As we get closer to the official launch of Android 12, Google is updating more of its apps to support all of its new Material You themes. Gboard was one of the first to receive a makeover, with its fresh color scheme now available to anyone running the latest Android beta. However, it seems like the look isn't quite complete yet, as new Material You elements are on the way in an upcoming release.

Android 12 is all about rounded looks, and the keyboard is no different. The folks at 9to5Google dug around Gboard's latest APK and managed to enable some of its upcoming flourishes, including all sorts of curvy edges throughout its UI.

Left: Current Gboard Material You design. Right: New design (via 9to5Google).

Rectangular keypresses have been replaced with pop-up circles, alongside new pill-shaped options when selecting emoji and punctuation keys. Letters also stay visible when tapping a key instead of disappearing under a white box.

Left: Current Gboard Material You design. Right: New design.

Google is also redesigning Gboard's settings menu, just a few days after shuffling some of its crucial emoji options into a new category. With its refreshed look, it matches the new One UI-esque preferences menu. The "Themes" page has gotten a makeover as well, with rounded bubbles and new looks for its theme cards.

Left: Current settings menu. Middle: New settings menu. Right: New "Theme" menu.

Previously hidden from users, the changes above are now visible in the latest Gboard beta release, 11.0.1, available as a direct download over on APK Mirror. With Android 12's stable version not too far off in the future, it shouldn't be long until everyone has access to this new UI.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Settings menu changes now visible

This article has been updated to include the now-visible Settings and Theme menus.