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Android 11 comes to Android TV today, but the rollout starts with just one device

Google started testing Android 11 for Android TVs back in June, and we saw the official Android 11 release land earlier this month for Pixel devices. Now Google has announced that its latest platform update is making its way to the big(ger) screen with the stable release of Android 11 for Android TV — starting with just a single device.

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Sony's premium 65" 4K HDR Android TV is on clearance at Best Buy for $1,620 ($180 off)

If you're looking for a flagship-tier TV for your lengthening chain of movie marathons, but can't afford the giant step up to OLED, you have a chance to get pretty darn close with a clearance deal on Sony's 65" Z9F 4K HDR set at Best Buy.

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Here are the first official photos of the Google TV Chromecast and remote

It's been a while since Google refreshed its Chromecast lineup, but the time is almost upon us. We've known about Sabrina for months, and details about branding, launch price, and the likely release date have been revealed. Now official product photography of the upcoming TV dongle and remote has leaked, and I like what I see.

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Microsoft won't let you stream Xbox games to Android TV or Chromebooks

Xbox Game Streaming officially launched yesterday, allowing you to stream nearly 200 Xbox games to your Android phone or tablet. The service has yet to launch on any other platforms, and Microsoft is sticking hard to the mobile requirement — despite their ability to run Android apps, both Chromebooks and Android TV are unsupported.

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Latest Google Home app update hints at Google TV rebrand

Google products undergoing multiple rounds of rebranding during their life cycle has become the norm — sparing not even the more popular ones. Android Wear shed the Android prefix back in 2018 to be simply called Wear OS, while the Home line picked up the Nest label more recently. Something similar is about to happen with Android TV, and we’re seeing yet another sign that a rebrand to Google TV is imminent.

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Google's upcoming Android TV dongle could be called 'Chromecast with Google TV'

Pricing for Google's upcoming Android TV dongle may have leaked courtesy of retailers, including Home Depot, Target, and Walmart. Based on leaked pricing, the new device could run between $50 and $60 when it lands, and come in three colors: Rock Candy, Como Blue, and Summer Melon.

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Hulu's Android TV app adds voice support for playback controls

Those of you who've been marathon-watching a ton of Hulu on your Android TV devices are in luck. Hulu has just added voice support for some playback controls for its Android TV app, making it easier to be even lazier while binging some Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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YouTube is testing a new video playback design on Android TV

YouTube is one of Google's most widely used products, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's resistant to change. Whether it's making the upload experience easier to find or rethinking how many emails need to be sent out, the YouTube team loves to tinker. The latest experiment, spotted in the wild by one of our readers, sees a new design in testing for the video playback screen on Android TV.

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Google Duo is now available on Android TV, but it only half works

At the end of last month, Google announced that Duo would be coming to the slightly bigger screen in "the coming weeks." Sure enough, the video calling app is now available on Android TV — you can install it remotely from Google Play on the web or in the Play Store app on your device itself — but it's not fully functional just yet.

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Sony 4K OLED TVs on sale right now starting at $1,500 ($400 off)

If you're looking to achieve some of the best viewing you can get with a TV these days, you're looking for 4K and you're looking for an OLED panel. And if you're looking to get a deal all at the same time, Sony's A8H series of TVs are on sale right now starting at $400 off.

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