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New safety features coming to the Lyft app including 911 calling and mandatory feedback

Ridesharing services are convenient, but they do involve getting in a stranger's car. There have been instances where a sketchy driver slips through the cracks or riders just get in the wrong car. Lyft is rolling out new safety features in the app to give riders a little more peace of mind.

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T-Mobile announced new Tuesday freebies from Lyft and Taco Bell during the Super Bowl

We've not covered T-Mobile Tuesdays for quite some time, but the Un-carrier has just unveiled a couple of new offers we thought you might be interested in. Using the marketing power of the Super Bowl, TV spots highlighted new partnerships with Lyft and Taco Bell.

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Lyft Rewards will let you earn free upgrades and ride discounts

Lyft is about to roll out a new feature intended to keep its most frequent riders happy. Soon, you'll be able to earn points with "Lyft Rewards" just by using the service. There aren't too many perks to unlock with points just yet, but Lyft says it's exploring some options.

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Google Assistant can now help book rides from Uber, Lyft, and others

Chances are, you've paid more than you needed to for a ride because you didn't feel like manually comparing the rates of all your options. Today, Google announced it's got a way to ameliorate such situations: the Google Assistant will soon be able to provide you a handy list of ride providers going to your destination, along with time estimates and pricing information.

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Someone left a Pixel 3 XL in the back of a Lyft

The Pixel 3 XL has been leaked more than any other major smartphone in recent memory, thanks to pre-production units being unboxed and tested in the wild. If you somehow need more evidence that the phone exists, or you just enjoy seeing these leaks as I do, someone left a pre-production unit in a Lyft.

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The Southwest Airlines app can now call you a Lyft to the airport


Lyft app to be updated with 'one tap to ride' feature, more practical pickup and drop-off points, and more

Lyft published a blog post today entitled "Lyft's New App Creates Positive Change for Passengers and Cities." That title's a bit sensationalist, but there are some new features mentioned here that are pretty interesting. Those include a new 'one tap to ride' function, better pickup and drop-off points, and more.

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Lyft partners with AllScripts to help patients reach their doctors

Lyft isn't just for quick trips to the store or a friend's home - it's becoming one of the top options for medical transportation. Two years ago, the company began working with the National Medtrans Network in New York City to drive people to non-emergency medical appointments. The service, called Lyft Concierge, allowed the organization to book rides on behalf of patients (many of whom were seniors without a smartphone).

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Lyft announces a new partnership with Aira to make ridesharing easier for the visually impaired

Lyft's been on a roll this year when it comes to adding assistive technologies to its ridesharing app. Back in April, it was still playing catch-up with Uber by adding new features to help the hard of hearing. Now it's working together with Aira, a high-tech assistive service for the visually impaired, to help make grabbing a ride easier for everyone.

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Lyft drivers are getting new in-app navigation built with Google Maps

Until now, Lyft drivers have had to set up a job in the Lyft app and then switch to a different one for navigation. The annoyance of having to do that will vary depending on the phone, but it's certainly not ideal. It's impossible to talk about the ride-hailing service without comparing it to its biggest rival, Uber, which has a proprietary in-app navigation system that's seen as a big advantage.

Lyft hasn't been ignoring the situation and has just announced that its own in-app navigation system is ready to go. Rather than go to the trouble of developing a solution, however, Lyft has partnered with Google to integrate its already full-featured technology.

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