8 : Revert "Use @arg-lsit-file for jar in add-carried-jack-resources"
22d624a : Add the Product ID to
f99b531 : Error correction: Append codes to verified partitions
58fbd69 : Disable verity metadata for eng builds
74ccefb : Let get-prebuilt-src-arch return empty if the input is empty
539c740 : fix merge of all-named-files-under
16f93d5 : Use @arg-lsit-file for jar in add-carried-jack-resources
16b1b05 : Allow to build against Mac OS X SDK 10.11.
6f0b219 : Pass source's info_dict to vendor's
92f5fcc : Add all-named-(dirs|files)-under and related
e8304ef : Fix for Java 8 toolchain builds
4af7259 : Add the product version to
7fbbc5d : Use libgcov OR libclang_rt.profile, not both.
7fa65ee : Remove duplicate local_time.default
ecea601 : Stop passing --gen_all_phony_targets to kati
f8c63cb : Ensure dump-words-to-file creates the target
48e49f5 : Exclude OTA/bin tools when using A/B OTA updater
12adaf5 : Fix gcc color diagnostics
8925d33 : Pack META/ab_partitions.txt when using the A/B OTA updater.
1332828 : Switch from clang 3.6 to new clang repository (with 3.8).
822f584 : Only use a fixed timestamp when packaging.
b4a4278 : Have all targets in
7c3e3f8 : Sort more instances of wildcard and find
445e87b : Remove old grandfathered ALL_PREBUILTS
ebf32c2 : Move ninja files to $(OUT_DIR)
1b126ff : Add 'provision' function.
70067ac : Pack the update_engine_config.txt when using the A/B OTA updater.
8f26a45 : makeparallel needs global CFLAGS now
80e46c7 : Move the dist-as-droid handling from make to ninja
379f9f9 : Add all-cpp-files-under
8f9f01b : Revert "Have all targets in"
52b697a : Revert "Pass all goals to kati when "dist" is in goals"
d3701e9 : Pass all goals to kati when "dist" is in goals
92bbf56 : Have all targets in
d11c18a : Fix RS NDK usage so we always pull from "current" instead of NDK 8.
f6d8302 : Pack into
a4447e8 : Don't add dependencies on Makefiles when using ninja
92f8348 : Use zip -q for adding shared libraries
8b08f3a : Reland: Only put PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS into KATI_TARGETS
fe5e689 : Set BUILDING_WITH_NINJA flag when parsing makefiles for ninja build
aa0aca6 : Remove "preparing StaticLib" messages
052ae35 : Use a fixed timestamp in the generated image.
50c7c5a : If a console doesn't exist, read password from stdin.
b7c9f32 : Make linker configurable through environment.
09295a8 : Use gomacc even for FDO build
dfbab49 : Package breakpad symbols in target files zip
309b420 : Fix windows build
c53d6b9 : Remove checkbuild and test from parse time goals
ac30b88 : Remove the unnecessary rs_compatibility_jni_libs install rules.
3a0a891 : Link libgtest_main before libgtest
cb7ff77 : releasetools: Update the fingerprint when signing.
63e3b02 : Enable color output from gcc and clang
5ff665d : Revert "Only put PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS into KATI_TARGETS"
cb2e67f : Generate breakpad symbols
61cd884 : Substitue "/" with "-" in the MODULES-IN phony goal names.
eb3e3fa : Use exported includes for libc++.
561b4c1 : Set mcpu targets based on cpu variant.
7cc88b7 : Turn shared library multilib warnings into errors
173615d : GPU: add gralloc.ranchu library
ce2843f : The pattern %tests is too broad.
09c255d : Remove more of the pathmap.
c1cba69 : Make it possible to change the number of remote jobs
d8f268e : Allow USE_GOMA=true without explicit USE_NINJA=true
c339398 : Remove trailing / for HOST_TOOLCHAIN_FOR_CLANG
caeaa08 : Re-implement mma/mmma using make goals.
3ad3549 : Don't add CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS
b77aedb : Revert "Default to hiding libgcc symbols in each object."
31927f7 : Revert "Don't apply --exclude-libs for the host."
4d66adf : Sort all files found via $(shell find)
84a8ca3 : Revert "Only put PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS into KATI_TARGETS"
1576da2 : Don't apply --exclude-libs for the host.
5a2f585 : Restore AOSP-style version numbers - DO NOT MERGE
021b765 : Default to hiding libgcc symbols in each object.
127da9e : Use md5sum as the filename suffix if the suffix gets too long.
446ae75 : Add as a requirement for as well.
bd2d024 : Don't build if we don't build the ota package.
5408ff7 : Revert "Don't re-export libgcc symbols from every object."
d75d893 : Don't add build number to apps' version name for platform build.
f77030b : Make USE_NINJA=true the default
af6c071 : Pass --ninja to makeparallel for ninja
69047fa : makeparallel: improve support for wrapping ninja
f5caa3d : Move python-adb to development/python-packages.
74b32b8 : Add support of SANITIZE_TARGET='address coverage' for fuzzing.
6a2f285 : Add the common directory back to kernel headers.
e92d25f : Don't re-export libgcc symbols from every object.
dd86e5a : build: support compiling .mm on host
eb1e18e : Use $(OUT_DIR)/ninja_build to mark ninja build.
8da19e3 : Generate installed-files-vendor.txt
750396d : Remove legacy kernel build toolchain PATH setup in
cb1bd11 : kati: Handle MAKECMDGOALS modifications
f7ca64f : Use makeparallel to propagate -j flag to ninja or kati
a555448 : Implement makeparallel
d1d68b1 : Fix `LOCAL_CXX_STL := none` for Windows.
0b6c348 : Update the build system doc
7728817 : Don't build windows modules with clang, fix flags
b32d56e : releasetools: Fix the expected total blocks.
057aaea : Add HOST_CROSS_OS
d762bca : Use the same for normal make targets
42206c3 : releasetools: Don't write empty groups.
00f3c89 : Remove the obsolete comment line.
a187fb5 : Fix name for NDK protobuf libraries.
7589e96 : releasetools: Always write the last block if it's padded.
909e7f4 : Use $(BUILD_MODULES_IN_PATHS) as a part of ninja suffix
ff82e82 : Move part of logtags stuff back to
a77d41e : releasetools: Fix the bug when deleting files.
05bd7f3 : move init.trace.rc to frameworks/native
84006ea : releasetools: Fix the bug in symlink deletion.
b83e171 : Add AddressSanitizer linker flags for x86.
447d696 : Clean up Javac a little bit.
bfd0187 : Set --ninja_suffix based on make/mm/mmm targets
3351178 : Cleaned the outdated incrementaljavac.
b601d4b : Show error message when resource limit too low for USE_GOMA=true
956dccc : Move Java stuff out of
7324f30 : Add ahat to runtime_libart product.
79735a6 : Use the basename of file_contexts from the info dict.
4314611 : Remove AndroidConfig.h.
85ac8d2 : Add support for LOCAL_SRC_FILES_(host)_(arch)
7a54985 : Add _(darwin|linux|windows)
e8f7561 : Fix the bug in monotonic check.
873a15e : Add unit tests for
9a5caf2 : Split large files for BBOTA v3.
75770de : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.
267e957 : Dist the otatools package.
2df35ae : remove TARGET_PROVIDES_INIT_RC
ac9eea9 : Fix Linux host checkbuilds.
73042ea : Revert "Fix Windows SDK build."
f0c04c7 : Stop defining WIN32.
9fe15ac : Support LOCAL_INIT_RC.
e31dfe9 : Kill host Linux AndroidConfig.h.
0823ad3 : Also -DWIN32 to keep llvm building.
b8dd176 : Fix Windows SDK build.
f8241b4 : Remove Windows AndroidConfig.h.
9b17dea : Change .dbus.xml extension to .dbus-xml
ee482fd : Use goma when USE_GOMA=true is set
4c40141 : Fix sanitizer choice for global vs module.
19fa841 : Stop defining HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME.
974b822 : Fix DBus proxies to use all definitions
529f176 : Generate DBus proxies and adaptors separately
1ca3b70 : Blacklist libc++ from windows host builds
cbc6dc2 : build: Don't call make_recovery_patch if there's no recovery.
f050c2f : Rename libnanopb-c-2.8.0 to libprotobuf-c-nano.
b28ed23 : Consolidate the nanopb-c and regular protobuf build rules.
a05e222 : Set up dependency on ADDRESS_SANITIZER_LINKER
36b6f04 : Add BUILD(_HOST)?_FUZZ_TEST.
6c124d2 : Replace HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME with _WIN32 in build.
145ae32 : Remove legacy windows platform build support
1b2187d : Don't filter on a non-existent variable.
aa6c1a1 : Add an option to include a full bootloader in incremental OTA.
82c4798 : Revise stash for BBOTAs when needed.
5b6b6bb : Add two flags for the latest ckati

+- Project: platform/cts

05c0ea1 : Fix mktemp usage
891e11f : [RenderScript] Test Float16 variants of Allocation copy functions
6e714f6 : Add simpleperf cts test.
2bcdc24 : Add CTS tests for default methods
abc22ed : Swapped memset params
457ced7 : Don't call jack script without configuration
50a0db7 : Remove SELinuxTest#testNoBooleans.
d080f5a : Add flags needed to switch Jack to 1.8 for CTS targets
8863ee9 : Update copyright dates on generated CTS files.
49a6bc5 : Fix inconsistency between API generator and CTS files
1c2efc2 : Remove usages of jill.jar, use jack instead
2973ee9 : Add test for linker namespaces
b258779 : Explicitly mark dirs for testNo64 search.
da86222 : Change mockito-target to mockito-api
c83e983 : Ignore ps proctitle cmd params.
b1ee00d : SELinuxHostTest: fix failures due to ps -Z output change
4401ab6 : [RenderScript] Fix BNNM test by using c++_static
4fea15d : Fixed RefocusTest OOMing error
aa5fd42 : Should use getSupportedVideoSizes()
77d891e : Add test to check for mmap_rnd_bits on supported archs.
4c4f950 : Add /data/misc/sensor
c48d4ce : Use jack script to build vm-tests-tf
cb0fe07 : AbstractVerifierTest: adapt tests to reflect that tabs are preserved by the DN parser
65550d3 : Wait for network to resume in ConcurrencyTest
10903aa : ClonedSecureRandomTest: try to deal with process death
5893ca8 : Revert "Use jack script to build vm-tests-tf"
1e17c3a : Update CTS tests to match new default-methods behavior.
1a5e605 : Use jack script to build vm-tests-tf
983a0e3 : Fix build broken by cad8269d45f5478b2a9.
cad8269 : Unbundle android.jni.cts.
1e849c2 : AbstractVerifierTest: adapt tests to the new behaviour concerning whitespace
38d6433 : GlVboPerfTest: Fix libnativehelper dependency
b1a204b : Remove unused GLTrace dependency
9e05e59 : Fix media CTS to build with NDK
4de4d07 : Untie drm_jni from the platform
0b169f9 : Untie jni library from platform
23eb435 : Make createProcMap regex more forgiving.
2dcec9d : Untie MultinetworkApiTest from platform
f1cceb9 : core-tests: bundle libnativehelper_compat_libc++ and libc++
d41b1db : Untie libctsos_jni from libcutils/nativehelper/
0b8037b : Add libsqlite_jni to the list of JNI shared libraries.
0885096 : Test for android.text.format.DateFormat.getDateFormatOrder()
2003bf9 : ConcurrencyTest: re-enable WiFi during teardown
8dc7ffb : Resolve differences with internal master.
8c5f210 : Fix CtsTestServer potential shutdown deadlock.
5bfa261 : Add test for StrictJarFile (moved to framework from libcore)
7543d4e : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars.
3af5772 : Adjust Refocus test to allow minor diffs in pixels
90e51ba : Fix ABI string processing for deqp in CTS
5d26815 : Isolate Local(Server|)SocketTest CTS tests
27380b7 : CtsVerifier: Only load Activities from the current package.
8282267 : Remove identifier that causes warnings under OpenJDK 8 compiler
2e85014 : Remove $(eval) in recipes
04b516b : Fix ABI string processing for deqp in CTS
0d297cb : frameworks/base: add tests for AbstractVerifier
abe54b0 : Adjust min key size needed for RSASSA-PSS.
7c31b8a : Work around BC RSA Cipher returning wrong OAEPParameterSpec.
9b8bbd5 : Fix typo in Android Keystore key alias used in CTS.
ef884e3 : Fix a close paren in a wrong place
2783f4e : Re-enable Signature entropy consumption CTS test.
cc218cc : Use correct YUV format in rscpp test
efe996b : Update name of YUV format enum
5f127e2 : cts: prevent unnecessary rebuilds
02fe4ed : Check that secure lock screen is not set up.
7d42b4a : Compile all target main classes into one dex
26c6421 : Turn off Jack logging in vm-tests-tf
0acccbb : Adapt to call-jack changes
65456a6 : SELinuxHostTest: update checkfc to use -s for service_contexts
6626277 : SELinuxHostTest: Fix testValidServiceContexts()
5095110 : Switch StagefrightTest to InstrumentationTestCase
096833a : Enhance StagefrightTest and add test
1da654c : Issue 186618:run cts [root cause]in testTree method, the second writeFully(...) task may be executed in the AsyncTask after readFully(...) task, or they may be executed at the same time. Since the read and write operation is not protected by synchronized. Two tasks running on different thread my access doc.contents at the same time, and may lead to a null pointer crash [changesY] using AsyncTask.SERIAL_EXECUTOR instead of AsyncTask.THREAD_POOL_EXECUTOR
72a821b : Fix a typo in comment (encoder -> decoder)
c0abc27 : [RenderScript] Move all RenderScript BLAS tests to a separate module.
1f6d39a : Test for correct looping/completion behavior
414c086 : Use all-subdir-cpp-files
21a4341 : Replacing JNI stagefright test with API level stagefright test
c3172b5 : Don't falsify LOCAL_PATH.
f965ca4 : cts/tests/tests/security: increase timeout in ClonedSecureRandomTest
4f5f626 : Improve hitrate for ClonedSecureRandomTest
960752d : Fix the cts build
8067d8b : Remove duplicate line in makefile. Fix cts build
322e99f : Add tests for several Stagefright-related issues
4ec99eb : Add a dependency on Mockito
1160615 : Ignore inner classes when looking for tests
68bbe86 : Add FileSystemPermissionTest exception for DRM-based GPU drivers.
fbcad6b : Two variants of refocus code wrapped as a cts test
b7eeb7c : Restore missing min and max API.
0aeb040 : Update CTS tests for new hash values.
b120fca : RenderScript CTS: Add a CTS test that tests passing and returning small structs to / from kernels.
de27bba : add global double check bug:23213925
b632757 : Fixing API level for cts tests with rs cpp api
af6ced1 : Fixing API level for cts tests with rs cpp api

+- Project: platform/dalvik

544612a : Shush "unused parameter" warnings in hprof-conv.
39ac62b : Consider declared member descriptors as direct ref
ea805da : Bump dx version to 1.12
e69cc41 : Fix compiler warning on ptr size vs unsigned.
bd15660 : Improve dx error handling
45fd158 : Add better error message for unsupported classfile
5d0fa87 : Consider direct references in interface methods
e9f26d4 : DX: Fix tests 029, 033, 116, 117
a5c69c4 : DX: Fix tests 115, 119, 125
c2ea99d : Handle ACONST_NULL multidimensional arrays.
4658eed : Remove dmtracedump from dalvik.
4c78d39 : dexdump is present even on user builds.
1f2fa28 : dmtracedump: fix compilation warnings
259c2df : Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps.
74fe744 : Revert "Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps."
ff39e5c : Revert "Fixes incorrect update of DexMerger.main"
176040d : Fixes incorrect update of DexMerger.main
964d093 : Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps.
5b1d242 : Remove USE_MINGW, whitelist modules for windows
58f0543 : Remove dexlist code from dalvik.

+- Project: platform/developers/build

2bea00f : Add appcompat dep to base template
20aaa7c : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
41c22e3 : Sync mnc-dev sample prebuilts
0d86cdf : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
5d58bc4 : Update dependency versions for 23.0.0 libs release
b4bbf96 : Update base template dependencies to v23.
31fb395 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
def0d6c : Update sample templates for android-23 release
12de52f : With launch of Diamond MR-1 (new wear OS), we support interactive watchfaces which requires a new support library for wear.
a63f806 : Change MNC codename to just M.
479034d : Remove un-necessary minifyEnabled and proguardFiles
4735632 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
43228ae : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev.
85d4013 : Restore XYZTouristAttractions prebuilt
cb8728e : Bumping the sample gradle build tools to 1.2.0
cfd648e : Bumping the sample gradle build tools to 1.2.0
6a01fb6 : Update sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs
c356f17 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
22fb4b6 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
7a77838 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
27946d9 : Add Creative Commons license to prebuilt samples
792957b : Add Creative Commons section to LICENSE file to cover artwork
40b7998 : Add Creative Commons section to LICENSE file to cover artwork
6df98dc : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
82fbc26 : Fix compileSdkVersion error in _MODULE_/build.gradle.ftl
d8fc932 : Add support for targetSdkVersion definition in templates.
818bd7c : Sync sample prebuilts
77d0602 : Sync sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
f903b7a : Support samples using centrally managed play services version number
40f8fbe : Update samples prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
a9d37ee : Adds support for latest play-services-wearable version, adds support for latest wearable support library version, removes "+" from dependency versions, and adds new 'provided' line in dependecy file for wearables.
0eb4ffc : Use Java 1.7 for the default source and target compatibility
246cb69 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
d1630e5 : Update gradle tool to 1.1.0. Update the repository for buildScript to jcenter where mavenCentral are used.
4de32d4 : Update sample prebuilts
ed7fc0f : Update samples dependency versions for GMSCore P release
47d9436 : resolved conflicts for merge of 5c8cae0b to lmp-mr1-dev
64c9817 : Per request in b/20081220, removing NOTICE file.
e9ec087 : Sync developers/build/prebuilts with lmp-docs branch

+- Project: platform/developers/samples/android

049d382 : Switch runtime permission samples to AppCompat theme.
0f4e071 : Camera2Raw: Runtime permission on M
b91f4ee : Camera2Video: Runtime permission on M.
cfc6726 : Camera2Basic: Runtime permission on M
57690c2 : Swap compileSdkVersion for targetSdkVersion
7440180 : Add Android Design Support Lib to HdrViewfinder sample
34b015c : Change launcher name for StorageProvider
dee2a47 : Peg permissions-based samples at API 22
b8f8c1d : MidiSynth: Add a new sample
d3c06bf : Resolve conflicts for merge of 6a1d10d from lmp-mr1-ub-dev to mnc-dev
02aad74 : Update RuntimePermissions sample for API 23.
06c6159 : Update BasicRuntimePermissions sample for API 23.
6ab42c3 : MidiScope: Add a sample
d8cda51 : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
fb3b724 : Revise WatchFace sample's and to include an actual picture background (vs. simple image of w/ fade). Also, refactored w/ better optimizations and to closer match the WatchFace codelab (PeekCard support, Palette Color use, etc.).
89d2da0 : Update sample templates for android-23 release
d4406c8 : Updating sample to use Android M permissions model.
de9a955 : Fix NPE in FingerprintAuthenticationDialogFragment for MainActivity by having the explicit reference to the Activity.
db846a9 : DirectShare: Add a new sample
1419e7b : MidiScope: Add base template
49ca0ea : Revert "MidiScope: Add a new sample"
d6c1377 : MidiScope: Add a new sample
f31a0ac : Demonstrates interactive feature in a watch face (includes coordinates[x,y]).
d7cd6a7 : Update the sdk version targeting Android 6
0576649 : MidiScope: Add a new sample
7c49172 : Change MNC codename to just M.
8698539 : Tilt WatchFace sample renamed to OpenGL for clarity.
cbf3135 : Add Stylus Info to BasicGestureDetect
6ece77b : Add Material icon to BTAds sample
d41a7d5 : [ConfirmCredential] try encrypting after auth success
435b09a : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update docs, screenshots, minor tweaks
e3bc8d8 : Update BTAds sample to use a service for advertising
67cabff : Use FingerprintManager#hasEnrolledFingerprints to check if the device has any registered fingerprints.
2c91683 : Avoid app crashes when no fingerprints are registered.
9b2b063 : Update RuntimePermissionsBasic sample to latest API.
493cc17 : Update RuntimePermissions sample to latest API.
535025b : Remove freezeIterable() when data items are processed immediately
2b95d31 : Fix crash in RuntimePermissions when camera is unavailable.
804d34d : Ask password when user adds a new fingerprint including a checkbox to ask that if they want to use fingerprints in the future and stores it as shared prefernces.
d816ff3 : Camera2Basic: Several fixes
0c8d8e4 : Moves sample watchface bitmap scaling to onSurfaceChanged().
f5b967c : Added day of week and year/month/day to digital.
43cbf55 : Fixed the tilt watchface left/right reversal.
5580d84 : Revert "Added day of week and year/month/day to digital. Fixed tilt."
501cfdb : Don't export broadcast receivers
d8cafc3 : Removing the deprecated close() on DataEventBuffer
89c1253 : XYZ Sample: update template-params, use new material support lib
708260b : Added day of week and year/month/day to digital. Fixed tilt.
60d1a54 : Update and cleanup FingerprintManager API to new spec
1e68382 : Making sure "release()" is called on data buffers where needed
e3912a4 : Fixing a crash caused by using implicit intent when starting a service
b7a5170 : Updating the sample to not use the old GooglePlayServicesClient.
461ad91 : Add missing already_scanning string
6f44194 : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
cfa0e48 : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
9d37fdb : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
4204caa : camera2: Add RAW capture sample application.
415e5ce : Updating build.gradle and template-params for MNC samples
42cfd96 : Rename ActiveNotification to ActiveNotifications
f118640 : Rename 'AutomaticBackup' to 'AutoBackupForApps'
1d0171d : camera2: Add RAW capture sample application.
1cdebcd : Add RuntimePermissions sample.
673e5cd : Adding RuntimePermissionsBasic sample.
f3714f5 : Add Auto Backup sample for MNC
6693862 : Add missing license headers to java files in BtAds sample
0794ece : Initial commit for Fingerprint Dialog sample based on the EAP sample.
d1898d3 : Initial commit for confirm device credentials sample based on the EAP sample.
7e735d6 : Introduce ActiveNotification sample.
f323976 : Minor change (one line and not required for launch): removes redundant AlarmManager cancel() call based on Griff's comments on Luan's docs: "you can only have exactly one alarm set for any particular pending intent so setting a new one will replace the old one."
9b3abfd : Bumping minimum version of samples.
938643a : Replaced deprecated "Time" with Calendar.
7913d0e : Fixing location play services version
7e6f96a : Add "AlwaysOn" sample to master build.gradle
5f0834e : Revises several lines of comments based on Googler feedback (~8 in total).
54bab34 : Add build.gradle and other build files for AlwaysOn sample
c3cffdd : Demonstrates ambient Android Wear support. Project renamed "Always On".
a3241dc : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update for wearable support lib 1.2.0
bd3e5ec : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update for wearable support lib 1.2.0
816fecf : Updating the sample to not use the old GooglePlayServicesClient.
a78545c : Add BluetoothAdvertisements to build.gradle for template engine
580ca93 : Add missing already_scanning string
d32b4e4 : XYZ Sample: update gmscore versions to prevent build breaking
84a2f50 : Updated minSdk version
cb893b0 : Updating this sample to show how Capabilities APIs can be used.
ef0be24 : NfcProvisioning: Add EXTRA_PROVISIONING_LOCAL_TIME
cbe529d : Fix broken tests for P2PDirect sample
eb6c6fa : Fixes build issues with sample content/documentsUi/StorageClient

+- Project: platform/development

0877623 : Remove unused libhost dependency
9bee8c2 : Replace splitlines() with something more tolerant.
aaf5455 : Add a fix for old, broken devices.
5ca14aa : Fix the pylint issues that have built up...
40c8b0a : vulkan: Add Vulkan headers and stub library
1388ea2 : Switch RmTypeDefs over to asm v5
39bede2 : Enable Java 1.8 language features in stubs
6bb9311 : Update to api-generator 22.9.4.
2985dcb : Upgrade to ASM 5
8c0e4a0 : Remove the old NDK samples.
11dd625 : Lose native_app_glue and ndk_helper to ndk/.
ac30ab6 : Add new libm symbols to android-23
e62f301 : Copy libm symbols from android-21
e10e689 : Remove unwanted __popcountdi2 from libmediandk
af1ea4e : Explicitly keep stubs as v51 / 1.7 class files
ef047c7 : Remove unwanted symbols from libz
0421a6b : Add new symbols to android-23
3607a28 : Copy libc symbols from android-21 to android-23
646ed33 : Version __system_property* symbols for lp64 platforms
c56ac65 : Remove unwanted '__moddi3' from x86 and mips
0049495 : Remove unwanted '__isthreaded' for lp64 platforms
16c4d9c : Remove mistakenly exported android_* network functions
52e68cd : Remove "sha1.h".
ec27ae9 : Modify Idegen to open project with Android facet
7386b49 : Remove C++ btsnooz parser in favor of Python script.
977bf48 : Remove symbols which are not in platform
8b554e7 : Remove symbols that are not in platform
34109a7 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from libm
10936c3 : Restore bsd_signal for android-20 and below
11ae5eb : Replace __page_size reference with PAGE_SIZE for android-12 and below
7000f03 : Add NOTICE files for our projects.
eb7c104 : Add missing __gnu_Unwind_Find_exidx symbol
e9dcc69 : Build android-stubs-current.jack with Jack
35dd4d6 : Make gdbclient respect custom OUT_DIR settings
52343bb : android-21: add version scripts for libc/m/dl
4493909 : Remove bzero from
6bef207 : Remove new set of LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from libc
32b61f1 : Restore public __aeabi symbols
387b63d : Clean up etc1tool.
450cb38 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from all of NDK libcs
1147731 : Ensure Jack server is running before any use
a604641 : Remove unwanted stdio symbols from android-17
4c9b18f : Cleanup libc symbols for android-17
70919af : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-17 libc
5770619 : Fix symbols ordering
f52570c : Remove unwanted stdio symbols from android-18 and 19
1fc0082 : android-21: restore utimensat for mips libc
9923e5e : android-21: Restore __ns_* symbols for lp32 libc
a57440a : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-19 libc
08db327 : android-19: Cleanup libc symbols
91616de : android-18: Cleanup libm symbols
0bb1b17 : android-18: Cleanup libc symbols for x86/mips
9b9b8c5 : Cleanup libc symbols for other architectures
cfd35aa : Remove android-18/arm symbols not present in platform libc
86f95e8 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-18 libm
64c835f : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-18 libc
409ab9f : Update gdbclient to use the multiarch gdb.
329b34b : Restore libc __cxa_atexit symbol
1a3e15a : Remove symbols that are not present in platform libc
2a421ad : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-21 libdl
7c74453 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-21 libm
4713395 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-21 libc
8b09785 : Enable .toc optimization for SDK stub
ee81f7e : Define a rule to build a dummy .dex.toc file
6e84c13 : Update byteswap.h from bionic to match endian.h.
5cd0f10 : Move adb tests to system/core/adb.
0b7e903 : Fix exception in MakeFileParser
616a494 : Update endian.h from bionic.
c57abe4 : Always use the newest sys/cdefs.h.
6836ddf : Updating Idegen project to use JDK 1.7
53bc2e2 : Update uchar.h from bionic.
4efb18d : Fix complex.h for clang.
c14b612 : Modify the dso rule to allow spaces in [] names.
82aa7da : win32: for Unicode cmdline args, switch from cmd.exe to powershell.exe
6198f07 : Generate .toc for android_stubs_current.jar
08d0622 : adb unittest: make test_unicode_paths stricter
7fe79d6 : adb: update tests for push/pull directory change.
cdf6758 : adb: add tests for pushing/pulling empty dirs.
51f2cc2 : adb: fix device module for non-shell_v2 usage.
5e50d6b : unittest for sending data thru adb forward/reverse; --no-rebind unittest
1246001 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6b8dcee : adb: add more push/pull tests.
cea6641 : Rename android-M to android-23.
0e54d10 : adb: add test for forward/reverse commands.
acc0ba8 : Add a gdb_flags argument to gdbrunner.start_gdb.
2c7e952 : Allow gdbrunner.start_gdbserver to not upload gdbserver.
aacbc23 : Add get_pids helper to gdbrunner.
44b84a8 : Don't throw when we fail to find a device.
3fd43b5 : Allow selection of adb command.
e0146c4 : adb: update adb PTY tests.
a7aa6e2 : Add a test for "adb pull" error reporting.
19f18ce : set directory for gdb.
639d1c4 : gdb: allow to find local files.
bf57912 : Change jack/dex target dependency to jack script
cebec2b : fix _subprocess_Popen cleanup.
28c210b : Pass in current android.jar to api-generator
4160958 : adb unittest: fix Windows Unicode
45d61d0 : adb: fix docstring for shell functions.
ebbc3fe : adb/ fix finding md5 command on pre-L platforms
fa1d9db : adb: add test for non-interactive stdin.
d1fe92f : set PWD when querying makefiles.
320f881 : add gdb connect retry.
6382f17 : Make work in directories other than the root.
043bad7 : Add python reimplementation of gdbclient.
46e268e : adb: make shell protocol work again.
75b0383 : Add gdbrunner package for shared functionality.
87df6ff : Add get_props to's AndroidDevice.
cac4e97 : Add remount to's AndroidDevice.
21f9849 : Add shell_popen method to
a8731c4 : Add helper functions for `adb -e/-d` to
b0ee906 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
21d83c6 : Substitue "/" with "-" in the MODULES-IN phony goal names.
1b06fea : Switch to the new mmma implementation using make goals.
9278d96 : adb: fix install escaping test.
d89fcd4 : adb: add tests for -Tt shell arguments.
32e1307 : Move python-adb from system/core/adb.
57acd5f : Development/scripts: Update stack tool
a22f08d : platform tools version: replace alpha1 with rc1
ad7321b : Update platform tools version to .1.0 alpha1
ece64c4 : Update the stack script for apk handling.
349f891 : Update windows sdk to build non-recursively
d93269d : Stop checking HOST_OS
b2fa10b : Remove USE_MINGW, whitelist modules for windows
fe9acde : Support new systrace file structure after switching to catapult
517a2f2 : Revert "Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/"
2e60272 : Patch android-21 with aarch64 <sys/user.h> fixes.
d900d08 : Development/scripts: Add sanitizer dump support to stack

+- Project: device/asus/deb

303564f : Revert "Move deb to clang by default."
e711d87 : Move deb to clang by default.
b559bb7 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.

+- Project: device/asus/flo

07c9e60 : camera_device: remove type
59cea11 : perfprofd: update unix_socket_connect to set_prop
342d88e : Revert "Move flo to clang by default."
18008bc : Move flo to clang by default.
5a3e01f : Remove TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS use
534cf67 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
07a49e8 : Remove obsolete live wallpapers.
46ffda9 : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
1cddd4c : mediaserver: remove text relocation support
a3ed719 : flo: conn_init: fix load macaddr
078640e : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

c92d7b0 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
3491f3a : Label thermal and rfkill sysfs files.
77a9c53 : sepolicy: Label misc block device.
1a8ee82 : Add /misc entry into fstab.fugu.
32587c3 : Added missing #include after C++ migration. BUG: 25563823
5662eb2 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
8bfed13 : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
d29f5a1 : Remove __DATE__ for consistent binaries
2253d3f : Move fugu to clang by default.
e40c492 : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.

+- Project: device/common

762617a : Add a path variation for dragon device
c70f48c : Create a directory for arm nb blobs
fa589b6 : Put privileged apps under system/priv-app/ directory

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

d26e214 : Build camera related goldfish HALs as brilloemulator for Brillo
dc1c14f : Support generic buffers in EmulatedFakeCamera3
2bbb465 : Refactor gralloc HAL to not repeat defintions
84a59f9 : GPU: Build
b104c44 : init.ranchu.rc: enable qemu-props & use GPU emulation if available
ac3f6d1 : Fix glActiveTexture invalid parameter bug
9387a8a : Add validation check for glUniform* APIs
d0e67c8 : Fix glDrawArrays API issue
daaff65 : Delete some useless files
7c1d90f : Implement a couple more surface attributes in eglQuerySurface.
3ef9887 : Read the size of a window surface from the native buffer.
6e696c3 : Handle pixel formats with 16bit and 32bit color channels.
21eaf2b : Correctly set the surface type upon creation.
6801005 : Fixes interpretation of attribute lists in the EGL emulation library.
890dcca : opengl: GLEncoder: Fix potential array buffer misbinding

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-arm64

4f30226 : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-armv7-a-neon

f41c1e4 : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/qemu

4563938 : move init.trace.rc to frameworks/native
3f30d51 : Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir
f008fcf : remove TARGET_PROVIDES_INIT_RC

+- Project: device/google/atv

5bf79a8 : Remove obsolete live wallpapers.
7c93982 : sdk_atv_armv7: TV codecs have been separated, use them
a8a952f : Update LeanbackSample app to latest from github
6217ef4 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
0888e56 : Remove Launcher2 and TeleService from ATVs
0c8d193 : Move AndroidTV SDK sys images to rev 2.
28dea35 : Remove mention of EXTENDED font profile and naver-fonts.
adbaec3 : Add selinux policy to enable access to DVB API on Android TV

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

eb2cc0c : Fix inclusion of healthd.h.
cb682e7 : system_app: grant read perms to sysfs_swap
845d852 : camera_device: remove type
c16f493 : Label /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity.
e811ef3 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
3d2308d : Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock
45189c4 : Label and allow access to /sys/kernel/debug/nvmap
b96be1a : init.flounder.rc: mount debugfs earlier
2aebb6d : Add more specific sysfs labels.
af8b12c : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
6909f2e : Grant global read access to /sys/module/tegra_fuse/*
08086f5 : selinux: remove auditallow on toolbox_exec
01a7c34 : Remove obsolete live wallpapers.
edfac52 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
404b00a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bb22156 : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
d547e73 : selinux: Label misc block device.
3d10578 : flounder: don't use BOARD_VENDOR_QCOM_GPS_LOC_API_HARDWARE
1192cb3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
abf0159 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1848702 : Move flounder to clang by default.
c78e5cc : selinux: label mac address in sysfs
57a5e8a : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

81a7893 : Add missing liblog dependency
c41d05d : camera_device: remove type
aa7268d : Label /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity.
7618a7d : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
507b20c : Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock
5511f3f : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
2988c4b : Label gpuclk as sysfs_thermal file and add perms.
29a8f55 : perfprofd.te: fix warning
d490d95 : Honor mount options.
af7df6f : Allow mpdecision /proc read access
db8194b : selinux: Label misc block device.
f0301ec : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
f280b67 : radio: remove text relocation support
0c28a99 : mediaserver: remove text relocation support
8d3ea2d : Move hammerhead to clang by default.
4c5dbbf : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

e15759e : allow thermald to read sysfs battery info
3af3a73 : camera_device: remove type
df9f2dc : Label /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity.
7b91b97 : Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock
f9fc054 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
6ff92a9 : Add imsdatadaemon to readproc group
eb1e92f : Allow ims to connect to init via property socket
67e28f7 : Allow mpdecision /proc read access
cd3974c : selinux: Label misc block device.
04716c0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7f15c9f : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
4e3f870 : perfprofd: fix warning
8280fa8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c95de50 : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.

+- Project: device/sample

7c11d46 : Added Rebtel APN settings to conf file
b7c2d19 : Transatel carrier settings for Android Settings will be automatically configured for Transatel SIM Cards
ac809e6 : Fix build.
1f2fd96 : Added Ibercom Spain internet
cfbdc1f : Added MASMovil Spain internet
e107034 : Added Cable movil Spain internet
eee6697 : Added Tuenti Spain mnc=32
685a2d1 : Added RACC Spain internet and mms

+- Project: platform/docs/

c3dc196 : Docs: Adding new page for Hikey, updating existing pages Adding Clay's feedback Adding Dimitry's feedback
3e04197 : Docs: Removing localized copies of the Sec. Bull index page. Bug: 25717633
830e563 : Docs: Add animation_fps to home
51e8db4 : Docs: Add Dec. Jan. and Feb. feedback fixes to home
556e418 : Docs: Update CTS 6.0R3 to CTS 6.0R4
a73a5b5 : Code Style - Minor copyedits
7db74c2 : Docs: Map Android to Ubuntu and Mac OS versions
651900c : Docs: Typo in Trusty Reference
ab0fa14 : Doc: Updating rotation vector text Minor updates to text Adding fix for significant motion wake up sensor
e1727f1 : Docs: Download path for repo command
c6264b2 : Docs: Formula for headset spec
9d12093 : Docs: Changing to localization code with country. Bug: 25717633
f218877 : Docs: Fix incorrect dashes in command line arguments
aee1027 : Docs: Add localized security bulletins, 8/15-11/15, 2/16 Bug: 25717633
c3b8e42 : Docs: Add Reducing OTA Size to home page
7102db0 : Docs: Deleting outdated and replaced files
402163b : Docs: Add Qihoo team members to main security Acknowledgements
27092c4 : Docs: Combine security index files Bug: 25592700
03bbc0d : Docs: Adding Trusty to What's New section
e9bfc5f : Docs: Add article on reducing OTA size.
dc0e1d4 : Docs: Move misplaced ending parenthesis
68ead94 : Docs: Replace paths to kernel network tests
e85a1b3 : Update dex spec to say header map_off can't be zero.
6f3d9c8 : Docs: Trusty documentation
c3b4489 : Docs: Add missing acknowledgement for CVE-2016-0804 in Feb Public bulletin
6451e5d : Docs: Adding links to reports to security resources Bug: 25737220
05df37e : Docs: Layout changes, adding verticals to branding
1293046 : Docs: Clarifying N7v1 is is tegra and N7v2 is msm Changing to N7 (2012) and N7 (2013)
e03a0f5 : Docs: Adding Java env setup to script
1e35e58 : Explicitly mention gdbserver64.
d00c74b : Docs: Add build number for Feb. 2016 security release to home
8420aad : Docs: Fix typo Unbuntu -> Ubuntu
30efd5a : Docs: Update Gengjia Chen's contact information
0e758aa : Docs: Add CTS 6.0, 5.1, and 5.0 to home page
6c4588c : Docs: Fixing typo on Code Style page
ba7ea06 : Docs: Add Java 8 to home page, What's New section
274f545 : Update build number for security release
1d853ef : Docs: Minor typo correction February bulletin Bug: 26411900
b571f7e : Docs: Adding details for chipset power data from BT/WiFi Removing <p> tags from table
62192b9 : Docs: Update CTS versions for M, L-MR1, & L Bug: 26920072
580f722 : Docs: February bulletin with AOSP links and typo cleanup Bug: 26411900
17648a1 : Docs: February 2016 security bulletin Bug: 26411900
ec98ff2 : Docs: Add recommended kernel config for cpusets
6217093 : Docs: Add pointers to precise JDK 8 packages and architectures
d4d5b5b : Docs: Add AOSP links to January 2016 bulletin Bug: 26071613
09304d4 : Docs: Update security acknowledgements Bug: 26497346
6534d77 : Instructions for using JDK 8 with aosp/master
694d5c8 : Indicate supported host machines for CTS.
2db09a5 : Docs: Add researcher credit to October bulletin Bug: 26717816
0a199cb : Docs: Make standard VVM caps
33d2901 : Docs: Fix incorrect VVM provider
cde40d3 : Rearrange/modify aosp setup instructions
6286254 : Docs: Fix missing image on App Security page
a6e7397 : Docs: Update feedback button name to replace send with site
da2ef36 : Update repository description.
d425937 : Remove list of MIDI BLE patches
ed29e9f : Docs: Adding ktime details, minor edits Change from ktime to CLOCK_MONOTONIC Adding hyphen to multitouch, sentence case for heading
f8b9963 : Docs: Updates related to Keystore and Keymaster
4b1f12b : Docs: Add new devices to building documents.
e21f9d5 : Docs: Add Android Security Report for 2014 to /security. Bug: 19934431
888c667 : Update build numbers for security release
20b9b2e : Docs: Add Reading Bug Reports to home page
85fba99 : Docs: Removing animation_fps from list of variables that can be set by user Updating text based on bug fix that allows fps change
5246dde : Docs: Adding correct link to Hardware Composer HAL
7c2ad8c : Docs: Convert of bugreportology, with collapse toggles tweaking header consistency, spacing, flow adding intro, removing bug app adding editorial feedback
7bd5058 : Docs: January 2016 bulletin Bug: 26071613
88b02b7 : Docs: Added security researcher credit to December bulletin
cf65199 : Docs: Add Rotation Vector CV Crosscheck to home page
5def6cf : Docs: Add security update note and link
b60f5c9 : Update build numbers for MRA59B
7cc4fb0 : MIDI test apps are now on Play Store
d43d89b : Update build numbers for MRA58X
e811076 : Docs: Replace misformed characters with Unicode
cfc1872 : Docs: Remove trailing whitespace, preformat entries
3871567 : Docs: Add CTS 6.0 R2, build numbers, and security bulletins to home page
3f99314 : Docs: Add contributor to November bulletin
81cf045 : Docs: Adding AOSP links to December Security bulletin
9f0ddfa : Docs: Adding link for Google Developer Groups
d4d8d83 : Docs: removing import ServiceManager (unnecessary)
fcc4543 : Add zram0 labeling advice for swap to zRam.
d206f4d : Docs: Fixing typo, general edits, updating page title in toc
05163e5 : Update build numbers for security and M MR1
b0421d0 : Docs: December 2015 security bulletin
453bcca : Make use of keystore and keymaster names consistent. Also fix bugs.
55ea568 : Docs: Update CTS version
9d71d5a : Docs: Publish rotation vector CTS Verifier test procedure and images
74c356a : Docs: Replace 10000 with 100000 in UID
b776c88 : Docs: Add implemented feedback from November to home
d5cfb6a : Docs: Add kernel networking tests, BLE beacons, and dm-verity logging to home
4beaff0 : Remove newline in net_test command.
194891b : Docs: Add note explaining why the results reports exist
08aa619 : Docs: Adding new chart for latency measurements Using round trip for both title and caption
518fef4 : Docs: Add kernel network unit tests page
5657c0e : Docs: Changing 7 to seven
58138d1 : Docs: Updating security bulletin link Changing link to anchor for community Changing local links to docRoot
c1e1068 : Docs: Fix link to physical_environment named anchor
b61ec8c : Docs: Adding acknowledgement about squished image
6019eba : Docs: SAC FB: hobbiest > hobbyist
e15bf60 : Docs: Clarifying why power values are in amps
c6b1901 : Docs: Small changes to CDD Readme file
bda31db : Docs: Make clear logging mode is optional
73c3c54 : Docs: "What's new" page for Audio updates
8ff791f : Docs: Add BLE beacons to CTS setup, move Wi-Fi to new Physical environments
8ebd4b9 : Docs: Add CTS 5.1 R4 to home
9ecd031 : Docs: Typo in midi.jd Bug: 25614632
bc5919e : Add audio data formats
45508f5 : Add generic MIDI architecture
dec18af : Docs: Update 5.1 CTS downloads to R4
05b5178 : Add audio latency for Nexus 5X and 6P
04f53e0 : Add more terminology
5fe481b : Minor updates to MIDI
e4f3ad1 : Add note about S/PDIF and AES3
c2e1961 : Docs: Fix gralloc HAL link Bug: 25449507
06d48cf : Docs: Remove note about the Sun JDK. Bug: 25449258
84a635b : Docs: Replace references to Eclipse with Android Studio, delete bug description
10b9550 : Docs: Remove [email protected] and replace with bug queue where applicable
8bb806d : Docs: Redo navigation in security and move keymaster docs
490a56f : Docs: Fix Low RAM link on Configuring ART page
f6083ab : Docs: Create bulletins directory and add security bulletins Bug: 25397867
a8324cd : Docs: Update home with build #s, feedback fixes, MIDI CLs, media script, and more.
95ffe51 : Docs: Update Ubuntu 14.04 apt-get command to latest package set
dc10f93 : Docs: Added a link to managed profiles from Encryption based on user feedback Bug: 25149001
0710257 : Docs: Adding help/resource links Changing bulletin link back to groups
4b4e7e0 : Docs: Switching stack order for sensor image
6ef4047 : Docs: Clarifying that kernel names change per device
516e6dd : Docs: Adding clarification to
cb2d671 : Docs: Add 6.0 section for Mac OS and Yosemite
0be943d : Docs: Update device side resistance value thresholds
c0baf42 : Update build numbers for security and M DR
7501de1 : Docs: Fix descriptions for checkRightsStatus and status_t saveRights
741b40f : Docs: Add link to script
e388f25 : MIDI BLE stability
a4e7a89 : Docs: removing deprecated policy flags cleaning up html for single quotes, underscores Changing 'can' to 'should'
3045cc5 : Fix markup for audio pages: tags, entities, etc
af37757 : Docs: Add Security to top tab, create its nav file
e5e1d6b : Docs: Updated Android brand guidelines and moved associated images to source/images directory Bug: 25163550
24149f2 : Fix typos
138cb3b : Docs: Add 6.0 BLE spec
3da5cae : Duplicated Pictures
684457e : Docs: Updating image to be composite07 for 7th frame
e972583 : Add Michael Peck to Security Acknowledgements page.
7bab6de : Docs: Add CDD link to Downloads page
914a562 : Docs: Minor edits that missed the M release
70e6360 : Docs: Add 6.0 CDD and audio MIDI, latency, and path updates to home page
bd606bd : Add MIDI test procedure
7d27b05 : Docs: Add DISALLOW_MOUNT_PHYSICAL_MEDIA flag to Device administration Bug: 24583436
468b17f : Docs: Add 6.0 security enhancements to home
87e3151 : Docs: Add 6.0 and 5.1 CTS and build numbers, Trade Fed and HAL M docs
bc57d17 : Docs: Add 6.0 security enhancements
352a012 : Docs: Fixing link for cryptsetup, minor formatting
3b59cef : Docs: Fixing links between graphics pages
bdf573b : Docs: Adding clarification on MTP connections, minor tweaks
6ab623a : Update latency measurements
a7790a9 : MIDI updates
7c7b020 : Update build numbers for L and M
4a33594 : Docs: Publish CTS 5.1 R3 and CTS 6.0 R1
d9a21c5 : Docs: Remove FIXME, add section IDs for table of contents
c3dea07 : Docs: Define user builds and isolated client mode, add SIM # and AAPT
efa4366 : Docs: Fix --continue-session and --force-abi, add formatting and headers
baedf88 : Docs: Add Jack to navigation, link from note in Building the System
7ad57c3 : Docs: Update CTS Verifier install to grant all permissions
6f87055 : Declare phony targets as .PHONY.
2637014 : Add id to h3
25262b8 : Docs: Edits to accessory pages, 80 char limit, standardized AOAP refs
c2b20c2 : Docs: Add UICC to home page
61115a6 : Docs: Add UICC Carrier Privileges to Config section
597ae1c : Docs: Reorder Security Implementation, rename SELinux and Encryption
761a4c1 : Bug: 14081161 Adding acknowledgement for b/22214934
cf03868 : Encryption -> Full disk encryption.
dff2e9d : Docs: Add MIDI, Repo, and build numbers to home
3d97ba7 : Add info about repo launcher 1.22
0cd546a : Update MIDI implementation guide
ac5737b : Docs: Add Power updates to home page
f58e597 : Update build numbers for LMY48M, N, P, LYZ28K, and LVY48F
259fb6c : Docs: Add ASAN, debug, config, ART, and rules file changes to new
4ed9533 : Docs: Power reorganization with sentence casing for headers and 80 char limit enforced. Adding power profile value for camera flashlight. Minor tweaks.
1270fef : Docs: Document a workaround for blank CTS result pages on Chrome
4d3eb6d : Docs: Fix links to moved or renamed files
f048433 : Docs: Add AddressSanitizer
8b18794 : Docs: Add tools information to main Debugging page
ca44e97 : Docs: Reorganizing Devices into config/debug and rename storage
a655ca3 : Docs: Add caution explaining factory reset
739b22e : Docs: Attempt to replace inline contents with downloadable rules file
7a29912 : Docs: Remove obsolete sentence. Bug: 23477817
7d99265 : Docs: Fix typo.
7b8b01d : Fix various spelling mistakes and typos
6d1548f : Add example usage for disabling dex preopt.
be1e847 : Docs: Add feedback, source, devices, CTS, and build nums to home
c7df17b : Docs: Remove old file since contents are now in index file
8107f60 : Docs: Add build and staging script

+- Project: platform/external/aac

6e83307 : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__

+- Project: platform/external/android-clat

2dcca6f : Convert a few instances of sprintf to snprintf.
2cb02c2 : Add missing libnetutils dependency.
44f0955 : Switch android-clat's microbenchmark to clang.
96d6901 : Fix default_pdp_interface pointer reference

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

85a044f : JDWP Tests: add breakpoint tests for framework code
eb2c825 : Add JDWP tests for JLS8 default methods
b736af0 : JDWP: compile tests for 1.8
2017095 : JDWP Tests: Fix lint issue
e41087f : JDWP Tests: More GetClassLoader tests
008c8fa : Fix TimeStampTest.
47529c2 : JDWP Tests: Make ClassLoaderTest more precise
0e2be2d : Use core-oj alongside core-libart wherever required.
d982f3c : Fix for OpenJdk libcore switch
1034d0a : JDWP: update Method.IsObsolete test
7155f48 : JDWP: test tag returned by ClassType.Newinstance
ad8a1ac : JDWP: test java.lang.String construction
62caab4 : Do not depend on IPv6 to run jdwp tests.
54d7f32 : JDWP: more tests for StackFrame.SetValue
adf2e1e : JDWP: tentative fix for single-step test failures
91bddfa : JDWP: test events when exception is thrown
f5788f2 : JDWP: test single-step with pending exception
07502b3 : JDWP: test errors for ArrayReference.SetValues
4372c1a : JDWP: fail test if debuggee does not exit normally
ec561ef : JDWP: tests invoke commands for thread suspended multiple times

+- Project: platform/external/apache-http

9bd2f98 : apache-http: Fix stubs generation.
1a795a1 : Unhook a bit from Conscrypt's implementation
848b5ed : Use hostname aware isCleartextTrafficPermitted
46856d9 : Use duck typing to call hostname aware checkServerTrusted

+- Project: platform/external/apache-xml

accea36 : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars

+- Project: platform/external/bison

7467d52 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

4eb4380 : Add OCSP files for testing purposes
e6f5278 : Force bouncycastle to continue to use v51 (1.7) .class files
c1040cb : Restoring the contents of aosp after
372845f : Add core-oj to the list of dependencies
5a16e2b : Expose PSS AlgorithmParameters to JCA.

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

f822e6c : Fix reading extents file if not start from the beginning of a extent.
d87c835 : Various fixes in bspatch and File class.
cdbad9a : Build bspatch for the target.
cd1e453 : Update NOTICE and LICENSE file.
792b0a5 : Build unittests on Android.
437b7af : bspatch: Re-enable extents support.
b870eb5 : bspatch: Ran clang-format on
daf3516 : FileInterface: Implement GetSize().
03f1deb : bspatch: Use a C++ interface for file access.
20891f9 : Convert C sources to C++.
e1526cf : Ran clang-format on all the Chromium OS sources.
870b802 : Disable GNU extensions in bspatch code.
b7e3b8e : Update to build Chromium OS changes.
f376796 : bspatch: Fix arg names.
a5cff22 : Add gtest unittest framework.
68b49a8 : Added README.chromium file.
075af0a : Added .gitignore file.
4384370 : bsdiff: Don't install delta_generator tools on the device.
99b5374 : bsdiff: support for lazy reading from extent files in bspatch
d172820 : AU: bsdiff: Expand pathological case where files differ by <8 bytes
e3fd60e : AU: Fix bsdiff hang
1f40292 : bsdiff: Speed up pathological case.
c2c68a7 : Change bsdiff to use divsufsort suffix sort library instead of qsufsort. Divsufsort is more efficient and addresses the problem of bsdiff hanging on certain files.
3ebed9c : bsdiff: if file is /dev/fd/*, don't open/close it. Just use the fd.
11a4ecc : bsdiff: force off_t to be 64 bits, honor size_t length
339e0ee : bsdiff: convert ebuild to the new eclass format

+- Project: platform/external/bzip2

51b17f5 : Silence warnings.

+- Project: platform/external/cblas

e7575ea : Make Cblas use c++_static instead of stlport_static

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-libpac

26fca44 : Fix for PAC script function dnsResolve.

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

8d2b206 : Merge from Catapult Tot
972bd9a : Update to catapult ToT.
46b43bf : Update after moving the code to Catapult
294aea2 : Fix systrace unittests before moving to Catapult
18bf013 : Double the default buffer size if sched is set
24e1a93 : Update to latest catapult
edfe219 : Upgrade to new import methods.
4a4f2fe : Update to catapult ToT for tracing.
cfc706a : Upgrade to catapult repo changes

+- Project: platform/external/clang

d121d90 : Remove dependency on arm_neon.h
f1f1bc3 : Remove last HOST_OS check
2d2dc9f : Stop using HOST_OS, whitelist windows modules
1d15151 : RenderScript: ensure that struct arguments and return values are always coerced to a type of the same size as the original type.

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

73bd2f7 : Stop hard coding gtest paths.
033e09b : Add __clear_cache to libcompiler_rt-extras.a for MIPS
5c64524 : Android.bp: workaround static lib ordering
dd3079a : Enable windows builds in soong
fef7bc7 : Use prebuilts for sanitizer shared objects.
9dd1a51 : Add Android.bp for libcompiler_rt
96b41bc : Revert "Update TARGET_ARCH guards to allow x86."
4378163 : Stop using HOST_OS, whitelist windows modules
6f1db78 : Update TARGET_ARCH guards to allow x86.
b26c421 : Don't re-export the unwind library.
7e8a045 : Update tsan build.
6de3e08 : Don't build the sanitizer tests for SANITIZE_HOST.
f5011e3 : Fix tsan test builds and support SKIP_LLVM_TESTS.
cdce50b : Update aosp/master compiler-rt for rebase to r239765

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

bbe63d5 : Disable the two remaining RC4 cipher suites.
3880212 : Suppress some warnings in host build
de8236f : OpenSSLSessionImpl: add better errors when converting
edae6d2 : OpenSSLSocketImpl: Don't accidentally create a SocketImpl.
710c081 : Wrap cached sessions before returning
751965b : Do not use RC4 TLS/SSL cipher suites by default.
2ff9e88 : Infer what signature algorithms would be used
53d4211 : Force conscrypt to continue to use v51 (1.7) .class files
71ffd3d : Fix OID for SHA224WithRSA
254bb0f : Add support for honoring cipher list order
5012f2d : Add support for SNI API
3892ccd : X509 certificates: exception for no Signature provider found
50dcd03 : Add handshake session and ExtendedX509TrustManager support
346d38a : Add getFileDescriptor$ call for compat
ce18fe6 : Revert "Revert "Add ExtendedSSLSession, et al.""
132c311 : Revert "Add ExtendedSSLSession, et al."
38d12ed : Add ExtendedSSLSession, et al.
6f9dffd : Add ChaCha20-Poly1305 as an enabled cipher suite
e06e742 : Compare keys using encoded form as a fallback
45fad1a : Make OpenSSLX509Certificate.hashCode match the RI
d31ede7 : Get rid of AlgNameMapper
4288f1c : TrustManagerImplTest: instantiate TrustManagerImpl directly instead of using factory
e8eb8ae : OpenSSLX509CertPath: add null check in fromEncoding(InputStream)
cabbd22 : external/conscrypt: sort list of cipher suite strings.
8a585a5 : external/conscrypt: add ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher suite strings.
883eeb4 : Fix unneccessary access of BoringSSL SSL structs.
f695b9f : Switch Conscrypt to EC_GROUP_new_arbitrary.
49ebea1 : Fix sanity checks around direct ByteBuffer memory access.
2f05b73 : AlgNameMapper was placed in the wrong dir
d3d92b6 : Fix finalizer crash in OpenSSLSessionImpl.
314b475 : Move AlgNameMapper from compat to main source.
a7157d7 : Remove java.lang.IntegralToString usage.
38a2413 : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars.
125646c : OpenSSLCipher: use 128 bit tags in GCM by default
45c6c99 : Do not sanitize the host JNI library
55ce195 : Track False Start change in tests
0ce8205 : Self-contained host native shared library for OpenJDK.
c1c501c : Remove unused
490bad5 : OID 1.2.840.10045.2.1 is EC public key.
e36c875 : Tweak False Start code for BoringSSL.
b862e14 : Add makefile rules for conscrypt-host
273e944 : Fix Signature.sign broken on x86_64.
587c145 : Initial OpenJDK compatibility for Conscrypt
4d1b7f2 : Fix compilation with JNI_TRACE_**
2083a1b : Remove remnants of DH key support.
e5821c2 : Support for PSS Signature configuration via PSSParameterSpec.
707d18b : Use some C++11 concepts
0a01703 : Opt-out of STL
6d2e51a : Pass peerHostname into checkServerTrusted
f329c85 : Make TrustedCertificateStore not final
f313a83 : Basic implementation of RSASSA-PSS Signature.
961327f : Make EVP_DigestSignFinal throw when signature too big.
179e1d5 : Unbreak Conscrypt when it's built against OpenSSL.
4a63467 : Switch markers from BORINGSSL_201510 to OPENSSL_IS_BORINGSSL
da909c2 : Revert "external/conscrypt: drop BORINGSSL_201510 ifdefs."
881c095 : Clear BoringSSL error queue in NativeCrypto.EVP_DigestVerifyFinal.
b4345a6 : Switch from EVP_[Sign|Verify] to EVP_Digest[Sign|Verify].
f1754f3 : external/conscrypt: drop BORINGSSL_201510 ifdefs.
67cf2fc : Adjust names of digest-related NativeCrypto methods.
93a8dbe : Don't fail on deprecated declarations.
75d8933 : Speed up digesting by avoiding unnecessary operations.
c97e965 : Revert "Speed up digesting by avoiding unnecessary operations."
f1e55cd : Use poll() instead of select()
5041dd1 : Speed up digesting by avoiding unnecessary operations.
e33d066 : Zero-copy HMAC and signing/verification for direct ByteBuffer.
ca253dc : CT logs: these fields are meant to be instance fields
798149e : Use duck typing for checkServerTrusted
5ed85e2 : external/conscrypt: remove BORINGSSL_201509 support.
c1019af : RSA_* changes for BoringSSL: int -> size_t
91fd701 : Zero-copy digesting for direct ByteBuffer input.
2693d20 : ct: load list of logs from the file system.
9f58508 : Verify certificate transparency on domain for which it is enabled.
b02e9de : Fix parsing of long format DER octet string.
f714bf6 : ct: Add a list of known logs.
126ec77 : Move BlockGuard and CloseGuard to Platform
9a648e9 : ct: Add code to verify timestamps for certificates.
05f3b16 : ct: Add basic data structures and serialization routines.
7b3add1 : Prepare the GmsCore target for BoringSSL
2e93943 : Move CloseGuard and BlockGuard to stubs
5e3abd2 : NativeCrypto: Add TLS SCT extension support.
32f3453 : NativeCrypto: support OCSP stapling
f45afe9 : NativeCrypto: add method to extract extensions from an OCSP response.
8acb72c : Fix typo in previous checkin
9c2fa52 : Allow compilation with other build systems
da47304 : Do not waste entropy when using BoringSSL
e5b2ed0 : Restore compatibility with OpenSSL
64c8565 : Add method to delete extension from a certificate
eced839 : Remove references to OpenSSL's |wbuf|.
bb70f6a : Add methods to parse keys from PEM input.
f417aca : Prepare for BoringSSL update.

+- Project: platform/external/deqp

cf44075 : Switch to libpng_ndk to remove platform library dependency
cb38ffc : Fix shift-negative-value warning
865f9aa : Use -Wno-error=date-time
93f9d82 : Use -Wno-date-time to allow __DATE__/__TIME__

+- Project: platform/external/dexmaker

ab38abd : Fix ProxyBuilder tries to extend final methods.

+- Project: platform/external/dhcpcd

1fc29fe : Don't fork and exec ls when the shell can stat files.

+- Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

4da20f9 : Build dnsmasq with IPv6 support.
d65b6bc : Add TODOs for IPv6 support.
513aae2 : Improve address parsing/printing and support scoped addresses.
14d6844 : Support freeing multiple wildcard listeners.
46e72b1 : Change dnsmasq input command argument separator
b265d6f : dnsmasq: Disable DNS server updation via STDIN on Brillo.

+- Project: platform/external/doclava

7562018 : Add support for @implSpec and @implNote
41c876f : Revert "Revert "Add license headers to generated stubs.""
7250af8 : Revert "Add license headers to generated stubs."
1d0cc7d : Add license headers to generated stubs.
1a07bf6 : Support for @apiNote
d865937 : Add support to doclava for default / static interface methods
70f586c : Remove synchronized from docs
d500a8a : Enable automatic HTML-escaping for @code tags
6ce2d24 : Keep track of braces {} in @code comments
81c2301 : Docs: Add Security tab to top

+- Project: platform/external/droiddriver

72a4080 : follow AndroidJUnitRunner API change

+- Project: platform/external/e2fsprogs

771a86a : Replace _host suffix with more standard -host suffix.
138ce08 : Replace _host suffix with more standard -host suffix.
c312f66 : Wrap tune2fs.h to be C++ compatible.
28f4418 : Sync libext2fs sources in with
a87fa1b : libext2fs: Export the library include path.
939e1c9 : package version metadata for external/
3b61364 : Wrap tune2fs.h to be C++ compatible.
638c15d : e2fsck: update encryption support to match upstream
217f3c1 : e2fsprogs: export uuid/uuid.h
07a7be7 : Add bare-bones encryption support to e2fsck
9150f93 : Wrap tune2fs.h to be C++ compatible.
ecb2a1e : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/eigen

5fe29dc : Make eigen use c++_static instead of stlport_static

+- Project: platform/external/elfutils

e223eb9 : Disable clang for arm64 where local __thread is used.
3bf0013 : Enable clang compiler for some modules.
18c8204 : strdupa and strndupa are no longer used.

+- Project: platform/external/expat

eb620c4 : Whitelist windows modules

+- Project: platform/external/f2fs-tools

fe44650 : Rename libext2 host libraries to standard suffix.
183da74 : Rename libext2 host libraries to standard suffix.

+- Project: platform/external/fdlibm

aa36749 : Fdlibm: Silence warnings
627819e : Build fdlibm with clang.

+- Project: platform/external/fio

68c4930 : Remove header from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
224eaff : Fio: Silence unused-X warnings
4be92ff : Enable clang after new Android clang upgrade.
8e4cc2e : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/flac

5859ae2 : Add macro definitions for clang/llvm.

+- Project: platform/external/freetype

d76856d : Update the version number in
0a38db3 : Update FreeType to a512b0fe7a from 2.6.0

+- Project: platform/external/giflib

68dca06 : Don't build for froyo. That's just silly.
e189ac9 : Update giflib to 5.1.1
9b8f860 : Adds the encoding module to giflib.

+- Project: platform/external/google-tv-pairing-protocol

9726a93 : Update the google-tv-pairing-protocol polo.proto to use the deprecated nano package.

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

34114d4 : Implement GetThreadCount for Linux.
b6335c0 : Remove extra cc_test options
f463507 : Fix gtest soong unbundled builds
f0f8f7a : Android.bp: Move from src&test to top level
8f7edf5 : external/gtest: Add Android.bp files
7f4fe57 : add gtest to darwin and windows whitelist for adb_test

+- Project: platform/external/guava

b892c2f : Pin libraries needed by vogar tool to java 1.7

+- Project: platform/external/harfbuzz_ng

bd12b16 : harfbuzz_ng: -Wno-unused-parameter.

+- Project: platform/external/icu

7c7912f : Change libraries needed by layoutlib to "host" libs
1a25986 : Revert workaround for broken docs link and fix properly
cf220d4 : Remove TIS-620 from ibm-874_P100-1995
f831ef6 : Revert broken docs {@link} to fix the build
08ae9f2 : Integrate changes cherry-picked for ticket #12005 into android_icu4j.
9e281ba : Cherry-pick: ticket:12005: Fix numerous warnings / errors from Javadoc generation
7241d93 : Integrate changes cherry-picked for ticket #12003 into android_icu4j.
2a7db24 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12003: Use more links to actual Java classes in ICU API doc.
8a4263f : Integrate updated workaround for ticket #11913 into android_icu4j.
4acfe16 : Android patch: Ticket #11913: Fix bug in temporary workaround.
a3f31c0 : Integrate workaround for CLDR ticket #7969 into android_icu4j.
99a7ced : Android patch: CLDR ticket #7969: Percent formatting in RTL text. ICU4J
4e83e10 : Android patch: Regenerated data files for en_AU cherry-pick.
e0108b4 : Cherry-pick: en_AU: spaces missing in long and medium date format
2e88a3b : Enable tests to be run when ICU4J is on the bootclasspath
d80e888 : Remove non-existent directory.
69ef1ba : Add repackaged version of the ICU tests
dfda36f : Update timezone data to 2016a
5cf9d33 : Integrate changes cherry-picked for ticket #12010 into android_icu4j.
adbfdff : Cherry-pick: ticket:12010: Fixed a typo @returns in the previous commit.
ef50c15 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12010: Fixed some minor API doc issues.
3204cf3 : Revert "Add missing "other" strings for RelativeDateTimeFormatter"
98d264e : Integrate for tickets #11989, #12018, #12030, #12031, #12032.
c43b22f : files updated for ticket #11857, #12031 cherry-picks.
9d5f595 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12018: Add missing * in Javadoc syntax.
e0b6725 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11989: API doc fix
bdf33e6 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12018: Overhaul RelativeDateTimeFormatter data loading
8cf2ea9 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12032: remove SimplePatternFormatter wrapper objects from MeasureFormat range formatting, too
9ed7881 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12032: SimplePatternFormatter allow values=null, some better API docs, some changes parallel with C++
58d9241 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12032: rewrite SimplePatternFormatter: quoting like MessageFormat, shorter, create fewer objects; callers avoid wrapper objects
2ec3826 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12030: move some code to QuantityFormatter so that PluralRules does not depend on NumberFormat and to be more parallel with C++
32d49d8 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12031: text.PluralRules.StandardPluralCategories -> impl.StandardPlural with new names for constants & methods
82027af : Cherry-pick: ticket:12030: MeasureFormat handle by-plural-form sideways-aliasing, by not bundling plural forms into a QuantityFormatter, reintegrate from ^/icu4j/branches/markus/sideways
307b5d7 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12032: rewrite SimplePatternFormatter: quoting like MessageFormat, shorter, create fewer objects
5647259 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12030: Update destructor to delete all patterns
464521e : Cherry-pick: ticket:12031: define StandardPlural::indexFromString(const UnicodeString &keyword, UErrorCode &errorCode)
7d219b1 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12030: MeasureFormat handle by-plural-form sideways-aliasing, by not bundling plural forms into a QuantityFormatter, port from Java
ff847cb : Cherry-pick: ticket:12031: StandardPlural from UnicodeString
0b3ec05 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12031: port enum StandardPlural to C++
e8dd0dd : Cherry-pick: ticket:11857 Add CStr class for easier UnicodeString to char * conversions.
8a8dc7a : Remove header from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
6bb622e : Fix @code escapes
ac37ac1 : Hide static setDefault methods in ICU4J
1ece735 : brillo: Remove icu.dat file from the Brillo image.
a7aed8f : Make the Android ICU4J APIs unhidden
96a989d : Integrate changes cherry-picked for ticket #11986 into android_icu4j.
9e9419e : file updated for ticket #11986 cherry-picks.
db9ff2c : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: optimize UnitPatternSink a bit; add MeasureUnitTest.testIndividualPluralFallback()
97c3775 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: MeasureFormat unit display patterns need to fall back to the parent locales per plural form, not as a set
1f9cd7c : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: slightly nicer QuantityFormatter.getPluralIndex(), avoid key.toString() for it
375d954 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: UResource.Value.getAliasString(), sink.leave(), MeasureFormat use resource enumeration, store one data reference not pieces of that data
6cbfb9f : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: rename ICUResource to UResource, consistent with UResourceBundle, in case we want to make the resource enumeration public
8ce198e : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: MeasureFormat unit display patterns need to fall back to the parent locales per plural form, not as a set; add MeasureFormatTest::TestIndividualPluralFallback(); fix RelativeDateTimeFormatterTest::TestSerbianFallback() test data
a5e54b1 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: const ResourceValue references, sink.leave(), some more specific types in MeasureFormat code
535fd3b : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: use prefix Resource for C++ classes, prefix UResource for C types
1f35822 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: more compact MeasureFormat data sink declaration+defition, add comments
bdfca88 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: do not duplicate MeasureFormat data for sideways-fallback aliases
24d5568 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11986: enumerate most of the measurement unit formatting data, rather than lookup-with-fallback for each piece; adds necessary fallback on leaf level
8836f5d : Fix spelling of Locator in srcgen code
c41fc78 : Fix srcgen build for people without acp / guavalib already
ca55127 : Improve docs around srcgen
f9ffd5b : Add missing "other" strings for RelativeDateTimeFormatter
c555084 : Remove ScientificNumberFormatter from the public API set
45f1a4b : Reformat lists of file names to list only one file name per line.
877eda6 : JavaDoc fixes: @since and @see tags
6a016eb : Tool for checking the quality of the generated android_icu4j source
ac1c676 : Cleanup refactorings for currysrc
93cf604 : Improvements to currysrc / srcgen
c33b36d : Modify ICU class docs that refer to provisional methods
17bdb07 : Add the ability to replace Javadoc wholesale
cc49f81 : Add support for @.jcite references in srcgen
1537b2f : Latest generated code for android_icu4j
0f25a9c : More improvements to currysrc / srcgen
1fba789 : Regeneration of android_icu4j source code after recent tool changes
43107a5 : Improvements to the currysrc / srcgen tools
836e6b4 : Updated generated source code
04b2285 : Tool changes to handle making some of ICU public
704056c : Manipulate the javadoc of the generated android_icu4j source
8323c49 : Fix for liblayout build break and removal of an unused target
2ae1300 : The initial check-in of ICU4J src
3a353ce : The initial check-in of ICU4J src generation tools
bb8f95b : Add an initial version of a source-code manipulation library.
bdaa1c7 : Update timezone data to 2015g
c0d3c49 : Revert "Update timezone data to 2015g"
4de0761 : Android patch: Ticket #11914: Missing FieldPositions and Attributes in DecimalFormat
90d4668 : Android patch: Ticket #11913: Add support for formatting BigDecimal / BigInteger with > 309 digits.
7a53939 : Android patch: Ticket #11903: ICU DecimalFormatSymbols#setZeroDigit does not work as expected
c8791b5 : Update timezone data to 2015g
c873cc0 : Revert "Update timezone data to 2015g"
15295e2 : Update timezone data to 2015g
2d896ef : Copy ICU 56 release from to aosp/icu56.
e25a541 : Android patch: Work-around for ClassNotFoundException.
6d73f95 : Android patch: ICU4J: likelySubtags.txt: Add lots of entries.
93e734b : Android patch: ICU4J: Force default Gregorian calendar.
352b353 : Android patch: ICU4J: Replace nb with no.
a844c5a : Android patch: ICU4J: Revert to "9" instead of "Month9".
8d98a6a : Android patch: ICU4J: Skip charset tests that fail with customized data.
c54a3d4 : Android patch: ICU4J: Add exceptions for big5han and gb2312han in genrb.
0543b35 : Android patch: ICU4J: Add --omitCollationRules to genrb.
e90221e : Android patch: Ticket #11914: Missing FieldPositions and Attributes in DecimalFormat
d244484 : Android patch: Ticket #11913: Add support for formatting BigDecimal / BigInteger with > 309 digits.
8573e21 : Android patch: Ticket #11903: ICU DecimalFormatSymbols#setZeroDigit does not work as expected
c8aabb3 : Android patch: Generated *data.jar for Android patched ICU56.
bd1cbb6 : Copy ICU4J 56 RC from to aosp/icu56.
d175e2f : Android patch: Generated icudt56l.dat for Android patched ICU56.
bc7ebff : Android patch: CLDR data: likelySubtags.txt: Add lots of entries.
a8645fb : Android patch: CLDR data: Force default Gregorian calendar.
98898e0 : Android patch: CLDR data: Sort Latn after Kana and Hani.
062b826 : Android patch: CLDR data: English time markers in India.
1c8ce4f : Android patch: CLDR data: Replace nb with no.
590522e : Android patch: CLDR data: Turkish DMY date format.
54fd9c3 : Android patch: CLDR data: Slovenian short date formats.
f0af53c : Android patch: CLDR data: Chinese timezone names.
2494ba5 : Android patch: CLDR data: Korean timezone names.
a8a9554 : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Micronesia.
6cd2daf : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Macedonia.
a035770 : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Falkland Islands.
df1fe14 : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Congo.
7b6f6c2 : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Palestine.
b6cdee4 : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name of Macau.
845e64d : Android patch: CLDR data: Display name for Hong Kong.
b250e62 : Android patch: CLDR data: Select short names for HK, MO.
3e705d8 : Android patch: CLDR data: Revert to "9" instead of "Month9".
9a23c33 : Android patch: CLDR data: fil data generation.
f785ae8 : Android patch: CLDR ticket #7969: Percent formatting in RTL text.
f6cd61f : Android patch: convrtrs.txt: JavaUnicode customizations.
6af6d2d : Android patch: convrtrs.txt: Thai customizations.
c44711b : Android patch: convrtrs.txt: windows-950 customization.
b3cbe5d : Android patch: convrtrs.txt: CJK customizations.
e70f814 : Android patch: Patch a failing unit test in ncvtst.c from public ICU.
6ae0a25 : Android patch: Do not build full 2022 tables.
a8ddfc2 : Android patch: Add noop-*.ucm to prevent 2022 security attack.
04ae48b : Android patch: Additional character encodings for emoji support.
8552da7 : Android patch: Additional character encoding: jisx-208.ucm
d942c51 : Android patch: Additional character encoding: gsm-03.38-2000.ucm
4f4f6e5 : Android patch: build.xml: exclude metaZones, windowsZones from "all".
e6ac8dd : Android patch: ICU52 layout engine bug fixes.
fc41dc5 : Android patch: Add exceptions for big5han and gb2312han in genrb.
9cf98b3 : Android patch: Add --omitCollationRules to genrb.
5e403a2 : Android patch: Add --small to makeconv.
2442f75 : Android patch: #define U_CHARSET_IS_UTF8 1
68210b9 : Android patch: Ticket #11941: Add LINKFLAGS to
0b7bc3d : Android patch: Ticket #10354: FieldPositionIterator bug fix.
c1f03e4 : files updated for ICU56.
c14898b : Copy ICU4C 56 RC from to aosp/icu56.
ca81e46 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11805: DecimalFormat missing negative sign in US locale formatToCharacterIterator
2391a0f : Cherry-pick: ticket:11808: Missing ArithmeticException when using ICU4J DecimalFormat
ccec2fb : Cherry-pick: ticket:11784: Fix DecimalFormat FieldPosition for Field.CURRENCY
2c6d0a0 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11783: Remove use of class loaders in resource loading caches.
f8a0c40 : Applying upstream changes to improve TimeZoneNames performance
f41c445 : Update timezone data to 2015f
994dcd1 : Add a documentation file for tools
6a1d94f : Extract ICU .dat / .jar file generation code
d23839d : Move tzdata scripts from bionic to external/icu
0d8fae0 : Cherry-pick: ticket:11789: Always specify class loader when loading test data.

+- Project: platform/external/iproute2

93d1422 : Fix GCC builds of 'ss' by insisting on clang.
4952557 : Add the ability to compile ss.
83632ee : Add the ability to compile ss.

+- Project: platform/external/ipsec-tools

bf24d08 : Back port 0.8.0 fixes of function prototypes.
d925f09 : Use <netinet/udp.h> instead of <linux/udp.h> on Android.
a817ca0 : bundle init.rc contents with its service

+- Project: platform/external/iptables

1d12f7b : Add '-w' option to ip[6]tables-restore
7b86a2f : Add ip[6]tables-restore and ip[6]tables-save to /system/bin

+- Project: platform/external/iputils

0de983a : Silence warnings for iputils.

+- Project: platform/external/javasqlite

b034051 : Depend on the static version of libsqlite_static_minimal.
83f22b2 : Silence uninteresting javasqlite warnings.
869942b : Add core-oj to the list of library jars.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

e67f1d5 : Update Android.bp with Malloc_not_svelte
6ab5f60 : Add je_iterate, je_malloc_disable, and je_malloc_enable
020b64f : Fix leak of arenas_cache in tsd cleanup.
14d6af1 : Fix the ckh unit test.
ad6417c : Update generated files for jemalloc.
c43b70f : Add svelte configuration for jemalloc.
f0f4585 : Move jemalloc to cc_test (without gtest)
7027478 : Fix some warnings
89d0f3c : Update jemalloc Android.bp to include tests
3dd4001 : Revert "Use -O1 for jemalloc unit tests"
4978c14 : Use -O1 for jemalloc unit tests
1bd7889 : Add Android.bp for jemalloc
6c1bfbf : Fix build problem.
6f50cbc : Regenerate files and re-add android changes.

+- Project: platform/external/jhead

cabf029 : Silence some external/jhead warnings.
5c8f937 : Improve F number precision
decba1b : Remove ISO tag workaround

+- Project: platform/external/jpeg

57dbec9 : Remove headers from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
b0260c2 : libjpeg: -Wno-unused-parameter.
d8d414e : libjpeg: export include dirs
ec5f14e : Revert "Revert "JPEG decoding arm64 optimization""
0e087c4 : Revert "JPEG decoding arm64 optimization"
1ace004 : JPEG decoding arm64 optimization
167fe82 : Use unified syntax to compile with both llvm and gas.
9f3436c : Fix build break for unbundled apps
7dbc644 : libjpeg should always use jmemnobs

+- Project: platform/external/jsr305

ed2d393 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/external/junit

fd92b59 : Add core-oj to the list of dependencies
6d86b79 : Move makefile comment to separate line

+- Project: platform/external/kernel-headers

d4bfa47 : Remove extra uapi from include.
12e1f28 : Updated to v4.4.1 kernel headers.

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

4f067b6 : Encoder: Fixed adaptive intra refresh.
8668fbc : Encoder: Added support for Constrained intra prediction.
f197ccb : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
f377e8c : Decoder: Memset 8 extra bytes at the end of internal bitstream buffer
3abab0f : Return error in SPS/PPS parsing when extra bytes are read from input
a2b785c : Decoder: Once all the MBs in a picture are decoded ignore remaining bytes
3f4ed79 : Decoder: Fixed an out of bound read in intra pred buffers
3d9f217 : Decoder: Exit gracefully in case of allocation failure
76bd1f1 : Decoder: Added a check for unsupported resolutions
39f8ae0 : Decoder: Fixed an issue in handling flush
34b3e47 : Decoder: Reduced memory requirements
4202606 : Encoder added support for VUI params

+- Project: platform/external/libcap-ng

7ec4779 : Enable clang, except arm64.
1ea5e91 : Disable clang until emulated TLS is there.
7c87997 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

ff162f0 : Remove unused entries from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
d605181 : Reenable libc++ host dynamic lib
eb6561d : Remove conditional of TARGET_BUILD_APPS.
e368a1f : soong: Use new linker file properties
47a9376 : Disable host for apps builds
286a75e : libcxx: Update Android.bp to match
75746a3 : Revert "Revert "Turn off extern templates for most uses.""
99ca820 : Revert "Remove several unused forward declarations. Fixes PR22605."
4b1aaf9 : Update for new libc++ revision.
b434402 : Move test invocation into a python script.
0ad34df : Export libc++abi from the static libs too.
6029517 : Clean up
00e6a4f : Add Android.bp for libc++

+- Project: platform/external/libcxxabi

fb11cb3 : Remove .ipp from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
c3cf711 : Remove assembler workaround since we have the fix.
68bb21d : Fix ARM __cxa_end_cleanup() and gc-sections.
27edc0b : libcxxabi: Update Android.bp to match
8b90ac3 : Cleanup
a2140be : Add Android.bp for libc++abi

+- Project: platform/external/libexif

bcbfc5e : Export local header files for libexif.
5b81209 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libgsm

7e27e7d : libgsm: -Wno-unused-parameter.

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

cf854e5 : Fixed stack pointer increment in ihevc_itrans_recon_8x8.s
9863d8f : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
1effac3 : Fix avx intrinsic breakage by turning off clang for now.
78bab77 : Aligned ps_pic_pu to 4 bytes
4d73ab3 : Reduced memory requirements
fda5faf : Memset 8 extra bytes at the end of internal bitstream buffer
a6f2c96 : Few intra pred fixes in arm functions
2786003 : Fix in reading short_term_ref_pic_set_idx in slice header
1b02194 : Fixed returning U and V output pointers in shared mode for 420p
89555bc : Added CLZNZ and POPCNT_U32 macro definitions
ff8f9c0 : Removed calls to strcat and strlen
930b36b : Added SEI structures and reordered ihevc_structs.h contents
aa216cd : Simplified error checks for setting stride
0cfe53e : Removed unused thread abstractions
4087a34 : Added few transform tables
d511069 : Fixed an out of bound read in accessing inverse scan table
de50279 : Few intra pred fixes

+- Project: platform/external/liblzf

a88b962 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libmpeg2

89fff63 : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
6f1a83d : Revert "armv8: Removed redundant NEON element size declarations"
a84bad8 : armv8: Removed redundant NEON element size declarations
d9b92ca : Fixed stack pointer increment in impeg2_idct.s
80a1411 : Added deinterlacer
0292852 : Removed unused thread abstractions
127ca7c : Fixed few stride issues
3cac9b1 : fix CLIP_S16

+- Project: platform/external/libmtp

7ed2065 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

07adce3 : Swap LF_T3T_FLAGS bytes for PN548
4c888f8 : Set RC=1 when only polling for T3T.
63e9060 : libnfc-nci: silence some uninteresting warnings.
79f0821 : Fix rf discover notification type.
c56a929 : Don't free memory that shouldn't be freed.
85a4b59 : Fix 256-bit Thinfilm NFC barcode.
87425c1 : Use global all-cpp-files-under
6e5fb23 : Fix fail to wirte RF parameters
1253324 : add recovery mechanism on CORE_RESET_NTF
69be760 : Set power level to 0 when stack shuts down
007bb5e : add PN54x chip selection
7fa3e4a : Finalize .conf file
eb6695a : Fix stuck issue on Kovio barcode
21deade : Fix ISO15693 tag crash issue
f649c35 : Handle notification type value 1 in RF_DISCOVER_NTF
4896e0e : Fix Mifare Classic presence check.
1d67ef6 : Add Mifare Classic support
94f3774 : Adding MiFARE DESFire format support

+- Project: platform/external/libnl

74c5971 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libpcap

e674e2b : Restore the MODULE_LICENSE_BSD and NOTICE files.
d8845d7 : Upgrade to libpcap 1.7.4.
ee60279 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libphonenumber

4caafc1 : Upgrade to libphonenumber 7.2.6
300625c : Force libphonenumber to continue to use v51 (1.7) .class files
c8ad5be : Upgrade to 7.2.5
eff224c : Upgrade to version 7.2.4
bcf5866 : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars.
3bd754c : Fix build breakage caused by upgrading to 7.2.1
6b489f7 : Upgrade to version 7.2.1 (Second Attempt)
f8e6609 : Revert "Upgrade to version 7.2.1"
8fda25a : Upgrade to version 7.2.1
47e2408 : Add a library so libphonenumber tests can be run easily on device
279df21 : Update libphonenumber to v7.0.11

+- Project: platform/external/libpng

0301b4a : Add libpng_ndk variant
017358c : libpng: fix hang during read when inflate fails

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

0c1a581 : Delete SELinux mount code
cdc8994 : BACKPORT: libselinux: procattr: return einval for <= 0 pid args.
034c53e : Correct errno value.
78899de : Return error on invalid pid_t input to procattr funcs.
de7b594 : read_spec_entry: fail on non-ascii
256ae12 : Move libselinux from libmincrypt to BoringSSL.
589c5ac : libselinux: stop copying headers
8b78078 : Create selinux_android_setcon()
be5f860 : Correct line count for property and service contexts files
c821cc2 : Support for new file-based encryption paths.
0f520fa : fix memory leaks and uninitialized jump
6d5e6ed : Use libpackageparser
2857a7e : Add privapp flag to libselinux
c49a275 : audit: log permissive from access decision
87ceb1e : Enable restorecon to properly label symlinks.
2bd2cf5 : Fix mmap memory release for file labeling
02797a0 : Revert "Enable restorecon to properly label symlinks."
249094f : Enable restorecon to properly label symlinks.
91b7d91 : Set SELABEL_OPT_BASEONLY to stop additional file checks

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

2c9561e : Update Android.bp with latest changes; use libc++
69a48c9 : Ignore compressed sections on local unwinds.
bd862de : Revert the deletion of marking (deleted) maps as unreadable.
7fa112b : Revert "Mark executable maps with no name as unreadable."
3d93db2 : Mark executable maps with no name as unreadable.
c7efbed : external/libunwind: Silence warnings.
c5017fd : Fix the caching of the compressed section.
2c0f916 : Make sure that elf_image structure is copied.
4249936 : Mark (deleted) maps as unreadable.
8dca120 : Update Android.bp
06e604a : Cache decompressed .gnu_debugdata sections.
ed721f5 : Detect relocation of gnu_debugdata based on the .text section.
660041b : Use liblzma as shared library instead of static.
344ee58 : Decompress debug symbols.
38de87f : Ignore non-exec and /dev/ maps.
c60f22c : Fix bug where a failure becomes success on x86.
6601341 : Fix bad elf data handling.
6b6a663 : Fix mips/mips64/x86_64 host builds.
0364ad6 : Change soong parameter name disabled -> enabled
a220bd0 : Support dwarf 4 in libunwind.
18cf816 : Add a size when checking local reads/writes.
093a4db : Disable clang compilation for x86_64, mips, mips64.
2d1a6f7 : Fix copying of cached map data.
0ba1110 : Verify section table name size before strcmp.
5c1d9b5 : Add Android.bp for libunwindbacktrace
328a44a : Fix typo in stp target.
f655786 : Force memory unwinds to use a zero map offset.
4a9fd60 : Revert "Update all mapoff checks to check against 0."
4a4ba40 : Update all mapoff checks to check against 0.

+- Project: platform/external/libusb

dc5d196 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libusb-compat

759481a : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libvpx

f6b4688 : package version metadata for external/
3b1d29d : DO NOT MERGE - libvpx: Pull from upstream
41607d2 : Fix ParseElementHeader to support 0 payload elements
8f0c757 : Cherry pick vp8 quantizer fix
cd82018 : Cherry pick vp8 loop filter fix
2263fc9 : Update external/libvpx to 1.5.0 release
cc274e2 : external/libvpx/libwebm: Update snapshot
7ce0a1d : libvpx: Pull from upstream
d0281a1 : external/libvpx/libwebm: Update snapshot
da49e34 : libvpx: Pull from upstream
e68e4ad : Disable bilinear_predict4x4_neon
939bda3 : Disable bilinear_predict4x4_neon
e727209 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/libxml2

eaaf5ed : libxml2: silence -Wunused-parameter.

+- Project: platform/external/libyuv

3262477 : make 32bit binary use arm assembly code on 64bit platform
613f94d : Allow libyuv to compile on gce devices

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

e3e6d19 : Clean up unnecessary build dependencies.
bbc9db5 : Remove from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
3c19f5ee : Remove ENABLE_TIMESTAMPS to ensure reproducible builds.
7478cb1 : Don't force LLVM to be only built as 64-bit on the host.
e6792b13 : Clean up warning/error flags (especially for Windows).
3210fd6 : Fix darwin build due to deprecated sbrk declaration.
a800348 : Don't use -Werror on windows, since mingw generates different warnings.
02f1803 : Turn on -Werror for LLVM builds.
ec028f1 : Switch one other location from i386 -> x86_64 by default.
4365f5b : Add platform support for building in LLVM.
ba87213 : Remove last HOST_OS check
2b5f56b : Stop checking HOST_OS, whitelist windows modules
41aacf6 : Switch to x86_64 instead of i386 for default host compilation.
9bcf966 : Use _WIN32 rather than WIN32.
243ee04 : Add for libLLVMFuzzer.
c360670 : The windows build now needs to link libole32.dll as well.

+- Project: platform/external/ltrace

c95da29 : Disable ltrace build.
7ae5ac7 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/lz4

74ba70e : Export include dir
a5f1981 : Add LZ4 makefile targets for device, shared library

+- Project: platform/external/mdnsresponder

44692de : Don't enable MDNS on non-multicast, non-broadcast interfaces.
362e087 : Stop building __DATE__/__TIME__ into Android binaries
78d5d1a : bundle init.rc contents with its service

+- Project: platform/external/messageformat

511b3e3 : Switch to use the latest version of caliper

+- Project: platform/external/mksh

fc0307d : Upgrade to mksh R52b.
4ad1394 : adbd sets $TERM now.
d45dd20 : adbd sets HOME/LOGNAME/SHELL/USER now.
a888b29 : Remove hd.
7cad83f : Remove setenv.
91528ba : Remove auto addition of ~/bin subdirectories to the path.

+- Project: platform/external/mockito

b120798 : Pin libraries needed by vogar tool to java 1.7

+- Project: platform/external/mockwebserver

043f7bc : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars.

+- Project: platform/external/mtpd

c3c4fe5 : bundle init.rc contents with its service

+- Project: platform/external/nanohttpd

12973d7 : Add newFixedLengthResponse() to the NanoHTTPD class.

+- Project: platform/external/nanopb-c

b134d57 : Rename libnanopb-c to follow other protobuf libraries.

+- Project: platform/external/naver-fonts

91e6e9f : Revert "Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in naver-fonts."
343edd9 : Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in naver-fonts.
5deb77f : Don't include Nanum Gothic fonts in any device.

+- Project: platform/external/netperf

2c302a0 : Fix some of the netperf socklen_t warnings.
7cb6281 : Upgrade to netperf 2.7.0.

+- Project: platform/external/nfacct

8339856 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/nist-pkits

0afe96a : Set date on path verification parameters
20cb4ff : Fix several tests that were worded incorrectly
cf10ade : Add missing test cert
f11bf8a : Allow separation of path and certs
64da951 : Add policy checking info
c62549a : Use core-oj alongside core-libart wherever required.
b77fcf4 : Quote variables in import script

+- Project: platform/external/noto-fonts

eb08835 : Delete smiley and playing card suits from Noto Serif LGC.
b89a8d0 : Revert "Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in noto-fonts."
72b27fd : Create a special CONSTRAINED font bucket in noto-fonts.
54dc33f : Fix ascent and descent of Noto Serif LGC to match Roboto.
d3ef1ea : Add hyphen-minus glyphs to Armenian and Ethiopic fonts.
5855164 : Make 12 characters default to color emoji style.
5b621eb : Merge EXTENDED font bucket with the next (unnamed) bucket.
8ae3a28 : Fix U+FDF2 and Allah-related ligatures in Naskh fonts.
1c4749e : Remove default emoji characters from CJK fonts.
b9baf66 : Subset Noto Sans Symbols in a curated way.
64b067c : Update Noto fonts to latest upstream and add Tibetan.
33f09da : Add four symbols to try completing ARIB STD-B62 coverage.
4b71524 : Make Noto Sans Japanese default font on extended profiles.
723eab0 : Update Noto CJK fonts to version 1.002.
4b3eb17 : Support more smaller scripts of Asia and Africa.
87402ae : Add Noto Sans Oriya to replace Lohit Odia.
04aedce : Allow full NotoSans via makefile flag

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

a314388 : Force okhttp to continue to use v51 (1.7) .class files
cdf3c4b : Temporary workaround for whatsapp issues.
36e73c9 : Use hostname aware isCleartextTrafficPermitted
27c8053 : Add basic URLFilter for HttpURLConnection
65f07be : Permit space to be encoded as + or %20.
28c5794 : Workaround for request header values with trailing '\n'
04b2952 : Use core-oj alongside core-libart wherever required.
71a49ec : Add core-oj to the list of dependencies
a8b3618 : Refactor NetworkSecurityPolicy to be pluggable
b701c07 : Fix HttpURLConnection.setFollowRedirects()
d22dae2 : Fix URLConnectionTest.writeTimeouts with large receive buffers
c4c05ff : Fix visibility of test method that prevents tests running
ceafaf3 : Fix Http(s)URLConnectionImpl.getInstanceFollowsRedirects()
36132b3 : Android modifications to OkHttp
71b9f47 : Pull latest code from upstream okhttp and okio

+- Project: platform/external/pcre

15dd10a : pcre: silence uninteresting warnings.
0ea9883 : Upgrade to pcre 8.38.
8366e8b : Upgrade to pcre-3.87 (2015-04-28).

+- Project: platform/external/pdfium

ecd4854 : Remove headers from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
8766bf6 : Fix the way FT headers are included in pdfium
09f9bb7 : PDFium: Silence warnings

+- Project: platform/external/ppp

d9aeba4 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/proguard

59dd956 : Increase GC limit for proguard to 2G.
e54c398 : Rebuild proguard.jar with ant/gradle support.
9323689 : Fix 'Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError:'
eedc65a : Rebuild proguard.jar with ant/gradle support.
9d99b19 : Fix 'Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError:'
72a7fde : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/protobuf

2c239f2 : Force protobuf to continue to use v51 (1.7) .class files
fcbf587 : Build libprotobuf-cpp-full for the host
d572ec5 : Remove headers from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
4026c68 : Build libprotobuf-cpp-lite for the host.
4e97726 : Basic code insertion points for javanano protocompiler plugins.
9b8022f : Minor cleanup in CodedInputByteBufferNano.
a4e6f5b : Add libprotobuf-cpp-lite-rtti target for the platform.
1f0e5f0 : Fix name for NDK protobuf libraries.
3203dd4 : Add *-ndk named NDK libraries.
adde349 : Stop checking HOST_OS, whitelist windows module
c1db4a2 : Call super.storeUnknownField in Nano protobufs.
44abb25 : Don't use libc++ for Windows. It doesn't exist.
286de93 : Stop using libstdc++.
a0d463f : Silence -Wsign-compare warning on protobuf-lite headers.

+- Project: platform/external/robolectric

f522a20 : Upgrade Robolectric v3
a9e2f60 : Update Robolectric v3.
5525767 : Update Robolectric v3.

+- Project: platform/external/scrypt

568bfac : Don't hardcode gtest path.

+- Project: platform/external/sepolicy

c9cb6ec : Allow bluetooth access to the tun device.
8549e18 : Add missing selinux permissions for mediacodec
ebf79f8 : Add missing selinux permissions for mediacodec
971aeed : Label /proc/meminfo.
962e3a6 : Restore audio tee sink
23eef19 : audioserver: Build up least privileged policy
c557bc1 : Allow access to the daydream ("dreams") service.
62bb52c : Offer to cache ringtones in system DE storage.
1ca0670 : Enable recovery to read batteryinfo.
00004ba : Allow access to the daydream ("dreams") service.
62343fe : Rename the netd service from "" to "netd".
f40afcb : Allow logd.auditd to reboot to safe mode
8d9eb64 : ioctls: move commonly used tty ioctls to macro
45f8e4a : Add recovery service.
5fba8e1 : Permit bluetooth to run DhcpClient
89625c9 : Update permissions for the dedicated profile folders
2e1556d : Track wallpaper API changes
24dcc8b : Allow the framework to communicate with netd via a binder service
bf624c1 : mediaserver: Allow finding cameraserver
8a6bbb1 : Allow gatekeeper to find hardwareproperties service.
5c5d6cd : dex2oat/patchoat: Add rights for A/B OTA
71a6a3e : Allow netd to use NETLINK_SOCK_DIAG.
0d5bac1 : Add mediadrm service
9f9444c : cameraserver: allow scheduling_policy_service
75b8a80 : elinux: Update access rules for codec process
b7a76e9 : elinux: Update access rules for codec process
a8a1faa : Auditallow untrusted_app procfs access.
8f62670 : mediaserver remove kernel module loading perm
1af6091 : Remove appdomain sysfs auditallow.
d7eedeb : checkseapp: remove .data = NULL assignments
0593e84 : checkseapp: remove data types form static map
7bbdaef : checkseapp: generalize input validation
d5c3e50 : checkseapp: update error message output
ffd053b : checkseapp: declare internal function as static
8f5a891 : Make voiceinteractionservice app_api_service.
4541687 : cameraserver: Build up least privileged policy
79db4e4 : update_engine: Allow to access bootctrl_block_device.
f4bd8b3 : Sepolicy: Give zygote rights needed for A/B OTAs
c3ba2e5 : selinux rules for codec process
db664c9 : untrusted_app: confine filesystem creation to sandbox
710d0a7 : Trim media related nfc permissions
abf31ac : Allow domain to read proc dirs.
35a1451 : Replace "neverallow domain" by "neverallow *"
e31341e : Trim down mediaextractor rules
e178ac5 : Add SELinux label for app fuse.
47ebae1 : Selinux: introduce policy for OTA preopt
3ade7ce : Allow 'vdc' to be invoked with logwrapper.
d143560 : persist.mmc.* only set in init
59e3d7b : Fix SELinux warning when passing fuse FD from system server.
8c4e0e7 : Allow platform app to get handle to voiceinteraction service.
c8b2143 : Allow platform app to get handle to voiceinteraction service.
b8104a4 : Move staged backup content to a specific cache subdir
f8804e0 : Revert "selinux rules for codec process"
fdeeb59 : Add rules for original + processed wallpaper files
b1bf83f : Revert "selinux rules for codec process"
72e78bf : mediaserver: grant perms from domain_deprecated
2f3979a : logd: grant perms from domain_deprecated
bc2b76b : kernel: grant perms from domain_deprecated
0e591bd : Allow apps to check attrs of /cache
9306072 : vold: grant perms from domain_deprecated
e037830 : selinux: Update policies for cameraserver
12401b8 : healthd: grant perms from domain_deprecated
cee6a0e : zygote: grant perms from domain_deprecated
db559a3 : Allow sdcardd tmpfs read access.
b9b07da : Revert "zygote: grant perms from domain_deprecated"
b898360 : Revert "zygote: grant perms from domain_deprecated"
48fe5b9 : Revert "Remove domain_deprecated from sdcard domains"
e52fff8 : zygote: grant perms from domain_deprecated
a3266be : audioserver: grant read perms to /proc
00fdd71 : autoplay_app: cgroup write perms moved to domain
9a28f90 : init: allow to access console-ramoops with newer kernels
f4d7eef : Revert "Remove domain_deprecated from sdcard domains"
be0616b : domain: grant write perms to cgroups
5833e3f : Restore untrusted_app proc_net access.
001b10b : remove access_kmsg macro, because it to be more explicit.
aedf223 : Reduce accessibility of voiceinteraction_service.
093ea6f : Using r_dir_file macro in domain.te
400266b : Allow "soundtrigger" system service to run.
2e8d71c : bootstat: Fix the SELinux policy after removing domain_deprecated.
7171232 : Delete policy it is alread included in binder_call macros.
5ba9af2 : Delete duplicated policy, it is already include in app.te.
dce317c : Allow update_engine to use Binder IPC.
b037a6c : Add adbd socket perms to system_server.
2fdeab3 : app: connect to adbd
45517a7 : domain: allow dir search in selinuxfs
1eeaa47 : watchdog: remove domain_deprecated
5c8854a : app.te: grant /system dir/file/symlink read
cbf7ba1 : Remove domain_deprecated from untrusted_app.
2193f76 : Temporarily allow untrusted_app to read proc files.
2afb217 : selinux rules for codec process
8666bf2 : Allow access to /dev/ion and proc_net dir.
39c198a : bootstat: Implement the SELinux policy to allow reading/writing to /data/misc/bootstat.
0c7bc58 : Remove domain_deprecated from sdcard domains
67d9932 : vold launched e2fsck must run in fsck domain
fcea726 : Allow domains to stat filesystems.
d644f26 : fsck: allow e2fsck to stat swap_block_device
d1f8f73 : vold: allow execute cp and rm
540ea53 : gpsd: remove domain_deprecated
024dc1c : system_app: remove perms to write to system_data_file
0c8286f : SELinux rule for ro.device_owner and
2309ef8 : vold.te: drop allow vold toolbox_exec:file rx_file_perms;
d546473 : domain_deprecated.te: drop cache_recovery_file access
b8d794a : priv_app.te: drop auditallows on cache_recovery_file
52e9d04 : kernel.te: drop allow kernel untrusted_app:fd use;
6730c59 : camera_device: remove type
2c10940 : racoon.te: Remove allow racoon toolbox_exec:file rx_file_perms;
3351122 : netd.te: Remove allow netd toolbox_exec:file rx_file_perms;
815d3c5 : ppp.te: Remove allow ppp toolbox_exec:file rx_file_perms;
155e710 : adbd.te: remove allow adbd toolbox_exec:file rx_file_perms
49693f1 : fc_sort: initial commit
922b4e9 : checkfc: do not die on 0 length fc's
de41b3d : Allow dex2oat to acess profile files
b1fb7e4 : Revert "fc_sort: initial commit"
c68a277 : fc_sort: add NOTICE file
c29b2fc : drop dhcp auditallow
20fb786 : Allow shell to read sysfs dirs.
0fb0ab4 : Allow adbd to pull sepolicy from device.
3c39194 : camera_device: remove typealias
b7aace2 : camera_device: remove type and add typealias
e835c3f : Allow mediaserver to access media_resource_monitor
f89847a : Remove special case handling of "ro." properties
2b935cd : grant appdomain rw perms to tun_device
c4a93a6 : add SIOCGIFINDEX to list of unprivileged socket ioctls
0d8e9ad : Neverallow isolated and untrusted apps to write system properties
eb6656c : priv_app.te: refine cache_recovery_file auditallow rules
0af2aa0 : su.te: drop domain_deprecated and app auditallow rules.
cee7292 : Allow domain to read symlinks in /sys.
1911c27 : app: remove permission to execute gpu_device
34e4da5 : Allows init to send signals.
dc37ea7 : Remove cache_recovery_file symlink read
29d1468 : fc_sort: initial commit
7105d04 : shell: remove redundant ioctl perms
0fd910e : audio/mediaserver: Restrict to unprivileged socket ioctls
bb1ece4 : app: expand socket ioctl restrictions to all apps
ea0da78 : Settings: switch to using ctl.start property instead of exec logcat
829a749 : domain_deprecated.te: Exclude recovery from auditallow for /cache/recovery
956ca4c : untrusted_app: remove mtp_device perms
a31755f : Add sysfs_batteryinfo label.
2b93db7 : debuggerd.te: allow debuggerd to drop root.
f226b0c : Log app access to sysfs for removal.
1fd0aa2 : mediaextractor: neverallow network access
a8d89c3 : expand scope of priv_sock_ioctls neverallows
84a61cc : disallow unprivileged access to rmnet
89e379e : shell: Reduce socket ioctl perms
549ccf7 : Creates a new permission for /cache/recovery
36f255f : Create sysfs_zram label.
cbaa2b7 : Reduce socket ioctl perms
97a3921 : Minor cleanup to align the content with Master
a02bd89 : Minor cleanup to align the content with AOSP
50a478e : cleanse all set but not unset variables
4674975 : clean dependencies and clear variables
aae27dc : Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock
a20802d : Add new rules for appfuse.
8179eb8 : Settings: Add option to disable logging
f8f937a : undeprecate /proc/cpuinfo, more shell permissions
9c5b4a8 : shell.te: allow rules before neverallow rules
96b1c9c : neverallow debugfs access
cf7ee8a : Revert "fingerprintd.te: neverallow fingerprint data file access"
604a8ca : fingerprintd.te: neverallow fingerprint data file access
107c553 : Add policies for system_server to delete fpdata folder
cb1ab98 : sectxfile_nl: fix superfluous dependencies
5beeb81 : init.te: allow writing to /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
24f62b3 : atrace.te: fix /sys/kernel/debug/tracing label
ad3cb39 : checkfc: add attribute test
6b3a308 : autoplay_app.te: remove debugfs write access
fe12b61 : label /sys/kernel/debug/tracing and remove debugfs write
c8801fe : Ensure newlines are added between context config files
d0113ae : bluetoothdomain.te: drop allow bluetoothdomain self:socket create_socket_perms;
a1f903d : bluetoothdomain.te: drop bluetooth unix_stream_socket auditallow
140a019 : dumpstate: storage statistics
3a0ce49 : Migrate to upstream policy version 30
1638208 : su.te: dontaudit su property_type:file
4e2d224 : Restore sysfs_devices_system_cpu to domain.te
b7baa7f : autoplay_app: access to services and other permissions
f01453a : Remove core_property_type from ctl_* properties
5a570a4 : Remove property read access for non-core properties
fb535c9 : Change /dev/ion from read-only to read-write
4f9107d : Revert "Migrate to upstream policy version 30"
5ca5696 : Revert "Migrate to upstream policy version 30"
71fd337 : Change /dev/ion from read-only to read-write
577655b : mediaextractor service doesn't need execmem
2ea23a6 : Migrate to upstream policy version 30
99c78bf : shell.te: Restore /proc/net access
8eaf258 : Allow update_verifier to access bootctrl_block_device.
b03831f : Add rules for running audio services in audioserver
44826cb : Add initial debugfs labeling support and label /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_marker
5e8402d : adbd: allow ddms screen capture to work again
b899f4f : adbd: allow "adb pull /sdcard/"
83fd8a5 : Increase communication surface between dumpstate and Shell:
29b9532 : shell.te: Allow read access to system_file
e811c49 : rild: Remove toolbox_exec perms
e555f4b : Further restrict access to tun_device
949d7cb : Support fine grain read access control for properties
ad22e86 : shell.te: allow pulling the currently running SELinux policy
2b56e48 : Allow priv_apps to stat files on the system partition
bbd9fe2 : Explicitly added permissions that were previously granted through domain_deprecated.
855ffe5 : bootanim: Remove domain_deprecated
15a1e0d : Explicitly added permissions that were previously granted through domain_deprecated.
4367cf2 : mdnsd: Remove domain_deprecated
8ff6a86 : Add permissions back to app / shell domains
d618eb6 : Allow appdomains to write on cgroup so it can start threads.
8ca1936 : Remove domain_deprecated from adbd and shell
ae72bf2 : Populate autoplay_app with minimal set of permissions
9a3d1c6 : Perms back to domain
cb835a2 : Add auditallow for bluetoothdomain rules
d33155b : Add bspatch to update_engine_exec.
06e81c8 : system_server: allow restorecon /data/system/users/0/fpdata
4fd2160 : system_server: allow restorecon /data/system/users/0/fpdata
aef68b7 : Move some perms back to domain
9d8728d : grant country_detector_service app_api_service attribute
1e1d65a : grant country_detector_service app_api_service attribute
85dcd53 : Move bluetoothdomain rules into their own file.
71016f7 : Allow system_server access to system logs
8fcd479 : grant deviceidle_service app_api_service attribute
692bdc4 : grant deviceidle_service app_api_service attribute
2469b32 : Remove handling of dalvik-cache/profiles
5c57e7c : zygote.te: Remove deprecated rules
f255d77 : Add SElinux rules for /data/misc/trace
400d3ac : Add autoplay_app domain
6e3506e : remove overly permissive rules from domain
142f97b : system_server: clean up stale rules
da6ecee : grant mediaextractor domain_deprecated attribute
d22987b : Create attribute for moving perms out of domain
000b694 : Enable permission checking by binderservicedomain.
e9d261f : Create a new SELinux type for /data/nativetest
94ee59b : audit mtp sync permission
89424bf : Update text relocation neverallow assertions
59019fd : Define the i2C device policy
0f754ed : Update selinux policies for mediaextractor process
9ba8ade : Fix MTP sync
7b8f9f1 : audit untrusted_app access to mtp_device
0fc831c : Temporarily downgrade to policy version number
bcbb32e : grant priv_app access to /dev/mtp_usb
a910a28 : Remove untrusted_app access to tmp apk files
7f09a94 : Policy for priv_app domain
734e4d7 : Give services app_api_service attribute
7813cc8 : grant webviewupdate_service app_api_service attribute
68748c2 : Remove untrusted_app access to cache
879df83 : Privileged apps require access to cache
745b440 : bluetooth.te: Relax bluetooth neverallow rule.
43cd0cc : allow shell self:process ptrace;
0d186fc : Remove permissions for untrusted_app
ee9c0b5 : Add priv_app domain to global seapp_context
82bdd79 : system_server: (eng builds) remove JIT capabilities
f25304e : neverallow: domain:file execute and entrypoint
de11f50 : Remove ptrace from app.te
59c23d7 : neverallow: non-property types property_service set
32e5e31 : Allow bluetooth to find the drmservice
9e6effa : delete procrank SELinux domain.
de53051 : Do not allow untrusted_app to open tun_device
a10f789 : Move update_engine policy to AOSP.
7e86e19 : remove "allow vold block_device:blk_file create_file_perms;"
628e7f7 : grant installd rx perms on toybox
7fc865a : service_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure
dcffd2b : property_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure
9eb6c87 : Revert "property_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure"
efcaeca : Revert "service_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure"
3198cb5 : Add audit_read permission to capability2
f6ee7a5 : service_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure
7f81b33 : property_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure
3746a0a : file_contexts: don't delete intermediate on failure
6c451da : Remove mediaserver sysfs write permissions.
483fd26 : Enforce no persistent logging on user builds
9aa4130 : asan: update condition to work with multiple SANITIZE_TARGET values.
a984a9b : file_contexts: Change file_contexts to file_contexts.bin
0505645 : adb: add adbd -> shell signal permissions.
b7c881f : document the non-ART-related reasons for execmem
c371214 : Allow system_server to bind ping sockets.
b55f10e : Fix perfprofd denial (simpleperf debugfs read).
0243e5c : system_server.te: remove policy load permissions
73bdbd9 : auditallow gpu_device execute access
008d7f1 : Drop the default stanza from mac_permissions.xml
2cc9420 : install_recovery: drop toolbox auditallow
7238833 : sepolicy: Apply dhcpcd sepolicy to dhcpcd-6.8.2
aa0d8fe : dontaudit su servicemanager:service_manager list
5bc4a95 : file_contexts: label zram devices
a3c97a7 : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.
4abd409 : Relax neverallow rule for loading an updated SELinux policy.
6d0e9c8 : init.te: delete kernel load policy support
23cde87 : system_server: remove old dalvik JIT rules on user/userdebug builds
be98d9c : Add /data/local/tmp neverallow rules
f4d39ca : allow domain adbd:unix_stream_socket ioctl;
bf65c7e : mediaserver: remove /system/bin/toolbox exec access

+- Project: platform/external/sfntly

c232fca : Fix build with clang.

+- Project: platform/external/skia

6c50b7a : Add missing include for sleep().
3654d7a : Purge non-NEON ARM code DO NOT MERGE
15b0945 : Update skia to use giflib 5.1.1
48c55fe : Disable SkColorShader optimization for Android Framework
6ffafee : Cherry-pick changes to fix rendering artifacts on curves Bug: 21900179
c375b0b : Cherry-pick changes from Skia's M44 branch BUG: 21108081
181f49c : Prevent integer wrap around for malloc size when creating a SkRegion
465e12d : Set OpenGLRenderer light center separately from initial setup
5571cc9 : Delete use of $(shell) in Android.mks.
e2ca3d1 : Revert "Delete use of $(shell) in Android.mks."
41b8241 : Delete use of $(shell) in Android.mks.
97d0c71 : Rename DisplayListRenderer to DisplayListCanvas
02080de : fix x86_64 builds due to breakage in gyp to generator.
d517f1d : Fix overzealous bolding
062b7e3 : Remove protected SkMallocPixelRef::rowBytes()

+- Project: platform/external/sonivox

e85d6d7 : sonivox: -Wno-unused-parameter.
215104a : make 32bit binary use arm assembly code on 64bit platform
153b360 : Fix S_SMF_DATA.numStreams being non-zero while streams is uninitialized
dc703ab : Remove unused fm and hybrid midi synths
9cf7e87 : Sonivox: check loopStart/loopLength against one specific wave, not whole wave pool.
c982362 : Enable llvm integrated assembler except arm and arm64 targets.
99e0e2e : Sonivox: make sure waveIndex is valid in Parse_rgn() in eas_mdls.c.
163e00f : Sonivox: fix overflow in Parse_data in eas_mdls.c
d216e30 : Fix math functions for 64-bit
2d7f8e1 : DLS parser: fix wave pool size check.

+- Project: platform/external/sqlite

f63e8d9 : Add a build rule for a minimal static library version of sqlite3.
253ed64 : sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.9.2
013715b : package version metadata for external/
8fbbce5 : Remove USE_MINGW, whitelist windows module

+- Project: platform/external/squashfs-tools

03ee453 : Remove headers from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
65ced84 : android: remove multiple leading slashes from paths for fs_config()
1a64c82 : squashfs-tools: Add NOTICE file

+- Project: platform/external/strace

729cadb : Add new generated files.
da82708 : Fix strace build.
8948469 : Regenerate generated strae files.
6818861 : support building w/out system shm/sem/ipc/msg headers
c580de1 : Remove obsolete cruft from the strace

+- Project: platform/external/svox

66c08f7 : fix memset overflow of wcep_pI
8ab113f : svox: Remove unused include

+- Project: platform/external/tagsoup

9c02d9f : package version metadata for external/
28305a2 : Add NOTICE

+- Project: platform/external/tcpdump

16a0753 : Restore the MODULE_LICENSE_BSD and NOTICE files.
892a68b : Upgrade to tcpdump 4.7.4.

+- Project: platform/external/tinyalsa

2f3f7b4 : initialize pcm_config to zero
b42510d : Add pcm_get_poll_fd
6188c41 : Export pcm_mmap_avail
875ff85 : initialize pcm_config to zero
49a6137 : tinyalsa: channel status set as per IEC958
e25fe0b : pcm: add support to set silence_size

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

77e56de : Regenerate generated files.
bae185a : Regenerate generated files.
5922435 : Add ulimit.
59a3610 : Regenerate generated files.
35c9c63 : Include the upstream toybox version in "toybox --version".
afc6671 : Regenerate generated files.
236e745 : Regenerate generated files.
fb4a3e4 : Regenerate generated files.
c7df6fe : Regenerate generated files.
08db7e5 : Disable CFG_TOYBOX_DEBUG for now.
a729fc8 : Regenerate generated files.
e56796d : Regenerate generated files.
633ae50 : Turn on CFG_TOYBOX_DEBUG for valgrind.
b7ab12c : Regenerate generated files.
2ff26de : Regenerate generated files.
3fac1bd : Update generated files after toybox sync.
53a1aa3 : Revert "Don't add a symlink for killall --- it's broken."
fc9e18a : Regenerate generated toybox files.
e39ad55 : Regenerate generated files after upstream sync.
5b89111 : Regenerate generated files after upstream sync.
b131803 : Start building toybox ps.
941d74d : Regenerate generated files after upstream sync.
103f0fa : Regenerate generated files after upstream sync.
578e628 : Switch to toybox df.
064520b : Regenerate generated files.
0cad3b1 : Regenerate generated files (and build flock).
9217926 : Add a new generated file to .gitignore.
4dc6296 : Switch to toybox du.
c7bfbbe : Just use "repo upload".
7753843 : Switch to toybox lsof.
ecd3df9 : Fix generated files after upstream sync.
2e72007 : Switch to toybox ls.
6864061 : Switch to toybox uptime.
134791c : Regenerate generated files.
1846513 : Add a base64 symlink.
a53c8ff : Switch to toybox ionice, iorenice, and renice.

+- Project: platform/external/tremolo

beba1d8 : make 32bit binary use arm assembly code on 64bit platform
e2fc85b : Enable clang integrated assembler except the arm target.

+- Project: platform/external/v8

e537f38 : Don't build a v8 snapshot.
bb5f822 : Remove generator.js from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
665246c : v8: prevent unnecessary rebuilds

+- Project: platform/external/valgrind

667e84b : Fix for unhandled sub.w rD, sp, rM, lsl N
27f0d98 : Fix the build after sync with upstream

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

13130e7 : VIXL Release 1.12
9795cff : VIXL Release 1.11

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

963abb7 : Add caching for Jack artifacts
4104198 : Pin libraries needed by vogar tool to java 1.7
39f93c4 : Fix --toolchain jack --mode device --benchmark
9ecf34f : Specify the language version in JackDexTask
9712658 : Retry implementing --debuggable
f7d29b2 : Pass -Xcompiler-option --debuggable to davlikvm/app_process when debugging
4b2e7ab : Move to using jack for more things instead of dx
007321d : Rudimentary vogar support for executing Java 8 tests
47b5474 : Make sure to set the TestCase name correctly
1bb8f95 : Add versionCode / versionName to all aapt invocations.
9486a05 : Add --toolchain jack support for target
cced4b8 : Add apache-xml to the list of host jars.
8585b93 : Changes to get vogar working on master
b9b0dd0 : Fix issue where requesting profiling broke Caliper
fbfaf2c : Fix problem with passing args to runners
f028b56 : Fix problem with recovering from test failure
2d680f4 : Switch to use the latest version of caliper
9a8263b : Minor fixes based on review comments on 184087
728771c : Add a mechanism to allow tests to specify arguments for Vogar
411cb1f : Fix escaping and grouping of arguments to the Target shells
6d88534 : Unconditionally restore
57882bc : Fix OpenJDK 8 / dx issue
7029503 : Refactoring to make more testable
f84c9ce : Made JUnitRunnerTest tests run in IDE
a2eb154 : Refactor TargetMonitor.outcomeStarted() method.
d610f23 : Removed IntelliJ IDEA project files
2d7a4a2 : Switch to building vogar as a pure host JAR
4aa25c2 : Fix issue when running TestSuites on the device.
9e776db : Separate Runner interface and implementations into two
f9ce7ae : vogar: prevent unnecessary rebuilds
96a958d : Remove bogus path to adb.
05ae91d : Fix to avoid npe when no parent file.
7021ab7 : Improve robustness of path finding with OUT_DIR.
328ef3e : Add support for debugging app activity in Vogar.
62106fd : Fix: uninstall task for adb return code, path to android jar.
4a1d4ba : More non-zero exit code fixes
f22fe9e : Use dx instead of adb for looking up sdk paths.
3fd1cf5 : Fix vogar target ls / rm tasks in the event of errors
83909fb : Fix vogar when OUT_DIR is not set
af11af9 : Fix vogar
128163b : Make vogar work if one uses OUT_DIR
99a9b24 : Make Task failures return a non-zero exit code

+- Project: platform/external/webp

e829362 : webp: build with -O2
7c8da7c : libwebp: update to 0.5.0
43096a2 : Fix decodes on 64-bit devices built with clang-3.8
e8a1b86 : external/webp: update to v0.4.4

+- Project: platform/external/webrtc

9ea1ad1 : Add missing liblog dependency
4e188dd : Suppress unused-parameter warnings.
675d437 : WIP: Changes after merge commit 'cb3f9bd'
e3422c1 : Remove __DATE__ and __TIME__ from tracing
dd2ca84 : Fix name for NDK protobuf libraries.
e930769 : Remove unnecessary neon flags and update a missing comment.

+- Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

2e30bb3 : Fix pointer arithmetic on a void*
b798399 : external/wpa_supplicant8: Use libdbus rather than dbus-1

+- Project: platform/external/zlib

4f147cf : Avoid shifts of negative values inflateMark().
0d754c2 : Remove LOCAL_NDK_STL_VARIANT
f1c2f04 : Fix typo
e7d66d8 : Use LOCAL_NDK_STL_VARIANT instead of LOCAL_CXX_STL
9bffa77 : Remove STL dependency
fb82237 : Fix bug number for linker related workarounds
6b5cb06 : Whitelist windows modules
ead94ae : Always use the NDK for unbundled branches.

+- Project: platform/external/zopfli

d467682 : Whitelist windows module

+- Project: platform/external/zxing

d2256df : Update core.jar to r2864 in google3.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

0e5b959 : NuPlayer: handle unsupported tracks - DO NOT MERGE
e16d116 : CameraService: Fix cameraId type of onDeviceStatusChanged
e239dc1 : SoftAvcEnc: Added support for Constrained intra prediction.
4bcd3f5 : Add missing liblog dependency
cdf1573 : Add missing liblog dependency
d1a9f49 : Add missing liblog dependency
f4d7011 : stagefright: use small timeout for input buffer in SimpleDecodingSource
ef2bdbc : stagefright: CodecCapabilities: fix missing capabilities
66092fd : stagefright: ACodec: remove infinite loops
e4abb2a : stagefright: ACodec: query color format support on specific port
92c06fc : brillo: Don't even try contacting the camera proxy
0039bcf : brillo: Rely on static SELinux policy for camera
161c953 : Fix warning: list conflicting ids (not cameraId)
d4456ec : SoftAVCEnc: Modified the code for runtime change in params to be generic
11d72e1 : stagefright: Remove OMXCodec object
65dd3ee : stagefright: Move CodecCapabilities querying into MediaCodec
ea1a45d : stagefright: rework MediaCodecSource
9b6ecba : stagefright: Remove unused hooks from AudioPlayer
01854c0 : stagefright: Remove deprecated AwesomePlayer
a320c7b : stagefright: render video buffers
96a875e : stagefright: allow selecting codec by name in SimpleDecodingSource
5a1d255 : stagefright/rtsp: Remove dependence on OMXSource
844aabc : cmds/stagefright: use MediaCodec* instead of OMXCodec
f8d84b0 : stagefright: add SimpleDecodingSource
4c93450 : stagefright/foundation: add Mutexed syntactic sugar
2e18508 : stagefright: add PREFER_SOFTWARE_CODEC flag to MediaCodecSource
9d73ec6 : stagefright: move MetadataRetriever off of OMXCodec
6880f83 : stagefright: change signature of MediaCodec::Create methods
f035bc6 : stagefright: create findCodec methods in MediaCodecList
f39989a : stagefright: move getOMXChannelMapping to ACodec
b8d11c1 : stagefright: Remove unused ClockEstimator and TimeSource
6984437 : stagefright: Remove unused TimedTextDriver and Sources
608fe1d : MPEG4Extractor: cast media time to int64_t in order to avoid check on unsigned integer overflow.
a87228e : Overflow fixes for amrwbenc
81f8b15 : Revert "Disable integer sanitization for amrwbenc"
766bf73 : Add multi-mic support for the noise suppression pre-processing effect
3f11ef0 : Update to new WebRTC version
2ad160b : Add cast to make room for naming pixel_format_t
418f4d1 : libcameraservice: Allow media server to disconnect camera even unlocked
2339dc7 : codecs: update for check ifeq ($(TARGET_ARCH),arm)
d4b4738 : Clean up time zone handling in MtpUtils::parseDateTime.
be773c3 : Disable integer sanitization for amrwbenc
89a3d23 : Fix more potential (benign) AMRWB overflows
9f6cffe : Fix more amrwbenc overflows
b463da8 : libmedia: Preserve futex return status in client obtainBuffer
85ad051 : brillo: Remove dependency on icu for Brillo.
bc8c47e : Fix overflow in amrwbenc
5d5c3a1 : Tabs -> spaces
13158e7 : Fix overflows in amrwbenc
778d09b : Validation of Number of Channels on WAV files.
8cf5cf7 : Volume should take VOLUME_MIN_DB value when audio is muted.
6ad1bce : drmserver: add readproc group
848c17b : Workaround for busy wait bug
9718b7d : Port PreProcessing to the new WebRTC version
25d696f : NuPlayerRenderer: always display the first video frame without delay.
3bc6670 : NuPlayerDecoder: add synchronous call pause() to ensure decoder will not request or send out data.
d5ae360 : Revert "Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in soft MP3 decoder."
863a726 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in soft FLAC encoder.
468cbb0 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in soft MP3 decoder.
d3fa4ab : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in Soft VPX codec.
ba495a1 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in soft Opus decoder.
c256e33 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in raw codecs.
6d78f10 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in Vorbis soft decoder.
8b86142 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in all parts of AAC encoder.
929c486 : Fix overflow check so it doesn't reject legitimate files
ec3806a : Whitelist getTimestamp from integer sanitization
73ba11e : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in GSM soft decoder
fc37612e : Enable fsanitize-unsigned-integer for G711 soft decoder.
b875f69 : Enabling fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in AMR-NB codecs
5664139 : audio: Change the default init value for StreamDescriptor
ba29bb2 : MatroskaExtractor: don't use new buffer unless necessary
518bcf5 : DO NOT MERGE: CameraService: Link to client binder death at end of connect
dfb9f3b : AudioPolicyService: Synchronize access to AudioPolicyManager
e34eae2 : Refactor setPlaybackRate to avoid benign unsigned integer overflow.
a2ce3c1 : AudioPolicyService: fix race in AudioCommandThread
b75de9d : nuplayer: don't resume if player is reseting
8cf4ced : Tuning the number of packets for one read in StreamingSource
8009d3b : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft MPEG4 encoder
b3ce3fd : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft MPEG4 decoder.
488d370 : Disable integer overflow sanitization in select functions.
219d824 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft VPX decoder
7c895d6 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft VPX encoder
47e75ca : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in on2 soft H.264 decoder
1c38d8d : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft MPEG3 decoder
4bee591 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft MPEG2 decoder
3bf27ff : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in raw decoder.
3ae0a38 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft Opus decoder
cc57a8c : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in Soft Vorbis decoder
bd66383 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in HEVC decoder
b64694b : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in GSM decoder
24d484b : Play timed text even after 35.79 minutes
1af053f : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in G711 decoder
8aa5af7 : Handle malformed audio packets received during RTSP stream switching
9fe846e : Remove possible div by zero in WavExtractor
d066bc8 : Handle error result from DrmManagerClient correctly
bedd867 : Fix offset adjustment when skipping off-spec meta chunk
056c93e : libcameraservice: Fix nullptr crash when no client.
b1cf031 : Move overflow checks into SkipCutBuffer
e1054e7 : Revert "Move overflow checks into SkipCutBuffer"
6867e1a : Move overflow checks into SkipCutBuffer
a14a576 : Fixed comparison so that both operands are treated as 64 bit.
ffd7950 : Fixed benign overflows triggered by tests CVE-2015-1538-1 and CVE-2015-1538-2 in CTS.
33b2f14 : Benign integer overflow in PlaylistFetcher
c1d653b : Fix benign integer overflow conditions for VSYNC add and removal.
3cdaed8 : Setting ACELP_2t64_fx to not be integer sanitized due to multiple benign integer overflow conditions.
de7fa31 : Change include path and names to compile with new webrtc.
19fdbfc : ALOGE does not match triggering condition.
f8a36b5 : ABuffer: remove unused code
59b9420 : Enable integer overflow sanitization in libmedia
cb50c54 : Fix benign unsigned overflow in AuidoTrackShared
cbcd8dd : Fix benign overflow in SampleIterator
c7e8929 : SoftAVCDec: Exit gracefully when memory allocation fails in the decoder
8e43919 : SoftHEVCDec: Reduced memory requirements
0e4bd4d : Don't send OnCompletion events when looping
894aa94 : Fix benign overflow in getTimeUsOfGranule
d945915 : Fix benign overflow in AudioTrackShared
1d00430 : Disable integer sanitization checks for the *other* L_add function
741fd4d : Fix setTorchMode support for the old HAL version
46357d5 : Fix harmless unsigned overflow in recoverPTS
ad69e73 : Fix benign overflows in ACodec
e4a595c : Fix benign overflow in OMXNodeInstance
99e5e3b : SoftAVCDec: Added a check for unsupported resolutions
b6617ae : Disable integer sanitization checks for L_add function, which performs controlled integer overflows.
390a7d7 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AMR-WB decoder
39a2ccd : Enable integer overflow detection in libmedia
0186438 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in FLAC encoder
3543aa1 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AVC common
39eef27 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AVC encoder
a47eb0f : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AVC soft decoder
dd7610b : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AVC soft encoder
a49c705 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AMR-NB decoder
4a80c9a : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AMR-WB encoder
039c27a : Fix benign overflow in AudioTrack
6f5a43f : Fix benign overflow in ToneGenerator.cpp
ab93628 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AMR-NB common
7a9ca67 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AMR-NB encoder
3aa7b8e : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in AAC encoder
d056e25 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in AAC decoder
e6acb38 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AAC encoder
90e1e02 : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in AAC decoder
82352e7 : Revert "Enable integer overflow detection in libmedia"
0d9f5a1 : Enable integer overflow detection in libmedia
65dda4f : Fix benign overflow in ClientProxy::getMisalignment
20b82e0 : Fix benign unsigned overflow in AudioTrack
e62ba9c : libstagefright : fix the bug of wrong value setting for slice-height
ecf509a : Fix integer overflow in time conversion
f43a939 : Enable signed-integer-overflow in wifi-display
58498df : Enable signed-integer-overflow in yuv
f9ecac7 : Enable signed-integer-overflow in rtsp
33cb1ec : Revert "resolved conflicts for c82fcdda to stage-aosp-master"
25671ba : Enable signed-integer-overflow in timedtext
4201d68 : Enable signed-integer-overflow in rtsp
ed40f45 : stagefright: Enable unsigned-integer-overflow for some projects
81d0d53 : Enable signed-integer-overflow in matroska
fc629c1 : Enable signed-integer-overflow in httplive
2cf7f7e : Enable signed-integer-overflow in http
5d16a6e : Add include guard into SampleIterator.h
8c15e7b : Enable signed-integer-overflow in foundation
3a9c0cb : Enable signed-intger-overflow in colorconversion.
222354b : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in mpeg2ts
8c1dafe : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in webm
9247fab : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in id3
64ed43b : Enable fsanitize signed-integer-overflow in omx
a3592f2 : Enable signed-integer-overflow
211b2ee : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in webm
1f0f86a : Replace HAVE_ANDROID_OS with __ANDROID__.
9d65efa : Replace HAVE_ANDROID_OS with __ANDROID__.
2369bda : Fix benign unsigned overflow in OggExtractor
e9f2ed5 : Enable unsigned-integer-overflow
371da9a : Enable unsigned-integer-overflow
92f9f71 : Whitelist *ToPlanar from integer sanitization
0b76f47 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-overflow-detection in id3
208d087 : Whitelist updatePCR from fsanitize=integer
f3ff858 : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in MPEG2
7c7094e : Enable fsanitize unsigned-integer-overflow in omx
a398511 : Enable unsigned-integer-overflow
679d5e6 : Fix benign unsigned integer overflow
aa606b1 : Fix benign unsigned integer overflows
622ff28 : Fix benign unsigned integer overflow
5915ce0 : Fix benign unsigned integer overflows in loop conditions
4e854bf : don't trigger an integer underflow when decrementing.
53766eb : SoftMPEG2Dec: Added support for deinterlacer
6514ad8 : OMXCodec: fix potential OOB read in parseHEVCCodecSpecificData
e52267a : Prevent divide by zero in WAVExtractor
c6dd768 : bundle init.rc contents with its service
be7b5e2 : Prevent integer underflows in ID3::Iterator
7ea582e : Use unified syntax to compile with both llvm and gas.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

7d18ce7 : Track libcore change e86a81ca1ae9ddbdd1c3239d31fb2e49b4a5cf33.
dd24c58 : Change libraries needed by layoutlib to "host" libs
1333215 : [RenderScript] Enable untyped variants of Allocation-copy functions for FLOAT_16
5b2a8ab : [RenderScript] Allow copyTo(short[]) etc for Float16 Allocations
de33c66 : Track libcore commit 6c5284cca0ec8cf20dd6c5e9b2b6254d813e9d24.
f78c984 : media: correctly return cached size for MediaDataSource
a1becdc : Track libcore change 2c423c81bfa731df2577a.
b16a965 : Track libcore change 2729b8c4d26170.
575d1a6 : Track libcore change e42e99816ad6c0626564aaabcf636e8febc1edc6
ea90281 : Create linker-namespace for the classloader
1da1e5c : Fix ASAN builds after app_process change.
204386e : zygote to preload public native libraries
70b6130 : Construct classloader for apps with no java code
61a94d4 : Suppress output for Protobuf data if Bluetooth is disabled
53d1e66 : Make accessing mWaitingForDrawn thread-safe
613a907 : Add stubs needed to enable javac to compile lambdas
185e9c2 : Fix NPE in BaseStatusbar in onListenerConnected
5f1245b : Camera2: Fix getInternalFormatSizes for depth
ad88055 : Set flags in RS JNI calls for rsObj creation
fda1ace : Switch LayoutLib to Java 8
c6e35f2 : Move LayoutLib to Java 8
4b1e153 : Track libcore commit aff7af3b344bf882620489631633e09fabfcd58d.
f2a9933 : Preload2: Fix object to sync on
855585f : Add flags needed to switch Jack to 1.8 for CTS targets
dce343d : Add flags needed to switch Jack to 1.8 for CTS targets
eb09c6a9 : Add flags needed to switch Jack to 1.8 for CTS targets
2b548ae : Add java.util.function APIs
3a171a7 : ImageReader: override the flexible YUV compatible formats
66a2539 : Add keylayout for Xbox One controller
d183f80 : Suppress warnings of MultiDexLegacyAndException
8d48ef3 : Frameworks/base: Fix registration function
5a06e37 : Add missing liblog dependency
a4ad5f8 : [RenderScript] Fix potential leak in RS JNI
b1d6d8d : Hide
5fbc42d : Remove java.nio.channels.* classes without test coverage.
e96ffcf : Java 8 in layoutlib-create
3edfa8f : The NDK samples moved a while back.
ee2b492 : Support persist.sys.audit_safemode
c2884fe : Replace usages of ShortNumberUtil with ShortNumberInfo
6c62502 : Remove public InetAddress#getAddressInternal()
2a705dc : SocketImpl#getFileDescriptor shouldn't be public
84b1e35 : Add dumpsys meminfo --unreachable
d9dded5 : Fix typo in KeyInfo Javadoc.
a13e690 : api: Un-hide new reflection 1.8 APIs
6711e02 : Improve NFC-F transceive() docs.
27b3330 : Transit to correct state after alarm is fired
c28caad : Implementation of BluetoothDevice.createBondOutOfBand
22173bc : When the device boots up, netd works more than required
4565a47 : Bluetooth: Restrict gain for Absolute volume case
edf2d22 : Track libcore change fe6fe17d1ca75ee039df7ab93314f3f1e068794f.
e45abfa : Alarm: add missing closedir after opendir when searching for RTC
8927600 : libhwui: handle eglSwapBuffers with EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW error case
5c74bb3 : close file in PersistentDataBlockService jni
779efda : Track libcore change
542349a : Track libcore change
f99a2b6 : Fix for framework reboot on connecting to TV through HDMI.
6fa925a : Unhide @Repeatable
679e403 : Unhide @FunctionalInterface
d2d0765 : Unhide Method.isDefault
2956bee : Grant CAP_WAKE_ALARM to the Bluetooth process for any user
b1819b4 : Remove java.nio.file package
8c15092 : [RenderScript] Implement APIs for better multi-frame process support.
02027ff : Fix incorrect @hide usage in libcore
0facf02 : [RenderScript] Add API to map Allocation mallocptr to Java ByteBuffer
056e8b5 : Add getApplicationConfigForPackage
ee5a181 : Remove path to the apk from the permittedPath
4f3d0c6c : Remove GregorianCalendar hack
c52adfe : Implementation of HCE for NFC-F.
0c04ccd : IBluetooth: remove dump(), support arguments
ab72367 : org.apache.conn.ssl: rename DistinguishedNameParser to AndroidDistinguishedNameParser
c5a3efd : libhwui: fix texture memory leak
f31caea : Add free short codes for Direct Carrier Billing and others.
ba12af5 : Add support for AVRCP 1.3.
c0a0e1a : fix race condition between HWUI cache and renderThread
26ef7a73 : Add general reduction plumbing starting with Java Script::reduce().
ed811ee : Make the appropriate cast to protect from mingw.
2c9d40a : Add thread safety documentation
9498e8a : Fix @code escapes
239951a : Remove PersistableBundle.aidl from Java framework
790c944 : Track changes in libcore
7dbcbad : NullPointerException when starting VoiceInteractionManagerService
f0cb46c : Animate backlight quickly when display state request to change or power mode changed
554d7ee : Frameworks/base: New preload tool
81fd6b4 : Fixed calendar fields comparison
0fa4914 : Trivial correction of Camera2 API description
819d274 : Update PackageInstaller install handing
6905239 : Create jit profile file during the app startup flow.
9ccebbf : [1/3] Remove unnecessary throws statement in ServiceManager
a8d54b2 : [WindowManagerService] fix starting window issue
12d3393 : Use GregorianCalendar.add() when searching for next alarm.
fbd5904 : Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock
40d73a7 : Make sure NaturalSurfaceLayout is consistent with SurfaceControl
8d3e159 : onAccountsUpdated shouldn't be called back after listener unregistered
a877235 : Special case system_server to not create the JIT code cache.
2eae602 : Don't use IntegralToString
5a3b424 : Track libcore commit 85d69e16fe1e59e50c1ad228e754abf325088362.
7d05972 : Track API changes to java.lang.ref.Reference.
d5f0eb0 : Remove merge markers from preloaded-classes
6a8ad6d : Move StrictJarFile from libcore to framework
62671ea : Switch RecoverySystem impl to use
5f3be92 : API update for OpenJdk based libcore
a70412b : Use libcore/known_oj_tags for the javadoc stage.
bb02b67 : Stop preloading fortress classes
e69a31d : Use HexDump instead of java.lang.IntegralToString
62ed631 : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars.
44fadb2 : Use shared namespace for bundled app classloader
a0468e3 : common_time_server.cpp: more O_CLOEXEC
891103c : Fix typo in config.xml file
f19c963 : Pass app's code paths to the runtime
e94b3fe : Revert "Camera2: create new streams if surface size has changed"
3cefe6a : Add comments to keep Java and native binder PersistableBundle in sync
ceafe5e : Fix PersistableBundle handling in Parcel.writeValue
0bae77b : Specify path for native PersistableBundle implementation
c136cb0 : Add ConfigNetworkSecurityPolicy
e12350f : Trace SQLite operations
6fc42f5 : Customize auto-brightness parameters
5bb6dce : Fix volume expand arrow to be displayed correctly
381e0a4 : Change signature|system permissions to signature|privileged
8d28e4f : Use the application's usesCleartextTraffic flag
6f06ad7 : Use nativeloader to load NativeActivity
441cc42 : Fix memory leak in HWUI
dd586a4 : Check for null hostnames in RootTrustManager
9613157 : Add null check to getConfigForHostname
2091ab9 : Add hostname aware isCleartextTrafficPermitted
f49f8b0 : Camera2: create new streams if surface size has changed
0bcd0cb : libhwui: make setSurface asynchronous
b029bfb : Remove graphics-related RenderScript tests.
6568cf1 : Refactor NetworkSecurityPolicy to be pluggable
b12a3fc : Remove framework from LOCAL_JAVA_LIBRARIES
32f4043 : Follow-up to Switch to the latest version of Caliper
60a7431 : ConcurrentModificationException in SyncManager
847f9f4 : Hide static setDefault methods in ICU4J
ebd7735 : Add ICU4J APIs for Android
76a6cec : Switch to the latest version of Caliper
80fd120 : Rethrow remote's ServiceSpecificException
be5474d : Track rename from base/ to android-base/.
7def60d : Add support for locking the screen when the lid is closed
8ea56f6 : Replace hard-coded errno values with OsConstants
1852019 : USB MIDI: Fix race condition that causes intermittent connections.
827dec0 : Allow customisation of advanced settings in DocumentsUI
377e70a : Stop using 512 bit RSA keys in keyset unit tests.
ed65bc0 : Fix special handling of a fake language code "tl".
b4ff8e4 : Don't hardcode expected path to mainDexClasses
725fefb : Use a custom TrustedCertificateStore
fa9beeb : Expose findByIssuerAndSignature
d3af962 : Expose findTrustAnchorBySubjectAndPublicKey
a803666 : Add support for reading and writing double array values
a94fc52 : Map Errors.h's UNEXPECTED_NULL to NullPointerException
9a01308 : Remove isCertificateEntry check
2075a3e : Make NetworkSecurityConfigProvider.install lazy
bdd13f0 : Implement checkClientTrusted
4fab7fb : Improved variable naming
d90369b : Add free short codes for Direct Carrier Billing in Google Play
d976c5a : Custom engineUpdate/engineDoFinal(ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer).
b45d99d : Extend the 'qwerty' key layout
46972b2 : ssl: make DistinguishedNameParser a package-private class in org.apache.http.conn.ssl
40b300f : Fix race condition when collecting op callback.
5145df2 : DevicePolicy: Always send ACTION_PASSWORD_CHANGED
cdf1dff : Update framework code after new ART options.
9bc2f47 : Don't back up / restore EAP network definitions
245ec92 : Remove DEBUG_JIT from Zygote flags.
b053cce : Frameworks/base: Make RuntimeAbort more expressive
f443384 : Handle renamed packages during default grants
fd0d31a : Add NetworkSecurityConfigProvider.install
8e028e6 : Insert Android Keystore JCA Provider at the correct position.
421d434 : Revert "jni: is loggable speedup, not within signal"
263cc90 : Various fixes in setting globals in a script group
43b0a45 : Don't use timestamps with all zero
c954fde : jni: is loggable speedup, not within signal
2f974b2 : Add hidden support for arrays of raw file descriptors
2bd2eb3 : Dedupe trust anchors
164725c : Avoid configuration of callback being reset after relayout.
93962c2 : Support X509TrustManagerExtensions methods
bfcd67f : Use duck typing in X509TrustManagerExtensions
5a1078f : Add NetworkSecurityConfigProvider
a1f5631 : Fix memory corruption in SpotShadow
92290b8 : Parse method-trace properties only in debug builds.
08d3620 : Add support for debug-overrides configuration
2e4f67c : Fix HWUI Path Cache dangling pointer
4e59db3 : Fix system watchdog timeout when reading too many usage events.
368513f : system_server: allow /proc read access to other UIDs
bd173c2 : Support nested domain-config elements
5f96702 : Add xml source for network security configuration
825c3f9 : Fix incorrect hstsEnforced lookup
b0f8b4b : Fix directory check in UserCertificateSource
35de8d6 : Fix incorrect hasPerDomainConfigs check
5b6d99e : System crash fixed when turn off MagnificationGesture
5d05bbe : Take into account default app for default grants
d2bbf1b : Revert "Take into account default app for default grants"
83ea5b7 : When the incoming light source is invalid, don't generate any shadow
80a73f5 : Use a builder for NetworkSecurityConfig
82bfca4 : Fixes for sm and pm usage
eebe899 : Remove unsupported RS graphics API tests.
86d13f3 : Avoid NPE in printspooler when changing language
0eadf57 : Don't apply clang flag to gcc builds.
b0624da : Use std::unique_ptr instead of UniquePtr.
5db602f : Enforce weaker grant if app is default handler for miltiple action
c94647c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
599c81d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f231f4f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
40fa6b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c1a6632 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a1d6309 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e22fb21 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a1065cf : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8ff8892 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7ca7920 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8742886 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5bc5bb5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
29aa638 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6bc1e39 : Add initial network security config implementation
185269d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3a68edb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
46b434f : Built-in mic is not used when USB mic is disconnected
8e6714b : Remove obsolete profile handling from AndroidRuntime.
a084fb7 : [ActivityManager] Fix NullPointerException in startNextMatchingActivity.
fce33d5 : Take into account default app for default grants
d11e59e : BluetoothMidiDevice: change write type to support JamStik
ff23e1b : BLE-MIDI: change binding for BluetoothMidiService
2e48f1b : MidiBluetoothService: add new device to HashMap
a471e2c : MidiManager: fix double BTLE callback
3698fca : MidiService: update listener with current status when registered
8f0555a : [ActivityManager] Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException
f2d824f : SystemUI: Reload the EndNowButton label
ce96912 : Revert "libs: add libpackagelistparser"
f961114 : Adjust for changes to libcore/
70bef1c : Fix lseek argument order.
9caeef7 : Ensure state transition of paused activity.
6421da8 : Fix read_mapinfo to recognize free list large object space
87212ad : Clean up the uncrypted OTA package on bootup.
f783c02 : Avoid a double decrease of reference counter for unstable provider
ff58e30 : Disassociate system windows from apps
06af469 : StrictMode: fix deserialization of ViolationInfo on large stacks
dc06bb0 : libs: add libpackagelistparser
ba8766c : [RenderScript] Add null check for return values of JNI Get<TYPE>ArrayElements.
0985937 : Pass privapp specifier for selinux labeling
a56ea12 : Fix resumeHomeStackTask can't resume home if activity is finishing.
115b411 : Fix punctuation and typos in AllocationAdapter's documentation.
3875bf6 : Handle 'root' pseudo-package in the appops command
7197d91 : RRO: idmap: fix sorting of overlays.list
83ab0d7 : Make 'idmap --scan' accept more than one input directory
df1a5b2 : RRO: idmap: allow flock(2) to block
917ffb1 : Add Workman keyboard layout
83461d7 : Safely handle interrupts during Thread.join()
2f25ce7 : Retry if interrupted before mMessageThread has joined
148c78f : Don't unregister Fonts from renderer at destruction
82c700f : Make accessing mInputMethodTarget thread-safe
0b34f2a : [RenderScript] pass correct length of ains to BLAS functions
22f5876 : Update instructions in IPowerManager.aidl.
1673035 : frameworks/base: delete TinyHashMap
00d6b60 : Remove use of '_' variable name
fcbe223 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d431d65 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3241a48 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3f9f602 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
05bae6a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ca441fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
64788fa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
637eb2d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e25af1d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b0dac45 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b73d641 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
47dede9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
268c1d9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ad1cf03 : Fix bug number for linker related workarounds
8c6e537 : Allow using the JIT
81944da : Add exported include dir for libandroid_runtime
fa54ab7 : Pass dexopt flags as integer
f83612b : Add support for --user to "pm path" for work profile use
55fe944 : Frameworks/base: Propagate boot status to installd
b84cb9e : Shorten first boot time by filtering dexopted apps by LRU.
76f6a86 : constify JNINativeMethod function pointer tables
13eac10 : WrapperInit: remove dead execStandalone method
3a86b41 : Add a textual hint as to where aidl has gone
73ea123 : Remove the aidl tool
5e55c89 : Fix scrolling of QS panel when no notification is present.
f3c2ed1 : Revert "Grab macros from libbase instead of duplicating"
3e50f04 : Revert change to win32 isatty stub
663c81b : Update docs for RS object API fixes.
2535cae : Grab macros from libbase instead of duplicating
9678682 : Convert to C++ Bison output
9941dcc : First pass on reentrant C++-ish parser
b63b8fb : Update KeymasterDefs
5f78590 : Update RS docs for M-related changes.
a3843cf : CalendarView: use theme attribute instead of style on MonthName TextView
ffa84e0 : Reduce risk of memory corruption due to finalization.
8d6f9bf : Whitelist windows module
a72f59a8 : Update mFillPaint color on GradientDrawable inflation
25878b2 : Remove unnecessary finally blocks for tracing.
d6b6b80 : Delete outdated options tests
ca4543c : Remove RPC interface Type
5ed7607 : aidl: Add end to end test
6d57207 : aidl: Remove example test
1ab54c1 : aidl: Don't link librt on Mac
88891e6 : Remove the CREATE_FLAG_OPT_LEVEL_0 from the Java API.
1006bfe : aidl: Stop using Bionic's test main
a25d351 : aidl: Separate aidl logic into its own static library
5e16bc5 : Automatically assign default seinfo labels using the string "default".
5b88363 : Tighten up compiler flags for aidl
ecaf21c : Revert "Tighten up compiler flags for aidl"
2f77417 : aidl: Pull main() into dedicated file
eea2353 : Tighten up compiler flags for aidl
8a8775c : Set up aidl for gtest
4aa679f : Remove USE_MINGW, whitelist windows modules
cd2709e : Fix WallpaperCropper crash when setting wallpaper over 8MB
1eaa9ed : Do not merge namespaces
c2de7a7 : bundle init.rc contents with its service
9a6ec58 : Move aapt2 off HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME.
c301ab8 : Move aapt2 off HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME.
fd1fd6e : Don't make bad RS API level recommendations.
5065e12 : Recursively delete directories in handleAftermath().
e17788c : Replace HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME with _WIN32 in frameworks/base/tools.
8dc8313 : Fix mismatched new[]/delete.
68dd736 : Fix pessimizing move.
ba98f7c : Fix pessimizing move.
ea30eb2 : Hwui: Remove unused variables

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/libbcc

34383a2 : Metadata extractor must tolerate missing accumulator function.
efe1434 : Remove dead argument from RSCompilerDriver().
88c2cbd : Update RSStubsWhiteList with some vector f16 functions
0fe574d : Update copyright date in RSStubsWhiteList.cpp
3e128dc : Add missing liblog dependency
797b516 : Refine comment describing RSKernelExpandPass.
e2b6e95 : Ensure libclcore_g.bc is installed on the device.
688cf3f : Avoid doing symbol internalization when compiling with -O0.
9d009b0 : Improvements to the RSAddDebugInfo pass.
4165d29 : Make RSKernelExpand use memory rather than registers.
79a19ce : General reduction initializer and outconverter functions must not be internalized.
23b2346 : Update bcc whitelist with a few more math functions for half
3491f31 : Update bcc whitelist with a few math functions for half
10f2a8f : Don't internalize __truncxfhf2 for x86
9197d61 : Rename #rs_export_reduce_new to #rs_export_reduce.
fff398d : Deduce whether the module contains debug info.
09c7a41 : Initial version of debug info pass for RS.
1e32186 : Split the libbcc pass manager into two phases.
e32af52 : Support for general reduction kernels.
79e1a05 : Metadata support for general reduction.
21d3858 : Add matrix functions to the stubs white list.
80711a4 : Add fract(float) functions to the stubs white list.
2a3e5de : Add quaternion functions to the stubs white list.
9774f50 : Update whitelist with f16 math functions.
02c61f6 : Updated whitelist and a fix for target x86_64
3c05a9c : Fix code-generation on x86 targets
4932187 : Whitelist allocation-creation functions in libbcc
7133565 : Launch options & multi inputs for single-source RS
bb8b06a : Whitelisting rsForEachInternal calls
ed775d3 : Remove unused sha1.h.
c31e101 : Fix invalid read of literal (anonymous) structure names on assertion builds.
6af50b7 : Stop using HOST_OS, whitelist windows modules
3bc475b : RSKernelExpand: Remove loads of instep and outstep values in new-style forEach kernel expansion.
0056660 : Restore missing min and max API.
dfde70a : Remove ambiguous parse to fix mingw build breakage.
4e7a506 : Expand reduce-style kernels.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/mclinker

00c33d7 : Remove useless HOST_OS==windows check

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

edfcc69 : slang error on kernel launch from another kernel
b478c3d : Handle return values of rsObject type
6c78d34 : Revert "Fix broken mips build, where clang is generating an invalid movn."
c1f8ecc : Update copyright dates on generated tests.
aeb76e7 : Add missing comment.
633f298 : Change mechanism used to ensure #pragma rs reduce functions are not deleted.
e2f8af5 : Update a test's expected output after RS header update
aceb3da : Update a test's expected output after RS header update
dbf5b61 : Rename #rs_export_reduce_new to #rs_export_reduce.
1381ae7 : Remove array subrange (x1, x2) general reduction methods.
c137f04 : Remaster test after rs_math.rsh changes.
277fd5e : Add Java reflection for "#pragma rs reduce".
65f23ed : Add semantic analysis of "#pragma rs reduce" script functions.
1a1f3c2 : Update line numbers for P_warnings_deprecated diagnostics.
2907b2a : Minor miscellaneous cleanup to type export facility.
657d20a : Cleanup: RSExportType::getSize() has inconsistent semantics.
35c04a9 : Alphabetize tests.
13fad85 : Void pointers can't be exported.
2615f38 : Tidy up AST nodes for rsForEach
f075ffc : Fix a set of inverted conditionals for kernel validation.
2902ebb : Fixed ref counting for returned rs objects
56916be : Cleaned up ref counting destructor visitor
46e146e : Restructure handling of special kernel parameters.
88f21e1 : Changed generated calls to rsForEachInternal
15e44e6 : Parse "#pragma rs reduce" and generate metadata.
34e6205 : Remove PragmaRecorder.
1541014 : Fixed dummy root creation
d118c02 : Add rs_allocation_create as an RS header
1946749 : Launch options & multi inputs for single-source RS
5f3da4b : Extend C++ reflection layer constant arrays and fix matrix types.
81dcc9f : Fix broken mips build, where clang is generating an invalid movn.
a5d846d : Don't allow user-defined uninitialized const variables to be exported.
fb40ee2 : Revert "Revert "Handle kernel launch calls""
4e90434 : Use single quote in python script for consistency
72b0683 : Fix hard coded path to out directory in slang test
6ce15a7 : Fix unnecessarily broken sections in slang tests.
5d9263d : Revert "Handle kernel launch calls"
45aa8c5 : Handle kernel launch calls
880d6ad : Bump version to 2310 to account for RS object change.
cd57c54 : Fix invalid declaration of rsClearObject() iterator.
c8b0cda : Stop checking HOST_OS, whitelist windows modules
d1d6a83 : Fix invalid opcode encoding in BitWriter_2_9.
c8d0297 : Fix a broken test due to RS header file updates.
1c6b927 : Add C++ reflection for reduce-style kernels in slang.
617d0d9 : Restore missing min and max API.
74e8fd8 : Fix broken llvm-rs-cc debugging tests.
7682b66 : Add Java reflection for reduce-style kernels in slang.
505e9bd : Add -Wno-error=missing-field-initializers for mingw build.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ex

164b693 : Fix breakage from giflib update

+- Project: platform/frameworks/minikin

ba8ef83 : Fix warnings.
4553fa4 : Disable unsigned integer overflow sanitization until libc++ is fixed.
72c0268 : Minikin: Disable sanitizer on x86
7087da2 : Enable integer sanitization in libminikin
342cd45 : Revert "Enable integer sanitization in libminikin."
9c13a3d : Enable integer sanitization in libminikin.
1bbe03d : Refactored unsigned long negations
30fca21 : Suppress linebreaks in emoji ZWJ sequences - DO NOT MERGE
35e4ebe : Accept variation selector in emoji sequences - DO NOT MERGE
e8264e0 : Complete half-done cherry-picking of DO NOT MERGE
e5e7aa0 : Explicitly set utf-8 encoding for hyb file verification
6e2cccd : Binary format for hyphenation patterns
90a09c3 : Improve fallback where explicit variant is not given
5425723 : Revert "Allow clusters to start with zero-width characters"
e9ec9a1 : Consistently apply break opportunities in text spans
cdd19da : Use ICU to lowercase words to hyphenate.
daf62d0 : Add missing hyphen-like characters.
baf6d0a : Avoid re-hyphenating already-hyphenated phrases.
6c4d167 : Add HyphenEdit to layout cache
3e0fc64 : Allow clusters to start with zero-width characters
91425f0 : Fix logspam and incorrect cluster offset
e8721b2 : Disable letterspacing for connected scripts
a6f8bf6 : Separate additional penalty for last line with hyphen
f997dd2 : Use ASCII HYPHEN-MINUS when there's no HYPHEN in the font.
4ea1cc8 : Fix: getOffsetForAdvance can return worng offset.
abae97a : Increase hyphenation penalty for short last line
95af01c : Use context start correctly in getRunAdvance
a019665 : Disable hyphenation for unreasonably long words
0dc07c0 : Support hyphenation frequency in Minikin.
8920e81 : Move Bitmap to a different namespace
68ae337 : Don't include trailing newline in width for line breaking
40beb77 : Add functions for measuring cursor positioning
bb86b43 : Rename "margins" to "indents"
dc7bc6e : Add margins array to line widths object
5cdad92 : Revert "Fix build: Revert "Add hyphenation to line breaking""
0b25d5a : Fix build: Revert "Add hyphenation to line breaking"
daf6a6b : Add hyphenation to line breaking
01f5266 : Add LineBreaker to Minikin
d692d6a : HyphenEdit in support of hyphenation
0bbff3a : Disable HarfBuzz's fallback to compatibility decompositions

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ml

72dfa8f : Fix compiler warnings in ml/bordeaux/learning/

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

4b2a105 : "#warning" conflict with -Werror
45f33a5 : Allocate buffers locally in systems without SurfaceFlinger
2660c7a : Fix -Wgnu-designator warnigns in cmds/flatland/Main.cpp
eca9569 : Add missing liblog dependency
5975c00 : Replace AppOpsManager locking with std::lock_guard
52545f2 : libbinder: add getters for PersistableBundle keys
791ddd3 : dumpstate: Continued build breakage
185d344 : libbinder: Allow readByteVector to take uint8_t
0751efa : dumpstate: report process times
6811616 : Add option to #define _DUMPSTATE_DRY_RUN_ to skip the actual dumps.
01d6c39 : dumpstate: refine calculated eMMC performance values
8ed4270 : Don't rely on AppOpsManager in systems without applications
6dd4552 : Fix race in AppOpsManager client library
a2c2287 : Enable wildcard in the list of kernel functions
bbab196 : Binder::Status: Add operator<< to help with gtest logging
70f3665 : system_server BINDER_TYPE_FD driver ashmem accessors
8b10c65 : Fix typo from last commit.
1bd2fc0 : Clean up warnings in inputflinger.
eacd31f : Clean up warnings in EGL.
f31a3eb : Binder: Add log output in IPCThreadState::self()
9a5e32f : Add support for decoding UTF16 to UTF8
83cfc43 : Application image support for installd DO NOT MERGE
eab2afc : system_server BINDER_TYPE_FD sockets using ashmem accessors
b454d8f : Parcel: file descriptor leak
abed7f7 : Parcel: include Android coding standard
e93390b : Parcel: LOG_TAG cleanup
43afe5d : Revert "dumpstate: Add security log dump"
fb6ddc0 : Implementation of HCE for NFC-F.
07b0cd6 : Add PersistableBundle.aidl into binder includes
0fe7ce3 : More O_CLOEXEC
4213ebe : libinstalld: add dependency on libselinux
715dec7 : Fix format specifiers for size_t types
cc7f8ad : atrace.rc: tracing should be disabled by default.
b987262 : Allow null values for Parcel readers and writers
b0343a9 : Don't redefine B_PACK_CHARS
515eb0d : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
0a31202 : Add support for PersistableBundle in C++
c7ad8cb : dumpstate: Add security log dump
4b45d67 : dumpstate: build breakage @2482293
8c8130e : dumpstate: Dump eMMC 5.0 stats
c1e491d : libbinder: Enable service specific error codes
83ec65e : Fix allocation count
82fbb12 : Fix the execution point of onFrameAvailable/onFrameReplaced callbacks
e86316a : Revert "libbinder: Don't redefine B_PACK_CHARS"
3eab1b4 : libbinder: Don't redefine B_PACK_CHARS
e4ec9eb : Track rename from base/ to android-base/.
cff7f17 : libbinder: Handle transaction failures correctly
5e8eb5e : bug#460672 framebuffer surface can't keep triple buffer if define NUM_FRAMEBUFFER_SURFACE_BUFFERS := 3
d953587 : Atrace: support streaming data to stdout.
06673e3 : Add support for file descriptors and vectors thereof
bbd7d99 : atrace: add database tag
5672bb7 : Add support for new sched kernel tracepoint
97f048d : libbinder: Add support for C++ Parcelable
03d1eb6 : libbinder: Move vector writing templates to header
b952f42 : Replace libGLESv3 symlink with shared library
25a3656 : Revert "Add support for unique_fds and vectors of file descriptors"
9626d88 : Add support for unique_fds and vectors of file descriptors
09eb749 : libbinder: Add binder::Status type
e296e00 : use negative mask
5f06256 : Use templates for write*Vector methods
b32c7e1 : Move dumpstate to top -H rather than top -t.
4db672d : libbinder: Return UNEXPECTED_NULL when appropriate
ab46a49 : Allow read access to /proc entries for other UIDs
df9dadd : Remove obsolete profile handling from installd.
eb8e15f : Add support for reading/writing a vector of binders
412e4f6 : Add ipi tracing to irq tracing.
430666b : Further reduce duplication in bugreport ps output.
f0fc52b : Fix bug in byte vector serialization
a3533a3 : Reduce duplication in bugreport ps output.
f0c1377 : Add readStrongBinder that takes an interface
9788798 : libbinder: Fix out of bounds in readBoolVector
c283270 : libbinder: Stub out checkPermissions() on Brillo.
c2bf8e8 : Fix benign integer overflow in printHexDump
1515ea1 : Fix build breakage due to extraneous dereference
451ff58 : Add read/write methods for vectors
d6848f5 : Add methods to Parcel for bool and char and byte
7831638 : dumpstate: add -v printable to logcat
2b1f88b : dumpstate: execute procrank using su
8fb0f92 : servicemanager: log pid and uid on selinux denial
3f50a39 : Add more methods to IPowerManager.
46f7593 : frameworks/native: remove superfluous mention of SharedBuffer in Region.h
919461c : Installd: Fully decouple pre- and post-bootcomplete properties
12434f8 : Allow using the JIT
76e767c : Pass dexopt flags as integer
13f1419 : Installd: Take boot status as dexopt parameter
29b3555 : Enable integer overflow sanitization in libinput.
1faef80 : Eliminate multiple benign overflow conditions.
389ddba : Enable multiple benign overflow conditions.
c94fc45 : Eliminate benign overflow condition triggered upon loop termination in Input.cpp
9ec9747 : add system-background cpuset
c4e95a3 : constify generated JNINativeMethod fn ptr tables
f53f3c8 : Remove usage of SharedBuffer
7944e8a : With SANITIZE_TARGET, load EGL libs from the instrumented path.
73e2674 : asan: update condition to work with multiple SANITIZE_TARGET values.
94dd3d3 : Installd: Allow different behavior before bootcomplete
b603e2c : Update libpowermanager to expose enum and export headers.
1835c85 : Remove BnServiceManager.
48fd7b4 : Benign unsigned integer overflow in Parcel
acc5c62 : Enable fsanitize integer in binder
ff7ede3 : Enable fsanitize integer in ui
f4cb3ce : move init.trace.rc to frameworks/native
0944691 : ignore SIGPIPE signal in native services
7d319fc : include/android/sensor: add enum for LINEAR_ACCELERATION
1cf2c1a : Whitelist windows module
a679508 : BatteryProperties: Adds batteryCycleCount, batteryCurrent, batteryFullCharge fields in the the battery properties.
2e8ca9d : libagl: Fix buffer read overrun in eglCreatePbufferSurface
7415599 : bundle init.rc contents with its service
6913c46 : binder: Change from C11 <stdatomic.h> to C++11 <atomic>.
515aa0b : binder: Add a throughput performance test for binder.
0e471cf : SensorService: Fix some warnings

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/bitmap

856e2a9 : Update bitmap drawables with RTL support.
5b1cf89 : Update bitmap library to latest.
85c3c19 : Change minSdkVersion from 15 to 14 after performing a code audit.
8c51bde : Change minSdkVersion from 15 to 14 after performing a code audit.
a8b1e1f : Import latest changes.
4309c1f : For cancelled decodes, skip the cache save, since it may be incorrect
3a79e20 : Allow user to choose horizontal crop alignment
d05e64c : Allow BitmapDrawables to use different DecodeStrategys
c564492 : Import latest bitmap library changes.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/bluetooth

80232af : PBAP takes Account so that VCardList can add them to operation list.
c7a3609 : Enhance logging.
b15a830 : Use only UTF-8 for fetching a message.
a3acb17 : PBAP OBEX session uses Handler/HandlerThread now.
6fbf388 : Mas Obex client should use Handler instead of threads.
4231be1 : MAPC: Fix following issues in map client code
3920adc : Update to new OBEX transport and SDP search
aa7cf3d : PBAP-C: Do not disconnect pbap client session

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/chips

2d2aded : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2dcb104 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7e5af3b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
43b154a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
647b6e4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
08b40ec : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
df1f00c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/colorpicker

0926569 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
25aaf78 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
aab4767 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/datetimepicker

9455f5e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d6ad445 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3315c12 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
96cf989 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1066a99 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
733c09d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b3d8745 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a09b3c9 : Remove the "white" color and use Android's

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/ethernet

3e81fb6 : Stop requiring CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE to change Ethernet config.
9fc9da2 : Don't crash on startup if we can't fetch the interface list.
7650278 : Bug: 21588539 Move CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE to be in SYSTEM_SETTINGS
0e47a8a : Stop DHCP if it times out.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/ims

57911d1 : IMS: Add check for GBA SIM
14077be : IMS: Dont clean merge info on host termination
d0fb664 : Transfer participants during 3 way conference
e6f9943 : Fix typos
818c09d : IMS: Clean peer & host during conference failure
dc16e45 : Ensure IMS is turned On or Off when synchronizing settings with ImsConfig
9e3452a : Fix potential NPE in ImsCall notifyConferenceStateUpdated.
8ca52ff : Add ImsManager.updateImsServiceConfig() function
1d4a9a4 : IMS : UT Service Capability
75f3ca3 : Fix unncessary IMS re-registration with network
3a99f78 : Prevent WFC Settings changes from impacting VoLTE Settings
95d563e : Support termination of a call while merge is in process.
7e16d5d : Remove volte_feature_disabled as carrier config handled it.
d9ed874 : Handle hangup for 4 way conference scenario
6c0b0d0 : Add method and perform cleanups in ImsCall.
394bd1e : Add config items for Korea market
e0b0dde : Remove permission check from client-side code - ineffective.
eea3d44 : Stub base class implementation for some IMS interfaces
9c03379 : IMS: Add an extra for ims phantom MO call.
d3adfad : MWI,phantom call,Suppl services
2acea6f : Check for null config from CarrierConfigManager.
e7663c0 : Update ImsManager to use carrier configs.
95be7c6 : IMS: Conference changes
a1ed7b0 : IMS: Ims Conference fixes
95bd676 : More video related API fixes
33d827a : Fixes for APi review
0a625b7 : Change sendSessionModifyRequest VideoProvider API signature.
eb13a59 : Wi-Fi Calling default setting - Off
7df3df8 : DO NOT MERGE Remove connection substate
e5354df : Remove connection substate
d713365 : Fixing use of subId where phoneId was expected.
691a1cc : Fix compilation error.
5aec2e9 : IMS-VT: Fix propagation of device orientation. Orientation received at VT Service is incorrect. Fixed propagation of device orientation to VT service
2539409 : Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
61d41c1 : Remove an extraneous check in callSessionMergeFailed().
6804851 : Clean up logging for ImsCall to make it easier to debug bugreports.
48738d5 : IMS: UT ServiceClass
9e6eca2 : Force IMS to register over LTE when turning off WFC
7b72dc2 : IMS: IMS Registration and handover error codes support
4b09bc2 : Decouple WFC from Enhanced 4G LTE in settings
f31e6fc : WFC configuration: add API to get and set user settings.
0c2f15c : Move "IMS registration error" intent from ImsPhone to ImsManager.
28c8400 : WiFi Calling: Change default value for the roaming setting to OFF.
1463174 : IMS: IMS Registration and handover error codes support
183af60 : Decouple WFC from Enhanced 4G LTE in settings
f431112 : Add interface to determine whether the IMS service is available
a00c919 : WFC configuration: add API to get and set user settings.
c479f66 : Cleanup of conference code including logging, flags and some workflow.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/voip

4877ed1 : Disable debug logging in SipWakeupTimer
cb6c06c : Use only strong references to AudioEffect
5a4b1c9 : Fix JNI registration error
b653490 : Use simpler API to get op package name
d08c8dd : Add SIP app op - voip
c2d55f1 : Respect the record audio app op - voip

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

0c216e7 : When wificonfiguration is null, return a failure message to the caller.
bfcf740 : Revert "WiFi: Use GCC to compile"
d1ee51c : Add missing liblog dependency
e36fc34 : Fix potential memory leak
bb377e4 : Fix build breaks caused by merge conflicts et al
269ca58 : Fix build breaks caused by merge conflicts et al
21e2d99 : Fix build

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/photoviewer

ac61de5 : Zoom behavior after over-zooming and panning speed updated
cc4a38c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f314150 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
56313f6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
986e6f4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
59a93a0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b2c6f85 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
39f1f44 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d0cd336 : Use $(SUPPORT_LIBRARY_ROOT) to reference support library resource.
a3c7af5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e2d8f5b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/setupwizard

e581f24 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a989f77 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

83d54a4 : Fix check of the size of the alpha identifier
3176d2b : Fix getActiveSubscriptionInfoForIccId iccId comparison
93b1cd5 : Fix @code escapes
7d20b83 : Revert "Remove unused class PhoneSubInfoController"
612c77f : Make FSM for loading SPN more robust
f214d9e : Always display CPHS Operator Name when not roaming
d717d18 : Remove identifier that causes warnings under OpenJDK 8 compiler
65360f2 : Remove unused class PhoneSubInfoController
0f5aa60 : Restore dumpsys iphonesubinfo

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/timezonepicker

3a54ae0 : Remove code using mTransitions because we shouldn't rely on ZoneInfo impl
4e0fa4d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
037e466 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c738691 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a187be6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
efaf2ac : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
42630b7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4cfb7e3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5c03f91 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/vcard

5a0c504 : Fix importing SHIFT_JIS vcard with backslash byte breakage
600d08e : Save away unknown properties that begin with X-.
753058f : Add "get contact id and raw contact uri" callback

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

35fb321 : Cleanup uses of sprintf so we can deprecate it.
a7725cb : Added a flag to APIs for rsObj creation
d0c4580 : Update to explicitly make support lib jar
328245a : Compatibility library support for general reduction.
68e0089 : Better handle error log and nullptr reference.
abb806d : Use c++_static instead of stlport_static for support lib.
6fb5a4f : Rename memcpy to local_memcpy in rs_allocations.c.
8a1fd9c : Refactor/enhance dispatch table init
18edd6a : Fix inverted grep so that we can view any new warnings/errors.
738ee87 : Updated header files with new API level for f16 math functions
c654dcf : Assign API level 24 to f16 math functions
b1bc853 : Fix rs_quaternion.spec for API level 24.
c534536 : Test length, normalize variants for f16.
49f2c49 : Update header file with length, normalize variants for f16
09311ef : Add length, normalize and their native variants for f16
b4cb5ff : RS: Rename mBuf to mSlot
de5b608 : Enable tests for float16 allocations
7e1013b : Enable creation of float16 allocations
5f3e70c : Update headers after adding RS_TYPE_FLOAT_16 and helpers
f4fee99 : Add RS_TYPE_FLOAT_16 and allocation helpers for f16
1aaf4fa : Add YV12 YUV format support to GrallocConsumer.
33c9d3e : Assign API level 24 to single-source RS API
54d28e0 : Revert "Add RS_TYPE_FLOAT_16 and allocation helpers for f16"
2ec5662 : Revert "Update headers after adding RS_TYPE_FLOAT_16 and helpers"
596befc : Revert "Enable creation of float16 allocations"
c33ab1d : Revert "Enable tests for float16 allocations"
02ab420 : Enable creation of float16 allocations
7fe6a66 : Enable tests for float16 allocations
0855dbf : Update headers after adding RS_TYPE_FLOAT_16 and helpers
0d78f60 : Add RS_TYPE_FLOAT_16 and allocation helpers for f16
fb9bf72 : Use RELATIVE_PWD to ensure that we get consistent debug paths.
53f2796 : Add __truncxfhf2() to libclcore_g.bc as well on x86 targets.
5661684 : Add float16 elements to C++ API
63f52b1 : Suppress bogus warning lines from llvm-link.
f72e746 : Clean up warnings for RS runtime libraries.
6991027 : Set bc library class to RENDERSCRIPT_BITCODE
2cfa205 : Update copyright dates on generated headers.
d6bde75 : Update the legal notice: change year to 2016
a71c65f : Fix errors in TBAA tags for ll64/allocation.ll
6edd4a7 : Fix rsSetElementAt_half3 for x86_64
de10692 : Disable frexp and modf for half
ac90816 : Build RenderScript cpu_ref kernel ABI debug info.
2396620 : General reduction test case where pragma follows constituent functions.
8ea537d : Add tests for fract, frexp and modf for half
b32dc12 : Implement fract, frexp and modf for half
336fc4b : Move implementations of quaternion functions into driver/runtime.
1f08801 : Fix function mangling of rs_quaternion* arguments in stubs white list.
f300e17 : Update RS headers with fract, frexp and modf for half
03ad5f9 : Add fract, frexp, modf for half
b46d30d : Enable half tests for copysign, ilogb, nextafter
f976048 : Implement copysign, ilogb and nextafter for half
f86ea3f : Update RS headers with copysign, ilogb and nextafter
d021b48 : Add copysign, ilogb and nextafter for half
d68b3c3 : Implement __truncxfhf2 in driver/runtime
e4f999b : Switch "transpose" for Matrix A & B, after gemmlowp change.
8ba2310 : Avoid casting varargs
e7fd36a : Fixed rsQuaternionAdd() implementation
6e13ee2 : Move implementations of matrix functions into driver/runtime.
e0f52d6 : Move scalar function implementations from into driver/runtime.
9cbc99b : Move implementation of fract(float) into driver/runtime.
4cead80 : Rename from ->
4c01362 : Add the const qualifier to the internal definition of memcpy
a4d25bc : Remove the always_inline attribute on all RS builtins.
7547468 : Add multi-frame support to RenderScript:
943457f : Switch to RS_CLANG instead of CLANG.
fd98fa6 : Switch RS over to using RS_LLVM_* tools.
774becc : Single Source Healing Brush.
6c1876b : Support for general reduction kernels.
46c93e4 : Expect to see "exportReduceNewCount: 0" in metadata.
11c0c38 : Now for .l we generate .c file.
fda5596 : Add back RS::init(const char*, uint32_t)
fb99e0f : Add a new libclcore_g library which contains debug info.
d1be4d8 : Move implementation of rsFrac from cpu_ref into driver/runtime.
6b75336 : Test f16 math functions in RsTest
54cd5d1 : Implement f16 math functions in the runtime
586539c : Generated .rsh files for f16 math functions
193847b : Add RS math functions for F16.
63bd646 : Define F16 getters and setters in rsdRuntimeStubs
c0c70a7 : Test F16 allocations
6215b41 : Spelling change in for each rsh header file
e6128ff : Fix variable name mismatch in modf's description
a5aafe5 : Remove dead declarations of smoothstep
98f401d : Switch to a local BitcodeTranslator.
432b477 : Test for ref counting on returned rs objects
2f4e839 : Test helper functions that create allocations
0d3fdd1 : Update header files with allocation-creation helper functions
43d758c : Add helper functions to create allocations
79b75b7 : Changed rsForEachInternal prototype
b793bb1 : Add comment in single_source_alloc test to add half tests
61ff1b7 : Added script group tests for compat lib
fef0cd4 : Various fixes in setting globals in a script group
f1ce4be : Fix rsGetElementAt* for half
fab6947 : Updated spec for the rsForEachInternal API
c6f4374 : Remove RSYuvFormat from C++ API header
070a313 : Build libclcore libraries with UNRELEASED RS_VERSION
075aa05 : Test allocations created within a script
7cb2273 : Implement allocation creation API in libclcore
b4b74af : Add low-level allocation creation functions
6b387c1 : Driver support for creating allocations from a Script
b0dabd1 : Fix 64-bit build error
62e9af7 : Enable error logcat for rsDispatch.
dda5cb5 : Launch options & multi inputs for single-source RS
f01fc25 : Remove unused tests and unsupported pragmas (pragma cleanup).
0e5d373 : Remove unused test with unsupported pragma stateFragment.
e0bb9e8 : Clarify vertical fetch loop in Blur assembly.
dd635b0 : X86: Add missing functions for libclcore files
12398d8 : Add rsForEachInternal
d9a0257 : Allow developers to specify a target RS API level for C++
f5eb324 : Add -Wextra to our RS build.
49b1226 : Implement IntrinsicBLAS for RS C++ API
cf067b8 : Comments clean up for C++ API
70d8995 : Fix updateFromNative in C++ API.
9195e51 : Update IntrinsicBLAS call to gemmlowp after rebase.
e8f9651 : C++ API call RS::finish() before destroy rsContext
b370582 : Add arch/generic.c to non-AArch64 64-bit libclcore
ca51c78 : Don't use anonymous literal structures for RS object types.
dbf5807 : add demo of healing brush
9dc6078 : Remove useless HOST_OS==windows checks
15c1d06 : Derive the bcc optimization level from the input bitcode.
027b30b : small fix to change double constants to floats bug:22801078
e2af295 : Rename some instructions to compile with llvm and gas.
b63a6f4 : Add a test binary that demonstrates the use of reduce kernels in C++.
7cf263d : Restore missing min and max API.
394e9a6 : Add reduce to the dispatch table and to the RenderScript C++ API.
ffc1710 : Small fixes to the documentation.
594c65e : Set SDK version to be 21
8d1396c : Update Refocus Test layout
de2f182 : A standalone app to test refocus renderscript

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

05c811f : [RenderScript] Remove LOCAL_JACK_ENABLED := disabled
6dbcd28 : Allow clicks on the custom widget in CheckBoxPreference
61ca612 : Pin support libraries to Java 1.7 so they can be used with dx
fe1712d : [RenderScript] Make support lib use c++_static instead of stlport_static.
62a63e5 : Compatibility library support for general reduction.
c91b0ca : fix clickable area of FAB on pre-Lollipop devices
11fdcf7 : [RenderScript] Fix potential leak in RS JNI
d0db13a : support : Avoid circular depedency in apicheck rule.
0fd224e : mediarouter: Fix api-check rule.
4ff736b : Remove unused rsCpuRuntimeMathFuncs.cpp file.
002d5bb : Fix crash on Explay Fresh 4.2.2 devices, caused by bug in the ROM
9bbcf88 : Fix annotations javadoc build
8c6170c : Avoid absolute path loading .so after M
3d9b382 : Fix @code escapes
a163970 : Add missing junit-runner dependency
341fe66 : Skip removing the Fragment's view if it is being animated.
654520a : [RenderScript] Add API to map Allocation mallocptr to Java ByteBuffer
6d056f6 : Various fixes in setting globals in a script group
8b03eca : [RenderScript] Load from the full path of librsjni and libRSSupport.
194d901 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f2edbbd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e07be81 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bebb3c5 : Fix improper declaration/use of pointer.
2acc30f : Retry if interrupted before mMessageThread has joined.
5df13a8 : [RenderScript] pass correct length of ains to BLAS functions.
ddca317 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
064db47 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4a502bc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
50d0e79 : Fix RecyclerView.LayoutManager javadoc references
23dcfbd : [RenderScript] making the gemmlowp token more descriptive
b6b6781 : Revert "[RenderScript] remove redundant build flag"
eb4a997 : [RenderScript] remove redundant build flag
448c463 : Correct comment.
42e1c8e : Add reduce kernels to the support library.
63d51cf : [RenderScript] Make android-support-annotations not included as STATIC LIB.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/volley

0046ff6 : Adding Bintray configuration for jCenter hosting
22205d9 : Workaround for HttpURLConnection.getFollowRedirects() on M
7721ae6 : Add API to get Auth Token Type used by authenticator.
4a2a7f3 : Retry: Specify test dependecies in rules.gradle
b05d058 : Migrated from Robolectric 2.2 to 3.0

+- Project: platform/frameworks/webview

d38d0af : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
379c166 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/wilhelm

07939a1 : remove OMXCodec.h dependency
6646b64 : remove OMXCodec.cpp dependency
2bfacd0 : slesTest_playFdPath: Add prefetch callback.
c122fca : Export include dirs for Open SL ES.
001c3b5 : Build libOpenSLES for Brillo.
b4e379d : Force RAW to reduce latency on platforms that support it
84bbadf : Update OpenSL ES for odd channel counts
5be7f78 : Improvements to OpenSL ES unit test slesTestRecBuffQueue
a658553 : Reduce build warnings
aa08cb0 : Use only strong references to AudioEffect
71065fb : Check sample size in addition to container size
ba0b2c9 : Add FCC_8 comments to indicate 8-channel assumptions
6805ee0 : Take advantage of audio_channel_in_mask_from_count
a80a6ff : Only allow native byte ordering
df9b397 : Remove redundant checks
ff25010 : Start rewriting code that handles channel counts and masks
09aeff1 : Simplify code in android_audioPlayer_checkSourceSink()
cc97dbe : Allow arbitrary sample rates that are within OpenSL ES range
0d4d82d : Compare raw pointers to NULL
bf31521 : Remove dead code in android_sles_conversions.h
274c079 : Rewrite audio recorder to match player
bf76782 : Improvements to the playbq test
9f3ac83 : Explicitly list all event types in switch for callback
ac28eca : Whitespace
43f2300 : Remove MONITOR_RECORDING
00a66a0 : Rename checkSourceSinkSupport to checkSourceSink
b8fe327 : Remove redundant parentheses
c98c4fa : Remove dead code
04e3817 : Add static for methods only used locally
e05f491 : Add const
45c7c53 : Allow playback of sample rates up to 192 kHz
a919777 : Fix typo in channel mask comment
64c3fe7 : Whitespace
d2a3104 : Line length 100
baa2db4 : Explicitly compare raw pointers to NULL
03d4a5a : Remove redundant semicolon
2dc0674 : Clear mAudioRecord on set() failure
2523b69 : Respect the record audio app op - wilhelm
68aeecb : Add a static cast to resolve overload ambiguity.
52e35b2 : stagefright: make AMessage use handler vs handler-id

+- Project: platform/hardware/akm

dd18054 : Add missing liblog dependency

+- Project: platform/hardware/broadcom/libbt

cea4ce6 : Fix undefined behavior configuring SCO for I2S only devices.
6e49363 : libbt conf file for google gce_x86 devices
07249f0 : [BT] Allow custom bt configuration file handling
cd4b75f : add casio koi settings.
13e0e2f : Bluetooth:config SCO seting for HFP call
9ac18e7 : Avoid frequently operation on btwrite
00f5e91 : Revert upio changes to fix wear timeouts.
b7b7af8 : Fix btwrite timer timeout for Angler (1/2)
dff0926 : nemo: Increase firmware settlement delay
955f876 : Remove the optimization for unarming the timer
0bf9225 : Set default PCM data fill number to 0
3f154f7 : Bluetooth: Fix the FW loading in BCM4343
ff70900 : dragon: libbt: Use ldisc instead of procfs
dcffba8 : angler: modify vendor configuration for BCM4358.
3e917df : Modify bluetooth configuration for angler.
f9751ef : Fix Fugu LPM compile error
552a6ef : Fix for bluedroid sometimes holding kernel wake lock inadvertendly
7ab6f5b : angler: Modify bluetooth lpm configuration

+- Project: platform/hardware/broadcom/wlan

51eeab5 : Use unsigned int to fix wrong full scan bucket calculation
14563c4 : [HAL] Increase interface name array size to accomodate P2P group interface
0bdf1ae : Revert "Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (""
6c751ac : Revert "Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (""
be0867b : Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW ("
c907db1 : Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW ("
06a2d34 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
047718e : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
2bdea8b : bcm4343: Update firmware BCM4343A0/BCM4343A1
5daef7b : Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW ("
0ad6d3d : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
d8c53dd : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
304afe2 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
5cbe0dc : Fix crash caused in wifi_cleanup
fd3dddc : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
56c89ca : Modify the cleanup procedure
1b166fb : fix scan_id and flag for ScanData
84b4a25 : manual merge for N5 FW(6.37.32.RC23.34.40)
c666c14 : manual merge for N6 FW(
3559091 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
de1c9aa : Fix verbose log flag
e900b04 : wifi_hal: Fix array overflow retrieving gscan results
2d571e7 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354 FW(
3217962 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4339 FW(6.37.32.RC23.34.40/
aa544ae : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4356 FW(6.37.32.RC23.34.40/
992eae2 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
c9a71e6 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW(
6f15355 : Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW ("
39ada30 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4339/54/56 FW(6.37.32.RC23.34.39/
de37675 : Fix cleanup of COMPLETE_SCAN event
57ffe44 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW (
340c22b : RSSI monitor cmd cleanup
ce85c99 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW(
c9c1bc6 : bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW(
6d9f23b : Fix a potential crash in debugging code
7051193 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW (
f02f545 : Fix couple of issues with unregistering event handlers
56deba2 : Clean up bad command implementation
aab2ce8 : don't register command for BSSID blacklist because there is no stop for blacklist
7e55fbb : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW(
0f377dc : bcm4343: Update firmware BCM4343A1 chip to
9e5fed2 : bcm4343: Add firmware BC4343A1 chip to
d31f237 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW(
d4f6adc : Fix incorrect wifi_cleanup
496e6ab : Fix for system crash caused by accessing memory w/o permissions
eaf59b2 : fix WifiHAL event logging issue
a0a6b21 : fix unregister command on failure and log restructuring
504d7b1 : Fixed channel checking and added more debug info in link stats HAL
75c56dc : bcmdhd: Add filter_rssi=-75 to config file
301011a : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW(
02f5ba1 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW (
bedc792 : Remove some unhelpful logs
8f1ec7e : Add wifi offload feature: mkeep_alive
c604b53 : Add a debuggability interface: stop logging
fef13c1 : RSSI monitor changes
5ca0ce0 : Fix Broadcom's crash
95d6733 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update bcm4358 FW(
974df1c : Fix a deadlock in wifi_cleanup
79c41bc : Remove trivial GScan logs
854a437 : Shut up a noisy log from HAL
28a6dd4 : Stop using stlport.
c4a95a5 : initial adding bcm4358 firmware
1dc3032 : Fix build error on volantis: assumption about pointer size
cab099c : Fix halutil build error
bc28c1d : Fix build failures on volantis
5b1a21d : Remove full scan result log
ec74fa4 : Reduce logs from gscan
810c949 : Roam enhancements/ lazy roam changes
a9d35ff : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW(
2672aa6 : trigger epno reset
cbbc31d : Add general stubs for wifi hal
9eac8a1 : net:wireless:bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW(
508ee33 : Fix build issue
8fff513 : net: wireless: bcmdhd new FW (
e6b84f9 : bcmdhd: Move bcm4339 MFG FW to vendor project

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/bootstub

1d294ce : Don't rebuild the boot image every time
89cb8c3 : Fix trivial syntax error to compile with clang.
479e42b : bootstub: only build for moorefield, merrifield [DO NOT MERGE]
423ecd8 : bootstub: only build for moorefield, merrifield
2c7051d : bootstub: only build for moorefield, merrifield
88c2e83 : Factorize bootstub makefile

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/libmix

7075d3f : Libmix: Turn off some unused-XXX errors
68e939f : surface ID initialization
8e103bb : Align stride for encoder surfaces to 64 pixels/ bytes
b3318c8 : improve robustness of video pipeline when do slice header parsing.
c706226 : IMG DDK1.5 update for Intel HWC interface in libmix
9892b9c : libmix: refine code to keep consistency with parser
1175ce5 : enable meta data mode on FUGU

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/libstagefrighthw

690809f : WrsOMXPlugin - return OMX_ErrorInsufficientResources when making component instance fail due to resource limitation.

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/libva

bb5b200 : libva: Add "attrib_ptr" display attribute and color space flag

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/libwsbm

ac74711 : ION support in libwsbm.

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/omx-components

6f4e7a5 : OMX Components: Turn off some unused-XXX errors
53abbd8 : OMX Components: Turn off some unused-XXX errors
c0c71b1 : OMX Components: Turn off some unused-XXX errors

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/utils

9222d42 : Add missing liblog dependency
e2ae58a : Add missing liblog dependency
8929846 : ISV: Turn off some unused-XXX errors
c9cbf87 : intel: expat now exports its header files.
c5cc2d2 : intel: expat now exports its header files.

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/img/hwcomposer

79c344a : Set proper blanking mode for DOZE
47bcb65 : Fall back to GLES composition when playing 180 degree rotated video
bacdfbd : IMG DDK1.5 HWC update: replace broken Intel HWC interface
97499e0 : hwc: Enabling ION - HWC
965bfbc : hwc: set csc mode in hwc
fa7f147 : Detect scale rate for interlace stream
3540d32 : Add support for hotplug events on primary display
e8bb8df : Stop using stlport.
97ca3db : Reuse existing frame buffer during mode setting if display resolution is not changed.
244c2f4 : Update interlace register in backbuffer when stream changes
ccd45ae : moorefield_hdmi: change INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD to _HDMI
d151c15 : DrmConfig: Remove TMP_DSI connector type
8f4139d : DrmConfig: Accept DSI connector types
6667bca : DrmConfig: Accept only TMP_DSI connectors for primary
3389565 : DrmConfig: Accept MIPI or TMP_DSI connectors

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/img/psb_headers

eecb5f2 : libmediaparser: parser header changes to keep consistency
294646c : Header changes to support WV v10
a9def98 : psb_headers: add mpeg2 related data structure

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/img/psb_video

a805f1c : Fix invalid shift of a negative number.
cf82d4e : Update firmware to 3.12
d796955 : psb_video[VPP]: Use aligned height for YUV image height parameter
212b97f : resolve hevc decoder crash issue
29bf1fc : correctly set gralloc usage and remove memset workaround
7f260ec : set up correct interlace flag in psb_video
48f5fb1 : Add flush cache operation for VP8 encode in user point type surface
96fcbcb : IMG DDK1.5 update: replace broken Intel HWC interface for psb_video
2046ea1 : ION support in psb_video
94ef7eb : psb_video: conform to latest VP8 and pass color info
4ad4af4 : enable metadata mode support in psb_video clear gfx buffer before decoding.
7de8724 : HDMIExtMode: Remove TMP_DSI connector type
ef93e3f : HDMIExtMode: Accept DSI connector types
d630e58 : HDMIExtMode: Accept only TMP_DSI connectors
fa7b65f : HDMIExtMode: Accept MIPI or TMP_DSI connectors
79ce0c6 : HDMIExtMode: Remove duplicate definition of DRM_MODE_CONNECTOR_MIPI
f4c1186 : psb_video: Enable MPEG2 in video driver

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

36633ae : Remove unused methods and callbacks
e410940 : Add ability to add interop entries dynamically (1/2)
83e598f : Add new callbacks to bt_gatt_client.
d2d0b67 : Split NVRAM HAL header to break out types and constants.
ab3ea64 : nvram: Add const to input-only arrays.
d0c1f17 : Remove header from LOCAL_SRC_FILES
f2e1352 : Add get_gatt_db to Bluetooth HAL
32d45dd : Add arguments to native dumpsys support
cf30fe1 : Add keymaster2 HAL.
e2d316d : Add Bluetooth network traffic accounting to HAL API
eacdbc8 : Bluetooth: A2DP sink interface for Audio Focus change and AVRCP 1.3
a59143b : Add header for new NVRAM HAL.
00202ff : Add structure for holding Bluetooth OOB data.
1aa58f9 : Libhardware: Fix tests
72c88c9 : libhardware: boot_control: Add isSlotMarkedSuccesful() function.
45131be : libhardware: boot_control: Clarify documentation for isSlotBootable().
40d59c8 : ECIES: adding ECIES-KEM
2ecebbf : Camera: Fix Metadata static info intialization
87e8070 : Correct keymaster1 documentation.
4ff5f8f : Add KM_TAG_MIN_MAC_LENGTH.
a13a426 : boot: Add a boot_control HAL

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

f2d9ad0 : Make libhardware_legacy warning clean.
ae2b826 : Make wake_lock acquire/release errors explicit
efcc15a : Vibra: Remove vibrator AOSP implementation from libhardware_legacy
474bb8a : Prepare to remove libhardware_legacy from global include dirs

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/audio

48e428e : Add missing liblog dependency
00b4013 : qcom: audio: Fix missed msm8974 flags
50a38ed : hal: fix mic selection for IN_COMMUNICATION mode
971e072 : hal: Add support for perf lock management (continued)
c075069 : Configure platform msm8960
7246fb6 : Define max number of channels for msm8974
a1f4805 : hal: Support mute/unmute for HFP Tx
888dc3d : hal: fix hotword detection failure during music playback
8c83fe8 : Add support for voice recognition on headset use case
0464359 : hal: Fix EC not working with some VoIP app
533bb72 : hal: Add support for perf lock management
88cbad3 : Ramp speaker gain when swapping L/R channels for ACDB change
425e154 : hal: msm8974: Conditional device switch to swap LR channels
a147807 : Revert "Revert "audio HAL: fix thread starvation""
e9ef478 : hal: Use default acdb id for hfp
7629719 : hal: Add support for HFP feature
1b49155 : hal: change sequence of selecting output device
7106b08 : DO NOT MERGE - volume_listener: fix release
c633338 : msm7984: fix plaform_set_parameters().
7963d38 : volume listener: fix process() function for accumulate mode.
e63e61d : hal msm8974: fix logic in platform_check_backends_match().
9af4b91 : hal: fix backend check routine for combo device
591ef60 : volume_listener: fix release
5a95ff6 : hal: Fix incorrect audio calibration after device switch
88e6fb2 : hal: integrate ADM module
2bc7b02 : hal: add support for ull audio playback
788f41f : Fix build on msm8960 platform
28ddc6f : hal: Support an external BT chip for HFP
4c1b10d : hal: MBDRC: send MBDRC step level only for speaker device
765eb64 : hal: Fix sidetone sequence during voice call
65ad12d : hal: set correct default value for fluence type system property
b650641 : hal: enable setting gain in case of combo device
c090339 : hal: add default SND device
fe121d5 : hal: add default SND device
c92c596 : Revert "Revert "hal: add support for multi-mic input and multi-channel output""
93be0a5 : Revert "hal: add support for multi-mic input and multi-channel output"
dae4471 : hal: add support for multi-mic input and multi-channel output
2f7306a : audio: add operator specific device change
075842f : Hal: Support an external BT chip for HFP
c5aaa0e : audio: set voice call volume step by property
4cb8298 : hal: send correct ACDB id
3b86d47 : hal: add speaker-safe headphones/line combo devices
45849f6 : Add voice call support for msm8x26 target
5c049df : hal: update acdb loader init logic
e2d2d1d : audio HAL: do not stop capture on overrun
e258e68 : hal: Provide support to enable/disable EC/NS in BT
c4f5731 : hal: update logic to identify primary sound card
0d438e2 : hal: clean up redudant code
6010f70 : Revert "audio HAL: fix thread starvation"
1a9b7c0 : hal: post_proc: add volume based audio calibration support
ef26c64 : audio HAL: fix thread starvation
b7ea4f5 : hal: update combo device handling
ff86471 : hal: fix the reference count for devices during speaker protection
7631557 : hal: codec calibration data using hwdep nodes
4211fad : hal: support for for mi2s speaker adsp algo.
adf0f3b : hal: Fix incorrect acdb_id selection for speaker protection
33575cb : Change Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 deep buffer to 2 periods of 1920 frames(40ms)
8c8d0cf : Revert "hal: update AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_ALL_CODEC_BACKEND for 8084 platform"
7aa15ea : hal: re-enable platform info initialization
f78a4d9 : hal: Add support for TTS output stream
6386300 : hal: Add support for feedback speaker protection
1f60cf8 : hal: support seamless speaker channels swapping
1ff0fb1 : hal: update AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_ALL_CODEC_BACKEND for 8084 platform
94c33a0 : Fix gaps when playing high bitrate files
a417cc5 : hal: Add support for sound trigger feature
8954103 : Enable support for msm8992 & msm8994 targets
54f1e88 : Change module path for supporting both 32 bit and 64 bit
5b5d04e : Add more allowed frame counts to be configured
37a7699 : Fix build warnings on shamu
32093f5 : Increase offload buffer size
eecfa9a : hal: Ensure mic mute state updated before starting voice call
7c685a1 : audio: Remove build warnings
11c2e2d : msm8992/4: Add audio support

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/bt

a1bd7c6 : Disable clang compiler to unblock bullhead system build.
f216974 : Remove dependency from libbtnv
1367d4a : qcom/bt: update bt firmware path
6c9ffc2 : qcom/bt: move bullhead configuration
3877697 : qcom/bt: Enable 8992/4 Bluetooth
da85db0 : bt: moved hal implementation under msm8960

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/display

b360857 : Fix duplicate copy file rules
7c63665 : Disable clang compiler to unblock angler system build.

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/gps

4b35907 : Fix duplicate gps.conf for Flo/Deb
6cf5d45 : Fix duplicate gps.conf for Shamu/Hammerhead
558f1da : gps: Avoid duplicate gps.conf
53f040d : Add missing liblog dependency
0c7fdf0 : qcom/gps: update gps hal
98cb761 : msm8960: Fix build errors
5c7552e : Do not build GPS HAL for msm8916
45b9829 : Fix some compilation issues with legacy targets
bfff634 : gps: upgrade GPS HAL to latest
51025d5 : Do not build GPS HAL for msm8916

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/keymaster

888834f : Remove legacy keymaster support for msm8226

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/media

61f5b8c : mm-video-v4l2: vdec: notify colorspace info only if present
ad02132 : mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Enable VUI extradata only for h264
115f87f : mm-video-v4l2: Specify the colorspace of the YUV (diff)
6ee2d71 : mm-video: vdec: Inform native window of color space
f615ee7 : mm-video: venc: Specify the colorspace of the YUV
80f2af2 : encoder: increase the input buffer count from 9 to 12
25adac3 : Revert "mm-video-v4l2: vidc: venc: Update color conversion decision"
85f0f45 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: Update low power mode for 4K recording
f23399f : mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Disable input buffer cached-allocations.
7d6e618 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: update allocation-size check for meta-buffer
38bb5a4 : mm-video-v4l2: Initialize pipe fd's to -1
dce0acf : mm-video-v4l2: vidc: add support for setting operating-rate
c63a274 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: encoder cleanup during error handling
587e0d2 : mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Handle empty EOS buffer
1893851 : mm-video-v4l2: re-enable flex-yuv support
eb0227e : mm-video-v4l2: Add extended config to set instance priority
3b53b32 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: report HW overload as insufficientResources
5584e0b : Revert "mm-video-v4l2: Add extended config to set instance priority"
25bde51 : mm-video: Fix compilation issue of venc/vdec on msm8994
369480d : mm-video-v4l2: Add extended config to set instance priority
2162c70 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: close message pipes safely
56eba06 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: Clamp 601 -> 709 if requested by camera
f3ca23b : mm-video: merge up to CAF tip
f4737f0 : mm-video-v4l2: vdec: do not enable color-conversion in secure mode
b954dbb : Fix build: Revert "mm-video-v4l2: venc: Clamp 601 -> 709 if requested by camera"
7e82559 : mm-video-v4l2: venc: Clamp 601 -> 709 if requested by camera
b1eeb59 : mm-video-legacy: check thread id before use.

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x26

8b098e3 : msm8x26: Update audio headers
bc5e7a0 : msm8x26: Update rmnet header
273a669 : msm8x26: add sanitized kernel headers for compress playback
302fb19 : msm8x26: Update sound headers.
7235559 : msm8x26: Add audio header for voice call
e6e9f74 : msm8x26: Add sockios.h
d6849ab : msm8x26: Add msm_rmnet.h
d19c803 : msm8x26: Add header for msm audio HAL

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x74

2b96ffd : msm8x74: update kernel headers
daf9d91 : msm8x74: update videodev2 kernel header
98afe9e : msm8x74: update kernel header
a3766b1 : msm8x74: update msm_media_info.h
8146afa : msm8x74: update kernel headers

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x84

582b414 : msm8x84: update kernel header
24707bb : msm8x84: update v4l2-controls.h kernel header
0b19c2c : msm8x84: update kernel header
8364c0e : msm8x84: update msm_media_info.h
5564ba4 : msm8x84: update kernel header for msm video
dcb0781 : msm8x84: Updating kernel header for ISP buffer dequeue support

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/wlan

3a6288a : Wifi-HAL: Fix incorrect firmware log entry
e99ddb5 : WiFi-HAL: Cleanup additional unnecessary logs
bbbf3ea : WiFi-HAL: Initialize the bssid hotlist ap lost member variables
fb57544 : NAN: Fix invalid dereference in nan_ind.cpp
6c29155 : WiFi-HAL: Fix Nan compilation issue
19f0819 : WiFi-HAL: Cleanup unnecessary logs
bdf16c2 : WiFi-HAL: Consider min threshold only if complete record available
57db12b : WiFi-HAL: Write header and payload to same buffer
eb3d1bf : WiFi-HAL: Write and read data to/from ring buffers record wise
273ec8f : WiFi-HAL: Read complete ring buffer when it is full
493cffb : Wifi-Hal: Add the fw diag msg hdr
f1c6382 : WiFi-HAL: Unlock mutex before calling framework callback
768f20b : WiFi-HAL: Update handler if an event is already registered
67b18ba : WiFi-HAL: Handle registerHandler() return value properly
eca6640 : WiFi-HAL: Do not consider request id to rssi-monitor deregister
7325952 : Wifi-HAL: Avoid Gscan race-condition between events/commands
d008ebb : WiFi-HAL: Introduce a delay after country code set
32016d0 : WiFi-HAL: Protect log_handler and alert_handler with mutex
6c670f1 : WiFi-HAL: Populate stats of previous AMPDU if first MPDU misses
d5efb24 : WiFi-HAL: Fix TID issue in Rx per packet stats
271bc72 : WiFi-HAL: Validate debug events with sufficient length only
5d2151f : WiFi-HAL: Add missing handlers to function table
2d953ba : WiFi-HAL: Removing usage of rand and srand functions
b310783 : WiFi-HAL: Process wifi_get_firmware_memory_dump synchronously
a55479d : WiFi-HAL: Donot initialize Lowi module for gscan calls
5946d9d : WiFi-HAL: Reducing the log prints in case of gscan
864f2a6 : WiFi-HAL: Maintaining Gscan Event Handlers as part of hal_info
d405594 : Wifi-HAL: Add GSCAN CAPABILITIES event
637a6f7 : WiFi-HAL: Add reset_log handlers to function table
4230204 : Wi-Fi HAL: Remove gscan feature dependency to get valid channels
baf5f0f : WiFi-HAL: Add channel list and scan interval to EPNO attributes
c515d6d : WiFi-HAL: Choose appropriate series_bw based on series
3d92607 : Wifi-HAL: Increase socket buffer size of event_sock
0d9cdc4 : WiFi-HAL: Log link layer stats with ALOGV level
e711332 : WiFi-HAL: Decode rate and set status for Rx packets properly
20c7b34 : WiFi-HAL: Process Rx events only if it carries Rx descriptor
1563c99 : WiFi-HAL: Use correct bandwidth to compute MCS for Tx stats
7c9d211 : WiFi-HAL: Decode short gi parameter for Rx packets
16d38e6 : WiFi-HAL: populate tx stats for AMPDU packets
652bd1a : WiFi-HAL: Remove returning unnecessary error codes
44273e6 : Wifi-HAL: Fix possible page faults in parsing debug events
9f65186 : Wifi-HAL: Fix null check while setting on_alert handler
8e5a1f1 : WiFi-HAL: Cache and populate Rx aggregated stats
d0d336f : WiFi-HAL: Maintain request id in the object of wifiVendorCommand
ed4dcce : Wifi-HAL: Fix ROAM connectivity event mismatch
d387383 : Wifi-HAL: Fix incorrect PE event mapping
c744dc9 : Wifi-HAL: Add Channel Switch event
7948824 : Wifi-HAL: Add new vendor attribute in ePNO config
0e91137 : Wifi-HAL: Support for LCI/LCR
e0d30a0 : Wi-Fi HAL: Implement changes required for routing GSCAN over LOWI
54116b8 : Wifi-HAL: Add new vendor attribute in Gscan config
a92eca5 : Wifi-HAL: Fix addba_failed related unintialized pointer
a4384b7 : Clean 'invalid suffix on literal' warning
e7d3d4d : Add wcnss-service for Android One Seed (msm8916/8909)
ad8ba0e : Fix or ignore trivial clang/llvm warnings.
e760bb3 : Fix build after merge
9bb00c8 : Fix build
543e62d : Revert "Do not build wlan driver for msm8916"
e6f73e2 : Fix build issues after the merge
5cf54ef : Fix build
18c0424 : Fix build
58ea707 : Do not build wlan driver for msm8916
8b7f94e : Fix mster merge WIfi HAL build break Qualcomm
2d08fa6 : Add general stubs for wifi hal
fccbb65 : Adopt implementation to changes in wifi_hal
b61cda0 : fix bullheader build error
1275c97 : Fix build breaks caused by Wifi HAL updates

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

e18b85c : Subject: [PATCH] Fix heap-use-after-free in reference-ril.c found by AddressSaniziter.
304952f : Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock
b8ade03 : Properly export ril_ex.h
2cf2271 : rild: add to readproc group
8593f26 : libril: fix a syntax error
f5d7ea3 : Prepare to remove ril from global include paths
c6fd09e : update bundled rc files to their contents from rootdir/init.rc
536a38f : update bundled rc files to their contents from rootdir/init.rc
d4f46d0 : bundle init.rc contents with its service

+- Project: platform/libcore

5fbb3ca : Assert that RC4 TLS/SSL cipher suites are not used by default.
e86a81c : Add java.util.PrimitiveIterator and tests.
e633814 : Add Iterator.forEachRemaining / Iterator.remove.
9958d3c : SSLSocketTest: make endpoint verification tests not depend on DNS
b0576a2 : Port java.util.Optional and friends from OpenJdk8.
fd81a99 : Refresh of upstream JSR166 code
19c3551 : Reduce number of namespace-related fields
104fb10 : Modify dexpath dynamically
d559f4f : Make getMethod search the iftable backwards.
55cf88a : Add destructor to clean up net_util_md static references
e0ba95f : Add support for @implSpec and @implNote
2729b8c : Double,Integer,Long: Add static hashCode / sum / max / min methods.
a124e09 : Port Tim&DualPivotQuick sort changes from openJdk8
8eb5795 : SecureRandom: Add warning for users of the "Crypto" provider.
d5476be : NetworkInterface : Fix memory leak in enumInterfaces.
5e7b572 : Fix #close() for FileChannel created from FileDescriptor.
c3a9db8 : Add Iterable#forEach & Map#forEach from openJdk8
04b80a2 : Improve documentation about StringFactory.newStringFromChars.
a98463d : Only include android_icu4j production files
408019e : Revert "Revert "Fix DatagramChannelTest#test_setOption.""
5edc236 : Revert "Fix DatagramChannelTest#test_setOption."
5ece1b5 : Fix DatagramChannelTest#test_setOption.
9c733c7 : Fix a typo in a comment.
637199a : Observable: Clean up and generify observable.
9a7b700 : Assert that RC4 TLS/SSL cipher suites are not used by default.
cd77f9a : Change ListOfTypes.resolveTypes to use instanceof.
5ef4091 : Enable X509CertSelectorTest
f8e1027 : MessageDigest: Rework odd toString implementation.
3a4b7eb : File: Allow to change.
3893bf8 : io_util: Avoid early return in fileOpen.
aff7af3 : nio: Add unit tests for setOption / getOption.
9f290d5 : Change assert to assertTrue
5ddef11 : Revert "Do not build libjavacore with clang for mips64"
3375f98 : Add lambda support stubs for core-tests-hostdex
4c6a1ee : Add flags needed to switch Jack to 1.8 for CTS targets
668d346 : CTS tests for java.util.function changes
c76ee66 : Enable mmaping of zipfile central directory.
4b92e5b : Unhide java.util.function
f043756 : Fix Math.round bug for large integral arguments
d0860af : Fix openJdk NET_Wait timeout calculation.
838dc8a : InetAddress: Don't throw SocketException from isReachable.
c7b148f : URLConnection: Add regression test for b/26769689.
f292191 : Remove references to deleted class.
7d2549c : ByteBuffer: Use |offset| directly.
6557ca8 : SimpleDateFormat: Amend tests to match specified behaviour.
e053d5e : Add java.util.function code
ce6a6ab : SimpleDateFormatTest: Fix a couple of bogus tests involving non-olson tzs.
3d03e2c : SSLServerSocketFactory: Mirror SSLSocketFactory initialization.
27c702b : Fix ByteBuffer performance regression.
320cf5e : SimpleDateFormatTest : Remove dead code.
b22b7f8 : Add MODULE_LICENSE_GPL.. for libcore/ojluni.
1a3e2a7 : SSLSessionTest: compare equality of SSLSession by contents
8c6a910 : ZipFile: Improve performance for ZipFile.<init>
9a8cfd6 : Hide
240a3f0 : Switch NetworkInterface to one getifaddrs call.
ae2e19f : Remove java.nio.channels.* classes without test coverage.
d0dadcd : Unblacklist a couple of tests
cd3ce75 : Avoid running Runtime.gc() until we need to run finalization.
7d6a54c : Stubs required for javac to compile lambda code
396175e : AlgorithmParametersTestDSA: update DSA parameters
17ab3e9 : Fix
68b1892 : Remove public InetAddress#getAddressInternal()
b0ff23b : SocketImpl#getFileDescriptor shouldn't be public
144bf4e : Android-ify SocketOptions.IP_MULTICAST_IF2
5850622 : Remove dead code in mcast_join_leave
59e3fd8 : annotation: [email protected] new 1.8 APIs
420ea38 : Fix AlgorithmParameter tests to have better errors
3159400 : Revert "Revert "Split the harmony SimpleDateFormatTest test methods up""
e074332 : Adjust for DST properly in GregorianCalendar.add(int,int).
ac03995 : Revert "Revert "Make ZoneInfoTest.testReadSerialized work with CTS""
c5b7943 : Update ChaCha20/Poly1305 TLS cipher suite IDs
c514f06 : Remove unused currency resource.
f3351bd : Allow inherited DSAKey and ECKey parameters
52c6d22 : Revert "Split the harmony SimpleDateFormatTest test methods up"
0a11c3d : Revert "Make ZoneInfoTest.testReadSerialized work with CTS"
06e77ed : Split the harmony SimpleDateFormatTest test methods up
15de98d : Make ZoneInfoTest.testReadSerialized work with CTS
732929c : Cert path: sigProvider is not required
968cd4e : Fix CertPathBuilderPKIX test
4d15684 : Blacklist weak ciphers to match previous behavior
6c8e0ae : Enable Java 1.8 language features in libcore code
d20280a : Make test_clear_45877 more reliable and test more behavior
1cb7758 : Add hack to make sure Socket#impl field is not null
119d059 : Fix JarFileTest#test_getInputStreamLjava_util_jar_JarEntry_subtest0
ecbb26d : reflect: Clean up Proxy to remove dead code
86e1048 : CertPathValidator: fix typo in classname
e3603ab : FileInputStream: Fix FD leak when opening a dir.
18071ab : Add ChaCha20-Poly1305 as an enabled cipher suite
01b7734 : Add tests for SSL handshake session and endpoint verification
67516f5 : WeakHashMap: Remove some unnecessary lazy initialization.
6309be4 : Use a SNI-aware version of SSLSocketFactory#createSocket
ab1a6e2 : Revert "Revert "Assert SNI type is SNI_HOST_NAME""
31325a8 : Revert "Assert SNI type is SNI_HOST_NAME"
3657a4e : Assert SNI type is SNI_HOST_NAME
fe6fe17 : URL: Remove toUriLenient.
f37dcda : ZipEntry: Update comment.
92b84f7 : Remove sun.util.PreHashedMap.
b93dbae : URL: Avoid network I/O in hashCode and equals.
9599ec5 : Revert "Revert "reflection: Add new AnnotatedElement 1.8 methods.""
83d7484 : reflect: Remove illegal invoke-direct to Proxy private method
ddacaa4 : Update expectation to reflect class name change
e7bb4da : Restore tests for _elementSizeShift.
7363410 : Revert "Revert "Cookies: Add targetSdkVersion based compatibility for domain matching.""
f1934b4 : Revert "Revert "Update sun.misc.Unsafe.""
c87bc62 : Revert "Revert "Remove $ from $ suffixed Unsafe functions.""
b670ac3 : Revert "Remove $ from $ suffixed Unsafe functions."
6e91d0c : Revert "Update sun.misc.Unsafe."
5ef64a3 : Update sun.misc.Unsafe.
aa517a3 : Remove $ from $ suffixed Unsafe functions.
37b72df : Fix docs build.
3f64b87 : Fix memory leak in System.log
bf04039 : Add a Provider that only does CertPathBuilder and CertPathValidator
3af4662 : Restore ZoneInfo specific code in GregorianCalendar
48a7c77 : Unhide @Repeatable
b3e502d : Add tests for libcore.util.ZoneInfo, document and fix issues
bdddfc6 : Unhide FunctionalInterface
1ca3074 : Unhide Method.isDefault
8456b1f : Enable a few black listed tests
b47ee6b : Calendar: Add regression test for calendar app bug.
ac6e7a4 : Revert "reflection: Add new AnnotatedElement 1.8 methods."
4dcb96a : Fix serialization in DecimalFormat / DecimalFormatSymbols.
80d240b : URLConnectionTest: Change character mapping expectations.
1efea7d : Add API to honor TLS cipher suites order
b96141a : Add SNI support to TLS sockets
941742a : Preserve compatibility for makePathElements
4d4ff5e : reflection: Add new AnnotatedElement 1.8 methods.
225d130 : Revert "Cookies: Add targetSdkVersion based compatibility for domain matching."
1e7abd8 : Cookies: Add targetSdkVersion based compatibility for domain matching.
e0c43b0 : Remove java.nio.file package
1532860 : Improve performance of Reference processing.
8fbe7d8 : Check for exceptions before calling NewObject
e409de2 : Revert "Revert "Expose correct FileDescriptor in DatagramSocketAdaptor""
9f3f250 : Port android CipherSpi selection algorithm to openJdk
00b7173 : Fix incorrect @hide usage
5a17d6c : ProviderServiceTest: change tests to check that newly created services must be registered
43e85bb : Re-enable some tests
1b93c46 : Improve NativeAllocationRegistryTest
80bc6ed : Add ETH_P_ALL to
d7145a9 : Enum: Fix potential deadlocks caused by BasicLruCache usage.
a300520 : TimerTaskTest: Deflake test_scheduledExecutionTime.
4a174c4 : Add RAW image mimetypes
59bfac2 : Fix algorithm name test
ca31a11 : Remove test for AlgNameMapper
60fc8ca : Fix ZoneInfo.WallTime.mktime
441e3a0 : Allow for errno=ENOTCONN from realpath.
5427c8d : Remove Inet6AddressImpl.<clinit>.
9c2cb67 : OldNumberFormatTest: Update test expectations.
14343cd : Remove unnecessary subclass of BasicLruCache.
891ab51 : Revert "Expose correct FileDescriptor in DatagramSocketAdaptor"
358597b : Fix LogManager tests
4bfb9a1 : X500Name: refuse DN starting with new line or tab
60692ec : Expose correct FileDescriptor in DatagramSocketAdaptor
470d473 : IdentityTest/SignerTest: avoid using IdentityScope.getSystemScope()
f5eb42e : Fix DecimalFormat Test
72c9e00 : Fix ConcurrentCloseTest#test_write.
8b42ffe : Revert "Fix DecimalFormat related test and code cleanup"
12dd52a : reflect: Add isDefault method
01b80be : java/security: remove system.scope from
9af8755 : Do not remove leading dots during normalization by default
ed526e2 : Fix test_select
d960ef3 : Always clone the return value of InetAddress#getAllByName.
3f3582d : Fix NullPointerException in Calendar constructor
1ce527d : Fix DecimalFormat related test and code cleanup
d06c9ff : Make SDF slightly more lenient about parsing zone strings.
4c475e6 : Fix SSLSocketFactoryTest.
a9a8750 : Fix mcast_join_leave for IPv6 addresses
590de1c : Cleanup mcast_join_leave function in PlainDatagramSocketImpl
81983c4 : Revert "Fix NetworkInterface cannot discover down links"
90a3721 : Fix setting a calendar to a time during transition into DST
8cb7aee : Revert "Use"
ed0a7b5 : Fix LevelTest#testGetLocalName
07c4a0e : Fix LogRecordTest#testSerializationResourceBundle
581dd25 : Fix LogManager related tests
db80c93 : Add some more tests for SimpleTimeZone
33fc955 : Introduce NativeAllocationRegistry API.
d372efe : Remove comments for unused providers
331f0f0 : Fix XMLFormatterTest#testInvalidParameter
9a6d7a1 : Fix setreuid wrapper in ForwardingOs.
70ec662 : Fix expected exception type in StringTest#testGetCharsOverflow.
826ebc4 : Remove unused build rule.
af991c4 : Fix file descriptor leak in UNIXProcess#ProcessInputStream.
0513f9d : String : Fix integer overflow in getChars.
d01a4b4 : Remove unused javax.sql.rowset resources.
2096edb : Add serialization and numericCode tests for java.util.Currency
bd3fc12 : Fix URI resolution for Rfc1808Example* tests
8e036ab : Remove resources.
7e3c919 : Implement java.util.Currency using ICU4J
fe3a651 : Removed sun.util.resources.
9a649c0 : Tests for request header validation
b31a117 : Formatter: Use localized exponent separator for %e.
189d3d5 : InflaterInputStream : Unconditionally close external inflaters.
3d8992e : Update NOTICE.
e4dd44d : Use
73405ff : Update certpath code
d7819a8 : Update supporting classes for certpath update
6f31965 : Add CertPathChecker and subclasses
adb870b : Update supporting classes for OCSP update
01494d5 : Track fixes in nist-pkits tests
44973ad : Fix HashMap and HashSet cloning problem
00f9b5c : AbstractPlainSocketImpl#close shouldn't set fd to null
1610275 : Fix test_parseFloat_LString_Harmony6261
35b5ac0 : Formatter: Case strings according the provided locale.
a44ea54 : Revert "Revert "Cache all Charset instances with their aliases""
1f588af : Placed Locale_Bug_26387905.ser at the correct location
1933a63 : libjavacoretests: clean up dependencies.
bcdff4f : TimerTest: invert order of tasks for tests about exception and cancelling
8f5d171 : Revert "Cache all Charset instances with their aliases"
b5738be : Remove FileDescriptor reference counting usage.
11823c0 : Make throw ConnectException on error
b1e7204 : Accept empty labels in hostname for compatibility
c2614bb : Inet6Address : Clean up and add block-guard checks.
9bd6371 : Re-enable closeguard on a few classes that were missing it.
8ac8497 : Fix de-serialization issue in java.util.Locale
5873edf : Reinstate blockguard checks for file reads / writes.
1d568d5 : Reinstate blockguard checks on network operations.
f3fbc05 : Check content of non-null URLs in testGetEntryUrlOrNull
363101a : Cache all Charset instances with their aliases
5341952 : InetAddress: Remove unused code.
ebc5d82 : Remove unused method.
0404f77 : Libcore: Add debug version of libopenjdk
8188549 : Check for RFC 5746 TLS extension
70da416 : Fix NetworkInterface cannot discover down links
9c3a641 : File[Input,Output]Stream : Remove unused code.
f0326f6 : Re-enable with fix
fa9818c : Make Date.parse() a tad more lenient.
4708418 : Re-enable some more harmony tests.
90f79d0 : Re-enable harmony tests for
d5405c2 : Unblacklist a few tests.
c907a4c : Update bogus PatternSyntaxException test case.
872ba17 : Update ThreadTest#test_isDaemon.
f57b889 : Selective inclusion of 1.8 annotations
12b0b5b : Temporarily wait without timeouts in two jsr166 tests for debugging.
e84f3b7 : Delete unnecessary notify
78562a1 : Workaround bogus TreeMap Comparators.
ed577c2 : Time zone ID should not use localized format
793c9ce : Revert "Update tests for BoringSSL roll."
65f1e0b : Re-enable harmony ServerSocketTest
7859026 : Libcore: Add always-unstripped core jars
7e2649e : Check for leniency of calendar in getDisplayNames
9265d1f : Allow "_" in URIs
eab063d : Separate java stdio from native stdio
829f74e : Remove #close() call from Socket constructor.
3c61658 : Look for charset providers with context class loader
e789c59 : SocketChannelTest#testSocket_NonBlock_BasicStatusAfterConnect fix
5a65597 : Revert "Re-enable"
2aabc94 : Remove DecimalFormatSymbolsTest / StrictJarFileTest from the blacklist.
e802cf5 : Re-enable
00b854e : Re-enable URLConnectionTest and HttpsURLConnectionTest.
7e67be2 : Remove unused luni java.util.regex.* implementation.
d0ee141 : Remove unused sun.text.* code and resources.
0f153ca : Fix alignment test for DirectByteBuffer
cbcc3ca : Fix java.lang.Character
5b4ece2 : FileDispatcherImpl.c: Don't leak file descriptors
bcdd537 : Fix NumberFormatTest#test_customCurrencySymbol
071b891 : Fix multi-thread problem in BigInteger hashCode method
e25e93d : Prune down the list of compiler warning exclusions.
388f08a : Start sentences with capitals.
54d64a4 : Implement using ICU4J
558a2d1 : Override notice file for OpenJdk based modules.
133d3d2 : java.text.BreakIterator implemented using icu4j
ed7c218 : Fix CurrencyText#test_getSymbol
e840d72 : Fix a typo in the notice file.
29c2a3a : Update NOTICE.
2c87ad3 : Update file headers.
541a3f4 : Fix build.
3c2b8ee : Encode entry name before creating URL
451b727 : Remove unused non-java files under ojluni/src/main/java.
70d6d27 : Update file headers.
89d911b : Update header for Register.cpp.
240109a : Delete unused JNI header files.
cc42201 : Deleting unused or broken files
0990839 : Update headers for header files.
26ab15c : Fix for enso 'new File("", String)' regression.
8d7eda8 : Add private Runtime#load(String,ClassLoader)
8f0fd78 : Remove unused resources.
4661994 : Remove unused files.
dda702b : Fix, expand and move test for GregorianCalendar change date
f0287c1 : Remove unused java.math.* and javax.xml.* classes.
59cd433 : Remove unused collation and formatting code.
86cc92e : Use shared namespace for bundled apps
85d69e1 : Revert "Revert "Port ICU based regex implementation over to OpenJdk.""
52bb828 : Fix DecimalFormatSymbols hashcode calculation
d3c9dab : Use shared namespace for bundled apps
fadaa97 : Revert "Port ICU based regex implementation over to OpenJdk."
b80fefa : Add hostname aware isCleartextTrafficPermitted
075cf9a : Port ICU based regex implementation over to OpenJdk.
72a46b2 : Remove unused luni native code.
55feeeb : Consistent exception ordering in SourceChannelImpl.
aab9271 : Change dependency from libart -> libopenjdkjvm.
aad989b : Quote paths in X509 cert creation script
3adfa66 : Fix test to match behavior of OpenJDK and RI
c976de8 : Bail early for bogus ParsePositions.
7bf811b : Improve support for arabic minusSign & percent markers.
7b67633 : Fix GetDirectBufferAddress for DirectByteBuffer.
11dd66d : Fix MessageFormatTest#test_setFormat
e043cd9 : Revert "Revert "Combine directMethods and virtualMethods fields in Class.""
02b720f : Apply temporary workaround for callers of hidden Runtime API.
1ee1fbe : java.text.Collator implemented using icu4j
50164c3 : Guard accesses to closed file streams
e59e4c9 : Revert "Closing of filDes shared b/w multiple streams"
583eb0e : Move enso net code to use AsynchronousCloseMonitor
504081a : Revert "Combine directMethods and virtualMethods fields in Class."
837e3ca : Revert "Combine directMethods and virtualMethods fields in Class."
32ea19c : ProviderTest: use the correct provider object when creating a service
bb6fd10 : Make ClassPathURLStreamHandlerTest deal with symlinks
81546f7 : Remove FileTest#test_lastModified
6bda99d : Fixed test_register_LSelectorI_error to make it work with OpenJdk
379c07d : Make PlainSocketImpl instantiate with a non-null-FD
9c7ca70 : Fix testSerializationCompatibility test
190a490 : Formatted java.nio.* classes
1b68e11 : Combine directMethods and virtualMethods fields in Class.
7c00153 : Fix isAccessible and alignment test
4b62f17 : Implement java.text.Normalizer in terms of ICU4J.
d05b06c : Fix ObjectInputStreamTest#testReadObjectOverride.
fe0e5d3 : Fix BufferTest#testFreed.
eeb3b74 : Remove AbstractPlainSocketImpl deferred close by dup2
e4297a3 : Simplify AbstractPreferences.
31651e7 : Fix a few URI.relativize tests.
2bc8437 : Fix test assertion in HttpCookieTest for invalid dates.
4d9ced8 : Let cleaners get cleaned again.
df4daa4 : Fix parseDoubleTest for large input
b1dfc87 : Port isolated namespace changes over to ojluni
0d99a86 : Provide libraryPermittedPath to android runtime
b11ce5f : Update TreeMapTest golden value
d54f347 : Adopt a slightly more liberal definition of whitespace in props file.
3ef0778 : Fix FileInputStream.available() for non-regular files.
f28b09a : Modify get|putArray methods in ByteBufferAs*Buffers
f8382ed : Fix ServiceLoaderTest.
9dbb38c : Special case system_server to not create the JIT code cache.
e20e1b5 : Modify getters/setters of ByteBufferAs*Buffers
b9e3600 : Fix ReferenceTest#test_subclass.
d7743c7 : Update VMRuntime.registerAppInfo signature
a265662 : Provide libraryPermittedPath to android runtime
db6fe53 : Let getByName prefer IPv6 loopback over IPv4
e3577e1 : Fix String.codePointAt.
734f665 : Address a couple of benign warnings.
5df3cb8 : Apply NetworkSecurityPolicies to FtpURLConnection / SocketHandler.
4320ad1 : Refactor NetworkSecurityPolicy to be pluggable
7a6f168 : Refactor NetworkSecurityPolicy to be pluggable
9820e5b : Rewrite util.format for better performance
1817e4d : Fix DirectByteBufferAlignment
1319114 : Fix javadoc / API def for java.lang.ref.Reference.
7ccbddf : Unit test for File.exists() regression.
9d83fcf : Fix URLConnection test cases.
a6a9dea : Update scanner test.
dd6a3f1 : ReferenceQueue.remove() should not time out prematurely
6e8e724 : Sort fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
5fe0dc4 : Bump test key sizes to 1024
560a1e7 : Revert "Bump test key sizes to 1024"
68d9765 : Bump test key sizes to 1024
3cdc04f : Clean up ReferenceQueue, fix ReferenceQueueTest.
72d5750 : Combine directMethods and virtualMethods fields in Class.
b95faa1 : Add test case for bug #25883157 (ICU data lookup fallback failure).
4e03bfe : implemented DecimalFormat using icu4j
f861f1e : Fix URLStreamHandlerFactoryTest.
70db9e5 : Remove copy of jvm.h
cc060d4 : Fix ByteBuffer#as*Buffer using parent limit
8021521 : Clean up Cookie path matching logic.
61adaba : Add a test-case for issue 25991669.
ea13f82 : Switch to latest version of Caliper
3f22612 : Add null check for cleaner
392ded5 : Add tagging variants for DatagramSocket.
0bf58e2 : Assert that PSSParameterSpec supported by PSS Signature.
80eddee : Change DirectByteBuffer to avoid allocating a cleaner for normal case
53ec43b : Fix Signature2Test.
6c0e55c : Scripted removal of unused libcore files.
79ed609 : Fix hashCode() for the read barrier lock word change.
8210c23 : Change FinalizeTest to use helper function
cf3d432 : Change FinalizeTest to use helper function
0c07deb : Speed up SignatureTest by caching KeyPairs by key algorithm.
28c2800 : JCA Signature algorithm names are case-insensitive.
7938429 : Restore libcore Cookie(Manager|Store) behavior
9639153 : StringCaseMappingBenchmark typo fix
0005cba : Add a positive test for System.load.
dc56766 : String#split trailing separators fix
a232b35 : Add a unit test for String.split with trailing separators.
c2664d2 : Merge code path for hostname lookup
afe86ef : More UTS#35 conformance.
00617c7 : Deal with CLDR abbreviations correctly.
d6c54ba : Implement more of the UTS#35 spec.
3822402 : SimpleDateFormat: Emulate support for 'L' and 'c' format specifiers.
66c9d04 : Fix System.load to use getStackClass1
8821bc6 : Add tests for "follow redirects" behavior
4b347ba : Do not build libjavacore with clang for mips64
c42b3c9 : Fix @code escapes
da57c8f : Modify tests to make them less fragile
abd00f0 : HttpsURLConnection: fix getHostnameVerifier
e8e4da2 : Remove StrictJarFile from ClassPathURLStreamHandler
f640e11 : Move StrictJarFile to framework/core
56a7d04 : Fix CTS:InetAddressTest#test_getByName
9ad3558 : Cache Integer.toString results for small numbers
7d63749 : Replace modulus operation in Integer.toString
58b05c8 : Fix OldJarFileTest: move initialization to setUp()
b10b2a3 : Fix ConcurrentModificationException in ArrayList iterators.
d556642 : DirectByteBuffer fix
f414572 : isAccessible flag fixes
664c5e4 : Implement File.exists() in terms of access().
0c9e95e : delete DistinguishedNameParser and test
e9d215b : Fix FileDescriptor leak from java.lang.Process.
2e1b9c6 : ojluni: use the okhttp DefaultHostnameVerifier in HttpsURLConnection
0492955 : libcore: remove exception errors in Timer
362a0fd : Add a test to exercise RelativeDateTimeFormatter
91cea24 : Properly add missing "java.version" system property
5339965 : Stop calling Math.min from HashMap.inflateTable.
6ec7166 : implemented java.text.Bidi using icu4j
d80eadc : FollowUp fixes for ByteBuffer
e3101cd : UriCodec: use replacement character for malformed input
4ee97ca : Fix HashMapTest#testSerializationSelf.
906d4ce : Assert that RSASSA-PSS Signature available and works.
f7ce6a3 : libcore: add tests in X500Principal and DistinguishedParserName
39aff9a : Make uncaught exceptions from finalizers non-fatal.
d29facc : Revert "Add missing "java.version" system property."
46edfaf : <T>Buffer: Removed Direct<T>BufferR?[U|S]
9b30f63 : DirectByteBuffer: Merged readonly variant
fde0200 : Replace unSafe methods from DirectByteBuffer
a61daf4 : Include ICU4J resources in core-libart / core-libart-hostex.
6537662 : Add missing "java.version" system property.
dcdf811 : java.lang.Character implemented using icu4c
33e49e4 : Revert "libart: add lambda proxy support"
1a38b68 : Remove unused class.
ef1a480 : Revert "libart: add lambda proxy support"
d25e561 : Fix CleanSpec.
82eb7d6 : Take 2: Check in CleanSpec for the switch from a stub->real OpenJdk jar.
25cd188 : Assert that PSS AlgorithmParameters work as expected.
4b20cc6 : Check in CleanSpec for the switch from a stub->real OpenJdk jar.
07ff3bf : Fix Java8 error
5a92ed3 : libart: add lambda proxy support
da3729f : Change DexPathList.makeElements to pass elements down to loadDexFile
4a0eb88 : Fix expiry checks in HttpCookie
f41eec8 : Add a placeholder core-oj / libopenjdk definition.
166e79a : Fix for CookieStoreImpl and more tests around Cookie handling
70fcc38 : Pass class loader down to openDexFiles if possible
9ada7e3 : libcore: add delay in SSlSocketTest.test_SSLSocket_interrupt_read
0ea934f : Fix spurious finalizer timeouts on shutdown.
1ccc812 : Fix more race conditions in WeakHashMapTest.
d8f431e : Libcore: Add a private constructor to NoClassDefFoundError
97e6de1 : Speed up Finalizer Daemon
09985f9 : Libcore: Change behavior for rethrowing init failures
a315691 : Avoid compiling ICU4J sample code in libcore
3f49882 : Fix time calculation in test_SSLSession_getLastAccessedTime
3796347 : Add Reference/ReferenceQueue benchmark.
669ab96 : Fix @link references to classes not in the public API
2e2dbe9 : Move CA certificates update to system/ca-certificates
c38ff12 : Add an IP_RECVTOS OsConstant
004dde7 : Fix BigDecimal.equals() when scales are the same
56c3aed : Fix NumberFormatTest after ICU56 update
49e9877 : Add package declaration to SqlDateTest
4259738 : Inclusion of android_icu4j src in the droiddoc generation
7280299 : Switch from jarjar to generated source for ICU4J
3367001 : Delete obsolete SystemPropertiesBenchmark.
2f7ca12 : Pass dexFile to defineClassNative
333215f : Fix MessageDigest.update(ByteBuffer) and .digest(byte[],...).
285a2d2 : Update test expectation for IBM864 character set name.
8125fcd : ICU 56: Update locale data dependent test expectations.
34ba8b5 : Migrate DecimalFormat to use ICU4J.
595904f : libcore: fix errors in UriCodec
9bfc5e7 : libcore: change removal of tasks in Timer#purge
1df9390 : libcore: remove cancelled tasks from the queue in Timer at the time they're scheduled
de81552 : libcore: rewrite Timer
230a1ac : Fix incorrect comment
6ede0af : Fix some long-standing javadoc issues on HttpURLConnection
615e2a3 : Keep track of success closing the DexFile
b7b17db : Fix Class#getField method
8b2fa6f : libcore: fix typo in comment
e1cbd77 : libcore: write new version of ModifiedUtf8
01ce21d : Revert "Fix Double.toString() for a tie case"
76cbd50 : Revert "Revert "Update tests for BoringSSL roll.""
1681d1a : Revert "Update tests for BoringSSL roll."
9f445e8 : StrictJarFileTest: Make sure zero length files are handled correctly
5894fb7 : Update tests for BoringSSL roll.
8fc2ac0 : Patch for awaitNanos() for coarse-grained clocks
6a82f12 : Handle OutOfMemoryError from allocating InterruptedExceptions
ad54b59 : Revert "Revert "Add allocator field to ClassLoader.""
75a2f70 : Fix Double.toString() for a tie case
fda5655 : libcore: rewrite of UriCodec
06419ef : Revert "Add allocator field to ClassLoader."
0960c14 : Move CA certificates to a separate project
d36609b : Add allocator field to ClassLoader.
f6e698d : Changes associated with upstream OkHttp pull
a77f9f5 : Add additional tests around HttpURLConnection character handling
ef411e4 : Fix JarURLConnection.getJarFile() caching behavior
5fe1cd0 : Add more debugging to the DigestTest
7cd7527 : Fix for boot classpath handling of directory entries
de6dbfa : Add benchmark for case conversion.
b63a200 : Add some documentation to JarURLConnection
26f2557 : Fix / unsuppress some URLConnectTests tests
67d7597 : Avoid using point-to-point interfaces in multicast socket tests
a9b60a8 : File: Test file-system encodings of files.
8a5101a : libcore: new implementation of
486e0e3 : Cipher: make sure all transforms are uppercase
5048186 : libcore: new implementation of libcore.util.SneakyThrow
ecd3386 : Move more Class annotations to native.
8cfc479 : Fix PullParser reuse regression
3df3bfc : Revert "Revert "Migrate Collator classes to use ICU4J.""
5386628 : Revert "Revert "Move annotations to native.""
48cf688 : Add more tests to AnnotatedElementBenchmark.
dce9362 : Revert "Revert "Move annotations to native.""
da72c13 : Revert "Move annotations to native."
691e5c9 : Cipher: iterate through services first
ab78ed6 : Add class flags to java.lang.Class
2a2ef73 : ART: Move DexCache arrays to native.
748b5ce : Move annotations to native.
729d4ec : Fixes and improvements for SerializationTest

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

e90319b : libnativehelper: remove Android.bp
6bc946f : Untie libnativehelper from libcutils
4957459 : Omit AsynchronousCloseMonitor.cpp in host/macosx and ndk
e03afaa : Move AsynchronousCloseMonitor here from libcore
75fc6d2 : Add a JniConstant for InetSocketAddressHolder.
829b684 : Remove JNI constants related to RealToString.
78d4c54 : Track renaming of FileDescriptor field.
6ea79a1 : Add a JNI constant for InetAddressHolder.
33a8656 : Track usage of OpenJdk's FileDescriptor class.
8e0256e : Track switch to OpenJdk's java.text class.
fa20ed6 : Improve ScopedFd API
b9788a1 : libnativehelper: add dummy Android.bp file
e7fc23d : Speed up ScopedPrimitiveArrayRO
20e0566 : Remove jclass constant for Bidi$Run to migrate Bidi to ICU4J.

+- Project: platform/ndk

3ee856d : Mark mips-fp4 test as broken for clang.
678ff8f : Fix HOST_TOOLS_ROOT.
6f0d65a : Refine googletest test config.
44024fb : Fix test config for GOT optimization test.
8c183ac : Default to testing with clang.
41cf5c8 : Remove "What's next?" section from the changelog.
73b4f4f : Don't strip out .pyd files.
31dc984 : Don't include prebuilt libunwind for non-ARM.
f9d860b : Remove unused script.
93b6f97 : Add file for the SDK manager.
a4654bb : Fix more of the build.
d8bda63 : Delete /tmp/ndk-<username> directory before building.
86a455b : Make android_path tolerant of symlinks.
7726aed : Add host tag to Python install path.
0b6cb5d : Add a test for unwinder compatibility in libc++.
e9c7fdd : Fix exception unwinding in the ARM libc++ tests.
4ad3776 : Build libc++abi components as separate libraries.
4154c65 : Link libandroid_support with libc++_static.
73e31b9 : Build libc++ with ndk-build instead of bash.
2182f79 : Fix cpufeatures for -Wall/-Wextra.
f722121 : Add support for NDK_NEW_TOOLCHAINS_LAYOUT.
84e16df : Add support for NDK_TOOLCHAINS_ROOT.
932e341 : Move STL support packaging up a level.
9c73fd0 : Make path functions in build_support more useful.
cf3a69c : Work around vim's stupidity.
f83d753 : Remove*.txt from unwanted-symbols
cb15bb8 : Unpack modules to a known location when packaging.
ef1bd8b : Don't build libc++ twice.
17fbd43 : Link libatomic when building libc++ for armeabi.
41c36c9 : Remove some legacy makefile cruft.
159854c : Fix the libc++ test runner for the old layout.
796005f : Update changelog
35a7b70 : Remove the redundant binutils and gcclibs.
db161b1 : Fix the asan test setup for the old layout.
ed99d02 : Fix x86 triple name.
7528fef : Differentiate OUT_DIR and DIST_DIR.
3c00ccb : Stop installing NDK tools to the source directory.
2bb01ab : Add V=1 to ndk-build
0201238 : Lock another test to the ABIs it was written for.
ba7645f : Restrict a test to run on only arm64.
483c904 : Run the host tests as the last step of the build.
dbd9a5b : Remove a useless test.
57aa772 : Fix test from revert to the old package layout.
b8b0981 : Remove a pointless and obsolete test.
5948ab9 : Make an ARM only test actually ARM only.
f67c79d : Remove test for wait3
83a8787 : Fix packaging of thumb libs.
9dd492a : Make packages without NOTICE files an error.
b45dd86 : Merge all the host-tools licenses into one NOTICE.
b4b4d8d : Link NOTICE file for gtest.
6ba755f : Link NOTICE file for stlport.
57f9c2b : Link NOTICE files for libc++.
8e58fa3 : Add NOTICE file for libandroid_support.
89f247e : Add NOTICE files for our code.
35cf879 : Package NOTICE file for gnustl.
154f440 : Package NOTICE files for gcclibs.
fb58d47 : Package NOTICE files for binutils.
a17064c : Package NOTICE files for platforms.
4d4db67 : Copy NOTICE file for gdbserver.
c26cd6a : Warn if there is not a NOTICE file in a package.
8086649 : Kick the build server.
7afa00d : Enable more linker warnings, make them fatal.
299d47d : Update the changelog for build 2510877.
157b2c9 : Apply version script if present
7b6d965 : Restore the old package layout.
c73d327 : Add a test for missing LP32 std::copysign.
b679da4 : Fix unwind-struct test for mips64 arch
cc60c81 : Resolve problem with running ndk build tests on mips64
09b3207 : enable -fstack-protector-strong on mips and mips64
eeb4480 : Package for Win64.
ef6bd43 : Stop hiding logs from the build server.
3a2e7b4 : Remove case insensitive duplicates from platforms.
695f178 : Switch all modules from tarballs to zipfiles.
89ae73f : Remove some unused bits.
dbfbf4a : Add Windows packages missing to KI list.
7b3a5ad : Make old style packages fail instead of warning.
89bbcdc : Fix the libc++ and stlport packages.
20fe3a6 : Fix gnustl package.
b1186a3 : Fix gdbserver package.
28f4913 : Remove layout from GCC package.
2928df9 : Fix make_package to build a new style package.
c9ee555 : Remove package structure from clang package.
38793ba : Strip package layout information from platforms.
bde1eb1 : Fix "triple" expansion in
4828e36 : Add support for specifying package install paths.
329ffa4 : Make one platform package per API level.
852f61c : Add a warning that this may not be a final layout.
b31e211 : Copy the changelog into the final package.
67bf5af : Fill in changelog for gdb/ndk-gdb.
e5612f0 : Add link to new bug tracker.
5f20e70 : Add a changelog for the current release.
4c95149 : Fix `BINPREFIX` in
1d14a19 : Freshen up the NDK docs. Add more testing info.
c6cc50e : Add to .gitignore.
b89fcb0 : Fix x86 triple in libc++ tests.
0412603 : Only do host test config when necessary.
f6c8362 : Untrack generated file.
62f7990 : Fix clang path for libc++ tests.
32d36cc : Make ARM standalone toolchains default to arm7.
c48b1ae : Update NDK clang to build 2481030.
2477afd : Add test support for x86 ASAN.
a478321 : Remove some obsolete tests.
6789783 : Restrict a test to Jelly Bean and newer.
3d2acb7 : Properly forward arguments to ndk-build.
1d6467d : Fix byteswap optimization test for mips.
e2528f2 : Mark optimization test broken for clang arm7.
7a95a53 : Accept more flavors of the same instruction.
b22fdb6 : Make a test test the right thing.
8092f77 : Mark some dyncast tests broken for clang x86_64.
38d2a22 : Mark math tests as broken with clang and x86_64.
7eef170 : Disable LTO tests for clang + mips.
135b95f : Fix LTO tests for aarch64.
5f5c62c : Use -isystem for platform includes.
9bc0776 : Advance the NDK to a newer clang.
e78fb69 : Stop packaging tests.
8864576 : Fix libgcc path for armeabi-v7a-hard.
6886b55 : Disable GCC test for clang.
df4edbb : Restrict asan-smoke to KitKat and newer.
5ccd8fe : Ward off some nasal demons from tests.
6ac9692 : Prevent DCE from deleting new/delete in a test.
bf435cd : Further improve ASAN compatibility check.
c926563 : Further specify test broken conditions.
3385167 : Mark an optimization test as broken for clang.
e2253c4 : Disable test for armeabi.
aeefaff : Disable GCC compiler test for clang.
7f3da38 : Disable clang for GCC compiler test.
5c9da49 : Stop forcing a test to android-18.
03e8eb2 : Mark test as broken on Gingerbread.
35346df : Gingerbread support for the test runner.
877b0ba : Fix doc, missed a --amend earlier.
2b20f3c : Mark test as broken for JB armeabi-v7a-hard.
730386f : Fix getcwd use to work on old devices.
82fa558 : Mark math tests as unsupported before 18.
be4e1ad : Mark badalloc1 as failing only for M+.
b99ec32 : Add device_platform filter to stlport test_config.
26801e2 : Mark test as broken pre-KitKat.
a5bf01c : Only setup ASAN when it's needed (for clang).
6abf81a : Pass the device's API level to device test_config.
e861e58 : Make a test more deterministic, mark as broken.
dd7ec3c : Remove test for x86 gcc stack protector hack.
3537430 : Make the gtest broken check more granular.
1dd8cd4 : Fix running non-ARM tests, mark test unsupported.
e3b70d2 : Mark asan-smoke unsupported for gcc.
d61b179 : Mark test-openmp as broken for clang.
e793029 : Setup ASAN before running device tests.
55e8a60 : Update clang to build 2455903.
4a19312 : Replace cmp and diff with python equivalents.
3be9d01 : Updating/removing broken links
af239aa : Remove LLVM version from standalone toolchains.
8cb89ad : Remove the clang version number from the package.
8779ce7 : Use the right clang when building NDK components.
ed95ba9 : Remove support for long dead clangs.
9e3bc89 : Install Intel binutils to proper location.
522c004 : Give test binaries execute permission.
ba50f01 : Use posixpath to build device path.
b2c41e4 : Actually use the prebuilt awk...
ebc5fb4 : Skip tests on Windows.
bdb83fe : Don't use color on Windows.
ecfd39b : On Windows, ndk-build is ndk-build.cmd.
a124257 : Package the NDK as a zip for Windows.
3329bbc : Fix s:\:/: translation before we match on /.
dc10622 : Fix the Mac build from the binutils update.
9fdbf60 : Make the shortcuts to ndk-build for --unpack too.
edd20b3 : Update the NDK to the newest clang.
8d49584 : Fix gnustl path in test.
0372d70 : Update build files for GCC update.
807b4bd : Add smoke test for ASAN.
7d92f27 : Use a local instead of LOCAL_ARM_MODE.
8cca79d : Actually use TARGET_$(LOCAL_ARM_MODE)_LDFLAGS.
c7d6526 : Improve device ABI checking.
dcdcf4a : Allow tests to run against NDK in another path.
8e5c832 : Don't make a mess with test output files.
0427e76 : Improve unsupported ABI failure message.
a929d28 : Fix the standalone toolchain test for x86 flavors.
b839e0b : Move ndk-build into the build package.
a6feef1 : Fix the Mac build fix.
6aa73c4 : Fix Darwin gdbserver build.
9d84a30 : Fixed segfault when throwing exceptions via gabi++
f789e70 : Remove the $HOST_TAG from binutils and toolchains.
1d8aaa8 : Remove obsolete test runners and docs.
4be12a0 : Fix gdbserver location for build system.
5c228d9 : Remove realpath wrapper.
915e2c8 : Move gdbserver out of prebuilt/.
c40ed00 : Move host-tools into its own directory.
a074088 : Move gcclibs out of prebuilt/.
336ed39 : Fix pylint/pep8 errors.
e1fe348 : Move ndk-gdb into the host-tools package.
88cec60 : Add python_packages to packaging, rename to match.
81b7f65 : ndk-gdb: don't warn when using pretty printer 'none'.
a13767e : ndk-gdb: make -x work.
a80b43d : Create python_packages package with adb/gdbrunner/ndk-gdb.
196ca32 : ndk-gdb: search for gdbrunner in python-packages dir.
91b12bc : ndk-gdb: kill ndk-gdb-py, rename ndk-gdb-py.cmd.
246cfad : add pretty printer support.
162666c : Sort modules before passing them to argparse.
218db09 : Add id= to h# tags to permit .jd TOC
7e3cdbe : fix library pulling.
dc09de8 : fix changed prebuilt path.
a3191b5 : Rewrite to use gdbrunner module.
aad6c96 : Add packages for native_app_glue and ndk_helper.
ae3e8a5 : Remove long ago fixed LC compatibility.
9406574 : Use instead of
8120ea7 : Build a GCC module from prebuilts/ndk.
daec14f : Add script to bundle modules into full package.
b02688b : Remove unwanted crap before making modules.
6ab129b : Add testing instructions to the README.
44d5686 : Fix standalone toolchains for new prebuilt layout.
7fb6fe2 : Build final host-tools package.
6fa14ef : Stop stripping Python tests in
c0f576a : Stop trying to package a removed file.
fc08327 : Revert "Revert "Remove host tag from path in prebuilt/.""
3165525 : Include a repo.prop in each package.
a7b64cc : Fix Windows gcclibs build.
aac291f : Address review comments
00ddc29 : Prevent ODR issues with platform libc++.
ea5666b : Get LIT working for NDK libc++ tests.
88d603a : Also copy libatomic with gcclibs.
63450cc : Move toolchain config files back into build.
c8fa68e : Fix libc++ support lib for standalone toolchains.
c21012c : Drop GCC version from the gnustl include path.
d7c6435 : Fix toolchain locations.
86aec92 : Make a bad error message more useful.
b80fc24 : Add a shebang to
bacb89b : Add a test for
9c7238c : Add a new build test type:
46b61fe : Package the build system for distribution.
58ae7c0 : Package toolchain configuration data.
25056b8 : Build gtest package.
13965c3 : Build cpufeatures package.
f5b7e0c : Include in gnustl package.
ae75d98 : Build a single package for each STL.
6a3516c : Revert "Remove host tag from path in prebuilt/."
103225e : Drop mips64r2 from gnustl.
6924c73 : Remove host tag from path in prebuilt/.
5f298d3 : Update libgcc path for new gcc.
2f98df4 : Package the tests for distribution.
04febbe : Remove tests gitignore.
ed791d1 : One gnustl to rule them all.
ce87de9 : Simplify name of gdbserver package.
3c3331b : Simplify gcclibs package name.
ecf2e59 : Simplify binutils package name.
bbffcd9 : Fix Windows binutils packaging.
4cf21fe : Add gcclibs module.
9b22959 : Remove version number from installed gnustl.
a8f9569 : Add a binutils "build".
364db5f : Fix test for gcc-ar.
2364233 : Empty CL to kick the buildbot into action.
1815cf3 : Some deficient platforms don't have realpath.
1e53031 : Always capture test output for the report.
f9e4f70 : Clean up some test printing code.
09b7266 : Make default --system useful.
1ba425e : Fix inferred system name.
787a62b : Infer ANDROID_BUILD_TOP in package-release.
edcdae8 : Cleanup default system name configuration.
72a2989 : Make play nice with new ADB.
7446a2d : Drop ndk.get_build_var.
66ce104 : Mark test-libc++-static broken for mips.
c8aa9d0 : Don't count filtered tests as "skipped".
b8f95f5 : Don't fixup UnexpectedSuccess or ExpectedFailure.
97d6a7d : Fix static-executable test failure check.
74d686c : Mark test-yasm broken for x86_64.
9b6f577 : Mark stlport tests broken for all LP64 ABIs.
b5defb4 : Mark android support tests as broken for all LP64.
91da5f0 : Fix ldflags for hard-float tests.
bc88280 : Mark test as not broken.
26df89d : Fix test-wait for LP64.
c14bba5 : Add tags for XHTML for better browser compatibility
9822781 : Correct the permissions instructions
642d3ea : Mark aarch64 android_support unit tests broken.
673f7ff : Mark aarch64 stlport unit tests broken.
4b485bf : Add for better test disabling.
0bd2c86 : Add note about how to find the audio documentation
7766837 : Fix audio latency documentation
27a6d63 : Apply DIST_DIR in build_support too.
d5c979a : Fix chdir in for this dir.
a34ebc4 : Remove an obsolete test.
7023870 : Stop packaging the out of date samples.
064edf7 : Remove some uninteresting tests.
8e81362 : Delete deprecate-__set_errno test.
8719e1f : Disable broken static-executable test.
19c8557 : Fix toolchain path for test.
eda5127 : Disable broken stlport tests.
a13bb8a : Increase logging for device tests.
eb959f6 : Filter tests copied to the device.
9ec9ec3 : Disable a broken test.
14395e2 : Make toolchain a command line test argument.
b4eae60 : Fix typo in
f3f2078 : Default to not building GCC.
f7d23a6 : [] Fix gdb.setup paths on win32.
b7f796b : [] Copy gdbserver to app directory on M+.
1c64a08 : [] Improve error message.
6319eb3 : [] Remove ndk-gdb bash script.
b4d9968 : [] Make ctrl-c behavior more correct.
9fcbff7 : [] Reuse the result of adb shell ps.
3a40342 : Add a script for configuring a buildbot for us.
8da3b42 : Improve adb shell status search.
375fbfe : Fix detection of thumb STL libraries.
80ee9ff : Fix some pylint errors in
b73f034 : test-cpufeatures: Add support for remaining architectures
6bac3b5 : Fix test runner exit status.
f162976 : [] Fix project relative paths.
70af7d0 : [] Select which ps command to run on the device.
63716c1 : Expand tilde in project path argument.
8dddfdf : More argument tweaks.
371bdb5 : Replace useless call to ls with useless call to echo for speed.
b039941 : Fix output indentation.
89e7732 : Use the detected app directory for the device gdbserver path.
5324c6e : Fix running tests without a usable ADB.
e6c26f2 : Correct platform path used by
e02a2fa : Don't apppend '-x86' to the 'windows' system tag.
bfcf187 : Fix typo.
f57ec26 : Don't print info/warning messages when called to dump a variable.
7017583 : Remove lie.
1bda9e9 : Use the multiarch gdb path.
baef7bf : Remove DEVICE_SERIAL global from
9a15ba6 : Remove unnecessary close.
ca73204 : Clean up ndk-gdb arguments.
57a5541 : Fix packaging "64-bit" Windows LLVM.
9d6368c : Move gnustl build files to a better home.
0802232 : Split stlport into a module.
68b7feb : Split libc++ into a module.
f652f30 : Fix readelf location in test.
04124e6 : Drop the standalone libgabi++.
fddd2bf : Suggest installing mingw-w64 instead of mingw32.
11cc63e : Add helper to convert host to tag for build scripts.
d86b189 : Build all libc++ with libc++abi
b296e75 : Split gnustl into a module.
2e04f5a : Split gdbserver into a module.
2099799 : Fail unpack_archive if the archive doesn't exist.
c444732 : Split platforms into a module.
ea2c90f : Use prebuilt sysroot for building target modules.
c874825 : Add --module for building only one NDK module.
3696d09 : Change gdb version to 7.10.
e40d408 : Package multiarch gdb in the monolithic tarball.
a9d43ad : Don't pass arch to gdb
6aa01b6 : Address missed comments from build_support CL.
518c116 : Move LLVM out of
03a2b1e : Move toolbox build script to its source directory.
972284e : Move ndk-stack and ndk-depends build scripts.
50ab4ed : Move make build script to the source directory.
6ef7625 : Move awk build script to source directory.
49d108d : Ensure that package-dir is always a realpath.
607ab55 : Factor out most logic into build_support.
5b33a04 : Build Python from it's source directory.
1f729c6 : Build yasm from it's source directory.
afc6e30 : bh_stamps_do considered harmful.
0ccfa0e : Package the prebuilt GCC.
d4a5ff3 : Fix SYSTEM in
e0d2c65 : Remove DSTDIR64. It's always identical to DSTDIR.
d6c6a6c : Move to toolchain/gdb.
d682cc8 : Add --skip-gcc flag to
9c34e82 : Drop libgccunwind.a.
68dda22 : Reorganize toolchain directory for repo layout.
036e626 : Make the tag to os/arch/bits/triplet helpers fail on unknown tag.
0b1387e : Add missing targets to helper functions.
5399d01 : Use the prebuilt awk for the awk tests.
8fc7d9f : Fix LLVM toolchain layout to match GCC.
a3ba02c : Fix toolchain location for ndk-build.
a11bcc4 : Stop supporting NDK_HOST_32BIT.
6f4bd5f : Drop
680db2e : Don't package libgccunwind on Windows.
ef6f419 : Improve errors for invalid ANDROID_NDK_ROOT.
bafa1e7 : Don't build Linux toolchains before Windows.
f7e13e7 : Build GCC from its new location in toolchain/gcc.
15e2701 : Use a prebuilt GCC from the modular NDK.
ef76763 : Don't use the 32-bit Linux toolchain.
b6c32ce : Revert "Allow libgccunwind to be built from non-Linux."
ce93e49 : Allow libgccunwind to be built from non-Linux.
44a5284 : Don't build gdb-stub in
10d448a : Remove cruft for old GCC's from
6e99fb9 : Improved '' of the 'prctl' build test
0690e13 : Drop an unused function.
324cae1 : Don't assume $ANDROID_NDK_ROOT is ndk/.
24048fd : Fix typos in build/tools/
d948cae : Markdownify DEV-SCRIPTS-USAGE.TXT.
645e314 : Remove an unused build script.
11ac20d : Fix an error message to print $ instead of PID.
a326de8 : Remove
abc4fe1 : Add armeabi-v7a-hard to
44873b3 : Move test details out of the driver script.
7c94550 : Add test output directory to gitignore.
65fc24e : Fix libc++ build.
f6606fd : Drop more compiler-rt crap.
b083e84 : Fix libdl dependency in libc++.
2a56c2b : Bump default APP_PLATFORM to Gingerbread.
a45c035 : Force PIE for tests if the device is L or newer.
0b98563 : Add shebang lines to standalone clang scripts.
e661389 : Add support for --filter.
aac6e93 : Separate test discovery and execution.
2bc8b5e : Fix prebuilt-copy test.
4d7b2aa : Tee build artifact info to a file.
7edba95 : Fix 64-bit Windows packaging.
4533fad : Package the 32-bit Windows LLVM even for 64-bit.
eb75c23 : Fix the Darwin build fix.
dbf5436 : Don't try to unpack libgccunwind-libs on Darwin.
42872d8 : Remove the NDK's host Perl.
ffda223 : Make it possible to build a full Windows package.
fc0571f : Use human readable sizes. Counting is for machines.
81bd206 : Revert to using the analyzer scripts.
fb18711 : Copy repo.prop into the NDK package.
008b8f8 : Copy the prebuilt analyzer.
607cb42 : Move ANDROID_BUILD_TOP not set warning.
ca8aa71 : Set the clang sysroot in the toolchain wrapper.
9f6f37b : Rewrite in Python.
0faee71 : Remove build steps for mips gcc < 4.9
ac10b58 : Clean some cruft in
526ae7c : Fix build of mips64r6 prebuilts
f803072 : Remove references to an obsolete script.
f8cf3cf : Add a pointer to the new docs.
17b9bc3 : Move a test to 4.9 by default.
5e6318b : Mark a test as broken since there never was a fix.
4f3fb9d : Show build commands as we build.
2a0fa05 : Don't assume clang crashed; print the output.
f806f8c : Print supported ABIs.
c50d768 : run2/log2 considered harmful.
e0f8fac : Get better error messages from Python build.
6449553 : Support win64 in
5bf1027 : Don't package Perl for Windows.
cab814b : Fix 64-bit archive name.
f6731e6 : Fix windows LLVM package name.
b82a69d : Add packaging support to
4fd9ebf : Build GNU sed to configure GCC.
e62491b : Use argparse since this wrapper is growing.
f89d07d : Allow calling from anywhere again.
7788d30 : Allow linux instead of linux-x86 in --systems.
dca22cc : Make checkbuild build 32-bit Windows binaries.
f60e346 : Default to building only Linux for Linux hosts.
44f106a : Move checkbuild to Python.
bd5910d : Fix llvm packaging.
05d4186 : Don't build target prebuilts for Mac or Windows.
e7bc159 : Allow building LLVM for Windows.
4fd0b36 : Make analyzer build failures fatal.
4d061ef : Updated _Unwind_Exception struct for 64 bits
a1df8e1 : Default to building to $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP/out/ndk.
4f6bece : Fix a bash warning in
a8201d5 : ndk-gdb shouldn't need ANDROID_BUILD_TOP to be set.
083425b : Fixed misprint in NDK self-test 'wait'
7f9c412 : Fixed NDK self-test android-support makefile
28eb640 : Remove unnecessary RECENT_BINUTILS_VERSION.
41ffb1f : Revert one last piece of a RS hack.
3c0d0ca : Fix APP_CONLYFLAGS typo.
3c1a121 : Remove support for mips32r6 GCC < 4.9.
17aa824 : Remove unknown arch/abi support.
409fe4b : Remove le32 and le64 stuff.
571660b : More cleanup for ndk tests.
538b130 : Change GCC toolchain version from 4.8 to 4.9 for llvm-3.6
172abcd : Remove useless script.
2f2d975 : Remove libelff.
92913bc : Now we're building yasm out of the box, use configure.
479a36c : Clarify the behavior of a poorly named option.
5f55b46 : Build the 64-bit toolchains by default.
365c5a9 : Remove clang-3.5 references.
bd7058a : Remove pndk cruft.
b1a8956 : Fix 64-bit LLVM location.
9b9a2ec : libdl_support.c is gone.
6a21991 : Remove libportable.
a6597c0 : Use the target toolchain ar/ranlib for gdbserver.
a1669a6 : Removed libdl_unittest from NDK self-tests
cd9af07 : Remove bitcode support from ndk-gdb.
585a929 : Fix a few typos in
052bcab : Switch to gdb 7.9.1.
7d308dd : Remove more references to 4.8.
32e74f3 : Disable -Werror for ndk-stack.
6c60cbb : Disable Gold and threaded linking for Windows.
f79460f : Set the default OS X deployment target.
fcd8a2c : Docs: Revises Start_Here.html, and purges legacy NDK docs.
a76da36 : Clean up libthread_db.
7ca42b8 : Stop building GCC 4.8.
140644f : Take LLVM from the platform prebuilts.
7a7393d : Revert "Build gdb without expat."