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[Update: New renders support date] Verizon to purportedly start Galaxy S10 5G sales on May 16

In two days, smartphone fans in Korea will spend up to roughly $1,400 to purchase the Galaxy S10 5G. Samsung's 5G flagship will be the first meaningful push for 5G phones in many countries, but the only thing we knew about its path to the United States was that it would first come to Verizon sometime before summer. That was until leaks blogger Evan Blass tweeted out a cryptic message today.

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Report: Samsung will release four Galaxy Note 10 models, both 4G and 5G options

Samsung's annual Galaxy S release has included multiple devices in recent years, but the Galaxy Note has been monolithic. According to a report from ETNews, the Note 10 could take some lessons from the Galaxy S10. Samsung may release four different models, two 4G LTE and two 5G.

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Verizon switches on 5G network in two cities, makes dubious first 5G smartphone claim

Verizon initially planned to go live with its mobile 5G network on April 11, and last month opened pre-orders for the Moto Z3's 5G Moto Mod with that launch date in mind. But now in a surprise move the company is flipping the switch on 5G mobile service in Chicago and Minneapolis today, a week ahead of schedule.

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Verizon Moto Z3 gets Android 9 Pie update, 5G Moto Mod support

Verizon flipped the switch early on its two-city mobile 5G network today, and has already started sending out the software those first users will need to access it. Moto Z3 owners are currently getting an update delivering support for the 5G Moto Mod, and if that weren't nice enough, the update also just so happens to bring Android 9 Pie to the phone.

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Verizon's 5G rollout starts April 11 in Chicago and Minneapolis, 5G Moto Mod pre-orders begin March 14

The era of 5G is upon us, whether you like it or not. Verizon's millimeter wave 5G NR network is launching in Minneapolis and Chicago on April 11. What about 5G devices? Well, the long-awaited 5G Moto Mod goes up for pre-order tomorrow (March 14).

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Mooove over, LTE: 'Me+Moo' uses 5G to connect you to real-life cow

Right now, 5G is a lot like "blockchain" or "cloud." It's a phrase largely meaningless by itself that companies love to throw around. Here at Android Police, we've received countless emails and press releases about companies utilizing 5G in some way that most people wouldn't really care about. Today, I'm proud to share with you the first good use for 5G — an app that connects you to a real-life cow.

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Google Fi to offer 5G thanks to Sprint, provided you have a compatible handset

Joining in on the 5G buzzword of the year is going to be inevitable for most carriers around the world, and Google is no different. Today and in partnership with Sprint, the company announced that its Google Fi MVNO network will support 5G on compatible devices.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G coming to Europe in May for €599

This year’s MWC is all about folding phones and 5G connectivity, and Xiaomi just threw its hat in the ring with the announcement of its first 5G smartphone: the Mi Mix 3 5G. As the name implies, this is simply the Mi Mix 3 but with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and X50 5G modem.

First shown off in China in December, the 5G version of the Mi Mix 3 carries the same ceramic body and aluminum frame, magnetic slider with the front-facing camera and sensors accessible once you slide the display down, 960fps slow-motion video, and Google Assistant button as its namesake.

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Donald Trump wants 6G in America, presumably because it's one more than 5G

Look, we don't get political on AP too often, but when the sitting President of the United States tweets about not only 5G, but 6G - it's pretty hard not to talk about it. Donald Trump tweeted this morning that he wants America to lead in 5G and 6G technology, which is all very funny, because it is very obvious the President doesn't know almost anything about either. (This largely being because by the time 6G is even in its infancy, we will probably be nearly a decade removed from a hypothetical second Trump term).

It's unclear what prompted the President - who is a very busy man - to tweet about The 5G and 6G, which are, in the President's words, part of "the very exciting world of technology." It's possible he sporadically tuned in to a briefing this morning related to the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, as it will feature many of the first large-scale demos of 5G by network operators and vendors.

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The Galaxy S10 5G is a 6.7", six-camera, 4500mAh monster of a phone built for nobody

Samsung gave us our first look at the Galaxy S10 5G at a closed-door press briefing yesterday, and boy - is this thing a whole lot of phone. It's the size of a Galaxy Note 9, but slightly thinner and lighter (shockingly), and sports a unique, shimmery silver finish that I quite like. It also has a 5G logo on the back, because of course it does, and... that's about all I can tell you about it as an experience, because Samsung wasn't letting anyone power it on.

But I think we can still say a lot about this phone, even screen-unseen.

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