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There's no way to silently change the ringer volume in Android Pie, but a fix is coming

Developing a new version of Android is a serious undertaking, and sometimes little usability issues can be overlooked. Case in point: you cannot change the ringer volume in Android 9 without making noise. Yeesh. Thankfully, Google is aware of the issue, and a fix is incoming soon.

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WhatsApp adds Android Pie's native notification inline photos

Like many other messaging services, WhatsApp has shown inline photos in notifications for a long time. But with the arrival of Android 9 Pie, Google changed how things are done and introduced a proper MessagingStyle notification style with support for inline pics and stickers. In the past couple of days, WhatsApp has implemented it in the beta channel.

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Early glimpse at Android Pie with Samsung Experience 10 reveals 'night theme,' new gesture control

Since Samsung isn't exactly known for lightning fast updates, it's always a welcome surprise to see details of a new build ahead of time. XDA Developers, working with OTA firmware download tool, has managed to provide us with just that by installing a test build of the Samsung Experience 10 update based on Android 9 Pie for the Samsung Galaxy S9+. The development build, while not polished, reveals a fairly large design overhaul with a focus on rounded edges. Among the most compelling new features: a 'night theme' and new gesture and motion options.

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Nokia 7 Plus now receiving Android 9 Pie Beta 4.1 instead of expected stable release

When Nokia sent out its last Android 9 Pie developer preview at the beginning of August, HMD Global CPO Juho Sarvikas proclaimed on Twitter that it would be the last one before the final stable version, due this month. The company must have hit a slight snag, as it's now pushing out another point release even though the final build was expected this month.

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What would you change in Android 9 Pie?

Android 9 Pie officially landed just over a month ago, but we've been collectively anticipating the changes it brought since the first developer preview was released over six months ago. In that time, we've painstakingly assembled an extensive list of the features and tweaks Google delivered. Most of our readers probably know the details of this latest version backward and forward at this point, and so we're curious: If you could, what would you change in Android P?

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Open GApps packages land for Android 9 Pie

If you are at all into the root/ROM community, then you should probably be familiar with Open GApps, which combines the Google services that most of us need for our Android phones (i.e., the Play Store, Play Services, and other Google apps) into a collection of convenient, recovery-flashable packages. In a milestone, today Open GApps has released its first builds for Android 9 Pie. ARM packages are live, with ARM64 and x86 architectures to follow in the next few hours.

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Essential Phone gets September security update immediately following Google's release

Even though a May report suggested that Essential has canned its second-generation phone (an assertion the company didn't fully contradict), the first Essential Phone remains a cult favorite. In large part, that's because the company pushes out Android updates in near tandem with Google — and that was no exception with the September 2018 Android Pie update released today.

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Google's September 2018 OTA files and system images for Android 9 Pie are now available

The first update to Android 9 Pie is now available for those Pixel owners who simply can't wait for it to roll out over the coming days. Google has posted the September 2018 9.0.0 OTA files and system images for download. 

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OnePlus 6's first Open Beta brings Android 9 Pie and other features

What a way to celebrate Labor Day. The first Open Beta for the OnePlus 6 is now available! Notably, this update brings the phone up to Android 9 Pie and, along with all of the changes in the latest OS version, it adds some new features, too. This being the initial release, there are some bugs to be expected, but let's take a look through the changelog first.

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Sony Xperia XZ3 is an incremental improvement over the XZ2, shipping in September with Android 9 Pie

Like clockwork, Sony introduces a new flagship twice a year. No sooner is one phone announced than we start hearing rumors of its successor, and the cycle never ends. At its IFA conference today, Sony introduced the XZ3 and, just like expected, it looks quite similar to the XZ2 series.

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