android-6.0.1_r20 to android-6.0.1_r26 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ, and further improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to Android Police, Al Sutton, and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/build

969670f : MMB30G
26cddab : "MMB30F"
d8bce37 : "MMB30E"
9228259 : "MMB30D"
f1e44d3 : MMB30C
f72b2f2 : MMB30B
e7861ff : "MMB29Z"
ba03bdb : "MMB29Y"
93b663c : Update Security String to 2016-05-01 in preparation for May 2016 Security OTA

+- Project: platform/external/aac

79aaf83 : Fix stack corruption happening in aacDecoder_drcExtractAndMap()

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

1406f14 : Fix updateAAD when offset is not 0
59b06ff : OpenSSLCipher: multiple calls to updateAAD were ignored
e2e7583 : OpenSSLCipher: reset AAD when necessary

+- Project: platform/external/flac

7b8718a : Avoid free-before-initialize vulnerability in heap

+- Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

8d7fc52 : Guard against return value already being null
80833f4 : Remove newlines from config output

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

e0b5f05 : Fix AMR decoder
9b0317c : SoftAMR: check input buffer size to avoid overflow.
f9ac32c : SoftAMR: check output buffer size to avoid overflow.
08e5fb8 : codecs: check OMX buffer size before use in VP8 encoder.
20bac0d : NuPlayerStreamListener: NULL and bounds check before memcpy
d9caaac : Camera3Device: Validate template ID
bf83193 : Add VPX output buffer size check

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

76f8e74 : [DO NOT MERGE] Disallow guest user from changing Wifi settings

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

e0c5451 : Fix issue #27252896: Security Vulnerability -- weak binder
b49358b : BQ: fix some uninitialized variables

+- Project: platform/hardware/broadcom/wlan

9e07f42 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4358 FW ( [DO NOT MERGE]
6a62e9e : net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update bcm4354/56 FW( [DO NOT MERGE]
f8f3ed4 : net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4339 FW 6.37.32.RC23.34.42 [DO NOT MERGE]

+- Project: platform/libcore

5d0d325 : CipherTest: add test for multiple updateAAD calls
0d5a9f5 : CipherTest: test instance reuse with updateAAD

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Email

e092fdb : Don't allow cachedFile Attachments if the content Uri is pointing to EmailProvider.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/UnifiedEmail

29eed8f : Don't allow cachedFile Attachments if the content Uri is pointing to EmailProvider.

+- Project: platform/system/core

dcf95ac : Don't demangle symbol names.