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Android P has a camera laser sensor toggle in developer options

Quite a lot of phones these days use a laser to get an idea of depth for focusing purposes, rather than only relying on phase or contrast detection. That includes the Pixels, which hide theirs beneath the trademark top rear glass window. Well, Android P introduces a toggle to enable or disable that laser, if you need it.

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Android P DP3 comes with a colorful new fingerprint enrolling animation

Android P is going to add important new features like digital wellbeing tools and proper support for notches, but not everything can be that important. With that in mind: there's a new fingerprint enrolling animation in DP3. It's colorful and buttery smooth. Neat!

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[Update: New, better photo] Pixel 2's color profile picker adds reference photo on Android P DP2

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a "Colors" setting in their display options that lets you tune your screen's color saturation and temperature to your liking by choosing between "Natural," "Boosted," and "Saturated" options. In Android P's Developer Preview 2, the menu now shows a photo—a cloudy sunset behind a couple of palm trees—so you can more immediately see the effects of your choice.

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[Update: OTA rolling out] Android P Developer Preview 3 factory images and OTA downloads are up

Back in March, Google put forward a schedule for Android P developer previews which implied we'd be seeing DP3/P Beta 2 landing in early June. That target seems to have been accurate, as factory and OTA images for DP3 have just been posted, though the OTA doesn't seem to be rolling out in the more traditional sense just yet.

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New Android P features will keep apps from snooping on your phone logs

Google announced several changes coming in Android P on its Developers Blog today. Among them is an important change to the way phone permissions work that aims to stop apps from having unnecessary access to your phone activity.

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Android P DP3 adds the 'Clear all' button back to the multitasking view

The second Android P Developer Preview brought with it a brand-new multitasking UI, but it also took away the beloved 'Clear all' button that we'd waited so long for. Android's VP of engineering, Dave Burke, clarified that it would be returning soon, and it is indeed back in Android P DP3.

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Third developer preview confirms Android P is 'Android 9'

Google used to give Android releases strange version numbers. We went through a phase were each new dessert name was just a 0.1 version increase—like Google was afraid of running out of numbers or something. All major Android releases for the last few years have added one whole number to the version, and it looks like Android P will be no different. The new DP3 release includes 'Android 9' in several places.

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Essential Phone's Android P Developer Preview updated with several fixes

Essential is in trouble. The PH-1 didn't do too well for a number of reasons, though it was significantly improved upon with consistent and quick updates. Even in its current situation, the company is continuing to provide excellent update support, having just pushed several fixes for its Android P Developer Preview.

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Android P enterprise improvements detailed: Simplified work profile, expanded kiosk mode, and security enhancements


When someone says "Oh, that's just my work phone," you'd be surprised if it's not an iPhone. But Android does offer an increasingly capable enterprise experience, and more improvements are on the way with Android P this year. Many general new features have been uncovered and announced in recent weeks, particularly since the beta launched at Google I/O, but we haven't heard much about what used to be called Android for Work.

One tidbit that we got tipped about after the first developer preview was separate tabs for work and personal apps in the updated Pixel Launcher's app drawer, and now Google has outlined that feature and some others in a blog post.

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On Android P, touching the fingerprint scanner will prevent the phone from going to sleep

You're reading a gripping article or story on your phone and suddenly, the display goes a little dim. You know the 30 seconds or 1 minute display timeout you've set is great for regular use, but for reading stacked pieces of text, it's not nearly enough to get through one screen. So you touch the display a little, maybe swipe up and down, just to keep it from sleeping and you continue reading. With Android P, you can do something else: touch the fingerprint scanner.

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