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Android Oreo feature spotlight: Android TV now recommends apps to install during setup

It has been a while since the last Android Oreo feature spotlight, but there are apparently still discoveries to be made. Oreo was a pretty substantial update for Android TV, with a new launcher in tow. The update has another change for Android TV - recommended apps during the setup process.

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Cartoon Network app now works on Android TV

Cartoon Network has an impressive legacy, with shows like Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Regular Show under its belt. At this point it's mostly a 24/7 channel for Teen Titans GO, but you're into that, you might be excited to hear that the official app now supports Android TV.

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Android TV app for Comcast Xfinity coming in 2018, but only for Sony TVs at first

Over a year ago, Comcast revealed that it was working on an Xfinity app for Android TV. It was part of the 'Xfinity TV Partner Program,' designed to make its television service available on smart TVs and internet-connected streaming boxes. That way, you wouldn't have to lease a cable box (unless you didn't want TV congesting your home internet network) - just install the app and start watching content.

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Nexus Player gains Google Assistant functionality with November security patch

The Nexus Player, Google's first (and only) digital media player (see note) has received support for Google Assistant as part of the November security update. This is the third Android TV device to receive the Assistant, after the nVidia Shield and select Sony Bravia televisions.

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Plex v6.9.0 adds Assistant integration on Android TV, transcoding status overlay, and a whole lot more [APK Download]

The Plex team is back with another update to the Android app, complete with its customary giant changelog. The most notable addition this time is support for Assistant on Android TV, but there's a little something for everyone no matter how you're using Plex.

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Sony's Android TVs now support the Google Assistant

If you're lucky enough to own a recent Sony 4K HDR set with Android TV, you now have access to the Google Assistant. As well as using it to explore video content and get information, you'll also be able to control your smart home devices, just as you can with the Assistant on your phone or a Google Home product.

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Play Music v8.1 appears with dedicated Android TV app and a significantly new look [APK Download]

The Play Music app on Android TV has remained mostly unchanged since the platform launched three years ago. If you've grown tired of the wall of orange and all of the completely original Material Design components that were used when Android TV first launched, you'll be happy to see that Play Music is now sporting a new look. A new Android TV-specific variant of the Play Music app is rolling out through the Play Store with a completely redesigned look.

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Hulu for Android TV updated with Google Assistant voice controls

Voice controls are easily one of the best things to have happened to the living room. Gone are the times when we needed separate 'clickers' for every device, and even the universal remote's days are numbered. Now you can even add Hulu on Android TV to the growing list of "yell-compatible" apps, via the Google Assistant. 

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Philips rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to its 2016 and 2017 TVs

Google doesn't allow manufacturers to heavily customize Android TV, but that hasn't stopped some companies from delivering updates slowly (coughSonycough). Philips' smart TVs have been stuck on Marshmallow, but that appears to be changing. The company has now started rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to its 2016 and 2017 smart TVs.

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Google app for Android TV 3.0 lets you sideload the Assistant on the Mi Box and Arm-based TVs [APK Download]

Last week, Google announced that the Assistant is coming to Android TV starting with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. The firmware update started rolling shortly thereafter and users were able to grab the new Google app that came with it: version 3.0.

After probing on Google+, we got limited feedback that v3.0 of the Google app for Android TV can be installed on other Android TV devices and it does indeed activate the Assistant on them. However, before you scream victory, there are several limitations to keep in mind.

First, since the SHIELD has an Arm processor, we only have the Arm APK now and thus this won't work on TVs or boxes with an x86 processor like the Nexus Player.

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