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Android TV universal search now includes an 'available on Netflix' button

Android TV includes a universal search feature that is intended to find content wherever it may be, but it hasn't supported Netflix thus far. That changes today with the addition of a Netflix button to search results on Android TV. However, I think calling this "universal" is a bit of a stretch.

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Movies & TV v3.15 for Android TV brings new player controls and an updated banner icon [APK Download]

If you have tried the Play Movies & TV app on Android TV and weren't in love with its player controls, it might be time to give it a new try. A fresh update to v3.15 started rolling out to set-top boxes and televisions yesterday. There are a couple of cosmetic changes, most notably the banner on the launcher screen, but the big change comes in the form of updated player controls that are faster and easier to use.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog:

  • New launcher banner
  • Updated player controls

New Launcher Banner


Left: old. Right: new.

After the latest visual rebranding of Google Play, most of the primary apps were updated to the new icons within about a week.

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2D Shooter 'Not A Hero' Brings Pixelated Ultra-Violence To Android TV And SHIELD Devices For $13

Devolver Digital has consistently brought some of its published titles to Android, so long as you're lucky enough to own a SHIELD-branded machine. Their latest port is Not A Hero, a 2D shooter that has a very old-school style of gameplay mixed with a somewhat modern approach to everything else. The game absolutely revels in its stylized, Guy Ritchie-esque British ultra-violence mixed with the kind of humor you might expect to see on any given Internet forum.

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The Nexus Player Has Been Removed From The Google Store

The Nexus Player was Google's first take on Android TV, and it wasn't very good. It's gone from the Google Store now, so good riddance? Well, there isn't exactly a replacement yet.

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Comcast Already Has Its Xfinity TV App Running On The Nvidia Shield TV, No Set-Top Box Necessary

While Google I/O is all the rage on our side of the internetz, another conference is taking place that is probably a lot less exciting for us: INTX, the Internet and Television Expo. But one interesting nugget has escaped INTX and found its place on our radar as Android users and it's about Comcast, of all evil companies and things.

Last month, Comcast had announced the Xfinity TV Partner program, an initiative aimed to make the Xfinity TV app available to smart TVs, and TV-connected and IP-enabled devices (read: other set-top boxes) without the requirement for a Comcast set-top box. Think of this as Comcast wanting to be Netflix'ish, ie available to you through an app and with a subscription, no need to call the company and lease a physical box from it.

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Spotify Releases Its Music App For Android TV

Do you like Spotify? Do you want to listen to all of your playlists, stream new albums, and discover interesting artists from your Android TV unit? Until today, you could only use a third-party client (Emma for Spotify) that required a premium account. But today, you can finally use Spotify's own app which doesn't even require a paid account.

"Spotify Music for Android TV" as it is aptly called lets you check your playlists, albums, and tracks, as well as discover new music while also enjoying the album artwork on your TV. Apparently the app says that it requires a gamepad controller, but reviewers on the Play Store are saying it works just fine with a regular Android TV remote or the Android TV remote app.

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A New Challenger Appears: Xiaomi's Mi Box Is A 4K-Ready Android TV Device 'Coming To The US Soon'

You might have noticed that there aren't a lot of Android TV boxes around. Aside from the original Nexus Player, the much-recommended NVIDIA SHIELD, and the generally regrettable Razer Forge TV, only a few somewhat random cable boxes and some Sony televisions are using Google's living room version of its mobile OS. But there's a surprise entry announced at Google I/O 2016: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Its "Mi Box" Android TV device ticks all of the hardware boxes, but what's even more surprising is that it's coming to the United States.

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In Case You Were Wondering, Google Is Working On App Ratings And Reviews For Android TV

I had a quick sit-down with leads on the Android TV and Google Cast team today, and while it's not exactly a huge deal, one of Android TV's oddly lacking features came up: app star ratings and reviews. They don't exist on Android TV.

Well, unsurprisingly, the Android TV team is very much aware of this. Sascha Prüter, Program Manager of Android TV, confirmed that Google is working on the feature, and that challenges on implementation in the area of user experience have been the hold-up. Admittedly, that does seem like a good reason - how are Android TV users, especially those not in the habit of using their phone as a remote, going to input text in an app review?

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Android TV Will Support Picture-In-Picture, Live Recording, HDR, And New Apps - Google Cast Functionality Will Be Included In More Televisions

Android TV didn't get much screen time at the opening keynote of the Google I/O developer conference, but there were a few goodies mentioned for upcoming builds. Specifically, VP of engineering David Burke showed off a new picture-in-picture mode that allows users to continue a streaming video while doing something else in the main ATV user interface, such as performing a voice search or downloading an app.

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ESPN App Comes To Android TV, And So Does Starz (Again)

Sports are more enjoyable on TV than phones and tablets. It's a demonstrable fact. You don't see bars hanging Samsung Galaxy Tabs on walls do you?

It's for this reason that many people will be happy to see ESPN adding support for Android TV. You can see this is the changelog for the ESPN app. Viewers are getting WatchESPN access, with the ability to stream live events.

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