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Background apps can no longer launch activities in Android Q beta 3

Google is following through on a promise it made when it unveiled Android Q. As of the newly launched beta, apps running in the background can no longer launch activities. Google has a good reason for doing this, but it's sure to upset the users of automation apps like Tasker.

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Android Q Beta 3 brings classic navigation buttons to the Pixel 3

Google has been reworking navigation on Android for a few years. Android 9 Pie launched with gesture navigation, and to help speed along adoption, Google didn't officially allow Pixel 3 owners to switch back to the original three-button navigation scheme. However, Beta 3 of Android Q comes with a nice surprise — the original buttons are back.

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Android Q Beta 3 can show WiFi passwords in plain text

Security is all well and good, but convenience is nice, too. The latest Android Q beta includes a very thoughtful feature that makes it easy to share your WiFi passwords, and it's pretty simple. It just shows the password in plain text.

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Android Q Beta 3 introduces simpler alert options for notifications

The third beta of Android Q is in the wild now, and it's a mixed bag so far. There are some good things, like the updated gesture navigation system; and some bad, like the loss of notification snoozing. Certain things are also seeing iterative changes, like the simplified notification alert settings that have appeared in Q Beta 3.

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[Update: OTA, 3a images] Android Q Beta 3 is now available, delivers plenty of new features

Following our previous expectations and just in time for developers in attendance at the ongoing I/O developer conference, Google has just pushed out downloads for Android Q Beta 3. OTAs don't seem to be pushing out via the traditional means just yet, but you can start sideloading the update on your Pixel now. Beta 3 also adds support for 15 other partner devices from 12 OEMs.

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Battery optimization menu is crashing on Android Q Beta 3

A beta is by definition software that you shouldn't consider stable. When Google has trouble keeping bugs at bay even in its release software, we don't expect much from betas. But Android Q beta 3 is proving to be a little problematic — possibly even more so than Beta 2. The new gesture navigation is half-baked and breaking things left and right, snoozing for notifications has disappeared, and there's a bug that could cause you to disable your SIM card without intending to. All of these issues weren't there in Beta 2, and still we're discovering more problems as we go.

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How to access Google Assistant with Android Q's new gesture navigation

Android Q Beta 3 introduced a new iPhone-esque navigation bar with back gestures at the left and right edges of a phone‘s display. While this redesign of Android's most fundamental feature will take some time to get used to, one question was left open from the beginning: How to invoke Google Assistant on devices that don't have the Pixel's squeeze option? Well, it turns out there's a rather hidden gesture for that.

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You can separately control vibration intensity for rings and notifications on Android Q

Vibrations are one of the most annoying things a smartphone can do, in my opinion. I disable them on every device I get — yes, even including haptics. However, if you're a lover of all things that vibrate (no puns intended), but you prefer to have controls for phone calls that are separate from app notifications, you'll be happy to know that Android Q has made that possible.

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Android Q lets you quickly disable your phone's sensors

If you're a developer testing different features in your app, you may want to emulate how it behaves in certain conditions, such as when all sensors are off. And if you're a curious user, you might be curious enough to toggle your device's sensors off or on, maybe if one of them is wonky or if you're just paranoid and don't want your phone to know anything at all, not even if its upside down or not. Well, with the latest Q Beta 3, you'll finally have control over that.

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Android Q Beta 3 bug could disable your SIM card, but there is a fix

The Android Q Beta brought limited dual-SIM support on board for Pixel 2 and 3 users who previously had to choose between eSIM and standard SIM. This feature does not appear to be finished at all, as the latest Beta currently disables physical SIMs when you try to add an eSIM.

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