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[APK Download] Android TV Remote 1.1 Improves Button And Trackpad Layout, Fixes Tablet Formatting Issues

Google's remote application for controlling Android TV with your smartphone is... OK. It's adequate. It beats inputting passwords letter-by-letter with a physical remote, and that's about all you can say in praise of the app. While it lets you perform a voice search, it won't launch TV apps without going back to the home screen, and its trackpad isn't a cursor (as some apps might benefit from), it's just a gesture pad.

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Netflix For Android TV Now Supports 4K Shows And Dolby Digital Pass-Through On Compatible Devices

Are you ready to watch ALL THE PIXELS? You certainly are if you've got a fancy 4K TV - the new top-of-the-line industry standard is begging for content, and Netflix is at the front of the queue. The streaming service has been offering some of its home-grown shows like House of Cards and Daredevil in 4K resolution to subscribers of a premium $12-a-month plan. Now you can access that sweet "UltraHD" video on Android TV...

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Amazon Disables The Instant Video APK For Non-Sony Android TV Devices, Because They Hate You And Your Money

Amazon, cut this crap out. Seriously, I'm getting really sick of it. As someone who pays you for media on a regular basis, to say nothing of my recurring Amazon Prime payments, I feel like I'm more than justified in telling you to stop sabotaging your own damn products.

Ahem. A little backstory, before we get to the central point here. After years of pretending that their customers simply didn't want to watch Amazon Instant Video on non-Fire devices, while concurrently giving iOS owners free access to their bought-and-paid-for video libraries, Amazon finally relented and released an Android app.

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Netflix 2.0 For Android TV From Sony TV Works On The Nexus Player And Supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound [APK Download]

I don't have a Nexus Player, neither do I live in a country where Netflix is available, but I would have assumed that a movie and TV streaming app on a set-top box should support surround sound. By default. I mean, that's a given, isn't it? WRONG. So wrong. Couldn't be any more wrong. Netflix' official version for Android TV, 1.0.4 build 136, just plays sound in stereo, no Dolby in sight.

netflix-androidtv-dolby-surround-1 netflix-androidtv-dolby-surround-2

Screenshots courtesy of our tipster, Garrett

That bummer is now remedied thanks to the extracted Netflix 2.0 APK from Sony's Android TV.

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Turns Out The Amazon Instant Video APK From A Sony TV Actually Works Really Well For Other Android TV Devices [APK Download]

Android TV may look different from vanilla Android, but underneath that tiled interface is the same operating system you know and love. That means it's possible to sideload whatever APKs you want. The thing is, without a touchscreen, most of them are pretty useless.

Take the regular Amazon Instant Video app. Besides requiring that you have the general Amazon app installed first, it fails to provide a passable experience on Android TV (which lacks an officially sanctioned Instant Video app because Amazon).

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Android TV Version Of The Play Store Jumps To v5.4.12 With 'Update All' Button And Larger Tiles [APK Download]

Just like on mobile, Android TV users turn to the Play Store to install new apps. An update has rolled out that bumps the software up to version 5.4.12. The most immediate difference is a tweaked look, as the interface now sports larger titles.


On the functionality front, there's now an Update All button. Presumably it bumps all of your apps up to the latest versions, just as the Play Store does on smartphones and tablets.

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[Deal Alert] Nexus Player Drops To Under $70 On Amazon, Comes With $20 In Google Play Credit Through May 3rd

The Nexus Player is a tough sell at $99 when other set top boxes are more capable, but at less than $70? That's pretty appealing, and Google is sweetening the deal by offering $20 in Google Play credit if you buy through Amazon before May 3rd. Now that's a deal.

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CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly Build Now Available For The Nexus Player

The Nexus Player is (so far) the only consumer device available that runs Android TV, which means a considerable portion of the people who own one are serious Android fans. It follows that they're prime candidates for ROM flashing (not to mention Android Police readership), so they'll be happy to know that they can now install CyanogenMod on their set-top box. CM 12.1 (based on Android 5.1) is now available in nightly form for the Nexus Player.

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Forge TV Now Available For Pre-Order Directly From Razer (Including Controller Bundle), Ships On April 29th

Razer's Forge TV, one of the only third party stand-alone Android TV devices announced since the platform launched, is already available as a pre-order from Amazon. Now you can get it straight from the serpent's mouth: Razer is accepting pre-orders for both the Forge TV and the bundle with a Serval controller. The set-top box alone is shipping out on April 29th, with the bundle coming a little later on May 5th.

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Razer's Forge TV Bundle Is Up For Pre-Order On Amazon, Release Date Set For May 1st

Let's be honest here: there hasn't been much movement for Android TV since the Nexus Player was released way back in November. Though Sony has committed to using ATV in its upcoming smart TVs, the actual availability of Google's latest set-top box is depressingly low. But two gaming-centric Android TV units are on the horizon, and one of them is from veteran PC accessory vendor Razer. The Forge TV now has an unconfirmed release date (May 1st) and at least one pre-order retailer (Amazon).

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