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Android N Feature Spotlight: Android TV Supports Multiple Recorded Sessions For DVR-Like Functionality

Android 6.0 already includes support for pausing and time-shifting on TV devices, but Android N adds a more robust method of creating multiple recordings in supported apps. These can be scheduled in advance or triggered as you're watching. There aren't any apps yet to test this, but it sounds very much like DVR functionality.

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VLC 2.0 Beta Adds Local Network Browsing And Lets You Use The Android TV Interface On Any Device

If you've ever tried playing an odd video format on your phone, chances are you've used one of a couple of well known video players like MX or VLC. After a slow start, the latter has been receiving rather frequent updates and improvements that keep pushing it forward. VLC also has an active beta program (of which you can be a part by joining this Google+ community and then becoming a tester on the Play Store) and its latest release is version 1.9.0 which is actually a beta for version 2.0.0. Let's pretend that's not unnecessarily convoluted and move on.

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Sony's 2016 Android TV-Powered 4K TVs Are Starting To Pop Up For Sale At Best Buy

The most cost-effective way to experience Android TV is to buy a set-top box, but if you don't want something else taking up space near your TV, getting the software baked in does just that. Sony's latest line of 4K TVs run Android TV, and after going on pre-sale in the middle of February, they're starting to become actually available.

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[Deal Alert] Sony XBR-55X810C 55-Inch 4K TV With Android TV On Sale For $799.99 On eBay

I have a 55 inch Sony TV with Android TV in my bedroom. I love it, the picture is beautiful, the apps load quickly and work well, and it's running freaking Android! That being said, I love it a little less today, because my TV is 1080p, and I paid more for it than the 55 inch 4K Sony that is on sale today. Dang it. Early adoption sucks sometimes.

The Sony XBR-55X810C 55-Inch 4K TV is available on eBay for $799.99 for a limited time. That is a great price on an excellent TV which retails elsewhere for a grand. It's a full $50 cheaper than the last time it went on sale. Like the TV in my bedroom, it runs Android TV and supports Google Cast out of the box.

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Twilight Adds Support For Android Wear And Android TV

Twilight aims to make your phone screen less damaging to your sleep cycle, operating on the idea that blue-shifted light screws up your circadian rhythms. There's some evidence behind this, but you could only put it to the test on your phone. Now you can take advantage of the sleep-friendly screen Twilight filters on your watch and TV as well.

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Showtime Anytime Gets Android TV Support

You would think that a streaming video app for a TV channel would support Google's TV platform, but before today you'd be mistaken in the case of Showtime Anytime. There is finally a version of the app with Android TV support.

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Netflix For Android TV Update Adds Smart Lock Capability - No More Slow Password Typing

Android's Smart Lock is a great way to save a little hassle when users are around familiar locations or connected devices. The default system version of the feature skips the lockscreen when the phone or tablet detects that it's in a safe location, and last year Google did much the same thing for apps, essentially turning Smart Lock into a password manager for supported applications. While Netflix has supported this feature for months on its standard Android app, the latest update to the Android TV version brings it in line.

To see Smart Lock in action, make sure that you already have your Netflix username and password saved in Smart Lock on a phone or tablet - if it's been a while, you may need to log out on your phone, then log back in and enable the Smart Lock feature when it appears.

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Download: 7 Android TV UI Frames To Quickly Sketch Interfaces For The Living Room

Yesterday, I was starting work on some sketches for Android TV. When it was time to move into Sketch (my current mockup tool of choice, mostly because of its Zeplin integration), I realized I hadn't really seen any good ready-made sheets, frames, or stickers for Android TV UI. So I decided to just go ahead and build a few screens, and then maybe - if they came out decent - upload them for other designers who might want to do a quick TV mockup or two.

The Sketch file you'll find below has 7 artboards, covering the Android TV home page, a basic leanback UI, a video player, a list, settings, and keyboard/text input.

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XDA Members Breathe New Life Into The ADT-1 With Android 6.0.1 'Pure Nexus' ROM

The ADT-1 was never released to the public, but handed out to developers after Google I/O 2014 as a test device for the new Android TV platform. It didn't get much attention from Google past Android 5.0.2, which was its last official update. However, developers are an unrelenting bunch and if they have an Android device lying around, you'd bet that they'll try to cook up ROMs for it as long as that's remotely feasible. (Exhibit A.)

So a few XDA members were tired of seeing the ADT-1 get shunned from OTA updates and decided to take care of the situation.

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Razer Resurrects The OUYA Store as 'Cortex' On The Forge TV [Update]

The saga of OUYA is a cautionary tale of how hard it is to build a new gaming platform. After an initial crowdfunding success, OUYA had trouble attracting developers and keeping gamers interested. The company was gobbled up by gaming giant Razer earlier this year, and now the OUYA store is back as Cortex for the Android TV-powered Forge TV.

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