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Android Q includes some ART-related performance gains, developers can expect faster app launches and improved garbage collection

Android Q won't just bring new features, it's also set to further improve on the performance of previous Android releases via some tweaks to its ART compiler. In addition to detailing some recent benefits made to app distribution — which current devices running Android P will benefit from — Google also detailed some more technical changes to how ART improves app performance in Android Q.

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Android Q's Pixel launcher lets you undo accidental home screen icon removals

Ever accidentally removed an icon from your home screen? Well, neither have I, but should it ever happen to you, Android Q makes it easier to fix on Pixel devices. When an item is removed, a little pop-up will present the option to bring it back.

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[Update: ADB method for toggle] Android Q Beta doesn't have a dark mode toggle, so turn it off (or on) before upgrading

Android Q was long-rumored to (finally) give us system-level dark mode settings for Android. Based on the current beta, it kind of does, but there's a catch: The setting from Android P which controlled the system-level theme is missing, so the only way that we can find to get it on Android Q is to have it enabled before you flash it — and it's a bit janky when it's enabled.

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Android Q will feature per-app grayscale settings

Individual apps can be set to display in grayscale in Android Q, according to the Android Developers website. It's hard to tell how the new functionality will eventually be implemented, though, as it doesn't seem to be present in the newly-available beta release.

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Android Q lets you share and connect to WiFi networks with QR codes

You want to have a strong WiFi password for security's sake, but man, typing in all those characters can be tedious. Android Q has a solution, though. You can share and join networks on your phone with a QR code. Just scan, and you're in.

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Android Q shows your estimated remaining battery life in the quick settings shade

Android already sends out notifications for estimated remaining battery life when your charge reaches a certain threshold, but Google is incorporating these estimates even further in Android Q. If you have the battery percentage in your status bar toggled on, you'll now see how long your phone thinks your battery will last in the quick settings shade.

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Android Q supports a new dynamic depth format for photos

Android Q supports a special file format for photos with depth information, according to the Android Developers Blog. The added depth metadeta can be used by apps to apply "specialized blurs and bokeh options," among other things.

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Swiping left on Android Q notifications shows snooze controls

Android 8.0 Oreo added the ability to snooze specific notifications, so they re-appear after a set amount of time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour). This is currently activated by partially swiping a notification to the left or right, but in Android Q, the snooze function is taking over the swipe left gesture.

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Android Q beefs up privacy with new limits on location access, device IDs, and more

Google has tightened Android security over the years, but there are still some loopholes that need closed. In Android Q, Google has addressed several nagging issues. The changes are geared toward giving users more control and transparency, and that will mean developers might have to rethink how they do things.

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Android Q now includes rounded screen corners and notches in screenshots

Android has supported notches and other screen cutouts since Android Pie, but they never appeared in screenshots. The cutouts themselves are physical holes in the display, so it makes sense they weren't presented in the software. For whatever reason, notches are now front and center in Android Q screenshots, as well as screen corners.

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