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Xiaomi launches its aggressively-priced Mi TV Stick in India

Last month, Xiaomi took the stage in an online-only event to show off a slew of products, including its Redmi 9 phone series and its new true wireless earbuds. Among them was also the hotly anticipated and often-leaked Mi TV Stick, which the company has now finally released in India, where it will become available for purchase starting August 7.

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Android TV gains new recommendation section and simplified subscription sign ups

When Android TV launched with the Nexus Player back in 2014, it was a bit of a rough start. In the years following, Google has kept working on the platform. The company has improved Chromecast audio support and announced that Casting content in general will soon be a much better experience. Now Google is announcing more new features like simple subscription sign ups and personalized highlights on the home screen.

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Casting to Android TVs is going to get a whole lot better with Cast Connect

Google's new Cast Connect library might sound a bit snore, but it should make casting to Android TV devices a whole lot better. With it, developers can do a few new things, but by far the most important is that it will allow hardware remotes to control 'casted playback, and apps can open Chromecast streams remotely into the same app on your Android TV.

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Stadia's Android TV workaround can now be used without a mouse

A few months ago in June, a Stadia app update added (unofficial) support for Android TV. To get it up and running, you need a mouse, a Bluetooth controller, and you have to sideload the Stadia phone app including some weird scaling, all of which makes it more of a proof of concept right now. The latest Stadia update to version 2.26 doesn't quite fix any of these gripes, but at least you don't need a mouse to navigate the Stadia store and game selector anymore — controllers are finally supported for that.

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Which Android TV box should you buy?

Picking an Android TV box can be challenging, if only because there just aren't many of them to choose from in the first place. While NVIDIA's Shield TV and Shield TV Pro remain our top picks, there are other options on the market depending on your budget and desire form factor. The question is, are they worth looking at? We've assembled a list of some of the more popular Android TV devices, with an evaluation of each and why they or may not be right for you.

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YouTube Music comes to Android TV in the least elegant way possible

Google is slowly but surely getting ready to shut down Play Music and transition everyone to its new streaming service, YouTube Music (YTM). The switch has been fraught with missteps and obstacles, but things are gradually improving and there's no stopping that train now that it's at full speed. One of many reasons to hold back has been the lack of Android TV support for YTM, but a solution is available now. It's just nearly useless.

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Third-party access warning for TiVo Stream 4K dongles fixed

Android TV is an open ecosystem with a lot of moving pieces, and that means sometimes bugs show up in unexpected places. Recently, some TiVo customers recieved startling security warnings about a company called SEI Robotics being granted full access to their Google accounts. Worse, revoking that access (as the notification recommended customers to do) could fully wipe out your smart home setup, removing smart speakers, Nest devices, and other Assistant-compatible hardware and services from your account. Google has since resolved the security warnings, but it sounds like customers that had their smart home setups wiped clean will need to rebuild them.

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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick gets leaked (again) in benchmarks and unboxing photos

Xiaomi's new Android TV device, the Mi TV Stick, has already been leaked several times. Now there is absolutely nothing left to the imagination (besides official US pricing), because unboxing photos and hands-on videos have been published.

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Google starts highlighting 'Captured on Pixel' photos across Ambient Mode screens

Ambient Mode lets you choose what your Google screens — Android TVs, Chromecasts, and smart displays — show when they're idle; it's basically a slideshow screensaver. Google's started taking the opportunity to do a little subtle advertising for its Pixel phones: a new Captured on Pixel photo category is rolling out as an Ambient Mode option.

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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick shows up in Play Console ahead of release

For years, the Xiaomi Mi Box (and its various iterations) has been the go-to option for a cheap Android TV device. Google is finally producing its own Android TV streaming stick, nicknamed 'Sabrina,' but that isn't stopping Xiaomi from working on a sequel to the Mi Box — the aptly-named Mi TV Stick.

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