Android Police is always on the lookout for our next great contributor. Sometimes, though, we do seek to fill specific roles here on the site, and you can find any such positions listed on this page.

All roles at Android Police are paid, and we provide competitive compensation.

News writer (US, weekday mornings)

Android Police is currently seeking to add a high-volume contributor to our writing staff with a focus on news, commerce, and other short-form content.

Availability is a key factor in this position. Please read the requirements carefully.

There is no minimum experience necessary for this job, but experience blogging (personally or professionally) or in a role that requires writing on a regular basis is highly useful.


  • Availability: US weekday mornings. You must be available at least three weekday mornings for at least three hours each of those days, and preferably more. An ideal "shift" would be from 7 or 8AM PST until noon PST. This part is non-negotiable, and it will be one of the first things we ask you. Do not apply if you cannot meet the availability requirements.
  • A strong command of the English language. Impeccable spelling, grammar, and coherent sentence structure are vital. We take this one seriously.
  • The ability to be a self-starter when it comes to researching, writing, and updating stories. The job doesn't begin and end in the text editor. You have to be willing to go the extra mile.
  • A reliable laptop or desktop computer (Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS are all fine).
  • A reasonably modern Android smartphone.

If you meet the requirements above and you think you're the kind of person who can handle working in an environment where attention to detail and working at an efficient pace are essential, read on.

What you should submit, how to apply

  • A brief introduction (just an inline email is fine, we don't need a cover letter)
  • Your resume
  • A writing sample
  • To apply, email us at jobs at androidpolice dot com

Last updated: 11/29/17