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You can separately control vibration intensity for rings and notifications on Android Q

Vibrations are one of the most annoying things a smartphone can do, in my opinion. I disable them on every device I get — yes, even including haptics. However, if you're a lover of all things that vibrate (no puns intended), but you prefer to have controls for phone calls that are separate from app notifications, you'll be happy to know that Android Q has made that possible.

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Android Q lets you quickly disable your phone's sensors

If you're a developer testing different features in your app, you may want to emulate how it behaves in certain conditions, such as when all sensors are off. And if you're a curious user, you might be curious enough to toggle your device's sensors off or on, maybe if one of them is wonky or if you're just paranoid and don't want your phone to know anything at all, not even if its upside down or not. Well, with the latest Q Beta 3, you'll finally have control over that.

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Android Q Beta 3 bug could disable your SIM card, but there is a fix

The Android Q Beta brought limited dual-SIM support on board for Pixel 2 and 3 users who previously had to choose between eSIM and standard SIM. This feature does not appear to be finished at all, as the latest Beta currently disables physical SIMs when you try to add an eSIM.

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You can turn off Android Q's Battery Saver when your phone reaches 90% charge

Android Q's third beta landed yesterday during I/O and we've been swamped with tips about changes small to major in the interface. One of the minor ones, but still important, is a new setting in Battery Saver that lets you turn off the mode when your device is nearly fully charged.

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Google shares Dark Theme guidance for Material Design

During the I/O keynote, Google has finally made Dark Theme for Android 10 Q official. We've seen that change coming, but thus far, we didn't receive a word on the best practices for implementing dark themes in apps. This has changed now, as Google updated the Material Design guidelines with information on this.

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Here are the Android Q Beta image links for third-party devices and some quirks to watch for

If you don't have a Pixel phone to get into that sweet, sweet Android Q Beta business, you've got more than a dozen third-party phones that can help you get there. But with each phone comes its own catches, so we'll patch you through to the resources you need from the OEMs.

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Android Q heats up with a new API for monitoring device temperature

We're thankfully past the days of phones with Snapdragon 810 heating up like an oven, but managing heat is still an issue faced by nearly every electronic device. Google announced today that Android Q will have a new Thermal API, which allows apps to monitor the temperature of your device.

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Android Q will have native support for data-saving AV1 video codec

Google is a leading member of the 'Aliance for Open Media,' a group of companies working to create a successor to VP8/VP9 (both used in WebM video), called AV1. AV1 is designed to be more compressed than VP9 while still retaining good video quality. Google announced today that Android Q will include native support for AV1, paving the way for more widespread use.

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Vulkan 1.1 will be required on all 64-bit devices running Android Q or higher

Today's I/O news is slowing down, but that doesn't mean that cool or important stuff has dried up just yet. Last year, Google announced that it was bringing support for Vulkan 1.1 to Pie, but now the company has said that v1.1 will be a requirement for 64-bit Android devices running Q or higher.

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Android Q Beta 3 adds location sharing reminders for background apps

Android Q already introduced a new feature that allows users to restrict an app's access to location data so it is only available while the app is in the foreground. Along with this change, a new screen was also added to Settings that gives users far more visibility of current settings and which apps have recently used this access to get your position. A new aspect of these enhancements was introduced during the Google I/O keynote that will give reminders to users when an app is accessing location while sitting in the background.

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