In the before-times, the long long ago, before pandemics and job titles like "content creator," our forefathers received new Android releases christened with "tasty treat" names (and sometimes with a side of corporate blessing). Together, we enjoyed a delicious bounty of Jelly Beans, Ice Cream Sandwiches, KitKats, Oreos, Cupcakes, and Lollipops, all among a larger cornucopia of sugary snacks. Feasting, as we did, from the bugdroid's robotic bosom, we were ill prepared when Google suddenly snatched the desserts away from us with Android 10. (I'm not saying that caused Covid, but the timing speaks for itself.) However, despite the marketing department's best efforts, hidden internal code names live on, and we've just caught our first mouthwatering glimpse of Android 13's potentially delectable name.

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