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Google pulls video that revealed Android 11's launch date

Android 11 appears to have a launch date set, according to a video published (and since unpublished) by Google for the recent "Hey Google" Smart Home Summit. There may yet be a delay, and the context of the announcement is a little unclear, but a slide on the developer-focused video clearly says, "September 8th Android 11 Launch."

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Android 11 lets you not automatically connect to specific Wi-Fi networks

There are plenty of cases where you might want a Wi-Fi network saved on your phone, but don't want your phone to always connect to it. Maybe your cell service is sometimes faster than your home internet, or maybe you have a public network that you don't want to use all the time. Whatever the reason might be, Android 11 will let you disable automatically connecting to specific networks.

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Android 11 Beta 2 starts rolling out Quick Settings media controls

Google has been experimenting with media controls in the Quick Settings panel ever since the first Android 11 Developer Preview. The feature was hidden at first, but it became an easily-accessible setting in Beta 1, and now it's enabled by default in Beta 2.

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Android 11 apps won't have full storage access until 2021

Google tried to sneak scoped storage into Android 10, but developers weren't having it. This more restrictive (and secure) method of managing your internal storage is coming back in Android 11, but there will be a new "all files access" permission. Or rather, there was supposed to be. Google has updated its support page to clarify that Android 11 apps won't be able to use that permission until 2021.

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Android 11 Beta 2 is out — just one more beta planned before release

Android 11 Beta 2 officially lands today. For developers, that means we've reached a milestone called "Platform Stability," so everything they need to care about when it comes to making apps compatible is now final — the platform won't change before the stable release in Q3. For consumers, that means there's only one more beta before Android 11 is formally released, and we'll probably see a few more features and tweaks in this latest version.

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Android 11 will let devs block network access in parts of their apps for better security

With every big new OS version there are countless under-the-hood upgrades that will go unnoticed by regular users but could have a positive impact on their experience. Android 11 will be no different, and we've spotted one such small but potentially important new feature in Google's developer documentation for the upcoming release. Starting in Android 11, apps will be able to grant per-process network access.

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With Android 11, apps can view and record two on-device cameras at the same time

Android 11 is nearly feature-complete now, but Google is still putting its final touches on the software and APIs before the first stable release. One of these last-minute additions is an API that allows devs access to two, or more, on-device cameras at the same time, including both front and rear cams.

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Gboard is adding support for the new Android 11 emoji (APK download) 🎉

Like almost any new Android version, Android 11 ships with a selection of new emoji — 117, to be exact. If you currently want to use them in texts and messages, you need to copy and paste them from resources like Emojipedia, but that's finally changing. The latest Gboard beta is adding initial support for the new Emoji 13 set on Android 11.

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Android 10 (Go Edition) comes to the entry-level Nokia 1

Released back in 2018 for the low, low price of just $85, the Nokia 1 has been one of the most affordable Android options on the market. In our review, we found that it maybe made a bit too many compromises to reach that price point, but one area that Nokia didn't compromise on is software updates. Despite being a sub-$100 phone from over two years ago, the Nokia 1 is now receiving an upgrade to Android 10.

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Nearby Share spotted working on Chrome OS

For years, Apple has allowed you to share files seamlessly with friends and across your iOS and macOS devices via AirDrop. While Android used to support something similar with the NFC-based Android Beam, the feature never really saw wide adoption and was removed with the launch of Android 10 last year. But Google has been working on a much more powerful replacement that's more in line with AirDrop: Nearby Share, which only recently showed up in an Android 11 developer video. While we initially thought it would only allow you to exchange files and links with closeby friends, evidence is mounting that sharing with Google Chrome might also be an option.

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