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Hands-on with TV App Repo: Create a shortcut for any non-Leanback app on your Android TV

Google put in place a few restrictions when it comes to apps and games on Android TV. You either download the app through the Play Store on the TV itself or you browse through your computer and install remotely. And even in that case, there are plenty of apps that show themselves as compatible from the web Play Store but when installed are nowhere to be found in Android TV's Leanback Launcher. Usually, that means the app isn't fully optimized for Android TV, but it could still be properly functional (with remote and/or controller compatibility), except for the fact that you can't access it by default.

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Hisense H9 Plus 4K TVs with Android TV are now available

Hisense announced some new TVs back at CES in January, but we haven't heard a peep since then. Today, the H9 Plus Series 4K TVs are available for purchase. Why is this relevant? These TVs have Android TV and Assistant built-in.

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Deezer releases a native app for Android TV

Deezer has been in the news quite a lot over the past few months. The music service integrated with Google Home in a few countries, launched a Shazam-like song recognition feature inside its app, and it's now doing one more thing to keep its Android TV users, specifically, happy. The previous Deezer app for the platform is being updated with a more native experience that offers a lot more in a straightforward interface.

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NVIDIA halts SHIELD TV's Oreo update because of "a couple of issues"

NVIDIA started rolling out the Android 8.0 update to its SHIELD TV last week, and with it came the new Oreo launcher, the latest security updates, plenty of improvements, but also "a couple of issues." That's why NVIDIA is halting the update until it can fix things and resume the rollout.

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Android TV speeding up setup process with Android P: Autofill passwords, app suggestions, and more

Android TV is a platform with a lot of potential, but also one that needs a little TLC in order to bring users the best possible experience. We've already told you about some of the ways Google's looking to put things back on the right track, like working with the manufacturers of Android TV hardware to ease software development and see that devices get the latest features as soon as possible. Now we're learning a little more about how some of that upcoming functionality promises to make setting up a new Android TV system a much more pleasant experience.

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Google's new Android TV dongle for developers supports 4K, HDR - and you can't buy one

Google announced a brand-new version of its Android TV developer hardware platform at I/O today. The ADT-2, sequel to the ADT-1, is being given out to attendees of the conference in Mountain View (they'll ship at a later date). The ADT-2 takes on a Chromecast-like dongle form factor, and was first outed in an FCC certification listing around a month ago. The ADT-2 will not be sold to consumers.

Speaking to Googlers on the Android TV team in a briefing ahead of the show, we learned that the ADT-2 is intended to provide developers a "typical" Android TV experience in terms of hardware capability.

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Google promises a renewed focus on performance and updates for Android TV

Android TV has gained a lot of traction in the consumer marketplace - mostly by virtue of being integrated into a ton of TVs and a few set top boxes. And while that's great for the platform, end users aren't exactly being well served: One notable exception aside, Android TVs are notorious for being underpowered, buggy, and extremely slow to get updates (if they even come).

Google says that's going to be changing, though (I know - how many times has Google said this about Android?), and we sat down with some of the leads on the Android TV team yesterday ahead of I/O to talk about it.

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Google hid the JBL Android TV sound bar's best feature: Assistant on all your HDMI inputs

In a private demo yesterday, Google showed us a prototype of JBL's upcoming Link Bar - a high-end sound bar with Android TV and Google Home capabilities baked right in. While they weren't sharing details like the amount of storage it comes with or the chipset it uses (or even if it supports 4K60, though we got the sense it does), they did demo an Android TV feature we'd never seen before.

You see, one of the drawbacks of Android TV has been its inability to provide a "native" control experience for your TV. You can't tell the Google Assistant to switch inputs or adjust the volume if you're not on the Android TV output.

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Google: New Android TV users doubled over the past year

It's a little bit tough to see the big picture when we're stuck looking at the news that interests us as consumers, but Android TV has made large strides away from our observing gaze. In less than a year, ever since hardware from the Android TV Operator Tier started coming to the market, many Pay TV providers around the world have switched their boxes to run Google's software. The result: new Android TV users have doubled in the last year.

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JBL LINK BAR is the first soundbar with Assistant and Android TV built in

I/O kicks off tomorrow, but Google isn't wasting time. Likely the first among many tantalizing announcements, both Google and JBL have partnered to create the first hybrid Assistant/Android TV device, the Link Bar. Not only is it a fully-featured Assistant speaker and soundbar, but it also gives users a complete Android TV experience.

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