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Google Play services is the first Android app to hit 10 billion installs


Dropbox declares end of support for Android 4.4 KitKat and 5 Lollipop

It's always admirable when a developer supports older operating systems; but there comes a time of diminishing returns when the effort to keep software working on old versions becomes disproportionately expensive compared to the ever-dwindling number of decrepit devices that still use an app. Such is the situation with Dropbox, which just declared the end of support for Android 5.x and older.

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Google is working on an Assistant Chat Head bubble

One of the new features we're getting to see in Android 11 is Bubbles, a new experience for messaging that will implement chat heads at the system level. It only works with a few apps now, such as Facebook Messenger and Google's own Messages app, but a new APK teardown shows that the Google Assistant may be working on a chat head bubble of its own.

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Which Android TV box should you buy?

Picking an Android TV box can be challenging, if only because there just aren't many of them to choose from in the first place. While NVIDIA's Shield TV and Shield TV Pro remain our top picks, there are other options on the market depending on your budget and desire form factor. The question is, are they worth looking at? We've assembled a list of some of the more popular Android TV devices, with an evaluation of each and why they or may not be right for you.

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You can now set a new reminder straight from an Android notification

The last few Android iterations have introduced a lot of contextual actions and shortcuts in various places of the OS. You can select a phone number to call it, a word to define it, an artist name to open it in Spotify, or you may sometimes find smart actions in notifications. The most widely available of the latter is an "open" button when you receive links. Now, there's a new addition that lets you set reminders only when a contact asks you to do something.

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Oppo tipped to release an international version of its smartwatch with Wear OS

Back in March, Chinese manufacturer Oppo announced its first smartwatch, sporting a design similar to the one of an Apple Watch. The device, called the Oppo Watch, was exclusively meant to be sold on the Chinese Market and ran an in-house Android-based OS. However, a new promotional video seems to point the company is about to release a refreshed version of the product that will ship with Wear OS.

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YouTube Music comes to Android TV in the least elegant way possible

Google is slowly but surely getting ready to shut down Play Music and transition everyone to its new streaming service, YouTube Music (YTM). The switch has been fraught with missteps and obstacles, but things are gradually improving and there's no stopping that train now that it's at full speed. One of many reasons to hold back has been the lack of Android TV support for YTM, but a solution is available now. It's just nearly useless.

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COVID-19 tracing apps may fail to notify exposed users due to aggressive OEM battery saving measures

We've extensively reported on OEMs that needlessly kill useful background processes to save battery life, creating problems like missed notifications and alarms, aborted sleep tracking, broken upload schedules, and more. While all of these issues are annoying, they're not exactly life-threatening. However, as soon as we're talking about coronavirus tracing apps, missed exposure notifications could put you or others at risk, and it looks like that happened to the German COVID-19 tracking app, which hasn't been able to alert some people due to background restrictions.

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Dave Burke teases surprises for Android 11 and shares the internal dessert name

Android 11 is nearing the finish line — there's only one more beta before it goes stable. That's why we thought we knew everything about the new OS there is to know, but it looks like the Android team might have one or two aces up its sleeve. In the All About Android podcast, Android VP Dave Burke hints that there are a few surprises left that haven't been announced yet. He also unveils that Android 11 does have an internal dessert name, after all. Meet RVC, or Red Velvet Cake.

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Android 11 Beta 2.5 is here with a fix for the Pixel 4 screen flicker

Google's habit of pushing out bug-fixing releases for the Android 11 Developer Previews and Betas continues. Today we're getting Android 11 Beta 2.5, which delivers a small pile of bug fixes on top of the existing Beta 2 release, including the long-awaited fix for the low-brightness flickering issue that affected the Pixel 4.

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