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Android 11 tweaks the screenshot Markup interface and adds a delete button

Google introduced a native screenshot editing interface back in Android 9. Dubbed Markup, it provided a quick and easy way to edit screenshots prior to sharing or saving. And while it worked just fine, there was one tiny oversight: you couldn't delete a screenshot from the Markup editor itself. With the upcoming release of Android 11, it looks like Google is adding that delete option.

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Android 11 Beta incorporates refined smart home controls into power menu

We've known that Android 11 plans to integrate smart home controls into the long-press power menu, building on the wallet functionality it already added, and we've even seen mockups for what it will look like. But today we've received a report of the change live and in the wild on a Pixel running Android 11 DP4, and it turns out, anyone on Android 11 can enable it by sideloading the latest Google Home app release.

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Android 11's Device Drop Monitor app surveys you after your phone falls down

Android 11 Beta 2 landed a few days ago, but we keep finding new things to share. Mishaal Rahman reports on Twitter that the latest version of the OS comes with a new pre-installed app called Device Drop Monitor. It's supposed to recognize when you drop your phone and records the duration and acceleration using your handset's sensors.

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Google's response to Android apps getting delayed or killed in the background leaves a lot to be desired

Google's Android AMA is underway, and the team's engineers have already answered the most hotly-anticipated question: How will Google fix the problem of inconsistent background limits across different manufacturers and devices? It's a long-standing problem where overly aggressive power management tweaks break functionality in plenty of apps, resulting in a headache for developers and frustration for users. According to the AMA, Google does plan on making a few changes to help fix things, but the company isn't doing all that it could.

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Android 11 won't have scrolling screenshots after all

One feature that is now extremely common on Android devices is scrolling screenshots, where the phone will scroll through content automatically to create a super-tall image. However, the functionality has yet to appear in stock Android (or Pixel phones), and Google confirmed today that it won't be ready in time for Android 11.

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Android 11's launcher lets you swipe up on secondary homescreens to go back to the main one

When Google first introduced its take on gesture navigation with Android 10, one navigation option die-hard Android fans are used to disappeared — there was no longer a way to quickly jump back from a secondary homescreen to the first page, which you could do by tapping the home button. Android 11 is looking to fix that.

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Android 11's screen recorder finally records device audio in Beta 2

After limited and ultimately abandoned experiments with a native screen recorder in Android 10 betas, Android 11 seems to be poised to ship with one. Compared to third-party screen recorders, the built-in solution used to come with one big caveat, though: It couldn't record internal device audio. That's thankfully changing with Android 11 Beta 2, as the recorder finally adds a dropdown that lets you choose from which source you want to record.

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Android 11's jarring Pixel 4 display flicker bug will be fixed shortly

Starting with Android 11 Developer Preview 4, a few Pixel 4 users, including us here at Android Police, noticed an odd display flicker bug, which we could pin down to some rapid flip-flopping between the 60 and 90Hz modes. While you might not be able to see it in screen recordings, the flickering is very visible and very annoying when you use the phone. Unfortunately, the bug is still present two development cycles later in Beta 2, but Google has promised that it will fix the issue with an update slated to be released in two weeks.

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Google pulls video that revealed Android 11's launch date

Android 11 appears to have a launch date set, according to a video published (and since unpublished) by Google for the recent "Hey Google" Smart Home Summit. There may yet be a delay, and the context of the announcement is a little unclear, but a slide on the developer-focused video clearly says, "September 8th Android 11 Launch."

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Android 11 lets you not automatically connect to specific Wi-Fi networks

There are plenty of cases where you might want a Wi-Fi network saved on your phone, but don't want your phone to always connect to it. Maybe your cell service is sometimes faster than your home internet, or maybe you have a public network that you don't want to use all the time. Whatever the reason might be, Android 11 will let you disable automatically connecting to specific networks.

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