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[CES 2016] Ford Shows Off Its Android Auto Implementation On The Sync 3 Platform

Ford is showing off the current state of its Android Auto implementation at CES, which will roll out to current and future Sync 3-equipped cars later this year. In many ways, it matches that of other auto makers where Android Auto is sort of like an app inside of their own custom interface. However, a representative at Ford's booth explained that Sync 3 has been optimized to stay out of the way when Android Auto is running by hiding its own redundant systems like the built-in navigation and phone apps. Many other in-car systems tend to prefer their own navigation and dialer if they are opened from within the custom interfaces, but Ford will automatically launch Google Maps and Auto's own dialer, regardless of which interface you're looking at.

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Fiat Chrysler Will Introduce Android Auto Support In Select New Cars With Fourth-Generation Uconnect Systems, Arriving Sometime In 2016

Android Auto is probably the most expensive form of Android you're considering paying for, and the options aren't nearly as diverse as they are with phones. You either have to buy the latest model from a car maker that offers support, or you upgrade your stereo. On the positive side, more manufacturers are jumping on board. Fiat Chrysler will show off Android Auto support at this year's CES.

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Ford Announces Android Auto Support For Current And Future SYNC-Equipped Vehicles, Coming Later This Year

Google's Android Auto system is gaining a bit of steam, but you still need to hunt for a manufacturer and model that support it (assuming you're buying a new car and not just upgrading your stereo). That will be a little easier later this year: in the lead-up to CES, American manufacturing giant Ford has announced that its semi-proprietary SYNC system will soon support Android Auto. Specifically, those cars that are currently on the road and use SYNC version 3 will be upgraded with Android Auto capability, and 2017 SYNC-equipped models should have Android Auto support built in.

Android Auto support will come along with a host of other upgrades, including simultaneous support for Apple's competing CarPlay standard.

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[Android Car Review] The 2016 Honda Accord Is Android Auto's Most Grown-Up Application Yet

The Honda Accord may not be a car you’re terribly familiar with if you don’t reside in North America. You may also not realize just how popular it is here. While Honda sells the Accord abroad (and also a modified Chinese-built version called the Crider in Southeast Asia), nowhere has the Accord been more successful than the US of A. This is because when the Accord was introduced for the American market in the early 1980s as an affordable, reliable, American-built Japanese sedan, it was at a time when domestically-designed and produced American sedans were, well, pretty universally... terrible.

The Accord was not terrible.

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Android Auto v1.4 Cleans Up The Companion App Interface And Adds Granular Control For Previously Connected Cars [APK Download]

The Android Auto companion app is generally one of those things you're probably only going to work with a couple of times before you're done setting things up, then it'll stay tucked away, never to be seen again. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't look good and be as useful as possible. An update to the Android Auto app began rolling out today and it's a near total refresh of the user interface. Granted, there's not a lot to change, but it now looks much more like the companion app for Android Wear.

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[Android Car Review] The 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Is A Great Way To Get Android Auto For Just $21,000 (Or Even Less)

The Volkswagen Jetta is, admittedly, the occasional butt of car enthusiast jokes. Long considered a slightly snobby small economy sedan because of its comparatively high price of entry and less-than-great reliability reviews, the car didn't sell amazingly well here in the states for quite some time. Five years ago, VW tried to turn that sales situation around, completely redesigning the Jetta and drastically reducing the cost of many of its constituent parts - the result was the Mk.VI Jetta, and sales did go up quite noticeably.

But the car was compromised, and reviewers generally weren’t fans. Cost-cuts included things like fitting an unrefined rear beam-axle suspension system on most models, ditching optional leather trims, saddling the base car with a gutless 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine, and conducting most of the design and assembly in Mexico instead of Germany.

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[Update: Google Responds] Report Claims Google "Basically Wants A Complete OBD2 Dump" From Cars When Android Auto Is Running

Motor Trend published an article about the new 2017 Porsche 911 (it's got a turbo! whoooosh) yesterday, and while it's largely just a lot of car jargon, there's a bit in there about Android Auto that caught my eye. Specifically, why the new 911 doesn't have it:

As part of the agreement an automaker would have to enter with Google, certain pieces of data must be collected and mailed back to Mountain View, California.

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Following The Accord, Honda's Second 2016 Model With Android Auto Support Is The Civic

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular economy cars on the planet, thanks in no small part to Honda's continual updates over the last forty years. The 2016 model year, which incidentally includes a complete redesign for its tenth generation, will be the first model to support Google's Android Auto digital platform. It's the second car model in Honda's lineup to do so, after the larger 2016 Accord, and it also supports Apple's CarPlay standard.

According to a press release by Honda, the new models will appear in North America this fall after rolling off of the manufacturing lines in Indiana and Ontario.

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Google Releases Android Auto Desktop Head Unit, A Fully Operational Emulator For Auto App Development

One of the biggest challenges to creating good apps for Android Auto has been actually testing the experience. Many independent developers can't afford to purchase brand new cars with Auto built-in, and aftermarket head units won't fit in most recently manufactured cars without heavy modification, and most of those units aren't very good anyway. When the Auto SDK came out, it included simulators that could be used for basic testing of just the messaging and media browser interfaces, but even these weren't good substitutes for the real thing. Today, Google released the Android Auto Desktop Head Unit, a functioning implementation of the Android Auto platform that runs right on a desktop or laptop.

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Android Auto Updated To v1.2 With A Tweaked Home Screen And Expanded Music/Navigation Notifications

The Android Auto app is getting an update to v1.2, and there are some notable changes this time, mostly revolving around the home screen. Google has posted a changelog in the Play Store, but it only tells part of the story.

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