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[Deal Alert] Google Offers Another $6 In Free Play Store Credit For Each Chromecast Or Android TV Device You Own

The Chromecast is already a pretty fantastic deal for a streaming gadget, and it just keeps on giving. It looks like Google is repeating the $6 offer it extended back in February, giving users six bucks of Play Store credit for each Chromecast and Android TV box associated with their account. The credit stacks - I have both a Chromecast and a SHIELD TV, so I now have $12 in credit just begging to be used. Thanks, Big G.

We've seen this credit activated for both the original and updated version of the Chromecast, plus the SHIELD TV and Nexus TV.

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The Android TV Version Of The Google Play Store Gets A Streamlined Look In The Latest Update [APK Download]

Due to a smaller installer base, the specialized version of the Play Store that comes on Android TV gets a lot less attention that the version on phones and tablets. Even so, we keep an eye on all the various flavors of Android - check the sign over the door - so we're happy to report that the Android TV version has received a notable update. The latest release (5.10.30-leanback) makes some big changes to the user interface, chopping off some of the less necessary corners to focus on the core experience.

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PBS Video App Updated With Support For Android TV

While Android TV doesn't enjoy the wide support that Chromecast gets, and its current app catalog can't hold a candle to competitors that have been in the market for much longer like Roku, it's slowly and surely getting better. The latest major network to offer an official Android TV app is PBS, the United States' government-funded Public Broadcasting Service. The free app is available to download on Android TV units now.

PBS Video uses the same Google Play Store listing as the phone and tablet version of the app, it's just been expanded to Android TV with additional API support. The app allows users free access to streaming some, but not all, of the channel's currently-running shows, plus segmented versions of NewsHour and Austin City Limits and at least some shows from local markets.

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Chromecast And Android TV Users Are Seeing Widespread Casting Issues, Cast Receiver APK Update Fixes Them [APK Download]

Have you been having trouble casting videos or other content to your Chromecast or Android TV device lately? You're not alone - we've been getting tips for the last day from all over the Android world about casting failures, and based on threads on Reddit, XDA, Google's support forums, and even NVIDIA's SHIELD forums, the issue has been affecting hundreds and possibly thousands of people. Various culprits have been suspected, from a recent Marshmallow update for the Nexus Player to compatibility tweaks for the new Chromecast model. According to a Reddit user claiming to be a member of Google's Cast on Android TV team, it isn't either of those.

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[Deal Alert] Buy A 49-Inch 4K Sony Android TV ($998) From Dell And Get A $350 Dell Gift Card

You could pick up a cheap Nexus Player or an NVIDIA SHIELD if you just want Android TV in your life, but Sony also makes some TV with the software built in, so why not? If you need a new TV anyway, you can't go wrong. One of Sony's Android TVs is available through Dell, and you'll get a whopping $350 gift card when ordering.

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[Deal Alert] Sony XBR-55X810C 55-Inch 4K TV With Android TV On Sale For $849.99 (Down From $1200-1400)

Sure, you can go buy a Nexus Player for $50-100 if you want to experience Android TV, but if you need a new set anyway, Sony has a few nice 4K TVs with Google's software already included. They're usually rather expensive models, but one of them is on sale via eBay Daily Deals right now for $850.

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[Update: APK Download] HBO Now App Updated With Android TV Compatibility... But Only For Sony And Sharp TVs

HBO Now is the premium cable service's olive branch to cable-cutters, an attempt to reach out to the IPTV crowd before competition from Netflix an the like starts to seriously impact their bottom line. So why they chose to limit HBO Now to Apple devices in the first place is a bit of a puzzle - surely you'd want to make a paid service available to as wide an audience as possible? In any case, it wasn't too long before HBO Now came to standard Android devices, but support for Android TV was still missing.

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CBS Releases An Android TV App For 'All Access' Subscribers

It seems awfully strange that services like Hulu and the various TV apps require you to pay or log in to access content, especially when that content originally aired for free on terrestrial television. They broadcast the shows with ads in the first place, and they're making money on the ads embedded in the streaming video too, so why put up any barrier to entry and lower your potential revenue? CBS, the self-styled "Most-Watched Network in America," takes this one step further with a full, Netflix-style paid service just for its shows. It's called CBS All Access, and it costs $5.99 a month.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Nexus Player For Under $50 On Groupon (Down From $99.99)

So you're interested in Android TV, but the $199 Shield seems too spendy? Well, you can grab a Nexus Player for less than $50 on Groupon. The deal is for $49.99, but there's a coupon code that can take a few more bucks off.

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The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Is Now Available In The US Google Store [Update: Canada Too?]

Android TV still has some growing up to do, but the SHIELD is by far the best piece of hardware to run Google's new living room software. This device was conspicuously absent from the Google Store, but that changes today in the US. It still costs the same $199 for 16GB and $299 for 500GB.

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