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31 best new Android games released this week including Old School RuneScape, Football Manager 2019 Mobile, and Football Manager 2019 Touch

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. This week I have the official release of Old School RuneScape, plus two separate Football Manager titles from Sega. So without further ado, here are the most notable games released in the last week.

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Sega's Football Manager 2019 Mobile and Football Manager 2019 Touch are officially out on Android

Sega's Football Manager 2019 Mobile and Football Manager 2019 Touch have both landed on the Google Play Store. These management sims bring along plenty of new enhancements, but of course, you can still expect to find everyone's favorite soccer management simulation gameplay.

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[Update: Tablet edition released] Football Manager Mobile 2018 is now available for Android

The Football Manager series (formally Championship Manager) is one of the most enduring video game franchises around. The management sim is entrenched in football culture (soccer, if you're on the other side of the pond). You can't talk about a promising young footballer in the pub without one of your friends claiming, "I knew he was going to be good; I bought him on Football Manager a couple of years ago."

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SEGA releases Football Manager Touch 2017 on the Play Store


Sports Interactive, owned by SEGA, has been developing the Football Manager computer games for quite a few years now, and it's built up quite a following for the UK-based developer. Right on cue, the new Android version of the game, Football Manager Touch 2017, has been released.

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After Football Manager Mobile, SEGA Releases Football Manager Touch 2016 For Tablets, With 50% More Dimensions For 100% More Dollars

Just last week SEGA published Football Manager Mobile 2016, a version of its long-running soccer management sim that skips out on fancy graphics in order to make it play nice with older hardware. Now Football Manager Touch 2016, a more high-powered version with full 3D simulated football matches, has joined it. SEGA's naming scheme is a little convoluted: Touch is more of a high-end game than Mobile, though both of them support mobile hardware and touch controls.

It's also much more expensive. FMM2016 wasn't cheap at $8.99 plus in-app purchases, but Football Manager Touch 2016 costs a whopping  $19.99... and yes, it still has in-app purchases, up to $6.99.

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Football Manager Mobile 2016, SEGA's Less-Demanding Soccer Management Sim, Is Now Available For 9 Bucks Plus In-App Purchases

Considering the last year of events in the NFL, my usual cheeky poking of soccer fans would probably be in bad taste. After all, when one of the most visible "managers" in America's version of football is Jerry Jones, a man who would probably punch a baby in the face while he ate a puppy sandwich if it meant he could win a Superbowl, I'm in no position to take jabs at The Beautiful Game.* So, for all you football fans who dream about managing a World Cup team, SEGA is back with another entry in its endless Football Manger series.

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Football Manager Classic 2015 Treats High-End Android Tablets To A 3D Version Of The Coaching Simulator

Don't let the name fool you. Football Manager Classic 2015 isn't an old version of the somehow-popular series of soccer/football coaching titles. You're not in for a nostalgic dose of pixelated graphics (in this case, that's what the regular entries are for). Football Manager Classic 2015 hits Google Play with 3D visuals, more players, and more languages. In short, it's closer to the PC version of the game.

Football Manager Classic 2015 supports less hardware than the most recent Football Manager Handheld. It only runs on what the developer considers high-end tablets. Note that while devices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD, Nexus 9, and LG G Pad 3.8 GPE are supported, the 2013 Nexus 7 is not. Check out the full list of devices to see if your tablet is compatible.

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SEGA's Football Manager Handheld 2015 Is Out—Ten Bucks Plus In-App Purchases

Are you ready for some football?! Oh, it's the other one? Like with kicking and feet and an actual ball? Well, I'm sure most of the world outside America is totally stoked. Football Manager Handheld is one of the premiere soccer/football simulation games, and the 2015 installment is now on Android. It's going to cost you, though.

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[New Game] Sega Releases Football Manager Handheld 2014, Its Latest Treat For Soccer Fans Who Prefer Not To Run Around

American football fans, sit this one out. Sega's latest game is geared towards the other kind of football, the one that, you know, people actually play with their feet. This popular series turns soccer fans into managers of their own professional club. From the confines of their Android device, players can manage most aspects of running a team for $9.99. Yeah, that's a bit pricey for a mobile title, but calling the shots doesn't come cheap, even virtually.



Players get to build a club from scratch, trade players, manage the media, and deal with the board. This may not be everyone's idea of fun, but not all of us are wired to kick the ball into the net ourselves.

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Tuesday App And Game Sales: Paper Artist, Football Manager Handheld 2013, Dangerous HD, And More

Apparently there was some sort of iThing announced today. It does apps and stuff, which is nice. But you don't have that kind of mobile thing – you've got the other one. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have apps and stuff. We have some sales to help you out with that.


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