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Google will make using alternative app stores easier in Android 12

Epic Games opened a can of worms last month when it added its own payment solution to Fortnite in a violation of Google Play's guidelines for developers. The move has brought discussions on app store policies to the forefront, and now Google is taking the opportunity to highlight Android's open nature — and announce a big change for alternative app stores coming in Android 12.

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Here's what Android 11's automatically revoked permissions look like once they're triggered

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 has a new setting for app permissions, allowing them to be automatically revoked if you don't use the app for long enough. Disabled by default, the descriptively-named "Auto revoke permissions" setting will revoke permissions for a given app if it isn't used "for a few months."

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Chromecast with Google TV: Everything we know about Google's upcoming Android TV dongle

Google's long-awaited Android TV-powered "Chromecast with Google TV" is nearly here. While it won't formally be announced until this upcoming Wednesday, basically everything about the dongle has already leaked. From specs, to pricing, and even literal hands-on videos, we've seen pretty much everything there is to see, short of a full and detailed review.

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Android 11 got rid of the 4GB limit on videos, but the Google Camera app is still capped

Android 11 may not have had a lot of flashy new features, but at least we should credit it for fixing or improving some of the outstanding issues. Back in June, we examined a fix that had just rolled out in the first Android 11 beta that would lift the 4GB cap on videos captured by the camera. While the API that had previously been responsible for setting the 4GB limit was no longer a constraint, it didn't actually make a difference with the Google Camera app or most of the other popular video recorders tested. Now that Android 11 has rolled out and many of us with Pixel phones are running it, here's what has changed and how it works today.

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Sony 4K LED TV deals for today include the 75" X750H for $998 ($500 off)

If you're after a really big Android-powered 4K TV, Sony is offering some healthy discounts for today only at Amazon and Best Buy. The headline deal here is the 75" X750H for $998, which is a whopping $500 off the going price for this TV. There are also discounts on the 65" X900F and 85" X800H.

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Chromecast with Google TV fully revealed in early unboxing

We know pretty much all there is to know about Google's upcoming Chromecast-branded Android TV dongle at this point. Renders and specs of "Sabrina" have already leaked, together with color options and pricing. And now we even know what the upcoming Chromecast with Google TV will look like on your local retailer's shelves.

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Annoying Android 11 bug basically breaks multitasking

Android 11 introduced a bunch of new features, including some tweaks to the recent apps screen that saw the addition of helpful buttons and the removal of an unhelpful gesture. But those aren't the only changes the new release has brought to the app switcher — some users are reporting that the recent apps screen is completely borked on the final version of Android 11.

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TicWatch Pro 3 revealed as first Wear OS device with Qualcomm's new chip

Qualcomm revealed two new wearable chipsets back in June, the Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+. The new chips are a significant upgrade over Qualcomm's previous designs, with up to 85% faster performance and improved battery optimization, but there hasn't been a Wear OS smartwatch yet that utilizes the newer chipsets. That's finally changing, as Mobvoi has announced the first Wear OS watch with the Wear 4100.

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Asus is now accepting sign-ups for its ZenFone 7 Android 11 closed beta program

Asus released its first Android 11 beta build last week — not for the latest ZenFone 7 line but yesteryear’s ZenFone 6. It’s not typical for companies to treat their older models with latest Android updates before their current flagships, but nothing seems to be going straight in 2020, so what the heck. The ZenFone 7 and 7 Pro are at last catching up with their predecessor as they’re now getting their own Android 11 beta program, which you can sign up for right away.

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Android's yearly updates aren't for you anymore

This year's big Android update has finally arrived, but there's not quite the excitement around its release that was common just a few years ago. Given the current worldwide pandemic and Google's shift to working from home, it's impressive that Android 11 arrived even close to on time, but the upgrade seemingly crossed the finish line with little fanfare.

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